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Snap Shooting Around the Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939
BANC PIC 1992.034--ALB  
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Album 1


Court of Seven Seas and Sun Tower. Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:001--ALB


Pacifica August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:002--ALB


Looking down Court of the Moon, Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:003--ALB


Overlooking Sunken Gardens from Administration Building May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:004--ALB


Sunken Gardens and fountains from Administration Building May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:005--ALB


Court of Reflections May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:006--ALB


Goodyear blimp fooling around May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:007--ALB


In Sally Rands Nude Ranch, Opening Day February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:008--ALB


The Star Lady by day May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:009--ALB


The Star Lady at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:010--ALB


Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:011--ALB


While walking around May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:012--ALB


Base of Sun Tower at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:013--ALB


Pacifica at night April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:014--ALB


California Building across the lagoon, Opening Day February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:015--ALB


6 P.M. May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:016--ALB


Part of Japanese Pavilion May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:017--ALB


One of the entrances to Latin America Group, late afternoon October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:018--ALB


[Columbia building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:019--ALB


[Mexico building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:020--ALB


Corner of Flower Court, Rhodendron [sic] and Tulip time May 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:021--ALB


Along one side of Court of Reflection May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:022--ALB


From one side of Court of Reflection, by night. A little moon light June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:023--ALB


Looking down Court of Reflections from Court of Flowers June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:024--ALB


Court of Reflections on a moon light [sic] night June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:025--ALB


One of the Latin America Group June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:026--ALB


Netherlands Indies Building June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:027--ALB


Japanese Pavilion June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:028--ALB


One of the South Towers - entrance homes and gardens, morning June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:029--ALB


In the parade, part of the Cavaclade [sic] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:030--ALB


Selling "Dolls by Rennie", Charlotte Rennie, 6:30 p.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:031--ALB


Court of Pacifica at night as it appeared just before leaving for home somewhat tired. 10:30 p.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:032--ALB


Early in the morning when still full of pep or something Before fountains turned on June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:033--ALB


A little later in the morning after fountains on. Fountain in Court of Pacifica June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:034--ALB


At the automobile entrance to exposition - what? One leaving already - no crowded road for him. About 12:30 p.m. July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:035--ALB


One of the Marimba bands at the Latin American Group of buildings June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:036--ALB


One of the big clippers in Port of Trade Winds at Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:037--ALB


A reflection in Court of Reflections July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:038--ALB


Looking down Court of the Moon, about noon time July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:039--ALB


Part of the parade - a few of the Marines on Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:040--ALB


More of the parade. Canadian mounted police July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:041--ALB


Part of the "Musical Drill" by Canadian mounted police in the coleseum [sic] during the horse show July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:042--ALB


More of the Musical Drill at the horse show by Canadian mounted police in the coleseum [sic] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:043--ALB


One of the Elephant Towers at night October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:044--ALB


Another Elephant Tower at night October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:045--ALB


A few fire works to finish The Fourth on Treasure Island July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 1:046--ALB


Album 2


Along the Court of Seven Seas above entrance to Vacation Land building. 4:45 p.m. August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:001--ALB


Down the Court of Seven Seas from Statue of Pacifica, lights reflecting on fog August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:002--ALB


In a quiet corner of Court of Flowers May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:003--ALB


Just about sun down - Rainbow Fountain and Arch of Triumph May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:004--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in Flower Court August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:005--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in the Court of Flowers by electric light August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:006--ALB


Under the arches - along the Festival Hall August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:007--ALB


Early in the morning August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:008--ALB


In the Los Angeles County Building. A fruit or two August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:009--ALB


Another bunch of fruit - in the San Diego County building September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:010--ALB


Good coffee here gratis - such places nice to have around August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:011--ALB


[French Indo-China building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:012--ALB


[Hawaii building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:013--ALB


Part of Gayway at night August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:014--ALB


Another part of Gayway at night August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:015--ALB


More of "Gayway" except by sunlight August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:016--ALB


Another on "Gayway" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:017--ALB


The view on "Gayway" getting better August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:018--ALB


Barnum said one born every minute - guess I'll go in here "On Gayway" August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:019--ALB


Barnum only half way right in this instance, because I went in and it worth a bout [sic] ½ the price - worth more if show longer - in Candid Camera on Gayway August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:020--ALB


One of numerous statues looking down on court of Seven Seas, early morning August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:021--ALB


A portion of the ceremonies in celebrating "Texas Day" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:022--ALB


Mission Trail building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:023--ALB


