Inventory of Presidents' Papers,

Papers of John Nobili, S.J., 1851-1856

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Inventory of Presidents' Papers,

Papers of John Nobili, S.J., 1851-1856

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Title: Inventory of Presidents' Papers,

Papers of John Nobili, S.J.,
Date (inclusive): 1851-1856
Record group: 3DB1
Creator: Nobili, John, S.J.
Extent: Number of folders: 202
Repository: Santa Clara University Archives
Santa Clara, CA 95053
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], Presidents' Papers, Papers of John Nobili, S.J., Santa Clara University. University Archives.

Biographical Sketch

Giovanni [John] Nobili was born in Rome on April 8, 1812. After entering the Jesuits in 1828 at the age of 16, he began his preliminary studies at the Roman College where he was reported to be an excellent student. As a scholastic, he taught at the colleges of Loretto and Fermo and published several works in physics and mathematics. He began his theological studies in 1840 and was ordained in 1843. A year later he accompanied Father Peter De Smet to the Indian missions of Oregon. After a year of strenuous ministry near Port Vancouver, Nobili, at age thirty-three, was assigned to a new mission in New Caledonia in Western Canada, what is today British Columbia. There he stayed for three difficult years, ministering to the traders and trappers of the Hudson's Bay Company and to the Indian tribes inhabiting the wilderness surrounding the mission.
Enduring terrible living conditions and often forced to work alone or travel as far north as the Alaskan frontier, the small priest's health soon deteriorated. He nevertheless remained firmly committed to his missionary work and in 1848, reluctantly returned to the Jesuit headquarters in Oregon. Upon seeing his condition, Father Joseph Joset withdrew him from further work in New Caledonia. Instead, Nobili accompanied Father Michael Accolti to California in 1849 where he hoped to find a good doctor in San Francisco and recuperate in the temperate climate. After several months, his health improved and he busied himself with pastoral work while Accolti canvassed the state seeking support for an educational institution near San Jose.
ln July, 1850, Accolti returned to Oregon to assume duties as superior of the Oregon missions while Nobili remained behind as assistant pastor at the parish church in San Jose. He spent all of 1850 and much of 1851 aiding victims of a cholera epidemic. Despite Nobili's initial lack of enthusiasm for the school project Accolti had begun, he soon inherited the sole responsibility for such an undertaking when the mission at Santa Clara was offered to the Jesuits with the agreement that they begin an educational institution. In March 1851 Nobili took possession of the property from the Franciscans and "with an optimism that one can only qualify as audacious," a later historian wrote, committed himself and his order to educational work in California. It was this work that would distinguish Nobili as the founder of the first permanent school in American California.
During the next five years, Nobili encountered innumerable problems in his effort to establish the college. Under his resourceful guidance from 1851-1856, the fledgling school expanded, upgraded its academic instruction, and achieved a reputation "for scholarship both literary and scientific" that was, claimed one historian, unequalled in California. By 1855, the college boasted a faculty of eighteen priests and laymen. Confident of the school's future, Nobili petitioned the state that same year for a charter of incorporation. This was readily granted.
In February, 1856, as Nobili inspected the construction of the college's first new building, a brick chapel, he stepped on a nail and contracted tetanus. After suffering from lockjaw for two days, he died on March 1. His premature death at the age of 44 was mourned throughout the state, for his hard-working dedication to the college had earned him many admirers. As his successor declared, "All that we have and all that we shall have, we owe to Father Nobili. He was the soul and sinew of all our labors."
* The quotations cited in this introduction are taken from Fr. Gerald McKevitt's book, The University of Santa Clara: A History, pp. 24, 47, and 49 respectively.

Scope and Content

The Nobili Papers contain virtually all the documents of the early days of Santa Clara College. Included are financial records, legal papers (particularly dealing with securing the former Mission land from various claimants), and correspondence with Church and State officials, parents, and merchants. Of special interest are documents related to the Orchard Trial, in which Nobili and Bishop Alemany seek to establish claim to land formerly held by Mission Santa Clara. In addition to Santa Clara College documents, there are papers related to St. Joseph's Church (San Jose), Mission Dolores (San Francisco) property, and Mission San Jose.
While some records have been separated into series, e.g., the Orchard Trial, information about these topics is also found in the correspondence. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent with Nobili. As much as possible, incoming and outgoing correspondence has been placed together.
N.B. When the collection was rearranged, several folders were combined, so that some folder numbers seem to be "missing."

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Biographical Information

Folder Fldr 1

Biographical McGloin 'John Nobili: The New Caledonia Years 1845-1848, Owl Reprint, Typescript 1953

Folder Fldr 2

Biographical Materials: Newspaper and Magazine Articles.



Folder Fldr 3

Alemany, Joseph Sadoc to Fr. Anderson, O.P., 24 Aug 1850, 1 p. photocopy re: his plans before returning to California from Europe

Folder Fldr 4

Alemany to Nobili:


11 Dec 1851, 2 pp photocopy re: ownership of Mission San Jose


21 April 1853 2 pp: appointment of Jesuits to administer to churches of Santa Clara and St. Joseph's in San Jose [Latin] Translation found in The First Fifty Yearsby Joseph Riordan, S.J., pp 42-43; pertinent comments found on pp 35-36,39. Original discovered in SCU Archives 1989.


