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Guide to the Alfred H. Sturtevant Papers, 1849-1969
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Box Box 1, Folder 1.1

American Association for the Advancement of Science 1952-1955

Folder 1.2

American Association of Scientific Workers 1940

Folder 1.3

American Cancer Society 1960

Folder 1.4

American Entomological Society 1953

Folder 1.5

American Iris Society 1943-1957

Folder 1.6

A miscellaneous

Folder 1.7

Babcock, E. B. 1931-1932


Bateson, William

See: C miscellaneous, Coleman, William 1964

Folder 1.8

Beadle, George W. 1946-1969

Folder 1.9

Bender, Harvey 1966-1968

Folder 1.10

Book reviews (misc.) 1963-1964

Folder 1.11

Bridges, Calvin B. 1966-1968

Folder 1.12

B miscellaneous


California Institute of Technology

Folder 1.13

Biology Division 1941-1966

Folder 1.14

Research proposals 1944-1946

Folder 1.15

Biology library ca. 1945


Faculty and committee meeting minutes

Folder 1.16


Folder 1.17


Box Box 2, Folder 2.1

Miscellaneous correspondence 1944-1967

Folder 2.2

California, University of, Davis 1961

Folder 2.3

California, University of, Santa Cruz 1966

Folder 2.4

Calkins, Gary N. 1943

Folder 2.5

Carnegie Museum 1953-1954

Folder 2.6

Childress, Dinah 1966-1968

Folder 2.7

Clarkson College 1964-1965

Folder 2.8

Conference invitations (misc.) 1947-1969

Folder 2.9

Cook, Edwin F. 1952-1953

Folder 2.10

Cooper, Kenneth 1943-1962

Folder 2.11

Crow, James F. 1955-1967

Folder 2.12

C miscellaneous

Folder 2.13

Demerec, M. 1944-1959

Folder 2.14

Dobzhansky, Theodosius 1945-1969

Folder 2.15

D miscellaneous

Folder 2.16

E miscellaneous

Folder 2.17

F miscellaneous



Folder 2.18


Folder 2.19



Genetics Society of America

Folder 2.20

General 1944-1968

Folder 2.21

Mendel Centennial Committee 1962-1965

Folder 2.22

Public Affairs pamphlet no. 165 1952

Folder 2.23

Genetics Society of Great Britain 1948-1969

Folder 2.24

Genetics Society of Japan 1956-1967

Folder 2.25

Goldschmidt, Richard 1949

Folder 2.26

Green, Mel 1956-1962

Folder 2.27

G miscellaneous

Box Box 3, Folder 3.1

Hinton, Claude 1950-1967

Folder 3.2

Hovanitz, William 1956-1957

Folder 3.3

H miscellaneous

Folder 3.4

International Conference on Replication and Recombination of Genetic Material, Canberra 1967

Folder 3.5

International Conference on Genetics, Montreal 1958

Folder 3.6

Invitations 1946-1965

Folder 3.7

Iris, misc. corrrespondence re 1947-1967

Folder 3.8

J miscellaneous

Folder 3.9

K miscellaneous

Folder 3.10

Lewis, Edward B. and Pamela 1945-1966

Folder 3.11

Lindsley, D. L. [undated]

Folder 3.12

L miscellaneous

Folder 3.13

Mendel, Gregor 1957; 1965; n.d.

Folder 3.14

Miscellaneous [unidentified]


Morgan, Thomas Hunt

Folder 3.15

Bibliography n.d.


Centennial symposium, Lexington 1966

Folder 3.16


Folder 3.17


Folder 3.18

Correspondence re T. H. Morgan 1945-1969

Folder 3.19

Genealogy 1956; undated

Folder 3.20

Memoirs, reminiscences, biographical 1945-1967; undated

Folder 3.21

Talks and memoirs by A. H. Sturtevant 1965-1970

Folder 3.22

Morgan, Thomas Hunt and Isabel 1934, n.d.

Folder 3.23

Muller, Hermann J. 1957-1966

Box Box 4, Folder 4.1

M miscellaneous


National Academy of Sciences

Folder 4.2


Folder 4.3

Kimber Award Committee 1955-1960

Folder 4.4

National Research Council: Conference for the Maintenance of Pure Genetic Strains 1940

Folder 4.5

National Science Foundation: research proposals and evaluations 1956-1969

Folder 4.6

Novitski, Edward and Esther 1945-1966

Folder 4.7

N miscellaneous

Folder 4.8

Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1953-1967

Folder 4.9

Office of Scientific Research and Development 1945

Folder 4.10

Owen, Ray D. 1944-1945

Folder 4.11

O miscellaneous


Patterson, J. T.

