Finding Aid to the Union WAGE (Women's Alliance To Gain Equality) Records, 1971-1982

Finding aid prepared by Suzanne Forsyth, revised by Labor Archives and Research Center staff in 2014.
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Title: Union WAGE (Women's Alliance To Gain Equality) records
Collection number:
Accession number: 1986/022
Extent: 4.89 cubic ft. (18 manuscript boxes)
Creator: Union WAGE (Organization)
Date (inclusive): 1971-1982
Repository: Labor Archives and Research Center
J. Paul Leonard Library, Room 460
San Francisco State University
1630 Holloway Ave
San Francisco, CA 94132-1722
(415) 405-5571
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English.
Abstract: The Union WAGE collection contains the office files of the organization. Types of materials include the minutes and correspondence of the Executive Board, the organization's constitutions, convention documents, administrative records, membership documentation, general correspondence, information on other feminist groups and the women's movement internationally, ephemera from Union WAGE events, financial records, newspaper correspondence, membership opinion surveys, newsclippings, interchapter newsletters, minutes and correspondence of local chapters, the records and ephemera from Union WAGE involvement with the Industrial Welfare Commission, and a complete set of Union WAGE newspaper, 1971-1982.
Location: Collection is available onsite.


Collection is open for research.

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The office files of the organization Union WAGE (Women's Alliance to Gain Equality) were donated by the Data Center, Oakland, California, with the assistance of Leon Sompolinsky, Data Center Archivist, on 4 April 1986; accession number 1986/022.

Processing Information

The collection was processed by Suzanne Forsyth, October 1986.


Union WAGE (Women's Alliance to Gain Equality) was founded on International Women's Day, March 8, 1971, at an educational conference sponsored by the National Organization for Women (NOW), at the University of California, Berkeley. Union WAGE was a politically non-partisan, non-profit organization for "working women" which included housewives, unemployed, retired, and welfare women. The organization's purpose was to achieve "equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity" for working women.
Union WAGE was created at a workshop during the NOW conference entitled "Extending Protective Legislation to All Workers." The panelists included future Union WAGE leaders Jean Maddox, president of the Office and Professional Employees Union, AFL-CIO, Local 29, and Ann Draper, West Coast Union Label Director for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, AFL-CIO. By the end of the panel discussion the participants all agreed on the necessity of a working women's feminist organization and voted to reconstitute themselves as that organization.
Maxine Wolpinsky (now Maxine Jenkins), then an American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, field organizer for Local 1695, was also a part of the NOW conference. She joined Union WAGE and served as newspaper editor for the next three years.
The main groups which first made up Union WAGE were the Committee to Extend Protective Legislation to Men, a caucus of the International Socialists; San Francisco State's Independent Campus Women; U.C. Berkeley's Graduate Sociology Women's Caucus; and many members of the Office and Professional Employees Union Local 29. Although Union WAGE considered itself a national organization, the bulk of its membership, as well as its headquarters was located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
One of the organization's main activities was publishing a bi-monthly newspaper, Union WAGE, which focused on working women's issues from a feminist and labor movement perspective. Another focal point of Union WAGE activity was the California Industrial Welfare Commission. Through the members' testimony, lobbying efforts and serving on I.W.C. wage boards Union WAGE sought to represent the interests of working women. Issues they brought before the I.W.C. included the need to preserve and extend protective legislation threatened by the Equal Rights Amendment, and raising the minimum wage requirements. Union WAGE also sponsored educational conferences and events, and published literature for women workers. Topics the organization covered included: organizing non-union workplaces; fighting sexism on the job and in the unions; preventing job-related health hazards for women workers; fighting for rank-and-file control and democracy within the unions; and promoting women's labor history.