26 Dec 1853, 2 pp photocopy re: mission property

Folder Fldr 5

Alemany to Nobili:


4 Mar 1851, 1 p. re: appointment of Nobili as pastor of Santa Clara Mission


4 Aug 1851, 8 Aug 1851: 2 letters re: Vallejo, Dulin, and Mission San Jose [Spanish] 1 p. each


6 Dec 1851, 9 Dec 1851: 2 letters re: law suit against Fr. Dulin, 1 p. each


3 Feb 1852, 1 p. re: land titles given by Pio Pico


30 Mar 1852, 1 p. re: Langlois


22 Apr 1852, 1 p. re: replacement of Langlois at Mission San Jose by Llebaria


18 Jan 1853, 1 p. re expense money for Mission San Jose


10 June 1853, 1 p. re: Fr. Dulin at Mission San Jose


6 Sept 1853, 1 p. re: properties of the missions in the Santa Clara valley [Spanish]


5 Dec 1853, 1 p. re: geography of mission property at [Santa Clara?] [Spanish]


4 Jan 1854, 1 p., 5 Aug 1854, 1 p.: 2 letters re Orchard Trial

Folder Fldr 5

Nobili to [Archbishop Alemany], n.d. [1854?] Draft of letter concerning acquisition of mission property at Santa Clara from the government. Written on page containing certification of death by Fr. del Real. [English and Spanish]


Alemany, 24 Apr 1854,1 p. agreement re payment of lawyers Crittenden and Inge for prosecution in Orchard trial.

Folder Fldr 6

Alemany to Jose de Jesus Vallejo, 22 Apr 1853. 1 p. re: property claims at Mission San Jose [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 7

Arce, Francisco, 23 Apr 1853,deed of sale for "California Hotel," 1 p. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 8

Archer, L., n.d., notes on regulations governing secularization of missions, 1 p.


Archer to Nobili, 26 Sept 1854, 1 p., re acquisition of land for Mission Santa Clara

Folder Fldr 9

Arroyave, Eustasio de to Nobili, 14 Feb 1855, 1 p. re admission to Santa Clara College on behalf of William Cary

Folder Fldr 10

Avvaro, George, S.J. to Nobili, 12 Aug 1851, 1 p. re: sending of Jesuits in Jamaica to California; translated in part in The First Half Century by Joseph Riordan, S.J. p. 36

Folder Fldr 11

Blaive, [ ] to Nobili, n.d.,1 p. invitation to visit him in Stockton [French]

Folder Fldr 12

Blanding, Louis to Nobili. 3 letters re mission land claims, Sept 1855-Jan. 1856 (enclosure)

Folder Fldr 13

Bowden, W.G. to Jose Maria Real, O.F.M., 1 Jan 1851, 1 p. re: delivery of rails; on reverse is baptismal record of Maria Gabriela de los Dolores Huarez dated May 6

Folder Fldr 14

Boyd, Geliti to Nobili, 25 Feb 1856, 1 p. re: sending son John to San Francisco

Folder Fldr 15

Brigham, [Terry] to Nobili, 1 Feb 1852, 1 p. re: book order

Folder Fldr 16

Burnett, Peter H. to Mr. Buckley, 26 Apr 1852, 1 p. re admission of his sons to college

Folder Fldr 17

[Burnett, Peter H.] early June 1855, rough draft of first by laws of Santa Clara College; the complete and formally accepted text is found in the Minutes of the Board Trustees dated 16 June 1855; 6 pp

Folder Fldr 18

Servatius, Adolphus to Mary Cany [mother]: 4 letters describing Santa Clara College, 1852.

Folder Fldr 19

Cany family-Nobili correspondence re son Adolphus, 4 items, 1851-1853.

Folder Fldr 20

Carpentier, H.W. to Nobili, 3 Sept 1852, 1 p. informing Nobili of his recent appointment as counsel to some members of Peralta family

Folder Fldr 21

Carr, I.D. to Nobili, 10 June 1854, 1 p. re payment for sons at college; envelope included

Folder Fldr 22

[Caszo], Jose to Nobili, 12 [ August] 1855, 1 p. re: monies due to Nobili [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 23

Congiato, Nicolas, S.J.], n.d.,draft of prospectus for Santa Clara College, 6 pp

Folder Fldr 24

Coombs, John I. to Nobili, n.d., 2 letters re sending his son, Pierre, home

Folder Fldr 25

Crittenden, A.P. to L. Archer: 2 letters re orchard trial, Aug and Sept. 1854.

Folder Fldr 26

Crittenden and Inge [attorneys]-Nobili correspondence re orchard trial. 14 letters, 1854-1855. Includes typescript [enclosure?] of response [M.J. Gonzales?] to Bishop Alemany's questions on history of the Father's residence and the Mission Church tower. [n.d., ca. 1850]

Folder Fldr 27

Crittenden and Inge, 24 Apr 1854, 1 p. filing suit against Joshua W. Redman for orchard property


Contract for payment to Crittenden and Inge for services in orchard trial, 5 Jan 1855, 1 p. **SEE FLDR 5

Folder Fldr 28

Davidson, Peter and Nobili, receipt for payment of money borrowed by Nobili, 6 Apr 1853, 1 p.


Davini, Dom. Bill for medicines for the college and for Nobili. 1 item. June 25, 1854

Folder Fldr 29

De la Pena, Yldefonso Jose, S.J. (Valparaiso, Chile) to Nobili: 11 letters (in Italian and spanish), 1851-1853.Topics include Jesuit work in Chile and California and shipment of books from Chile to California.


Invoices for book ordered by Fr. Yldefonso de la Pena from bookstore, Ezquerra y Gil, Valparaiso, Chile. 2 items, Dec. 31, 1851.

