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Inventory of Photographs Relating to John H. Redington and Family [graphic], ca. 1883-1885
BANC PIC 1988.014--ALB  
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1988.014--ALB: Volume 1


1:1--ALB View of passenger train, Aug. 31, 1884.


1:2--ALB S.P. #5 near Oak Grove, 8/31/1884.


1:3--ALB View of house and grounds, 8/15/1884


1:4--ALB View of house and grounds, 10/18/1883.


1:5--ALB View of house (detail), 6/23/1883.


1:6--ALB View of house (no date).


1:7--ALB View of train track through wooded area, 1883.


1:8--ALB At Oak Grove, 9/30/1883.


1:9--ALB At Oak Grove, (no date).


1:10--ALB Stanford Residence, Palo Alto, 1885.


1:11--ALB Oak Grove (house and grounds) (no date).


1:12--ALB Oak Grove (grounds to bridge and stream) (no date).


1:13--ALB Stanford Residence, Palo Alto, 1885.


1:14--ALB Oak Grove, 9/26/1883.


1:15--ALB Oak Grove Cottage, 8/30/1885.


1:16--ALB Oak Grove (Rose Cottage), 6/15/1884.


1:17--ALB Moor Ranch, 6/7/1884.


1:18--ALB Main reservoir at Oak Grove.


1:19--ALB Railroad at Oak Grove.


1:20--ALB Main reservoir, Oak Grove.


1:21--ALB Main reservoir, Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


1:22--ALB Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


1:23--ALB Oak Grove.


1:24--ALB Oak Grove.


1:25--ALB Orchard, Oak Grove, 5/19/1883.


1:26--ALB At upper reservoir, Oak Grove, 5/19/1883.


1:27--ALB Upper Lake, Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


1:28--ALB Grape arbors (?), Oak Grove, 9/23/1883.


1:29--ALB Mirs (?) Ranch near Martinez, 6/7/1884.


1:30--ALB (?) at Oak Grove, 6/30/1884.


1:31--ALB View from house at Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


1:32--ALB Arboretum, 9/23/1883.


1:33--ALB Railroad at Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


1:34--ALB (?) Oak Grove.


1:35--ALB Oak Grove, 5/19/1883.


1:36--ALB Farm Buildings, Oak Grove, 1/11/1883.


1:37--ALB Entering Oak Grove.


1988.014--ALB: Volume 2


2:1--ALB "Palo Alto." 85 (10/7/1885).


2:2--ALB "Palo Alto." 85 (10/7/1885).


2:3--ALB "Palo Alto." 85 (10/7/1885).


2:4--ALB [Man & barge] CLL 85 (8/30/1885).


2:5--ALB At Menlo, 84. (6/29/1884)


2:6--ALB Oak Grove 83.


2:7--ALB Oak Grove 83. (6/29/1884)


2:8--ALB S.P. #5 near Oak Grove, 8/31/1884.


2:9--ALB TR#3 S.P. near Oak Grove, 8/31/1884.


2:10--ALB San Francisco 83 from corner of California and Franklin Streets, 12/3/1883.


2:11--ALB Round House, S.P. Monterey, 7/22/1883.


2:12--ALB Oak Grove, 9/23/1883.


2:13--ALB D.Y.M. 84 (8/3/1884).


2:14--ALB Oak Grove 84 (9/21/1884).


2:15--ALB Austin Creek 83 (7/8/1883).


2:16--ALB Williams Cottage at Oak Grove 85 (10/6/1885).


2:17--ALB Williams Cottage at Oak Grove 85 (10/6/1885).


2:18--ALB At Cottage Oak Grove 85.


2:19--ALB At Cottage Oak Grove 85.


2:20--ALB Palo Alto 85 (10/7/1885).


2:21--ALB Stanford's stable, Palo Alto 85 (10/7/1885).


2:22--ALB Russian River 83, at Duncan's Mills.


2:23--ALB Russian River 83, at Duncan's Mills.


2:24--ALB Taylor Residence 8/10/1883.


2:25--ALB Taylor Residence 8/10/1883.


2:26--ALB Oak Grove, 1883.


2:27--ALB Oak Grove, 1883.


2:28--ALB S.P. Engine #7, Millbrae.




2:30--ALB N.P. at Duncan's Mills 83.


2:31--ALB Oak Grove 83.


2:32--ALB E.N.M. [Man fishing], 5/20/1883.


2:33--ALB Unidentified group in carriage, 1883.


2:34--ALB Russian Gulch near Duncan's Mills, 1883.


2:35--ALB Russian Gulch near Duncan's Mills, 1883.


2:36--ALB S.P. Engine 27, Monterey, 1882.


2:37--ALB S.P. Engine 27, Monterey, 1882.


2:38--ALB Oak Grove, 6/15/1884.


2:39--ALB Oak Grove, man sketching.


2:40--ALB "Sunset" 83 [Oak Grove?]


1988.014--A: Part 3 - Unbound photographic prints by C. W. Johnson, photographer.


3:1--A Point Penas lighthouse.


3:2--A Monterey, CA [?] [old church].


3:3--A Monterey, CA [?] [old church].


3:4--A Monterey, CA [?] [old church].


3:5--A Monterey, CA [?] [old church].


3:6--A Pacific Grove, July 26.


3:7--A Hotel Del Monte.


3:8--A The U.S. Ambulance at Monterey, CA.


3:9--A Hotel Del Monte.


1988.014--PIC: Part 4 - Album pages found in pictorial backlog and added to the collection 12/96.


4:1--PIC At 1801 Calif. St., S.F., 12/8/1883 [billard room interior]


4:2--PIC At 1801 Calif. St., S.F., Dec. 188[3 or 4] [room interior]


4:3--PIC Golden Gate Park, S.F., 11/5/83 [exterior of Conservatory of Flowers]


4:4--PIC California St., S.F., 1884 [street with cable car]


4:5--PIC Panorama II, S.F. [shows Franklin and Pine streets]


4:6--PIC Panorama I, S.F, 1884 [includes Franklin street]


4:7--PIC S.F. Bay, Sept. 1884 [shows ship "Piedmont"]


4:8--PIC S.P. [Southern Pacific] #9 near Oak Grove instantaneous, 8/31/84


4:9--PIC Duplicate [of Panorama II], 12/3/83


4:10--PIC [?] Oakl Grove '82, 5/13/83 [view along stream towards pagoda]


4:11--PIC Conservatory [of flowers] Golden Gate Park '83, 11/5/83 [interior]


4:12--PIC Davidson Observatory '83, 12/16/83


4:13--PIC Duncan's [Mill] '83 [railroad tracks and bridge]