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Title: H.K. Hathaway Papers,
Identifier/Call Number: JL011
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 12.0 Linear feet
Date (inclusive): 1907-1929
creator: Hathaway, H. King

Scope and Content

Collection consists of reports and correspondence concerning the reorganization of various companies that consulted Hathaway, a prominent management consultant, mainly in the East and New England, but in several cases in San Francisco. The years covered are 1907 to 1929, with the exception of two books presented to the business school in 1937, containing scientific management material. These papers consist of both incoming and outgoing correspondence pertaining to the reports compiled by Hathaway, and the reports themselves.
Material on machine operations and various industrial information comprise the rest of the collection. These instruction cards and abstract management reports (that is, not pertaining to a specific company) cover the years 1922-1924, approximately.
H. King Hathaway was a consulting engineer in New York and San Francisco, associated with the Schlage Lock Company in San Francisco, and the Tabor Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a principal follower of Frederick W. Taylor, the “Father of Scientific Management”, and there are several documents related to Taylor in this collection.

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[Identification of item] H.K. Hathaway Papers, JL011, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.


Gift of H. King Hathaway to the Jackson Library of Business. Transferred to the Department of Special Collections in 1979.

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Box 1, Folder 1

Acme Wire Company, New Haven, Conn. 1911-1917

Box 1, Folder 2

Arkell Safety Bag Company, New York 1910-1920

Box 1, Folder 3

Beech-Nut Packing Company, Canajoharie, New Jersey 1907-1920

Box 1, Folder 4

Beech-Nut Packing Company, 1920-1923

Box 1, Folder 5

Bethleham Shipbuilding Corporation, South Bethleham, Pennsylvania March-Oct 1919

Box 1, Folder 6

Bethleham Shipbuilding Corp. Nov 1919-Feb 1923

Box 2, Folder 7

Bethleham Shipbuilding Corp. (data) 1918-1919

Box 2, Folder 8

Bethleham Shipbuilding Corp. (data, charts) 1920

Box 2, Folder 9

Bethleham Shipbuilding Corp. (foundry reports) 1919

Box 2, Folder 10

Barcalo Manufacturing Company, Buffalo, N.Y. 1912-Dec 1913

Box 2, Folder 11

Barcalo Mfg. Co. Jan 1914-Jan 1917

Box 2, Folder 12

Brockton Heel Company, Campello, Mass. 1911-1915

Box 3, Folder 13

Day and Zimmerman and Penn Central Light and Power Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 1907-1913

Box 3, Folder 14

Day and Zimmerman and Penn Central, 1914-1917

Box 3, Folder 15

Day and Zimmerman and Penn Central, (misc. reports) 1913

Box 3, Folder 16

Delong Hook and Eye Company, Philadelphia 1919-1921

Box 3, Folder 17

Eaton, Crane & Pike Company, Pittsfield, Mass. 1913-1920

Box 3, Folder 18

Eaton, Crane & Pike Co. 1920-1923

Box 4, Folder 19

Hermann-Aukam & Company, New York 1914-1915

Box 4, Folder 20

Hermann-Aukam & Company, 1915-1917

Box 4, Folder 21-24

Jones and Laughlin Steel Company, Pittsburg, Pa.

Box 5, Folder 25-26

Jones and Laughlin Steel Company, 1920-1924

Box 5, Folder 27

The Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mase. 1908-1916

Box 5, Folder 28

J.C. Plimpton & Company, Liverpool, England (data)

Box 5, Folder 29

J.C. Plimpton & Company, 1929

Box 6, Folder 30

Plymouth Cordage Works, No. Plymouth, Mass. 1911

Box 6, Folder 31

Plymouth Cordage Works, 1912-1913

Box 6, Folder 32

Sanford E. Thompson, Boston, Mass. 1910-1917

Box 6, Folder 33

National Magnesia Manufacturing Company

Box 6, Folder 34

Marchant Calculating Machine Company, San Francisco 1927

Box 6, Folder 35

New England Butt Company, Providence, R.I. 1912-1920

Box 6, Folder 36

Milbrook's Restaurant, New York

Box 7, Folder 37

Department of Education, San Francisco 1928

Box 7, Folder 38

United Gas Improvement Company, Philadelphia, Pa. 1911-1923

Box 7, Folder 39

United States Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry, Burlington, Jew Jersey 1912

