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Inventory of the Oscar Weil papers, 1861-1923
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Part I: Correspondence, photographs, and other documents.

Box Box 1, item 1.

Book of nosegays, dated Leipzig, 1861.

item 2.

Correspondence to O. Weil (1 folder containing 20 items).

item 3.

Correspondence from O. Weil (1 folder containing 15 items).

item 4.

Miscellaneous correspondence: 2 letters from Albert I. Elkus to Margaret Weil, and 2 letters to Mary V. Glascock from her husband, William. dated Dec. 16. 1820 and Jan. 6. 1821.

item 5.

Contract between O. Weil and Charles E. Locke, manager of the Bush Street Theatre dated August 23, 1879 regarding the production of Weil's comic opera Pyramus and Thisbe.

item 6.

Caricature of O. Weil in pencil dated 1890.

item 7.

Miscellaneous documents and photographs: Marriage certificate between O. Weil and Phebe R. Cummings dated Sept. 19. 1872; 11 photographs; 3 reviews; and 7 other documents.


Part II: Original music by O. Weil in manuscript.

Box Box 1, item 8.

Two songs for contralto and piano, op. 37. No date or place.

item 9.

Song "Reaching home." No date or place.

item 10.

Margaret's Sonata, for piano. January, 1907.

item 11.

Bagatelle, for piano. March, 1907. With the inscription "Composed by Margaret and Oscar Weil."

item 12.

Suite of pieces written especially for Margaret, for piano. Dated March 11, 1906.

item 13.

Two preludes, for piano. No date or place.

item 14.

Etude, Fugue, Difficult Study, and Marching, for piano. No place or date.

item 15.

Song without Words, Melody, for piano. No place or date.

item 16.

Invention, Gigue,and Dance, for piano. No place or date.

item 17.

Song "Love has wings." Poem by Alice Williams Brotherton. No place or date.

item 18.

Song "It is the miller's daughter." Dated: April, 1908.

item 19.

Song, "Oh, thou who hast my heart." No place or date.

item 20.

Song Let the dream go "I was so fair to love, dear." Dated: August, 1897.

item 21.

Lä;ndler for Luischen, for piano. Dated: San Francisco, Sept. 7, 1916.

item 22.

While shepherds watched their flocks, a Christmas oratorio for children's voices. No place or date.

item 23.

Phantasiestück, for piano. Op. 4:1. No place or date.


Part III: Published editions of other composers edited by O.Weil.

Box Box 1, item 24.

Bruch, Max, Romanza, edited by O. Weil (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1881).

item 25.

Twenty-four Musical Sketches, edited by O. Weil (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1890), 4 of 24 pieces only:


1. Gade, Niels W., Arabesque.


2. Heller, Stephen, Scherzino.


3. Haberbier, E., Barcarole.


4. Brambach, C. J., Serenade.

item 26.

Schubert, Franz, Menuetto, from String Quartetto in a minor. Manuscript.

item 27.

Short Lyrics. A Choice Collection of Gems of Modern Pianoforte Literature(Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1881), 11 of 24 pieces only:


1. Reinecke, Carl, Landler.


2. Ravina, H., Reverie.


3. Heller, Stephen, Mazurka.


5. Jensen, Adolf, Serenade.


6. Loeschhorn, A., Song Without Words.


8. Jensen, Adolf, Cradle Song.


10. Mayer, Carl, Spring Song.


11. Bruch, Max, Romanza(see item 24).


14. Bruch, Max, Im Volkston.


18. Reinecke, Carl, Valse.


22. Heller, Stephen, Aubade.


Part IV: Harmony exercises.

Box Box 1, item 28.

Harmony exercises written and corrected by O. Weil for his students. 84 leaves.


Part V: Published vocal compositions by O. Weil

Box Box 2, item 29.

Four Ballads (Boston. Miles and Thompson, 1890.)

item 30.

Drei Lieder, op. 31 (Leipzig, Breitkopf and Hartel, 1902).

item 31.

Drei Lieder von Shakespeare, op. 32 (Leipzig, Breitkopf and Hartel, 1902).

item 32.

Three Duets for alto and baritone, op. 36 (Boston, O. Ditson, 1904).

item 33.

IM Maien, Walzer fur Gesangquartett, op. 35 (Leipzig, Breitkopf and Hartel, 1905).

item 34.

(Eight) Melodies, op. 23 (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1889).

item 35.

Slumber Song, from the Swedish, (San Francisco, M. Gray, 1874).

item 36.

Two Songs, op. 10 (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1888).

item 37.

Two songs with violin or violoncello obligato, op. 27 (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1890).

item 38.

Three Songs, op. 34 (Boston, Oliver Ditson, 1902).

item 39.

Five Songs, op. 11 (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1880).


Part VI: Published piano music by O. Weil.

Box Box 2, item 40.

Ballade, op. 17 (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1882).

item 41.

Feuillettes, op. 26 (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1890).

item 42.

Miniatures, Heft 1-2, op. 15 (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1882).

item 43.

Scherzino(Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1881).

item 44.

Six Sonatines, op. 29 (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1890).

item 45.

Trois Morceaux, op. 25 (Boston, Miles and Thompson, 1890).

item 46.

Twelve Short Studies of Medium Difficulty, op. 13 (Boston, Arthur P. Schmidt, 1881).

item 47.

Valses pour le piano, op. 16 (Boston, Arhutr P. Schmidt, 1882).

item 48.

Valse, from Six Choice Duets(San Francisco, M. Gray, 1874).

item 49.

Vignettes: Six piano-forte pieces for small hands(Boston, O. Ditson, 1882). Inscription: "Written so long ago...for my little boy (Leo)..."


Part VII: Operas and oratorios.

Box Box 3, item 50.

Suzette, a comic opera in three acts, on a libretto adapted from a French source.

Additional Note

Full score in manuscript.

Dated: February 27th, 1889
item 51.

The Passion, an oratorio.

Additional Note

Full manuscript score, without the text.

Ink with corrections.

No place or date.
item 52.

The Passion, an oratorio.

Additional Note

Libretto, 13 handwritten leaves.

No place or date.
Box Box 4, item 53.

In Mexico, 1848. An opera in two acts.

Additional Note


Words by C. T. Dazey and Oscar Weil

Copyright, October, 1894

Printed Text pasted into a notebook with added stage directions in ink.
item 54.

In Mexico, 1848. An opera in two acts.

Additional Note

Libretto, 43 pp.

Published by Alfred Mudge and Son, Boston, 1892.
item 55.

Suzette, a comic opera in three acts.

Additional Note


No date or place.

Printed text pasted into a notebook with added stage directions in ink.
item 56.

Fragments of unidentified librettos, 4 leaves.

Additional Note


No place or date.

Part VIII: published letters and papers of O. Weil.

Box Box 4, item 57.

Oscar Weil: Letters and Papers. Edited by Flora J. Arstein, Albert I. Elkus, and Stewart W. Young (San Francisco, The Book Club of California, 1923).


Part IX: Sketches and drafts of musical compositions.

Box Box 4, item 58.

One portfolio containing a wide variety of sketches and drafts of musical compositions. Several hundred leaves. Some of this material may be by Émile Antoine Bruguière, Jr (see his collection of music held by the Music Library).