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Finding Aid to Mexico: October 28 to November 15, 1905, circa 1905-1915
BANC PIC 1984.029--ALB  
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Juarez BANC PIC 1984.29.1--ALB


Custom House, Juarez BANC PIC 1984.29.2--ALB


On the road BANC PIC 1984.29.3--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.4--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.5--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.6--ALB


The Troubadours BANC PIC 1984.29.7--ALB


The Troubadours 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.8--ALB

Scope and Content Note

Mariachi player in front of train.

BANC PIC 1984.29.9--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.10--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.11--ALB


On the road, Juarez to Guadalajara 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.12--ALB

Scope and Content Note

Three men with donkeys.

Views in San Pedro near Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.13--ALB


[Church tower] BANC PIC 1984.29.14--ALB


[Horse-drawn streetcar, "Tranvias de Guadalahara S.A." BANC PIC 1984.29.15--ALB


Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.16--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.17--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.18--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.19--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.20--ALB


[Long view down main street] BANC PIC 1984.29.21--ALB


Public Bathing Place BANC PIC 1984.29.22--ALB


Governor's Palace BANC PIC 1984.29.23--ALB


Depot BANC PIC 1984.29.24--ALB


On the road, Guadalajara to City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.25--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.26--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.27--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.28--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.29--ALB


[Station at Atequira(?)] BANC PIC 1984.29.30--ALB


Street Scenes, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.31--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.32--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.33--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.34--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.35--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.36--ALB


Views of Cathedral, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.37--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.38--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.39--ALB


Leaning Church--City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.40--ALB


Government Building BANC PIC 1984.29.41--ALB


Cathedral BANC PIC 1984.29.42--ALB


Just outside City BANC PIC 1984.29.43--ALB


At Depto BANC PIC 1984.29.44--ALB


[End of rails] BANC PIC 1984.29.45--ALB


Guadaloupe, near City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.46--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.47--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.48--ALB


Street in Guadaloupe BANC PIC 1984.29.49--ALB


Drainage Canal for City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.50--ALB


Between Mexico & Aguas Calientes [railroad siding] BANC PIC 1984.29.51--ALB


Maguey Field and Rosewood R.R. Ties BANC PIC 1984.29.52--ALB


Loaded Burros BANC PIC 1984.29.53--ALB


Along the road BANC PIC 1984.29.54--ALB


Between City of Mexico & Aguas Calientes BANC PIC 1984.29.55--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.56--ALB


Double Exposure--City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.57--ALB


San Luis Potosi BANC PIC 1984.29.58--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.59--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.60--ALB


Along the road, San Luis Potosi to Cardinas BANC PIC 1984.29.61--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.62--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.63--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.64--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.65--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.66--ALB


Indian Village, Cardinas BANC PIC 1984.29.67--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.68--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.69--ALB


The canon between Cardinas & Tampico BANC PIC 1984.29.70--ALB


Two views of Tunnel through the Devil's Backbone BANC PIC 1984.29.71--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.72--ALB


Showing the Devil's Backbone BANC PIC 1984.29.73--ALB


Along the road to Tampico BANC PIC 1984.29.74--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.75--ALB


Child near Ebino BANC PIC 1984.29.76--ALB


Buildings at Ebino BANC PIC 1984.29.77--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.78--ALB


Saddle-back Mountain from a house-top BANC PIC 1984.29.79--ALB


Church & Plaza, Monterey BANC PIC 1984.29.80--ALB


Sunrise on Saddle-back Mountain-10 Miles- BANC PIC 1984.29.81--ALB


Monterey BANC PIC 1984.29.82--ALB


Fountain BANC PIC 1984.29.83--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.84--ALB


R.R. Wreck between Monterey & Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.85--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.86--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.87--ALB


Market - Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.88--ALB


Stone House - Torreon [octagonal] BANC PIC 1984.29.89--ALB


Indian Village BANC PIC 1984.29.90--ALB


Torreon BANC PIC 1984.29.91--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.92--ALB


[street scene showing streetcar, "Compania de... Torreon."] BANC PIC 1984.29.93--ALB


Stack of Cotton BANC PIC 1984.29.94--ALB


Our Car - "Estelle" 1905 BANC PIC 1984.29.95--ALB


Old Aqueduct BANC PIC 1984.29.96--ALB


Torreador's Parade, El Paso, Texas[sic] BANC PIC 1984.29.97--ALB


Deming, New Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.98--ALB


In El Paso, Texas BANC PIC 1984.29.99--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.100--ALB


An Arizona Mountain BANC PIC 1984.29.101--ALB


Across the Colorado River, Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.102--ALB


[Lunch Counter]--At Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.103--ALB


[Railway Bridge] BANC PIC 1984.29.104--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.105--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.106--ALB


Hon. E. P. Colgan & another Apache, Yuma BANC PIC 1984.29.107--ALB


Salton Sea BANC PIC 1984.29.108--ALB


Double Exposure, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.109--ALB


Entrance to Hotel Iturbide, City of Mexico BANC PIC 1984.29.110--ALB


Depot - Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.111--ALB


Depot - Guadalajara BANC PIC 1984.29.112--ALB


On the road BANC PIC 1984.29.113--ALB


In the Park - Chapultepec BANC PIC 1984.29.114--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.115--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.116--ALB


[NEW SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS - Mission(?) - Auto in foreground] BANC PIC 1984.29.117--ALB


[patio] BANC PIC 1984.29.118--ALB


[Campanario] BANC PIC 1984.29.119--ALB


[Rocky coast] (La Jolla?) BANC PIC 1984.29.120--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.121--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.122--ALB


[San Diego fair buildings, ca. 1915] BANC PIC 1984.29.123--ALB


[San Diego fair buildings, ca. 1915 BANC PIC 1984.29.124--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.125--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.126--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.127--ALB


[arid landscape] BANC PIC 1984.29.128--ALB


[Suburban house and grounds] BANC PIC 1984.29.129--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.130--ALB


BANC PIC 1984.29.131--ALB


[Mission San Diego, front] BANC PIC 1984.29.132--ALB


[Mission San Diego, rear] BANC PIC 1984.29.133--ALB


[Monument] BANC PIC 1984.29.134--ALB


[Mission San Luis Rey] BANC PIC 1984.29.135--ALB


[Detail of tower.] BANC PIC 1984.29.136--ALB


[Fountain, grotto] BANC PIC 1984.29.137--ALB


[Cross on Mt. Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.138--ALB


[View from Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.139--ALB


[View from Rubidoux] BANC PIC 1984.29.140--ALB


[Venice, CA.] BANC PIC 1984.29.141--ALB


[Venice, CA.] BANC PIC 1984.29.142--ALB