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Register of the George Wolfgang Felix Hallgarten Papers, 1874-1975
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Series Description



Physical Description: Box 1

Scope and Content Note

Curricula vitae, publicity for lectures, personal and professional notices, arranged chronologically by topic

SUBJECT FILE, 1874-1974.

Physical Description: Boxes 1-8

Scope and Content Note

Various pamphlets, newspaper clippings, photocopies of German government documents, mimeographed and printed material, typescripts, handwritten transcripts and bibliographies, correspondence, and miscellany, arranged alphabetically by subject


Physical Description: Boxes 9-29

Scope and Content Note

Books, lectures and articles, research proposals, film scripts and synopses, arranged by genre and thereafter alphabetically by title, or if untitled by subject
Microfilm cabinet


Physical Description: 2 reels

Container List



Box 1

Biographical sketches and lists of publications, arranged chronologically


Hallgarten family circle. Newspaper clippings and notices, arranged chronologically


Hallgarten in Paris, 1935. Reference in book by Maximilian Scheer, So war es in Paris. Photocopy


Letters of reference, 1936-1939. Mimeographed copies


Announcements for public lectures, 1939-1958, arranged chronologically. Printed copies


Letter of appreciation from General Telford Taylor for Hallgarten's assistance in Nuernberg Trials. Conveyed by Col. Edward H. Young, July 22, 1947


Washington Research Consultants, 1955. Professional announcements. Printed copies


Letters to Mrs. George W. F. Hallgarten, sent while on lecture tour sponsored by the University of Minnesota, February 14 to May 13, 1956 (12)


Memorabilia of Minnesota lecture tour, 1956


Lecture tour of Germany 1958-1959. Newspaper announcements, invitations, schedule, arranged chronologically


Lecture tour of India, November 1965. Correspondence and itinerary


Lecture tour of Japan, November -December 1965. Schedules, invitations, and miscellaneous papers


Miscellany. Typescript notes


SUBJECT FILE, 1874-1974

Box 1

Alexan, G. F., 1969. Newspaper article by Alexan on Africa with personal note by author to Hallgarten


Alldeutscher Verband (Pan-Germanism). Typescript notes in German and English, photocopies of minutes of meetings held in 1896-1900, dissertation by Willi Krebs, entitled "Der Alldeutsche Verband in den Jahren 1918-1939"

Box 2

American Committee for the Study of War Documents




Establishment of the Committee. Reports. Typescripts and reprint


"Memorandum on the Organization and Purpose of the Committee," n.d. Typescript and corrections, two mimeographed drafts


"Draft of Constitution and By-Laws," n.d. Two photocopies


Membership list. Typescript and mimeographed copies


Ford Foundation grant, 1955 (?). Typescript draft of application, newspaper announcement of grant, mimeographed announcement


Agendas and minutes of meetings, 1955-1957. Mimeographed and typescript copies


Lists of seized German documents, 1954-1955. Three mimeographed lists


Memorandum on the preparation of a new guide to captured German documents, n.d. Typescript and mimeographed copies


Reports, 1955-1957


Miscellany. Clippings and holographic notes








1956, with Horst Drechsler


1956, with university libraries






Highlights of findings, n.d., n.t., by Robert Wolfe. Typescript

Box 3

Bagdad Railroad and the German military mission in Turkey, 1891-1914. Photocopies and handwritten transcripts of German diplomatic documents


Bagdad Railroad in Bulgaria, 1883-1892. Photocopies of German diplomatic documents


Columbians, 1946. Newspaper clippings


Diplomatic archives. Pamphlet


Disarmament and the arms race. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and pamphlets


Education. Newspaper clippings and pamphlet


European government and politics, 1950 (?). Mimeographed reading lists


Fischer (Fritz) controversy on the origins of World War I, 1964-1969. Holographic notes, articles by colleagues, newspaper clippings


France. Newspaper clippings




Commerce with Morocco, 1904-1905. Photocopies of German diplomatic documents


Diplomatic history. Pamphlets on German relations with France, Poland, and Sweden


Diplomatic relations with China, 1898-1900. Photocopies of handwritten transcripts of German diplomatic documents


Economic situation after World War II. Pamphlets


Military mission to Turkey, 1891-1898. Photocopies of German diplomatic documents


News reports of April 16, 1945. Carbon copies of typescripts in German

Box 4

Political events of the 1950s to 1970s. Newspaper clippings and pamphlets


Himmler, Heinrich. Magazine clippings and photocopy of invitation to the young Himmler from Hallgarten as a child to a garden party


Historiography. Miscellaneous announcements of interest to historians. Printed copies and newspaper clippings


Hitler's reception for the Yugoslavian Prime Minister Milan Stajandinovic, January 17, 1938. Photocopy of seating arrangement for state dinner given by the Krupps