Box 7, Folder 40

Lovell-McConnell Manufacturing Co., Newark, N.J., 1911

Box 7, Folder 41

C. Stanley Hurlbut, Philadelphia, Pa. 1919

Box 7, Folder 42

Farrel Foundry and Machine Co., Ansoma, Conn. 1911-1912

Box 7, Folder 43

H.C. Cohn Co., Rochester, N.Y. 1919-1923

Box 7, Folder 44

Commercial Truck Co. of America, Phil., Pa. 1916

Box 7, Folder 45

George W. Smith & Co. 1919

Box 7, Folder 46

Roland Park Co., Baltimore, Md. 1912

Box 7, Folder 47

Roentgen Manufacturing Co., Phil., Pa. 1912

Box 7, Folder 48

Republic Metalware Co., Buffalo, N.Y. 1913

Box 7, Folder 49

New York Shipbuilding Corp. 1922

Box 7, Folder 50

J.H. Williams & Co., Buffalo, N.Y. 1916

Box 7, Folder 51

Marcel Michelin, Clermont, France 1912

Box 7, Folder 51a

Gulf District Statistics

Box 7, Folder 51b

Chemical Works



Box 8, Folder 52


Box 8, Folder 53


Box 8, Folder 54


Box 8, Folder 55

Instruction cards and tool lists

Box 8, Folder 56

Cutting speeds for different kinds of metal; photographs of machines.

Box 8, Folder 57

Instructions for operating 8" Tabor Mfg. Co. power squeezer; instructions to card writers

Box 8, Folder 58

Taylor System Elementary Unit Time DATA SHEETS

Box 9, Folder 59


Box 9, Folder 60



a) Boxes for “T” Head bolts


b) Trays for Taylor's Flying Machine


c) Time card and stores issue sorting apparatus-Flying Machine


d) Time card racks


e) Paring tools


f) Round nose roughing tools


g) U.S. War Dept. Ordnance Dept. Supply Division; instruction chart for balance of stores sheet- 1918


h) Planning department desk

Box 9, Folder 61

Forging equipment for Taylor standard lathe and planer tools

Box 9, Folder 62



a) Speeds and feeds for machine tools


b) Speeds and feeds for machine tools


c) Route sheet for handkerchief finishing


d) Instruction card and time studies on washing factory windows.

Box 9, Folder 63

Forging instructions and equipment for paring tools

Box 9, Folder 64


Box 9, Folder 65

Stores system including classification A:S.M.E.

Box 10

a) The care of belting in accordance with the Taylor system.


b) Charge symbol classification


c) Specifications for High Speed steel cutters for Taylor-Newbold saws and milling cutters


d) Examination of drawings


e) Entering machine time on cost sheet


f) Approval of bills by the auditor


g) Conditions governing bonus to be paid on different functions


h) Bonus for new men


i) Routine and bonus for time clerk


j) Bonus specifications for time study man


k) Bonus for time study clerk


l) Cleaning machines- Bonus time for same


m) Standing order for a speed boss


n) Duties of the repair boss


o) Duties of gang boss


p) Duties of an erecting gang boss


q) Standing order B.D. Draughting dept. practice and standards


r) Order of work for B.D.


s) Furnace equipment assignment of men and work


t) Standing order for foundry clerk


u) Supplement to foundry routine


v) (Sales)- follow up system


w) The follow up clerk's routine


x) Standing orders for entry clerks (per unit)


y) Distribution of “overhead” or indirect expenses


z) Damage reports


a1) Production clerk-location and number of fire pails


b1) Standing order for making, issue and recall of tool lists and instruction cards, and issue and recall of tools


c1) Standing order for the issue and recall of instruction cards, tool lists, and drawings by the planning dept.


d1) Departmental charges


e1) Classification of tools

Box 11

a) Classification of worked materials-Sales


b) Classification of stores - Sales


c) Transcripts of forms- War dept.



