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Inventory of the Jack Goodwin Papers, 1940-1991
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Series Arrangement


Series I: Music Manuscripts

Scope and Content Note

Includes all original manuscripts and some photocopies (when a manuscript is missing or if there are markings on the photocopies.) Individual sketches of specific works are kept with the main manuscript. Sketchbooks, and unidentified single sketches, however, are kept in the subseries E, sketches. Juvenalia includes both music and nonmusic materials, because of the orignal arrangement. In this subseries, many sketches, some exercies books (music and others) and other writings are included. Copyright notices are generally kept with the compositions, as in the original order.
A. Instrumental Music --Box 1 (storage no.) Goodwin copyrighted a number of instrumental compositions together under the title Pieces in Sonata Form. The photocopies of these pieces are discarded, while the original manuscripts are kept in this box, but not as a group.
B. Operas --Box 2, 3
C. Oratorios and Song Cycles --Box 4
D. Other Songs --Box 5
E. Juvenalia --Box 6
F. Sketches --Box 7
Box 7

Series II: Writings

Box 8

Series III: Correspondence

Box 8

Series IV: Biographical Materials and Miscellany

Box 9

Series V: Tapes

Box 7

Series VI: Miscellany

Container List


Series I: Music Manuscripts


A. Instrumental Music

Box Box 1

Copyright form for Pieces in Sonata Form


Prelude [for piano]


Sonata: for piano


Suite for piano


Suite from "The Pizza Pusher": for piano


Sonata for Cello and Piano


Concerto in Fourths [for oboe and piano]


Cowboy Pictures: Three movements for piano and oboe


Sonatina for Bassoon


The Body in the Sink: Suite for Flute and Piano


Fugato [for string quartet]


Pussyfoot: Mime Ballet


Tableau: Incidental Music


Symphony no. 1


[Symphony no. 1 -- oversize box]


Symphony no. 2 -- ink and pencil mss.


Miscellaneous Instrumental Manuscripts


B. Operas

Box Box 2, 3

Tonopah, opera in 2 acts. Libretto by Frederick Wahl, 1939; opera copyright, 1986.


Vocal Score (photocopy, spiral bound)


Libretto (with different revisions)


Manuscript of Vocal Score: Prelude and Act 1


Manuscript of Vocal Score: Act 2


Manuscript of Vocal Score -- entire opera and sketches


Sketches and Notes I (including Copyright Registration)


Sketches and Notes II


Sketches and Notes III

Box OS box

Tonopah -- Photocopy of entire score

Box Box 3

The White Caper, opera in 2 acts. Story by James Thurber, 1958.


Copyright Registration and Introduction, dated 1988.


Manuscript of Full Score


Manuscript of Vocal Score


The Pizza Pusher, opera in 3 acts, 1955.


Manuscript of Full Score I


Manuscript of Full Score II


Manuscript of Full Score III


Manuscript of Full Score IV


Manuscript of Ensemble and Narrator parts




Miscellaneous Notes and Concert Ads (including Copyright Registration)




The Kiss-Off, opera in 1 act. Story by Kenneth H. Ford, no date (probably 1949 or 1950).


Manuscript of Vocal Score, 2 copies. Libretto in English and Italian (Il Bacio della Morte). Original magazine story by Richard Lovelace in Inklings.


C. Oratorios and Song Cycles

Box Box 4

The Blackie Weasel Caper, oratorio, no date.




Manuscript of Vocal Score and sketches


When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd, oratorio. Words by Walt Whitman, 1944, revised 1988. Originally called "a cantata", later version called it "an oratorio."


Manuscript of the Original Version and Sketchbook


Manuscript and Copyright notice of 1988 Version


Lists of Song Cycles and copyright registration for 4 song cycles -- Frescoes, Six Songs, Journey to the End, and Alamogordo.


Frescoes, song cycle for high voice. Poetry of John Allen Ryan, no date. 8 songs: The Dunes (duet), Armonia de Antano, The Hunters of the Rio Cuenca, The Gleaners (duet), On these Days when it Rains in the Morning, Under the Sun, Fresco I, Fresco II (duet).


Frescoes, another manuscript copy.


Six Songs, song cycle. Poetry by Jory Sherman, no date. Ebb, Interlude, Little Ode, Man Walking, Faith, The Anxiety of Alarm Clocks.


Journey to the End, song cycle. Poem by John Hoffman, no date. Journey to the End, Preponderance, The Abandoners, Vortex, The Workers, The Harvest, Journey to the End, Pique Song. 2 Manuscript copies.


Journey to the End, sketches.


Alamorgordo: Shadows of a Town, song cycle for high voice, no date. Old Things, Morning, noon, Tenth Street, 4:00, Evening, The Girl, Homecoming, Finale. Photocopy only.


Alamorgordo and Cowboy Pictures. 3 Sketchbooks.


D. Other Songs

Box Box 5

"Miscellaneous Songs and Arias of J. F. Goodwin" -- Copyright Registration and phtocopies of 34 songs. The manuscripts are listed singly below.