Hungary. Printed pamphlet and flyer


International co-operation. Miscellaneous pamphlets and clippings

Box 5

Institute for Documentary Research on Foreign Nations


Prospectus, n.d. Twelve different drafts. Typescript, carbon and mimeographed copies


Research program, 1962. Programs for utilizing German and Japanese documents, research ideas for Latin American documents, general lists of possible topics. Typescript, mimeographed and carbon copies


Budget, n.d. Typescript and mimeographed budgets


Certificate of incorporation, 1961. Two mimeographed copies


By-laws, n.d. Four drafts. Mimeographed and carbon copies


Information on similar institutes. Printed copies


Newspaper publicity, 1961. Article drafts and newspaper clippings


Staffing, n.d. Holographic, typescript, and mimeographed copies


Recruitment of Board of Trustees, 1962. Lists of names, resumes, correspondence


Recruitment of Executive Director, 1962. Resumes, correspondence


Recruitment of Treasurer, 1962. Letters of reference, memoranda


Recruitment of Research Assistants, 1962-1963. Resumes, letters of reference, correspondence


Scholars interested in the Institute, n.d. Handwritten lists of names


Program notes for presentation of documentary material at Institute, 1962. Holograph in German


"Japan's Occupation of Manchuria in the Light of Captured German and Japanese Documents," March 20, 1962. Lecture delivered by Masao Nishikawa, as opening seminar of Institute. Publicity, draft of announcement, newspaper clippings


Development of Institute, 1960-1963. Memoranda to members. Mimeographed and typescript copies


General correspondence in support of the Institute, arranged chronologically






Fund raising plans, 1961-1962. Mimeographed typescript, and handwritten notes


Fund raising appeals to members of the Jewish community in the Washington area, July 28, 1962


Applications to foundations. Correspondence, arranged chronologically





Box 6

Negotiations with the University of Pittsburgh, 1963. Correspondence, arranged chronologically


Negotiations with the American Historical Association, 1963-1964. Correspondence, typescripts, and carbon copies


Finances of the Institute, 1960-1965. Bills, cancelled checks, lists of disbursements, arranged chronologically


Miscellany. Holographic notes on Institute


Italy. Newspaper clippings, transcript of German diplomatic report from Rome, 1924


Japan. Pamphlet and newspaper clippings


Krupp sales to Turkey, 1874. Photocopies of German diplomatic documents


Media. Newspaper clippings, 1956, and correspondence, 1956-1969


Microfilm exchange with Czechoslovakia and United States (proposal), 1963. Correspondence and typescript notes


Microfilm exchange with East Germany and United States (proposal), 1960-1962. Selective list of holdings of the Zentralarchiv in Potsdam, memoranda, correspondence, arranged chronologically


Microfilming of Weimar newspapers (proposal), 1956-1963. Correspondence, arranged chronologically


Mitbestimmung (Co-determination) 1956-1957. Pamphlets


National Socialism


"Der Reichskanzler spricht in Koeln" (The Imperial Chancellor speaks in Cologne), Frankfurter Zeitung, October 27, 1933


Requests for prints of Hitler from Heinrich Hoffman, Reichsbildberichterstatter der NSDAP, 1937-1943. Carbon copies of orders, original bills


Testimony against National Socialists, 1965. Printed and carbon copies


Miscellany. Newspaper clippings, articles by colleagues


Nuernberg Trials, 1947. Military Tribunal's indictment #11 against Ernst von Weizsaecker, Wilhelm Keppler, et al. Mimeographed copy


Peace research, 1970. Mimeographed copies of conference papers


Penkovsky Papers, 1965. Newspaper clippings


Peron, Eva, 1952. Argentine newspaper reports of her death


Psychological warfare, 1944-1957. Explanatory letter, American and National Socialist leaflets, interrogation reports, radio scripts, allied and German newspapers. Printed and carbon copies


Rabotnicheska Prosveta, September 8, 1950. Newspaper of the Bulgarian Socialist Labor Party


Ruhr Valley industry, 1949-1950. Excerpts from the Congressional Record. Printed copies


Softas (Turkish theology students). Handwritten transcript of German diplomatic report


South East Asia Treaty Organization, 1957. Pamphlets


Soviet Union. Pamphlet and newspaper clippings


Spain. Short articles by colleagues, newspaper clippings


Spiegel affair, 1962. Newspaper clippings


Stefl, Max, 1958. Pamphlet

Box 8

Steinberger, Albert Barnes, Col., 1971. Article entitled "The Illusive Colonel" by Robert Buchanan. Photocopy of transcript


Third World, 1955-1972. Newspaper clippings and pamphlets


Turkish railroads, 1891-1902. Photocopies of German documents


Turkish taxation systems, 1905 (?). Photocopy of German diplomatic report


United States - Political events, 1959-1971. Pamphlets and newspaper clippings


Webb, Arthur. Holdings of personal newspaper library


Wendel, de. Book by Louis Launay, 1938. Printed copy


World War II. Bibliography on index cards for works written primarily in the 1950s






