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Title: Temporary National Economic Committee records
creator: Moment, Samuel A.
Identifier/Call Number: JL019
Physical Description: 1.5 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1916-1940
Abstract: This collection consists of the papers of Samuel A. Moment, which he used in his capacity of Economic Analyst for the Temporary National Economic Committee (T.N.E.C.), specifically in the Committee's investigation into the domestic copper industry. The T.N.E.C. was an inter-agency committee with representatives from both Houses of Congress and the Departments of: Justice, Labor, Treasury and Commerce, Federal Trade Commission and the Securities Exchange Commission. It was created pursuant to Public Resolution 113 (1938 June 16), a joint resolution of the 75th Congress, which in turn was a result of a Presidential Message from Roosevelt concerning the necessity of "strengthening and enforcement of Antitrust Laws (1938 April 29). The duty of the Committee, as described in Public Resolution 113, was to investigate monopolies and the concentration of economic power and financial, which investigation would lead to recommendations to Congress of possible legislation to rectify the situation.
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Subjects and Indexing Terms

United States -- Economic conditions.
Power resources -- Economic aspects.
Moment, Samuel A.
United States. Congress. House. Temporary National Economic Committee
United States. Congress. Temporary National Economic Committee

box 1, folder 1

T.N.E.C. (Temporary National Economic Committee) Copper Hearing Background - John D. Ryan and Cornelius F. Kelley

Scope and Contents note

Short business and personal biographies of Ryan and Kelley, Anaconda Copper Magnates. Includes a chapter from "The Masquerade of Monopoly" and a letter about Ryan.
box 1, folder 2

Webb - Pomerance Act, Congressional and Federal Trade Commission Hearings - T.N.E.C. Background 1916-1939

Scope and Contents note

Copy of the bill also known as The Export Trade Act, passed 1918. "Purpose: to promote export trade", resulted from inquiry made by F.T.C. presented to Comm. of Judiciary, House of Representatives; F.T.C. and Congressional testimony and reports.
box 1, folder 3

T.N.E.C. - Copper Hearings - Photostats of Background Material 1919 - 1921

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence between Justice Dept. Officials, Directors and Representatives of the Copper Export Association, Inc., Foreign Copper Buyer - predominantly in Berlin; some reports and official documents of C.E.A., Inc., newspaper clippings.
box 1, folder 4

T.N.E.C. - Copper Hearings - Photostats of Background material 1922 - 1930

Scope and Contents note

Continuation of Box 1 Folders 1 - 3 with the addition of sundry reports of more formal investigations and interviews conducted by the Justice Dept.
box 1, folder 5

T.N.E.C. - Copper Hearings - Photostats of Background material 1931 - 1932

Scope and Contents note

Continuation of Box 1 Folders 1 - 3 and 1 - 4, mostly reports of investigation and inquiry regarding Coppper Institute, N.Y.C.
box 1, folder 6

National Recovery Administration (N.R.A.) Code of Fair Competition 1933

Scope and Contents note

Covernote explaining the neccessity for and nature of the Code; correspondence between: copper executives and H.O. King, Deputy Administrator of N.R.A.; also letters to British Prime Minister, Acting Sec. of State (U.S.) and U.S. Consul in Switzerland, news clippings.
box 1, folder 7

N.R.A. Code 1934

Scope and Contents note

Continuation of Box 1 Folders 1-6 plus statement and testimony of A.E. Peterman before N.R.A. Hearing on Code
box 1, folder 8

N.R.A. Proposed Code of Fair Competition for the Copper Industry: "with respect to conditions in the industry and the provisions of the Code reacting to such conditions" 1934 March

Scope and Contents note

Arguement for Proposal including appendices with statistical exhibits, submitted by U.S. Copper Association of N.R.A. Public Hearing
box 1, folder 9

N.R.A. Hearing - testimony with respect to the outside copper market through the Commodity Exchange and Dealers 1934 March 13

Scope and Contents note

Statements and testimony from: 1. Donald Marks, of Commodity Exchange, 2. F.H. Brownell, Chairman of Amer. Smelting and Refining Co., 3. A. Parsons Todd, Pres. of Quincy Mining Co., Inc., 4. A.W. Milhauser, Pres. of Milhauser Trading Co., 5. Ward Pain, Copper Range Co., 6. Letter to F.D.R. from Milhauser.
box 1, folder 10

N.R.A. Code 1934 April - 1935

Scope and Contents note

Continuation of Box 1 Folders 1-6 through Box 1 Folders 1-9, more correspondence, reports, general discussion regarding N.R.A. Copper Code.
box 1, folder 11

