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Finding Aid to the Crown Zellerbach Corporation Photograph Collection 1855-1986
BANC PIC 1988.081:55-223--PIC and BANC PIC 1988.081:1-54--ALB  
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Crown Willamette 1915-1920 BANC PIC 1:1-224--ALB


Crown Willamette 1918-1920 BANC PIC 2:1-141--ALB


Crown Willamette 1920-1921 BANC PIC 3:1-328--ALB


Camas and West Linn Operations 1920-1923 BANC PIC 4:1-236--ALB


Mill views 1920-1929 BANC PIC 5:1-75--ALB


West Linn, 1923-1946 [see also: 6:167-173--PIC] 1923-1946 BANC PIC 6:1-166--ALB


Miscellaneous ca. 1925 BANC PIC 7:1-25--ALB


ca. 1927 [see also: 8:21-28--PIC] BANC PIC 8:1-20--ALB


Gray's Harbor Mill Const., 1928-1929 see also: 9:37-61--PIC] BANC PIC 9:1-36--ALB


Crown Willamette, Camas 1929 BANC PIC 10:1-197--ALB


Crown Willamette 1930 BANC PIC 11:1-114--ALB


[General views, various mills, timberland and log camp, West Linn, Camas Mill, Camas bag factory, Western Transportati on Co., Western Waxed Paper BANC PIC 12:1-74--ALB


Camas bag factory, Western Transportati on Co., Western Waxed Paper BANC PIC 13:1-73--ALB


Elk Falls Co. Ltd., newsprint mill official opening 1952 BANC PIC 14:1-30--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: presentation photos, San Francisco headquarter s 1954 BANC PIC 15:1-24--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: Camas, West Linn, Clackamas 1954 BANC PIC 16:1-91--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: aerial photographs 1933-1956 BANC PIC 17:1-24--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: Gaylord Container division's Antioch, CA operations 1966 BANC PIC 18:1-7--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: aerial photos 1969-1970 BANC PIC 19:1-24--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: aerial photos 1974 BANC PIC 20:1-58--ALB


Crown Zellerbach: Camas mill, West Linn mill BANC PIC 21:1-30--ALB


Crown Zellerbach n.d. BANC PIC 22:1-88--ALB


National Pulp and Paper Co., Port Townsend, engineering construction., 1928 [see also: 23:252-254--PIC] BANC PIC 23:1-251--ALB


National Pulp and Paper Co., Port Townsend, engineering const. 1928-1929 BANC PIC 24:1-228--ALB


Pacific Mills, LTD., Ocean Falls, B.C. ca. 1914 BANC PIC 25:1-41--ALB


Pacific Mills, LTD., Ocean Falls, B.C. 1946 BANC PIC 26:1-28--ALB


Pacific Mills, LTD., Kla-how-ya Tillicum 1946 BANC PIC 27:1-20--ALB


Pacific Mills, LTD., [serial pictures by Mr. Strowger] 1947 BANC PIC 28:1-7--ALB


Washington Pulp & Paper Co./Northwe stern Power & Light Co., engineering const. 1920-1924 BANC PIC 29:1-850--ALB


Washington Pulp & Paper Co., Port Angeles 1920-1924 BANC PIC 30:1-252--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City 1850-1900 BANC PIC 31:1-14--ALB


Locks. 1873 BANC PIC 1988.081.31:09--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Scope and Content Note

Panoramic view of locks and buildings along the Willamette River.

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, 1850-1900.

Locks. 1873 BANC PIC 1988.081.31:10--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Scope and Content Note

Locks along the Willamette River.

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, 1850-1900.

Oregon City and Locks. 1900 BANC PIC 1988.081.31:13--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Scope and Content Note

Willamette River with buildings and industry along the banks. Locks visible on right. Waterfall visible in the distance.

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, 1850-1900.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, construction 1889 BANC PIC 32:1-35--ALB


[Flooded buildings, with men on roof of one building.] 1889 BANC PIC 1988.081.32:24--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, construction, 1889. Gilbert K. Smith, Oregon City, Or. photo.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, paper mill plan 1890 BANC PIC 33:1-76--ALB


Tower grinders, Mill A. Old fashioned vertical grinders. May 1890 BANC PIC 1988.081.33:08--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, paper mill plan, 1890.