Young Turks, 1896. Handwritten transcript of German diplomatic report



Box 9



Als die Schatten fielen (When the shadows fell), 1969


Chapters 5 and 6 of first draft. Typescript


Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of first draft. Typescript


Part I of second draft. Annotated transcript


Part II of second draft. Annotated transcript


Part III of second draft. Annotated typescript


Excerpt of work for reading over German radio, September 5, 1969. Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Mimeographed copy in German


Interview with Hallgarten for German radio, July 12, 1969, Sender Freies Berlin Typescript in German


Reviews, 1969-1971, arranged chronologically. Printed, carbon and photocopies in German

Box 10

Daemonen oder Retter? (Demons or saviours?), 1957 (work based on Why Dictators? 1954, and unpublished manuscript, entitled Soziologie der Diktatur. See below)


Publishers's announcements. Printed copies


Reviews, 1957-1966, arranged chronologically. Printed, carbon, and photocopies


"The Devil's Suicide: World War II: Why and Whither," unpublished, 1942


Chapters 1 to 4. Typescript


Synopses of chapters 5 and 7. Two typescript drafts and carbon copy


Chapter 8. Typescript


"From Imperialism to Super-State Rivalry," unpublished


Reports from recipients of grants from the Penrose Fund, 1940-1941. Printed copies


First draft entitled "From Imperialism to Super-Imperialism: The Economic and Social Secrets of World Politics, 1870-1940" (1940?). Annotated typescript


Second draft entitled "From Imperialism to Super-Imperialism: The Driving Forces Behind the Screen of European Power Politics, 1870-1940," 1940. Typescript


Part I


Part II


Incomplete carbon copies

Box 11

Third draft entitled "From Imperialism to Super-Imperialism: Changes in the Ideological and Socio-Economic Structure of European Power Politics, 1870-1940," 1941. Annotated typescript


Chapters 1 to 3. Typescript


Chapters 2 and 3. Incomplete carbon copy


Chapter 4. Typescript


Fourth draft entitled "Whither Imperialism? The Big Powers and the Colonial World, 1870-1958," 1958(?). Annotated typescript


Part I


Part II

Box 12

Fifth draft, 1959 (?), n.t. Typescript fragments


Part I. Incomplete carbon copy


Part IIIA. Typescript


Part IIIB. Typescript


Sixth draft entitled "Whither Imperialism? The Big Powers and the Colonial World, 1870-1960: A Brief Historical Analysis" (1960?). Typescript


Part I. Incomplete carbon copy


Part II. Typescript


Part II. Carbon copy


Part IIIA. Typescript

Box 13

Part IIIA. Carbon copy


Part IIIB. Typescript


Part IIIB. Carbon copy


Epilogue. Annotated typescript


Epilogue. Carbon copy of revised typescript


Seventh draft entitled "From Imperialism to Super-State Rivalry: The Big Powers and the Colonial World Since the Late 1860s: A Brief Historical Analysis of a Hundred Years of Change," 1967(?). Typescript.


Part I


Eighth draft entitled "From Imperialism to Super-State Rivalry: A Brief Historical Analysis of a Hundred Years of Change," 1968 (?). Part I



Box 14

Carbon copy


Synopses, n.d. Four drafts in German and English. Carbon copy of transcript


Bibliography, n.d. Typescript and holographic notes


Research notes. Holographic and typescript notes in German and English


Part I


Part II


Part III


Newspaper clippings for research on imperialism


"History of the Subversive Movements in the United States Since World War I," unpublished, 1954. With John C. Metcalf. Carbon copy of transcript fragment, two copies of agreement between the authors (typescript of rough draft and carbon copy of revised typescript)

Box 15

Hitler, Reichswehr und Industrie (Hitler, the Imperial Army and Industry), 1955 and 1962


Publisher's announcements. Printed copies


Reviews of the first edition, 1954-1959, arranged chronologically. Printed and photocopies


Excerpt for reading over German radio, October 24, 1962, Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Mimeographed copy


Reviews of the second edition, 1962-1970, arranged chronologically. Printed and photocopies


"Memorandum," 1972, in German. Response to critique in Faschismus und Kapitalismus in Deutschland by Henry A. Turner. Carbon copy of typescript


Research notes for first essay of work, entitled "Stinnes, Seeckt und Hitler"


Research notes for second essay in work, entitled "Hitler und die deutsche Schwerindustrie" (Hitler and German Heavy Industry)

Box 16

Imperialismus vor 1914 (Imperialism before 1914), 1951 and 1963


"Vorkriegsimperialismus" (Pre-War imperialism), 1933. Typescript bound in four volumes