Folder Fldr 30

De Poli, Manuel A. Rodriguez to Nobili, 5 Aug 1854 1 p. re: debts [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 31

De Vos, Peter, S.J. to Nobili, 21 June 1852, 1 p. re disappearance of Dulin from Mission San Jose [French]

Folder Fldr 32

Dillon (Consul of France, San Francisco) to Nobili, 2 Jan 1854, 1 p. re: debts of Fr. Flavian Fontaine at Mission Dolores, San Francisco [French]

Folder Fldr 33

Dodge, [F.M.] to Joseph Terrill, 28 Feb 1853, 1 p. re: dispute over $100 note

Folder Fldr 34

Doherty, George to Nobili:


26 June 1851, 2 pp. Topics: San Francisco; Mission San Jose scandal


3 Oct 1851, 1 p. Topics: San Francisco; movement of state capital to San Jose


14 Oct 1851, 1 p. Topics: movement of state capital; Fr. Pineyro


18 May 1852, 1 p. Topics: purchase of the Picayune; creation of Daily Times; building of new church in San Francisco


26 June 1852, 1 p. Topics: departure of Bernard Reid from Santa Clara; squatters in Santa Clara.


15 Sept 1852, 1 p. Topics: Irish priests; his departure for Australia


11 Oct 1852, 1 p. Topics Whig State Convention in Sacramanto; Fr. Ingoldsby of Sacramento


14 Nov 1852, 1 p. Topics: departure, of Mr. Scanlan from church congregation in San Francisco; meetings with Bishop Alemany; arrival of Fr. Orunio, Franciscan friar from Mexico, in San Francisco

Folder Fldr 34

Doherty to Nobili, 17 Nov 1854,1 p. of information for orchard trial case; 14 Feb 1856, 1 p., re orchard trial

Folder Fldr 35

Donovan, William to Nobili, 20 Nov 1853, 1 p. re: vacation for his son, John

Folder Fldr 36

Dulin-Nobili correspondence [1852?]. Concerns payment of bills, possession of property (?) by Dulin, problems with employees at Mission San Jose, and accumulation of debts at Mission San Jose. 4 items, 3 in French.

Folder Fldr 37

Dumiel, [Father] to Nobili, 24 June 1852, 1 p. re: his effort to build a new church at San Rafael [French]


Dumiel to Nobili, 12 Sept 1853. 1 p. re: lease of two rooms at Santa Clara to a Mr. Berthe. In French.


Envelope for one of the letters addressed to Nobili

Folder Fldr 38

Dunigan, Edward to Nobili, 18 June 1852, 1 p. re shipment of books from New York

Folder Fldr 39

Dye, Job P. - Nobili correspondence re care of his son, James, at Santa Clara College; payment of bill; and his pending divorce from Mrs. Dye. 2 letters, Nov.-Dec. 1852.

Folder Fldr 40

Emanuele, Fr. Ruggero to Nobili, 23 Oct 1852, 1 p. re: his thanks for kindnesses shown him during his visit; appended is a brief note to Nobili from Fr. Magagnotto re: dealings with the Bishop; Magagnotto's expected visit to Benicia

Folder Fldr 42

Finan, B. to Nobili, 15 Dec 1851, 1 p. informing him of his situation in the mining camps in Sonora Tuolume County

Folder Fldr 43

Fontaine, Mr. Flavian (Picpus), 24 Mar 1854, order to possess his property to satisfy Carmen Sibrian du Bernal in her demand for $2,000, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 44

Forbes, James Alexander, March 1855, draft for application of incorporation of Santa Clara College, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 45

Forbes, James Alexander-Nobili correspondence re orchard trial, expenses of sons, and change of son's status from boarder to day scholar. 2 letters, 1854-1855.


Forbes to Fr. Salari re change of his son's status at Santa Clara College from boarder to day scholar. 1 letter, Oct. 1854.

Folder Fldr 46

Fossas, Pedro, n.d., 1 p. re: donation (to Archbishop Alemany?) by ex-Spanish teacher at Mission Dolores [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 47

Graham, William to Nobili, 7 Oct 1852, 1 p. re: sending his son home from Santa Clara College

Folder Fldr 48

Hackett, Jerome to Nobili, 30 Mar 1852, 1 p. re teaching positions on the faculty of the college.

Folder Fldr 49

Hart, William - Nobili correspondence


re admission of his grandson to the college 2 letters, Feb. 1853.


re progress in suit against Fr. Fontaine at Mission Dolores, possible purchase of the land, and expenses incurred in the Mission Dolores. 8 letters, 1854-1855

Folder Fldr 50

Hastings, S.C. to Nobili, 20 Sept 1853. 1 p. re: course of instruction he wishes his son to follow at the college

Folder Fldr 51

Heslep, [A.M.] to Nobili, 25 Aug 1854, 1 p. re: details of his son's admission to the college


[Hevinson, l.D.] to Nobili, 7 Nov 1854 1 p. re: introduction of Peter Campbell, companion of [Hevinson]

Folder Fldr 52

Hubbs, Paul K. (Superintendent of Public Instruction) to Nobili, 10 July 1855, 1 p. re: inability to attend 4th commencement of the college

Folder Fldr 53

Hutton Family - Nobili correspondence.

Son Frank describes his reaction to the college, asks permission to be baptized (in French). 3 letters, n.d. [1853]


Nobili correspondence re purchase of rice, expenses for Hutton boys. 4 letters, 1852-1853p.

Folder Fldr 56

Ingoldsby, John to Noblli, 26 Jan 1853, 1 p. re: admission inquiry on behalf of a Mrs. Murphy

Folder Fldr 57

Kamp, Harold to Nobili, re property dispute in Santa Clara. 3 letters, Nov. 1854-Dec. 1855.

