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Guide to the Charlotte Painter Papers, 1955-1992

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Charlotte Painter Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1955-1992
Collection number: Special Collections M0619
Creator: Painter, Charlotte.
Extent: 3.75 linear ft.
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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Gift of Charlotte Painter, 1992.

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[Identification of item] Charlotte Painter Papers, M0619, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Biographical Note

Charlotte Painter was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1926. She received her Bachelors Degree in Theater from Louisiana State University in 1947. From 1956 to 1960, she rose to Senior Editor at The Macmillan Publishing Company in New York. Having received a Masters of Arts in English from Stanford in 1965, Painter taught creative writing at Stanford until 1969, and at the University of Califonia, at Berkeley, at Davis, and at Santa Cruz in the 1960s and early 1970s. From 1975, she taught intermittantly at San Francisco State University until she received tenure in 1988. She retired in the Spring of 1991.
Painter's first short story appeared in The New Yorker in 1955. She finished her first novel, The Fortunes of Laurie Breaux, in 1961, and subsequently, won a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in the Stanford Creative Writing Program for the academic year 1961-1962. After completing her fellowship, she left California to join her husband Thomas Earl Voorhees (M.A. in Anthropology from Stanford) in Nashville, Tennessee where Voorhees taught at Vanderbilt University. Painter survived the isolation of being pregnant in an unfamiliar city by keeping a diary which she published in 1965 as Who Made the Lamb. The summer after Painter and Voorhees left Nashville, in June 1963, Voorhees drowned, leaving Painter a widow and a single mother of an infant son.
With the support of subsequent fellowships, Painter pursued her writing vigorously after her husband's death. She published Who Made the Lamb in 1965, Confessions from the Malaga Madhouse in 1971, Revelations: Diaries of Women in 1975, Seeing Things in 1976, numerous shortstories and poems, and Gifts of Age in 1985.
Her books addressed the issues closest to her heart: motherhood and women's struggle between the isolation of traditional female roles and the loneliness of the fight for social equality. Painter advocated the autobiography, and its preliminary form, the diary, as a means by which to illuminate the universal secrets of life. In 1965, Painter shared her own diary. Then, she and Mary Jane Moffat paid tribute to the literary genre of the diary with Revelations: Diaries of Women in 1974 for revealing the long neglected histories of women.
Painter's work reflects West Coast literary world of the 1960s and 1970s, which challenged the publishing establishment of New York City. In her interview with Joan Henriksen, she dismissed the New York publishers as far behind everything that's the best in writing today. ( St.Louis Dispatch, November 28, 1971.)
Painter's work, nevertheless, withstood the tests of time. In the 1980s, Seeing Things and Who Made the Lamb were republished. As she wrote in the foreword of the 1988 edition of Who Made the Lamb, many of the issues raised in the 1960s, like single motherhood, abortion, and women's right to equality, still challange American society decades later.

Scope Note

The Charlotte Painter papers, including manuscripts, reviews of her books and correspondence, are arranged around the publication of her major works, preserving her own organization. A bibliography of Painter's work has been included at the beginning of this guide. An alphabetical list of correspondents follows the list of correspondents so that letters may be located easily within this collection.
Series I includes Painter's own professional files, maintained in the same order in which she presented them to the Library. Box 1, folders 1-6 contain the files which Painter prepared for her application for tenure at San Francisco State University. The remaining folders contain additional material pertaining to her career as a writer and educator. Material about her lectures and reviews of others may be found in this series as well. Where duplicate sets of files existed, they were discarded; however, if they had distinguishing notes, they were filed with their match.
Series II, the heart of the collection, is organized by each of her major book titles in the order in which they were published. For each title, except Revelations; Diaries of Women (for which papers are limited), there are folders for: correspondence relating to that work; reviews of and promotions for that publication; Royalty Statements (if available); and Painter's notes. The manuscripts and galley proofs are stored separately in oversized manuscript boxes. Occasionally, extensive correspondence with one individual is grouped separately to preserve the integrity of that relationship, but otherwise the letters are arranged chronologically. Refer to the List of Correspondents to identify the placement of specific letters.
Series III is comprised of material relating to Painter's short stories, her unpublished works, her essays, her speaking engagements, as well as miscellaneous correspondence that does not pertain directly to a particular work.
Series IV contains 20 audio cassettes of Charlotte Painter's interviews with the women she included in Gifts of Age. Refer to the guide to identify the location of a particular interview. A video of Joan Merrill's interview of Charlotte Painter and Mary Jane Moffat, co-authors of Revelations: Diaries of Women, is also included.
Finally, in Series V, some of Painter's manuscripts and galley proofs are stored in an Oversized Boxes 5-11.