[Boilers.] June 1890 BANC PIC 1988.081.33:22--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, paper mill plan, 1890.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City 1890-1899 BANC PIC 34:1-26--ALB


[Three men standing at door to Willamette Pulp & Paper Co. building when snow is on the ground.] 1890-1899 BANC PIC 1988.081.34:01--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Scope and Content Note

Sign on building reads: Willamette Pulp/Paper Co., 722 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City, 1890-1899.

California Paper Company, Young's River, OR; Oregon City, OR 1890-1899 BANC PIC 35:1-35--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon City 1891-1905 BANC PIC 36:-45--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon Cit 1896 BANC PIC 37:1-26--ALB


[Top: Buildings along river with Mill A wood room in foreground; bottom: Group portrait of mill workers.] 1896 BANC PIC 1988.081.37:25--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 2 photographs

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Oregon Cit, 1896. C. Baechler, 778 Glisan St. Portland, Or. photo.

Lebanon Paper Co. Nov. 4, 1905 to Feb. 6, 1907; June 1906 to August BANC PIC 38:1-101--ALB


[no company] 1906, 1908, 1909 BANC PIC 39:1-111--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Mill "A" Construction 1907 BANC PIC 40:1-97--ALB


Pontoon Bridge across the Willamette. Oregon City, Ore. 1907 BANC PIC 1988.081.40:33--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Mill "A" Construction, 1907.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., new saw mill "A," filters, mill "D," flood Feb. 1907 [see also: 41:51--PIC] February 1907 BANC PIC 41:1-50--ALB


[Men standing by and sitting on machinery at a mill.] 1907 BANC PIC 1988.081.41:21--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., new saw mill "A," filters, mill "D," flood Feb. 1907.

[Pomona (steamboat) on a river, going under a bridge.] 1907 BANC PIC 1988.081.41:22--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., new saw mill "A," filters, mill "D," flood Feb. 1907.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., flood, mill "A" additions, Feb. 6, 1907 to Aug. 26, 1907 [see also: 42:97-102--PIC] Feb. 6, 1907 to Aug. 26, 1907 BANC PIC 42:1-96--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., mill "A" addition Dec. 29, 1907 to May 19, 1908 BANC PIC 43:1-95--ALB


#6 Machine. February 8, 1908 BANC PIC 1988.081.43:38--ALB

Physical Description:
Extent: 1 photograph

Scope and Content Note

Room full of machinery at a mill.

Additional Note

From album: Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., mill "A" addition, Dec. 29, 1907 to May 19, 1908.

Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., June 7, 1908 to Jan. 21, 1909 [see also: 44:99-114--PIC] BANC PIC 44:1-98--ALB


Lebanon Paper Co., Lebanon Mill Aug. 8, 1908 to Dec. 20, 1912 BANC PIC 45:1-96--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., Misc. Jan. 21, 1909 to June 21, 1910 BANC PIC 46:1-97--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Paper Co., wood mill and pulp 1910-1913 BANC PIC 47:1-98--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Power Co., mill photos Aug. 24, 1913 to Feb. 14, 1914 BANC PIC 48:1-36--ALB


Willamette Pulp & Power Co., mill photos and misc. 1914 BANC PIC 49:1-39--ALB


Zellerbach Paper Company, buildings and properties 1906-1907; 1935-1940 BANC PIC 50:1-48--ALB


Simpson Paper Bag Company 1959 BANC PIC 51:1-50--ALB


A. Zellerbach n.d. BANC PIC 52:1-213--ALB


Zellerbach Paper Company n.d. BANC PIC 53:1-601--ALB


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 54:1-37--ALB





carton 1

[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #6] BANC PIC 6:167-173--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #8] BANC PIC 8:21-28--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #9] BANC PIC 9:37-61--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #23] BANC PIC 23:252-254--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #41] BANC PIC 41:51--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #42] BANC PIC 42:97-102--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #44] BANC PIC 44:99-114--PIC