Folder Fldr 58

Keith, William - Nobili correspondence re enrollment and arrival of his son at the college. 3 letters, 1853.

Folder Fldr 60

Lahin, Lawrence to Nobili, 2 letters dated 22 Aug 1853 re: care of trees and plants and payment for them, 1 p. each

Folder Fldr 61

Langlois, Fr. Antoine to Michael Accolti, S.J., 4 Oct 1854, 1 p. statement turning over his property to Accolti as Langlois is about to enter the Dominican Order [French]

Folder Fldr 62

Langlois-Hipolito Adler correspondence (4 items):


2 Mar 1853 re lodging at Mission San Jose [French] and rental of home at Mission San Jose to Jose de Jesus Vallejo [French]


11 Mar 1853 contract with curate of Mission San Jose [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 63

Langlois to G. Francois Llebaria, S.J., 28 June 1852, 1 p. re: condition of Mission San Jose [French]

Folder Fldr 64

Langlois to Nobili: 12 letters


Letter from Adler concerning rearrangement of rooms at Mission San Jose in preparation for visitors March 5, [1852]. In French.


25 June 1852, 1 p. re: disappearance of cure [Dulin] from Mission San Jose [French]


27 June 1852, 1 p. re: Blaive's (?) visit to mission [French]


8 July 1852, 1 p. re: arrival of Elize (?) at mission French


9 July 1852, 1 p. re: title to Mission San Jose property [French]


16 July 1852, 1 p. re: debts of Dulin and workers'lawsuit against him [French]


18 July 1852, 1 p. re: Langlois' lawsuit against Chaumont (?) [French]


26 Aug 1852, 31 Aug 1852, 2 letters re Blaive's visit to Mission San Jose, 1 p. each [French]


11 Sept 1852, 15 Sept 1852, 2 letters re Langlois' refusal to let Blaive stay at the mission to use the baths; Blaive seems to be an ailing priest who requested to use the baths at the mission, 1 p. each [French]


4 Oct 1854, 1 p. statement turning over his property to Nobili since Langlois is about to enter the Dominican Order [French]

Folder Fldr 65

Langlois to Nobili, 6 Feb 1851,2 pp photocopy naming him successor to Fr. Suarez del Real as cure at Mission Santa Clara [French]


Langlois to Fr. Suarez del Real, 19 Aug 1850, 1 p. photocopy re: sending of Mr. Lebret to Mission San Jose [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 66

Llebaria, G. Francois, S.J. to Fr. Dulin, 24 June 1852, 1 p. re: payment of Dulin's debts at Mission San Jose [French]

Folder Fldr 67

Llebaria to Nobili: 4 letters


7 [June] 1852, 1 p. re: debts of Mr. Dulin [French]


10 June 1852, 1 p. re: suspension of Fr. Dulin from all ecclesiastical duties because of his many outstanding debts [French with section in Latin]


7 Sept 1852, 1 p. re: young man whom Nobili had agreed to let stay at Santa Clara; Langlois' refusal to let Mr. Blaive use baths at Mission San Jose. [French]


5 Nov 1852, 1 p. re: Mr. Agusto (?); School of the Pacific [French]

Folder Fldr 68

Sister Loyola (Notre Dame Academy at San Jose) to Nobili, 2 Jan 1854, 1 p. receipt for piano

Folder Fldr 69

Maffre, Hypolite and Nobili, 11 May 1854: 2 contracts for reparation of clock in Santa Clara Mission church by Maffre, 1 p. each [French]

Folder F1dr 70

Manso, Juan, re payment for his education at the college. n.d., in Spanish. [Manso is apparently an orphan; author of the note is unknown.]


Document dated Nov. 21, 1855, appointing Nobili as attorney for Manso to collect debts owed to him. Witnessed by notary public.

Folder Fldr 72

Maume, Matthew to Nobili.


Maume, apparently a merchant, sends Nobili invoices and statements for goods purchased for the college during period 9 July 1850 to 14 Dec 1850. Also includes statement of account as of 13 Nov 1851; for 13 Nov 1851-3 Feb 1852; 13 Nov 1851-15 Jan 1853; 25 April 1852-21 June 1852; 25 Apr 1852 to 2 Aug 1852; 6 Sept 1852-4 Oct 1852; 28 Mar 1853.


Letters/receipts re Maume's attempts to collect for Fr. Nobili money owed Nobili by Capt. Nagle [Nagley], March-April 1853. 3 items.


Receipt for washstand bought by Maume from Melvin & Ames, San Francisco and letter of Dec. 1, 1852, stating that paper and washstand Nobili ordered are being sent. Also that two crates of paper have been shipped to Sisters of Notre Dame.


Topics of 1853 letters include potatoes, a parlour grate, sheet lead, books, and the schooners in San Francisco.


7 June 1853 letter re enrollment in the college of the son of his friend, John Carroll, 1 p.


Marcellina F. Castro agrees to pay Maume $185.55. Oct. 14, 1854.

Folder Fldr 73

McKune, J.H. to Nobili, 5 Feb 1855, 1 p. re: orchard claims involving Osio and Redman

Folder Fldr 74

Middleton, John to Nobili, 7 Aug 1852, 1 p. re sending his sons to the college; 19 Aug 1853, 1 p. introducing John L. Manson who wishes to enroll his client's son, [I.T.] Hill; note from Manson is appended.