Articles and Excerpts of Articles on Copper Prices 1935 - 1940

Scope and Contents note

Articles and article excerpts from Fortune, Journal of Commerce, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, N.Y. Times, Time etc. Commission reports, tables and graphs.
box 1, folder 12

Copper - U.S. Excise Tax 1939

Scope and Contents note

"Arguement Against Renewal of the 4% Tax on Copper" (Section 601(c)(7) of Title IV of the Revenue Act of 1932, expiring 1939) submitted by General Cable Corp.; excerpts from Congressional Record of 1932 when the bill was passed, includes: speeches, letters, statements, editorials, reports etc., made to or by Senators and Representatives for or against the Tariff; complete statement of Senator Carl Hayden of Arizona to the Committee for Reciprocity Information re. Trade Agreement Negotiations with the Gov't of Chile. Dated - 1939 November 8. Arguing for Tariff in defense of domestic (esp. Arizona's) industry income.
box 2, folder 1

Copper - U.S. Excise Tax and Press Clippings 1939

Scope and Contents note

Predominantly from the Wall Street Journal and Journal of Commerce 1939 October 3 - 1939 December 23. Discusses possibility of Reciprocal Trade Pact between U.S. and Chile and a strong opposition from block of western, copper producing states.
box 2, folder 2

Report from U.S. Tariff Commission - "Imports, Exports, Domestic Production, and Prices" 1939

Scope and Contents note

Covers Petroleum, Coal, Lumber and Copper together with Excise Taxes Collected.
box 2, folder 3

Temporary National Economic Committee - Origins of Cartel Hearings

Scope and Contents note

F.D.R. Presidential Message, April 1938, "Strengthening and Enforcement of Antitrust Laws". Also includes Joint Congressional Resolution, 1938 June, creating T.N.E.C., letter (Preliminary Report) of Chairman of T.N.E.C. (1939 July). Statement of Senator Joseph O'Mahoney of Wyo. to Senate Judiciary Comm. (1939 July).
box 2, folder 4

Verbatim Record of Proceedings of T.N.E.C., Vol. III, No. 6 entitled "'Price Practices of Copper Fabricators" 1939 May 19

Scope and Contents note

Includes testimony of: 1. H.L. Randall, Pres. Riverside Metal Co., 2. John Coe, H.T. Montague and C.S. Judd all of the American Brass Co.
box 2, folder 5

Verbatim Record T.N.E.C., Copper Hearings 1940 January 16 - 1940 January 20

Scope and Contents note

Includes testimony of: 1. Cornelius F. Kelley, Pres. of Anaconda Copper Co. 2. E.T. Stannard, Pres. of Kennecott Copper Corp., 3. Francis H. Brownell, Chairman of the Board of American Smelting and Refining Co. 4. Arthur Notman, Consulting Mining Engineer, 5. Dr. Anos Taylor, Chief, and Paul Dickens, Finance Division, Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Dept. of Commerce, 6. Dr. Clair Wilcox, Economics Prof. Swarthmore College. Testimony interspersed with appendices (one after every day of testimony). Appendices include repots, letters, charts and tables some are exhibits others are staff research. T.N.E.C. members include: Senators 1. Mahoney of Wyo., 2. King of Utah; Representatives 1. Clyde Williams of Mo., W. Compton White of Idaho; Samuel A. Moment attended the hearings as T.N.E.C. Economic Analyst.
box 2, folder 6

Copper Hearings - Original Interviews 1949 January 2

box 2, folder 7

T.N.E.C. - Copper Cartel Hearings - Original Briefs

Scope and Contents note

Memo from Kreps (Moment's direct superior) to Senator O'Mahoney explainging the nature and aims of the Cartel Hearings also, listing witnesses. Includes four briefs outlining the pertinent information that the Committee should or already has acquired from four of the main witnesses: Kelley, Stannard, Brownell, Notman.
box 2, folder 8

Copper Cartel - Sechel, Stannard etc. 1935 - 1940

Scope and Contents note

Summaries and Reports on: 1. International Copper Industry, 2. Copper Export Association (1919 - 1923), 3. Copper Exporters Inc. (1926 - 1932), 4. International Producers' Agreement (1935 - 1939), 5. Cartel's a. in general, b. specifically related to the Copper Industry.
box 2, folder 9

Report on United States Copper Companies

Scope and Contents note

Format of report made by T.N.E.C. is in the following format: a. Company name, b. Address, c. list of "officers", d. list of "Directors", e. "Business" - outline of history and nature of business, f. "subsidiaries" and "Foreign Subsidiaries" listed with an explanation of the extent of relationship between the companies, g. "Interlocking Directorates" - most extensive section - they are researching monopoly or Cartel like agreements. 15 companies included.
box 2, folder 10