The Union WAGE collection is divided into ten series. Within each series, material is separated by subject and, within each subject, material is arranged chronologically. The only exception is Series IV, in which folders are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content

The Union WAGE collection contains the office files of the organization. Types of materials include the minutes and correspondence of the Executive Board, the organization's constitutions, convention documents, administrative records, membership documentation, general correspondence, information on other feminist groups and the women's movement internationally, ephemera from Union WAGE events, financial records, newspaper correspondence, membership opinion surveys, newsclippings, interchapter newsletters, minutes and correspondence of local chapters, the records and ephemera from Union WAGE involvement with the Industrial Welfare Commission, and a complete set of Union WAGE newspaper, 1971-1982.
The earliest materials contained in the collection are attendance sheets, newsclippings, Union WAGE Newsletters, and the program of the conference where Union WAGE was founded, all dated 1971. The most recent materials are ephemera from benefits and conferences, correspondence, and newsclippings, dating 1981-82. The bulk of the material spans the years 1972-1980.
Researchers will value the collection for documenting the attempts of feminists to address and deal with working class women's issues and needs. The Union WAGE subject files give insight into issues of importance for feminists and working women of the 1970s and feminist organizing techniques of the 1970s. Of note in particular are the informal character of the organization and its leadership, and the openness and self-criticism of the inter-chapter newsletters.

Material Cataloged Separately

The Union WAGE pamphlet collection, which includes both Union WAGE pamphlets and pamphlets published by other organizations, has been transferred to the Labor Archives central print file. Union WAGE pamphlets contained in the print file:
  • Allen, Pamela, et. al., Jean Maddox: The Fight For Rank and File Democracy, 1976.
  • Maupin, Joyce, Labor Heroines: The Women Who Led The Struggle, 1974.
  • Maupin, Joyce, ed., Talking Union: a Guide for Working Women, 1979.
  • Maupin, Joyce, Working Women and Their Organizations-- 150 Years of Struggle, 1974.
  • Maupin, Joyce, ed., "You Can't Scare Me..." Labor Heroines: 1930s-1980s, 1981.
  • Union WAGE Education Committee, Organize! A Working Women's Handbook, 1975, revised edition, 1981.
In addition the collection includes 36 cassette tapes transferred to the Archives cassette tape collection:
  • AFL-CIO Women's Conference, May 1973: Ginger, Ann, "Working Women and the Law"; Glenn, Elinor, Los Angeles County Employees, Local 434, "Negotiating Women's Issues"; Glenn concludes; floor discussion; Jenkins, Maxine, "Organizing the Unorganized"; Jenkins concludes; floor discussion; Mulrooney, Virginia, Los Angeles College Guild, Local 1521, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), "The Role of Women in the Labor Movement"; Nolan, Kathleen, Screen Actors Guild, "Women in the Media,"; and Costa, Jackie, Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union (OCAW) Resolutions
  • Argue, Manja, and Maupin, Joyce, "The Industrial Welfare Commission," Union WAGE meeting, San Francisco, Calif., 1976 January
  • "Dual Unionism," 1975 September 8
  • Maddox, Jean, Class Series on Unionism, "Organizing" "Negotiating a Contract" "Negotiating a Contract"; cont. "Negotiating Women's Issues" "Women's Issues"; cont. "Building a Caucus and Parliamentary Procedure" "Shop Newsletter" "Shop Newsletter"; cont. Willa Suduth, guest speaker, Machinists Union, "Blue Collar Women"
  • Maddox, Jean, "The Lucky Strike," KPFA, 1970 November 10
  • Maddox, Jean, "The Story of the OPEU Local 29 Caucus," Union WAGE meeting, 1973 November
  • Maddox, Jean, "Trusteeship,"
  • Maupin, Joyce, "An Historical View of Unemployment," Union WAGE meeting, East Bay Chapter
  • Maupin, Joyce, "Interview with Elizabeth Nicolas, 1930s Cannery Organizer," 1978
  • Maupin, Joyce, "Women on the Move," KSFX
  • "Organize" Conference, 1975 November
  • Skotnes, Pearl, "California Union Maids," Los Angeles, Calif., 1979 February
  • Working Women's Conference, 1973, KPFA edited version; all conference speakers and clerical workshop, unedited
The collection also contains approximately 400 photographs transferred to the Labor Archives Photograph Collection:
  • Women's conference, 1973 [19 photographs]
  • "How To Be A Troublemaker At Work" conference, 1980 [19 photographs]
  • Mime Troupe benefit, 1976 [11 photographs]
  • Coalition of Labor Union Women (C.L.U.W.) founding conference, 1974 [10 photographs]
  • Bank of America demonstration, 1972-1973 [9 photographs]
  • Demonstrations at Industrial Welfare Commission hearings, 1979, undated. [32 photographs]
  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) workers' strike, undated [6 photographs]
  • Clerical workers conference, 1974 [6 photographs]
  • "With Babies and Banners" stills, 1978 [2 photographs]
  • "Silkwood" play, 1980 [1 photograph]
  • Gay rights demonstrations (including blue collar women's contingent) and gay strike support, 1982 [11 photographs]
  • San Francisco hotel workers' strike, 1980, undated [13 photographs and negatives]
  • Shell strike, women workers and families picket, 1973 [7 photographs]
  • Jung Sai strike (Asian women workers), 1974 [6 photographs]
  • Nurses' strikes, 1974, 1982 [13 photographs]
  • Anti-intervention demonstrations, undated, [33 photographs]
  • "Justice vs. J.P. Stevens," undated [5 photographs]
  • Union caucuses, undated [8 photographs]
  • Protests against union busting, 1975 [12 photographs]
  • City workers' strike (including Gloria Steinem and Diane Feinstein), 1974 [16 photographs]
  • Runaway shops, undated, [11 photographs]
  • Yellow Cab lockout, undated, [14 photographs]
  • Disabled people, 1977, undated, [12 photographs]
  • Strikes and organizing drives, 1971-1977, 1979 [125 photographs]
  • Unidentified photographs, undated [circa 90 photographs]
  • Unidentified negatives
Duplicate materials, ballots, routine financial records, and Industrial Welfare Commission materials not related to Union WAGE have been disposed of.

