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Title: John Bell Condliffe papers
Date (inclusive): 1918-1981
Collection Number: 90015
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 22 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box, 1 envelope (9.7 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to various aspects of world economic conditions, especially international trade, the history of the development of world commerce, and the economic development of Australia, New Zealand and the entire Pacific basin region. Includes autobiographical writings.
Creator: Condliffe, J. B. (John Bell), 1891-1981
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives.


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Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1990.

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Biographical Note

1891, Dec. 23 Born, Melbourne, Australia
1913 B.A., Canterbury College
1914 M.A., University of Canterbury
1915 Lecturer in Economics, University of Canterbury
1914-1918 Served in the First World War with the New Zealand Division
1916 Married Olive Grace Mills
1919-1920 Gainville and Caius College, Cambridge
1920-1926 Professor of Economics, Canterbury College
1925 Attended the first conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations at Honolulu
1927 Received the degree of D.Sc. in Economics from the University of New Zealand;

Author, Problems of the Pacific
1927-1931 Research Secretary, Institute of Pacific Relations, Hawaii
1930 Author, New Zealand in the Making
1930-1931 Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Michigan
1931 Author, Problems of Food and Population in the Pacific Area, and The Pacific Area in International Relations
1931-1937 Member, Economic Intelligence Service, League of Nations
1932 Author, China To-Day: Economic
1933 Author, World Economic Survey
1935 Author, A Short History of New Zealand, and War and Depression
1937-1939 Professor of Commerce, University of London
1938 Author, Markets and the Problem of Peaceful Change, and A Survey of International Research in Europe
1939 Recipient of Howland Memorial Prize, Yale University

Author, The Changing Structure of Economic Life
1940-1958 Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
1940 Author, The Reconstruction of World Trade
1941 Author, Report Upon a Survey International House, University of California, Berkeley
1942 Received Honorary degree of LL.D., Occidental College

Author, Agenda For a Postwar World
1943 Author, The Economic Pattern of World Population
1943-1944 Research Associate, Institute of International Studies, Yale University
1943-1947 Associate Director, Division of Economics and History, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
1944 Author, The Foreign Economic Policy of the United States, and The Common Interest in International Economic Organisation
1945 Naturalized citizen of the United States

Author, How Much Tariff Protection for Farm Products?, La Politica Economic Exterior De Estados Unidos, Exchange Stabilization, and World Economic Survey
1946 Author, Proposals For Consideration by an International Conference on Trade and Development
1947 Author, Obstacles to Multilateral Trading and The Foreign Loan Policy of the United States
1950 Recipient of Wendell Wilkie Prize

Author, The Commerce of Nations, The Economic Consequences of Scientific Research, and Point Four and the World Economy
1951 Author, Technological Progress and Economic Development and International Trade and Economic Nationalism
1953 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
1957 Received Honorary Litt.D. degree, University of New Zealand
1959-1960 Adviser, Indian National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi
1959 Author, The Welfare State in New Zealand
1961-1967 Senior Economist, Stanford Research Institute
1964 Author, The Development of Australia
1965 Author, Foresight and Enterprise and From Adam Smith to Keynes -and After
1966 Author, The Balancing of International Payment: Money and Goods
1967 Author, The University and Technology
1969 Author, The Economic Outlook for New Zealand
1971 Author, Te Rangi Hiroa
1973 Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury
1974 Author, Defunct Economists
1977 Gold Cross, Royal Order of Phoenix (Greece)
1981 Author, Reminiscences of the Institute of Pacific Relations
1981, Dec. 23 Died, Walnut Creek, California

Scope and Contents

Speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to various aspects of world economic conditions, especially international trade, the history of the development of world commerce, and the economic development of Australia, New Zealand and the entire Pacific basin region. Includes autobiographical writings.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Pan-Pacific relations
Economic development
Australia -- Economic conditions
New Zealand -- Economic conditions
Pacific Area


Biographical File 1949-1971

Scope and Contents

Biographical sketches, clippings, conference agenda, interview, leaflets, notes, telegram relating to the life of John Bell Condliffe, arranged alphabetically by form.
box 1, folder 1

Biographical sketches

box 1, folder 2


box 1, folder 3

Conference agenda

box 1, folder 4

Interview (Summary of interview of John Condliffe by others)

box 1, folder 5


box 1, folder 6


box 1, folder 7



Correspondence, alphabetical 1960-1971

Scope and Contents

Significant correspondence of John Condliffe, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes a few letters neither from nor to John Condliffe, arranged alphabetically by Condliffe.
box 1, folder 8