Volume I


Volume II

Box 17

Volume III


Volume IV


Notes relating to the writing and microfilming of the original manuscript, n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


Reviews of popular excerpt, also entitled Vorkriegsimperialismus, 1935. Photocopy and typescript


First edition, 1951


Volume I, Part I. Unbound, printed fascicles


Volume I, Part II. Unbound, printed fascicles

Box 18

Publisher's announcements. Printed copies


Reviews of first edition, 1951-1953


Newspaper and journal clippings pasted in note book in roughly chronological order


Transcript of letter from Albert Einstein, October 31, 1951, praising the work. Three carbon copies of typescript


"Anti-Kritik: Franz Borkenau und mein Werk Imperialismus vor 1914," n.d. Hallgarten's response to critique. Carbon copy of typescript in German


Second edition, 1963


Publisher's announcements. Printed copies


Reviews of second edition, 1962-1966, arranged chronologically


Newspaper and journal clippings


Research notes, n.d. Typescript in German


Das Schicksal des Imperialismus im 20. Jahrhundert (The fate of imperialism in the twentieth century), 1969


"Le choc des imperialismes" (The clash of the imperialisms), 1962. Excerpt of chapter from L'Europe du XIXe et du XXe siècle (Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth century) used as basis for the first essay of the work entitled "Der Zusammenprall der Imperialismen im Jahre 1914" (The clash of imperialisms in the year 1914). Printed copy


Fritz Fischer und seine Gegner" (Fritz Fischer and his opponents), n.d. Holographic draft of second essay in work. See below


"Deutsche Selbstschau nach 50 Jahern: Fritz Fischer, seine Gegner und Vorlaeufer" (German self-appraisal after 50 years: Fritz Fischer, his opponents and predecessors), 1969. Annotated typescript of second essay


"The Fate of Imperialism after World War II," 1965. Lecture delivered in Japan, used as basis for third essay "Vom Imperialismus zum Wettkampf der Ueberstaaten" (From imperialism to the rivalry of the super-states). Typescript


"Le sort de l'impérialisme du XXe siecle" (The fate of imperialism in the twentieth century), April 4, 1967. Lecture delivered at the Città Universitaria, Rome. Typescript and carbon copy of lecture, invitation, and newspaper review. Basis for third essay in work


"I destini dell'imperialismo nel XX secolo, 1967. Direct translation of the above lecture from French into Italian. Mimeographed copy

Box 19

"Vom Imperialismus zum Wettkampf der Ueberstaaten: Die Grossmaechte und die Kolonialwelt seit 1870" (From imperialism to the rivalry of the super-states: The big powers and the colonial world since 1870), 1967. Revised German version of Rome lecture (see above) used as basis for third essay. Typescript, mimeographed copy for reading over German radio (June 20, 1967, Hessischer Rundfunk), and holographic notes


"Das Schicksal des Imperialismus im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert: Drei Abhandlungen ueber Kriegsursachen in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart" (The fate of imperialism in the twentieth century: Three essays about the origins of war in the past and present), 1967. Rough draft for preface of the work. Carbon copy of typescript


Reviews, 1969-1971, arranged chronologically


"Superman: Rise and Fall of Would-Be Aristocrats: Studies in Political Psycho-Pathology," unpublished, 1946


First draft, 1946


Chapters 1 and 2. Typescript


Chapters 3 and 4. Typescript


Chapters 5 to 9. Typescript


"Uebermensch: Aufstieg und Fall von moechtegern Aristokraten: Politische psycho-pathologische Studien," 1946. Literal translation of first draft into German by the author. Fragmentary carbon copy of typescript and holograph


Second draft, 1948


Chapters 1 and 2. Typescript


Chapters 1 and 2. Carbon copy

Box 20

Chapters 3 and 4. Typescript


Chapters 3a. Incomplete carbon copy


Chapters 5 to 9. Typescript


Chapters 5 to 9. Fragmentary carbon copy


Das Wettruesten: Seine Geschichte bis zur Gegenwart (The arms race: Its history up to the present), 1967


Published German version


Publisher's announcements. Printed copies


Excerpt for reading over German radio, July 17, 1967, Westdeutscher Rundfunk. Mimeographed copy


Reviews, 1967-1969, arranged chronologically


Newspaper clippings and photocopies


Unpublished English version


First draft entitled "Twilight of Man? A Short History of the Arms Race in This Century," 1965 (?)


Part I. Carbon copy and photocopy

Box 21

Part II. Carbon copy and photocopy


Second draft entitled "A Short History of Arms Race in This Century," 1967 (?)