Folder Fldr 75

Migne, L. (publisher, Paris), 23 Apr [1851], list of books on theology offered, 1 p. [French]

Folder Fldr 76

Ministry, Joseph, 16 Aug 1849,copy of land claim as recorded on 26 Oct 1848, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 77

Mother Superior to R. Ryan, 29 Sept 1852, 1 p. re: regulations at the College of Notre Dame, San Jose, where his daughter is attending

Folder Fldr 78

Munfrey, William to Nobili, 23 Feb 1852, 1 p. re: son at college; on reverse are two notes to Munfrey parents in Nobili's hand

Folder Fldr 79

Murphy, William Stack, S.J. to Nobili, 6 Oct 1854, 1 p. re: death of predecessor in St. Louis province, Fr. John [Elet]; death of missionary, Fr. Christian Hacken [2nd paragraph in Latin]

Folder Fldr 80

Nagle, Captain J. to Nobili re enrollment of son at college, his account, and protesting instruction of his son in Catholic doctrine. 4 items, 1852-1853.


Nagle parents to son, Oct 1853, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 81

Nobili, 3 Dec 1850, certification of marriage of Charles Weber and Helen Murphy, 1 p. photocopy

Folder Fldr 83

Nobili & Edward Baron & Jules Andrain, 22 July 1852, business contract re: Mission San Jose; on inside are receipts signed by Andrain and Baron for payment for work done at mission, 1 p. Copy of same contract, 1 p.


Receipt dated 14 Dec 1852 for payment of 1500 piastres for work in the church and house at Mission San Jose. In French.

Folder Fldr 84

Nobili, miscellaneous financial notations, n.d., 3 pp; included is shopping list (?) in Italian apparently in Nobili's hand, 5x8 mm, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 86

Nobili to H.A. Cobb, 1 Apr 1852,re son Henry

Folder Fldr 87

Nobili - Common School Commissioners of Santa Clara County correspondence. Nobili and William Bulkley provide information and request public support according to law for "school in the old Mission buildings adjoining the Catholic Church in this township." Reply from John G. Marvin, Benicia re incorrect procedures followed by Common School Marchall. 3 letters, December 1853.


July 1853 1 p. report re: Common Schools Board of Santa Clara

Folder Fldr 89

Nobili to Peter De Smet, S.J., re state of affairs at Santa Clara. Nov. 27, 1852.

Folder Fldr 90

Nobili to Dillon (stagecoach driver?), 2 Aug 1852, 1 p. re transport of Roland children home to San Francisco

Folder Fldr 91

Nobili to Liberata Fisher. Receipt for 100 pesos for education of her boys. Sept. 4, 1851.

Folder Fldr 94

Nobili to Hiram Grimes, 13 Apr 1852, 1 p. re:son at college; medical care available; regulations for students

-Nobili to Grimes, 13 Apr 1852, 1 p. draft of same letter

Folder Fldr 96

[Nobili] to Isaac E. Holmes, 24 Oct 1851, 1 p. re: Mission San Jose property

Folder Fldr 98

Nobili to [C. Jenkins, S.J.], 2 letters (photocopy)

15 Mar 1847, informing him that he is sending letters re his mission in New Caledonia, and 1849, re Jesuit missions in Oregon

Folder Fldr 99

Nobili to [Mr. Jossalyn?], n.d., 1 p. rough draft of letter advising parents to pay tuition half yearly in advance

Folder Fldr 102

Nobili, ledger, 1852-1855,including notes on orchard trial. Transcription included.


Receipts from Juan de Toro, Dennis Martin, William McCutcheon. 3 items, 1853-1854


Nobili to Jones, Hon. James M (estate), funeral expenses, Nobili, receipt

Folder Fldr 103

[Nobili] to Saul Levi, 4 Dec 1851, 1 p. re: sons Aaron and Israel arrival at college; terms for admission

Folder Fldr 104

Nobili, various accounts for Mission San Jose, n.d., last page (in French) does not appear to be Nobili's hand except for note in bottom right hand corner; 4 pp

Folder Fldr 105

[Nobili] to W.S. Murphy, S.J. in Eastern U.S., account of his experiences since leaving Rome in 1843

Folder Fldr 106

Nobili to parents, 8 [Oct] 1852,1 p. draft of letter on behalf of unnamed student to student's parents [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 107

Nobili to San Francisco Picayune,16 Feb 1852, 1 p. response to editor describing Santa Clara College, photocopy of newsclipping. Included is 2 pp typed transcript of letter. Though signed by Nobili, most likely (certainly-M.McD.Gordon) written by B.J. Reid. See also "Early Reminiscences of Santa Clara College," B.J. Reid papers

Folder Fldr 109

Church administration: "Diezmos" [tithes]


Nobili and [Padre Real?], tithes for Mission Santa Clara and Church of Pueblo of San Jose, 9pp.


Nobili, "Tithes of Santa Clara & Pueblo de San Jose,"(envelope) [Spanish]


-Nobili,"Embarcadero . . ..;" list of names and amounts, 1 p. [Spanish]


[Real], "Apunte de la pge. pagan los diezmos;" list of names and amounts, 1 p. [Spanish]


[Real] and Nobili, Liste de Diezmos recibidos," 1 p.[Spanish]


Nobili, "Pueblo/Sta Clara," list, 1 p. [Spanish]


[Pineyro], "Diezmos del 1851," 1 p [Spanish], and "Administracion de Diezmos, 1851," 20 Nov 1851,1 p.


[Nobili], "A todos los Fieles de la Mission de Santa Clara y de la Paroquia del Pueblo de San Jose," 12 Sept 1852, 1 p.


