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Inventory of the Central Pacific Railroad Collection
MS 79  
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Series Description



Physical Description: 7 volumes + 368 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This should be considered a preliminary guide to the collection only. Much of the collection is still unprocessed. The processed material has been organized into the following series:
Early Central Pacific Railroad financial transactions were not divided by department. This series includes company-wide transactions. Includes Cash Books (1861-1873), Invoices (1863-1885) and Vouchers (1861-1882).

Cash Books, 1861-1873

Physical Description: 3 volumes

Scope and Content Note

They provide a daily record of Central Pacific Railroad cash transactions.

Invoices, 1863-1885

Physical Description: 4 volumes

Scope and Content Note

The Central Pacific Railroad Record of Invoices covers purchases made for the company in New York by Collis P. Huntington for a period of over twenty years. Purchases include locomotives (including Central Pacific Railroad locomotive No. 1, "Gov. Stanford," and locomotive No. 3, "C. P. Huntington"), rolling stock, equipment components, construction equipment and supplies, and general stores.
The handwritten entries are arranged by month and contain the date purchased, name of the supplier, description of the material purchased, cost, shipping charges, and names and sailing dates of the vessels on which the merchandise was shipped to California. In later volumes transportation by rail is indicated.
Volumes 1, 2, and 3 also have extensive handwritten notes as well as newspaper clippings from Sacramento and other newspapers of the time affixed to the inside of the boards and to the end papers. In addition Volume 2 has political handbills affixed to the end papers.

Vouchers, 1861-1906

Physical Description: 368+ boxes

Scope and Content Note

The Central Pacific Railroad vouchers comprise a key element in the California State Railroad Museum's Southern Pacific Railroad Company Records. They are among the earliest items in the collection. Some date prior to the incorporation of the Central Pacific. The early vouchers contain such information as payrolls for teams surveying the route across the Sierra Nevada, purchases of equipment for the surveys, and purchases of newspaper advertisements for the incorporation of the Central Pacific and for the initiation of construction. Later vouchers cover such items as the acquisition of equipment and supplies for building the railroad as well as for its early operation. Prominent individuals mentioned in the voucher collection include Theodore D. Judah, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins, Collis P. Huntington, and Alfred Hart.
The Central Pacific voucher collection is arranged by voucher number which is in rough chronological order. Each number series in parentheses equals one document box.


Physical Description: 2 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This material has been divided into Invoices and Vouchers (1862-1863) and Payrolls (1862-1863).

Invoices and Vouchers, 1862-1863

Physical Description: 1 box

Scope and Content Note

Contains information such as vendor name, date of invoice, description and amount of payment. Organized chronologically.

Payrolls, 1862-1863

Physical Description: 1 box

Scope and Content Note

Monthly payroll information, including employee name,occupation, dates of employment, rate of pay, monies owed, and signature of employee indicating receipt of pay. Job classifications include engineer, leveler, flagman, transit man, rodman, chainman, teamster, axeman, draughtsman, office assistant and copyist. Many of the payrolls bear the signatures of noted figures: Theodore Dehone Judah (1826-1863), George Henry Goddard (1817-1906, government surveyor and artist) and Samuel Skerry Montague.


Physical Description: 12 volumes

Scope and Content Note

This material has been divided into: Day Books (1870-1883), Property Map Books [1910-1949], and Station Plan Book (ca. 1880).

Day Books, 1870-1883

Physical Description: 3 volumes

Scope and Content Note

The volumes cover sales by the Central Pacific Railroad of lands in California. They are arranged chronologically, and include entries for land purchase contracts, cancellations and deeds. Each entry notes the date of the transaction, contract numbers, the person(s) to whom the property was sold, terms of the sale, location of the property and amount received. Also included are right of way, mineral, or other reservations.

Property Map Books, [1910-1949]

Physical Description: 8 volumes

Scope and Content Note

The collection is composed of eight volumes of bound maps of lands within the confines of the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroad land grants in California, Nevada and Utah. Legal descriptions of the properties are given on each page of maps, with each section of land depicted divided into sixteenths. The volumes cover both Central Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads, with four volumes for each.
The maps provide information on the date property was certified to the railroads by the United States General Land Office, grant boundaries, lands in dispute, lands under contract, lands not selected by the railroads for the grant, and lands lost from the grant through sale, transfer or relinquishment to the federal government. For sales of property after 1906, the name of the purchaser is indicated on the maps. The maps also show mineral and timber lands, national forests, Indian and military reservations, irrigation districts, town limits, roads, railroads and station sites, and principal geographical features. Some volumes are stamped indicating their receipt by the Land Department in 1910, although there are many other subsequent holographic notations indicating use through 1949.