NOTE: * - Indicates that the Collection contains a copy of the work.

Charlotte Painter's Published Works


The Fortunes of Laurie Breaux (Little, Brown & Co., 1962)
Confession from the Malaga Madhouse (Dial Press, 1971)
Seeing Things (Random House, 1976; Garden Books, 1984)

Non-Fiction Books

Who Made the Lamb (McGraw Hill, 1965; Creative Arts Book Co., 1988)
Revelations; Diaries of Women (ed. with Mary Jane Moffat; Random House, 1974; Vintage, 1975)
Gifts of Age; 32 Remarkable Women (with Pamela Valois; Chronicle Books, 1985)

Short Stories

*The Reprieve ( The New Yorker, February 5, 1955)
Cookie Crumbles ( San Francisco Chronicle, February 1962)
*The Sisters ( Redbook, Vol. 121, No. 6, 1963)
Bye Lena ( Massachusetts Review, Vol.III. No. 2, 1967)
At Tepeyac: 1532 A.D. ( Western Review, Vol.5, No.1 (Summer 1968))
Sandbox ( Massachusetts Review, Vol.IX, No.4 (Autumn 1968))
*Exposure ( Mediterranean Review, Vol I, No.1, 1972)
*Madhouse ( Place Magazine, Vol.I, No.2, 1972)
Parents ( Foothill Quarterly, Vol.I, No.3, 1978)
Home Movie ( San Francisco Stories, Vol.I, No.2, 1980)
The Kill ( Hawaii Review, Spring, 1981)
*Memory Loss ( The Available Press, Ballantine Books, 1985)
Sunny (PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1983-1984)
The Ark ( California Quarterly, Spring, 1981)


Last Breath ( San Francisco State University MAGAZINE, Vol.I, No.2, 1985)
Renovation ( San Francisco State University MAGAZINE, Vol.I, No.2, 1985)
The Visiting Poet of Great Charm ( The Iowa Review, 1981; Extended Outlooks, Vol.12, No.2/3, University of Iowa Press, 1982)
In the Desert ( Correspondence, Lausanne, Switzerland, Vol.II, 1983)
Elegy ( In the Midst of Winter, Random House, 1983)
Mother Rat ( Kalliope; A Journal of Women's Art, Vol.V, No.1, 1983)
Blue Lake ( New Mexico's Humanities Review, Vol.I, No.3, (September, 1978)
Olmec Woman ( Yardbird Reader #2, Yardbird Publishing, 1973; Yardbird Lives, Grove Press, 1978)
Lost Lady ( Gathered from the Center, Berkeley Women's Center, 1975)
Vessels (Twelve Poems, a text for a film for the National Center for Experiments in Television, 1975)
Ninos Heroes ( Yardbird Reader #2, Yardbird Publishing, 1973)
Scenes From Mt. Everett ( Place Magazine, Vol.II, 1973)
Charlie Nothing ( Place Magazine, Vol.II, 1973)

Book Condensation

* Who Made the Lamb ( Ladies Home Journal, Vol.LXXXI, No.10 (October, 1966)


