Snap Shooting Around the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939

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Snap Shooting Around the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939

Collection number: BANC PIC 1992.034--ALB

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Snap shooting around the Golden Gate International Exposition
Date: 1939
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1992.034--ALB
Photographer: P. T. Glass
Extent: 5 albums (560 photographic prints) 193 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
Phone: (510) 642-6481
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Purchased 1991

Scope and Content

This collection consists of five albums of black and white photographs taken by P. T. Glass of the Golden Gate International Exposition. The exposition was held from February 18 to October 29, 1939 on Treasure Island to celebrate the recent openings of the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay bridges. More than 10 million people visited the exposition. A reorganized exposition was held on the site May 25 through September 29, 1940.
The photographs in albums 1-4, often humorously titled, were taken between February 18 and October 29, 1939 as Mr. Glass, sometimes accompanied by his wife, parents, and friends, returned repeatedly to the exposition. The views are mostly exterior shots of the various structures, landscaping, and exhibits of the exposition. Exhibits pictured include the Court of the Seven Seas, Sun Tower, Court of the Moon, Sunken Gardens, Court of Reflections, Star Lady, Arch of Triumph, and Court of Flowers. Many architectural features are shown, as well as statues, fruit displays, and some activities such as the Marimba band, and a musical drill by Canadian mounted police.
Album 5 appears to be an album of proofs. These photographs are smaller in size than the photographs in the other albums. Many are duplicates of photographs in the first four albums. Dates and apparent photographer's numbers are written next to the photographs on the album pages. Captions have been supplied for this album in the container listing.


Album 1


Court of Seven Seas and Sun Tower. Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:001--ALB


Pacifica August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:002--ALB


Looking down Court of the Moon, Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:003--ALB


Overlooking Sunken Gardens from Administration Building May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:004--ALB


Sunken Gardens and fountains from Administration Building May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:005--ALB


Court of Reflections May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:006--ALB


Goodyear blimp fooling around May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:007--ALB


In Sally Rands Nude Ranch, Opening Day February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:008--ALB


The Star Lady by day May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:009--ALB


The Star Lady at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:010--ALB


Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:011--ALB


While walking around May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:012--ALB


Base of Sun Tower at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:013--ALB


Pacifica at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:014--ALB


California Building across the lagoon, Opening Day February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:015--ALB


6 P.M. May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:016--ALB


Part of Japanese Pavilion May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:017--ALB


One of the entrances to Latin America Group, late afternoon October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:018--ALB


[Columbia building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:019--ALB


[Mexico building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:020--ALB


Corner of Flower Court, Rhodendron [sic] and Tulip time May 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:021--ALB


Along one side of Court of Reflection May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:022--ALB


From one side of Court of Reflection, by night. A little moon light June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:023--ALB


Looking down Court of Reflections from Court of Flowers June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:024--ALB


Court of Reflections on a moon light [sic] night June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:025--ALB


One of the Latin America Group June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:026--ALB


Netherlands Indies Building June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:027--ALB


Japanese Pavilion June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:028--ALB


One of the South Towers - entrance homes and gardens, morning June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:029--ALB


In the parade, part of the Cavaclade [sic] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:030--ALB


Selling "Dolls by Rennie", Charlotte Rennie, 6:30 p.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:031--ALB


Court of Pacifica at night as it appeared just before leaving for home somewhat tired. 10:30 p.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:032--ALB


Early in the morning when still full of pep or something Before fountains turned on June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:033--ALB


A little later in the morning after fountains on. Fountain in Court of Pacifica June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:034--ALB


At the automobile entrance to exposition - what? One leaving already - no crowded road for him. About 12:30 p.m. July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:035--ALB


One of the Marimba bands at the Latin American Group of buildings June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:036--ALB


One of the big clippers in Port of Trade Winds at Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:037--ALB


A reflection in Court of Reflections July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:038--ALB


Looking down Court of the Moon, about noon time July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:039--ALB


Part of the parade - a few of the Marines on Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:040--ALB


More of the parade. Canadian mounted police July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:041--ALB


Part of the "Musical Drill" by Canadian mounted police in the coleseum [sic] during the horse show July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:042--ALB


More of the Musical Drill at the horse show by Canadian mounted police in the coleseum [sic] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:043--ALB


One of the Elephant Towers at night October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:044--ALB


Another Elephant Tower at night October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:045--ALB


A few fire works to finish The Fourth on Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:046--ALB