[Miscellaneous loose photos from album #52] BANC PIC 52:214-224--PIC







carton 1

CVT - converting BANC PIC 55:1-4--PIC


CVT 4 - Napkins BANC PIC 56:1-4--PIC


CVT 5 - Printing BANC PIC 57:1-16--PIC


CVT 6 - Sheet finishing BANC PIC 58:1-12--PIC


CVT 7 - Tissues and toweling BANC PIC 59:1-12--PIC


CVT 8 - Waxing and foil coatings BANC PIC 60:1-23--PIC


CVT 9 - Wrapping and storage BANC PIC 61:1-21--PIC




E-1 - Exhibits BANC PIC 62:1-20--PIC


E-1 - Exhibits BANC PIC 62:21-40--PIC


E-1 - Exhibits BANC PIC 62:41-60--PIC


E-1 - Exhibits BANC PIC 62:61-85--PIC


E-2 - Displays BANC PIC 63:1-20--PIC


E-2 - Displays BANC PIC 63:21-41--PIC




F&L - 1 Reforestation BANC PIC 64:1-35--PIC


F&L - Reforestation BANC PIC 64:36-70--PIC


F&L - 2 Tree farms BANC PIC 65:1-23--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:24-44--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:45-59--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:60-81--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:82-99--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:100-121--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:122-141--PIC


F&L - Tree farms BANC PIC 65:142-163--PIC


F&L - 3 Logging operations BANC PIC 66:1-17--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:18-29--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:30-42--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:43-58--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:59-73--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:74-89--PIC