Cotton Mather


Captain Kidd


Jesse James


Western Wagons


My Darling Troubles Heaven


The Wolf of Winter


The Sea is Awash with Roses


Street Corner College


The Lobster and his Mother


The Ship Starting


In the Swamp




She weeps over Rahoon (manuscript lacking)


Three Songs on Poems of Hart Crane:


Imperator Victis


Black Tambourine


And Bees of Paradise


Wild Plum


Thine Eyes still shined for Me


My Former Life


Tristesses de la Lune


White Slavery


Fantasy Tales:


The Foolish Woman


The Wooden Guns


The devoted Widow


Prashadsim Shalisol'l:


So Menida sta Paigai


Di'ta Kaimada


Diuta Drukharad


Three Sonnets by Lewis Ellingham:








Vampire Music and Serenade


Christmas Carols


Songs for Low Voice -- Manuscript of 16 songs from above, sewn together. 9 single manuscripts of songs listed above.


Cigarette in the Night -- ink an pencil manuscripts


Donna's Song, O had I Slumbered -- ink ms.


Invocation -- ink ms. in different hand


Song of the Rat -- ink ms. in same hand as "Invocation."


Unidentified Song sketches -- includes lyrics for "Albatross" and other songs, many pencil sketches.


E. Juvenalia

Box Box 6

Exercies I


Exercies II


White Peacock and sketches


Notes and Sketches I


Notes and Sketches II


Notes and Sketches III


Notes and Sketches IV


F. Sketches

Box Box 7

Sketchbooks I & II


Sketchbooks III & IV


Sketchbook V


Sketchbooks VI & VII


Sketchbook VIII


Sketchbooks IX - XIII


The Cannibal with Smokey Blue Eyes


Mordecai's Bride


Sketches -- Music and Writing I


Sketches -- Music and Writing II


Sketches -- Music and Writing III


Series II: Writings

Box Box 7

Barn Voyage Dottie


The Bridge of San Luis Rey


El Fantom de la Opera


The Flight of the Lead Balloon


Duc D'Enghien Case


Jeff Peters as a Personal Magnet


North Beach Chronicles:


Bearfeather Papers


Me and Thurber


Renaissance -- Dress Rehearsal, or Life of the Founding Fathers


One must Marry


Storm over Mexico


Tales of the Heroic Period I


Tales of the Heroic Period II


Tales of the Heroic Period III


Tales of the Heroic Period IV


Vampire -- Notes


Unidentified Play


College papers

Box Box 10


On Booze, Poems [by] Jack Goodwing, Drawings by Knute Stiles. Berkeley: The Duck Press, 1975.


Series III: Correspondence


A. Correspondence to Goodwin

Box Box 8

Alex Apostolides




Oct 1945-March 1973


July 1975-December 1977


January 1978-Jan 1979


May 1980-June 1985


August 1985-March 1986


April 1986-March 1991


Barney (1968-1974)


Barris, Chuck (1968)


Barry (1985)


Beaties, Bruce and Rita (1976-1983)


Broz, Temple H. (1952)


Calvo, Karen (1948-1962)


Connolly, Leo (1941-1977)


Connoly, Paul (1983)


Cosgrove, Harry (1976-1986)


Dale, Violette (1966)


Davis, Chuck (1945)


Dickson, Elizabeth (1953)


Dollard, Frank (1980)


Donaldson, Don (1970)


Doris and Marshall (1976)


Ellingham, Lewis (1985)


Ellis, Roger (1952-1959)


Ems, H. Martin (1975-1984)


Fagu, Pat (1963-1973)


Faier, William (1962)


Fitzgerald, J. (1952-1953)


Ford, Kenneth (1953-1955)


Germont, G. (1946)


Gonsalves, George A. (1952-1954)


Goodwin, Charles and Donna (1955-1985) -- brother


Goodwin, Dollie (1963-1973) -- mother


Goya, Joyce (1952-1955)


Goya, Susan Williams (1952)


Green, Mark (1975)


Harmon, Jim (1952-53)


Harmor, Harvey (1953)


Hatfield, Lee (1967)


Henry, William (1948-1955)


Hunt (1962)


Joyce (1986)


Kimball, Jerry (1952-1953)


Lavery, Patrick (1965)


Liddell, Prescott (1956-1972)


Lyman, Fred (1952)


Macdonald, Bird (1957)


McKenna, Philip (1970-1984)


Novi, David and Annette (1985)


Novi, Ed (1991)


Parnes, Irwin (1960)


Peterson, Gary (1983)


Richardson, Doris and Howard (1955-1956)


Ryan, John Allen (1960-1968)


Sherman, Jory (1960-1963)


Smith, Ken (1965)


Sonenfield, Alexandra (1969-1985) -- Alex Apostolides' mother


Stevens and Grow (1952)


Stiles, Knute


Storm, Robert D. (1952-1953)


Voni (1981)


Welch, Rachael (1951)


Wernham, Guy (1952-1964)


Whaley, Philip (1953-1955)


Woods, Edward J. (1958)


Miscellaneous Correspondence


B. Correspondence from Goodwin

Box Box 8

Alex Apostolides


Doris and Howard Richardson


Miscellaneous Correspondence


Series IV: Biographical and Personal Papers

Box Box 8



Bank Statements, Bank of America


Bank Statements, Wells Fargo


California Superior Court


Columbia University Correspondence and papers


Concert advertisements, etc.


Receipts I


Receipts II


Social Security




Series V: Tapes

Box Box 9

30 tapes of Goodwin's music. All reel-to-reel tapes.


Series VI: Miscellany

Box Box 7

Drawings by Apostolides (?) -- all photocopies. Includes drawings of a scene from The Pizza Pusher.


Music Compositions by other people.