Station Plan Book, ca. 1880

Physical Description: 1 volume

Scope and Content Note

Bound volume of hand-drawn pen and ink station plans, for the Central Pacific's Salt Lake and Humboldt Division and a portion of the Truckee Division in Utah and Nevada.


Physical Description: 5 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of construction payroll sheets for the building of the Central Pacific Railroad. The payrolls are handwritten on printed forms and were issued by the railroad for "C[harles] Crocker, Contractor." The payrolls list the construction division for which the individual worked, rates of pay, and total pay received. The collection includes some payroll sheets for Chinese labor gangs, as well as payroll information for James Strobridge and other construction officials.
The payrolls are numbered consecutively for the period 1864-1865. A new consecutive numbering system seems to have been instituted in 1866, starting again with the number one. The payrolls are arranged by year and then by number:


Physical Description: 2 boxes

Scope and Content Note

Included in this collection are miscellanous forms issued by the Central Pacific Railroad. By studying the types of information recorded, it is possible to learn details about the operation of the railroad and its personnel. This sampling represents but a minuscule portion of those issued or received by the Central Pacific. The forms have been arranged into two categories (blank and completed) and then by number or issuing department.

Container List




Cash Books, 1861-1873


Cash book [general], Secretary, May 1, 1861-October 29, 1864


Cash book B, January 3, 1871-January 31, 1873


Cash book, Treasurer, May 1, 1861-February 28, 1870


Cash book, C. P. Huntington, New York, June 28, 1865-September 9, 1870


Cash book, C. P. Huntington, New York, January 1, 1865-December 31, 1871


Invoices, 1863-1885

Volume 1

April 1863-August 1869

Volume 2

August 1869-April 1876

Volume 3

May 1876-December 1882

Volume 4

December 1882-May 1885


Vouchers, 1861-1906

Additional Note

1882-1906 have been reboxed but not foldered. Includes cash vouchers, and secretary and controllers vouchers.