[Nobili], "A los Filigreles de la Paroquia de Santa Clara," 1 June 1851, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 110

Nobili to Joshua Redman, 5 Oct 1854, 1 p. letter and rough draft, demanding Redman turn over mission vineyard and orchard and make settlement of rents and profits he has received during the time he has held the land. See map SCU-026 for lot held by Redman.

Folder Fldr 111

Nobili, "Regulations for the Day Scholars of Santa Clara College, San Jose, California," n.d.

Folder Fldr 116

Nobili, Salaver, & Dupont, 21 July 1852, agreement concerning payment for work done on buildings at Mission San Jose, copy of same agreement, and receipt of final sum paid by Nobili for work. [French]

Folder Fldr 118

Nobili to W.G. Shard re Shard's house which stands on church property. n.d.

Folder Fldr 119

[Nobili] to Mrs. L.A. Shaw re son, Samuel, at college, March 11, 1853.

Folder Fldr 123

Nobili to W.M. Todd re sons at college. Rough draft, Sept. 25, 1853.

Folder Fldr 125

[Nobili] to Judge John Warner petition for payment of expenses incurred in care of his son at college. May 19, 1852.

Folder Fldr 126

Nobili to anonymous parents re son James' admission. 2 items, August-Sept. 1852.

Folder Fldr 127

O'Halloran, Joseph to Nobili, 9 Aug 1852, re: acceptance of position as math teacher dependent upon salary, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 128

Pascal, John, 19 Aug 1855,instructions for remodeling California Hotel, 1 p. [French]

Folder Fldr 129

Phillips, Dr. G.W. to Nobili, 18 Oct 1853, inquires about students Willie and Charlie Todd. Phillips to Nobili, 21 Oct 1853, advises sending Willie Todd home. 2 letters.

Folder Fldr 130

Pineyro, J. Maria and Ignacio de Urrutia, 20 Mar 1850, property agreement between Pineyro, curate of the church of Pueblo San Jose, and Urrutia of San Jose. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 131

Pomier, Henry - Nobili correspondence re outstanding bill of Mr. Flavian Fontaine to Pomier's bookstore (of which he is the former owner) for $270. 2 letters in French, Nov. 1853. Translation in The First Half Century by Joseph Riordan, pp 56-59

Folder Fldr 132

[Rafell], William H. to Calvin Campbell asks support for reelection of Judge Hester and [Rafell] el al to Judge C.P. Hester, pledging support, 2 letters, both dated April 27, 1852.

Folder Fldr 133

Reid, Bernard [faculty member] to Nobili, 31 Aug 1852, informs him of his leaving for Pennsylvania, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 134

Richardson, Sarah M.- Nobili correspondence re disappearance of her son, Edward, from college, Jan-Feb. 1856.

Folder Fldr 135

Ritchie, A.A. to Nobili re orchard property litigation. 3 letters, 1853-1854.

Folder Fldr 136

Roberts, John - Nobili correspondence. Rough draft of Nobili letter advising Roberts of regulations of the college regarding provisions and tuition (July 2, 1853) and Roberts inquires about son (Nov. 8, 1853)

Folder Fldr 137

Roland, Eliza M. to son Andrew at college. 6 letters, 1851-1853.

Folder Fldr 138

Roland, Eliza M.-Nobili correspondence re admission of her son to college, her difficult financial situation, and her son's expenses at college 1851-1853.

Folder Fldr 139

Ryan, R. to Mother Superior at Notre Dame Academy, San Jose, 25 Sept 1851, insists daughter's correspondence from school not be interfered with; disapproves of her doing any menial work at school, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 140

Ryder, Fr. James, S.J.- Nobili correspondence, 1852. Nobili offers Ryder place to stay at Santa Clara and Ryder acknowledges receipt of money from Nobili.

Folder Fldr 141

[Sauri?], Franciscus, S.J. (Kingston, Jamaica) to Nobili, 22 Jan 1852, re Nobili's request for Spanish-speaking Jesuits for Santa Clara, 1 p. [Latin]

Folder Fldr 142

Seger, George-Nobili correspondence re son at college and record of account. 5 items, 1852-1853

Folder Fldr 143

Segura, Luis, S.J. (Guayaquil, Ecuador) to Nobili, 16 Aug 1852, re: Jesuit work in Guayaquil, 1p. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 144

Simpton, Captain George to Nobili re: his son, Charles, at college. 4 letters, 1853.

Folder Fldr 145

Stoffard, William to Nobili re payment for services in Pico, Beard, and Horner v. Dulin suit. 4 items, 1852-Jan 1853.

Folder Fldr 146

Strode, C.B.-Nobili corresondence re Dulin case at Mission San Jose. 3 letters, April-July 1852.

Folder Fldr 147

Suarez del Real, Jose Maria del Refugio, O.F.M to Jose Maria Pineyro, O.F.M., 13 Nov 1850, re: property limits of the Church of Pueblo of San Jose in 1849, 1 p. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 148

Sutherland Family - Nobili correspondence re enrollment of Miguel Pedrorena, Thomas W. Sutherland's charge, and payment of college bills. 2 letters, 1853, 1855.

Folder Fldr 149

Taaffe, William - Nobili correspondence re sons at college and their conduct. 3 items, 1852-1853.

Folder Fldr 150

Taylor, Alexander S.- Nobili correspondence, re Taylor's search for 3 old books; re money Taylor has from Job F. Dye for Nobili; re search for manuscript account of the "Voyage of the Princessa" in 1779. 4 letters (one a photocopy), 1853-1854.