In Celebration of Older Women, ( New Directions for Women, January/February, 1986)
In Praise of Older Women, ( Focus Magazine, October, 1965)
Gifts of Age, ( This World, November 3, 1985)
On Janet Frame's An Angel at My Table, (San Francisco Chronicle, September 30, 1984)
On Ruth Stone, ( Extended Outlooks, The Iowa Review Collection of Contemporary Women Writers, The Macmillan Company, 1985)
*The Maime Papers, (Review of work edited by Maimie Pinzer, Biography, Vol.II, No.4 (Fall, 1979)) [Manuscript only]
Psychic Bi-sexuality, ( Revelations: Diaries of Women, Random House, 1974)
What God Hath Roth, ( The Nation, November 6, 1972)
*Perfect Day Care for Tommy, ( Ladies Home Journal, Vol.VXXXIII, No.10 (October 10, 1966)

Anthologies Containing Work

Pulling Our Own Strings (Edited by Kaufman and Blakely, Indiana University Press, 1984)
Black and White in American Culture (Edited by Jules Chametzky and Sidney Kaplan, University of Massachusetts Press, 1969; Viking, 1971)

Access Terms

Baez, Joan.
Baez, Joan, 1913.
Boyle, Kay, 1902-
Carver, Raymond.
Child, Julia.
Fielding, Dawson, 1930.
Davies, Louise.
Fisher, M.F.K., (Mary Frances Kennedy), 1908-.
Guerard, Albert J., (Albert Joseph), 1914.
Hayes, Margaret Calder, 1896.
Henriksen, Joan.
Houston, James D.
Huckle, Patricia, 1937.
Janeway, Elizabeth.
Krim, Seymour, 1922.
Moffat, Mary Jane.
Nin, Anaïs, 1903-1977.
Nissenson, Hugh.
Olsen, Tillie.
Read, Herbert Edward, Sir, 1893-1968.
Robertson, Carolyn.
Scowcroft, Richard.
Sommers, Tish.
Dial Press.
Harper & Row Publishers.
Little Brown and Company.
Macmillan Publishing Company.
McGraw Publishing Company.
PEN Syndicated Fiction Project.
Random House (Firm).
Yolla Bolly Press.
American Literature--20th century.
American Poetry--20th century.
Women and literature.
Women authors.
Women college teachers.
Aged women.
Women authors--San Francisco Bay Area (Calif).
Authors and publishers.
San Francisco.
Bay Area.
Galley proofs.
Manuscripts (for publication).
Reviews (Criticism).
Video tapes.

Partial List of Correspondents and Interviewees

Box 4, Folder 1

Albrier, Frances Mary, (1898-1987)

Box 4, Folder 1

Aroldo, Josephine E.

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Baez, Joan

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Baez, Joan, (1913-)

Box 2, Folder 8, 11, 12

Boyle, Kay

Box 3, Folder 8

Carver, Raymond

Box 4, Folder 1

Casper, Ursula Hodge

Box 2, Folder 19

Casselman, Martha

Box 2, Folder 25

Child, Julia

Box 1, 2, Folder 26, 11

Cohen, Ruth

Box 1, Folder 26

Creative Arts Book Co.

Box 2, Folder 3, 4

Dawson, Fielding, (1930-)

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Davies, Louise

Box 1, 2, Folder 20, 1, 3

Dial Press

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Fisher, M. F. K., (1908-), (Mary Frances Kennedy)

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Fong Yu, Alice

Box 1, 2, Folder 25, 3, 9

Fox Chase Agency, Inc.

Box 2, Folder 11

Freedgood, Anne

Box 4, Folder 1

Gardener, Margaret B.

Box 1, Folder 13, 20

Gollob, Herman

Box 2, Folder 1, 4

Guerard, Albert J., (1914-), (Albert Joseph)

Box 1, 2, Folder 21, 4, 12

(Guerard, Maclin)

Box 2, Folder 3

Harper & Row, Publishers

Box 1, 2, Folder 18, 20, 21, 3, 12

Harris, Mark

Box 1, 2, Folder 12, 18, 25, 1, 3, 9

Hart, A.L.

Box 2, Folder 4, 11

Hawkes, John

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Hayes, Margaret Calder, (1896-)

Box 2, Folder 4

Henriksen, Joan

Box 2, Folder 1, 3, 12

Houston, James D.

