Guide to the Elmer E. Robinson Collection, 1764-1973

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Guide to the Elmer E. Robinson Collection, 1764-1973

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Title: Elmer E. Robinson Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1764-1973
Collection number: Special Collections M145
Collector: Robinson, Elmer E.
Extent: .5 linear ft.
Repository: Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.
Language: English.

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This collection includes letters, autographs, account books, and printed material by or about noted figures in American history and politics. Also included are materials of general historical or political interest.


Box 1, Folder 1

Documents A - H


Arnold, ___. Explanation sheet for copy of Sylvie & Bruno, by Lewis Carroll.


Ashbec, C. R. to Charley Downer, A.L.S. 1939 Dec. 21,with Christmas card.


Bayard, Thomas Francis. Autograph.


Bonaparte, Jereme Napoleon. 1870 Jan 15.A.L.S. to Bantz Mayer.


Brown, Marjorie to Ralph Hansen. A.N.S. n.y. Sept. 8


Brown, Walter F. 1929 Dec. 16.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Brown, Walter F. 1932 Jan. 27.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur


Bullit, William C. 1928 Sept. 15.A.L.S. to [Felton] Elkins.


Bundy, McGeorge. 1973 Mar. 21.T.L.S. to Pat Palmer re Ford Foundation.


Caen, Herb. [1966].T.N.S. to R. W. Hansen.


Chavez, Carlos. T.L.S. to Nathan Van Patten. 1948 Dec. 9


Congar, H. N. to D. F. Gama. 1865 Aug. 14re death of Lincoln.


Cottrell, Edwin A. Misc. material on national affairs:


1862 Apr. 19.Clip. Supplement to the New York Times - fall of Ft. Pulaski.


1864.R. E. Hannum. Season ticket to Great Central Fair, [Philadelphia].


1865.Commencement invitation to 15th Commencement of the Medical Dept. of Georgetown College.


1866.Jefferson Medical College to Jos. H. Hornor. Notice of recommendation for degree.


1920 June 28.Democratic Convention, 1 floor staff ticket, 6 guest tickets.


1932 June 14.Republican National Convention guest ticket.


1933 Jan. 11.2 passes to House of Representatives, Wash. D.C. and 2 passes to the Senate. no signature.


1933 Feb. 8.Ticket to counting of electoral vote.


n.d.Clip. To the members of the House of Representatives against admission of Missouri as a slave state.


Curtis, Charles. 1931 Dec. 22.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Ehrenburg, Ilya. Xerox copy of T.N.S. to Mr. Rogera. 1963 Aug. 31.(In French).


Photographs of Pres. Grant and his cabinet (bound) belonging to Mrs. Leland Stanford. Note by Mrs. Julia Grant on calling cards included.


Hamilton, John [C?]. 1856 May 24.A.L.S. to James A[sheton] Bayard, Jr. Editon of the Federalist.


Hamlin, Hannibal. Autograph, 1884and cover.


Hancock, Winfield Scott. Autograph calling card.


Hooker, Frances L. School girl's copy book with some original compositions, 1863-1864.

Box 1, Folder 2

Daughters of the American Revolution


A report of the Sixth Continental Congress of the DAR. A.Ms.S. by Cornelia W. Lincoln Davol, Vice Regent (Historian) Quequechan Chapter, Fall River, Mass.


A History of Revolutionary Ancestors of Some of the Members of the Quequechan Chapter; Extracts from the Notebooks of a Soldier of the Revolution (Rufus Lincoln) with copy of a poem by James Moore from same. 1897.

Box 1, Folder 3

Documents Hoover - R


Hoover, Herbert Clark:


1928 June 15.T.L.S. and cvr. to Mrs. Sloss.


1930 Mar. 8.T.D. Announcement of death of William Howard Taft.


1934 Oct. 11.T. L.S. to Mrs. Sloss.


1938 Apr. 13.T.L.S. and cvr. to Mr. & Mrs. Sloss.


Hopkins, Harry L. 1943 Feb. 18.T.L.S. to Mrs. Sloss.


Hunt, William H. 1882 Mar. 21.L.S. to Lewis Gerstle.