Taylor, letter to editor of San Francisco Herald re founding of Mission of San Luis Rey de Francia by Fr. De La Suen, 18 Mar 1854, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 151

Terrell, Joseph C. Papers. License for Terrell to practice law in state of Missouri and statement attesting to Terrell's licensing. 2 items, Jan-Feb. 1852.


Terrell to "Mr Editor," re events leading up to his name being placed in support of Judge Hester. 1 letter, Nov. 26, 1852.


Trigg, William H. to Terrell, 24 Jan 1853, discussing sale of property Terrell owns in Missouri in effort to build railroad from St. Louis to Kansas. 1 letter, J an 24, 1853.

Folder Fldr 152

Thompson, Austin, affidavit filed 8 Mar 1856 saying that the late Fr. Nobili owes him $125, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 153

Thompson, A.B. to Nobili re sons at college. 2 letters, 1955-1856

Folder Fldr 154

"Townsend Estate: Claim of Church Charges, $260." Statement signed by Nobili saying that the Church of San Jose is owed $260 for burial of Mr. and Mrs. Townsend; also signed by Fr. Pineyro and on reverse, D.P. Van [Chamghim], nephew. 1 item, Jan. 18, 1851.

Folder Fldr 156

Truett, [H.B.] - Nobili correspondence enclosing prospectus of college and revised tuition fees. 2 letters, Jan 3, 1853.

Folder Fldr 157

Vallejo, Jose de Jesus to Nobili, 10 Sept 1852, re accounts, 1 p. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 158

Veyret, Francis, S.J. to Nobili re property rights at Mission Dolores, San Francisco, and general state of affairs at Mission Dolores. 2 letters in French, Oct. 22, 1854.

Folder Fldr 159

Waddington, Templeman, Co. (London), 26 Jan 1852. re: shipment of books from Valparaiso to San Francisco, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 160

White, Charles, 15 Nov 1852,deed to Nobili of tract of land enclosed by Sisters of Notre Dame; agreement re plot of land in Sonoma County; on reverse is statement signed by Nobili acknowledging receipt of $3000 from estate of Charles White, deceased, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 161

White, [D.H.P.] Terrell, 4 Apr 1853, 1 p. re: payment by [F.M.] Dodge of $100

Folder Fldr 162

Wolter, [C.] to Nobili, 17 Jan 1854, 1 p. re: sending Raphael Gomes (at college) to Monterey

Folder Fldr 163

Yates, A.J. to Nobili, 21 May 1852, 1 p. re: suit being brought against Dulin of Mission San Jose


Yates to Nobili, 24 Sept 1852, 1 p. payment due from Mr. McNamara


29 Sept 1852, receipts for payment by Nobili signed by Yates and James Stokes; on reverse is note to Mr. Stoffard from [Maume?] re: payment of bill, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 164

28 April 1855, 1 p. note re power of Santa Clara College to confer degrees


22 Nov 1844, 1 p. copy of act incorporating Georgetown University


Prospectus of Santa Clara College, written around June 1855; author could have been Nobili or Peter Burnett

Folder Fldr 166

Ynventario Gral de la Ygleria de Ntra. Madre Santa Clara, 1851. Signed by Nobili. Photographic copy, 35pp.

Folder Fldr 167

Ynventario, copy 2


Documents Relating to Mission Dolores, San Francisco

Folder Fldr 168

Agreement between Michael Fennell and Fr. Flavian Fontaine for erection of building on mission property, 1 July 1853, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 169

Receipt for Nobili, list of expenses in Nobili's hand, [court expenses]. 3 items.

Folder Fldr 170

Deed of J.V. Hollinsead to Fr. Fontaine, 11 May 1853.

Folder Fldr 171

Copy of partnership between Roberto Ridley, [Gregorio] Escalante, and Fr. Jose Prudencio Santillan for purpose of building a hotel on mission property, 22 Mar 1849, 1 p; one side is in Spanish, the other in English

Folder Fldr 172

"Documents of the House & Block of the College at Mission Dolores," written in Nobili's hand, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 173

Newspaper clippings: lawsuit brought against Mr. Fontaine by Nobili, Feb 1854; Sherriff's sale of Mission Dolores property, 1 Oct and 16 Oct, 1854; testimony taken by U.S. Land Commission in Bolton and Barron.

Folder Fldr 174

Receipts and orders of Fr. Fontaine from 1852-1853 for amount $3,400.00; includes original envelope with contents written in Nobili's hand; numbered by him No. 3 of his papers; 8 pp


Mission San Jose Documents

Folder Fldr 175

Receipts, 5 pp [Spanish, French, and English]

Folder Fldr 176

Stipulations of agreement between Fr. Dulin and Andreas Pico, E.L. Beard, and M. Horner re mission property. Rough draft, n.d., 1 p.


Copy of agreement between Dulin, Pico, Beard, and Horner sent to Nobili by William Stoffard, 19 May 1853, 1. p.

Folder Fldr 176A

Contract: Nobili/Chinos - S.J. Property, 1852


Santa Clara Mission Orchard Trial Documents

Additional Note

See also Related Collections at the end of this document.
Folder Fldr 177

"Amendment 1854, Sec. 143," 1 p.

Folder Fldr 178

"Arguments in favor of Mission Property." Written in Congiato's hand? Notes on front and back in Nobili's hand, n.d., 8 pp; first 6 pages have English on left with Latin translation on right side


"Arguments in favor of Mission property," written in Nobili's hand, n.d., 7 pp


Document No. 11, "Arguments in favor of the Mission property" n.d., 4 pp; author unknown but annotated by Nobili


Paper No.1, "To Mr. Crittenden: Arguments in favor of the Mission property," 4 pp; appears to be final draft annotated by Nobili

Folder Fldr 179

Document No. 20, "Directions for the Attorneys--Redman case," 1 p. with envelope

Folder Fldr 180

Document No. 18, "Extract from the speeches of Senator Gwin," n.d., 1 p.