Mission Trail building at night August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:024--ALB


San Francisco building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:025--ALB


Federal building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:026--ALB


Moon light and electric lights - from behind the Netherlands Indies building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:027--ALB


At night around the Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:028--ALB


Mother and Dad early one morning at Treasure Garden while dahlias were in bloom (Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Glass) August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:029--ALB


A little segment of parade on "American Legion Day" August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:030--ALB


In Court of Pacifica early morning April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:031--ALB


Around Court of Pacifica one afternoon May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:032--ALB


The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:033--ALB


'The Square Head' around Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:034--ALB


Looking down Court of Seven Seas toward statue of Pacifica - from base of Sun Tower September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:035--ALB


South Tower and Homes & Gardens building as seen at night from deck of administration building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:036--ALB


Looking at the side of one of the South Towers August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:037--ALB


Star Lady, some time after sundown, facing a few spot lights August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:038--ALB


Fountain in Treasure Garden at night with Sun Tower in background April 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:039--ALB


California Auditorium across the lagoon - part of Federal building, building at right April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:040--ALB


Main gateway Opening Night February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:041--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:042--ALB


Dudley & Wanda & Mrion [Marion ?] Glass - Cecil Fullerton - P. T. Glass, entrance to Redwood Empire August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:043--ALB


"Hussy", or is this just the modern mode? August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:044--ALB


In the California building, a real fine diorama of a famous expedition August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:045--ALB


Some more of the same expedition August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:046--ALB


[France building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:047--ALB


"Freedom" statue at French building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:048--ALB


About 9:30 p.m. I knew I had walked some, but until seeing myself in this mirror near the glass exhibit didn't realize I had nearly walked myself down to a nubbin, went home soon after. P. T. Glass August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 2:049--ALB


Album 3


This seems as good as any other from which to commence a trip around Treasure Island October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:001--ALB


Looking thru [sic] entrance at Sun Tower October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:002--ALB


Odd looking fellow floating above entrance at Sun Tower. Almost needed glasses to locate him October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:003--ALB


My friend, the Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:004--ALB


Above the entrance between the administration building and Metals & Mining building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:005--ALB


One of the corners of Treasure Garden October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:006--ALB


A couple of amazons guarding entrance to administration building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:007--ALB


Looking thru [sic] Gateway of Treasure Garden at one of the South Towers October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:008--ALB


From edge of Port of Trade Winds - fountain in Treasure Garden - South Towers and Sun Tower October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:009--ALB


A little nameless statue at one end of Court of Reflections October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:010--ALB


I didn't believe it either - "Court of Reflections" October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:011--ALB


Upside down Sun Tower in Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:012--ALB


Arch of Triumph at Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:013--ALB


My favorite reflection - corner of one of the palace buildings as seen across Court of Reflections not often as still as this in San Francisco. P.T.G. October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:014--ALB


Rainbow Fountain in Court of Flowers October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:015--ALB


On the wall beside East Tower - titled, I believe, "Dance of Life" Altho [sic] I don't know the reason. Looked pretty good anyway. October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:016--ALB


Italian Pavilion as seen from East Tower October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:017--ALB


[Argentina building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:018--ALB


[Brazil building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:019--ALB


California building center - San Francisco bldg [building] at right from one of the bridges on lagoon August 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:020--ALB


A little squint at San Francisco building October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:021--ALB


Looks different at night. "Colonade [sic] of States - Federal Building" October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:022--ALB


Not a very inviting fellow, at the Federal building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:023--ALB


A little totem pole in Indian exhibit - Federal building - this type used as corner posts for houses - so the sign near it said. October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:024--ALB


Leaving the Federal building we see this. East Towers - Arch of Triumph and Sun Tower October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:025--ALB


A bit of Hawaii August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:026--ALB


At the Hawaiian building August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:027--ALB


Looking across lagoon at corner of Japanese Pavilion & Sun Tower - from Hawaiian building October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:028--ALB


Also from Hawaiian building, but looking toward Netherlands building - early morning October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:029--ALB


Wonder what the guard is thinking about on the last day of the exposition? Near Pacific House, early morning October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:030--ALB


Same bridge - same day, except time about midnight - could that be the same guard, I wonder October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:031--ALB


Looking toward East Tower from bridge near Pacific House October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:032--ALB


Pacific House, - believe it or not - October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:033--ALB


Japanese Pavilion as seen from Pacific House August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:034--ALB


