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Inventory of the Elizabeth Boynton Harbert Collection
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Additional Note

*: See X - Green Folders
Box 1., Folder I/1

A. Elizabeth Boynton Harbert - Highlights*

Folder I/2

B. William Soesbe Harbert - Highlights*



Box 2



A. Autographed Letters Signed and Letters Signed from Leading Women Suffrage


B - E

Box 3, Folder I/3-126

Workers to Elizabeth Boynton Harbert


1. List of names & dates

Physical Description: page no. 1-4

2. Names marked with * with summary:


F - H

Box 4., Folder I/6-14

Anthony, Susan B.

Physical Description: page no. 5-22
Folder I/15

Avery, Rachel Foster

Physical Description: page no. 23
Folder I/21

Bloomer, Amelia

Physical Description: page no. 24
Folder I/34

Colby, Clara Bewick

Physical Description: page no. 25

I - N

Box 5., Folder I/50

Gage, Matilda Joslyn

Physical Description: page no. 26
Folder I/51

Gougar, Helen M.

Physical Description: page no. 28
Folder I/63

Howe, Julia Ward

Physical Description: page no. 29

O - R

Box 6, Folder I/71

Livermore, Mary A.

Physical Description: page no. 30
Folder I/96

Sewall, May Wright

Physical Description: page no. 31
Folder I/102

Stanton, Eliz. Cady

Physical Description: page no. 32

S - U

Box 7, Folder I/107

Stone, Lucy

Physical Description: page no. 37

U - Z

Box 8, Folder I/123

Willard, Frances E.

Physical Description: page no. 39
Box 9., Folder II

B. Elizabeth Boynton Harbert's Contribution to Woman Suffrage and Associated Organizations


1. E.B.H. Manuscripts (and printed material of her origin) regarding Woman Suffrage and Associated Organizations regarding:

Physical Description: page no. 40
Folder II/127

a. Author, Lecturer, Writer

Folder II/128

b. Child Welfare

Folder II/129

c. Composer

Folder II/130

d. Editor

Folder II/131

e. Illinois Equal Suffrage Assn.

Folder II/132

f. National Household Economic Association

Folder II/133

g. National Woman's Suffrage Assn.

Folder II/134

h. Poet

Folder II/135

i. Political & Legislative

Folder II/136

j. Woman's Club

Folder II/137

k. Woman's Suffrage -- Calif.

Box 10., Folder II/138

l. Woman's Suffrage -- Leaders

Folder II/139

m. World's Congress

Folder II/140

n. World's Unity League

Folder II/141

o. Incomplete Mss.


C. William Soesbe Harbert's Contribution to Woman Suffrage and Associated Organizations

Physical Description: page no. 41
Folder II/142

1. W.S.H. Manuscripts


a. Suthor, Lecturer, Writer

Folder II/143

2. Letters to W.S.H. and Printed Material


a. Affiliations with Woman Suffrage Organizations of Southern California 1910-1911

Box 11

D. Woman Suffrage and Associated Organizations

Physical Description: page no. 42

1. Pamphlets, Printed Material & Misc:

Folder II/144

a. Centennial of 1876 - U. S.