Bagnall, A. G. 1971

box 1, folder 9

Collins, C. W. 1969-1970

box 1, folder 10

Dickson, Gordon 1962

box 1, folder 11

Elmendorf, Armin 1971

box 1, folder 12

Gerschenkron, Alexander 1971

box 1, folder 13

Gormack, R. S. 1971

box 1, folder 14

Goodpaster, Andrew 1959

box 1, folder 15

Hale, J. G. 1969

box 1, folder 16

Hames, J. R. 1969

box 1, folder 17

Hansen, Iris 1962-1963

box 1, folder 18

Hillman, Jimmye S. 1971

box 1, folder 19

Khourie, A. 1962-1963

box 1, folder 20

Lovewell, P. J. 1963

box 1, folder 21

North, Alfred, Sir 1971

box 1, folder 22

Phillips, N. C. 1969

box 1, folder 23

Potamianos, K. S. 1963

box 1, folder 24

Simpson, John L. 1960

box 1, folder 25

Starke, June 1971

box 1, folder 26

Turbott, G. G. 1969

box 1, folder 27

Whitfield, Earl 1966


Correspondence, chronological 1960-1971

Scope and Contents

Less significant correspondence of John Condliffe, arranged chronologically by year. Includes a few letters neither from nor to John Condliffe.
box 1, folder 28


box 1, folder 29


box 1, folder 30


box 1, folder 31


box 1, folder 32


box 1, folder 33



Speeches and Writings, dated 1919-1975

Scope and Contents

Drafts, notes, printed copies, abstracts of speeches and writings by John Condliffe, reviews of his books, arranged chronologically. Also includes significant correspondence of John Condliffe relating to the writing and publication of his biography of Sir Peter Buck, along with a letter and an autobiographical chapter by Sir Peter Buck.
box 1, folder 34

Educational Scheme 1919

box 1, folder 35

The Third Mediterranean in History 1926

box 1, folder 36

"Some Questions on Pacific," speech, Institute of Pacific Relations, Kyoto, Japan, (German translation) Oct. 1929

box 1, folder 37

The Economic and Social Movements Underlying Antagonisms in the Pacific July 1930

box 1, folder 38

Co-operative Research 1931

box 1, folder 39

The Pacific Area in International Relations March 1931

box 1, folder 40

China To-Day: Economic 1932

box 1, folder 41

Report of the Gold Delegation of the Financial Committee 1932

box 1, folder 42

War and Depression 1935

box 1, folder 43

"The Evolution of Autarchy," Chapter VII, World Economic Survey 1935-1936

box 1, folder 44

Review of Herman Kranold, The International Distribution of Raw Materials Economica 1938

box 1, folder 45

Review of G. C. Allen, Japan: The Hungry Guest 1938

box 1, folder 46

Review of J. H. Clapham, An Economic History of Modern Britain: Machines and National Rivalries (1887-1914) with an Epilogue (1914-1929) Economica 1938

box 1, folder 47

The Value of International Trade 1938

box 1, folder 48

A Rural Experiment, bulletin 1938

box 2, folder 1

"The Changing Structure of Economic Life," report, Journal of The International Chamber of Commerce Aug. 1939

box 2, folder 2

Peace Aims, discussion, The Eighth Fortune Round Table, Princeton, New Jersey Feb. 14-16, 1941

box 2, folder 3

"Peace Out of War," address, American Section, International Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 1942

box 2, folder 4

The Significance of International Trade 1943

box 2, folder 5

"La Politica Economica Exterior de Estados Unidos," Jornadas 1943

box 2, folder 6

The Economic Pattern of World Population Jan. 1943

box 2, folder 7

Some Economic Aspects of Federalism in the British Commonwealth 1944

box 2, folder 8

Hemisphere Development and the Common Man, a radio discussion May 14, 1944

box 2, folder 9

"America's Foreign-Trade Policy," paper presented at the Conference of the Institute on Postwar Reconstruction at New York University 1944

box 2, folder 10

"Exchange Stabilization," paper prepared for the Committee on International Economic Policy 1945

box 2, folder 11

"Introduction," Robert L. Gulick, Jr., Imports: The Gain From Trade 1946

box 2, folder 12

International Economic Collaboration, planning pamphlet, prepared by the National Planning Association Committee on International Policy, of which John Condliffe was a member Feb. 1946,

box 2, folder 13

"One Nankai Experiment," The China Magazine June 1946

box 2, folder 14

"The Importance of World Commerce," The Free Trader July-Aug. 1946

box 2, folder 15

"Proposals For Consideration by an International Conference on Trade and Employment," American Enterprise Association Aug. 1946