Just looking around from the Pacific House during an interlude in our journey around the island August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:035--ALB


I and others attended. [Newspaper clipping says: Treasure Island saw its biggest stampede yesterday, a surge of 187,730 persons that taxed every transportation facility to the limit] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:036--ALB


A quiet look down Gayway August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:037--ALB


At the end of Gayway one finds China August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:038--ALB


[China exhibit at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:039--ALB


Another of my friends - is it with horror or amazement that causes such expression as she looks down at Fountain of Western Waters and things around it? October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:040--ALB


Fountain of Western Waters near Pacifica. Relief in background is above entrance from ferries October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:041--ALB


Either a pied piper or a wild one - one of those things around Fountain of Western Waters August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:042--ALB


Another of those things around Fountain of Western Waters - said to be a llama rider October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:043--ALB


Along Court of Seven Seas September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:044--ALB


In Court of Seven Seas. Unveiled on Mother's Day - no descriptive placard, but believe it is supposed to be statue of Florence Nightingale October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:045--ALB


One of the many "Almost Hidden" things to be seen in Court of Seven Seas October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:046--ALB


Replica of prow of old sailing ship looking down on Court of Seven Seas - near Sun Tower, afternoon August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:047--ALB


Same thing, but late at night October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:048--ALB


One of the easiest ways to get a stiff neck. Back to starting point, some walk October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 3:049--ALB


Album 4


Near entrance at Elephant Tower & Sun Tower October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:001--ALB


One of the South Towers September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:002--ALB


East Tower October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:003--ALB


The other East Tower September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:004--ALB


Last day of 1939 exposition fading away October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:005--ALB


Little bridge near Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:006--ALB


Corner Court of Flowers October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:007--ALB


Tower of Peace October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:008--ALB


[Christian Science building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:009--ALB


One of the state buildings October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:010--ALB


Another state building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:011--ALB


Where most of the other states had their exhibits October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:012--ALB


One of the California County buildings August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:013--ALB


San Francisco building August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:014--ALB


Looking down on the court from San Francisco building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:015--ALB


From the court at San Francisco building - seeing part of the California building October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:016--ALB


[Peru building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:017--ALB


[Guatemala building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:018--ALB


State of Johore building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:019--ALB


Part of Japanese Pavilion as seen from Pacific House October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:020--ALB


As seen from Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:021--ALB


Netherlands Indies building seen from Pacific House October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:022--ALB


A happy little monstrosity near Netherland Indies building October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:023--ALB


[Norway's Ski Lodge] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:024--ALB


Native scene, diorama in Indo China building October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:025--ALB


Native Tom - part of Indo-China exhibit October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:026--ALB


Above a doorway along Court of Seven Seas October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:027--ALB


[Statue near Fountain of Western Waters, Court of Pacifica] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:028--ALB


In Court of Pacifica October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:029--ALB


Fountain of Western Waters in Court of Pacifica October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:030--ALB


One of statues at Fountain of Western Waters October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:031--ALB


Another Upside down one. Arch of Triumph at Court of Reflections October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:032--ALB


In honor of California National Guard near California building September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:033--ALB


The other side of National Guard statue September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:034--ALB


Little darkey near Palace of Fine Arts October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:035--ALB


Big girl at one of the East Towers October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:036--ALB


Jitterbugs - on California Auditorium October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:037--ALB


Last look before going on ferry August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:038--ALB


Elephant Tower October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:039--ALB


An unposed picture - the shutter snapper's wife wondering if the film won't soon give out so that she can go home and rest those weary feet. P.T.G. October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:040--ALB


Thar she blows! In Pacific House October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:041--ALB


Watching free show in Temple Compound October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:042--ALB


It was thirsty weather this warm fall day October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:043--ALB


Sold out October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:044--ALB


Sunset - Japanese and Netherland Indies building across lagoon September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:045--ALB


As seen from part of Trade Winds October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:046--ALB


My last picture of 1939 exposition - day stared [sic] on Oct [October] 29 but this about 1:20 am Oct. 30th looking across one side court of Pacifica toward Sun Tower. Looks like a job for the cleaner, and is that the feet of the 1939 spirit of the exposition? October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 4:047--ALB


Album 5


[Elephant Towers]


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:001--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:002--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:003--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:004--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:005--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:006--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:007--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:008--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:009--ALB


[Elephant Towers]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:010--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:011--ALB


[One of the South Towers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:012--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night]


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:013--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:014--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:015--ALB


[One of the South Towers] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:016--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night]