Box 2, Folder 25

Huckle, Patricia, (1937-)

Box 2, Folder 20

Janeway, Elizabeth

Box 2, Folder 16

John Daniel Publishers

Box 2, 4, Folder 25, 1

Kehoe, Monika

Box 2, Folder 1

Krim, Seymour, (1922-)

Box 4, Folder 1

Lawrence, Eleanor M.

Box 4, Folder 1

Lewis, Lucy

Box 1, Folder 12, 13

Little, Brown and Company

Box 4, Folder 1

Lovejoy, Marie L.

Box 4, Folder 1

Lowdermilk, Inez M.

Box 1, Folder 18

MacMillan Publishing Company

Box 4, Folder 1

Maybeck, Jacomena

Box 1, Folder 18, 20

McGraw Publishing Company

Box 2, 4, Folder 4, 2

Moffat, Mary Jane

Box 4, Folder 2

Murdock, Margaret

Box 2, Folder 3, 11, 3

Nesbit, Lynn

Box 2, Folder 4, 8

Nin, Anais, (1903-1977)

Box 1, 2, 3, Folder 19, 2, 10, 7

Nissenson, Hugh

Box 4, Folder 1

Obato, Haruko

Box 1, Folder 26

O'Donnell, Peg

Box 2, Folder 12

Olsen, Tillie

Box 4, Folder 1

Patri, Stella N.

Box 3, Folder 2

PEN Syndicated Fiction Project

Box 4, Folder 1

Pierce, Cecil

Box 4, Folder 1

Pinska, Klarna

Box 2, Folder 11

Random House

Box 1, Folder 18

Read, Herbert Edward, (1893-1968)

Box 2, Folder 8

Rich, Adrianne

Box 2, Folder 19

Robertson, Carolyn

Box 1, Folder 13, 18, 20

Russell & Volkening, Inc.

Box 2, Folder 11

Ruth Cohen Inc.

Box 2, Folder 12

Scowcroft, Anne

Box 2, Folder 1

Scowcroft, Richard

Box 4, Folder 1

Snyder, Alice L.


Sommers, Tish - See Huckle, Patricia

Box 2, Folder 1, 3

Stone, Robert

Box 1, 3, Folder 13, 18, 20, 1

Volkening, Henry

Box 4, Folder 1

Walsh, Virginia

Box 4, Folder 1

Wheelwright, Jane Hollister

Box 1, Folder 14, 18, 21

Williams, Tom

Box 2, Folder 19

Yolla Bolly Press


NOTE: This partial list of correspondents includes those names which are associated with Stanford University, which appear frequently in the collection, or which are well known.

Container List


Series I: Charlotte Painter's Profile

Box 1, Folder 1

Guide to Tenure Files

Box 1, Folder 2

Professional Achievement and Growth

Box 1, Folder 3

Equivalency and Experience

Box 1, Folder 4

Non-Teaching Activities (University)

Box 1, Folder 5

Community Service

Box 1, Folder 6

Teaching Effectiveness

Box 1, Folder 7

Endorsements/Reviews of Others

Box 1, Folder 8

Letters of Recommendation

Box 1, Folder 9

Special Lectureships/Seminars

Box 1, Folder 10

San Francisco State University Memoranda

Box 1, Folder 11

Radcliffe Institute


Series II: Material Relating to her Published Works

Box 1, Folder 12

The Fortunes of Laurie Breaux (Little, Brown, 1962):


Correspondence - A.L. Hart



Physical Description: 1 item
Box 1, Folder 13

Laurie Breaux:


Publication Correspondence (by author)


Herman Gollob (4/61)


Herman Gollob (11/61)

Physical Description: (3 items)

Carroll (New Yorker) [1961]


Henry Volkening (4/66)

Box 1, Folder 14

Laurie Breaux: Personal Correspondence


Ellen H. Smith (10/61)


Tom Williams (2/62)

Box 1, Folder 15

Laurie Breaux: Reviews

Box 1, Folder 16

Laurie Breaux: Royalty Statements

Box 1, Folder 17


Box 1, Folder 18

Who Made the Lamb (McGraw Hill, 1965):


Correspondence - A.L. Hart (by author)


Painter to Henry Volkening (n.d.)


