San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage, ca. 1906

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San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage, ca. 1906

Collection number: BANC PIC 1993.033--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage
Date: ca. 1906
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1993.033--ALB
Extent: 223 photographic prints, various sizes; compiled in album, 19 x 26 cm. 220 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
Phone: (510) 642-6481
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Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage album was purchased in 1993.

Scope and Content

The San Francisco Chinese Community and Earthquake Damage album contains 223 photographic prints taken circa 1906. A large percentage of the collection features the students of the Chinese Methodist Episcopal Mission, a girls' home in San Francisco's Chinatown. Included are many individual and group portraits, as well as interior and exterior views of the Mission and Church. Also featured throughout the album are several street and alley scenes taken in and around Chinatown; views of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, and a Chinese cemetery; and scenes of the destruction caused by the earthquake and fire of 1906. Identified landmarks in addition to the Mission include Portsmouth Plaza, the Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Mission, the Globe Hotel, the Grand Chinese Theatre, the Quong Lee Company, the Sing Kee Company, the Chinese Baptist Church, the W.F. Song photography studio, the Boston Store, the Hall of Justice, and the Sing Fat & Co. Chinese and Japanese Bazaar.
Shadows on the sidewalk in some of the prints indicate that the unidentified photographer of at least a portion of the collection was a woman. She was likely a teacher or student at the Mission, as most of the students' full names, as well as other personal information, are included in the captions. Other photographers identified are Hugo B. Goldsmith and the Goldsmith Brothers.
The prints are glued to the album pages. The album is a Ward Album for Unmounted Photographs, book no. 721.

Container Listing


[Chinese in Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:001--ALB


[Earthquake damage, near Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:002--ALB


Girls in Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. [Standing, left to right] Ah Gum, Miss Lake, Ah Yeet, Yok Ying. [Seated, left to right] Won Cum, Ah So, Ah So. BANC PIC 1993.033:003--ALB


Girls in Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. [Left to right] Siu, Sau, Oi, Ho. BANC PIC 1993.033:004--ALB


[Unidentified street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:005--ALB


[Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Mission, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:006--ALB


Sai So.


Sai So. BANC PIC 1993.033:007--ALB


Sai So. BANC PIC 1993.033:008--ALB


[Portsmouth Plaza.] BANC PIC 1993.033:009--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:010--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Sui So, Won Cum, Ah Yeet, Yok Ying. [Middle row, left to right] Ah Oi, Toi Sing, [unidentified], Ah So. [Front row, left to right] Toi Ye, Ah Siu, Ah Sau, [unidentified, unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:011--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Sui So, Chau So, Ah Gum, Yoh Ying. [Front row, left to right] Wong Siu, Chan Sau, Tong Oi, Tong Ho, [unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:012--ALB


[Unidentified children on bicycle.] BANC PIC 1993.033:013--ALB


Chau So.


Chau So. BANC PIC 1993.033:014--ALB


Chau So. BANC PIC 1993.033:015--ALB


Girls Chinese School. BANC PIC 1993.033:016--ALB


Flora Landen. BANC PIC 1993.033:017--ALB


Ah Chau. BANC PIC 1993.033:018--ALB


[Globe Hotel, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:019--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:020--ALB


Lin Kim. BANC PIC 1993.033:021--ALB


Boys waiting to be landed [?]. BANC PIC 1993.033:022--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:023--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:024--ALB


Alleys in Chinatown. [Quong Lee Company and Sing Kee Company buildings.] BANC PIC 1993.033:025--ALB


Alleys in Chinatown. [Duplicate of 192.] BANC PIC 1993.033:026--ALB


House where Chau So was born. BANC PIC 1993.033:027--ALB


Chau So's mother. BANC PIC 1993.033:028--ALB


[Children with adults, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:029--ALB


[Children with adults, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:030--ALB


M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Chapel. BANC PIC 1993.033:031--ALB


613 1/2 Jackson St. [Actually 624 Jackson. Cf. 33.] BANC PIC 1993.033:032--ALB


624 Jackson St. [Actually 613 1/2 Jackson. Cf. 32.] BANC PIC 1993.033:033--ALB


Views from sitting room window: M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. BANC PIC 1993.033:034--ALB


Views from sitting room window: M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission. BANC PIC 1993.033:035--ALB


[Earthquake damage. Site of Chinese Methodist Episcopal Girls' Home and Church.] BANC PIC 1993.033:036--ALB


[Earthquake damage. Site of Chinese Methodist Episcopal Girls' Home and Church.] BANC PIC 1993.033:037--ALB


