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Inventory of Portraits of Shakespearean Actors and Actresses [graphic], 18--
BANC PIC 19xx.020--POR  
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List of Items

item 1

Ariel; after a painting by Townsend.

item 2

Henry Haviland as Prospero.

item 3

Mrs. F. R. Benson as Miranda.

item 4

F. R. Benson as Caliban.

item 5

Basil Gill and Norah Kerin as Ferdinand and Miranda.

item 6

Sir Herbert Tree as Sir John Falstaff.

item 7

Miss Ellen Terry as Mistress Page.

item 8

Mrs. Kendal as Mistress Ford.

item 9

Miss Lilian Braithwaite as Anne Page.

item 10

C. Coker King as Slender.

item 11

Sir Herbert Tree, Miss Ellen Terry, Mrs. Kendall: Sir John Falstaff, Mistress Page and Mistress Ford; painting by Sir John Collier.

item 12

Sir John Falstaff after the painting by Greuze.

item 13

Thirza Norman as Julia.

item 14

Ada Rehan as Julia.

item 15

H. B. Irving as Don Juan.

item 16

Sir George Alexander as Benedict.

item 17

Miss Fay Davis as Hero.

item 18

Miss Ellen Terry as Beatrice.

item 19

Miss Julia Neilson as Beatrice.

item 20

F. R. Benson as Lysander.

item 21

Oscar Asche as Bottom.

item 22

Miss Julia Neilson as Oberon.

item 23

Sir Henry Irving as Shylock.

item 24

Sir Henry Irving as Shylock.

item 25

Sir Henry Irving as Shylock.

item 26

Edwin Booth as Shylock, after the drawing by W. J. Hennessey. (Neg. Avail.)

item 27

Macready as Shylock.

item 28

Richard Mansfield as Shylock.

item 29

Arthur Bouchier as Shylock.

item 30

Edwin Forrest as Shylock.

item 31

Miss Ellen Terry as Portia, after the painting by Mrs. L. Jopling.

item 32

Miss Ellen Terry as Portia.

item 33

Miss Ellen Terry as Portia.

item 34

Miss Ada Rehan as Portia.

item 35

Madame Helena Modjeska as Portia. (Neg. Avail.)

item 36

Macklin and Mrs. Pope as Shylock and Portia.

item 37

Mr. and Mrs. Davenport as Shylock and Portia.

item 38

Sir George Alexander as Orlando.

item 39

Miss Julia Neilson as Rosalind.

item 40

Miss Dorothea Baird as Rosalind.

item 41

Miss Mary Anderson as Rosalind.

item 42

Miss Dorothea Baird as Phebe.

item 43

H. V. Esmond as Touchstone.

item 44

Mrs. F. R. Benson as Katharine.

item 45

Miss Lily Brayton as Katharine.

item 46

F. R. Benson as Petruchio.

item 47

Miss Mabel Terry Lewis as Bianca.

item 48

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Malvolio.

item 49

Miss Ada Rehan as Viola.

item 50

Miss Lily Brayton as Viola.

item 51

Charles Fry as Leontes.

item 52

Miss Mary Anderson as Hermione.

item 53

Miss Olive Kennet as Hermione.

item 54

Miss Ellen Terry as Volumnia.

item 55

Miss Genevieve Ward as Volumnia.

item 56

Kyrle Bellew as Romeo.

item 57

Johnstone Forbes Robertson as Romeo.

item 58

Wilson Barret as Mercutio. (Neg. Avail.)

item 59

Miss Mary Anderson as Juliet.

item 60

Miss Margaret Halston as Juliet.

item 61

F. R. Benson as Timon.

item 62

J. H. Leigh as Timon of Athens.

item 63

F. R. Benson as Mark Anthony.

item 64

Basil Gill as Brutus.

item 65

Lewis Waller as Brutus.

item 66

Lily Hanbury as Calpurnia.

item 67

Nancy Price as Calpurnia.

item 68

John Henderson as Macbeth.

item 69

Edwin Booth as Macbeth, after drawing by W. J. Hennessey.

item 70

F. R. Benson as Macbeth.

item 71

Robert B. Mantell as Macbeth. (Neg. Avail.)

item 72

Robert Taber as Macduff.

item 73

Mrs. Siddons as Lady Macbeth.

item 74

Mrs. Siddons as Lady Macbeth.

item 75

Charlotte Cushman as Lady Macbeth.

item 76

Madame Sarah Bernhardt as Lady Macbeth.

item 77

Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth.

item 78

Miss Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth.

item 79

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth.