A.L. Hart (1964)

Physical Description: (2 items)

Henry Volkening (1/64)

Physical Description: (2 items)

Painter to Volkening (1/64)


Henry Volkening (2/64)


Volkening to Robert Markel (2/64)

Physical Description: (2 items)

Painter to Volkening (2/64)


A.L. Hart (1964)

Physical Description: (3 items)

Mark Harris to A.L. Hart (7/64)


A.L. Hart (9/64)


Henry Volkening to A.L. Hart (11/64)


A.L. Hart to Henry Volkening (12/64)


Tom Williams to A.L. Hart (12/64)


A.L. Hart (1964-1965)

Physical Description: (3 items)

Sir Herbert Read (1/65)


A.L. Hart (1965)

Physical Description: (6 items)
Box 1, Folder 19

Lamb: Correspondence - Hugh Nissenson



Physical Description: 2 Letters
Box 1, Folder 20

Lamb: Publication Correspondence (by author)


Herb Gollob [1964]


Henry Volkening (2/64)

Physical Description: (2 items)

Henry Volkening to H.E.F. Donohue (4/64)


Sonia Levinthal (12/64)


Robert Henderson to A.L. Hart (12/64)


Ken Lamott (12/64)


Henry Volkening to Ken Lamott (1/65)


Sonia Levinthal (2/65)


Henry Volkening (2/65)


Anthia Joseph (3/65)


Elsa Russell (2/67)


Henry Volkening (12/67)


Henry Volkening (6/71)


Margaret Asch (8/71)


Mark Harris



Box 1, Folder 21

Letter in Spanish (8/62)


Unsigned notes

Physical Description: (2 items)

Ginny Horstkotte (n.d.)


Maclin Guerard (n.d.)


Tom Williams (12/64)


Warren Miller to A.L. Hart (1/65)


Charles W. Hague (1/65)


Aunt Jessica (2/65)


Virginia Counard (2/65)


Doreen [Hawkes?] (2/65)


Edward Gifford, MD (2/65)


Painter's Mother [2/65]


Unsigned note (2/65)


note (3/65)


Mark Harris (3/65)

Box 1, Folder 22

Lamb (1965):Reviews

Box 1, Folder 23

Lamb: Royalty Statements (1966 & 1971)

Box 1, Folder 24

Galley Proof and article: Who Made the Lamb, Your New Baby, December 1966


Lamb: Sample Cover (Signet edition 1965?)

Box 1, Folder 25

Who Made the Lamb (1988 edition):


Correspondence - A.L. Hart



Physical Description: 1 letter
Box 1, Folder 26

Lamb (1988):


Publication Correspondence (by author)


C. Painter to Ruth [Cohen] (2/81)


Kristen Grimstad (J.P. Tarcher) (5/81)


C. Painter to Kristen Grimstad (4/81)


Ruth Cohen (4/81)


Peg O'Donnell (Creative Arts Book Company)



Physical Description: (4 items)

[Don Ellis] (1/88)

Box 1, Folder 27

Personal Correspondence (by author)


authors unknown [1988]

Physical Description: 3 letters,
Box 1, Folder 28

Lamb (1988):Royalty Statements

Box 1, Folder 29

Lamb: Catalog Statement (1988)


Lamb (1988):Sample Covers


Photocopied pages from Lamb


1988 Creative Arts Book Company Catalog

Box 1, Folder 30

Lamb (1988):Painter's notes


Lamb (1988):Typescript of Foreword and Afterword


Note: Typed Manuscript of Who Made the Lamb may be found in Box 5 (OS)
Box 2, Folder 1

Confession from the Malaga Madhouse (Dial Press, 1971):


Correspondence - A.L. Hart (by author)


A.L. Hart (1970)

Physical Description: (2 items)

D.H to A.L. Hart (1970?)