Indexing Terms

Maupin, Joyce.
Feminism--United States.
Women labor union members--United States.
Women--Employment--United States.
Sex discrimination against women--United States.


Series I:  Executive Minutes and Correspondence, 1974-1981

Scope and Contents

Union WAGE constitutions 1974-1979; constitutional referendum, 1979; Executive Board minutes, 1972-81; Executive Board correspondence, 1974-1981; Executive Board election results, 1980.
Box-folder 1/2

Constitutions 1974-1979

Box-folder 1/3

Constitutions 1976-1977

Box-folder 1/4

Constitutional Referendum 1979

Box-folder 1/5

Executive Board Minutes 1972-1973

Box-folder 1/6

Executive Board Minutes 1975

Box-folder 1/7

Executive Board Minutes 1976

Box-folder 1/8

Executive Board Minutes 1977

Box-folder 1/9

Executive Board Minutes 1978

Box-folder 2/1

Executive Board Minutes 1979

Box-folder 2/2

Executive Board Minutes 1980

Box-folder 2/3

Executive Board Minutes 1981

Box-folder 2/4

Executive Board Correspondence 1974

Box-folder 2/5

Executive Board Correspondence 1975

Box-folder 2/6

Executive Board Correspondence 1976

Box-folder 2/7

Executive Board Correspondence 1977

Box-folder 2/8

Executive Board Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 2/9

Executive Board Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 2/10

Executive Board Correspondence 1979

Box-folder 3/1

Executive Board Correspondence 1980

Box-folder 3/2

Executive Board Correspondence 1981

Box-folder 3/3

Executive Board Correspondence 1981

Box-folder 3/4

Executive Board Election Results 1980


Series II:  Conventions and Conferences, 1976-1981

Scope and Contents

Convention documents, announcements, and ephemera, 1976-1977, 1979, 1981; conference programs and ephemera, 1979-1980.
Box-folder 3/5