F&L - Logging operations BANC PIC 66:90-105--PIC


F&L - 4 Woodmill BANC PIC 67:1-16--PIC


F&L - Woodmill BANC PIC 67:17-28--PIC



carton 1

M-1 - Miscellaneous BANC PIC 68:1-19--PIC


M-2 - Data processing BANC PIC 69:1-37--PIC


M-3 - Fire control BANC PIC 70:1-22--PIC


M-4 - Safety BANC PIC 71:1-25--PIC


M-4 - Safety BANC PIC 71:26-42--PIC


M-5 - Salmon BANC PIC 72:1-18--PIC


M-6 - Television BANC PIC 73:1-18--PIC


M-6 - Television BANC PIC 73:19-37--PIC




MFG 1 - Barking and chipping BANC PIC 74:1-33--PIC


MFG 1 - Barking and chipping BANC PIC 74:34-48--PIC


MFG 2 - Beater BANC PIC 75:1-3--PIC


MFG 3 - Digester BANC PIC 76:1-9--PIC


MFG 4 - Grinder BANC PIC 77:1-4--PIC


MFG 5 - Little machine BANC PIC 78:1-9--PIC


MFG 6 - Paper machine- -dry end BANC PIC 79:1-18--PIC


MFG 6 - Paper machine- -dry BANC PIC 79:19-39--PIC


MFG 7 - Wet end BANC PIC 80:1-18--PIC


MFG 8 - Washing and bleaching BANC PIC 81:1-19--PIC


MFG 9 - Lime kiln BANC PIC 82:1-2--PIC



carton 2

MFG 9 - MI-0 Crown Zellerbach signs BANC PIC 83:1-9--PIC


MI-1 - Antioch BANC PIC 84:1-17--PIC


MI-1 - Antioch BANC PIC 84:18-41--PIC


MI-1 - Antioch (interior) BANC PIC 85:1-3--PIC


MI-1 - Antioch (interior) BANC PIC 85:32-43--PIC


MI-1 - Baltimore, OH BANC PIC 86:1-3--PIC


MI-1 - Bogalusa, LA BANC PIC 87:1-31--PIC


MI-1 - Bogalusa, LA BANC PIC 87:32-48--PIC


MI-1 - Camas, WA BANC PIC 88:1-25--PIC


MI-1 - Camas, WA BANC PIC 88:26-48--PIC


MI-1 - Camas, WA BANC PIC 88:49--B


MI-1 - Carthage BANC PIC 89:1-23--PIC


MI-1 - Carthage BANC PIC 89:24-40--PIC


MI-1 - Columbia City BANC PIC 90:1-22--PIC


MI-1 - Lebanon BANC PIC 91:1-31-- PIC


MI-1 - Los Angeles BANC PIC 92:1-27--PIC


MI-1 - Port Angeles BANC PIC 93:1-12--PIC


MI-1 - Port Angeles BANC PIC 93:13-32--PIC


MI-6 - Port Townsend BANC PIC 94:1-14--PIC


MI-6 - Port Townsend BANC PIC 94:15-34--PIC


MI-7 - San Leandro BANC PIC 95:1-24--PIC


MI-7 - San Leandro BANC PIC 95:25-30--PIC


MI-8 - St. Francisville BANC PIC 96:1-25--PIC


MI-8 - St. Francisville BANC PIC 96:26-46--PIC


MI-9 - St. Helens, OR BANC PIC 97:1-26--PIC


MI-9 - St. Helens, OR BANC PIC 97:27-44--PIC


MI-9a - St. Helens and NWL & Plywood BANC PIC 98:1-13--PIC


MI-10 - West Linn, OR BANC PIC 99:1-20--PIC


MI-10 - West Linn, OR BANC PIC 99:21-39--PIC




RD 1 - Agricultural BANC PIC 100:1-25--PIC P


RD 2 - Chemical By- Products BANC PIC 101:1-28--PIC P


RD 3 - Consumer BANC PIC 102:1-34--PIC P


RD 3 - Consumer BANC PIC 102:35-56--PIC


RD 3 - Consumer BANC PIC:57-70--PIC


RD 4 - Lumber BANC PIC 103:1-12--PIC P


RD 5 - Plywood veneer BANC PIC 104:1-22--PIC P


RD 5 - Plywood veneer BANC PIC 104:23-44--PIC




R-1 - Research-- Misc. BANC PIC 105:1-15--PIC


R-1 - Research-- Misc. BANC PIC 105:16-35--PIC


R-1 - Research-- Misc. BANC PIC 105:36-55--PIC


R-1 - Research-- MIsc. BANC PIC 105:56-73--PIC


R-2 - CRD--Camas BANC PIC 106:1-14--PIC


R-2 - CRD--Camas BANC PIC 106:15-34--PIC


R-2 - CRD--Camas BANC PIC 106:35-54--PIC


R-2 - CRD--Camas BANC PIC 106:55-76--PIC


R-3 - Chemical and Products Division BANC PIC 107:1-16--PIC


R-3A - Chemical Plant- -Port Townsend BANC PIC 108:1--PIC