Box 12

a) Forms


b) Small tool data sheets and progress sheets


c) Instruction cards under product symbol VB, VC


d) Instruction cards under product symbol VF, VG


e) Instruction cards under product symbol VH, VJ, VK


f) Instruction cards under product symbol VL, VN


g) Instruction cards under product symbol VP


h) Instruction cards under product symbol VS, VT

Box 13

a) Instruction cards under product symbol VU


b) Instruction cards under product symbol VW, VY, VZ


c) Index to instruc. cards filed under product symbols VB-VG


d) Index to instruc. cards filed under product symbols VH-VP


e) Index to instruc. cards filed under product symbols VS-VZ


f) Index to instruc. cards covering jobs filed under machine tool symbols


g) Instruction cards on grinding


h) Instruction cards on grinding


i) Instruc. cards covering jobs on horizontal and vertical boring machines, centering machines, etc.


j) Standing order on instruc. cards for all machine shop cleaning July 1922


k) Same


l) Instruc. cards- miscellaneous 1923-1924

Box 14

a) Organizations and methods department forms


b) Engineering department forms


c) Standing order of the general procedure-task and bonus system 1923


d) Standing order on the procedure for inspection of machine operations


e) Standing order on various bonus applications


f) Standing order of procedure- file and printing branch of the engineering dept.


g) Standing order of the procedure-engineering and drawing division of the engineering dept.


h) Same


i) Engineering and drawing division outline


j) Engineering and drawing division and its functions


k) Standing order on general procedure of brass foundry


l) Procedure for control of operation-No. 2 iron foundry


m) (part of) F.W. Taylor Specifications for High Speed Steel


n) F.W. Taylor Specifications for High Speed Steel and instruction cards.


o) Same


p) Same


q) Data on standard time records, cutting speeds, etc.


r) Maintenance section for No. 1 mill


s) Classification of work in fitting section for time study


t) Feed and speed and capacity data sheets

Box 15

Feed and Speed and Capacity data sheets

Box 16

Feed and Speed and Capacity data sheets


a) Classification sheets taken from small tools classification


b) Classification sheets taken from the machine tool classification


c) Machine shop belt classification


d) Classification sheets taken from machine shop belting classification


e) Classification sheets taken from crane classification


f) Stores-purchased material


g) Classification sheets taken from stores classification- material purchased


h) Classification sheets taken from stores classification (worked material-for parts)

Box 17

a) Notebook-workers and hours-steel foundry


b) Small tool classification A-DB


c) Small tool classification DC-HY


d) Small tool classification J-PH

Box 18

a) Small tool classification PL-WZ


b) Notebook-machine tool classification


c) Notebook-worked materials-classification of parts


d) Link Belt Engineering Co.- blueprints



Box 19

a) Bethleham classification


b) Bethleham classification


c) Bethleham classification


d) Backstrom Report- industrial conditions in U.S.A. Stern Backstrom 1920.


e) Scientific Management Manuscripts


f) Sales planning and control- follow up system


g) Maintenance of machinery and equipment as a part of the Taylor System of Management


h) Same


i) The Attitude of Labor Towards Scientific Management-Godfrey Hollis

Box 20, Folder 66



a) Maintenance of Standards-Victor S. Karabasz


b) Training and Selection of Workers-?


c) On the Index as a factor in industry-John H. Williams


d) Power Distribution Costs-Morris Llewellyn Cooke


e) Overhead Expense Distribution- Royal R. Keely

Box 20, Folder 67

Hathaway: Manuscripts and notes

Box 20, Folder 68

Hathaway: Pamphlets, articles, papers

Box 20, Folder 69

Barth: Preliminary report to the Pullman Co.


Testimony before Commission on Industrial Relations 1914


Several pamphlets by Barth

Box 20, Folder 70

Barth- Supplement to F.W. Taylor's “On the Art of Cutting Metals”.


Tables and charts on Taylor's treatise

Box 20, Folder 71

Taylor- Home Classification


Magazine articles regarding Taylor

Box 20, Folder 72

Taylor's death- March 21, 1915








Chronological statement of his activite

Box 21

a) Forms for Manufacturing department- Anritsn Electric Co. Lmt.


b) Same, for Tokyo Keiki Co. Lmt.


c) Same, for Niigata Iron Works Lmt.


d) Miscellaneous notebook-biological, industrial journals


e) Book on “Scientific Management Material Developed From the Large and Extensive Consulting Practice of Carl. G. Barth and Made Available to the Graduate School of Business Through the Courtesy of Carl G. Barth and King Hathaway, December 1937”

Box 22

Larger volume with same title

Box 23

Looseleaf binder; photostated articles and reports by Hathaway