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Inventory of the Senator James A. Cobey Papers
LP82; LP83; LP84; LP85; LP86; LP87; LP88  
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Arrangement and Description


1. Legislative Files

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence received and sent regarding proposed and pending legislation; memorandum; press releases; newspaper clippings; bill amendments, analyses, Legislative Counsel Opinions; reports; committee papers-agendas, roll calls of votes, statements, testimony and data presented before committee hearings (entries below indicate subject areas of bills sponsored by Cobey during each legislative session. Bills are arranged numerically by each session).

LP 82:5-8 1955 Legislation: county officer salaries; legislation introduced on behalf of California State Bar; flood control; dairy industry

Physical Description: (4f).

LP 82:9-17 1957 Legislation: county officer's salaries; work furlough rehabilitation; merit awards; civil service; aid to blind; milk pricing and marketing; water and irrigation districts; wild life conservation; flood control; San Luis Dam and reservoir construction

Physical Description: (9f).

LP 82:18-19 1958 Legislation (1st Extra Session): Levee districts; water districts; legislative salaries

Physical Description: (2f).

LP 82:20-29 1959 Legislation: economic development, proposed state agency for; district elections; estates of nonresident aliens; Law Revision Commission proposed legislation; presidential primary elections; water storage districts; milk marketing; teacher tenure [AB 807]

Physical Description: (9f).

LP 82:30 1960 Legislation: budget

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 82:31-40 1961 Legislation: regulation of professions (optometrists); one-variety cotton; milk pricing; Law Revision Commission legislation; eminent domain; taxation; juvenile Courts; elections; water resources development; bovine tuberculosis control; welfare

Physical Description: (10f).

LP 83:1-3 1961 Legislation (other authors): teacher credentialing (Fisher Bill); scenic highways; minimum wage for agricultural workers; teacher tenure; taxation; abolition of Electoral College

Physical Description: (3f).

LP 83:4 1963 Legislation (Budget and 1st Extra Session): license fees of collection agencies; peace officer training and driver education; construction of Hidden Dam, Fresno River

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 83:5-22 1963 Legislation: welfare recipients; State Bar and Law Revision Commission proposed legislation; soverign immunity of public entities, officers, employees; flood control; milk pooling; taxation; bovine tuberculosis control; political party organization; employer-employee relations; welfare support

Physical Description: (18f).

LP 83:23-25 1963 Legislation (other authors): marketing quotas; Sunday ban on sale of nonessential commodities; ARCOSS, out-of-state teaching credit for retirement; one-variety cotton

Physical Description: (3f).

LP 83:25 Special Interest bills.


LP 83:26 1964 Legislation (Regular, 1st & 2nd Extra Session).


LP 83:27-30 1st Extra Session: Veterans Farm and home loans; school finance; school district organization.


LP 83:31-35 LP 84:1-6 1965 Legislation: installment charges; workmen's compensation; eminent domain; State Water Rights Board; rehabilitation-work furlough program; mechanics liens; taxation; motor carrier freight rates; inheritance tax appraisers, selection of; Minaret summit highway

Physical Description: (11f).

LP 84:7 1966 Legislation (Budget and 1st Extra Session): Mineral King access road study; San Joaquin Valley air service; property taxation.


Legislative Files, Committee Records.


LP 84:8 Administrative Regulation and Adjudications, Senate Committee on: summary of committee work, 1951-57, 1958-59 budget, correspondence 1958.


LP 84:8 Agriculture and Livestock Problems, Joint Committee on (A.C.R. 59): study of the problems of the poultry industry-transcript of hearing for meeting of October 8 (Eureka); statements and testimony before committee hearing of November 7 (Fresno); miscellaneous correspondence and data 1957

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 84:9 Correctional Industries, Senate Interim Committee on (SR 147, 1955): miscellaneous correspondence; background data on California corrections program and Wisconsin Huber Plan; employment release plan for individuals convicted of misdemeanors 1953-56

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 84:10 Water Resources Development Problems Committee, Joint: miscellaneous proposals on revision of constitutional amendments on state water policy 1957-59

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 84:11 Commerce and Economic Development, Senate Fact-Finding committee: correspondence regarding organization and activities of committee; statements and testimony presented before committee hearing of October 1, 1958 (Fresno) regarding creation of state economic development agency 1957-58

Physical Description: (1f).