1861 Nos. 1-77


1862 Nos. 78-208


1863 Nos. 209-269


Nos. 270-499


Nos. 500-699


1864 Nos. 700-749


Nos. 750-999


Nos. 1000-1249


Nos. 1250-1499


Nos. 1500-1749


Nos. 1750-1999


Nos. 2000-2047


1865 Nos. 1-249


Nos. 250-449


Nos. 450-649


Nos. 650-849


Nos. 850-999


Nos. 1000-1149


Nos. 1150-1299


Nos. 1300-1499


Nos. 1500-1689


1866 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-449


Nos. 450-599


Nos. 600-824


Nos. 825-964


Nos. 965-1109


1867 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-449


Nos. 450-699


Nos. 700-874


Nos. 875-1124


Nos. 1125-1360


1868 Nos. 1-174


Nos. 175-324


Nos. 325-499


Nos. 500-724


Nos. 725-949


Nos. 950-1099


Nos. 1100-1299


Nos. 1300-1499


Nos. 1500-1649


Nos. 1650-1904


1869 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-449


Nos. 450-699


Nos. 700-949


Nos. 950-1149


Nos. 1150-1349


Nos. 1350-1524


Nos. 1525-1724


Nos. 1725-1899


Nos. 1900-2099


Nos. 2100-2149


1870 Nos. 1-174


Nos. 175-399


Nos. 400-549


Nos. 550-774


Nos. 775-974


Nos. 975-1219


Nos. 1220-1407


1870 Second series Nos. 1-274


Second Series Nos. 275-499


Second series Nos. 500-749


Second series Nos. 750-919


Second series Nos. 920-1149


Second series Nos. 1150-1324


Second series Nos. 1325-1499


Second series Nos. 1500-1570


1871 Nos. 1-149


Nos. 150-299


Nos. 300-499


Nos. 500-724


Nos. 725-949


Nos. 950-1199


Nos. 1200-1449


Nos. 1450-1649


Nos. 1650-1899


Nos. 1900-2174


Nos. 2175-2424


Nos. 2425-2674


Nos. 2675-2849


Nos. 2850-3115


1872 Nos. 1-199


Nos. 200-449


Nos. 450-674


Nos. 675-924


Nos. 925-1224


Nos. 1225-1499


Nos. 1500-1699


Nos. 1700-1899


Nos. 1900-2099


Nos. 2100-2299


Nos. 2300-2449


Nos. 2450-2556


1873 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-449


Nos. 450-649


Nos. 650-849


Nos. 850-1049


Nos. 1050-1249


Nos. 1250-1499


Nos. 1500-1749


Nos. 1750-1999


Nos. 2000-2224


Nos. 2225-2284


1874 Nos. 1-99


Nos. 100-274


Nos. 275-474


Nos. 475-724


Nos. 725-924


Nos. 925-1149


Nos. 1150-1349


Nos. 1350-1524


Nos. 1525-1699


Nos. 1700-1899


Nos. 1900-2099


Nos. 2100-2241


1875 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-449


Nos. 450-699


Nos. 700-924


Nos. 925-1099


Nos. 1100-1349


Nos. 1350-1549


Nos. 1550-1774


Nos. 1775-1899


Nos. 1900-2124


Nos. 2125-2299


Nos. 2300-2449


Nos. 2450-2579


1876 Nos. 1-224


Nos. 225-399


Nos. 400-649


Nos. 650-824


Nos. 825-1024


Nos. 1025-1249


Nos. 1250-1399


Nos. 1400-1599


Nos. 1600-1799


Nos. 1800-1924


Nos. 1925-2099


Nos. 2100-2299


Nos. 2300-2449


Nos. 2450-2549


Nos. 2550-2649


Nos. 2650-2754


Miscellaneous U.S. Government


1877 Nos. 1-199


Nos. 200-374


Nos. 375-574


Nos. 575-799


Nos. 800-999


Nos. 1000-1199


Nos. 1200-1399


Nos. 1400-1574


Nos. 1575-1799


Nos. 1800-2024


Nos. 2025-2249


Nos. 2250-2449


Nos. 2450-2599


Nos. 2600-2682


1878 Nos. 1-2539. 10 boxes


1879 Nos. 1-2547. 12 boxes


1880 Nos. 1-2401) 11 boxes


1881 Nos. 1-2397. 11 boxes




Invoices and Vouchers, 1862-1863


Aug. 31, 1862 Hodge & Wood (San Francisco), August 28, 1862, stationery $96.75


Sep. 1862 George H. Goddard, September 4-29, trip from Sacramento to Perkins and return $246


Sep. 30, 1862 Theodore D. Judah, September 25, 1862, Feather River reconnaissance (September 5-18). Signed by T. D. Judah. $259.15


Sep. 30, 1862 Lawrence & Houseworth (San Francisco), September 1, 1862, surveying instruments + n.d., surveying equipment $67


Sep. 30, 1862 E. M. Skaggs (Sacramento), August 30, 1862, hiring of horses $5.00


Sep. 30, 1862 Thomas Tennant (San Francisco), September 25, 1862, surveying instruments. Signed by T. D. Judah. $50


Oct. 31, 1862 J. Armstrong & Company, October 1, 1862, hiring of horses by Taylor, Goddard from Daniel W. Strong, Dutch Flat, railroad reconnaisance. Signed by T. D. Judah. $20


Oct. 31, 1862 Thomas Morris, October 10, 1862, hiring of horses, railroad reconnaissance by Goddard and Taylor, Dutch Flat. Signed by T. D. Judah. $15


Dec. 15, 1862 Edward D. Judah, miscellaneous dates, November and December 1862, miscellaneous expenses, locating party, L. F. Ha[n]ford, William Reynolds, John Ziegenbein, A. T. Nelson (Sacramento) $92.14


Dec. 31, 1862 George H. Goddard, November and December 1862, survey party expenses, from T. E. Stephens (Auburn), C. M. Silva (Auburn), Smith & Hubbell (Smithville). $112.57


Dec. 31, 1862 P. S. Hickman, December 8, 1862, Sacramento Bee. Signed by T. D. Judah. $1.50


Dec. 31, 1862 Samuel S. Montague, December 28, 1862, expenses of locating party. Signed by Samuel S. Montague. $28.43


Dec. 31, 1862 C. M. Silva (Auburn), December 13, 1862, bill of provisions for s[urveying?] party, signed by T. D. Judah. $1.75


Jan. 31, 1863 H. L. Hall, expenses of location party, December 1862 - January 1863, vendors include H. L. Hall, Peter Harrison (Auburn), George H. Stephens (Auburn), Office Stage Company (Auburn), E. Beekly (Auburn), G. H. Merrill (Mountaineer House), Joseph Harris (Neilsburgh), J. B. Stanton. $316.26