Grace Shaw to A.L. Hart (8/70)

Physical Description: (2 items)

Grace Shaw to A.L. Hart (2/71)


Painter to A.L. Hart (4/71)


A.L. Hart (7/71)


Seymour Krim to A.L. Hart (7/71)


James Houston to A.L. Hart (7/71)


Robert Stone to A.L. Hart (8/71)


Richard Scowcroft to A.L. Hart (9/71)


Albert Guerard to A.L. Hart (9/71)


A.L. Hart (1971)

Physical Description: (2 items)

A.L. Hart to Norman Hall (12/71)

Box 2, Folder 2



Correspondence - Hugh Nissenson



Physical Description: 6 letters
Box 2, Folder 3

Publication Correspondence (by author)


C. Painter to Harper & Row (3/71)


Barbara Blakemore to Lynn Nesbit (4/71)


Lynn Nesbit (5/[71])


Eleanor Perry to Lynn Nesbit [1971]


Veronica Geng to Marion Wheeler (7/71)


Robert Stone (7/71)


Fielding Dawson (7/71)


Fielding Dawson (7/71)


Fielding Dawson to A.L. Hart (7/71)


Mark Harris (7/71)


James Houston (8/71)


Lynn Nesbit (10/71)


Lynn Nesbit [1971]


Ruth Rouzie to Mrs. Schrader [1971]


Lynn Nesbit (1/72)


Fox Chase Agency Client List (11/72)


Bill (12/72)

Box 2, Folder 4

Personal Correspondence (by author)


Anais Nin (n.d.)


Note to Painter from Young Todd (n.d.)


John Hawkes (8/71)


Mary Jane Moffat (9/71)


Maclin Guerard (n.d.)


Fielding Dawson (10/71)


John [Hawkes] (10/71)


Alice K. Smith (11/71)


Cia (11/71)


Joan Henriksen (11/71)

Physical Description: (2 items)

John Hawkes (11/71)


Albert Guerard to John Leonard (12/71)


Blair Fuller (12/71)


Catherine Stimpson (2/72)


Deborah Rogers (2/72)


Fielding Dawson (4/72)


Shirley (n.d.)


Unknown [ 1971or 1972]


Phil (2/79)


Winifred Madison (5/79)

Box 2, Folder 5

Madhouse: Reviews

Box 2, Folder 6

Madhouse: Royalty Statement (1971)

Box 2, Folder 7

Madhouse: C. Painter's Notes and sketches


Note: Typescript for Madhouse may be found in Box 6 (OS)
Box 2, Folder 8

Revelations: Diaries of Women (Random House 1974;Vintage, 1975):


Reviews and Correspondence


Lynn Sukenick (5/75)


Kay Boyle (10/75)


Jessica Mitford (12/75)


Anais Nin (n.d.)


Adrianne Rich (1/77)

Box 2, Folder 9

Seeing Things (Random House, 1976):


Correspondence - A.L. Hart



Physical Description: 1 letter
Box 2, Folder 10

Seeing Things:


Correspondence - Hugh Nissenson



Physical Description: 1 letter
Box 2, Folder 11

Publication Correspondence (by author)


Lynn Nesbit (6/74)


Agreement between C. Painter and Lloyd Baker (9/74)


Model Release Agreement (1/75)


Anne Freedgood (6/75)


A. Freedgood (10/75)


Judith Rascoe to Anne Freedgood (11/[75])


Kay Boyle to Anne Freedgood (11/75)


Wright Morris to Anne Freedgood (12/75)


Merla Zellerbach (2/76)


John Hawkes (2/76)


Anne Freedgood (11/76)


C. Painter to Cosette Thompson (4/80)


Publishing Agreement (7/80)


Assignment (8/80)


Wayne Warga (L.A. Times) (2/81)


Evelyn Pine to Cosette Thompson (5/81)


Ruth Cohen (10/81)


Promotion for Seeing Things- Context




Ron Smothermon (10/82)


Ruth Cohen (10/82)


C. Painter to Ruth Cohen (10/82)


Ron Smothermon (10/82)

Box 2, Folder 12

Personal Correspondence (by author)


Unknown (n.d.)