Convention 1976

Box-folder 3/6

Convention 1977

Box-folder 3/7

Convention 1979

Box-folder 3/8

Convention 1981

Box-folder 3/9

"Organize" Conference 1975

Box-folder 3/10

"Troublemaker" Conference 1980


Series III:  Membership Minutes and General Correspondence, 1971-1980

Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous materials from Union WAGE's first year, 1971; general meeting minutes and questionnaire, 1978; attendance sheets, 1971-1975; general meeting minutes, 1974; educational committee correspondence, 1973-1974; general correspondence, 1972-1980.
Box-folder 3/11

Misc. Clippings, Letters, and Flyers 1971

Box-folder 4/1

General Membership Meeting 1974

Box-folder 4/2

General Membership Meeting 1978

Box-folder 4/3

Attendance Sheets 1971-1975

Box-folder 4/4

Educational Committee Correspondence 1973-1974

Box-folder 4/5

General Correspondence 1972

Box-folder 4/6

General Correspondence 1973

Box-folder 4/7

General Correspondence 1973

Box-folder 4/8

General Correspondence 1974

Box-folder 5/1

General Correspondence 1974

Box-folder 5/2

General Correspondence 1975

Box-folder 5/3

General Correspondence 1975

Box-folder 5/4

General Correspondence 1975

Box-folder 5/5

General Correspondence 1975

Box-folder 6/1

General Correspondence 1976

Box-folder 6/2

General Correspondence 1976

Box-folder 6/3

General Correspondence 1976

Box-folder 6/4

General Correspondence 1976

Box-folder 6/5

General Correspondence 1977

Box-folder 6/6

General Correspondence 1977

Box-folder 6/7

General Correspondence 1977

Box-folder 7/1

General Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 7/2

General Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 7/3

General Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 7/4

General Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 7/5

General Correspondence 1978

Box-folder 7/6

General Correspondence 1979

Box-folder 7/7

General Correspondence 1979

Box-folder 8/1

General Correspondence 1980


Series IV:  Subject Files, 1974-1982

Scope and Contents

Background materials covering issues of importance to women, arranged in alphabetical order, including information on other feminist groups, the women's movement internationally, legal cases involving the civil rights of workers (Clara Fraser, 1980) and parents (Kamalla Miller, 1980), and ephemera from Union WAGE events.
Box-folder 8/2