Folder 4.12


Folder 4.13


Folder 4.14

Penrose, L. S. 1959

Folder 4.15

Princeton University 1946-1964



Folder 4.16

A History of Genetics 1963-1967

Folder 4.17

An Introduction to Genetics (with George Beadle) 1938-1968

Folder 4.18

Misc. correspondence 1941-1969

Folder 4.19

P miscellaneous


Randolph, L. F.

Box Box 5, Folder 5.1


Folder 5.2


Folder 5.3

Recommendation, letters of 1944-1968

Folder 5.4

Remington, Charles 1957-1963

Folder 5.5

Reprint requests 1947-1966

Folder 5.6

Reviews of manuscripts 1939-1968

Folder 5.7

Rockefeller Foundation 1935-1945

Folder 5.8

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory 1956-1965

Folder 5.9

Roe, Ann 1947-1965

Folder 5.10

Roman, Herschel 1961-1968

Folder 5.11

R miscellaneous

Folder 5.12

Schrader, Franz 1946-1962

Folder 5.13

Schultz, Jack 1966

Folder 5.14

Science magazine 1945-1961

Folder 5.15

Society of Color Blind American Geneticists (SOCBAG) 1967

Folder 5.16

Spencer, W. P. 1938-1944

Box Box 6, Folder 6.1

Spitzer, Ralph 1949

Folder 6.2

Stadtler, L. J. 1940-1949

Folder 6.3

Stalker, Harrison 1942-1962

Folder 6.4

Stern, Curt 1945-1968

Folder 6.5

Sugar Research Foundation 1944

Folder 6.6

S miscellaneous

Folder 6.7

Texas, University of 1961-1968

Folder 6.8

Tyler, David 1947

Folder 6.9

T miscellaneous

Folder 6.10

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO): "Statement on Race" 1952

Folder 6.11

U miscellaneous

Folder 6.12

Washington, University of 1960-1962

Folder 6.13

Weiss, Paul 1945

Folder 6.14

Western Washington College of Education 1959


Wheeler, M. R.

Folder 6.15


Folder 6.16


Folder 6.17


Folder 6.18

Wirth, Willis W. 1952-1964

Folder 6.19

W miscellaneous

Folder 6.20

Y miscellaneous

Folder 6.21

Unsorted envelopes



Box Box 7, Folder 7.1

Bibliography 1970; undated

Folder 7.2

Biographical notes [undated]

Folder 7.3

70th birthday congratulations 1961

Folder 7.4

Clippings, etc 1957; 1959; 1965; undated

Folder 7.5

Condolences 1970



Folder 7.6

Family letters 1908-1968

Folder 7.7

Misc. letters, cards 1966



Folder 7.8

"The Ancestry of Harriet Morse Sturtevant," compiled by A. H. Sturtevant 1955


Family letters

Folder 7.9


Folder 7.10


Folder 7.11

1894 Jan-Jun

Folder 7.12

1894 Jul-Dec

Folder 7.13

1898; 1900

Folder 7.14


Folder 7.15


Folder 7.16


Folder 7.17


Folder 7.18


Folder 7.19

Notebook: "Genealogical Table of Alfred Henry Sturtevant Junior" ca. 1910



Folder 7.20

The John Rogers Families in Plymouth and Vicinity 1895


The Rogers Family of Georgtown ca. 1895

Folder 7.21

Miscellaneous notes and tables

Folder 7.22-7.25

Tables 1-4




Honorary doctorates

Box Box 8, Folder 8.1

Princeton University 1947

Folder 8.2

Yale University 1951

Folder 8.3

University of Pennsylvania 1949


National Academy of Sciences

Folder 8.4

Carty Medal 1964-1965

Folder 8.5

Kimber Genetics Medal 1957

Folder 8.6-8.7

National Medal of Science 1968 [certificate in oversize file 15.1]

Folder 8.8

Interview: Garland Allen 1965

Folder 8.9

Memoir of A. H. Sturtevant by George Beadle 1970

Folder 8.10


Folder 8.11

Obituaries 1970

Folder 8.12

Official papers

Box Box 9, Folder 9.1

Photographs: misc.