Bob Mezey (n.d.)


Valerie Miner (n.d.)


Mark Harris (12/74)


Kaye Boyle (12/75)


Bill Dickey (2/76)


C. Painter to Len Randolph (2/76)


C. Painter to Frank Waters (2/76)


Frank Waters (3/76)


Maclin Guerard (2/76)


Anne Scowcroft (3/76)


James Houston (4/76)


Pat (n.d.)


William Overall (6/76)


Tillie Olsen (n.d.)


Unknown (10/76)


Barbara Binkley (10/76)


[Lise] Allen (1/79)


Unknown (n.d.)


Unknown (n.d.)


Rob Swingart (8/77)


Preuss and Gadde (8/82)


Jackie Abaala (4/83)


Virginia Holt (n.d.)

Box 2, Folder 13

Seeing Things: Promotions and Reviews

Box 2, Folder 14

Seeing Things: Royalty Statements

Box 2, Folder 15

Seeing Things: Painter's Notes


Photographs (2) of Charlotte Painter

Box 2, Folder 16

Seeing Things (1988 edition):


Publication Correspondence (by author)


John Daniel Publisher (7/87-11/87)

Box 2, Folder 17

Seeing Things (1988 edition):


Promotions and reviews

Box 2, Folder 18

Seeing Things (1988):Royalty Statements


Note: Typescript of Seeing Things may be found in Box 7 (OS)
Box 2, Folder 19

Gifts of Age (Chronicle Books, 1985):


Publication Correspondence (by author)


C. Painter to Bill (n.d.)


Letter of Agreement- Yolla Bolly Press (6/82)


Carolyn Robertson (Yolla Bolly Press) (6/82)


Agreement - Yolla Bolly Press (7/82)


Carolyn Robertson (10/82)


C. Painter to Carolyn Robertson (10/82)


Letter Agreement with Pamela Valois (4/84)


Kathryn Wagner (9/84)


Barbara Youngblood (9/84)


Barbara Youngblood (9/84)


Permissions Agreement (6/85)


Heather Summerlin (AP Watt Ltd) (6/85)


Diana Siegal and Paula Doress (3/86)


Mary Jane Curry (5/86)


Lauren Pressman (6/86)


Martha Casselman to Beverlye Hyman (5/87)


K.A. Namkung (6/87)


Louise Lathem to Martha Casselman (9/87)


Martha Casselman to Louise Lathem (9/87)


[Martha Casselman] to Beverlye Hyman and Louise Latham (11/87)


Beverlye Human and Louise Latham to Martha Casselman (12/87)


Beverlye Human and Louise Latham to Martha Casselman (5/87)


Kathi Wheater (n.d.)


Martha Casselman to Jack Jensen (6/89)


Evelyn Renold to Miriam Altshuler (10/89)


Martha Casselman (12/89)


Miriam Altshuler (12/89)


Martha Casselman to Jack Jensen (3/90)


Bill to Marti [Martha Casselman] (3/90)


Carla Charlton to Martha Casselman (4/92)

Box 2, Folder 20

Gifts of Age:


Personal Correspondence (by author)


Elizabeth Janeway (6/85)


Diane Johnson (2/86)


[Ayn] Thorne (6/86)


Katherine Hunt (6/86)

Box 2, Folder 21

Gifts of Age: Reviews

Box 2, Folder 22

Gifts of Age: Reviews (cont'd)

Box 2, Folder 23

Gifts of Age: Royalty Statements

Box 2, Folder 24

Miscellaneous papers on the publication of Gifts of Age: A Book of Days

Box 2, Folder 25

Gifts of Age: Correspondence with biographical subjects_& Permission Statements

Box 2, Folder 26

Gifts of Age: Painter's Notes

Box 2, Folder 27

Gifts of Age: Painter's Notes (cont'd)

Box 2, Folder 28

Gifts of Age: Photographs of Biographical Subjects


Note: Galley proof for Gifts of Age may be found in Box 8 (OS)

Series III: Material Pertaining to Stories, Proposed Works, Projects and Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 3, Folder 1