Chapter 12. Photocopy of typescript


Fourth draft entitled "Twilight of Man?" A Short History of the Arms Race in Modern Times," 1974


Part I. Photocopy of typescript


Part II. Photocopy of typescript

Box 22

Part IIIA. Photocopy of typescript


Part IIIB. Photocopy of typescript


Prospectus and table of contents. Photocopy of transcript


Fragments, n.d. Typescript


Fragments, n.d. Holograph and related newspaper clippings


Why Dictators? The Causes and Forms of Tyrannical Rule Since 600 B.C., 1954


First draft entitled "Soziologie der Diktatur" (Sociology of dictatorship, 1937. Basis for the work


Fragment, in German. Pages 196-326. Typescript


Synopsis, in German. Typescript


Partial translation into English by Constance Hallgarten (1881-1969), mother of author


Part I. Typescript


Part II. Two handwritten notebooks


Part III. Two handwritten notebooks

Box 23

Second draft entitled "Sociology of Dictatorship: The Causes and Forms of Tyrannical Rule in the Past and Present," 1952


Parts I and II. Annotated typescript


Parts III and IV. Annotated typescript


Project synopsis. History of Hallgarten's work on the book from the 1930s to 1950s. Typescript and carbon copy


Letter to Alfred A. Knopf, Ltd. Carbon copy


Publicity and reviews. Mimeographed copies and newspaper clippings


Letter from Albert Einstein, June 22, 1954, praising the work. Letter translated into English. Carbon copy of typescript


Lectures and articles


"Adolf Hitler and German Heavy Industry 1931-1933: A Discussion of the Relations between Politics and Economics in Recent German History," 1952. Journal of Economic History, Vol. XII, Nr. 3. Typescript (draft entitled with dates 1918-1933)


"Adolf Hitler and German Heavy Industry 1918-1933," 1952. Research notes for the above article in German and English. Typescript and holographic notes


"Adolf Hitler und die deutsche Schwerindustrie" (Adolf Hitler and German Heavy Industry), 1953. Magazine article for Links. Printed copy


"After Fifty Years...Reflections on the Outbreak of the First World War," 1964. Lecture. Typescript


"Aktenanhang: Zur Politik von Hugo Stinnes 1922-1923" (Appendix of documents concerning the policies of Hugo Stinnes 1922-1923), n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"The Arms Race After 1945 in the Light of History," 1965. Lecture delivered in New Delhi, India. Typescript of lecture and printed copy of review


Asahi Journal interview, 1965, n.t. Discussion of imperialism in English


"The Backstage Story of the War," July 5, 1940. Lecture for the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco. Two mimeographed copies


"Behind Britain's Armament Lag," December 11, 1938. The San Francisco Chronicle. Newspaper clipping


Bismarck, n.d., n.t. Lecture (?) for symposium at Brown University. Holographic and typescript notes in German and English


"Can We Prevent That Crime?" The Youth of 20th Century Dictators," n.d. Typescript synopsis


"Darf Krupp auf Fascisten schiessen?" (May Krupp shoot at fascists?), July 8, 1938, Pariser Tageszeitung. Newspaper clipping


"Disraeli," n.d. Holographic lecture notes


"Does Ridicule Kill Dictators?" n.d. Typescript synopsis

Box 24

"Das Eindringen deutschen Kapitals in Suedangole am Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts" (The influx of German capital into South Angola at the end of the nineteenth century), n.d. Carbon copy of typescript and reprints of related articles


"Der Einfluss der totalen Diktaturen auf die Demokratie in den U.S.A." (The influence of totalitarianism on the democracy in the U.S.A.), n.d. Lecture. Typescript


"Die Entwicklung der Friedensidee in der neuren Zeit: Ein Bericht in Dokumenten" (The development of the concept of peace in recent history: A report in documents), 1963 (?). Carbon copy of typescript


"European Diplomatic History," 1970-1971. Lectures for the University of Dayton


Part I. Holographic and typescript notes


Part II. Holographic and typescript notes


"European History," 1971. Lectures for History 414, University of Dayton. Holographic and typescript notes, and teaching evaluations


"Die Formen der Herrschaft in den Entwicklungsgebieten im Licht der Max Weberschen Soziologie" (Types of rule in the developing areas in the light of Max Weber's sociology), 1967 (?). University lecture. Typescript


"Formen und Schicksal der Diktaturen nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg" (The forms of dictatorship and their fate after the Second World War), 1967. Typescript and holographic notes


"Die Frage der Schuld am ersten Weltkrieg: Einst und heute" (The question of guilt for the First World War: Previously and today), n.d. Typescript


"Fremdheitskomplex und Uebernationalismus" (Alienation complex and super-nationalism), 1938. Zeitschrift fuer freie deutsche Forschung. Reprint

Box 25

"Gedanken zum Koelner Vortrag" (Ideas for the Cologne lecture), n.d. Holographic notes


"Germany Arms the Turks," n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"The Germany of 1914 and 1937: A Survey of the Development of Modern Imperialism," 1937. Two mimeographed copies


"Die geschichtlichen Wirkungen der wirtschaftlichen Konjunkturschwankungen seit 1870" (The historical effects of economic reverses since 1870), n.d. Annotated typescript