box 2, folder 16

"The Keystone: Geneva," Survey Graphic Sept. 1947

box 2, folder 17

"La Politica Statunitense Dei Prestiti Esteri," Economica Internazionale 1948

box 2, folder 18

"The Foreign Loan Policy of the United States," Economica Internazionale 1948

box 2, folder 19

"Know-How in Reconstruction and Development," lecture delivered at the Institute of Business and Economic Problems 1948

box 2, folder 20

"Scholarship and Scholasticism," Liberty and Learning 1950

box 2, folder 21

Point 4 and the World Economy, Headline Series 1950

box 2, folder 22

"The Outlook For Trans-Pacific Trade," report prepared for the American President Lines, San Francisco, California March 1950

box 2, folder 23

"The Unbalance of Our World," panel discussion at a Conference on International Cooperation for World Economic Development, University of California, Berkeley March 16-17, 1950

box 2, folder 24

"The Economic Consequences of Scientific Research," The Joseph Fisher Lecture in Commerce given at the University of Adelaide Sept. 8, 1950

box 2, folder 25

"International Trade and Economic Nationalism," International Conciliation Dec. 1951

box 3, folder 1

The Power Struggle and the Middle East, pamphlet Jan. 1952

box 3, folder 2

"Supplement To Near East Report Country Studies," July 1952

box 3, folder 3

Speech, reprinted from Papers and Proceedings, American Economic Review May 1953

box 3, folder 4

"Recession in the United States," IPA Review Oct.-Dec. 1953

box 3, folder 5

"Descent from the Summit," address before the Friends of Occidental College, Annandale Golf Club, Pasadena Oct. 5, 1955

box 3, folder 6

"Summary: The Global Impact of the Middle East Crisis," lecture given at World Affairs Council of Northern California, San Francisco Dec. 1, 1956

box 3, folder 7

"The Suez Canal," speech delivered at the World Affairs Council of Northern California, San Francisco Dec. 1, 1956

box 3, folder 8

"New Zealand's Experiment in Economic Planning," The American Economic Review Dec. 1957

box 3, folder 9

"The Fact of a University," address delivered at the University of Canterbury Nov. 4, 1957

box 3, folder 10

"Population and Economic Development in New Zealand," Economic Development and Cultural Change Jan. 1958

box 3, folder 11

The Welfare State in New Zealand, (Review only) 1959.

box 3, folder 12

"Natural Resources and National Development," address to the Institute of Mining Engineers, U.S.A. ca. 1960

box 3, folder 13

Address, given at Stanford University to Professor Cottle's seminar ca. 1960

box 3, folder 14

"Industry as a Vehicle of Education," draft for discussion at a Conference on Education and Economic Development ca. 1960

box 3, folder 15

"The World Economy," preliminary text of paper for SRI Journal, Second Quarter 1961

box 3, folder 16

"The Changing Structure of World Trade," prepared for presentation to the Industrial Conference, San Francisco Sept. 11-15, 1961

box 3, folder 17

"The Attraction of Asia," presented to a faculty seminar at Mills College Oct. 19, 1961

box 3, folder 18

"The European Economic Community," address given at the World Affairs Council of Northern California Jan. 25, 1962

box 3, folder 19

Article in the California Monthly March 1962

box 3, folder 20

Speech, at the American Association of Mining Engineers, Dallas, Texas Feb 26, 1963

box 3, folder 21

"The Lessons of History," an internal document for SRI Feb. 20, 1962

box 3, folder 22

"The Pattern of Trade in Food Stuffs," paper, (Includes revised version, Nov. 1962) April 1962

box 3, folder 23

"The Application of Research to Economic Policies in Developing Societies," paper prepared for presentation at the Association for Asian Studies April 4, 1962

box 3, folder 24

"The Mineral Base of Industry," June 1962

box 3, folder 25

"Some Comments on SRI Research Programs," draft prepared for SRI, ca. Aug. 3, 1962

box 3, folder 26

"Evolution of the British Empire to the Statute of Westminster," opening lecture given at the World Affairs Council of the Monterey Peninsula Sept. 7, 1962

box 3, folder 27

"The Widening Gap," report prepared for SRI Oct. 1962

box 3, folder 28

"Notes On Profits," paper Oct. 9, 1962

box 3, folder 29

"Notes On Aerospace Industry," paper Oct. 15, 1962

box 3, folder 30

"The Commonwealth and the Common Market," speech, World Affairs Council, San Francisco Nov. 26, 1962