item 80

Mme. Helena Modjeska as Lady Macbeth. (Neg. Avail.)

item 81

David Garrick as Hamlet.

item 82

John Phillip Kemble as Hamlet, after the painting by Lawrence.

item 83

John Philip Kemble as Hamlet, after the painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

item 84

Charles Kean as Hamlet.

item 85

Edwin Forrest as Hamlet.

item 86

James William Wallack as Hamlet, after the drawing by T. Wageman.

item 87

Edwin Booth as Hamlet.

item 88

Edwin Booth as Hamlet.

item 89

Sir Henry Irving as Hamlet.

item 90

Tommaso Salvini as Hamlet. (Neg. Avail.)

item 91

Forbes Robertson as Hamlet.

item 92

Johnston Forbes Roberston as Hamlet.

item 93

E. H. Sothern as Hamlet.

item 94

Henry B. Irving as Hamlet.

item 95

Ellen Terry as Ophelia.

item 96

Gertrude Elliot as Ophelia.

item 97

Mrs. Patrick Campbell as Ophelia.

item 98

Miss Granville as "The Queen" in Hamlet, act 1, scene 2.

item 99

Sir Henry Irving as King Lear, after a drawing by Bernard Partridge.

item 100

Miss Ellen Terry as Cordelia.

item 101

Macready as Othello.

item 102

Edwin Forrest as Othello.

item 103

John Macculloch as Othello. (Neg. Avail.)

item 104

Tommaso Salvini as Othello.

item 105

Tommaso Salvini as Othello.

item 106

Ermate Novelle as Othello.

item 107

Johnston Forbes Robertson as Othello.

item 108

Edwin Booth as Iago. (Neg. Avail.)

item 109

Edwin Booth as Iago.

item 110

Henry Haviland as Iago.

item 111

Gertrude Elliot as Desdemona.

item 112

Hubert Carter and Tita Brand as Othello and Desdemona.

item 113

Mrs. Lilian Langtry as Cleopatra.

item 114

Gordon Craig as Arviragus.

item 115

Miss Ellen Terry as Imogen.

item 116

Miss Julia Arthur as Imogen.

item 117

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as King John.

item 118

Mrs. F. R. Benson as Constance.

item 119

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as King Richard II.

item 120

Brandon Thomas as John of Gaunt.

item 121

Basil Gill as Duke of Aumerle.

item 122

Oscar Asche as Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk.

item 123

Oscar Asche as Bolingbroke.

item 124

Lionel Brough as the Gardener.

item 125

Miss Lilly Brayton as Queen to King Richard II.

item 126

Mrs. F. R. Benson as Doll Tearsheet.

item 127

Lewis Waller as King Henry V.

item 128

F. R. Benson as King Henry V.

item 129

George Rignold as King Henry V. (Neg. Avail.)

item 130

William Mallinson as Pistol.

item 131

Oscar Asche as Pistol.

item 132

Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Benson as King Henry V and Katharine of France.

item 133

David Garrick as King Richard III.

item 134

David Garrick as King Richard III, after the painting by Hogarth.

item 135

John Philip Kemble as King Richard III.

item 136

Edmund Kean as King Richard III.

item 137

Edwin Forrest as King Richard III.

item 138

Richard Mansfield as King Richard III.

item 139

F. R. Benson as King Richard III. (Neg. Avail.)

item 140

Junius Brutus Booth as King Richard III.

item 141

Edwin Booth as Duke of Glo'ster.

item 142

Richard Mansfield as Duke of Glo'ster.

item 143

Gordon Craig as King Edward IV.

item 144

Miss Lena Ashwell as Prince Edward.

item 145

Lena Ashwell as Edward V.

item 146

Julia Arthur as Lady Anne.

item 147

Genevieve Ward as Margaret of Anjou.

item 148

William Terris as King Henry VIII.

item 149

Samuel Phelps as Cardinal Wolsey, after painting by Johnston Forbes Robertson, in the Garrick Club, London.

item 150

Henry Harris as Cardinal Wolsey.

item 151

Sir Henry Irving as Cardinal Wolsey.

item 152

Sir Henry Irving as Cardinal Wolsey.

item 153

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree as Cardinal Wolsey.

item 154

J. Forbes Robertson as the Duke of Buckingham.

item 155

Mrs. Siddons as Queen Katharine (trial scene of Henry VIII).

item 156

Ellen Terry as Queen Katharine.

item 157

Ellen Terry as Queen Katharine.

item 158

Violet Vanbrugh as Anne Bullen.