Photograph albums

Folder 9.2

Presented on the occasion of the Sixth Drosophila Research Conference in Madison, Wisconsin 1964 Apr 1-3

Folder 9.3

William G. Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory, Corona del Mar ca. 1930

Folder 9.4

Woods Hole 1916-1919

Box Box 10, Folder 10.1

New York 1913-1920

Folder 10.2

Europe 1922

Folder 10.3

Biologists 1912-1920





Box Box 11, Folder 11.1

1954 Jun-Dec

Folder 11.2

1955 Jan-Feb

Folder 11.3

1955 Mar-Jul

Folder 11.4


Folder 11.5

Reprint requests 1954

Folder 11.6

Crank letters 1954-1955


National Academy of Sciences, Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation Study (BEAR)


Genetics Committee



Folder 11.7

1955 Dec-1956 Jan

Folder 11.8

1956 Feb

Folder 11.9

1956 Mar

Folder 11.10

1956 Apr

Folder 11.11

1956 May-Jun

Folder 11.12

1956 Jul-Aug

Folder 11.13

1956 Oct-Dec

Folder 11.14


Folder 11.15


Folder 11.16


Box Box 12, Folder 12.1

Estimates of genetic damage 1955; undated



Folder 12.2


Folder 12.3

1956 Feb 5-6

Folder 12.4


Folder 12.5

Report drafts 1956; undated

Folder 12.6

Summary reports 1956; 1960


Newspaper and magazine clippings

Folder 12.7


Folder 12.8


Folder 13.1-13.2


Box Box 13, Folder 13.3



Printed matter and reports

Folder 13.4

Demographic studies 1957-1958

Folder 13.5

Genetic effects 1955-1958; 1960

Folder 13.6

H-bomb test ban 1956

Folder 13.7

Medical issues 1955-1958

Folder 13.8


Folder 13.9

Protection against radiation 1955; 1959

Folder 13.10-13.11

Radiological data 1956-1957

Folder 13.12

Somatic effects: misc.

Folder 13.13

Somatic effects of Strontium 90 and leukemia 1957; undated

Folder 13.14

Speeches, statements, etc. 1955; 1959; undated

Box Box 14, Folder 14.1

United Nations: "Report of the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation" 1958


U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

Folder 14.2

"Conference on Genetics Held at Argonne National Laboratory, November 19-20, 1954"

Folder 14.3

Releases 1955-1957

Folder 14.4

Reports 1947; 1959


U.S. Congress


Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

Folder 14.5

Hearings on fallout 1957

Folder 14.6

The Nature of Radioactive Fallout and Its Effects on Man, Part 11957 [publication]

Folder 14.7

Misc. publications 1955-1960

Box Box 15, Oversize [oversize]

Scrapbooks, photos, misc. items


Scrapbook: "McCallum Summer Fellows" 1951


Photo album: Campbell Plant Research Laboratory 1960


Honorary degree: Yale 1951




Iconographica Mendeliana 1965


Fortune 1932 Jul


The Princeton Herald 1947 Jun 20



Box Box 16, Folder 16.1

"Radium Experiment with 'Big Smooth Black' Fruit Flies" n.d. [early MS]

Folder 16.2

"Tables of Probable Errors of Mendelian Ratios" n.d. [early MS]

Folder 16.3

Misc. MS notes and data on Drosophila [includes 3x5 notecards] ca. 1910-1920s

Folder 16.4

MS notes on the mating habits of the Diptera ca. 1913-1915

Folder 16.5

"Greenhouse (9-770)" 1913-1915

Folder 16.6

Composition book: notes on thoroughbred horses ca. 1915

Folder 16.7

Field notes on horse color 1915

Folder 16.8

Misc. summary sheets ca. 1920s

Folder 16.9

Drosophilia research notes and drawings ca. 1920s

Folder 16.10

Notecards [undated, 3x5]


Dorsocentral crossing and selection experiments


"American thoroughbreds," data on pedigrees and coat colors

Box Box 17, Folder 17.1

Research on horse color and breeds 1930s

Folder 17.2

"An Hypothesis Concerning the Nature of Mammalian Tumors" ca. late 1930s

Folder 17.3

"An Introduction to Genetics," first draft ca. 1938

Folder 17.4

"Maintenance of a Drosophila Stock Center," by T. H. Morgan and A. H. Sturtevant ca. 1930s

Folder 17.5

"Genetic Data on Drosophila Affinis, with a Discussion of the Relationships in the Subgenus Sophophora" 1940

Folder 17.6

MS notes on Iris, General Genetics Program ca. 1940s

Folder 17.7

"Chromosome Groups of Higher Diptera, Excluding Drosophila" ca. 1940s

Folder 17.8

MS notes on reproductive physiology of Drosophila and Diptera ca. 1940s

Folder 17.9

Misc. summary sheets 1942-1943

Folder 17.10

"On the Language and History of Drosophila," a spoof by A. H. Sturtevant, S. Emerson, and J. Schultz for T. H. Morgan's 70th birthday 1940s