R-4 - DMS-DMSO Plants BANC PIC 109:1-21--PIC


R-4 - DMS-DMSO Plants BANC PIC 109:22-34--PIC


R-5 - San Leandro BANC PIC 110:1-10--PIC




TRN-1 - Rail BANC PIC 111:1-14--PIC


TRN-2 - Barge BANC PIC 112:1-20--PIC


TRN-2 - Barge BANC PIC 112:21-42--PIC


TRN-2 - Barge BANC PIC 112:43-63--PIC


TRN-3 - Tanker BANC PIC 113:1-20--PIC


TRN-3 - Tanker BANC PIC 113:21-26--AX


TRN-4 - Truck BANC PIC 114:1-21--PIC


TRN-4 - Truck BANC PIC 114:22-24--AX


TRN-5 - Mill BANC PIC 115:1-7--PIC


TRN-6 - Ship BANC PIC 116:1-8--PIC





carton 3

Antioch: Fireboard protection BANC PIC 117:1--PIC


Bogalusa, LA BANC PIC 118:1--PIC


Boise, ID BANC PIC 119:1-6--PIC


British Columbia BANC PIC 120:1-2--PIC


Camas, WA BANC PIC 121:1-11--PIC


Camas, WA BANC PIC 121:12-14--AX


Camas, WA BANC PIC 121:15-16--AX


Camas, WA BANC PIC 121:17--B


Carthage, NY BANC PIC 122:1--PIC


Cathlamet, WA BANC PIC 123:1-31--PIC


Champion Coated Paper Co., [Hamilton, OH] BANC PIC 124:1-7--PIC


Columbia City, OR BANC PIC 125:1-2--PIC


Colville, WA BANC PIC 126:1--PIC


Colville, WA BANC PIC 126:2-8--AX


Crown Willamette Paper Company BANC PIC 127:1-4--D


Zellerbach Paper Co. and Western Waxed Paper Co. BANC PIC 127:5-9--D


Crown Zellerbach Times Photos Oct. 1984 BANC PIC 128:1-20--PIC


Crown Zellerbach Times Photos Oct. 1984 BANC PIC 128:21-31--PIC


Crown Zellerbach Times Photos Oct. 1984 BANC PIC 128:32-106--PIC


Crown Zellerbach Times B/W photos May 1984 BANC PIC 129:1-25--PIC


Crown Zellerbach Bulletin Phtos BANC PIC 130:1-11--PIC


Denver BANC PIC 131:1--PIC


District of Columbia Paper Manufacturing Co. BANC PIC 132:1-19--PIC


Edmonton BANC PIC 133:1--PIC


Elk Falls Co. BANC PIC 134:1-7--PIC


Elk Falls Co. BANC PIC 134:8--C


Estacada, OR BANC PIC 135:1-5--PIC


Eureka, CA BANC PIC 136:1-6--PIC


Everett, WA BANC PIC 137:1--PIC


Floristan, CA BANC PIC 138:1-15--PIC


Floristan, CA BANC PIC 138:16-76--PIC


Gray's Harbor, WA BANC PIC 139:1-8--PIC


Historical slides BANC PIC 140:1-24--PIC


Kansas City, MO BANC PIC 141:1-4--PIC


Lebanon--history BANC PIC 142:1-23--PIC


Lebanon--history BANC PIC 142:24-40--PIC


Lebanon--history BANC PIC 142:41-66--PIC

carton 3

Los Angeles--history BANC PIC 143:1-24--PIC


Los Angeles--history BANC PIC 143:25--AX


Los Angeles--Olympics 1984 BANC PIC 144:1-130--PIC


Miscellaneous BANC PIC 145:1-7--PIC


Miscellaneous, slides BANC PIC 146:1-8--PIC


Molalla, OR BANC PIC 147:1-3--PIC


Multiwall--history BANC PIC 148:1-5--PIC


N.W. Flood history BANC PIC 149:1-24--PIC


N.W. Flood history BANC PIC 149:25-44--PIC


N.W. Flood history BANC PIC 149:45-69--PIC


Nostalgia BANC PIC 150:1-15--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 151:1-16--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 151:17-80--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 152:1-33--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 152:34-81--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 152:82-124--PIC


Ocean Falls, British Columbia BANC PIC 152:125--B


Oregon City BANC PIC 153:1-16--PIC


Oregon City BANC PIC 153:17-23--PIC


Oregon City BANC PIC 153:24--AX


Pacific N.W BANC PIC 154:1--PIC


People (Group photographs):


