Guide to the Berkeley Club Papers, 1873-1960

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Guide to the Berkeley Club Papers, 1873-1960

Collection number: BANC MSS C-H 9

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Berkeley Club Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1873-1960
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-H 9
Creator: Berkeley Club
Extent: Number of containers: 1 box, 3 cartons
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Letters from members addressed to the secretary; minutes of meetings, 1873-1960; by-laws, names of members, etc.; copies of papers read at meetings.
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

These papers came to the Bancroft Library from several sources. Some were transferred from the University of California Archives; some were collected from members by Arthur J. Pillsbury, 1933-1938, and presented to the Library; some were removed from the Papers of Leon J. Richardson, one-time secretary of the Club; the last volume of minutes was presented by the last secretary, Colonel Roland Pinger.

Scope and Content Note

Covering the period from its inception to its demise, these papers consist of letters addressed to the Club's secretary; organizational records, including minutes of meetings (complete except for the period 1942-1947); and copies of some of the papers presented at meetings.

History Note

The Berkeley Club had its origin in a dinner meeting held January 13, 1873 at the home of Daniel C. Gilman, president of the University of California, with Henry Durant, Martin Kellogg and Dr. J. K. McLean present. The purpose was to consider the formation of a club to discuss literary, social and scientific questions. There was further discussion of the proposal at another dinner meeting on February 6, which Joseph LeConte, George Mooar and Joseph A. Benton also attended. At the meeting, the name Berkeley Club was adopted, and the first formal meeting was held on February 13 with fifteen charter members present. At each successive meeting, held fortnightly, a paper was presented by a member previously appointed, followed by a discussion in which all participated. The range of discussion was great, reflecting the varied backgrounds of the members, most of whom were professors, clergymen, lawyers and businessmen. The Club continued in existence for eighty-eight years, the last meeting held September 8, 1960.

Key to Arrangement

Box 1

Correspondence, ca. 1873-1933.


Primarily letters written by members to the Club's secretary concerning elections to membership, resignations, attendance at meetings, presentation of papers, etc. Arranged alphabetically with a miscellany of single letters at the beginning of the file. Most of the letters addressed to Arthur J. Pillsbury, 1932-1933, are concerned with his project to place the Club's papers in the Bancroft Library. A list of the more important correspondents represented follows the Key.


Letters of transmittal for papers presented at meetings have been kept with the manuscripts and are so noted in cartons 2 and 3 below.

Ctn. 1

Reports and publications relating to the history of the Club


By-laws, qualifications for membership, names of members


Roster 1873-1923 (printed)




List of papers presented before the Club, Oct. 16, 1924-Oct. 5, 1933


Memorials for deceased members


Notes on similar clubs


Bank and check books


Clippings about the Club


Minutes of meetings


v. 1 1873-1879, with accounts at the end of the volume and notes of topics discussed


v. 2 1880-1886, with accounts at the end of the volume


v. 3 1886-1892, with accounts at the end of the volume


v. 4 1892-1897, with accounts at the end of the volume and inventory of belongings


v. 5 1897-1904, with accounts at the end of the volume


v. 6 1904-1921, with accounts at the end of the volume


v. 7 1921-1934, with accounts at the end of the volume


v. 8 1934-1941


v. 9 1948-1960, with accounts; list of charter members and of active, visiting and honorary members

carton Ctns. 2-3

Papers presented at meetings.


Adelung, Edward von. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Bartlett, Louis. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Manuscripts; occasionally reprints. Some with letters of transmittal. Arranged alphabetically by name of author. The following members are represented.


Blake, Anson Stiles (1870-1959). Mss.


Bradley, Cornelius Beach (1843-1936). Reprints.


Brown, Archibald Alexander. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Calhoun, George Miller (1886-1942). Reprints.


Calkins, Carlos Gilman. Mss.


Earl, Guy Chaffee (1861-1935). Mss.


Gilman, Daniel Coit (1831-1908). Reprint.


Hosmer, Frederick Lucian (1840-1929). Mss.


Howard, John Galen (1864-1931). Mss. and reprints.


Hunter, Robert. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Hutchinson, Lincoln. Mss. and reprints. With letter of transmittal .


Kofoid, Charles Atwood (1865-1947). Mss.


Lawson, Andrew Cowper (1861-1952). Mss. and reprints.


Lipman, Frederick Lockwood. Mss. and reprints. With letter of transmittal.


McGilvary, Evander Bradley (1864-1953). Mss. With letter of transmittal.


McLean, J.K. Mss.


Magee, William A. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Merriam, John Campbell (1869-1945). Reprints.


Muirhead, John Henry (1855-1940). Copy of his book, The Use of Philosophy.


Myres, John Linton. Reprint. With letter of transmittal.


Olney, Warren (1841-1921). Mss. and reprints. Letter of transmittal from his son, Warren Olney, Jr.


Pardee, George Cooper (1857-1941). Mss. and reprints.


Pillsbury, Arthur Judson (1854-1937). Mss. and reprints.


Pinger, Roland W. Mss.


Plehn, Carl Copping (1867-1945). Mss.


Richardson, Leon Josiah (1868-1964). Reprint.


Rickard, Thomas Arthur (1864-1953). Mss. and reprints. With letter of transmittal.


Ritter, William Emerson (1856-1944). Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Smith, Selden C. Mss. With letter of transmittal.


Torrey, Frederic Cheever (1864-1935). Mss. and reprint.


Torrey, Harry Beal. Mss.


Unidentified Mss.


See also paper of Walter Morris Hart (BANC MSS C-B 910) for Mss. of his Berkeley Club papers and papers of Harring Wilkinson (BANC MSS C-B 815).