Folder 17.11

Misc. summary sheets on Drosophila ca. 1940-1945

Box Box 18, Folder 18.1

"Can Specific Mutations be Induced by Serological Methods?" 1944

Folder 18.2

Misc. stock sheets and notes on Drosophila 1944-1945

Folder 18.3

Misc. MS notes ca. 1940s-1950s

Folder 18.4

"Heredity" ca. 1945


Identification notes on fly collections (Wheeler)

Folder 18.5-18.6


Folder 18.7


Folder 18.8


Box Box 19, Folder 19.1-19.2

Misc. charts, data, etc. on Drosophila ca. 1930-1938

Folder 19.3

Notes and data sheets on "The Bristle Pattern in Drosophila and Higher Diptera" undated

Folder 19.4

Notes and data on "Drosophila, Diptera and Other Flies" ca. 1950-1958

Folder 19.5

Notes and data on "Effects of Salt on Wild-Type Strains of Drosophila Melanogaster" 1952

Folder 19.6

"Systematic Position of the Drosophilidae," rough draft including notes data, drawings, census records, correspondence 1937-1945; undated

Folder 19.7

Bristles: summary sheets and data 1962

Folder 19.8

Misc. notes and data sheets 1963

Folder 19.9

"Chromosome?" 1964 [unpublished]

Folder 19.10

"On the Fly Room" [published 1965]

Folder 19.11

"On the Choice of Material for Genetic Studies," talk at Columbia 1969 May 10

Box Box 20, Folder 20.1

Misc. data, notes, summary sheets ca. 1920s-1930s

Folder 20.2

"The Distribution of Bristles in Hybrids and in Certain Mutant Types," rough draft including notes and data 1930s

Folder 20.3

"Factors Influencing Viability of Super Females," rough draft including notes and data ca. late 1930s

Folder 20.4

"The Salivary Gland Chromosomes of Drosophila Robusta" ca. 1940s

Folder 20.5

Misc. notes and data on Drosophila varieties and rabbits ca. 1940s

Folder 20.6

Notes and data on Virilis and Robusta 1942

Folder 20.7

Notes on the Kansas University collection n.d.

Box Box 21, Folder 21.1

Bibliographies, notecards, misc. [undated]

Folder 21.2

Insect photographs 1960-1961

Folder 21.3

Labels for pinned insect collections

Folder 21.4

"Observations on Variations in Nature in Oenothera" n.d.

Folder 21.5

"The Comparative Genetics of the Species of Drosophila" n.d.

Folder 21.6

"A Lethal in Drosophila that is Perhaps a Deficiency" n.d.

Folder 21.7

"Studies on the Bristle Pattern of Drosophila and Higher Diptera" n.d.

Folder 21.8

"History of III Sequences in Pseudoobscura" n.d.

Folder 21.9

"Tongue Rolling," data and correspondence 1940

Folder 21.10

Articles for Encyclopedia Britannica: "Heredity" and "Genetics" [undated]

Folder 21.11

Notes and data for "The Homologies of the Chromosome Elements in the Genus Drosophila," by A. H. Sturtevant and E. Novitski [undated]

Folder 21.12-21.13

Notes on flies [undated]

Folder 21.14

Data for historical papers [undated]

Folder 21.15

Notes on taxonomy (kelp flies) [undated]

Folder 21.16

"A Fossil Periscelid (Diptera) from the Amber of Chiapos, Mexico" n.d.

Folder 21.17

Notes and data sheets on "The Bristle Pattern in Drosophila and Higher Diptera" [undated]

Folder 21.18

Flowers: newspaper and magazine clippings [undated]

Folder 21.19

"An Effect of Light on the Blooming of the Bearded Iris" n.d.

Folder 21.20

Chromosomes: drawings and notes [undated]

Folder 21.21

Summary sheets on the X-chromosomes and inversions [undated]


Manuscripts by others


Miranda notebooks by R. H. MacKnight

Box Box 22, Folder 22.1

No. 1 1936 Oct

Folder 22.2

No. 2 1937

Folder 22.3

No. 3 n.d.

Folder 22.4

"The Synapsis of the Sex Chromosomes of Drosophila Miranda in Relation to Their Directed Segregation," by R. H. MacKnight n.d.