LP 84:12 Agriculture, Senate Fact-Finding Committee on: 1959 miscellaneous committee correspondence; memos; 2nd report regarding use of cotton seed scales. 1959-64


LP 84:13-14 1960: correspondence; memos; data regarding revision of milk marketing laws, including minutes of subcommittee on milk inspection fees and practices (Sacramento), November 29, 1960; data, statements before committee

Physical Description: (2f).

LP 84:15 Minutes of Department of Agriculture committees April 1960-January, 1961: correspondence, agenda, statements and testimony at June 28-29, 1960 hearing.


LP 84:16 1961-62: correspondence, memos, data regarding milk marketing and other subjects before committee; partial transcript of Statewide Advisory Committee on Predator and Rabies Control (Sacramento), March 10, 1961.


LP 84:17 1963: Resume of bearings, with exhibits, regarding price of fluid milk July 18-August 7, 1963.


LP 84:18 1963-64: general correspondence, data, includes resumes of Assembly Interim committee on Agriculture hearings.


LP 84:19-25 Pesticides: statements and testimony presented before October 22-23 hearings (Sacramento), newspaper clippings; data; Governor's Committee on Pesticide review, preliminary reports; 1964 miscellaneous committee correspondence; Assembly Interim Committee on Agriculture, statements and testimony presented before September 15, 1964 hearing regarding Milk Stabilization Act; Survey of Bureau of Livestock Identification.


LP 84:26 Agriculture and Livestock Problem, Joint Committee on: miscellaneous correspondence. 1957-59


LP 84:27 Agriculture (Standing): correspondence received regarding pending legislation, bill analyses. 1963


Business and Professions: correspondence received regarding pending legislation, bill analyses. 1963


LP 84:28 Education: correspondence received regarding pending legislation, bill analyses. 1963


LP 84:29 Elections: correspondence received regarding pending legislation, bill analyses. 1963


Finance: correspondence received regarding pending legislation, bill analyses. 1963


LP 84:30 Finance: correspondence received and miscellaneous bill analyses, data.


LP 84:31 Finance: subcommittee #3, data regarding budget hearings Finance, 1st Extra Session: data regarding augmentations to budget due to special session legislation. 1963


LP 84:32 Governmental Efficiency: correspondence received. Insurance and Financial Institutions: correspondence received. 1963


LP 84:33-34 Joint Legislative Budget: correspondence, data regarding state budgets, annual reports of committee activites, miscellaneous committee minutes, studies. 1959-66


LP 84:35 Joint Legislative Budget, 1963-65 interim: miscellaneous minutes, reports and data submitted by Legislative Analyst.


LP 84:36-38 Judiciary: correspondence received, bill analyses, committee data; State Bar proposed bills. 1960-63


LP 85:1-3 Labor and Welfare, Senate Fact-Finding Committee: correspondence; memos; statements and testimony; press releases newspaper clippings; data, reports, etc. regarding operations of Aid to Needy Children program; problems of the skid row transient; and farm labor problems in California. 1959-61


LP 85:4 1963: correspondence; bill analyses, press releases, hearing agendas.


LP 85:5-8 1964: correspondence; memos; bill analyses; press releases; newspaper clippings; reports; data; minutes, executive session September 5, 1964; statements and testimony before December 9-11 hearings regarding policy changes in public assistance programs.


