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Guide to the John Wilson Papers, 1840-1897
BANC MSS C-B 420  
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Key to Arrangement

Box I

Outgoing letters, 1849-1875 - 10 items, drafts, some incomplete.


Incoming correspondence, A-L

Box II

Incoming correspondence, M-Z


John Wilson's papers.


Ide, William B.


Proclamation to people of Sonoma, June 15, 1846


Wilson's papers relating to Deseret petition of 1849 include his appointment as delegate for the state of Deseret to the convention and draft of petition to Peter H. Burnett.


Papers as Indian Agent: Memos relating to Indian tribes in intermountain region (see also copy of Wilson letter of Aug. 22, 1849 to Ewing, Box I); invoices; vouchers, abstracts and accounts of trip from Missouri to California (including vouchers to Joel Palmer for his services as guide and to Peter Lassen).


Accounts as Naval agent.


Diary, marked no. 3, Mar. 1864 records portion of journey to Chihuahua; his stay there; Santa Eulalia mines; evils of Mexican priesthood; religious rites; Apaches; mention of Governor Luis Terrazas


Diaries 1 and 4, 1864, also form part of the Chihuahua trip. (Purchased from Mrs. McPortland, Jan. 1965)


Miscellaneous legal papers, arranged chronologically - 1850-1876. Brought together here were documents either drawn up by Wilson or in which he figures in some way.


Include: (1) Sharon, William


Agreement with Isaac Saffarans. Aug. 1, 1850


(2) Hagan, James


Agreement with Wilson et al concerning Leidesdorff estate. Aug. 14, 1850


(3) Brown & Bouldin


Agreement with Wilson concerning fees as attorney in suit brought up re Vaca/Peña grant


Miscellaneous legal papers (not by or directly concerning Wilson). Arranged alphabetically. Mainly summons and subpoenas in various cases.


Also include: (1) Dalton, Henry


Lease of Santa Anita Ranch to Alexander W. Hope, Dec. 27, 1852.


(2) Love, Mary


Power of attorney to William I. Higgins, Apr. 1, 1858


(3) Patterson, William H.


Duplicate contract of sale of Rancho Corallitos to W. J. Williams, Sept. 23, 1867.


(4) U.S. Surveyor General


Plat of the Rancho San Augustin. Copy, signed by J. W. Mandeville, June 27, 1860


Papers relating to Briones claims for Bolinas:


(1) Notes in Wilson's hand concerning claim


(2) Certified copy of case no. 189 Northern District, U.S. vs. Gregorio Briones.


Papers relating to Castro suit for Rancho San Pablo, 1854-1859, include Wilson's notice to the Castros, Feb. 18, 1854, and printed letter by A. J. Kopsch concerning a portion of the San Pablo Rancho, Oct. 10, 1859.


Notes in Wilson's hand relating to claims for Punta de los Reyes.


Papers relating to personal property in Contra Costa County, 1853-1865. (leases and deeds)


Papers relating to other personal property, in San Francisco, various ranches, and mines, 1850-1864


Powers of attorney to Wilson.


Accounts, tax statements





Box IV

Miscellaneous papers of Wilson family; Wakeman family; Cooper family.


Wilson, Ann Robertson (Pulliam) (Mrs. John Wilson)


(1) Certified copy of marriage record, 1877


(2) Widow's pension papers


(3) Memorial card, 1886


Wilson, Micajah D. (Son of Ann and John Wilson)


Appointments as commissioner of deeds for California in the states of Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, New Hampshire and Virginia. Also appointment as notary public for California in Missouri, 1849


Cooper, Katherine (Wakeman) (grand-daughter)


Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, a few relating to Ann and John Wilson and to Mary Eliza (Wilson) Wakeman, and some concerning Santa Cruz social affairs.


Cooper papers


(1) Miscellaneous Cooper & Co. records, 1852-1853


(2) Santa Cruz County: Names of voters and number of votes polled in election held Sept. 6, 1854.


(3) Papers relating to Watsonville Guards (California Militia), 1863-1868 (8 items)


(4) Copies of correspondence - petitions for the job of Postmaster at Santa Cruz for William F. Cooper.


Wakeman, Ferdinand O.: Legal papers


7 items (1849) relating to claims against the Mexican Government for imprisonment with Isaac Graham in 1840. Agreements and powers of attorney with and to Wakeman and William I. Higgins.


Davis, William: Deeds of mining property in Nevada to Wakeman (3 items).


