Finding Aid to Mexico: October 28 to November 15, 1905, circa 1905-1915

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Finding Aid to Mexico: October 28 to November 15, 1905, circa 1905-1915

Collection number: BANC PIC 1984.029--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Mexico: October 28 to November 15, 1905
Date (inclusive): circa 1905-1915
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1984.029--ALB
Creator: Mattison, Frank, 1869-1920
Extent: 1 album (142 photoprints) 3 digital objects (3 images)
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
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Abstract: Snapshots of a trip through Mexico in Doheny's private rail car, 1905. Areas pictured include Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Guadaloupe, Ebino, Torreon, etc. Photos show street scenes, buildings, local people, and views from the train. Also includes views of El Paso Texas and other sites in the Southwest. Later views (ca. 1915?) of Southern California, including San Diego's Balboa Park, mission, and La Jolla, are at the end of the album.
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Acquisition Information

Library purchase from collection of James W. Procter

Scope and Content

Photos taken during trip on Doheny's private railroad car. Small miscellany of California and southwest photos at end. Detailed inventory below.

Container Listing


Juarez BANC PIC 1984.29.1--ALB


Custom House, Juarez BANC PIC 1984.29.2--ALB


On the road BANC PIC 1984.29.3--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.4--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.5--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.6--ALB


The Troubadours BANC PIC 1984.29.7--ALB


The Troubadours 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.8--ALB

Scope and Content Note

Mariachi player in front of train.

BANC PIC 1984.29.9--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.10--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.11--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.12--ALB

Scope and Content Note

Three men with donkeys.

Views in San Pedro near Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.13--ALB


[Church tower] BANC PIC 1984.29.14--ALB


[Horse-drawn streetcar, "Tranvias de Guadalahara S.A." BANC PIC 1984.29.15--ALB


Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.16--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.17--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.18--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.19--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.20--ALB


[Long view down main street] BANC PIC 1984.29.21--ALB


Public Bathing Place BANC PIC 1984.29.22--ALB


Governor's Palace BANC PIC 1984.29.23--ALB


Depot BANC PIC 1984.29.24--ALB


On the road, Guadalajara to City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.25--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.26--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.27--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.28--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.29--ALB


[Station at Atequira(?)] BANC PIC 1984.29.30--ALB


Street Scenes, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.31--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.32--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.33--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.34--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.35--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.36--ALB


Views of Cathedral, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.37--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.38--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.39--ALB


Leaning Church--City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.40--ALB


Government Building BANC PIC 1984.29.41--ALB


Cathedral BANC PIC 1984.29.42--ALB


Just outside City BANC PIC 1984.29.43--ALB


At Depto BANC PIC 1984.29.44--ALB


[End of rails] BANC PIC 1984.29.45--ALB


Guadaloupe, near City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.46--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.47--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.48--ALB


Street in Guadaloupe BANC PIC 1984.29.49--ALB


Drainage Canal for City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.50--ALB


Between Mexico & Aguas Calientes [railroad siding] BANC PIC 1984.29.51--ALB


Maguey Field and Rosewood R.R. Ties BANC PIC 1984.29.52--ALB


Loaded Burros BANC PIC 1984.29.53--ALB


Along the road BANC PIC 1984.29.54--ALB


Between City of Mexico & Aguas Calientes BANC PIC 1984.29.55--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.56--ALB


Double Exposure--City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.57--ALB


San Luis Potosi BANC PIC 1984.29.58--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.59--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.60--ALB


Along the road, San Luis Potosi to Cardinas BANC PIC 1984.29.61--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.62--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.63--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.64--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.65--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.66--ALB


Indian Village, Cardinas BANC PIC 1984.29.67--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.68--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.69--ALB


The canon between Cardinas & Tampico BANC PIC 1984.29.70--ALB


Two views of Tunnel through the Devil's Backbone BANC PIC 1984.29.71--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.72--ALB


Showing the Devil's Backbone BANC PIC 1984.29.73--ALB


Along the road to Tampico BANC PIC 1984.29.74--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.75--ALB


Child near Ebino BANC PIC 1984.29.76--ALB


Buildings at Ebino BANC PIC 1984.29.77--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.78--ALB


Saddle-back Mountain from a house-top BANC PIC 1984.29.79--ALB


Church & Plaza, Monterey BANC PIC 1984.29.80--ALB


Sunrise on Saddle-back Mountain-10 Miles- BANC PIC 1984.29.81--ALB


Monterey BANC PIC 1984.29.82--ALB


Fountain BANC PIC 1984.29.83--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.84--ALB


R.R. Wreck between Monterey & Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.85--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.86--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.87--ALB


Market - Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.88--ALB


Stone House - Torreon [octagonal] BANC PIC 1984.29.89--ALB


Indian Village BANC PIC 1984.29.90--ALB


Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.91--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.92--ALB


[street scene showing streetcar, "Compania de... Torreon."] BANC PIC 1984.29.93--ALB


Stack of Cotton BANC PIC 1984.29.94--ALB


Our Car - "Estelle" 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.95--ALB


Old Aqueduct BANC PIC 1984.29.96--ALB


Torreador's Parade, El Paso, Texas[sic] BANC PIC 1984.29.97--ALB


Deming, New Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.98--ALB


In El Paso, Texas BANC PIC 1984.29.99--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.100--ALB


An Arizona Mountain BANC PIC 1984.29.101--ALB


Across the Colorado River, Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.102--ALB


[Lunch Counter]--At Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.103--ALB


[Railway Bridge] BANC PIC 1984.29.104--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.105--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.106--ALB


Hon. E. P. Colgan & another Apache, Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.107--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.108--ALB


Double Exposure, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.109--ALB


Entrance to Hotel Iturbide, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.110--ALB


Depot - Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.111--ALB


Depot - Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.112--ALB


On the road BANC PIC 1984.29.113--ALB


In the Park - Chapultepec BANC PIC 1984.29.114--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.115--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.116--ALB


[NEW SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS - Mission(?) - Auto in foreground] BANC PIC 1984.29.117--ALB


[patio] BANC PIC 1984.29.118--ALB


[Campanario] BANC PIC 1984.29.119--ALB


[Rocky coast] (La Jolla?) BANC PIC 1984.29.120--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.121--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.122--ALB


[San Diego fair buildings, ca. 1915] BANC PIC 1984.29.123--ALB


[San Diego fair buildings, ca. 1915 BANC PIC 1984.29.124--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.125--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.126--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.127--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.128--ALB


[Suburban house and grounds] BANC PIC 1984.29.129--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.130--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.131--ALB


[Mission San Diego, front] BANC PIC 1984.29.132--ALB


[Mission San Diego, rear] BANC PIC 1984.29.133--ALB


[Monument] BANC PIC 1984.29.134--ALB


[Mission San Luis Rey] BANC PIC 1984.29.135--ALB


[Detail of tower.] BANC PIC 1984.29.136--ALB


[Fountain, grotto] BANC PIC 1984.29.137--ALB


[Cross on Mt. Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.138--ALB


[View from Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.139--ALB


[View from Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.140--ALB


[Venice, CA.] BANC PIC 1984.29.141--ALB


[Venice, CA.] BANC PIC 1984.29.142--ALB