Folder 22.5

"Walter S. Sutton and the Physical Basis of Mendelism," by Victor A. McHusick 1960

Folder 22.6

"Some Oddities in the Delayed Discovery of Mendelian Heredity," by Conway Zirkle 1963

Folder 22.7

"Vinegar Flies, T. H. Morgan, and the Mechanism of Mendelian Heredity," by Chandler Fulton 1967

Folder 22.8

"Concordance and Discordance of Taxonomic Characters in Drosophila Classification," by Lynn H. Throckmorton 1966 [includes correspondence and data]

Folder 22.9

"Selection and the Sex Ratio," by J. Crow? n.d.

Folder 22.10

Report on an experiment on Drosophila Melanogaster by F. N. Duncan n.d.

Folder 22.11

Reports on the Anaximandrian Society, and a paper presented, "Goethe and Biology," by Klaus Mampell 1943-1945

Folder 22.12

"Cytological Basis of 'Sex Ratio' in Drosophila Pseudoobscura," by E. Novitski, W. J. Peacock and J. Engel ca. 1965

Folder 22.13

"Suggested Literature for Students in Plant Genetics," by H. K. Hayes and C. R. Burnham n.d.

Folder 22.14

"How Much Negro Ancestry have the Florida Seminole?," by William C. Sturtevant 1952-1953 [includes correspondence and notes]

Box Box 23

Iris breeding notebooks 1949-1964 [15, unnumbered]


Iris 3x5 catalogue cards, sections 1-7


Iris of Oenothera seeds [envelopes found in desk drawer by W. Sturtevant, 1970 Apr 10]

Box Box 24, Folder 24.1-24.3

"History of Genetics," incomplete draft with notes [undated]


"History of Genetics"

Box Box 25, Folder 25.1-25.3

Notes and misc. [undated]

Folder 25.4

Handwritten draft, chapters 1-14

Folder 25.5

Draft and notes: all chapters

Folder 25.6

Bibliography n.d. [3x5 notecards]



Box Box 26, Folder 26.1

Biology I 1942

Folder 26.2

Biology II 1942; undated

Folder 26.3

Birmingham and Newcastle 1932-1933

Folder 26.4

Entomology 1943

Folder 26.5

Entomology, genetics, etc. 1950s

Folder 26.6

Entomology, various insects 1952

Folder 26.7

Genetics 1956; 1962

Folder 26.8

Geology lectures 1955

Folder 26.9

Graduate genetics 1937; 1939; 1941

Folder 26.10

Graduate genetics on trypanosomes 1939

Folder 26.11

Harvard lecture series 1940

Folder 26.12

Insects 1949

Folder 26.13

Lecture on T. H. Morgan n.d.

Folder 26.14

Miscellaneous 1936-1937; 1940-1942; 1950s; undated

Folder 26.15

Princeton 1963; University of California, Santa Cruz 1966

Folder 26.16

"Terminology of Alleles" n.d.

Folder 26.17

Tumors, cancer 1938



Box Box 27, Folder 27.1

Sexual selection, gametic coupling, Columbia 1911-1912

Folder 27.2

General notebook: coupling, curved sexual selection 1912

Folder 27.3

Cytology lab notebook 1912-1913

Folder 27.4

Woods Hole 1913

Folder 27.5

Iris notebook 1965-1968

Box Box 28

Miscellaneous untitled daybooks [6, unnumbered]

Box Box 29, Folder 29.1

Rapleta, no. 583-3180 1914-1917

Folder 29.2

Untitled notebook 1915-1918

Folder 29.3

"C II X," no. 2912-4298 1917

Folder 29.4

C III," no. 3190-4176 1917

Folder 29.5

D selection, F4 and later from Plus X Minus, Woods Hole 1917

Folder 29.6

Tube counts, no. 3189a-4681 1917 May-1918 Jan



Box Box 30, Folder 30.1

Nos. 1600-4394, 4400-4749 [undated]

Folder 30.2

Nos. 4751-4998, 5001-5199 1918

Folder 30.3

Nos. 5201-5398, 5400-5549 1918-1919

Box Box 31, Folder 31.1

Daybook: 522N-813A 1914-1915

Folder 31.2

II (not entered) 1915-1916

Folder 31.3

III, no. 820-2416 1915-1916; Summaries III 1915-1916

Folder 31.4

III G, no. 2568a-3170 1917



Folder 31.5

Nos. 7201-7400, 7401-7598 1919-1920

Folder 31.6

Nos. 7600-7797, 7800-7999 1919-1920

Folder 31.7

Nos. 8001-8200, 8201-8400 1920

Box Box 32, Folder 32.1

Nos. 5550-5799, 5800-5997 1919

Folder 32.2

Nos. 6000-6198, 6200-6398 1919

Folder 32.3

Nos. 6400-6596, 6600-6798 1919

Folder 32.4

Nos. 6800-6998, 7001-7200 1919

Folder 32.5

Notebooks [4]