box 3, folder 31

"The Commonwealth and the Common Market," AICC Economic Review Jan. 20, 1963

box 4, folder 1

"Christmas Address," University of California, Berkeley Dec. 11, 1962

box 4, folder 2

Seminar notes, Australian National University April 18, 1963

box 4, folder 3

Seminar notes, Stanford University English Seminar June 4, 1963

box 4, folder 4

"The U.S. Response To European Integration," speech, School of Law, University of California June 28, 1963

box 4, folder 5

"Teamwork in Applied Research," The Pastoral Review and Graziers' Record Sept. 18, 1963

box 4, folder 6

"Foreign Aid Re-examined," discussion at the World Affairs Council Jan 9, 1964

box 4, folder 7

"The Political Economy of Science," paper presented at the Chit-Chat Club April 13, 1964

box 4, folder 8

"The Balancing of International Payments," seminar discussion, Bank of America May 28, 1964

box 4, folder 9

"The International Prospect," report June 23, 1964

box 4, folder 10

From Adam Smith To Keynes - and After, Lakeside Talk, Bohemian Grove July 30, 1964

box 4, folder 11

"So You're Going To Japan," speech, San Francisco State College Aug. 26, 1964

box 4, folder 12

"Going To Sweden," speech, San Francisco State College, (includes a later revision written on the same day) Aug. 29, 1964

box 4, folder 13

Speech Oct. 21, 1964

box 4, folder 14

"International Trends to '75," presentation delivered at the Long Range Planning Conference Oct. 21-23, 1964

box 4, folder 15

"Mental Health in a Changing Community," paper presented at U.C. Medical Conference, San Francisco, (includes a handwritten note) Nov. 21-22, 1964

box 4, folder 16

"Foreign Direct Investment in the Pacific Area," memo for SRI project report 1965

box 4, folder 17

"Pacific Trade and Development," confidential SRI series, Long Range Planning Report 1965

box 4, folder 18

"The Economic Aspects of Conservation," Sierra Club Bulletin June 1965

box 4, folder 19

"Space and the World Economy," (Abstract) Aug. 20, 1965

box 4, folder 20

"Sweden and Spain," speech, Orientation Conference, California State Colleges International Programs Sept. 4, 1965

box 4, folder 21

"Closing Summary," Gold and the International Monetary Standard, 50th Anniversary Symposium, National Industrial Conference Board, Tarrytown, N.Y. Oct. 10, 1965

box 4, folder 22

Foresight And Enterprise, speech, Business Economic Section, Commonwealth Club Oct. 26, 1965

box 4, folder 23

"Economic Theory and the World of Action," The IPA Review Oct.-Dec. 1965

box 4, folder 24

"The Art of Problem-Solving," SRI memorandum ca. 1965-1966

box 4, folder 25

Panel Presentation, Mental Health in a Changing Community 1966

box 4, folder 26

"Higher Education Looks Abroad," paper presented to the Conference on the International Dimensions in the California State Colleges, Los Angeles, California Jan. 28-29, 1966

box 4, folder 27

Speech, first drafts April 11 and April 18, 1966

box 4, folder 28

"The Economic Outlook," SRI report Sept. 19, 1966

box 4, folder 29

"The Pound Sterling: To Devalue Or Not To Devalue," speech, World Affairs Council Study Group Nov. 17, 1966

box 4, folder 30

"The Guideline Economy," George Washington Law Review Dec. 1966

box 5, folder 1

"Natural Resources and National Development," speech, American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers, Inc., Annual Meeting, Los Angeles Feb. 19-23, 1967

box 5, folder 2

"The University and Technology," address in the Hall of the University of Canterbury, (Includes printed extracts and typescript version) March 20, 1967

box 5, folder 3

The Beginnings of the W.E.A. 1968

box 5, folder 4

"Auri Sacra Fames," speech, Chit Chat Club June 10, 1968

box 5, folder 5

"Business and Monetary Policy," paper presented at the U.C. Business School Alumni Conference Nov. 6, 1968

box 5, folder 6

"The Economic Outlook For New Zealand," New Zealand Economic Papers 1969

box 5, folder 7

"International Monetary Fund," Encyclopedia Britannica 1969

box 5, folder 8

"Sterling Area," Encyclopedia Britannica 1969

box 5, folder 9

"Free Trade," Encyclopedia Britannica 1970

box 5, folder 10

"Money In Evolution," Arizona Review Dec. 1970

box 5, folder 11

Prizegiving address, Te Aute College Dec. 10, 1970

box 5, folder 12

Te Rangi Hiroa, Correspondence 1971.