Abortion 1979-1982

Box-folder 8/3

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project 1978

Box-folder 8/4

Affirmative Action in Education 1974, 1980

Box-folder 8/5

Apprenticeship 1975-1976, 1978-1979

Box-folder 8/6

Back Care Article undated

Box-folder 8/7

Battered Women (Incl. Joanne Littlebird) 1979

Box-folder 8/8

Bay Area Defense Committee For Battered Women 1979-1980

Box-folder 8/9

Busing 1979

Box-folder 8/10

Chicana Issues Conference 1980

Box-folder 8/11

Child and Parent Action 1974

Box-folder 8/12

Clerical Workers 1979-1981

Box-folder 8/13

Coalition for Equal Rights 1972-1973

Box-folder 8/14

Coalition of Labor Union Women (C.L.U.W.) undated

Box-folder 8/15

Cornell Tradeunion Women Studies 1973-1974, 1978

Box-folder 8/16

Cuban Periodicals Lawsuit 1981

Box-folder 8/17

Disabled undated

Box-folder 9/1

the Draft/War undated

Box-folder 9/2

El Salvador 1980

Box-folder 9/3

E.E.O.C. Monitoring 1978-1979

Box-folder 9/4

Fair Employment Practice Commission Guidelines 1974-1975

Box-folder 9/5

The Family 1978

Box-folder 9/6

Feminist History Research Project, Venice, Calif. 1973

Box-folder 9/7

Clara Fraser Case (Freedom Socialist Party Leader) 1980

Box-folder 9/8

Health and Safety 1973, 1976-1980

Box-folder 9/9

Health Services 1979-1980

Box-folder 9/10

Infant Mortality 1979

Box-folder 9/11

International Women's Day Curricular Materials 1975

Box-folder 9/12

Jarvis-Gann Initiative 1978

Box-folder 9/13

Leaflets undated

Box-folder 9/14

Legislation 1975, 1979, 1981

Box-folder 9/15

Mental Health 1978

Box-folder 9/16

Microfilming 1973-1976

Box-folder 9/17

Kamalla Miller (child Custody Fight) 1980

Box-folder 10/1

National Commission on Working Women (NCWW) 1978

Box-folder 10/2

Native American Women 1980

Box-folder 10/3

Neighborhood Arts Benefit 1975

Box-folder 10/4

Network for Economic Rights and Legislative Info 1972

Box-folder 10/5

New Ways to Work undated

Box-folder 10/6

9 to 5, and Other New England Groups 1974-1977

Box-folder 10/7

Open Studio Television 1973

Box-folder 10/8

Older Women 1977

Box-folder 10/9

Organized Working Women, Canada 1979

Box-folder 10/10

Parental Leave 1974, 1979

Box-folder 10/11

Pensions 1980

Box-folder 10/12

Pornography 1980

Box-folder 10/13

Pregnancy/disability 1971-1973, 1980-1981

Box-folder 10/14

Prostitution 1980

Box-folder 10/15

Rape Bill 1974-1975, 1979

Box-folder 10/16

Reproductive Rights 1979

Box-folder 10/17

Reproductive Rights National Network 1980-1981

Box-folder 10/18

San Francisco Women's Uni 1974

Box-folder 10/19

Sexual Harassment on the Job 1977-1980

Box-folder 10/20

Sterilization 1980

Box-folder 10/21

Sweden 1977-1979

Box-folder 10/22

Temporary Workers 1974-1975, 1979-1980

Box-folder 11/1

Video Display Terminals and Cathode Ray Tubes 1979-1982

Box-folder 11/2

Violence 1980 & undated

Box-folder 11/3

Vocational Education 1977

Box-folder 11/4

Welfare 1972, 1974

Box-folder 11/5

Women in Blue Collar/Nontraditional Jobs 1975-1976, 1979

Box-folder 11/6

Women in Electronics undated

Box-folder 11/7

Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE) 1975-76, 1978, 1980

Box-folder 11/8

Misc. Information on Women Internationally 1979

Box-folder 11/9

Women Office Workers (WOW), New York, N.Y. 1979

Box-folder 11/10

Women Organized for Employment 1973-1974, 1979-1980

Box-folder 11/11

Women and Technology 1981

Box-folder 11/12

Women and Trade Unions in Four European Countries 1977

Box-folder 11/13

Working Women's Center, Australia 1977, 1980

Box-folder 11/14

Working Women, France 1976-1979

Box-folder 11/15

Working Women, Great Britain 1979

Box-folder 11/16

Working Women Organization 1973-1974, 1977-1978

Box-folder 11/17

Working Women's Program Conference, Midwest Acad. 1976

Box-folder 11/18

Working Women - statistics 1976, 1978-1979, 1981

Box-folder 12/1

Working Women Unite, Canada 1980

Box-folder 12/2

World Conference of the UN Decade for Women 1980


Series V:  Office Files for Newspaper and Fund Appeals, 1974-1981

Scope and Contents

This series contains newspaper and pamphlet copyrights, 1974-1975, 1981; newspaper correspondence, 1976-1979, 1981; the suppressed issue of the newspaper, 1973; Judith Day cartoons, 1978-1979; office use and upkeep files, job descriptions, and a membership survey, undated; financial reports, 1974-1980; fund appeals and receipts, 1976-1981.
Box-folder 12/3