Jan. 31, 1863 Samuel S. Montague, not dated, expenses of surveying party, vendors include John Ziegenbein, Thomas Haskell, E. W. Sherman. Signed by S. S. Montague. $237.62


Mar. 11, 1863 Samuel S. Montague, February and March, 1863, expenses of surveying party, vendors include A. A. Durfee (Folsom), John Ziegenbein (Lincoln), W. L. Perkins (Auburn), C. M. Silva. L. D. Merrick (?) (Lincoln). $228.37


Mar. 31, 1863 H. L. Hall, January 26 - April 2, 1863, expenses of locating party, February and March 1863 $527.92


Mar. 31, 1863 Samuel S. Montague, March 14, 1863, supplies and surveying equipment $15.00


Payrolls, 1862-1863


Nov. 1862 (1) George Henry Goddard party


Dec. 1862 (4) George Henry Goddard party


Edward D. Judah party


Samuel Skerry Montague and Edward D. Judah party


At Sacramento


Jan. 1863 (3) H. L. (?) Hall party


Samuel Skerry Montague party


[At Sacramento]


Feb. 1863 (3) H. L. (?) Hall party


Samuel Skerry Montague party


At Sacramento


Mar. 1863 (3) H. L. (?) Hall party


Samuel Skerry Montague party


[At Sacramento]




Day Books, 1870-1883

Volume Volume 1

December 1, 1870-December 31, 1879

Volume Volume 2

January 5, 1880-October 16, 1882

Volume Volume 3

January 2, 1883-April 29, 1883


Property Map Books, [1910-1949]


Central Pacific Railroad

Volume Volume 1

California and Oregon Railroad grant in Northern California

Volume Volume 2

California and Oregon Railroad grant north of Sacramento and Central Pacific Railroad grant east of Sacramento to the Nevada state line

Volume Volume 3

Central Pacific Railroad grant in Nevada, Washoe through Elko Counties [+ color photocopy]

Volume Volume 4

Central Pacific Railroad Grant from Elko County, Nevada to Cache and Weber Counties, Utah [+ color photocopy]


Southern Pacific Railroad

Volume Volume 5

Southern Pacific Railroad main line grant in California, Santa Cruz County south to Kings County

Volume Volume 6

Southern Pacific Railroad main line grant in California. Kings County south to Los Angeles County; and Southern Pacific Railroad branch line grant in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

Volume Volume 7

Southern Pacific Railroad main and branch line grants in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties

Volume Volume 8

Southern Pacific Railroad branch line grant in Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Imperial Counties; main line grant in San Bernardino and Imperial Counties; and main line grant in Lincoln County, Nevada


Station Plan Book, ca. 1880

item 1


item 2


item 3


item 4

[Wadsworth] NEVADA

item 5


item 6


item 7


item 8


item 9


item 10


item 11


item 12

Hot Springs

item 13

[Hot Springs]

item 14


item 15


item 16

Browns CSRM Neg 25964

item 17

Granite Point

item 18


item 19

[Lovelock] CSRM Neg 25976

item 20


item 21


item 22

Rye Patch

item 23

[Rye Patch]

item 24


item 25


item 26

Mill City

item 27

[Mill City]

item 28

Rasberry Creek/Cosgrave

item 29

[Rasberry Creek/Cosgrave]

item 30

[Rose Creek]

item 31

Rose Creek

item 32


item 33


item 34


item 35


item 36


item 37


item 38


item 39


item 40

Iron Point; Stone House

item 41

[Iron Point; Stone House]

item 42


item 43


item 44

Battle Mountain CSRM Neg 23651

item 45

[Battle Mountain] CSRM Neg 23651

item 46


item 47


item 48


item 49


item 50

12 Mile Canyon

item 51

Palisade CSRM Neg 23638

item 52

[Palisade] CSRM Neg 9600C

item 53

Palisade CSRM Neg 9600C

item 54

[Carlin] CSRM Neg 18117

item 55

Carlin CSRM Neg 18118

item 56

[Carlin] CSRM Neg 18119

item 57

[Carlin] CSRM Neg 18120

item 58

[Carlin] CSRM Neg 18121

item 59

[Carlin] CSRM Neg 18122

item 60


item 61


item 62

[Elko] CSRM Neg 8098

item 63


item 64

Elko CSRM Neg 8096

item 65


item 66


item 67


item 68


item 69


item 70


item 71


item 72


item 73


item 74


item 75


item 76

Bishops; Tulasco

item 77

[Bishops; Tulasco]