Boston Museum of Natural History 1919


US National Museum; British Museum; Lund, Amsterdam 1920


Amsterdam; British Museum 1922


Cambridge, Boston; Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 1922

Box Box 33

Laboratory daybooks [53] 1920 Jan-1922 Nov

Box Box 34

Laboratory daybooks [28] 1922 Dec-1924 Jun

Box Box 35

Laboratory daybooks [33] 1924 May-1926 Apr

Box Box 36

Laboratory daybooks [27] 1926 Mar-1928 Aug

Box Box 37

Laboratory daybooks [33] 1928 Jul-1931 Aug

Box Box 38

Laboratory daybooks [34] 1929 May-1935 Feb

Box Box 39

Laboratory daybooks [39] 1931 Jul-1934 Dec

Box Box 40

Misc. daybooks [13] 1926-1935

Box Box 41

Laboratory daybooks [16] 1934 Jan-1938 Oct

Box Box 42

Laboratory daybooks on Pseudoobscura and Affinis [17] 1938-1939

Box Box 43

Laboratory daybooks [26] 1934-1944

Box Box 44

Laboratory daybooks [15] 1944-1949



Box Box 45

An Introduction to Genetics, by A. H. Sturtevant and George Beadle, 1939


Sex-Linked Inheritance in Drosophila, by T. H. Morgan and C. B. Bridges, 1916


The Genetics of Drosophila, by T. H. Morgan, C. B. Bridges, and A. H. Sturtevant, 1925


A History of Genetics, by A. H. Sturtevant, 1965


The American Naturalist, July 1899


Synopses of the Nearctic Ephydridae, by A. H. Sturtevant and M. R. Wheeler, Separatum from the Transactions of the American Entomological Society, 1954


The North American Species of Drosophila, by A. H. Sturtevant, 1921 [2 copies]


The Mutants of Drosophila Melanogaster, by C. B. Bridges and Katherine Brehme, 1944


Outposts of Science, by Bernard Jaffe, 1965 [with inscription]




Drawings [undated]

Box Box 46, Folder 46.1

Various types of Drosophila

Folder 46.2


Folder 46.3

Drosophila: ovipositor plates

Folder 46.4

Drosophila [for publications]


Drawings by Edith M. Wallace

Box Box 47, Folder 47.1

Drosophila 1925; 1930; 1933; 1937; undated

Folder 47.2

Misc. notes and drawings 1926; 1932; undated

Folder 47.3

Drosophila [for T. H. Morgan] 1919-1922; 1924

Folder 47.4

Misc. notes [undated]

Folder 47.5

Drosophila wing 1933

Folder 47.6

Drosophila parts 1931-1932

Folder 47.7

Verbena flowers 1923-1927

Folder 47.8

Misc. book reviews 1951; 1963; 1966; n.d.

Folder 47.9

Brochures: Smithsonian Conference Center, The Gardens of Hillwood

Folder 47.10

Magazines: Collecting and Breeding 1970; The Heredity1970 [both in Japanese]

Box Box 48

Last set of working implements and slide rule



Box Box 49, Folder 49.1

A. H. Sturtevant reprints 1910-1916


"On the Inheritance of Color in the American Harness Horse" 1910


"Another Sex-Limited Character in Fowls" 1911


"A Critical Examination of Recent Studies on Colour Inheritance in Horses" 1912


"An Experiment Dealing with Sex-Linkage in Fowls" 1912


"Is There Association between the Yellow and Agouti Factors in Mice?" 1912


"Federley's Breeding Experiments with the Moth Pygaera" 1912


"The Himalayan Rabbit Case, with Some Considerations on Multiple Allelomorphs" 1913


"A Third Group of Linked Genes in Drosophila Ampelophila" 1913


"The Reduplication Hypothesis as Applied to Drosophila" 1914


"Linkage in the Silkworm Moth" 1914


"The Behavior of the Chromosomes as Studied through Linkage" 1914


"Castle and Wright on Crossing Over in Rats" 1915


"A Sex-Linked Character in Drosophila Repleta" 1915


"No Crossing Over in the Female of the Silkworm Moth" 1915


"Notes on North American Drosophilidae with Descriptions of Twenty-Three New Species" 1916