"Die gesellschaftsgeschichtlichen Hintergruende der beiden Weltkriege" (The socio-historical background of the two world wars), 1965. Lecture. Typescript and publicity


"Heinrich Himmler's Childhood: Comments by an Eyewitness," 1969 (?). Typescript


"History of Imperialism 1870-1945," n.d. Holographic and typescript notes


"History of Modern Dictatorship," 1972. Lecture for the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Typescript and holographic notes, clippings, examinations, statement on Viet Nam, and photocopy of newspaper clipping


"Hitler's Next Moves," May 19, 1940. The San Francisco Chronicle. Newspaper clipping


"Imperialism After World War II," n.d. Lecture. Photocopy of typescript


"Imperialismus," n.d. Entry for unidentified encyclopedia, in German. Annotated galley proof


"Der Imperialismus in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart" (Imperialism in the past and present), 1958. Lecture. Carbon copy of typescript, newspaper reviews, ticket, and publicity


"The Influence of the U.S. Constitution upon Germany's Constitutional Thinking, Especially on Her War-Making Power," n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"Kommt eine neue Zeit Starker Maenner?" (Will there be a new age of strong men?), 1965 (?). Lecture. Typescript


"Die Leidensgeschichte der Abruestungsidee seit der Ersten Haager Friedenskonferenz" (The painful history of the idea of disarmament since the first peace conference in the Hague), 1958. Typescript and two mimeographed copies of lecture for radio, and newspaper review


Letter to the editor of the Washington Post, September 9, 1954. "After EDC--What?" Newspaper clipping


Letter to the editor of the Washington Post, January 1959. "Josephus and Jesus," in response to letter by Rabbi Martin S. Halpern of December 23, 1959, together with Halpern's reply to Hallgarten. Newspaper clippings


Letter to the editor of the Washington Post, August 18, 1959. Reply to Hallgarten letter by Lawrence A. Perkins, "Leftism in Cuba." Newspaper clipping


Letter to the editor of the Journal of Modern History, June 1960, n.t. Information about Himmler. Photocopy


"Max Webers Soziologie: Ein Handwerkzeug des Geschichtsschreibers" (Max Weber's Sociology: A tool for the historian), 1967 (?). Lecture, University of Munich. Holographic and typescript notes


"Mein Mitschueler Himmler" (My classmate Himmler), October 14, 1961. Nuernberger Nachrichten. Newspaper clipping


"Mein Schulfreund Himmler!" (My school friend Himmler!), August 7, 1961. NRZ. Newspaper clipping

Box 26

"Milady Conquers Arabia: Rise, Fall and Transformation of Hester Lucy Stanhope," n.d. Transcript


"Moderne Befreiungsdiktatoren und Proletarier-Fuehrer: Ein Dreigespraech" (Modern liberationist dictators and proletarian leaders: A conversation about politics and Stalin. Fragmentary typescript


Munich lectures, 1950. Notes untitled


"Die Entstehung der Diktatur: Vergleichende geschichtliche Untersuchung der Gewaltherrschaften vom Altertum bis zur Gegenwart" (The origin of dictatorship: A comparative historical examination of rule by force from antiquity to the present) (?). Typescript and holographic notes


"Uebungen zur internationalen Politik der europaeischen Kabinette 1890-1940" (Seminar on the international policies of the European cabinet 1890-1940) (?). Seminar notes, list of participants, letter of appreciation from the Bavarian Ministry of Education, and notice in the newspaper


Munich lectures, 1967 (?), n.t. Pacifism. Typescript and holographic notes in German and English, list of guests


"Nach fuenfzig Jahren: Deutsche Geschichte als Schluessel zu den Weltkriegen" (After fifty years: German history as the key to the world wars), n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"Neues Material zur Geschichte des Imperialismus vor 1914" (New material about the history of imperialism before 1914), n.d. Lecture, University of Vienna. Holographic notes


"Our Policy in Germany and the Case of Krupp," n.d. Annotated typescript


"The Present World Situation and the Problem of Dictatorship," n.d. Lecture. Typescript


"The Problem of European Unity Since the First World War, 1965. Lecture. Typescript


"Protestantism and the Reunification of Germany," 1957. Lecture. Typescript


"The Quartermaster General's Procurement During World War I in Reference to the U.S. Small Business Man," n.d. Carbon copy of typescript fragment


"Reflections on the Arms Race Since 1918," 1972 (?). Lecture, Lexington, Kentucky. Holographic and typescript notes and clippings


Review of Deutschland und China im 19. Jahrhundert (Germany and China in the nineteenth century) by Helmuth Stoecker. American Historical Review, July 1959. Printed copy


Review of Elites against Democracy by Walter Struve, n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