Parlor of Home, decorated for wedding. BANC PIC 1993.033:038--ALB


Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Buildings. Girls Home & Church. BANC PIC 1993.033:039--ALB


Pupils of M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Mission Home. [Clipped from unidentified print source.] BANC PIC 1993.033:040--ALB


Uong Kam Toe. Helen. BANC PIC 1993.033:041--ALB


[Standing, left to right] Chan Yiu Wah, Tong Oi, [illegible]. [Seated, left to right] Chan Sau, Maud Mai Chun, Gene. BANC PIC 1993.033:042--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:043--ALB


[Unidentified man with opium pipe.] BANC PIC 1993.033:044--ALB


Maud Ma Chun. BANC PIC 1993.033:045--ALB


[Unidentified,] Marie, Maud, Gene, Margaret, [unidentified]. BANC PIC 1993.033:046--ALB


[Interior, unidentified Chinese restaurant.] BANC PIC 1993.033:047--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:048--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Ah Lau, Ah Chün, Susie. [Front row, left to right] Ah Oi, Grace, Ah Chai, Alice. BANC PIC 1993.033:049--ALB


[Back row, left to right] Ethel, Josephine, Margaret. [Front row, left to right] Maude, Siu, Helen, Gene, Marie. BANC PIC 1993.033:050--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:051--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:052--ALB


Ah Chai. BANC PIC 1993.033:053--ALB


Tom Yut Soon [?], Tom Chai Ping. BANC PIC 1993.033:054--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:055--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:056--ALB


Lau Ting Kam. BANC PIC 1993.033:057--ALB


Wong Sui. BANC PIC 1993.033:058--ALB


[Unidentified woman and child on steps.] BANC PIC 1993.033:059--ALB


[Alice, Mrs. Samuel Yong Young. Cf. 62 & 63.] BANC PIC 1993.033:060--ALB


[Unidentified woman and child in street.] BANC PIC 1993.033:061--ALB


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Yong Young. BANC PIC 1993.033:062--ALB


Alice. BANC PIC 1993.033:063--ALB


Grace & Fannie. BANC PIC 1993.033:064--ALB


Grace Wong.


Grace Wong. BANC PIC 1993.033:065--ALB


Grace Wong. BANC PIC 1993.033:066--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:067--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:068--ALB


Chan Foong Chün.


Chan Foong Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:069--ALB


Chan Foong Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:070--ALB


[Unidentified woman with children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:071--ALB


[Unidentified children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:072--ALB


"Fear and distrust remove." BANC PIC 1993.033:073--ALB


"Oh! Bear me safe above a ransomed soul." BANC PIC 1993.033:074--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:075--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:076--ALB


Ah Chün. [With unidentified woman.] BANC PIC 1993.033:077--ALB


Ah Chün. BANC PIC 1993.033:078--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Sign reads: "These premises are private. No white person with or without guides allowed to enter here."] BANC PIC 1993.033:079--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Quong Lee Company Building.] BANC PIC 1993.033:080--ALB


Interior, Chinese M.E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church. Easter Sunday. BANC PIC 1993.033:081--ALB


[Unidentified man. Interior, Chinese church or temple?] BANC PIC 1993.033:082--ALB


[Ruins of Occidental Board Presbyterian ...[illegible]... House, mission for girls. After earthquake and fire of 1906. Cf. 85.] BANC PIC 1993.033:083--ALB


Congregationalist Headquarters. BANC PIC 1993.033:084--ALB


Presbyterian Mission for girls. BANC PIC 1993.033:085--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:086--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:087--ALB


Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. BANC PIC 1993.033:088--ALB


Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. [Following earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:089--ALB


[Man with wood bundles, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:090--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:091--ALB


[Ruins of Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place. Following earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:092--ALB


[Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:093--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:094--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Fung Hai & Company storefront.] BANC PIC 1993.033:095--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:096--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:097--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:098--ALB


610 & 612 Jackson St. BANC PIC 1993.033:099--ALB


Tea Houses.


Tea Houses. BANC PIC 1993.033:100--ALB


Tea Houses. BANC PIC 1993.033:101--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Studio of W.F. Song Photographer.] BANC PIC 1993.033:102--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Cf. 102.] BANC PIC 1993.033:103--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:104--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:105--ALB


In the Park. [Street scene. Unidentified family.] BANC PIC 1993.033:106--ALB


In the Park. [Child on horse, with mother. Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:107--ALB


Street scenes.