Newspaper and Pamphlet Copyrights 1974-1975, 1981

Box-folder 12/4

Newspaper Correspondence 1976-1978

Box-folder 12/5

Newspaper Correspondence 1979

Box-folder 12/6

Newspaper-new Pages Press 1981

Box-folder 12/7

Newspaper-suppressed Issue 1973

Box-folder 12/8

Office Use and Upkeep 1979

Box-folder 12/9

Staff Job Descriptions 1979-1980

Box-folder 12/10

Survey undated

Box-folder 12/11

Financial Reports 1974-1980

Box-folder 12/12

Fund Appeal 1976

Box-folder 12/13

Fund Appeal 1977

Box-folder 12/14

Fund Appeal 1978

Box-folder 12/15

Fund Appeal 1979

Box-folder 12/16

Fund Appeal 1980

Box-folder 12/17

Fund Appeal 1981

Box-folder 13/1

Fundraising Receipts undated


Series VI:  Publicity, 1971-1982

Scope and Contents

Newsclippings which mention Union WAGE, individual members, or Union WAGE events, 1971-1982.
Box-folder 13/2

Promotion 1977-1978

Box-folder 13/3

Publicity 1971

Box-folder 13/4

Publicity 1972

Box-folder 13/5

Publicity 1973

Box-folder 13/6

Publicity 1974-1976

Box-folder 13/7

Publicity 1977

Box-folder 13/8

Publicity 1978-1979

Box-folder 13/9

Publicity 1980-1982

Box-folder 13/10

Publicity, Misc. undated

Box-folder 13/11

Misc. Reviews of Union Wage Publications, Etc. undated


Series VII:  Benefits, 1976-1982

Scope and Contents

Reviews, financial arrangements, publicity, and ephemera of several Union WAGE benefits, 1976-82.
Box-folder 13/12

Mime Troupe Benefit -- "The Independent Female" 1976

Box-folder 13/13

Benefit-"With Babies and Banners" 1978

Box-folder 13/14

Benefit-"With Babies and Banners," Finances 1978

Box-folder 13/15

Benefit-"Working for Your Life" 1979

Box-folder 13/16

Benefit-"Talkin' Union" 1979

Box-folder 13/17

Benefit-"A Portrait of Teresa" 1979-1980

Box-folder 14/1

Benefit-"Silkwood" 1981-1982

Box-folder 14/2

How to Produce an Event undated

Box-folder 14/3

Film/Theater Information 1981


Series VIII:  Interchapter Newsletters and Individual Chapters, 1974-1980

Scope and Contents

Interchapter newsletters, 1-10, including original pasteups, 1978; minutes and correspondence with Union WAGE chapters, Arkansas, 1978; Boston, Mass., 1977-1978; East Bay Area, Calif., 1976-1980; Eugene, Ore., 1978-1979; Indiana, 1975, 1977-1980; Los Angeles, Calif., 1978-1979; Mid Peninsula, Calif., 1976-1978; New York, N.Y., 1977-1979; Philadelphia, Penn., 1977-1978; Portland, Ore., 1978; Redding, Calif., 1977; San Francisco, Calif., 1975, 1978-1979; San Jose, Calif., 1974-1975, 1977-1978; Seattle, Wash., 1977-1978.
Box-folder 14/4