Album 2


Along the Court of Seven Seas above entrance to Vacation Land building. 4:45 p.m. August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:001--ALB


Down the Court of Seven Seas from Statue of Pacifica, lights reflecting on fog August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:002--ALB


In a quiet corner of Court of Flowers May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:003--ALB


Just about sun down - Rainbow Fountain and Arch of Triumph May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:004--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in Flower Court August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:005--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in the Court of Flowers by electric light August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:006--ALB


Under the arches - along the Festival Hall August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:007--ALB


Early in the morning August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:008--ALB


In the Los Angeles County Building. A fruit or two August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:009--ALB


Another bunch of fruit - in the San Diego County building September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:010--ALB


Good coffee here gratis - such places nice to have around August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:011--ALB


[French Indo-China building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:012--ALB


[Hawaii building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:013--ALB


Part of Gayway at night August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:014--ALB


Another part of Gayway at night August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:015--ALB


More of "Gayway" except by sunlight August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:016--ALB


Another on "Gayway" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:017--ALB


The view on "Gayway" getting better August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:018--ALB


Barnum said one born every minute - guess I'll go in here "On Gayway" August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:019--ALB


Barnum only half way right in this instance, because I went in and it worth a bout [sic] ½ the price - worth more if show longer - in Candid Camera on Gayway August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:020--ALB


One of numerous statues looking down on court of Seven Seas, early morning August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:021--ALB


A portion of the ceremonies in celebrating "Texas Day" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:022--ALB


Mission Trail building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:023--ALB


Mission Trail building at night August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:024--ALB


San Francisco building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:025--ALB


Federal building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:026--ALB


Moon light and electric lights - from behind the Netherlands Indies building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:027--ALB


At night around the Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:028--ALB


Mother and Dad early one morning at Treasure Garden while dahlias were in bloom (Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Glass) August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:029--ALB


A little segment of parade on "American Legion Day" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:030--ALB


In Court of Pacifica early morning April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:031--ALB


Around Court of Pacifica one afternoon May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:032--ALB


The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:033--ALB


'The Square Head' around Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:034--ALB


Looking down Court of Seven Seas toward statue of Pacifica - from base of Sun Tower September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:035--ALB


South Tower and Homes & Gardens building as seen at night from deck of administration building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:036--ALB


Looking at the side of one of the South Towers August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:037--ALB


Star Lady, some time after sundown, facing a few spot lights August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:038--ALB


Fountain in Treasure Garden at night with Sun Tower in background April 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:039--ALB


California Auditorium across the lagoon - part of Federal building, building at right April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:040--ALB


Main gateway Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:041--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:042--ALB


Dudley & Wanda & Mrion [Marion ?] Glass - Cecil Fullerton - P. T. Glass, entrance to Redwood Empire August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:043--ALB


"Hussy", or is this just the modern mode? August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:044--ALB


In the California building, a real fine diorama of a famous expedition August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:045--ALB


Some more of the same expedition August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:046--ALB


[France building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:047--ALB


"Freedom" statue at French building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:048--ALB


About 9:30 p.m. I knew I had walked some, but until seeing myself in this mirror near the glass exhibit didn't realize I had nearly walked myself down to a nubbin, went home soon after. P. T. Glass August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:049--ALB


Album 3


This seems as good as any other from which to commence a trip around Treasure Island October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:001--ALB


Looking thru [sic] entrance at Sun Tower October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:002--ALB


Odd looking fellow floating above entrance at Sun Tower. Almost needed glasses to locate him October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:003--ALB


My friend, the Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:004--ALB


Above the entrance between the administration building and Metals & Mining building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:005--ALB


One of the corners of Treasure Garden October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:006--ALB


A couple of amazons guarding entrance to administration building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:007--ALB


Looking thru [sic] Gateway of Treasure Garden at one of the South Towers October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:008--ALB


From edge of Port of Trade Winds - fountain in Treasure Garden - South Towers and Sun Tower October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:009--ALB


A little nameless statue at one end of Court of Reflections October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:010--ALB


I didn't believe it either - "Court of Reflections" October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:011--ALB


Upside down Sun Tower in Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:012--ALB


Arch of Triumph at Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:013--ALB


My favorite reflection - corner of one of the palace buildings as seen across Court of Reflections not often as still as this in San Francisco. P.T.G. October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:014--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in Court of Flowers October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:015--ALB


On the wall beside East Tower - titled, I believe, "Dance of Life" Altho [sic] I don't know the reason. Looked pretty good anyway. October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:016--ALB