Review of Erinnerungen (Memoirs) by Albert Speer. The Maryland Historian, 1971 (?). Photocopy


Review of Eugene Etienne und die franzoesische Kolonialpolitik (Eugene Etienne and the French colonial policy) by Herward Sieberg and Die Nordwestgrenze in der Verteidigung Indiens (The Northwest border in the defense of India) by Horst Jaeckel. American Historical Review, October 1969


Review of Grossunternehmer und Tyrann (Entrepreneur and tyrant) by Louis Lochner. Geist und Tat, July 1955. Printed copy


Review of Die Internationale Politik edited by Arnold Bergstraesser. American Historical Review, October 1958


Review of Der Primat der Innenpolitik (The primacy of domestic policy) by Eckart Kehr. Deutsche Literaturzeitung, November 1967. Two reprints and carbon copy of typescript


Review of Unternehmer gegen Monopole (Entrepreneurs against monopolies) by Helga Nussbaum. American Historical Review, December 1967


Review of Vneshniaia politika I diplomatiia germanskogo imperialisma v kontse XIX veka (Foreign policy and diplomacy of German imperialism at the end of the nineteenth century) by A. S. Yerusalimskii, n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler and Their Messiah-Complex," n.d. Typescript


"Die Rolle der Arbeiterbewegung in Europa und in den Vereinigten Staaten: Parallelen und Unterschiede" (The role of the labor movement in Europe and the United States: Parallels and differences), 1958. Lecture. Typescript, newspaper reviews, invitations, and publicity


"Die Rolle der internationalen Ruestung" (The role of international armament), September 4, 1964, Die Zeit. Printed copy


"Der Ruestungswettlauf nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg" (The arms race after World War II), n.d. Lecture. Carbon copy of typescript

Box 27

"Die Schule der Faschisten" (School for fascists), n.d. Satire. Carbon copy of typescript and two leaves of older version called "Schule der Diktatur" (School of dictatorship)


"The Secret Behind Hitler's Russian War," n.d. Typescript


"The Social Foundations of Pacifism and Appeasement from Cromwell to Hitler," 1962 (?). Typescript and notes


"The Social Foundations of the German Armaments Policy," March 1937, The Contemporary Review. Printed copy


"The Social Foundations of World War Strategy," 1940. Lecture, Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association. Typescript


"The Sociological Aspects of the Arms Race After 1945," 1969 (?). Photocopy of typescript


"Some Comments on the Sociological Forms of Dictatorship Since the Climax of Fascism," 1973. Lecture given in Japan. Carbon copy of typescript


"The 'Sphinx' Behind the Screen of the Weimar Republic: The Political Game of General Hans von Seeckt 1919-1926," 1947 (?). Published in abridged form as "General von Seeckt and Russia 1920-1922" in Journal of Modern History vol. XXI, no. 1, 1949. Carbon copy of typescript, holographic notes in German, newspaper clipping


"Statement Made During the March of University of Dayton Members in the Matters of Vietnam and the Calley Affair, 1971. Two photocopies of typescript


"Tantalus in Japan," 1965 (?). Carbon copy of typescript


"That Monster Was My Classmate: The Strange Transformation of Little Heinrich Himmler into Hitler's #1 Henchman," 1954 (?). Carbon copy of transcript


"U.S. Policy and the Question of German Rearmament, Especially in the Economic Field," n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"Die Vereinigten Staaten und die Gesellschaftskrise in Latein Amerika" (The United States and the Social Crisis in Latin America), 1965. Lecture. Carbon copy of typescript and newspaper review


"Das Verhaeltnis zwischen Bank- und Industrie-kapital in der Deutschen Aussenpolitik der Wilhelminischen Aera" (The relationship between bank and industry capital in German foreign policy of the Wilhelmine era), 1938, VIIIe Congrès International des Sciences Historiques. Reprints and photocopy of responses by Veit Valentin et al.


"Warum nur 14 Jahre? Die Weimarer Republik: Erforschtes und Erlebtes" (Why only fourteen years? The Weimar Republic: Research and experience), 1958. Carbon copy of typescript, newspaper reviews, and publicity


"Was Adolf Hitler of Jewish Descent?" n.d. Carbon copy and typescript


"Wer brachte Hitler an die Macht? Neues Licht durch Dokumente" (Who brought Hitler to power? New light from documentation), n.d. Article includes transcriptions of correspondence by Franz von Pappen, Kurt Lersner, Kurt von Schroeder, Wilhelm Keppler, etc. Typescript and carbon copy


"Der Wettlauf der Grossmaechte um Afrika" (The rivalry of the big powers for Africa), 1958. Lecture. Carbon copy of typescript, newspaper reviews, invitation, and publicity


"Das Wettruesten nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg" (The arms race after the Second World War), n.d. Lecture. Typescript


"What I Saw in Germany Fifty Years Ago: In Commemoration of the Outbreak of World War I (August 1, 1914)," 1964. Carbon copy of typescript