Wakeman, Mary Elizah (Wilson) (daughter of Ann and John Wilson)


(1) Letter for William Rockwell to R. A. Redman concerning Wakeman/Wilson property, May 27, 1890


Miscellaneous accounts - not Wilson's - include:


(1) Receipts relating to Thomas C. Carpenter and the Bark Ralph Cross (1849)


(2) Philadelphia Commercial and Mining Company: Receipts, 1849-1850 (8 items)


Rogers, Fred B.: Notes concerning Wilson papers.


Additional notes (gift of Fred B. Rogers, 1964)

Partial List of Correspondents

Letters Addressed o Wilson


A Miscellany


Andrews, J. H.


Re Point Reyes Ranch and Randall heirs. Nov. 2, 1869


Adamson, John


2 letters, re Vaca/Peña grant. 1858


Aud, Francis L.


3 letters, 1851-1853. 1851 letter refers to water lot speculation in San Francisco.


B Miscellany


Bell, Bary C


Re Bodega Ranch. June 7, 1859


Bennett, M. V.


Re land claims in Santa Cruz County relating to his mother's (Mary Bennett, later Mary Love) property. Sept. 22, 1857


Bennett, Mary

see Love, Mary Bennett


Berry, Richard N.


Re Whig Party. Jan. 10, 1851


Boynton, Charles


Re Whig organization in Calaveras County. June 24, 1852


Briones, Pablo


Nov. 27, 1874


Bennett, Winston 1819-


4 letters, 1852-1858


Browder, Thomas W.


Re legal business pertaining to land grants, mainly in Santa Cruz County. 12 letters, 1859.


Brown, Orlando

see U.S. Office of Indian Affairs.


Brown, Thomas A., 1823-1889


2 letters, 1853-1855


Bruce, Samuel C.


6 letters re estate of Samuel Gregg. 1851-1857


Burnett, Peter Hardeman, 1807-1895


4 letters re Madden case. 1852-1854


C Miscellany


Carpentier, Horace W., 1824-1918


Re copies of records of Vicente and Antonio Peralta. July 4, 1852


Carroll, N.


Re politics. [ca. 1851?]


Crabb & Co., Santa Cruz


Partially re Whigs in the local election. Sept. 9, 1851


Crane, James M.


Re Whigs and Thomas Butler King. Feb. 22, 1852


Curl, James D.


Aug. 19, [1875]


Currey, John, 1814-1912


May 11, 1859


Carr, Jesse Douglas


5 letters, 1857-1859. Letter of Apr. 25, 1857 re politics and Whigs in Santa Clara County.


Clark, Smyth


Re John C. Frémont's Mariposa claim. Sketch map of mines included.


Coggeshall, Amasa


5 letters, 1858, relate to property on Weber/Gulnac grant.


Collins, John Anderson


4 letters, 1851-1853, re Whig politics in Grass Valley. References to John B. Weller.


Crabb, Henry A.


2 letters, 1853, re Whig convention and politics; anti-Bigler.


Crane, George W.


2 letters, 1850-1851


D Miscellany


Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889


California's future, commerce with Asia. Dec. 5, 1850


Doane, Charles


Importance of establishing telegraphic connections between San Francisco and Sacramento via Stockton. June 13, 1851


Dodge, Henry Lee, 1825-1902


Apr. 27, 1850


Du Bertrand, E.


Re gold in the Klamath River region. Oct. 1, 1850


Depeaux, Louis


3 letters relating to José Bolcoff, Rancho Soquel and Rancho de San Michael. 1853-1856


Dollarhide, Evan W.


4 letters re Vaca/Peña grant. 1859


F Miscellany


Field, Stephen Johnson, 1816-1899


August 16, 1856


Ford, Henry L., 1822-1860


4 letters re mines: Gulnac claim and San Francisco property. 1852-1857


G Miscellany


Gilroy, Miguel


Re land grants of San Ysidro, Las Animas and Llagos. n.d.


Gordon, John


Re Whigs in El Dorado County. July 13, 1852


Gridley, R. C.


Re politics in Yreka. May 29, 1855


Grove, W.


Description of Guaymas by Wilson's nephew. June 23, 1860


Graham, William Alexander, 1804-1875

see U.S. Navy Dept.


H Miscellany


Hester, C. P.


Re Martín Castro's Claim. Oct. 13, 1859


Hope, Alexander W., 1820-


Re Whig party in Los Angeles. Dec. 30, 1851


Huddart, R. Townsend


Re sale of Santa Cruz ranches to foreign capitalists. May 18, 1853


Harper, John H.


2 letters re Gold Bluff mines. 1852


Hartley, Henry Hare


3 letters re Vaca grant. 1859


Helstrom, S. M.


6 letters re Pacheco/Mesa grants. One letter incomplete. 1858-1859


Hihn, F. A.


