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Finding Aid to the Mexico. Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores documents, 1764-1921
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Key to Arrangement

Box 1

Correspondence and documents, original material, arranged chronologically.

Box 2



Bánó, Eugenio


Estudios sobre varias plantas tropicales de México, undated Written as Mexican consul in Budapest, this essay contains studies of tropical plants of Mexico, including: coffee, sugar cane, vanilla beans, cocoa, rubber and tobacco.


Corbel, J.


El problema obrero rural [ca. 1910]. A study on the rural labor problem in Germany, written as Mexican consul in Nuremberg, Germany, and dedicated to Pedro Lascurain.


Collection of seals from Brazil, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, the United States of America, Uruguay and the Vatican, some attached to envelopes addressed to the President of Mexico.

Partial list of correspondents and documents


Alamán, Lúcas, 1792-1853


Note addressed to members of congress requesting recognition of the government of Guatemala. Mexico. Nov. 6, 1823.


Decree, printed, with MS notations, stating that the government has the power to eject any foreigners whose presence may be prejudicial to the public order. Feb. 22, 1832.

See also Aug. 31, 1824.


Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, 1886-


To the President of Mexico (Calles), conferring on him the order of Charles III. San Sebastian. Aug. 1, 1910.


Almonte, Juan Nepomuceno, 1803-1869


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, enclosing letter from Buenos Aires consul and a notebook containing copies of communications between Argentine and French governments (Letter and notebook missing). London. July 12, 1838.


Alvarez, Juan, pres. Mexico, 1790-1867


Letter to the Secretary of State and Relations, stating that he has received letters for the ministers of Colombia and Chile and will forward them. Acapulco. Dec. 10, 1827.


Antonio, bp. of Puebla

See Pérez Martínez, Antonio Joaquín, bp., 1763-1829


Arroyo, Luis de


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, reporting on the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the Independence. Written as Mexican consul general from New York, Sept. 20, 1865.


Aspíroz, Manuel

See Apr. 24, 1869


Azcarate y Lezana, Juan Francisco de, d. 1831


Letter to Manuel de Herrera sending corrected copy of ordinance. Dec. 13, 1822.


Baranda, Manuel


Letter to President[?], informing that circular order concerning the national guard has been sent to all governors. Mexico. May 8, 1847.


Barragán, Miguel, 1789-1836


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, acknowledging receipt of letter concerning preparations for sending the Minister to the United States. Jalapa. Sept. 10, 1824.


Appointment of Anastasio de la Pascua as official of the Mexican Legation, countersigned by José Justo Corro. Mexico. Sept. 18, 1835.


Barrio, José María de


Letter to José María de Bocanegra, giving news received from Guatemala that the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Low Countries who has just arrived offers his services as intermediary, and has been accepted, in dispute between Guatemala and San Salvador. Apr. 23, 1829.


Bermúdez de Castro, Salvador


RSVP for diplomatic corps reception. Mexico. Jan. 18, 1846.


Bermúdez Zozaya, José Manuel


Letter to Manuel de Herrera concerning a note that prisoner Iturribarría wrote to the Columbian envoy. Puebla. Oct. 1, 1822.

See also Oct. 31, 1822.


Bocanegra, José María de


Letter to envoy in Colombia, stating that the president has been informed of news in envoy's letter and the newspapers have been received. Aug. 25, 1829.


Bolivar, Simón, 1785-1830

See transcripts in Box 2, Book 2.


Bustamante, Anastasio, pres. Mexico, 1780-1853


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, sending on a letter given him by José Matías Moreno who cannot continue his trip because he has no money. Tepic. Jan. 30, 1847.


Calderón de la Barca, Ángel


Letter to José María Ortiz Monasterio, concerning orders to be given for his personal wine to be cleared through customs. San Angel. Apr. 25, 1841.


Calero, Manuel, 1869-


Note to the Senate, acknowledging receipt of decree granting Manuel Azueto permission to receive a decoration from the Emperor of China. Mexico. Dec. 5, 1911.


Carpio, Manuel, 1791-1860


Letter to the Minister of foreign relations, Manuel Diez de Bonilla, acknowledging his nomination to the Academia de la Historia. Mexico. Feb. 6, 1854.


Carranza, Venustiano, pres. Mexico, 1859-1920


Letter to his son-in-law, Cándido Aguilar, introducing León Signoret. Mexico. June 3, 1919.