"What Made de Gaulle and Adenauer Click? Ventures and Common Thoughts of the Champions of Europe," n.d. Two typescript versions


"What the United Nations Hit: KRUPP," n.d. Typescript


"When Will Germany Collapse?" 1942. Lecture. Mimeographed copy


"Who and What Made Pan-Europe Fashionable?" 1963. Typescript and carbon copy of article, synopsis, and correspondence about possible publication


"Who Loaded the 'Guns of August'?" n.d. Typescript of synopsis


"Why Dictators?" n.d. Three different versions of lecture. Typescript and publicity


"William II and Adolf Hitler Celebrate Anniversaries," n.d. Typescript


"Zum 22. Januar 1958" (On the 22nd of January 1958). Poem dedicated to Hallgarten's nanny, nicknamed Loeffel


"Zur Geschichte der Abruestung im 20. Jahrhundert" (On the history of disarmament in the twentieth century), 1960, Zeitschrift fuer Politik


"Zur Geschichte der Vietnam Krise" (On the history of the Vietnam crisis), n.d. Typescript, holographic notes, and newspaper clippings

Box 28

Research notes


Abetz, Otto, n.d. Holographic notes in German on book by Abetz, entitled Das offene Problem (The open problem)


"Adelsanbetung und Deutschlands Geschick" (Workship of royalty and the fate of Germany), n.d. Holographic and typescript notes in German and English


Africa, 1968. Typescript notes in German


American political history, n.d. Holographic and typescript notes in English and newspaper clippings


Bismark, n.d. Holographic in German


Colonialism, n.d. Holographic notes in German and English


Disarmament and the arms race, n.d. Miscellaneous holographic notes in English


"Einiges Material ueber die Auslands Organization" (Some material on the foreign organization of the Nazi party), n.d. Holographic notes in German


"Griechenland" (Greece), n.d. Typescript notes in German


Lenin and Keynes, n.d. Holographic notes in German


"Mussolini," n.d. Holographic notes in German


Nazi High Command, n.d. Holographic notes in German


"RADAR," n.d. Holographic notes in German


South America, n.d. Holographic notes in German and English


"Stalin," n.d. Holographic notes in German and English


Sternberg, Fritz, n.d. Carbon copy of typescript notes in English


Tolstoy, n.d. Holographic notes in English in same notebook with comments on World War II


"Totalitarian War and its Consequences," n.d. Miscellaneous typescript notes in English


Viet Nam, n.d. Holographic notes in English and related newspaper clippings


Wagner-Nietzsche case, n.d. Holographic and typescript notes in German and English, photocopy of printed letter by Thomas Mann on the subject


"Zaire," 1975. Typescript notes in French


Miscellany. Various holographic and typescript notes in German and English

Box 29

Research proposals


"The Attitude of Industry Toward Politics," 1974. AHA Newsletter, April 1974. Printed and mimeographed copies of proposal and related correspondence


"The Chances of Success of International Detentes," 1974. Photocopy of application to Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and related correspondence


"Establishment of an Institute for Sociological Research on International Affairs Since 1919," 1954. Two carbon copies of application to Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, and related correspondence


"The Fate of Imperialism Since the 1870s," 1971. Research project at Antioch College. Typescript and related correspondence


"Max Weber's Sociology as a Tool in the Hands of the Historian," 1969. Two photocopies of transcript and holograph


"Study and Use of Captured German Records," 1959. Proposal to B'nai B'rith Antidefamation League. Carbon copy of typescript


"A Study of the Social Background of European Power Politics 1919-1945," 1955. Two carbon copies of typescript and related correspondence


Film scripts and synopses


"End of Humanity? Ideas for a Film on the Past and Possible Future of the International Arms Race," 1974




First draft. Annotated typescript


Second draft. Carbon copy of typescript


Third draft. Typescript and photocopy


"The Fifth Pyramid: The Secret of the Leopold Amherst Papyrus," n.d. Two carbon copies of typescript


"Heavy Water: The Nations' Pace for the Atom-Splitter," n.d. Typescript and carbon copy. Three typescript copies of synopsis


"Louis Napoleon: The Career of a Dictator," n.d. Carbon copy of typescript


"Six Feet Above Ground," n.d. Two carbon copies of typescript


"Suez Canal: Life and Fall of a Great Promoter" (Ferdinand de Lesseps), n.d. Two carbon copies of typescript



microfilm-cabinet Microfilm cabinet

Microfilm cabinet "General von Seeckt, Adolf Hitler und die deutsche Schwerindustrie" (General von Seeckt, Adolf Hitler and German heavy industry), n.d. Typescript of essay by Hallgarten


Railway question, 1875-1881. Documents from the Vienna National Archives relating to the construction of railways to the Middle East. Handwritten and typescript copies