box 5, folder 13

"The Parameters of Education," speech, Chit Chat Club Oct. 11, 1971

box 5, folder 14

"The Control of Multinational Corporations," Economic Bulletin Feb. 1973

box 5, folder 15

Address, Economic Society of Australia and New Zealand, Christchurch Branch April 26, 1973

box 5, folder 16

Erskine Lectures, University of Canterbury March 1973

box 5, folder 17

"Comments On Inflation," speech, Silverado Squatters, Bohemian Grove July 19, 1973


"Pacific Vistas," 1975



box 5, folder 18


box 5, folder 19

Chapter I

box 5, folder 20

Chapter II

box 5, folder 21

Chapter III

box 5, folder 22

Chapter IV

box 6, folder 1

Chapter V

box 6, folder 2

Chapter VI (Includes duplicate copy)

box 6, folder 3

Chapter VII

box 6, folder 4

Chapter VIII

box 6, folder 5

Chapter IX

box 6, folder 6

Chapter XI

box 6, folder 7

Chapter XII

box 6, folder 8

Chapter XIII



box 6, folder 9

Chapter I

box 6, folder 10

Chapter II

box 7, folder 1

Chapter III

box 7, folder 2

Chapter IV

box 7, folder 3

Chapter V

box 7, folder 4

Chapter VI

box 7, folder 5

Chapter VII

box 7, folder 6

Chapter VIII

box 7, folder 7

Chapter X

box 7, folder 8

Chapter XI

box 7, folder 9

Chapter XII

box 7, folder 10

Chapter XIII

box 7, folder 11

Chapter XIV

box 7, folder 12

Chapter XV


Speeches and Writings, undated

Scope and Contents

Drafts of undated, and mainly unpublished writings by John Condliffe, arranged numerically by chapters. Also includes some handwritten notes, typescript versions of papers, speech and report and a few printed copies of articles whose publication dates cannot be ascertained
box 8, folder 1

Untitled, holograph

box 8, folder 2

Untitled, galley

box 8, folder 3

Untitled paper, typescript

box 8, folder 4

Speech, typescript





box 8, folder 5


box 8, folder 6

Chapter XIII



box 8, folder 7


box 8, folder 8

Chapter I

box 8, folder 9

Chapter II

box 8, folder 10

Chapter III

box 8, folder 11

Chapter IV

box 8, folder 12

Chapter V

box 8, folder 13

Chapter VI

box 8, folder 14

Chapter VII

box 8, folder 15

Chapter VIII

box 8, folder 16

Chapter X

box 8, folder 17

Chapter XI

box 8, folder 18

Chapter XII

box 9, folder 1

Chapter XIII

box 9, folder 2

Chapter XIV

box 9, folder 3

Chapter XV

box 9, folder 4

Chapter XVI

box 9, folder 5

Chapter XVIII

box 9, folder 6

"Economic Aspects of Security," holograph

box 9, folder 7

"International Economic Tensions," typescript

box 9, folder 8

"The Application of Research To Economic Policies In Developing Societies," both holograph and typescript versions

box 9, folder 9

The Economic Aspects of Soviet-American Relations, printed copy

box 9, folder 10

The New Order In China, printed copy

box 9, folder 11

"The Teacher and his Influence," Liberty And Learning, printed copy

box 9, folder 12

World Trade and Employment, printed copy


Stanford Research Institute Office File 1961-1971

Scope and Contents

Drafts, published articles, conference papers, leaflets, SRI bulletins, sketch, memorandum are arranged chronologically. In some cases includes speeches and articles written by others.
box 9, folder 13


box 9, folder 14


box 9, folder 15



Subject File 1950-1966

Scope and Contents

Lectures, clippings, travel accounts, reports, speeches, seminars, papers arranged alphabetically by subject
box 10, folder 1


box 10, folder 2




box 10, folder 3

Printed copy

box 10, folder 4


box 10, folder 5

New Zealand


Miscellaneous File circa 1952-1971

Scope and Contents

Annual reports, booklets, bulletins, clipping, conference program, speech by the President of the United States, printed articles, stickers, arranged chronologically.
box 10, folder 6



Audio-Visual File

General note

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Incremental Materials

Scope and Contents note

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box 11

Incremental Materials

box 12

Incremental Materials

box 13

Incremental Materials

box 14

Incremental Materials

box 15

Incremental Materials

box 16

Incremental Materials

box 17

Incremental Materials

box 18

Incremental Materials

box 19

Incremental Materials

box 20

Incremental Materials

box 21

Incremental Materials

box 22

Incremental Materials

box 23

Incremental Materials