Folder Fldr 181

History of Santa Clara Mission Property, n.d. 3 copies in various hands.

Folder Fldr 182

Nobili. Notes of questions to be asked during trial, Nos. 1-9, n.d., 4 pp.


Questions to be asked of Mr. Crane, n.d., 1 p.;


"Documents for Lawyer Archer," n.d., 1 p.


"Power to appoint Pastor," notes on envelope, n.d.


Notes on history of orchard possession, n.d., 1 p.

Folder Fldr 183

"James M. Jones Agreement with James F. Reed," 25 Nov 1850, 2 pp

Folder Fldr 184

Research notes for orchard trial: extracts from " Novissima Recopilacion, Laws of the Indies," and documents of Councils of Baltimore, 1840-1852, re administration of Church property. Annotated by Nobili.


News clipping re Senate debate on property.


Typescripts of documents re mission property and Church tower. Xerox copies made 4/94 from mimeo copies. Provenance unknown.

Folder Fldr 185

Orchard Trial Document No.2, "John Nobili, the Roman Catholic Priest of the Mission of Santa Clara v. Joshua W. Redman--Copy of Affidavit," n.d., 2 pp

Folder Fldr 186

Orchard Trial: Document No. 15, "Copy of receipt from the sale of the Orchards of Santa Clara and San Jose-- taken from the archives of pueblo, n.d., 1 p.


Note re predating of title to orchard, author unknown, n.d., 1 p.

Folder Fldr 187

Nobili, Document No. 12, "Petitions laid before the Supreme Government by his Lordship the Bishop of both Californias (Garcia Diego) in his note of the 7th inst. and special letter of the same date," 3 copies of petition [1 in Spanish]

Folder Fldr 188

Receipt for rental of house and garden belonging to Fr. Nobili, east of plaza opposite Mission Santa Clara. Signed by Edward Coffey. October 30, 1854.

Folder Fldr 189

Recorder's Certificate certifying that county recorder can find no conveyance of Mission property from James F. Reed to J.W. Redman, 15 Feb 1854 1 1 p.


Recorder's certificate. "no conveyance made by Thomas O. Larkin to Andres Pico of two thirds of the San jose Mission orchard." Signed by S.A. Clark, county Recorder. May 23, 1855.


Statement signed by James F. Reed and John M. Murphy re ownership of orchard land. Ms., Feb. 15, 1954


Receipt. J.M. Murphy to Nobili for $1400 "for my deed to Mission lands and buildings. Feb. 18, 1954.

Folder Fldr 190

research notes for orchard trial re Church property , author unknown, n.d., 7 pp

Folder Fldr 191

Orchard Trial: research notes, n.d., 28 numbered pages. Authors vary; Nobili and possibly Crittenden wrote majority


Nobili Estate Documents

Folder Fldr 192

Nobili Estate Paper No.1-F, 21 Mar 1851, letter to Mr. Congiato from Juan Manso, 1 p. [Spanish]

Folder Fldr 193

Nobili Estate Paper No.1-H, 20 May 1853, indenture made between John P. Pascal and Henry Messing, 1 p.

Folder Fldr 194

Nobili Estate Paper No.1-I, 10 Apr 1850, deed of block of land in town of Santa Clara to Lewis [Nomlaca], 1 p.

Folder Fldr 195

Nobili Estate Paper No.2 A, last will and testament, 28 Feb 1856, 6 pp

Folder Fldr 196

Nobili Estate Paper No.2-B, notice to creditors of Nobili's estate that it is being transferred to Fr. Congiato, 31 Dec 1856; also contains affidavit stating that notice of transfer will appear in San Jose Tribune, dated 21 Mar 1857; 2 pp with attached testimony of County Clerk

Folder Fldr 197

Nobili Estate Paper No.2-C, letter of administration of Nobili's estate by Nicolas Congiato, 11 June 1856; copy of Nobili's will attached, 3 pp


Nobili Estate Paper No.2-D, copy of letter of administration and Nobili's will, 4 Nov 1862,2 pp with attached testimony of County Clerk

Folder Fldr 197A

Nobili Estate: Appraisal of Mission Dolores, Nov. 1862

Folder Fldr 198

Nobili Estate Papcr No. 2-E, copies of Nobili's will, Order admitting Will to Probate, Order Appointing Administrator, Bond of Administrator, etc., 4 pp with testimony of Probate Clerk, various dates

Folder Fldr 199

Nobili Estate Paper No. 2-F, Order of Probate Court appointing appraisers to Nobili's estate, 18 June 1856, 1 p.


St Joseph's Church, San Jose

Folder Fldr 200

Receipts signed by Langlois, Gillotz[?]. 5 items [Spanish and French] 1850-1851.


Agreements for work on Pueblo Church by Connelius Ariul [?] & Co and by John McDermott. 2 items, 1853.


Kirwan, J.P. - Nobili: 5 receipts of payment by Nobili for work done at St. Joseph's Church, San Jose. 5 items, Oct. 1853-12 May 1855.


Dispute over work and payment. 5 letters, July 1854-April 1855.

Folder Fldr 201

Santa Clara College: Property Bequests signed by John Pascal, Martin Murphy, Nobili, L. Archer, 8 pp. Manuscript and typescript copies.

Folder Fldr 202

Letters from Santa Clara College to Jesuit Superior, 1851-1861. Photostat copies.