Italian Pavilion as seen from East Tower October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:017--ALB


[Argentina building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:018--ALB


[Brazil building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:019--ALB


California building center - San Francisco bldg [building] at right from one of the bridges on lagoon August 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:020--ALB


A little squint at San Francisco building October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:021--ALB


Looks different at night. "Colonade [sic] of States - Federal Building" October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:022--ALB


Not a very inviting fellow, at the Federal building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:023--ALB


A little totem pole in Indian exhibit - Federal building - this type used as corner posts for houses - so the sign near it said. October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:024--ALB


Leaving the Federal building we see this. East Towers - Arch of Triumph and Sun Tower October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:025--ALB


A bit of Hawaii August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:026--ALB


At the Hawaiian building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:027--ALB


Looking across lagoon at corner of Japanese Pavilion & Sun Tower - from Hawaiian building October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:028--ALB


Also from Hawaiian building, but looking toward Netherlands building - early morning October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:029--ALB


Wonder what the guard is thinking about on the last day of the exposition? Near Pacific House, early morning October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:030--ALB


Same bridge - same day, except time about midnight - could that be the same guard, I wonder October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:031--ALB


Looking toward East Tower from bridge near Pacific House October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:032--ALB


Pacific House, - believe it or not - October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:033--ALB


Japanese Pavilion as seen from Pacific House August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:034--ALB


Just looking around from the Pacific House during an interlude in our journey around the island August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:035--ALB


I and others attended. [Newspaper clipping says: Treasure Island saw its biggest stampede yesterday, a surge of 187,730 persons that taxed every transportation facility to the limit] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:036--ALB


A quiet look down Gayway August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:037--ALB


At the end of Gayway one finds China August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:038--ALB


[China exhibit at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:039--ALB


Another of my friends - is it with horror or amazement that causes such expression as she looks down at Fountain of Western Waters and things around it? October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:040--ALB


Fountain of Western Waters near Pacifica. Relief in background is above entrance from ferries October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:041--ALB


Either a pied piper or a wild one - one of those things around Fountain of Western Waters August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:042--ALB


Another of those things around Fountain of Western Waters - said to be a llama rider October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:043--ALB


Along Court of Seven Seas September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:044--ALB


In Court of Seven Seas. Unveiled on Mother's Day - no descriptive placard, but believe it is supposed to be statue of Florence Nightingale October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:045--ALB


One of the many "Almost Hidden" things to be seen in Court of Seven Seas October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:046--ALB


Replica of prow of old sailing ship looking down on Court of Seven Seas - near Sun Tower, afternoon August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:047--ALB


Same thing, but late at night October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:048--ALB


One of the easiest ways to get a stiff neck. Back to starting point, some walk October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:049--ALB


Album 4


Near entrance at Elephant Tower & Sun Tower October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:001--ALB


One of the South Towers September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:002--ALB


East Tower October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:003--ALB


The other East Tower September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:004--ALB


Last day of 1939 exposition fading away October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:005--ALB


Little bridge near Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:006--ALB


Corner Court of Flowers October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:007--ALB


Tower of Peace October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:008--ALB


[Christian Science building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:009--ALB


One of the state buildings October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:010--ALB


Another state building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:011--ALB


Where most of the other states had their exhibits October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:012--ALB


One of the California County buildings August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:013--ALB


San Francisco building August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:014--ALB


Looking down on the court from San Francisco building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:015--ALB


From the court at San Francisco building - seeing part of the California building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:016--ALB


[Peru building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:017--ALB


[Guatemala building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:018--ALB


State of Johore building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:019--ALB


Part of Japanese Pavilion as seen from Pacific House October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:020--ALB


As seen from Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:021--ALB


Netherlands Indies building seen from Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:022--ALB


A happy little monstrosity near Netherland Indies building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:023--ALB


[Norway's Ski Lodge] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:024--ALB


Native scene, diorama in Indo China building October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:025--ALB


Native Tom - part of Indo-China exhibit October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:026--ALB


Above a doorway along Court of Seven Seas October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:027--ALB


[Statue near Fountain of Western Waters, Court of Pacifica] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:028--ALB


In Court of Pacifica October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:029--ALB


Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:030--ALB


One of statues at Fountain of Western Waters October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:031--ALB


Another Upside down one. Arch of Triumph at Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:032--ALB


In honor of California National Guard near California building September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:033--ALB


The other side of National Guard statue September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:034--ALB


Little darkey near Palace of Fine Arts October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:035--ALB


Big girl at one of the East Towers October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:036--ALB