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:017--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:018--ALB


October 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:019--ALB


[One of the South Towers] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:020--ALB


[One of the East Towers at night]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:021--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:022--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:023--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:024--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:025--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:026--ALB


[One of the East Towers]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:027--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:028--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:029--ALB


[One of the East Towers, and large crowd] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:030--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:031--ALB


[East Towers, Arch of Triumph, and Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:032--ALB


[One of the South Towers at night]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:033--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:034--ALB


[South Towers, and Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:035--ALB


[South Towers, and Sun Tower, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:036--ALB


[One of the East Towers] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:037--ALB


[One of the South Towers] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:038--ALB


[Sun Tower, and Elephant Towers] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:039--ALB


[Sun Tower, and Elephant Towers at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:040--ALB


[Sun Tower, and one of the South Towers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:041--ALB


[Sun Tower] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:042--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters, at night]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:043--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:044--ALB


February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:045--ALB


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:046--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:047--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters, people in costume] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:048--ALB


[Statue at the Fountain of Western Waters]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:049--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:050--ALB


[Sun Tower]


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:051--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:052--ALB


[The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:053--ALB


[Court of Pacifica] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:054--ALB


[The Simple Alligator Rider in Court of Pacifica] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:055--ALB


[Court of Pacifica]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:056--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:057--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:058--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:059--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:060--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:061--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:062--ALB


[Court of Pacifica, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:063--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:064--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:065--ALB


[Court of Pacifica] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:066--ALB


[Fountain of Western Waters near Pacifica, at night]


October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:067--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:068--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:069--ALB


[Heading towards Sun Tower] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:070--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica, at night] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:071--ALB


[Heading towards Court of Pacifica] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:072--ALB


[Vacationland building]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:073--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:074--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:075--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:076--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:077--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:078--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:079--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:080--ALB


[Building near Court of Seven Seas] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:081--ALB


[Sun Tower]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:082--ALB


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:083--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:084--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:085--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:086--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:087--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:088--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:089--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:090--ALB


[Sun Tower] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:091--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:092--ALB


[Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:093--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:094--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:095--ALB


[Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:096--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night]


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:097--ALB


February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:098--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:099--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:100--ALB


[Sun Tower] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:101--ALB


Opening day at exposition looking at Sun Tower down Court of Seven Seas. As far as I am concerned it was the star of an interesting show, and one which I enjoyed. P. T. Glass February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:102--ALB


Last day at exposition starting on October 29, 1939, but this looking across one side of Court of Pacific and down Court of Seven Seas toward Sun Tower about 1:20 a.m. 10-30-39. Nothing much to do now except to turn off the lights then a job of cleaning, judging from a piece of paper here and there. PTG October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:103--ALB


[Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower, at night] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:104--ALB


[Star Lady, looking down on Court of Moon near Sun Tower]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:105--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:106--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:107--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:108--ALB


[Star Lady and Sun Tower]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:109--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:110--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:111--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:112--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:113--ALB


[Star Lady]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:114--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:115--ALB


[Star Lady at night]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:116--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:117--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:118--ALB


[Sun Tower] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:119--ALB


[One of the South Towers] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:120--ALB


[One of the South Towers, at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:121--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:122--ALB


[Sun Tower] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:123--ALB


[One of the South Towers]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:124--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:125--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:126--ALB


[Sun Tower, at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:127--ALB


[Sun Tower] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:128--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:129--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:130--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:131--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:132--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:133--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:134--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building, and Sun Tower] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:135--ALB


[Parents of P. T. Glass, at Sunken Gardens, near administration building, and Sun Tower] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:136--ALB


[Sunken Gardens near administration building, and Sun Tower] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:137--ALB


[Sun Tower and Court of Reflections, at night]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:138--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:139--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:140--ALB


[Corner of one of the Palace buildings, as seen across Court of Reflections]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:141--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:142--ALB


[Arch of Triumph, looking towards Court of Flowers, at night]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:143--ALB


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:144--ALB


[Sun Tower and Court of Reflections]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:145--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:146--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:147--ALB


[Near Court of Reflections]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:148--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:149--ALB


[Court of Reflections looking toward Arch of Triumph] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:150--ALB


[Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:151--ALB


[Arch of Triumph looking toward Court of Flowers, at night] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:152--ALB


[Court of Flowers and Arch of Triumph, looking towards Sun Tower] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:153--ALB


[Arch of Triumph, looking towards Sun Tower] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:154--ALB