Report on Interlocking Directorates

Scope and Contents note

Listing of business connections of every executive or director of the following companies: 1. Phelps Dodge, 2. Anaconda, 3. Kennecott, 4. American Smelting - Refining Co., 5. Calvitet and Hella Consolidated Copper Co., 9. Tennessee Corp., 10. Copper Range Co., 11. Magma Copper Co., 12. Quincy Mining Co., 13. Shattuck Denn Mining Co. - Source: a. Poor's Registrar of executives and Directors 1939 and b. Moody's Industrials 1939.
box 2, folder 11

Foreign Copper Companies

Scope and Contents note

Includes Sigmund Sichel's (Anti-Trust, Dept. of Justice) report on copper industries in: 1. Belgian Congo, 2. Rhodesia, E. Chile, 4. Peru, 5. Mexico, 6. Cuba, 7. Canada.
box 2, folder 12

Unmanufactured Copper - United States Tariff Commission 1939 November 18

Scope and Contents note

Report by Commission with text, tables, and an index of contents.
box 2, folder 13

Copper Accounting Methods - Depletion - S.E.C. Memo

Scope and Contents note

Memo from Wm. Werntz, Chief Accountant, S.E.C. to David Scoll (Moment's superior and Chief Economic Analyst for T.N.E.C.) regarding depletion of non-ferrous metal mines in various companies accounting - states the problem, followed by many reports on: 1. general accounting practices vis a vis depletion and, 2. specific copper companies accounting practices in the same area.
box 3, folder 1

Published Reports on the Copper Industry 1933-1939

Scope and Contents note

Nine small reports entitled: 1. "History of the Development of the Copper Industry of the World" by J.W. Furness, 2. "Economic History of the Copper Industry and Estimated World Reserves of Copper" by Arthur Notman (1 & 2 extracted from "Copper Reserves of the World", XVI International Geological Congress, Washington, 1933), 3. "Secondary Copper" by Percy Babbour 1936, 4. Copper: chapter from Minerals Yearbook 1935 by J.W. Furness and H.M. Meyer, 5. Same as #4, 1936, 6. Same as #4, 1937, 7. Same as #4, 1938, 8. Same as #4, 1939, 9. "Commodity Exchange Inc. - Its Functions and Activities".
box 3, folder 2

T.N.E.C. - Miscellaneous Reports on Copper Industry 1922-1940

Scope and Contents note

Various reports on copper industry made from geological, economic and, legal points of view by Arthur Notman, Sichel, State Dept. Justice Dept., Security Exchange Commission.
box 3, folder 3

Digest of Some of the Materials Used for T.N.E.C. Copper Hearings 1939

Scope and Contents note

Outlines the findings of investigations made by the Anti-Trust Division of Dept. of Justice. Emphasis on concentration, control and Cartelization of industry.
box 3, folder 4

Essential Information on Copper Industry 1939

Scope and Contents note

Consists of informational lists and summaries including: 1. "Principal Copper Producers and the Disposition of their Copper", 2. "Copper Smelters of U.S. and Principal Copper Supplies that they Treat", 3. "Copper Refineries in the U.S. and the Copper They Refine", 6. "World's Production of Copper", 7. "World Production, Deliveries and Stocks of Refined Coper" and, so on U.S. Production by sates and grade; world consumption; uses; imports; exports; price extremes. Reports from 1938 through 1939.
box 3, folder 5

T.N.E.C. Original Tables and Forms on Copper Industry 1939-1940

Scope and Contents note

Predominantly consists of information transmitted to David E. Scoll from R.R. Eckert, Secretary of Copper Institute. Includes Copper industry schedules of production, refining, blistering, exports, etc. Also contains articles of Confederation, minutes of various meetings and blank forms of the U.S. Copper Association - alias "the Copper Industry". i.e. Main Target.
box 3, folder 6

T.N.E.C. Tables and Statistics (including some reports) 1919 - 1940

Scope and Contents note

Statistical tables covering various periods of time. Mostly about production but some information on exports, sales, prices, stocks disposition.
box 3, folder 7

Statistics: Copper, Comparing Domestic and Foreign Markets 1919 - 1940

Scope and Contents note

Statistical tables covering various periods of time. Mostly about production but some information on exports, sales, prices, stocks dispostion.
Box 3, Folder 8

Miscellaneous Reports 1933-1934

Scope and Contents

Two small reports, entitled: 1. Economic Freedom: An Address by Richard Whitney, President, New York Stock Exchange At a Dinner of the Chicago Association of Stock Exchange Firms, at the Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois, December 10th, 1934. 2. The Inter-Cycle Barometer: A Quantitative Forecast Index of Business and Security Markets, by Carl William Floss.