(1901-39) (1901-39) BANC PIC 155:1-17--PIC


(1901-39) (1901-39) BANC PIC 155:18-24--B


1941 1941 BANC PIC 156:1--AX


1944 1944 BANC PIC 157:1-19--PIC


1945-49 1945-49 BANC PIC 158:1-11--PIC


1950 1950 BANC PIC 159:1-6--PIC


1951 1951 BANC PIC 160:1-6--PIC


1952 1952 BANC PIC 161:1-9--PIC


1953 1953 BANC PIC 162:1-7--PIC


1954 1954 BANC PIC 163:1-8--PIC


1954 1954 BANC PIC 163:9--AX

carton 3

1955 1955 BANC PIC 164:1-17--PIC


1956-58 1956-58 BANC PIC 165:1-8--PIC


1959 1959 BANC PIC 166:1-10--PIC


1960-63 1960-63 BANC PIC 167:1-14--PIC


n.d. n.d. BANC PIC 168:1-18--PIC


n.d. n.d. BANC PIC 169:1-11--PIC


n.d. n.d. BANC PIC 170:1-8--PIC


n.d. n.d. BANC PIC 171:1-30--PIC


n.d. n.d. BANC PIC 171:31-32--AX


Phoenix, AZ BANC PIC 172:1-3--PIC


Port Angeles, WA BANC PIC 173:1-10--PIC


Port Angeles, WA BANC PIC 173:11--AX


Portland, OR BANC PIC 174:1-40--PIC


Port Townsend, WA BANC PIC 175:1-16--PIC


Port Townsend--Op areas BANC PIC 176:1-93--PIC


Reno BANC PIC 177:1-6--PIC


Resource art 1980 BANC PIC 178:1-20--PIC


Resources, misc. BANC PIC 179:1-13--PIC


Riverside BANC PIC 180:1--PIC

carton 4

Sacramento BANC PIC 181:1-1--PIC


Salt Lake City BANC PIC 182:1-4--PIC


San Diego BANC PIC 183:1--PIC


San Francisco Headquarters BANC PIC 184:1-18--PIC


San Francisco Headquarters BANC PIC 184:19-29--PIC


Proof sheets BANC PIC 185:1-17--PIC


Slides BANC PIC 186:1-99--PIC


Slides BANC PIC 187:1-99--PIC


Slides BANC PIC 187:100-193--PIC


Slides BANC PIC 188:1-60--PIC


Boardroom murals BANC PIC 189:1-9--PIC


Boardroom murals BANC PIC 189:10-27--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 190:1-40--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 191:1-23--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 191:24-80--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 191:81-184--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 192:1-13--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 193:1-19--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 194:1-37--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 195:1-15--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 196:1-31--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 196:32-60--PIC