[Arch of Triumph]


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:155--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:156--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:157--ALB


[Corner of Flower Court, rhododendrons] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:158--ALB


[Flower Court]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:159--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:160--ALB


[Rhododendrons at Flower Court]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:161--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:162--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers]


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:163--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:164--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:165--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:166--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers, at night] August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:167--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:168--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers, at night] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:169--ALB


[Fountain in Court of Flowers] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:170--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:171--ALB


Last sunset for the exposition in 1939 October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:172--ALB


[Bridge near Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:173--ALB


[Behind the Netherlands Indies building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:174--ALB


[Bridge near Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:175--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:176--ALB


[Behind the Netherlands Indies building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:177--ALB


[Bridge near the Pacific House] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:178--ALB


[Mission Trail building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:179--ALB


[Mission Trail building, at night] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:180--ALB


[Mission Trail building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:181--ALB


[Los Angeles and San Diego County building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:182--ALB


[One of the California County buildings] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:183--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] Afternoon October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:184--ALB


[Entrance to Redwood Empire] Morning August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:185--ALB


[San Francisco building]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:186--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:187--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:188--ALB


[Sacramento, Tahoe region building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:189--ALB


[California building and lagoon] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:190--ALB


[Untitled] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:191--ALB


[California building and lagoon, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:192--ALB


[California building and lagoon] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:193--ALB


[State of Missouri building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:194--ALB


[State of Illinois building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:195--ALB


[Western states building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:196--ALB


Gateway to Latin-American courtyard May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:197--ALB


[Gateway to Latin-American courtyard] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:198--ALB


[Columbia building]


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:199--ALB


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:200--ALB


[El Salvador building] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:201--ALB


[Panama building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:202--ALB


[Mexico building] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:203--ALB


[Chile building]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:204--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:205--ALB


[Ecuador building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:206--ALB


[Guatemala building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:207--ALB


[Peru building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:208--ALB


[China exhibit] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:209--ALB


[China exhibit, at night] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:210--ALB


[China exhibit] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:211--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion]


May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:212--ALB


April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:213--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion, at night] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:214--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:215--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:216--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:217--ALB


[Japanese Pavilion, at night] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:218--ALB


[Hawaii building]


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:219--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:220--ALB


[State of Johore building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:221--ALB


[Hawaii building] August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:222--ALB


[State of Johore building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:223--ALB


[Argentina building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:224--ALB


[Philippines building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:225--ALB


[Brazil building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:226--ALB


[Philippines building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:227--ALB


[Philippines building, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:228--ALB


[Italian Pavilion]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:229--ALB


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:230--ALB


[Norway's Ski Lodge] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:231--ALB


[Australia building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:232--ALB


[Australia building ?] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:233--ALB


[France building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:234--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:235--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] About 11 a.m. June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:236--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:237--ALB


[Netherlands Indies building] Afternoon October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:238--ALB


[Untitled] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:239--ALB


[French Indo-China building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:240--ALB


[Pacific House] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:241--ALB


[Untitled] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:242--ALB


[Hindustan Temple] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:243--ALB




August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:244--ALB


October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:245--ALB


[Christian Science building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:246--ALB


[The Tower of Peale] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:247--ALB


[Hall of Flowers] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:248--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:249--ALB


[National cash register] May 14, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:250--ALB


[National cash register, at night]


October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:251--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:252--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] April 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:253--ALB


[Bay Bridge, at night] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:254--ALB


[Bay Bridge] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:255--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:256--ALB


[Golden Gate Bridge, and traffic into exposition] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:257--ALB


[Colonnade of States Federal building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:258--ALB


[Portola's Exposition, diorama]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:259--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:260--ALB


[Orange exhibit in Los Angeles County building] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:261--ALB


[Diorama] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:262--ALB


[Orange exhibit in San Diego County building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:263--ALB


[Singer Sewing Machine Company building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:264--ALB


[A little totem pole in Indian exhibit - Federal building - this type used as corner posts for houses] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:265--ALB


[Diorama] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:266--ALB


[Asian dolls, swords and drums on display] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:267--ALB


[Fountain in Pacific House] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:268--ALB




June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:269--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:270--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:271--ALB


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:272--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:273--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:274--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:275--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:276--ALB


[Watching Canadian Mounted Police in their musical drill in the Coliseum. No spoken commands, but all in time to music and very interesting to see.]