Jitterbugs - on California Auditorium October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:037--ALB


Last look before going on ferry August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:038--ALB


Elephant Tower October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:039--ALB


An unposed picture - the shutter snapper's wife wondering if the film won't soon give out so that she can go home and rest those weary feet. P.T.G. October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:040--ALB


Thar she blows! In Pacific House October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:041--ALB


Watching free show in Temple Compound October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:042--ALB


It was thirsty weather this warm fall day October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:043--ALB


Sold out October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:044--ALB


Sunset - Japanese and Netherland Indies building across lagoon September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:045--ALB


As seen from part of Trade Winds October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:046--ALB


My last picture of 1939 exposition - day stared [sic] on Oct [October] 29 but this about 1:20 am Oct. 30th looking across one side court of Pacifica toward Sun Tower. Looks like a job for the cleaner, and is that the feet of the 1939 spirit of the exposition? October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:047--ALB


Album 5


[Elephant Towers]


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:001--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:002--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:003--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:004--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:005--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:006--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:007--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:008--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:009--ALB


[Elephant Towers]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:010--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:011--ALB


[One of the South Towers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:012--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night]


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:013--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:014--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:015--ALB


[One of the South Towers] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:016--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night]


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:017--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:018--ALB


October 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:019--ALB


[One of the South Towers] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:020--ALB


[One of the East Towers at night]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:021--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:022--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:023--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:024--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:025--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:026--ALB


[One of the East Towers]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:027--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:028--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:029--ALB


[One of the East Towers, and large crowd] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:030--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:031--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:032--ALB


[One of the South Towers at night]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:033--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:034--ALB


[South Towers, and Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:035--ALB


[South Towers, and Sun Tower, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:036--ALB


[One of the East Towers] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:037--ALB


[One of the South Towers] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:038--ALB


[Sun Tower, and Elephant Towers] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:039--ALB


[Sun Tower, and Elephant Towers at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:040--ALB


[Sun Tower, and one of the South Towers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:041--ALB


[Sun Tower] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:042--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters, at night]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:043--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:044--ALB


February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:045--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:046--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:047--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters, people in costume] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:048--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:049--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:050--ALB


[Sun Tower]


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:051--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:052--ALB


[The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:053--ALB


[Court of Pacifica] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:054--ALB


[The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:055--ALB


[Court of Pacifica]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:056--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:057--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:058--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:059--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:060--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:061--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:062--ALB


[Court of Pacifica, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:063--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:064--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:065--ALB


[Court of Pacifica] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:066--ALB


[Fountain of Western Waters near Pacifica, at night]


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:067--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:068--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:069--ALB


[Heading towards Sun Tower] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:070--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica, at night] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:071--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:072--ALB


[Vacationland building]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:073--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:074--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:075--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:076--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:077--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:078--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:079--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:080--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:081--ALB


[Sun Tower]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:082--ALB


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:083--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:084--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:085--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:086--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:087--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:088--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:089--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:090--ALB


[Sun Tower] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:091--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:092--ALB


[Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:093--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:094--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:095--ALB


[Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:096--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night]


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:097--ALB


February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:098--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:099--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:100--ALB


[Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:101--ALB


Opening day at exposition looking at Sun Tower down Court of Seven Seas. As far as I am concerned it was the star of an interesting show, and one which I enjoyed. P. T. Glass February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:102--ALB


Last day at exposition starting on October 29, 1939, but this looking across one side of Court of Pacific and down Court of Seven Seas toward Sun Tower about 1:20 a.m. 10-30-39. Nothing much to do now except to turn off the lights then a job of cleaning, judging from a piece of paper here and there. PTG October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:103--ALB


[Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower, at night] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:104--ALB


[Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:105--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:106--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:107--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:108--ALB


[Star Lady and Sun Tower]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:109--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:110--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:111--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:112--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:113--ALB


[Star Lady]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:114--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:115--ALB


[Star Lady at night]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:116--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:117--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:118--ALB


[Sun Tower] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:119--ALB


[One of the South Towers] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:120--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:121--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:122--ALB


[Sun Tower] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:123--ALB


[One of the South Towers]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:124--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:125--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:126--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:127--ALB


[Sun Tower] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:128--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:129--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:130--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:131--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:132--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:133--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:134--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building, and Sun Tower] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:135--ALB


[Parents of P. T. Glass, at Sunken Gardens, near administration building, and Sun Tower] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:136--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building, and Sun Tower] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:137--ALB