Carvajal, Francisco S.


Letter to Pedro Lascurain, introducing Abraham Díaz. Mexico. Oct. 11, 1912.


Ceballos, Juan Bautista


Draft of letter to Pope Pius IX, notifying the Pope that he (Ceballos) has been named President of Mexico, succeeding Arista. [Mexico. 1853]


Chocano, José Santos, 1875-1934

See transcripts in Box 2, Book 2.


Comonfort, Ignacio, pres. Mexico, 1812-1863


Letter to Manuel Doblado, with report on talks with chiefs of Huasteca, requesting removal of Plutarca San Juan and Antonio Lara, which measures, together with troops from Huejetla, may bring about peace. Asks for orders permitting him to take these steps and asks also for money. Tampico. July 4, 1862.


Corona, Ramón, ca. 1837-1889


Letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs, inquiring whether anything has been published on the recognition of payment to the legitimate heirs of Moctezuma, since one Pedro Moctezuma has written twice from Lisbon concerning this matter. Madrid. June 26, 1879.


Corro, José Justo


Letter to the Minister of Relations stating that he has been informed that the President has revoked the order that Francisco Xavier Espeleta leave the country. Guadalajara. Nov. 26, 1828.

See also Sept. 18, 1835.


Creel, Enrique C.


Letter to Francisco León de la Barra thanking him for information concerning his friend Victoriano Salado Alvarez. Mexico. Mar. 5, 1913.


Degollado, Santos, d. 1861


Transmitting a copy of Jesús González Ortega's letter. Lagos. Sept. 17, 1860.


Díaz, Porfirio, pres. Mexico, 1830-1915


Document giving full powers to Jesús Zenil to sign agreement for Red Cross ships to be exempt from paying duty in Mexican ports. Also signed by Ignacio Mariscal. Nov. 16, 1904.


Diego-Fernández, Salvador


Letter to Pedro Lascurain, concerning his post in Spain and thanking Lascurain for his recommendation. Aug. 7, 1912.


Diez de Bonilla, Manuel


Draft of letter, written as Minister of Relations, to be sent to various countries informing them of protest of the President of Mexico against McLane, U.S. envoy. Mexico. Apr. 14, 1859.


Doblado, Manuel, 1818-1865


Letter to the Minister of Relations, stating that he has received decree and has arranged for its publication. Aug. 24, 1855.


Dubois de Saligny, Count


To Minister of Relations, concerning Zario's promise to send to Madrid a mission to remove Pacheco's expulsion. Mexico. Nov. 29, 1861.


Echeverría, Javier


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations[?], sending sealed stationary in compliance with an order. Feb. 14, 1846.


Escobedo, Mariano, 1827-1902


Letter stating that he has been informed that the employees of his department are to assist at the opening of congress. Mexico. Sept. 15, 1876.


Espinosa y Dávalos, Pedro, abp., 1793-1866


Letter to the Minister of Relations, acknowledging receipt of information concerning the organization of a new cabinet. Guadalajara. Apr. 5, 1859.


Esquivel Obregón, Toribio, 1864-


Letter to Francisco León de la Barra, stating that he has received letter recommending that Manuel Rivera Rio retain his actual position. Mexico. Mar. 5, 1913.


Fernández del Castillo, Pedro

See June 22, 1829.


Gamboa, Federico, 1864-


Letter to the Jefe del Archivo General de la Nación. Mexico. Aug. 1, 1908.


García Icazbalceta, Joaquín, 1825-1894


Letter to the Minister of Relations, thanking him and the President for his nomination to the Academia de la Historia. Mexico. Feb. 6, 1854.


Garza y Ballesteros, Lázara de la, abp., 1785-1862


Letter to Octaviano Muñoz Ledo, acknowledging receipt of letter and stating that he will meet with the bishops. Mexico. Dec. 27, 1839.


Gómez Farías, Valentín, 1781-1858


Document concerning revision of laws, with signatures of José María Cortés y Esparza and Juan de D. Arias. Mexico. July 19, 1856.


Gómez Pedraza, Manuel, pres. Mexico, 1789-1851


Letter to the Secretary of Relations, announcing that he has referred letter 39 of May 9 to the Secretario de Hacienda by order of the President. Mexico. May 10, 1828.


González Ortega, Jesús, 1824-1881

See Sept. 17, 1860.