Folder 49.2

A. H. Sturtevant reprints 1917-1921


"Crossing Over without Chiasmatype?" 1917


"Acalypterae (Diptera) Collected in Mobile County, Alabama" 1918


"Genetic Factors Affecting the Strength of Linkage in Drosophila" 1917


"A Parallel Mutation in Drosophila Funebris" 1918


"An Analysis of the Effects of Selection" 1918


"Flies of the Genus Drosophila as Possible Disease Carriers" 1918


"A Synopsis of the Nearctic Species of the Genus Drosophila (Sensu Lato)" 1918


"A New Species Closely Resembling Drosophila Melanogaster" 1919


"The Dipterous Genus Zygothrica of Wiedemann" 1920


"Genetic Studies on Drosophila Simulans. I. Introduction. Hybrids with Drosophila Melanogaster" 1920


"The Vermilion Gene and Gynandromorphism" 1920


"Intersexes in Drosophila Simulans" 1920


"Genetic Studies on Drosophila Simulans. II. Sex-Linked Group of Genes" 1921 [2 copies]


"Genetic Studies on Drosophila Simulans. III. Autosomal Genes. General Discussion" 1921

Folder 49.3

A. H. Sturtevant reprints 1921-1934


"Linkage Variation and Chromosome Maps" 1921


"A Case of Rearrangement of Genes in Drosophila" 1921


"The Probable Occurrence of Parthenogenesis in Ochthiphila Polystigma. (Diptera)" 1923


"New Species and Notes on Synonymy and Distribution of Muscidae Acalypteratae (Diptera)" 1923


"Inheritance of Direction of Coiling in Limnaea" 1923 [2 copies]


"An Interpretation of Orthogenesis" 1924


"Notes on the Ant Fauna of Oak Galls in the Woods Hole Region" 1925


"Renner's Studies on the Genetics of Oenothera" 1926


"The Seminal Receptacles and Accessory Glands of the Diptera with Special Reference to the Acalypterae" 1926


"A Crossover Reducer in Drosophila Melanogaster Due to Inversion of a Section of the Third Chromosome" 1926


"The Social Parasitism of the Ant Harpagoxenus American" 1927


"Philippine and Other Oriental Drosophilidae" 1927


"The Effects of the Bar Gene of Drosophila in Mosaic Eyes" 1927


"A Further Study of the So-Called Mutation at the Bar Locus of Drosophila" 1928


"The Genetics of Drosophila Simulans" 1929


"A Peculiar Sex-Ratio in Drosophila Obscura," The Collecting Net 1930


"Generic and Cytological Studies on Oenothera. I. Nobska, Oakesiana, Ostreae, Shulliana, and the Inheritance of Old-Gold Flower Color" 1931


"Ants Collected on Cape Cod, Massachusetts," Psyche1931


"The Use of Mosaics in the Study of the Developmental Effect of Genes" 1932


"Preferential Segregation of the Fourth Chromosomes in Drosophila Melanogaster" 1934

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A. H. Sturtevant reprints 1936-1969


"Problèmes Gènètiques" 1936 [in French]


"Preferential Segregation in Triplo-IV Females of Drosophila Melanogaster" 1936


"An Effect of the Y-Chromosome on the Sex-Ratio of Interracial Hybrids of Drosophila Pseudoobscura" 1937


"Autosomal Lethals in Wild Populations of Drosophila Pseudoobscura" 1937


"Essays on Evolution I. On the Effects of Selection on Mutation Rate" 1937


"Essays on Evolution II. On the Effects of Selection on Social Insects" 1938


"Essays on Evolution III. On the Origin of Interspecific Sterility" 1938


"On the Subdivision of the Genus Drosophila" 1939


"High Mutation Frequency Induced by Hybridization" 1939


"Genetic Data on Drosophila Affinis, with a Discussion of the Relationships in the Subgenus Sophophora" 1940 [2 copies]


"A New Inherited Character in Man" 1940


"Physiological Aspects of Genetics" 1941


"The Classification of the Genus Drosophila, with Descriptions of Nine New Species," The University of Texas Publication1942


"Can Specific Mutations be Induced by Serological Methods?" 1944


"Drosophila Pseudoobscura" 1944


"A Gene in Drosophila Melanogaster that Transforms Females into Males" 1945


"On the Dot Chromosomes of Drosophila Repleta and D. Hydei" 1946


"Intersexes Dependent on a Maternal Effect in Hybrids between Drosphila Repleta and D. Neorepleta" 1946


"White-eyed Mutants of Diptera," Nature 1947


"The Evolution and Function of Genes" 1949 [2 copies]