9 letters re Tarpey case, Rincon Ranch and Soquel Ranch. 1857-1859


Holcomb, N.


3 letters re Soquel Ranch. 1857-1858


Hubbs, Paul K., 1800-1874


16 letters re legal aspects concerning lots and lands; Colton grants. 1854-1856


J Miscellany


Jarragin, J. M.


Description of Sonora; mention of Santa Anna. Jan. 25, 1854


Johnson, John Neely, 1825-1872


Re meeting of Whig State Central Committee. Feb. 25, 1852


Jones, James McHall, 1823-1851


Nov. 8, 1851


Jones, Roger, 1789-1852

see U.S. Adjutant General's Office; U.S. Post Office


Jones, Thomas Ap Catesby, 1790-1856


4 letters, 1849-1850. Written as Commander-in-chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Pacific Ocean. Some also signed by Rodman M. Price. Enclosure: contemporary copy of letter from Edwin Bryant to Jones. All relate to Wilson's bond as Navy Agent for San Francisco.


K Miscellany


King, Austin Augustus, 1802-1870


May 24, n.y.


L Miscellany


Langdon, C. W.


Re La Jota grant and George C. Yount. Nov. 1, 1859


Love, Harry


May 24, 1858


Latham & Sunderland, Sacramento


2 letters re Vaca/Peña grant. 1857


Love, Mary Bennett


About business matters. With one letter from John Moore to Mrs. Bennett.


M Miscellany


McCutcheon, William


Re San Ysidro Ranch. Written and with additional note by Thomas Bodley. May 16, 1857


McKinstry, Elisha Williams, 1825-1901


Re Moraga vs. Emeric. May 15, 1854


Majors, Joseph L.


Written and signed for him by C. Winterholter. Apr. 21, 1859


Marshall, Edward C.


Re Gulnac claim; politics; Gwin and Broderick. Nov. 11, 1854


Minor, D. K.


Addressed to James M. Crane, but meant also for John Wilson. Re lots in San Francisco. Dec. 2, 1853


Montgomery, John Berrien, 1794-1873


Requesting information concerning town lots held by his two deceased sons. Mar. 13, 1853


Moore, Jacob Bailey, 1797-1853


Relating to Wilson's accounts as Indian Agent and Navy Agent. Feb. 18, 1853


Moore, John H.


Re Mary Bennett Love's case; Whigs. June 14, 1852

See also: Love, Mary Bennett


Murphy, John M.


Re San Jose Pueblo Land Claim. Sept. 26, 1856


McKiernan, Charles


5 letters re Guadalupe Castro; Soquel Ranch. 1857-1858


McLean, John T.


2 letters re Whigs in Santa Cruz. 1851-1852


Martin, G. T.


2 letters re Whigs. 1851-1852


Medill, William, 1805-1865

see U.S. Office of Indian Affairs.


Merrill, Nathaniel, 1823-1900


5 letters, 1856. Include one letter to Henry L. Ford. Re Claims in Tehama County.


Monson, A. C.


2 letters re Whigs. One letter written as Chairman, Whig Convention Committee. 1851


Moore, Benjamin F.


3 letters re Whigs in Tuolumne County. 1851-1852


Morris, Robert Murray


2 letters re his duties as escort to John Wilson on journey to California. 1849


Morse, John Frederick, 1815-1874


4 letters re Whig Party in California. 1851-1852


Mudd, J. H. Clay


2 letters re Whigs in Washington, D.C. and political appointments of Californians. 1852


Noble, Augustus


9 letters re Soquel Ranch. 1857-1858


O Miscellany


Ormsby, C. N.


Re Whig politics. Anti - Thomas Butler King. June 30, 1851


P Miscellany


Payran, Stephen


Declining nomination to the House. Aug. 6, 1851


Peckham, R. F., 1827-


Feb. 12, 1857


Perkiam, Joseph


Re Whigs in Butte Co. May 14, 1851


Parks, H. G.


6 letters re Vaca grant. 1857-1859


Parsons, George


3 letters re land around Santa Cruz. 1859


Porter, George R.


4 letters. 1858


Preston, William Ballard, 1805-1862

see U.S. Navy Dept.


R Miscellany


Reading, Pierson Barton, 1816-1868


Accepting nomination as Whig candidate for office of State Governor. June 9, 1851


Reed, E. P.


2 letters re property in San Jose. 1855


Robinson, Tod


3 letters re Whig party. One letter written and signed for Robinson by John Frederick Morse. 1852


Russell, William Henry, 1802-1873


7 letters. Include one letter to Major Allen. Some relate to politics. 1849-1853.


