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Barnhart (Edward N.) papers
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A. Items concerning the First Program: Mass evacuation of Japanese Americans


#1 Briefs in suits by internees: Endo, Yasui, Hirabayashi


#2 Court decisions: Yasui


#3 Articles by Herbert Hoover, Biddle, etc. on constitutional rights, etc.


B. Items concerning the Second Program: Japanese American Individual Exclusion


Western Defense Command


#1 "Supplemental Report on Civilian Controls Exercised by WDC" prepared by Victor W. Nielsen, Chief of Research Branch, CAD, WDC, San Francisco, Typescript. Comments: Lt. General John L. DeWitt, commanding officer of the Western Defense Command, issued a report on the role of the WDC in the evacuation episode, entitled "Final Report: Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast, 1942." It purports to be a faithful record of WDC policies and operations, up to November, 1942. But it is essentially an apologia for the evacuation and internment. For evaluation of the Report, see Ten Broek, Barnhart, and Matson, pp. 136-140. Victor W. Nielsen prepared his "Supplemental Report" to cover WDC activities from 1 November 1942 to 4 September 1945. It is of the same character as the "Final Report," a defense of WDC policies, and must be treated with caution January, 1947.


Vol I Part 1 (pp. 1-452)


Vol II Part 2 (pp. 453-835)




Part 3 (pp. 836-869)


Part 4, "Legal Phases of Exercises of Authority Under 9066" prepared by Major E. E. Wenig, JAGD (pp. 869-1073, index, pp. 1073-1096)


#1A Copy of pp. 642-970

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#2 "Supplemental Report on Civilian Controls Exercised by WDC"


Appendix I. Correspondence, statistics on exlusion cases, screening plan, information for Japanese machine Record Roster, summary of exlusion program, reports from officer teams who visited centers, SOP for teams. etc.


Appendix II. Documents bearing on the Japanese-American Individual Exclusion Program, e.g. evaluation of Japanese organizations, statistics on numbers of Japanese in centers, Japanese individually excluded, etc. Tab C contains data on German-American and Italian-American organizations considered subversive

box 3

Appendix III. Statistics on Japanese-Americans in centers, numbers given IEOs, etc.


#3 "Chronology of WEC Exclusion Program 26 June 1944 - 10 October 1945"


#4 "Report on WDC Screening of Returning Japanese," 30 January 1945


#5 Ten Broek and Barnhart: "Internal Security in WWII." Chapter 3, Japanese Individual Exclusion: Policy and Procedure


#6 Suits brought by exludees: Ochikubo vs. Bonesteet (USCD, SD, Cal "Transcript of Record")


#7 Court decision: Oshikubo

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C. Documents concerning the Third Program: Caucasian Individual Exlusion (IEO)




#1 Ten Broek and Barnhart, "Internal Security in WWII"


Chap.1: Caucasian Individual Exclusion Policy


Chap.2: Caucasian Individual Exclusion Procedures


War Department


#2 Documents held in Office of Chief of Military History and WW Records Division, Alexandria, Virginia, bearing on development of policies and procedures for IOE programs, e.g. history of Eastern Military Areas, etc.

General Physical Description note: (80 pages)

#3 Records of War Department held in Adjutant General's Office bearing on IEO policy development. Correspondence, memoranda, etc.


Western Defense Command


[no item #4]


#5 Headquarters, EDC and Fourth Army "Individual Exclusion Order Procedure"


#6 Civil Affairs Division. "Subversive Information Manual" (prepared for use of Individual Exclusion Boards; lists dangerous German-American, Italian-American clubs and officers and members; includes list of members and their geographical location)


#7 Civil Affairs Division. List of file topics in office of CAD and their location and contents

General Physical Description note: (37 pages)
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Western, Eastern, Southern Defense Commands


#8 Names of persons given IEO in these commands


#9 Misc. papers on IEO program. Summary of Excludee cases, criteria used by boards, etc.


Department of Justice


#10 "Memo for Attorney General: Preliminary Report on Study of IEO Cases," (prepared by John L. Burling, Assistant Chief, Alien Enemy Control Unit) August 16, 1943


#11 Letter to E. N. Barnhart from John L. Burling on IEO program and related matters July 16, 1959


War Relocation Authority


#12 Memo of Understanding between EDC and WRA regarding assistance from WRA to exludees; likewise memorandum from SDC. Dossiers from WRA files on IEO blocked out to remove means of identification


Office of Provost Marshal General


#13 Correspondence on programs to screen employees in armed forces and industrial plants to detect "potentially dangerous" persons; worked in conjunction with EDC IEO program


Hyde Park Library (Franklin D. Roosevelt Papers)


#14 Correspondence bearing on several IEO cases from Department of Justice


Courts: suits brought by exludees to have IEO rescinded, etc.


#15 titles of suits and judiciary districts


#16 Legal documents: Gerhart vs. Emmons


#17 Ebel vs. Drum


#18 Wilcox vs. DeWitt


#19 Ebel, Schueller and Scherzberg vs. Drum


#20 Alexander vs. DeWitt

box 6

#21 Court decision: WDC and EDC (Wilcox, Alexander, Bell, Ebel, Schueller)


D. Documents concerning the Fourth Program: Internment of citizens by Military Government in Hawaii




#1 TenBroek, Barnhart and Matson: "Internal Security in WWII." Part II, Hawaiian Department, Chapter 4, "Citizen Internment: Policy and Procedures"


Office of the Military Governor, Territory of Hawaii


#3 "Army in Pacific Ocean Areas." Copy of sections, especially VIII, Civil Affairs and Military Government (this may have been published by Chief of Military History)


#4 Bicknell, G. W., Col., "Security Measures in Hawaii during WWII" (sections of manuscript in University of Hawaii Library)


#5 Names of Caucasian internees held by Military Government


Department of the Interior, Office of Solicitor


#5A Letter from N. R. Margold, Solicitor, to Secretary Ickes 8 July 1942


War Department: Office of Provost Marshal General


#5B Two memorada on Hawaiian internment program


Suits brought by internees against Military Government




#6 Hearing Board Record


#7 Miscellaneous documents, e.g. list of witnesses, exhibits, etc.


#8 Legal documents, appeals, complaint for damages, etc.


#9 "Trial Memorandum on Facts and Law"

box 7

#10 Court decisions, District, Appeal, and Supreme Courts


Seigert and Glockner


#11 Ruling on motion to dismiss, etc.


Legal matters regarding arrests and trials by Military Government not related to internment


#13 Duncan, Spurlock, etc. materials


#14 Miscellaneous documents on internment (notes)


#15 Statement by internees: Mr. and Mrs. Walthers


#16 Zimmerman: scrapbook of clippings bearing on his internment, etc.


#17 Two books on Hawaii during war years: Anthony, J. G., Hawaii Under Army Rule (Stanford University Press, ); Lind, Andrew W., The Japanese in Hawaii Under War Conditions (Honolulu, ) n.d. 1943


Hyde Park Library (Franklin D. Roosevelt papers)


#2 Documents bearing on Hawaii internment policy, etc.

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Declassified U.S. government records 1942-1947

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