LP 85:9-10 1965: correspondence; memos; statements and testimony before January 27 hearings regarding need for residential care of physically handicapped children and adults of normal mentality; committee reports, bills, and amendments; press releases; bill analyses; implementation of provision of 1965 MEDICARE legislation.


LP 85:11 Labor: correspondence received. 1963


Local Government: correspondence received. 1963


Military and Veterans Affairs: correspondence received. 1963


Natural Resources: correspondence received. 1963


Public Health and Safety: correspondence received. 1963


Public Utilities: correspondence received. 1963


LP 85:12-13 Revenue and Taxation: correspondence received. Revenue and Taxation, Fact-Finding Committee: budget data for proposed Economic Development Agency (Office of Economic Opportunity). 1966


LP 85:14 Rules: miscellaneous correspondence, committee vacancies, committee activities. 1957-64


Social Welfare: correspondence received. 1963


Transportation: correspondence received. 1963


LP 85:15-19 Water Resources, Standing and Fact-Finding Committee: statements and testimony regarding proposed location of branch office of Department of Water Resource at Red Bluff, August 27, 1965; hearing of September 21-22, 1966 regarding Public Law 89-72, development of recreation facilities at federal water projects; 1963 material regarding state response to Pacific Southwest Water Plan.


2. Subject Files

Scope and Content Note

Communications and memos received and sent from constituents, legislators, legislative advocates, special interest groups regarding proposed and pending legislation, operations of state and local government, local conditions, etc. Files also include newspaper clippings, bill analyses, Legislative Counsel opinions, reports, data, etc. [entries arranged alphabetically by subject. In most cases only samples of a particular file (subject) were retained].

LP 85:20-22 1955: Dairies; Highways-routing of Highway 99 through Merced (1955-57); Industrial Relation-Labor; Mammoth Pass Road, inclusion in state highway system (1955-59); publicity-weekly news releases 1955-56); Water matters.


LP 85:23-31 1957: Bullfights; Fairs (1956-58); Flood Control (1955-56); Flood Control Lower San Joaquin Project (1955-57); Flood Control Damage corr (1956); Flood Control, Buchanan Dam on Chowchilla River and Hidden Dam on Fresno River, regarding construction of (includes photos of flood damage by Chowchilla river in December, 1955); Legislative Counsel Opinions (1954-57); Madera County, Archibald Lake, development of recreational warm water fishery; Mammoth Pool Project; Mental Health Legislation; Merced City Manager; Milk Legislation (1956-57); Milk-Milk Prices; Mosquito abatement, state subvention (1955-57); Motor Vehicle Legislation, Public access to Motor Vehicle records (1955-57); Publicity-Press Releases (1955, 57); Congressman B.F. Sisk (1956-57); Speeches (1948-54); Water Problems; Zoning and Assessment of Agricultural Land-statements and testimony before Senate Interim Committee on Zoning and Assessment of Agricultural Land (October 7-8, 1957), Stockton; Technical Advisory Committee Policy and Progress Report.


LP 85:32 1958: citizens Legislative Advisory Commission (Joint Committee on Legislative Procedure): miscellaneous studies regarding assistance to legislators (1957-58); District Agriculture Association appointments; Flood damage repair; Publicity-News Releases; Soil Conservation Districts; Speech File-requests; State Employees; Westside Freeway, routing of; Yosemite National Park, expansion of.


LP 85:34-LP 86:1-8 1959: Administrative Assistant (1959-60); correspondence (JAC)-largely political; criticism of JAC; Cross-Filing; Economic Development Agency, creation of; Highways, Division of-district problems; Invitations (1959-60); Legislative Counsel Opinions (1956-59); Madera County correspondence (general), and appointments to judgeships; Merced City and County Matters; Merced District Office-general correspondence; minumum wages for agricultural workers; mosquito abatement (1957-59); newsletters (1959-60); newspaper clippings; news releases (1959-60); Opinion-Legislative Counsel, Attorney General, etc. (1959-60); Patronage (1958-60); Sisk, Congressman B.F.; Speaking engagements and requests; Speeches (1955-59).