Folder II/145

b. Child and General Welfare

Folder II/146

c. Columbian Exposition

Folder II/147

d. E.B. H. - Editor

Folder II/148

e. Forward Movement

Folder II/149

f. Green Acre Movement

Folder II/150

g. Illinois Federation of Woman's Clubs

Folder II/151

h. Illinois Social Sciences

Folder II/152

i. Lectures & Writings

Folder II/153

j. Legensia

Folder II/154

k. National Household Economic Association

Box 12, Folder II/155

l. Peace Movements

Folder II/156

m. Women's Christian Temperance Union

Folder II/157

n. Woman's Club of Evanston, Illinois

Folder II/158

o. Woman's Club - General

Folder II/159

p. Woman's Suffrage - General

Folder II/160

q. World's Congress of Representative Women

Folder II/161

r. World's Unity League



Physical Description: page no. 43
Box 13, Folder II/162

A. Affiliations with Organizations Other Than California. (Also Misc. Pamphlets & Information)

Folder II/163

B. Affiliations with California Organizations (Also Misc. Information and Pamphlets)

Folder II/164

C. Author, Lecturer, Writer

Folder II/165

D. Child and General Welfare

Folder II/166

E. Composer - Musician

Folder II/167

F. Editor

Folder II/168

G. Education

Folder II/169

H. Equal Suffrage Association

Folder II/170

I. Forward Movement

Folder II/171

J. Green Acre

Folder II/172

K. Illinois Social Science

Folder II/173

L. Legensia

Box 14, Folder II/174

M. National Household Economic Assn.

Folder II/175

N. Peace Movements

Folder II/176

O. Political Work

Folder II/177

P. Religion

Folder II/178

Q. Women's Christian Temperance Union

Folder II/179

R. Woman's Club - General

Folder II/180

S. Woman's Club - Evanston, Illinois

Folder II/181

T. Woman's Congress or International Congress

Folder II/182

U. World's Parliament of Religions

Folder II/183

V. World's Unity League - General

Folder II/184

1. From Charles Carrol Bonney

Folder II/185

2. From Charles O. Boring


IV ELIZABETH BOYNTON HARBERT MANUSCRIPTS - Other Than Woman Suffrage and its Affiliated Organizations

Physical Description: page no. 44
Box 15, Folder II/186

A. Author, Lectures, and Writings

Folder II/187

B. Composer - Musician

Folder II/188

C. Editor

Folder II/189

D. Forward Movement

Folder II/190

E. Legensia

Folder II/191

F. Misc. Organizations

Folder II/192

G. Peace

Folder II/193

H. Poet

Folder II/194

I. World's Parliament of Religions


V WILLIAM SOESBE HARBERT MANUSCRIPTS - Other Than Woman Suffrage and its Affiliated Organizations

Physical Description: page no. 45
Box 16, Folder II/195

A. Chicago Esoteric Extension (President)

Folder II/196

B. Forward Movement

Folder II/197

C. Lectures, Writings and Newspaper Articles

Folder II/198

D. Legal, Government & Political

Folder II/199

E. Legensia

Folder II/200

F. Misc. Manuscripts

Folder II/201

G. Misc. Organizations

Folder II/202

H. Poetry

Folder II/203

I. Printed Matter

Folder II/204

J. Religious and Philanthropic, Misc.

Folder II/205

K. Contributions to Southern California Organizations



Box 16, Folder II/206

53 Letters

Physical Description: page no. 46


Additional Note

The material VII - IX - is housed in the Rare Book Stacks. Ephen. Rm Scrapbook 97
Box 16, Folder Book File I

A. 17 Listings of 75 Items

Physical Description: page no. 47
Folder Large Folder

B. Large folder containing vast number of Important Newspaper Clippings on Woman Suffrage

Physical Description: page no. 47
Folder Large Binder

C. Large Binder containing several hundred newspaper clippings of Woman's Kingdom Column in Inter-Ocean Chicago Newspaper Edited by Elizabeth B. Harbert 1879-1885

Physical Description: page no. 47


Box 16, Folder Book File II

48 Books

Physical Description: page no. 48-50


Box 16, Folder Book File III

15 Books

Physical Description: page no. 51


Box 16, Folder Book File IV


Folder Grn Folder I

A. Highlights of E. B. Harbert

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder II

Newspaper clippings about E. B. H. 1867 - 1906

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder III

Newspaper clippings about E. B. H. Local 1906 - 1925 (Pasadena)

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder IV

B. Highlights of Wm. S. Harbert

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder V

C. Pamphlets and Broadsides on History of Woman Suffrage 1848 - 1910

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder VI

D. Pamphlets and Broadsides on Various Woman Suffrage Associations

Physical Description: page no. 52
Folder Grn Folder VII

E. Pamphlets and Broadsides on Woman Suffrage - Mostly related to California 1910 - 1911

Physical Description: page no. 52

Contents of Box 17

Additional Note

Includes the contents formerly contained in the Green Binders #5, #6, and #7. The following is a list of subject headings of the folders included in Box 17:
Box 17

1. "Original Notes" of donor about the following items in flds. 2, 3, 4, etc.


2. California Equal Suffrage Association


3. California Political Equality League - Miscellaneous printed material


4. Citizens Suffrage League


5. College Equal Suffrage League


6. Harbert. Elizabeth (Boynton) - Ephemera etc.


7. National American Woman Suffrage Association


8. Pacific Religious Liberty Association


9. So. California Assoc. Opposed to Woman Suffrage


10. Woman Suffrage - Colorado


11. Woman Suffrage - Ephemera


12. Woman Suffrage - History (Pamphlets) 1848-1910


13. Woman Suffrage - Illinois


14. Woman Suffrage - Indiana


15. Woman Suffrage - Michigan


16. Woman Suffrage - Miscellaneous pamphlets, Reprints etc.


17. Woman Suffrage - Nebraska


18. Woman Suffrage - New Zealand


19. Woman Suffrage - Pennslyvania


20. Woman Suffrage - Songs & `Music'


21. Woman Suffrage - Wisconsin


22. Woman Suffrage - Wyoming


23. Woman Suffrage Party of New York (Foreign Language)