S Miscellany


Sargent, Aaron Augustus, 1827-1887


Re politics. May 25, 1855


Semple, Charles D.


Re politics. May 21, 1855


Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872


Re politics. Also clipping of Mar. 15, 1854 sent by Seward to Wilson (of Wilson's endorsement on verso) Dec. 6, 1856


Smith, S. S.


As clerk of Whig Party Ward Committee. July 2, 1851


Swan, Thomas M.


Aug. 31, 1859


Switzler, S.


Description of Hangtown (Placerville) and of mining. Jan. 27, 1850


Sawyer, Ebenezer D.


5 letters. Whig Politics; San Francisco water front land. 1854


Sevige, James


2 letters re Whigs in Sutter County. 1851


Smith, Henry H.


2 letters re property around Martinez. 1859


Smith, Truman, 1791-1884


25 letters re Whig politics; Thomas Butler King; Pacific Railroad; gold, copper and silver mines of Lake Superior. 1850-1856


Stout, Alfred H.


2 letters re Whigs in Colusa County; California Indians. 1851-1853


T Miscellany


Taylor, R. H.


Requesting information to refute democratic charges against the Whigs. Aug. 15, 1851


Torre, Pablo della


Aug. 11, 1858


Torrence, G. W.


Letter of introduction for Mr. William Bickham, Whig delegate from El Dorado County. May 22, 1851


Tanner, James


6 letters re Sutter Claim. 1852-1853


Tarpey, Matthew


5 letters re Santa Cruz lands. 1857-1858


Thomas, A.


2 letters re Vaca/Peña grants; news of Governor Boggs. 1859


Troy, Daniel


4 letters. 1858-1859


U Miscellany


U.S. Adjutant General's Office


Contemporary copy (for Wilson) of letter by Roger Jones to William Wing Loring. Apr. 13, 1849


U.S. General Land Office


Signed by James Whitcomb, Commissioner. Aug. 19, 1840


U.S. Post Office


Letter from Fitzhenry Warren, enclosing letter from Roger Jones, of May 14, 1849. May 15, 1849


U.S. Quartermaster's Dept.


Written by Charles Thomas. Oct. 14, 1851


Upson, Lauren, d. 1885


Written on California lettersheet "Diagram of the Burnt District - Sacramento ... 1852." Discussion of the Chinese Question in terms of its political significance to the Whigs. June 12, 1854


U.S. Navy Dept.


9 letters, 1849-1851. 3 signed by William Ballard Preston, 6 signed by William A. Graham. All relate to Wilson as Navy Agent.


U.S. Office of Indian Affairs


3 letters, 1849-1850. Written by Orlando Brown and William Medill.


Apr. 7, 1859 letter includes commission to Wilson as Indian Agent, signed by Zachary Taylor.


Feb. 19, 1850 letter contains statement as to boundaries of Indian agencies, defining Wilson's authority to west of the Sierra Nevada.


U.S. Treasury Dept.


3 letters re accounts as former Indian Agent. Signed by Powell Clayton. 1851-1853


Van Dyke, Walter


2 letters re Whigs; scheme for getting mail for Trinidad, California. 1852


W Miscellany


Weller, John B., 1812-1875


Nov. 9, 1857.


Whitton, Jesse W.


Re George Yount's claim in Napa Valley. Apr. 12, 1852


Wilson, William Henry


Re Gold Bluff Mine. May 5, 1857


Winn, A. M.


Re Temperance organization in relation to politics. Oct. 2, 1855


Walthall, Madison


4 letters re Whigs and politics. 1850-1853


Weld, E. F.


Re various land claims, including Coggeshall's. 6 letters, 1858-1859.


Wilson, Micajah D., d. 1862


3 letters re Gold Bluff Mines. Reference to J. Ross Browne. Aug. 10, 1858 letter to Henry L. Ford. 1851-1858


Wilson, O. P.


5 letters re Amesti claim, Calavessero grant. 1858-1859


Wood, R. N.


4 letters re Whig politics. Include copy of letter addressed to President Fillmore, written by Wood and signed by various Whig members of the California legislature. 1852


Worster, J. Rutherford


5 letters re politics and business affairs. 1854-1855


Y Miscellany


Yoell, Jasper Alexander


Re Gulnac claim. Oct. 28, 1854


Young, John, 1802-1852


Introducing Samuel Strong. Feb. 16, 1850


Younger, Coleman


2 letters re San Jose Pueblo Lands. 1851-1852

Letters Not Addressed to Wilson


Alvarado, Juan Bautista, 1809-1882


To John Gilroy. Oct. 3, 1858


Kenaday, Alexander McConnell


To A. C. Russell, concerning politics in Southern California. July 24, 1851