item 78


item 79


item 80


item 81


item 82


item 83


item 84


item 85


item 86


item 87


item 88


item 89


item 90


item 91


item 92


item 93


item 94


item 95


item 96


item 97


item 98


item 99


item 100


item 101


item 102


item 103

[Tecoma] NEVADA

item 104

Lucin UTAH

item 105


item 106


item 107


item 108


item 109


item 110


item 111


item 112


item 113


item 114


item 115


item 116


item 117


item 118


item 119


item 120


item 121


item 122


item 123


item 124


item 125


item 126


item 127


item 128


item 129


item 130


item 131


item 132

[Blue Creek]

item 133

Blue Creek

item 134

Blue Creek

item 135

[Blue Creek]

item 136


item 137


item 138


item 139


item 140


item 141


item 142


item 143


item 144


item 145


item 146


item 147


item 148


item 149


item 150


item 151


item 152


item 153


item 154

First crossing of Humboldt

item 155

Second crossing of Humboldt

item 156

Bear River crossing




1864 Nos. 22-73


1865 Nos. 74-180


1866 Nos. 80-350




Blank Forms


No number or department

Box 1

List of tools on engine ... 187-


Meteorological observations 187-


Number of boxes of coal delivered to engines


Wages of employees 187-


By Department


Car Department




Report of cars turned out 187-




Requistion for stores for steamer


General Supply Agent


[Letterhead] 1881/1882


Master Carbuilder


Articles ordered await shipment 187-


[Letterhead] 187-


Master Mechanic


Articles ordered ... await shipment 187-


Engineer's monthly report 187-


[Letterhead] 187-


Engineers' report of accidents 187-


Report of accidents to, and breakages of, engines 187-


Motive Power and Machinery Department


Engine No. in shop for repairs 187-


...Number of men employed in this department, monthly 187-


Report of old material on hand 187-


...shipped to your care


Please ship to ...


Report of engine tires on hand at the several shops


Report of engines in [ ] shop for repairs, weekly


Report of new cars built at Car Shop, weekly, 187-


Motive Power and Machinery Department. Office of the Chief Clerk


[Letterhead] 187-


[record of discharging employee] 187-


SP Hospital Association


Order for treatment


Forms with numbers



Physical Description: M 8


Physical Description: M 9

I have this day employed...

Physical Description: M 45

Completed Forms and Correspondence


Not numbered

Box 2

Freight forward 1877/1878


[Payment received]


[Shipping receipt for a CP delivery] 1875/1882


General Supply Agent. [Freight receipt and invoice 1869


Forms with numbers


Deeds 1903

Physical Description: CP57

Waybills 1877/1878

Physical Description: F1

Expense bills 1870/1883

Physical Description: F27/27-1/2

Livestock contract and bill of lading 1878/1880

Physical Description: F28

Payment for consignment 1880

Physical Description: F36

Notification of freight received 1882/1883

Physical Description: F38

Shipping receipt, 1879/1880

Physical Description: F81

Certificate of sickness or injury 1886

Physical Description: M15

[Letterhead] 188-

Physical Description: M18

Land Department [letterhead] 1894

Physical Description: M18A

Freight and Ticket Station [letterhead] 1877/1879

Physical Description: M19

By Department


Division Superintendent


Correspondence 1884/1885


General Superintendent's Office


Correspondence 1885


Land Department


One bound volume of correspondence, 1870-1874, mostly from CP land agent, B. B. Redding in Sacramento, concerning land disputes and litigation involving the California and Oregon Railroad [formerly MS 1.58]


Lease 1888 [formerly MS 1.24]


Correspondence, 1888 [formerly MS 1.48]


Tax levy, Placer County, 1892


Master Mechanic


Correspondence 1885


Motive Power and Machinery


Correspondence 1870


Purchasing and General Supply Agent


Correspondence 1878


[Freight receipt and invoice 1869]


Secretary's Office


Correspondence 1884


Incoming invoices (Arranged by vendor)


Charles Harley & Company


Daugherty & Company


George Schmeiser


Gillig, Mott & Company


H. S. Crocker & Company


Hesse Brothers


Holbrook, Merrill & Company


I. L. Merrell


Josiah Stanford


Lawrence & Houseworth


R. C. Terry & Company


R. H. McDonald & Company


R. Stone & Company




Thomas Tennant


Torrey, Mary A.


Whittier, Fuller & Company


William Schmolz