Street scenes. BANC PIC 1993.033:108--ALB


Street scenes. BANC PIC 1993.033:109--ALB


In the Park. [Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:110--ALB


In the Park. [Golden Gate Park.] BANC PIC 1993.033:111--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying canisters.] BANC PIC 1993.033:112--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:113--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:114--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:115--ALB


[Chinese men in front of Boston Store.] BANC PIC 1993.033:116--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:117--ALB


[Chinese children walking in street, Chinatown. Duplicate of 158.] BANC PIC 1993.033:118--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:119--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:120--ALB


[Crowd in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:121--ALB


[Street scene near Chinese Baptist Church, upper left.] BANC PIC 1993.033:122--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese Baptist Church. Waverly Place.] BANC PIC 1993.033:123--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:124--ALB


[Children in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:125--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:126--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:127--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:128--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:129--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:130--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:131--ALB


Yo. BANC PIC 1993.033:132--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:133--ALB


[Unidentified child, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:134--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:135--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:136--ALB


[Unidentified woman shielding face from camera. Portsmouth Plaza?] BANC PIC 1993.033:137--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:138--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:139--ALB


Chinese Priests.


Chinese Priests. BANC PIC 1993.033:140--ALB


Chinese Priests. BANC PIC 1993.033:141--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:142--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:143--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:144--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese priests.] BANC PIC 1993.033:145--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:146--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:147--ALB


[Chinese men on sidewalk. Before Pacific Coast Faucet Co.] BANC PIC 1993.033:148--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese priests.] BANC PIC 1993.033:149--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:150--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:151--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:152--ALB


[Undentified Chinese family, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:153--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:154--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Before Grand Chinese Theatre.] BANC PIC 1993.033:155--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:156--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown. Duplicate of 166.] BANC PIC 1993.033:157--ALB


[Chinese children walking in street, Chinatown. Duplicate of 118.] BANC PIC 1993.033:158--ALB


[Telephone switchboard operators, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:159--ALB


Chinese funeral. Mourning with white round their heads. BANC PIC 1993.033:160--ALB


Chinese funeral. BANC PIC 1993.033:161--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:162--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:163--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:164--ALB


Chinese Cemetery. BANC PIC 1993.033:165--ALB


[Unidentified family, Chinatown. Duplicate of 157.] BANC PIC 1993.033:166--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:167--ALB


[Unidentified child, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:168--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:169--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:170--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:171--ALB


[Street scene. Presbyterian Mission for girls, left distance.] BANC PIC 1993.033:172--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:173--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:174--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:175--ALB


[Street scene with Chinese.] BANC PIC 1993.033:176--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying wood.] BANC PIC 1993.033:177--ALB


[Unidentified Chinese children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:178--ALB


[Group portrait, unidentified Chinese children. Photograph by Goldsmith Bros. No. Z10.] BANC PIC 1993.033:179--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:180--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:181--ALB


[Street scene. Unidentified Chinese children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:182--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:183--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:184--ALB


[Unidentified child and parent, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:185--ALB


[Street scene. Unidentified Chinese children and man.] BANC PIC 1993.033:186--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:187--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:188--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:189--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:190--ALB


Fortune teller. BANC PIC 1993.033:191--ALB


[Unidentified alley, Chinatown. Duplicate of 26.] BANC PIC 1993.033:192--ALB


[Ruins of Hall of Justice. Kearny Street. After earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:193--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:194--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:195--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:196--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:197--ALB


[Chinatown after earthquake and fire of 1906.] BANC PIC 1993.033:198--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:199--ALB


[Man in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:200--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:201--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:202--ALB


[Street scene. Chinese man carrying large containers.] BANC PIC 1993.033:203--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:204--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:205--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:206--ALB


[Unidentified children, Chinatown. Before businesses of N.S. Lento and Hing Kee & Co.] BANC PIC 1993.033:207--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:208--ALB


[Alley scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:209--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:210--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:211--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:212--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1993.033:213--ALB


[Damage after earthquake and fire of 1906. St. Mary's Church in distance, corner of California Street and Grant Avenue.] BANC PIC 1993.033:214--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:215--ALB


New Year's Shoppers, Chinatown, San Francisco. Copyright 1904 by Hugo B. Goldsmith. BANC PIC 1993.033:216--ALB


The Lily Seller. Copyright 1904 by Hugo B. Goldsmith. BANC PIC 1993.033:217--ALB


[Unidentified children in street, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:218--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1993.033:219--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Unidentified children.] BANC PIC 1993.033:220--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Unidentified men.] BANC PIC 1993.033:221--ALB


[Street scene, Chinatown. Sing Fat & Co. Chinese and Japanese Bazaar. 614 Grove Avenue.] BANC PIC 1993.033:222--ALB


[Unidentified interior scene. Altar arrangement?] BANC PIC 1993.033:223--ALB