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:277--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:278--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:279--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:280--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:281--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:282--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:283--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:284--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:285--ALB


[Air show]


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:286--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:287--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:288--ALB


[Show in coliseum] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:289--ALB


[Air show] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:290--ALB


[Show in coliseum] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:291--ALB


[Statue in Court of Reflections]


October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:292--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:293--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:294--ALB


[Freedom Statue at French building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:295--ALB


[Water Carrier statue by Bernard Sopher, near the Palace of Fine Arts] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:296--ALB


[National Guard statue, near California building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:297--ALB


[Florence Nightingale statue] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:298--ALB


[One side of the National Guard statue, near California building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:299--ALB


[Statue at one of the East Towers] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:300--ALB


[Statue near Sunken Gardens, near administration building] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:301--ALB


[Untitled, metal sculpture] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:302--ALB


[Untitled, Egyptian sculpture?] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:303--ALB


[Statue of Kamehameha, at the Hawaiian building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:304--ALB


[Statues near Netherlands Indies building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:305--ALB


[Statues near Netherlands Indies building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:306--ALB


[Sculpture above entrance between the administration building and metals and mining building] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:307--ALB


[Sculpture above the Hall of Air Transportation] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:308--ALB


[Sculpture above entrance at Sun Tower] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:309--ALB


[Sculpture of dancers on California auditorium] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:310--ALB


[Sculpture near Fountain in Court of Pacifica] April 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:311--ALB


Dance of Life at East Tower, shaded October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:312--ALB


Dance of Life at East Tower, painted by the sun October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:313--ALB


[California building] August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:314--ALB


Flying Cloud [sculpture at Court of Seven Seas] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:315--ALB


[Sculpture above a doorway, along Court of Seven Seas] October 8, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:316--ALB


[Dudley and Wanda Glass, and Cecil Fullerton] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:317--ALB


[Dudley & Wanda & Mrion [Marion ?] Glass - Cecil Fullerton - P. T. Glass, entrance to Redwood Empire] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:318--ALB


[Woman by fountain in Court of Flowers] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:319--ALB


[Treasure Island ground plan] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:320--ALB


[Painting on Federal building] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:321--ALB


[Part of Gayway, at night]


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:322--ALB


August 15, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:323--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:324--ALB


[Model in Gayway]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:325--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:326--ALB




September 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:327--ALB


August 27, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:328--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:329--ALB


August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:330--ALB


[Miss America of 1939] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:331--ALB


[Sally Rands Nude Ranch] February 18, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:332--ALB


[Gayway artist models] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:333--ALB


[Gayway artist model]


June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:334--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:335--ALB


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:336--ALB


[Theater show] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:337--ALB


[Dance show] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:338--ALB


[Old West show]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:339--ALB


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:340--ALB


[Old West show?] September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:341--ALB


[Sight-seeing bus]


September 23, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:342--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:343--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:344--ALB


[Guatemala Marimba Band] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:345--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:346--ALB




October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:347--ALB


October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:348--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:349--ALB


[Court near San Francisco building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:350--ALB


[Under the arches, along the Festival Hall] August 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:351--ALB


[Selling "Dolls by Rennie", Charlotte Rennie, 6:30 p.m.] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:352--ALB


[Untitled, building] October 26, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:353--ALB


[Philippines building, seen from the Pacific House] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:354--ALB


[Deer in pen] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:355--ALB


[Airplane near Colonnade of States Federal building] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:356--ALB


[Plane formation overhead] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:357--ALB


[Ship, number 375] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:358--ALB


[Ship, number 170] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:359--ALB


[People viewing plane No. 21 on ground]


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:360--ALB


May 7, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:361--ALB


[Hydroplane near Bay Bridge]


August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:362--ALB


July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:363--ALB


[Metal sculpture near Colonnade of States Federal building] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:364--ALB


[Native tomb, part of Indo-China exhibit] October 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:365--ALB


[Blimp flying over Court of Seven Seas] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:366--ALB


[Untitled, building] June 24, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:367--ALB


[Fourth of July fireworks] July 4, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:368--ALB


[Coca Cola stand] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:369--ALB


[Empty Coca Cola bottles] October 21, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:370--ALB


The exposition photographer appears to be worn down, and may never be the same, but knew enough to end up near the station that can give a little assistance. [P. T. Glass in fun-house mirror] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:371--ALB


[Foot Relief Station] October 12, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:372--ALB


[P. T. Glass in fun-house mirror. Reverse of :367] August 29, 1939 BANC PIC 1992.034:Album 5:373--ALB