Jones, Jne. P. 1883 Mar. 8.A.L.S. to Mrs. Max C. Sloss. Autograph album & collecting.


Kaleleonalani, [Emma]. 1877 Mar. 1.A.L.S. and 2 cvrs. to Mrs. Burke. Exchange of photos.


Knox, Frank. 1934 July 14.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


LaFollette, Robert M., Jr. 1931 Dec. 15.T.L.S. to "Dear Madam."


Lewis, Joseph [J.]. Autograph.


Lincoln, F.W. Autograph. 1865.


Lindsay, John. 1970 Mar. 5.T. L. S. to Jack Plotkin.


Longfellow, Zilrah. 1819 Aug. 21.A.L.S. to Mrs. Bowling.


McAdoo, William Gibbs. Autograph. 1915.


Mellon, A[ndrew] W. 1929 Dec. 17.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Meredith, E[dwin] T. 1920 Feb. 6.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Mills, Ogden L. 1932 Feb. 17.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Mitchell, William DeWitt. 1932 Jan. 21.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Perkins, George C. Autograph and cvr. 1882.


Pinchot, Gifford. 1910 Mar. 4.T.L.S. to Mrs. John Snook. National Conservation Association. Mounted on verso:


a. T.A. Rickard to Mrs. Snook. A.L.S. & cvr. 1909 Mar. 14.


b. Bruce____ to Marie Snook. A.L.S. & cvr. 1908 Feb. 22.


Robeson, George M. Autograph.

Box 1, Folder 4

Documents S - Y


Schley, Winfield Scott. 1903,Autograph.


Scibird, Ruth - Miscellany:


a. Ptd. invitation to A Donation Visit for Rev. K. Haven. 1872.


b. Coal weights. 1872(Mr. Clark).


c. Mr. Smart to John Henderson. 1779-1780.Bill.


d. Ptd. announcement of lectures - Music Hall spiritual meetings. Autograph notes on verso. [E. Hardinge ?].


e. 2 ptd. broadsides - Unitarian Fair & Festival.


f. "Stand by the Flag" ptd. broadside.


Seward, F. W. to D. F. Gama. A.L.S. 1865 Sept. 25.


Seward, William H. to D. F. Gama. A.L.S. with cover, 1865 July 24.


[Stimson, Henry L.]. 1929 Dec. 16.T.L. to R. L. Wilbur.


Stone, Harlan F.


1934 Mar. 2.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


1941 June 20.A.L.S. & covr. to M. C. Sloss.


Straus, Oscar S.


1906 Nov. 9.T.L.S. to Judge Sloss.




Sumner, C[harles]. Autograph from [London].


Tunney, Gene. 1939 May 13.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.


Warren, Earl. 1944 July 7.T.L.S. & cvr. to Judge & Mrs. M. C. Sloss.


Wetmore, Samuel to D. F. Gama. 1864 Dec. 7.A.L.S. re cotton


Wilbur, Ray Lyman. 1929 Mar. 7.T.L.S. & cvr. to Judge & Mrs. M. C. Sloss.


1929 Mar. 18.T.L. from Mrs. M. C. Sloss to R. L. Wilbur re prohibition.


1929 Apr. 1.T.L.S. & cvr. to Mrs. M. C. Sloss.


1929 May 23.T.L.S. to Mrs. Hattie S. Sloss.


1929 June 25.T.L.S. to Mrs. Max C. Sloss


[1930 May 8].A.L.S. & cvr. to Mrs. Max Sloss.


Young, C. C. 1929 Mar. 2.T.L.S., T.D. (copy of a statement re: Hoover's inauguration) & cvr.


Young, Owen D. 1937 Apr. 5.T.L.S. to R. L. Wilbur.

Box 1, Folder 5

Shields, Daniel.


Receipt book. 1808-1828.Albany and Schenectady, New York.

Physical Description: Bound volume.
Box 1, Folder 6

Fienn, James.


Account book. 1803 Nov. -1806.In back is Day Book for Expenses of the House, etc. Daniel Shields' name appears. n.d.

Physical Description: Oversize.