"The Bearded Minute Combination and Sex-Determination in Drosophila" 1949


"Genes, Environment and the Individual," Eugenical News1950


"A Map of the Fourth Chromosome of Drosophila Melanogaster, Based in Crossing Over in Triploid Females" 1951


"The Relation of Genes and Chromosomes" 1951


"Nearctic Flies of the Family Periscelidae (Diptera) and Certain Anthomyzidae Referred to the Family" 1954


"Social Implications of the Genetics of Man" 1954


"Evaluation of Recombination Theory" 1955


"The Genetic Effects of High Energy Irradiation of Human Populations" 1955 [3 copies]


"A Highly Specific Complementary Lethal System in Drosophila Melanogaster" 1956


"A Fossil Periscelid (Diptera) from the Amber of Chiapas, Mexico" 1963


"The Fly Room" 1965 [3 copies]


"The Early Mendelians" 1965


"Mendel and the Gene Theory" 1967


"Studies on the Bristle Pattern of Drosophila" 1969

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Reprints with others


"A New Gene in the Second Chromosome of Drosophila and Some Considerations of Differential Viability," by C. B. Bridges and A. H. Sturtevant 1914


"The Spatial Relations of Genes," by C. B. Bridges, T. H. Morgan, and A. H. Sturtevant 1919


"A Semi-Lethal in Drosophila Funebris that Causes an Excess of Males," by O. L. Mohr and A. H. Sturtevant 1919


"The Evidence for the Linear Order of the Genes," by C. B. Bridges, T. H. Morgan, and A. H. Sturtevant 1920


"Laboratory Directions for an Elementary Course in Genetics," by C. B. Bridges, T. H. Morgan, H. J. Muller, and A. H. Sturtevant 1923


"A Note on the Theory of Sex Determination," by F. Schrader and A. H. Sturtevant 1923


"The Constitution of the Germ-Material in Relation to Heredity," by C. B. Bridges, T. H. Morgan, and A. H. Sturtevant 1924; 1925-1926; 1926-1927 [3 reprints]


"Sequence of Corresponding Third-Chromosome Genes in Drosophila Melanogaster and D. Simulans," by C. R. Plunkett and A. H. Sturtevant 1926


"The Constitution of the Germinal Material in Relation to Heredity," by C. B. Bridges, T. H. Morgan, A. H. Sturtevant 1929


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"The Inadequacy of the Sub-Gene Hypothesis of the Nature of the Scute Allelomorphs of Drosophila," by Jack Schultz and A. H. Sturtevant 1931


"The Linkage Relations of Certain Genes in Oenothera," by Sterling Emerson and A. H. Sturtevant 1932


"X Chromosome Inversions and Meiosis in Drosophila Melanogaster," by G. W. Beadle and A. H. Sturtevant 1935


"The Relations of Inversions in the X Chromosome of Drosophila Melanogaster to Crossing Over and Disjunction," by G. W. Beadle and A. H. Sturtevant 1936


"Observations on the Species Related to Drosophila Affinis, with Descriptions of Seven New Forms," by T. Dobzhansky and A. H. Sturtevant 1936


"Geographical Distribution and Cytology of 'Sex Ratio' in Drosophila Pseudoobscura and Related Species," by T. Dobzhansky and A. H. Sturtevant 1936


"Inversions in the Third Chromosome of Wild Races of Drosophila Pseudoobscura, and Their Use in the Study of the History of the Species," by T. Dobzhansky and A. H. Sturtevant 1936


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"The Interrelations of Inversions, Heterosis and Recombination," by K. Mather and A. H. Sturtevant 1938


"Sterility in Crosses of Geographical Races of Drosophila Micromelanica," by E. Novitski and A. H. Sturtevant 1941


"The Homologies of the Chromosome Elements in the Genus Drosophila," by E. Novitski and A. H. Sturtevant 1941


"Maintenance of a Drosophila Stock Center, in Connection with Investigations on the Constitution of the Germinal Material in Relation to Heredity," by T. H. Morgan and A. H. Sturtevant 1944


"Iris Genetics," by L. F. Randolph and A. H. Sturtevant 1945


"Synopses of Nearctic Ephydridae," by M. R. Wheeler and A. H. Sturtevant 1954

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Reprints by others


"Fauna of Penikese Island," edited by R. E. Coker 1923


"Edgar Howard Sturtevant," by E. A. Hahn 1952


"Fifty Years of Drosophila," by C. D. Darlington 1963

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List of publications of A. H. Sturtevant, n. d.