List of Correspondents


A-Z Miscellany


Alexander, Wallace McKinney, 1869-1939


Letter, Nov. 17, 1933


Bacon, Thomas R.


Letter, Apr. 11, 1891


Badger, Charles W.


Letter, Sept. 8, 1887


Barrows, David Prescott, 1873-1954


Letter, Feb. 8, 1910


Bartlett, William C.


Letter, Oct. 1898


Bennett, Tohn Coleman,


Letter, June 8, 1943


Benton, Joseph Augustine, 1818-1892


Letter, Aug. 16, 1884


Bradley, Cornelius Beach, 1843-1936


Letter, Mar. 10, 1923


Brown, Charles R.


Letter, Nov. 20, 1933


Buckham, John W.


Letter, Nov. ?8, 1944


Campbell, Donald Y.


Letter, Oct. 23, 1994


Davidson, George, 1825-1911


Letter, Apr. 2, 1881


Davis, Horace, 1831-1916


Letter, May 9, 1913


Dwinelle, John Whipple, 1816-1881


Letter, n.d.


Eells, Charles P.


Letter, Sept. 7, 1887


Gayley, Charles Mills, 1858-1932


Letter, Oct. 9, 1891


Gibbons, William P., 1812-1897


Letter, n.d.


Griffiths, Farnham Pond, 1884-1958


Letter, Nov. 24, 1993


Hallock, L.H.


Letter, Sept. 12, 1898


Hart, Walter Morris,


Letter, Jan. 15, 1947


Hilgard, Eugene Woldemar, 1833-1916


Letter, Aug. 31, 1881


Howard, Albert A.


Letter, Sept. 29, 1890


Lange, Alexis Frederick, 1862-1924


Letter, Feb. 25, 1910


Leach, Frank A.


Letter, Nov. 2, 1907


Le Conte, Joseph, 1823-1901


Letter, Feb. 5, 1878


Levermore, Charles H.


Letter, Oct. 8, 1888


McDuffie, Duncan, 1877-


Letter, Nov. 14, 1933


McLean, John Knox, 1834-1914


Letter, Feb. 28, 1878


Miller, Adolph Caspar, 1866-


Letter, Nov. 8, 1902


Mitchell, Wesley Clair, 1874-1948


Letter, Feb. 11, 1910


Mooar, George


Letter, Dec. 21, 1882


Muirhead, John Henry, 1855-1940


Letter, Dec. 14, 1933


Olney, Warren, 1841-1921


Letter, Jan. 20, 1882


Palmer, Charles Theodore Hart, 1827-1897


Letter, Sept. 11, 1890


Perkins, George Clement, 1839-1923


Letter, Feb. 20, 1906


Redding, Benjamin Barnard, 1824-1882


Letter, Mar. 20, 1881


Richardson, George Ivi,


Letter, n.d.


Rickard, Thomas Arthur, 1864-1953


Letter, June 2, 1932


Rieber, Charles Henry, 1866-1948


Letter, Dec. 29, 1933


Stephens, Henry Morse, 1857-1919


Letter, n.d.


Stratton, C. C.


Letter, Sept. 27, 1887


Stratton, George Malcolm, 1865-1957


Letter, Feb. 20, 1906


Stringham, Washington Irving, 1847-1909


Letter, Nov. 14, 1882


Tabor, Rodney L.


Letter, July 28, 1885


Vrooman, Henry, 1844-1889


Letter, Nov. 18, 1882


Individual Correspondents


Boalt, John Henry, 1837-1901


3 letters, 1878-1888


Cook, Albert Stanburrough, 1853-1927


7 letters, 1882-1906


Eells, James, 1822-1886


3 letters, 1877-1879


Elliott, Edward, 1874-


2 letters, 1933. One written for him by his secretary.


Foster, Frank Hugh, 1851-1935


2 letters, 1896-1906


Gilman, Daniel Coit, 1831-1908


4 letters, 1873-1906


Greenleaf, Charles Ravenscroft, 1838-1911


2 letters. 1896-1903


Holden, Edward Singleton, 1846-1914


3 letters, 1886-1888


Hopkins, Caspar Thomas, 1826-1893


6 letters, 1882-1890


Howison, George Holmes, 1834-1916


2 letters, 1884-1888


Kellogg, Martin, 1878-1903


3 letters, 1879-1889


LeConte, John, 1818-1891


2 letters, 1879


McKinstry, Elisha Williams,


2 letters, 1878-1881


Moses, Bernard, 1846-1930


2 letters, 1878-1881


Parsons, Edward Lambe, 1868-


2 letters, 1933-1934


Phelps, Charles Henry, 1853-1933


2 letters, 1882


Pillsbury, Arthur Judson, 1854-1937


2 letters, 1933-1935


Putnam, James Osbourne, 1818-1903


7 letters, 1874-1896


Reid, William Thomas, 1843-1922


3 letters. 1881-1883


Rowell, Joseph Cummings, 1853-1938


2 letters. 1924-1933


Royce, Josiah, 1855-1916


2 letters. 1882-1883


Sill, Edward Rowland, 1841-1887


5 letters, 1874-1883


Sprague, Homer Baxter, 1829-1918


3 letters. 1885-1886


Stoddard, Francis Hovey, 1847-1936


3 letters. 1888-1906


Tompkins, Frederick W.


3 letters. 1882-1884


Torrey, Frederic Cheever, 1864-1935


2 letters, 1910-1923


Wendte, Charles William, 1844-1931


2 letters, 1906-1923


Wilbur, Earl M.


2 letters, 1932


Wilkinson, Warring, 1834-1918


4 letters, 1884-1910


Williams, Ralph Olmsted, 1838-1908


4 letters. 1878-1885