[Sun Tower and Court of Reflections, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:138--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:139--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:140--ALB


[Corner of one of the Palace buildings, as seen across Court of Reflections]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:141--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:142--ALB


[Arch of Triumph, looking towards Court of Flowers, at night]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:143--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:144--ALB


[Sun Tower and Court of Reflections]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:145--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:146--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:147--ALB


[Near Court of Reflections]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:148--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:149--ALB


[Court of Reflections looking toward Arch of Triumph] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:150--ALB


[Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:151--ALB


[Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers, at night] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:152--ALB


[Court of Flowers and Arch of Triumph, looking towards Sun Tower] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:153--ALB


[Arch of Triumph, looking towards Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:154--ALB


[Arch of Triumph]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:155--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:156--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:157--ALB


[Corner of Flower Court, rhododendrons] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:158--ALB


[Flower Court]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:159--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:160--ALB


[Rhododendrons at Flower Court]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:161--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:162--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers]


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:163--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:164--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:165--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:166--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers, at night] August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:167--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:168--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers, at night] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:169--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:170--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:171--ALB


Last sunset for the exposition in 1939 October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:172--ALB


[Bridge near Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:173--ALB


[Behind the Netherlands Indies building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:174--ALB


[Bridge near Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:175--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:176--ALB


[Behind the Netherlands Indies building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:177--ALB


[Bridge near the Pacific House] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:178--ALB


[Mission Trail building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:179--ALB


[Mission Trail building, at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:180--ALB


[Mission Trail building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:181--ALB


[Los Angeles and San Diego County building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:182--ALB


[One of the California County buildings] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:183--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] Afternoon October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:184--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] Morning August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:185--ALB


[San Francisco building]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:186--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:187--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:188--ALB


[Sacramento, Tahoe region building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:189--ALB


[California building and lagoon] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:190--ALB


[Untitled] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:191--ALB


[California building and lagoon, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:192--ALB


[California building and lagoon] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:193--ALB


[State of Missouri building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:194--ALB


[State of Illinois building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:195--ALB


[Western states building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:196--ALB


Gateway to Latin-American courtyard May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:197--ALB


[Gateway to Latin-American courtyard] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:198--ALB


[Columbia building]


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:199--ALB


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:200--ALB


[El Salvador building] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:201--ALB


[Panama building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:202--ALB


[Mexico building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:203--ALB


[Chile building]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:204--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:205--ALB


[Ecuador building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:206--ALB


[Guatemala building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:207--ALB


[Peru building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:208--ALB


[China exhibit] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:209--ALB


[China exhibit, at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:210--ALB


[China exhibit] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:211--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:212--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:213--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion, at night] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:214--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:215--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:216--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:217--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:218--ALB


[Hawaii building]


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:219--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:220--ALB


[State of Johore building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:221--ALB


[Hawaii building] August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:222--ALB


[State of Johore building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:223--ALB


[Argentina building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:224--ALB


[Philippines building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:225--ALB


[Brazil building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:226--ALB


[Philippines building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:227--ALB


[Philippines building, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:228--ALB


[Italian Pavilion]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:229--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:230--ALB


[Norway's Ski Lodge] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:231--ALB


[Australia building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:232--ALB


[Australia building ?] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:233--ALB


[France building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:234--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:235--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] About 11 a.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:236--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:237--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] Afternoon October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:238--ALB


[Untitled] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:239--ALB


[French Indo-China building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:240--ALB


[Pacific House] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:241--ALB


[Untitled] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:242--ALB


[Hindustan Temple] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:243--ALB




August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:244--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:245--ALB


[Christian Science building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:246--ALB


[The Tower of Peale] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:247--ALB


[Hall of Flowers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:248--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:249--ALB


[National cash register] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:250--ALB


[National cash register, at night]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:251--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:252--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] April 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:253--ALB


[Bay Bridge, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:254--ALB


[Bay Bridge] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:255--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:256--ALB


[Golden Gate Bridge, and traffic into exposition] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:257--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:258--ALB


[Portola's Exposition, diorama]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:259--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:260--ALB


[Orange exhibit in Los Angeles County building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:261--ALB


[Diorama] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:262--ALB


[Orange exhibit in San Diego County building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:263--ALB


[Singer Sewing Machine Company building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:264--ALB


[A little totem pole in Indian exhibit - Federal building - this type used as corner posts for houses] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:265--ALB


[Diorama] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:266--ALB


[Asian dolls, swords and drums on display] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:267--ALB


[Fountain in Pacific House] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:268--ALB




June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:269--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:270--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:271--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:272--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:273--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:274--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:275--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:276--ALB


[Watching Canadian Mounted Police in their musical drill in the Coliseum. No spoken commands, but all in time to music and very interesting to see.]