Construction BANC PIC 197:1-41--PIC


Dedication BANC PIC 198:1-22--PIC


Dedication BANC PIC 198:23-35--PIC


Dedication BANC PIC 199:1-15--PIC


Dedication BANC PIC 200:1-18--PIC


History BANC PIC 201:1-26--PIC


History BANC PIC 201:27-48--PIC


History BANC PIC 201:49-50--B


San Francisco headquarters, completed BANC PIC 202:1--PIC


Seattle BANC PIC 203:1-8--PIC


Spokane, WA BANC PIC 204:1-8--PIC


Stockton, CA BANC PIC 205:1-36--PIC


Stockton, CA BANC PIC 205:37-41--PIC


Stockton, CA BANC PIC 205:42-45--PIC


Summer, WA--Fibreboard products BANC PIC 206:1--PIC


Tacoma, WA BANC PIC 207:1-5--PIC


Vernon, CA BANC PIC 208:1--PIC


Walla Walla, WA BANC PIC 209:1-3--PIC


Warrendale, OR BANC PIC 210:1-PIC


Warrendale, OR BANC PIC 210:2-4--AX


Washington Pulp and Paper Co. BANC PIC 211:1-6--PIC


Washington Pulp and Paper Co. BANC PIC 211:7--AX


Wauna Mill, Clatskinie, OR BANC PIC 212:1-6--PIC


Wenatchee, WA BANC PIC 213:1--PIC


West Linn, OR BANC PIC 214:1-35--PIC


West Linn, OR BANC PIC 214:36-42--PIC


West Linn, OR BANC PIC 214:43-44--AX


Youngs River, OR BANC PIC 215:1-16--PIC


J.D. Zellerbach, Ambassador to Italy BANC PIC 216:1-19--PIC


J.D. Zellerbach BANC PIC 217:1-21--PIC


Zellerbach Paper Company BANC PIC 218:1-44--PIC


Zellerbach Paper Company BANC PIC 218:45-62--PIC


Zellerbach Paper Company BANC PIC 218:63--AX


Zellerbach Paper Company BANC PIC 218:64-65--B


Zellerbach Paper Company BANC PIC 218:66-67--C


Unidentified locations BANC PIC 219:1-18--PIC


Unidentified machines or processes/procedures BANC PIC 220:1-15--PIC


Unidentified machines or processes/procedures BANC PIC 220:16-33--PIC


Unidentified people BANC PIC 221:1-3--PIC


Unidentified people BANC PIC 221:4-5--AX





box 1

Archer, John--POR 1-2


Aspitarte, Thomas--POR 1


Azres, Rollie--POR 1


Bailey--POR 1-3


Bankus, A.--POR 1


Baruh, Joseph Y.--POR 1


Bloch, Louis--POR 1-3


Bolton, Fred--POR 1-2


Bowen, W.J.--POR 1-2


Campbell, O.W.--POR 1


Chapman, James--POR 1


Comny, Thomas P.--POR 1


Cornuelle, H.C.--POR 1


Coulthard, Lee--POR 1


Creston, W.T.--POR 1


Creson, William T.--POR 1


Davis, George A.--POR 1


Denman, M.S.--POR 1-2


Dickey, Ralph W.--POR 1-3


Edwards, Wayne--POR 1-2


Erickson, Otto--POR 1-6


Garfinkel, John--POR-2


Granville, Maurice--POR 1


Haile, Robert D.--POR 1


Heilig, James L.--POR 1


Hendrickson, Robert M.--POR 1-4


Heron, Alexander R.--POR 1


Higgins, Marvin Randolph--POR 1


Jamieson, M.M.--POR 1


Jewett, E.B. "Chip"--POR 1


Johnson, William Pierce--POR 1


Kaufner, Julius--POR 1


Kelley, Tom J.--POR 1-2


Lane, L.W. Jr.--POR 1


Lavelle, James R. Jr.--POR 1-4


McDonald, Richard A.--POR 1


McMenamy, Ed--POR 1


Martin, Archie--POR 1-2


Martin, R.C.--POR 1


Meeham, James J.--POR 1


Mitchell, E.A.--POR 1-2


Mumford, Milton C.--POR 1


Nadig, Donald A.--POR 1-7


Nordstrom, Raymond W.--POR 1


Pitts, T.H.--POR 1


Platt, Mike--POR 1


Popkins, P.B.--POR 1


Reed, H.W.--POR 1


Ringel, Alan--POR 1


Rosenbaum, S.D.--POR 1


Roth, Robert W.--POR 1-3


Thomas, Warren--POR 1


Titlebaum, Stephany--POR 1


Toney, J.A.--POR 1-2


Schwabacher, Ludwig--POR 1


Simon, Dorothy W.--POR 1


Traung, Louis--POR 1


Upp, John D.--POR 1


Wight, Fred G.--POR 1


Wilson, Frank (Buck)--POR 1


Wood, John--POR 1


Zellerbach, Anthony--POR 1-2

POR_box 1

[Anthony Zellerbach with horse and carriage.] BANC PIC 1988.081.222 : Zellerbach, Anthony--POR 2


Zellerbach, Harold--POR 1


Zellerbach, Isadore--POR 1-3


Zellerbach, J.D.--POR 1-17


Zellerbach, William J.--POR 1-2


Zumsteg, Edward--POR 1


Zweip, A. Van der--POR 1

box 1

Finnerty, Tom BANC PIC 222:1--AX


Howell, George H. BANC PIC 222:2--AX




Group Portraits (Miscellaneous)


Paper Distributing Industry, Sept 28, 1933 Washington, D.C. Sept 28, 1933 BANC PIC 223:1--PAN


45th Conference, Oct. 1-4, 1958 Erie, PA (with Hammermill agents) Oct. 1-4, 1958 BANC PIC 223:2--PAN


NPTA, Oct. 22-25, 1961 Chicago, IL Oct. 22-25, 1961 BANC PIC 223:3--PAN


Unidentified--luncheon BANC PIC 223:4--PAN


Group Portraits (Zellerbach Paper Company)


First oting, Zellerbach Paper Co. (in front of Tower Cafe) BANC PIC 223:5--PAN


Zellerbach Paper Co., San Francisco, n.d. (ca. 1920's) (2 images) n.d. (ca. 1920's) BANC PIC 223:6-7--PAN


Boat ride and basket party, REPAP Club, Employees of Zellerbach Paper Co., Glen Cove Sept. 28, 1919 BANC PIC 223:8--PAN


Boat ride and basket party, REPAP Club Aug. 14, 1920 BANC PIC 223:9--PAN


Annual Picnic of Zellerbach Paper Co. at Glendora Foothill Park July 24, 1926 BANC PIC 223:10--PAN


Annual Picnic, Zellerbach Paper Co., Brookside Park Sept. 17, 1927 BANC PIC 223:11--PAN


First annual convention of Sales Managers for Zellerbach Paper Company, San Francisco Dec. 14, 1927 BANC PIC 223:12--PAN


Complimentary luncheon tendered to Miss Winifred Agnes Duignan by her co-workers Fior D'Italia September 13, 1928 BANC PIC 223:13--PAN


Get-together dinner given by J. Zellerbach and H.C. Zellerbach to employees of Los Angeles Division announcing the appointment of Philo K. Hallard, General Manager and Gordon Murphy, Assistant General Manager, Elks Club, Los Angeles Dec. 11, 1936 BANC PIC 223:14--PAN


Panoramic Views (Crown Willamette Paper Company)


Floristan--Crown Willamette Paper Co. (3 images) BANC PIC 223:15-17--PAN


Floristan, California May 26, 1915 BANC PIC 223:18--PAN