LP 86:9-15 1960: Agriculture-farm labor, milk prices, appointment of W.E. Warne as Director of Agriculture Department; Appointments; Bonelli [UNK] (proposition 15); Capital Punishment; correspondence-General, Governor Office, Personal; Democrats, 1960 elections and Democratic National Convention (L.A.); Legislative Analyst, Counsel; Legislative Salary Increase (includes hard-hitting letter from Assemblyman Don A. Allen, Sr. to Randolph Collier dated June 13, 1960; Madera County atters; Merced County Matters; News Releases; Speaking Requests; Speeches.


LP 86:16-24 1961: Administrative Procedure; constituent correspondence Constituents Service-correspondence; Disaster Office, California; Invitations; Irrigation Districts; Judges; Juvenile Court Law (1961-62); Legislative Session, Interim; Madera County Matters; Narcotics; News Releases; Oroville Dam; Road deficiencies; Sisk, B.F., Voting Machines; Water Legislation; Work Furlough Program.


LP 86:25-26 1962: Agriculture; Chronological Letter File; Constituent's Services; Education; Juvenile Court Law; News Letters.


LP 86:27-LP 87:4 1963: Bill Analyses, summaries; Braden, Thomas; Buchanan Dam (1960-63); Capitol Punishment; Chronological File (outgoing correspondence); Constituent's Services; Democratic Party; District Matters, Madera and Merced counties; Dry Cleaners, Coin operated; Horse Racing; Invitations; Juvenile Court Law; Madera County; Merced County; Milk; News Columns, News Releases; Patronage; Photographs; Speeches.


LP 87:5-7 1964: California Law Revision Commission; correspondence, general; Invitations; Judicial Salaries; Legislative Counsel Opinions; Lower San Joaquin Levee District; San Luis Brain; School Finance; Sisk, B.F., M.C.; Speeches.


LP 87:8-11 1963-64 Interim: Constituents Service; District Matters; Education; Legislative Analyst Opinions; Legislative Counsel Opinion; Madera and Merced County Matters; News Releases; Sisk, Congressman B.F., Soil Conservation.


LP 87:12-24 1965: Attorney General; Chronological Letter File; constituents regarding legislation; correspondence, general; District Matters, Madera and Merced counties, Millerton Lake, San Luis Reservoir and Drain Alignment; Education; Farm Labor; Floor File (legislation); Invitations; J.F. Kennedy Historical Marker Advisory Committee; Legislative Counsel; Local Government recommendations; Mosquito abatement; Newsletters; News Releases; Patronage; Speaking Requests; Stanislaus County.


LP 87:25-28 1966: Agriculture; Brown, Governor Edmund G.; Conflict of Interest, Constituents Service; correspondence, legislation; correspondence, general; District Matters, Madera and Merced counties, Farm labor and Lower-San Joaquin Levee District; Education; Farm La or Housing; Invitations; Miscellaneous.


Special Files


LP 87:29-38 Reapportionment-correspondence memos, studies, reports, Legislative Counsel opinions, newspaper clippings, background materials and data regarding U.S. Supreme Court one man, one vote ruling. Records document Cobey's efforts to include Madera County in Senate District encompassing San Joaquin Valley counties as opposed to original inclusion in district made up of mountain counties stretching from Modoc-Invo

Physical Description: (10 c.f.)

LP 88:1-23 Law Revision Commission: Minutes (1954-April 26, 1957, 1961, 1963-September 12, 1964); Special Studies reports and recommendations, miscellaneous correspondence and memos. 1954-65

Physical Description: (23f).

LP 88:24-25 Governor's Water Lawyer's Committee-correspondence, data report, analyses regarding proposed constitutional amendment pertaining to water rights, creation of a Water Development Fund, 1956-58

Physical Description: (2f).