Interchapter Newsletters, 1-5, 7-10 1978

Box-folder 14/5

Interchapter Newsletters, 1, 3-10, and Pasteups 1978

Box-folder 14/6

Arkansas 1978

Box-folder 14/7

Boston, Mass. Chapter 1977-1978

Box-folder 14/8

East Bay Area, Calif. Chapter 1976

Box-folder 14/9

East Bay Area, Calif. Chapter 1977

Box-folder 14/10

East Bay Area, Calif. Chapter 1977

Box-folder 14/11

East Bay Area, Calif. Chapter 1978-1980

Box-folder 15/1

Eugene, Ore. Chapter 1978-1979

Box-folder 15/2

Indiana Chapter 1975, 1977-1980

Box-folder 15/3

Los Angeles, Calif. Chapter 1978-1979

Box-folder 15/4

Mid-peninsula, Calif. Chapter 1976-1978

Box-folder 15/5

New York, N.Y. Chapter 1977-1979

Box-folder 15/6

Philadelphia, Penn. Chapter 1977-1978

Box-folder 15/7

Portland, Ore. Chapter 1978

Box-folder 15/8

Redding, Calif. Chapter 1977

Box-folder 15/9

San Francisco, Calif. Chapter 1975

Box-folder 15/10

San Francisco, Calif. Chapter 1978

Box-folder 15/11

San Francisco, Calif. Chapter 1978

Box-folder 16/1

San Francisco, Calif. Chapter 1979

Box-folder 16/2

San Jose, Calif. Chapter 1974-1975, 1977-1978

Box-folder 16/3

Seattle, Wash. Chapter 1977-1978

Box-folder 16/4

Misc. Areas 1977-1978


Series IX:  California Industrial Welfare Commission and Protective Legislation, 1971-1981

Scope and Contents

California Industrial Welfare Commission background information and ephemera, 1971, 1973-1976, 1979-1981; an issue of Union WAGE newspaper on IWC orders for the canning industry, 1976; IWC orders regarding the trucking, public housekeeping, and household workers industries, including records from the wage board which Joyce Maupin served on, 1976; Seattle IWC, 1975-1976; minimum wage demonstrations, 1978; IWC leaflet paste-ups, undated; testimony of Union WAGE members before the IWC, 1976; court injunction against IWC orders, 1980; IWC legislative hearings, 1980; Coalition for Workers' Rights ephemera, 1975-1977; Union WAGE amicus brief regarding IWC orders for household workers, 1971-1973; California Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1973.
Box-folder 16/5

Industrial Welfare Commission 1970-1971

Box-folder 16/6

Industrial Welfare Commission 1973

Box-folder 16/7

Industrial Welfare Commission 1974

Box-folder 16/8

Industrial Welfare Commission 1975

Box-folder 17/1

Industrial Welfare Commission 1975

Box-folder 17/2

Industrial Welfare Commission 1976

Box-folder 17/3

Industrial Welfare Commission 1979-1980

Box-folder 17/4

Industrial Welfare Commission 1981

Box-folder 17/5

Canning, Freezing, Preserving (I.W.C. Order 3) 1976

Box-folder 17/6

Public Housekeeping (I.W.C. Order 5) 1976

Box-folder 17/7

Trucking/transportation Industry (I.W.C. Order 9) 1976

Box-folder 17/8

Household Workers (I.W.C.Order 15) 1976

Box-folder 17/9

Seattle Protective Laws 1975-1976

Box-folder 17/10

I.W.C. Minimum Wage Demonstration and Wageboards 1978

Box-folder 17/11

Pamphlet Layout undated

Box-folder 17/12

Testimony Before I.W.C. 1976

Box-folder 17/13

Intervention in I.W.C. Injunction 1980

Box-folder 18/1

I.W.C. Legislative Hearings 1980

Box-folder 18/2

Newspaper Clippings on I.W.C., Minimum Wage 1976

Box-folder 18/3

Coalition for Workers Rights 1975

Box-folder 18/4

Coalition for Workers Rights 1976

Box-folder 18/5

Coalition for Workers Rights Endorsements 1976

Box-folder 18/6

Coalition for Workers Rights, I.W.C. Leaflets 1976

Box-folder 18/7

Coalition for Workers Rights, Misc. Flyers 1977

Box-folder 18/8

Brief-homemakers 1971-1973

Box-folder 18/9

California Occupational Safety and Health Act 1973


Series X:  Union WAGE Newspaper, 1971-1982

Scope and Content

A complete set of the Union WAGE newspaper, including the organization's first newsletters.