Gregorius XVI, Pope, 1765-1846


Document to José María Luciano Becerra, in Latin. Marked "duplicatum." Rome. Dec. 24, 1839.


Guerrero, Vicente, 1782-1831


Letter to José Guerra, concerning the care of mules and horses for the march to take place on Monday. Apr. 21, 1826.

See also Aug. 31, 1824.


Herrera, José Joaquín, 1792-1854


Letter acknowledging receipt of letter of the plenipotentiary minister to London who complains of exclusion at the British court, which information has been passed on to the committee of Foreign Relations. Mexico. Aug. 21, 1844.


Herrera, Manuel de

See Nov. 13, 1821 and Oct. 31, 1822.


Herrera y Cain, S.


Letter concerning the minting of money in California. Mexico. July 27, 1861.


Huerta, Adolfo de la


Letter to Marcelino Dávalos, thanking Dávalos for news. Mexico. Nov. 11, 1915.


Huerta, Victoriano, 1854-1916


Letter to Francisco León de la Barra, recommending Alberto N. Acosta for a position in some consulate. Mexico. Mar. 5, 1913.


Iglesias, José María, 1825-1891


Letter to Minister of Relations[?] concerning the President's desire that not all diplomatic information be published. Mexico. Mar. 2, 1861.


Isabel II, Queen of Spain, 1850-1904


Letter to the President of Mexico, countersigned by Juan de Zavala, acknowledging receipt of news that Alvarez is president. Jan. 30, 1856.


Iturbide, Agustín de, Emperor of Mexico, 1783-1824


Contemporary copy of address delivered upon victorious entry into Mexico City. Mexico. Sept. 27, 1821.


Document giving Don Ignacio Saldaña a medal of "segunda epoca," printed form filled in. Also signed by José Mendivil. May 17, 1822.


Decree concerning José Manuel Zozaya's capture by pirates and naming Eugenio Cortés to take his place as envoy to the U.S. Mexico. Oct. 31, 1822.

See also transcripts in Box 2, Books 1 and 2.


Lacunza, José María de, d. 1868


Letter to the Ministro de Hacienda, requesting that 600 pesos be paid to O. Salvador de Iturbide for travel expenses as secretary of the Mexican Legation in Washington. July 7, 1849.


Lafragua, José María, 1813-1875


Letter to Juan Juarez y Navarro, requesting Navarro to send his appeal in defense of Santa Anna. Aug. 23, 1832.


Lascurain Paredes, Pedro, 1856-1952


Letter to the Senate, acknowledging the receipt of the death notice of José Zubieta. Mexico. May 22, 1912.


Lázaro, bp. of Mexico

See Garza y Ballesteros, Lázaro de la, abp., 1785-1862


Lerdo de Tejada, Sebastián, pres. Mexico, 1820-1889


Letter to Arias, concerning the format of a document. Oct. 2, 1863.


Printed decree concerning naturalization, addressed to the Governor of Coahuila. Mexico. Apr. 11, 1870.


Lombardini, Manuel María, pres. Mexico, 1802-1853


Letter to the Minister of Relations[?], requesting information, which should be in the Archives, to complete his file on José Vicente Miñon. With note in margin that request was sent on to the Archives. Mexico. Aug. 23, 1851.


López-Portillo, José


Letter to the Secretary of Relations, thanking him for the copy of a book about Mexico published by the Pan-American Union. Mexico. Oct. 9, 1911.


Madero, Ernesto


Oath of office. Also signed by Francisco I. Madero. Mexico. Nov. 6, 1911.


Madero, Francisco Indalecio, pres. Mexico, 1873-1913

See Nov. 6, 1911.


Mariscal, Ignacio, 1829-1910


Letter to Genaro García concerning a locket in his possession that once belonged to Hidalgo. Mexico. Oct. 5, 1909.

See also Nov. 16, 1904.


Márquez, Leonardo, 1820-1913


Letter to the Minister of Relations[?], stating that the legation to Constantinople of which he is in charge arrived safely in Martinique and they will continue their journey at 8 p.m.. Martinique. Mar. 1, 1865.


Mata, José María, 1819-1895


Letter to the Minister of Relations, acknowledging appointment as envoy of Mexico to Washington. New Orleans. Mar. 30, 1858.


Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, 1832-1867


Letter to Castillo, sending draft of letter addressed to the Count of Montholon and to Drouin de Lhuys in Washington, communicating incident that took place on the banks of the Rio Grande, so that they can inform the U.S. Chapultepec. Jan. 15, 1866.

See also transcripts in Box 2, Book 3.


Mejía, Ignacio, 1814-1906


Letter to the Minister of Relations[?], acknowledging letter from the Minister of War, stating that he has obeyed instructions to prevent the landing of any French filibusters who had been under the command of Count Gaston Rousset de Boulbon in Sonora and who had capitulated there. Oaxaca. Dec. 16, 1852.


Mexico. Archivo general de la nación.


General index of material relating to early Mexican history, v. 1-32. Apr. 1829.

See also transcripts in Box 2, Book 3.


Michelena, José Mariano de


Letter to M. E. Gorostiza, congratulating him on his removal to London. Michelena himself has retired from public life to his farm. Forwarded by Pedro Fernández del Castillo. Morelia. June 22, 1829.


Miramón, Miguel, 1831-1867


Letter to the Minister of Relations, acknowledging receipt of letter and stating that necessary instructions have already been given. Puebla. Feb. 18, 1859.


Muñoz Ledo, Octaviano


Draft of reply to J. H. Manerd, stating that he has received letter no. 56 of Oct. 2 concerning revolutionaries and Lerdo's lack of success in obtaining help. Mexico. Oct. 17, 1857.


Murphy, Tomás


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, from London, stating that he has informed Lord Aberdeen and the British newspapers of Santa Anna's exile. Feb. 28, 1845.


Múzquiz, Melchor, 1790-1894


Letter to the Secretary of State and Relations, sending 2 copies of a dissertation. Mexico. Oct. 26, 1825.


Napoléon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873


Extract of letter to Bazaine, concerning the inadvisability of reducing the troops. Fontainebleau. June[?] 7, 1864.


Ocampo, Melchor, 1814-1861


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, reporting a delay in putting troops at the disposal of the comandante general, since preparations have not yet been completed. Morelia. May 17, 1847.


Paredes y Arillaga, Mariano, pres. Mexico, 1797-1849


Letter to Lúcas Alamán, announcing that he has received an official letter for the Governor of Guayaquil which he will forward by the first boat.


Parrodi, Anastasio


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, stating that he has received news of the triumphant return to the capital. San Luis Potosi. May 31, 1854.


Pedro, bp. of Guadalajara

See Espinosa y Dávalos, Pedro, abp., 1793-1866


Peña y Peña, Manuel de la, pres. Mexico, 1789-1850


Letter to the Secretary of State, office of Foreign Affairs, concerning his career as a lawyer. Although honored at being named as special envoy to Colombia, requests Herrera to make sure the council understands that the position of envoy is only temporary.


Perez Marañon, Fernando


Letter to the Real Hacienda of the town of León, sending decrees to be published requiring all persons riding horseback to obtain permission from the Viceroy. Guanajuato. June 8, 1816.


Pérez Martínez, Antonio Joaquín, bp., 1763-1829


Letter to Manuel Guzman, acknowledging receipt of decree that Puebla will retain its name. Written as bishop of Puebla. Mar. 13, 1824.


Pérez-Verdía, Luis, 1857-1914


Letter stating that Enrique Gorostieta has begun his duties. Guatemala. Oct. 24, 1913.


Peza, Juan de Dios, 1852-1910


Letter to Ignacio Mariscal, thanking Mariscal for letter re his daughter. He discovered a biography he had written of Mariscal in 1882 and is pleased to report that Mariscal has fulfilled all his expectations. Mexico. Oct. 2, 1906.


Pichardo, José Antonio, 1748-1812

See transcripts in Box 2, Book 4.


Pius IX, Pope, 1792-1878


Facsimile of letter to José Joaquín de Herrera, condoling with Herrera, President of Mexico, concerning sad plight of Mexico. Gaeta. Apr. 20, 1849.


Primo, Pedro Telmo

See transcripts, Box 2, Books 1-2.


Quintana Roo, Andrés, 1787-1851


Letter to José María de Bocanegra, sending him 7 expedientes. Mexico. Sept. 4, 1829.


Letter to the Minister of State, as member of commission of Yucatan, concerning restrictions placed on Yucatan. Mexico. Jan. 2, 1849.


Ramírez, José Fernando, 1804-1871


Letter concerning President's desire not to publish all diplomatic documents. Mexico. Mar. 2, 1861.