Short Stories and Articles and Related Correspondence (by author) (1955-1972):


Henry Volkening (4/63)


Barbara Blakemore to Diarmuid Russell (8/63)


Peter Wyden (6/65)


Julie Chametzky (9/68)

Box 3, Folder 2

Short Stories (continued) (1983-1987) Publication Correspondence (by author):


PEN Syndicated Fiction Project (1983)

Physical Description: (5 items)

PEN Syndicated Fiction Project (1987)

Physical Description: (1 itme)
Box 3, Folder 3

Proposed work: Revelations Diary

Box 3, Folder 4

Wilderness Women Project (1979):


Painter's notes

Box 3, Folder 5

Wilderness Women Project:


Correspondence and Painter's Text

Box 3, Folder 6

Reviews and Speaking Engagements by C. Painter

Box 3, Folder 7

Miscellaneous Correspondence - Hugh Nissenson:



Physical Description: 3 items
Box 3, Folder 8

Miscellaneous Correspondence:


Klaus (?) (12/78)


Anthony Friendson (7/79)


C. Painter to Lynn Nesbit (2/80)


Lynn Nesbit (3/80)


Raymond Carver (8/83)


Unknown (n.d.)


Series IV: Audio Tapes, Manuscripts and Galley Proofs

Box 4, Folder 1

Audio Tapes: Interviews for Gifts of Age


Interviewee, Tape #
Audiotape 17

Albrier, Frances M.

Audiotape 3

Aroldo, Josephine E.

Audiotape 13

Baez, Joan Sr.

Audiotape 16

Casper, Ursula H.

Audiotape 8

Davies, Louise M.

Audiotape 9

Fisher, Mary F.K.

Audiotape 5

Fong Yu, Alice

Audiotape 10

Gardener, Margaret B.

Audiotape 7

Hayes, Margaret C.

Audiotape 2

Kehoe, Monika

Audiotape 3

Lawrence, Eleanor M.

Audiotape 3

Lewis, Lucy

Audiotape 10, 11

Lovejoy, Marie L.

Audiotape 17

Lowdermilk, Inez M.

Audiotape 1

Maybeck, Jacomena

Audiotape 4

Murdock, Margaret

Audiotape 19

Obata, Haruko

Audiotape 12

Patri, Stella N.

Audiotape 6

Pierce, Cecil

Audiotape 11, 12

Pinska, Klarna

Audiotape 1, 2

Snyder, Alice L.

Audiotape 18

Walsh, Virginia

Audiotape 14, 15

Wheelwright, Jane H.


Radio Interview:

Audiotape 20

Charlotte Painter

Box 4, Folder 2

Video Cassette: Interview with C. Painter and Mary Jane Moffat (1984?)


Series V: Manuscripts and Galley Proofs

Box 5, Folder 1

Manuscript: Who Made the Lamb (1964)

Box 6, Folder 1

Manuscript: Confessions from the Malaga Madhouse (1971)

Box 7, Folder 1

Manuscript: Seeing Things (1975)

Box 8, Folder 1

Galley Proof: Seeing Things (1975)

Box 8, Folder 2

Retouched Galley Proof: Seeing Things (1975)

Box 9, Folder 1

Printer's Proof: Confessions from the Malaga Madhouse

Box 9, Folder 2

Printer's Proof: Seeing Things

Box 9, Folder 3

Printer's Proof: Seeing Things

Box 10, Folder 1

Galley Proof: Gifts of Age (1985)

Box 10, Folder 2

Galley Proof: Gifts of Age Daybook (1988)

Box 10, Folder 3

Manuscript: The Heron (play)

Box 11, Folder 1

Mediterranean Review (Fall 1970-Winter 1973)

Box 11, Folder 2

Place: Rogues Gallery ( 1973,V.2:2)

Box 11, Folder 3

The Nation ( January 24, 1972,V.214:4)

Box 11, Folder 4

Redbook ( October 1963,V.121:6)

Box 11, Folder 5

The New Yorker (February 5, 1955)