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:277--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:278--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:279--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:280--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:281--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:282--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:283--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:284--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:285--ALB


[Air show]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:286--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:287--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:288--ALB


[Show in coliseum] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:289--ALB


[Air show] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:290--ALB


[Show in coliseum] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:291--ALB


[Statue in Court of Reflections]


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:292--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:293--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:294--ALB


[Freedom Statue at French building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:295--ALB


[Water Carrier statue by Bernard Sopher, near the Palace of Fine Arts] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:296--ALB


[National Guard statue, near California building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:297--ALB


[Florence Nightingale statue] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:298--ALB


[One side of the National Guard statue, near California building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:299--ALB


[Statue at one of the East Towers] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:300--ALB


[Statue near Sunken Gardens, near administration building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:301--ALB


[Untitled, metal sculpture] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:302--ALB


[Untitled, Egyptian sculpture?] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:303--ALB


[Statue of Kamehameha, at the Hawaiian building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:304--ALB


[Statues near Netherlands Indies building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:305--ALB


[Statues near Netherlands Indies building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:306--ALB


[Sculpture above entrance between the administration building and metals and mining building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:307--ALB


[Sculpture above the Hall of Air Transportation] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:308--ALB


[Sculpture above entrance at Sun Tower] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:309--ALB


[Sculpture of dancers on California auditorium] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:310--ALB


[Sculpture near Fountain in Court of Pacifica] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:311--ALB


Dance of Life at East Tower, shaded October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:312--ALB


Dance of Life at East Tower, painted by the sun October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:313--ALB


[California building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:314--ALB


Flying Cloud [sculpture at Court of Seven Seas] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:315--ALB


[Sculpture above a doorway, along Court of Seven Seas] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:316--ALB


[Dudley and Wanda Glass, and Cecil Fullerton] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:317--ALB


[Dudley & Wanda & Mrion [Marion ?] Glass - Cecil Fullerton - P. T. Glass, entrance to Redwood Empire] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:318--ALB


[Woman by fountain in Court of Flowers] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:319--ALB


[Treasure Island ground plan] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:320--ALB


[Painting on Federal building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:321--ALB


[Part of Gayway, at night]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:322--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:323--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:324--ALB


[Model in Gayway]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:325--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:326--ALB




September 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:327--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:328--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:329--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:330--ALB


[Miss America of 1939] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:331--ALB


[Sally Rands Nude Ranch] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:332--ALB


[Gayway artist models] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:333--ALB


[Gayway artist model]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:334--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:335--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:336--ALB


[Theater show] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:337--ALB


[Dance show] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:338--ALB


[Old West show]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:339--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:340--ALB


[Old West show?] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:341--ALB


[Sight-seeing bus]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:342--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:343--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:344--ALB


[Guatemala Marimba Band] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:345--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:346--ALB




October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:347--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:348--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:349--ALB


[Court near San Francisco building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:350--ALB


[Under the arches, along the Festival Hall] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:351--ALB


[Selling "Dolls by Rennie", Charlotte Rennie, 6:30 p.m.] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:352--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:353--ALB


[Philippines building, seen from the Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:354--ALB


[Deer in pen] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:355--ALB


[Airplane near Colonnade of States Federal building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:356--ALB


[Plane formation overhead] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:357--ALB


[Ship, number 375] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:358--ALB


[Ship, number 170] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:359--ALB


[People viewing plane No. 21 on ground]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:360--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:361--ALB


[Hydroplane near Bay Bridge]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:362--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:363--ALB


[Metal sculpture near Colonnade of States Federal building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:364--ALB


[Native tomb, part of Indo-China exhibit] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:365--ALB


[Blimp flying over Court of Seven Seas] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:366--ALB


[Untitled, building] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:367--ALB


[Fourth of July fireworks] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:368--ALB


[Coca Cola stand] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:369--ALB


[Empty Coca Cola bottles] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:370--ALB


The exposition photographer appears to be worn down, and may never be the same, but knew enough to end up near the station that can give a little assistance. [P. T. Glass in fun-house mirror] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:371--ALB


[Foot Relief Station] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:372--ALB


[P. T. Glass in fun-house mirror. Reverse of :367] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:373--ALB