Rana, F. L. de la


Letter to Ignacio Mariscal, reporting on affairs in Belgium, written as Mexican Minister to Belgium. Brussels. Jan. 30, 1906.


Rincón, Manuel

See transcripts in Box 2, Book 1.


Rio de la Loza, Leopoldo, 1807-1876


Letter to the Minister of Relations, sending opinion on method of rendering paper invulnerable to insects. Mexico. Jan. 4, 1850.


Riva Palacio, Vicente, 1832-1896


Letter to the Minister of Relations, giving order to proceed with work, unspecified, and that Francisco Ontiveras should help accomplish this work. Mexico. Aug. 8, 1848.


Robles Pezuela, Manuel


Letter to the Minister of Relations[?], acknowledging receipt of letters. Washington, D.C. Apr. 20, 1858.


Rocafuerte, Vicente, pres. Eduador, 1783-1847


Letter to the Secretary of Foreign Relations, sending note of thanks from the British Lancasterian Society and a package. London. Sept. 28, 1826.


Romero, Matías, 1837-1898


Letter to Manuel Aspíroz, requesting the loan of original note from the legation in Washington sent to the Ministry of Relations, no. 260, dated June 20, 1867, together with the documents and printed matter mentioned in it, all of which he will return. With note by Aspíroz stating that he has sent the material. Apr. 24, 1869.


Salado Alvarez, Victoriano, 1867-1931


Letter to Ignacio Mariscal, reporting that he has been named Secretary of Government of Chihuaha through the intervention of Enrique C. Creel and offers his services. Chihuahua. Apr. 17, 1906


Salas, José Mariano de, 1797-


Letter to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, requesting arms. Toluca. May 27, 1839.


Saligny, Dubois de

See Dubois de Saligny, Count


Santa Anna, Antonio López de, pres. Mexico, 1795-1876

See transcripts in Box 2, Books 1, 3, 5.


Sierra, Justo, 1848-1912


Letter to the Secretary of Foreign Relations thanking him for letters notifying of the purchase of a book on architecture for the school of architecture. Mexico. Dec. 22, 1904.


Tornel y Mendivil, José María, d. 1853


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, concerning funds for the Botanical Garden. With added recommendation by Ignacio Rayon, Aug. 9, 1853. Tacubaya. July 30, 1853.


Urueta, Jesús


Letter to Ignacio Mariscal, requesting an appointment to discuss the El Chamizal claim. Mexico. Feb. 22, 1906.


Vallarta, Ignacio Luis, 1830-1893


Draft of a letter to John W. Foster sending 5 copies of a circular informing of negotiations between Díaz and Iglesias. Mexico. Dec. 5, 1876.


Vásquez Gómez, Francisco

See transcripts in Box 2, Book 5.


Vega, Romulo D. de la


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Relations, stating that he has received notice of return to the capital. Merida. June 14, 1854.


Vélazquez de León, Joaquín, 1803-1882


Circular, concerning mining legislation, addressed to the Minister of Relations. Facsimile. Mexico. Nov. 4, 1854.


Victoria, Queen of England, 1819-1901


Letter to the President of Mexico, countersigned by Palmerston, acknowledging letter announcing the new President of Mexico. Kensington. June 30, 1837.


Victoria, Guadalupe, pres. Mexico, 1789-1843


Letter to the Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs, announcing that Felipe Díaz is leaving for the capital with 2 letters from William Taylor, U.S. Consul. Jalapa. Sept. 16, 1823.


William, King of the Netherlands


Letter sending best wishes to the new President of Mexico, Herrera. The Hague. Dec. 4, 1845.


Zamarano, M. de


Letter to the Mexican consul in Tucson, stating that he has received news concerning vigilance at Douglas and approving the consul's actions. Washington, D.C. Apr. 20, 1911.


Zaragoza, Ignacio, 1829-1862


Letter acknowledging with pleasure the report that he will receive cattle and grain for his army. Acatzingo. July 24, 1862.


Zarco, Francisco, 1829-1869


Circular no. 106, addressed to the chargé d'affaires in Washington, informing him of news and changes in the government. Mexico. Apr. 18, 1861.


Zozaya, José Manuel

See Bermúdez Zozaya, José Manuel


Zuloaga, Felix, 1813-1898


Draft of letter to Pius IX. Mexico. Jan. 31, 1858.