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Title: Radu Irimescu papers
Date (inclusive): 1918-1940
Collection Number: 75090
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: Primarily in Romanian
Physical Description: 5 manuscript boxes, 1 album box, 11 envelopes (4.5 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, dispatches, memoranda, clippings, and photographs, relating to Romanian politics and foreign policy, and to the development of aviation in Romania.
Creator: Irimescu, Radu
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Acquisition Information

Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1975.

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[Identification of item], Radu Irimescu Papers, [Box no., Folder no. or title], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Biographical note

Romanian diplomat, minister of air and navy (1932–38), ambassador to the United States (1938–40).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Romania -- History -- 1914-1944
Statesmen -- Romania
Aeronautics -- Romania
Romania -- Foreign relations -- United States
United States -- Foreign relations -- Romania
Romania. Ministerul aerului si marinei


CORRESPONDENCE 1931-1938 1952

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence arranged alphabetically by last name of correspondent.
box 1

American Scantic Line w Polsce (Warsaw), 1934


Andrews, R. B., 1936


Anglo-Rumanian Society (Bucharest), 1937


Ausnit, Ma, 1936


Automobile Club of America (New York), 1935


Baicov, A., 1936


Balbo, General, n.d.


Bentin Amit, B., 1936


Bertram, S. R., 1936


Bibescu, D., 1934


Blank, Aristide, n.d.


Blum, Adalbert, n.d.


Boerescu, Neagu, 1933


Bolton, William, 1936


Bonescu, George, 1935


Boutry, Mr., 1936


Boxshall, E. G., 1936


Bradbury, Wilkinson and Company, Limited (England), 1933


Brebenariu, Gheorghe, 1936


Bristol Aeroplane Company, Limited, The (London), 1932-1933


Bulloch, M. A., 1933


Butculescu, N., 1935


Caranfil, N. G., 1933


Cercul de Sparturi Baneasa Country Club (Bucharest), 1935


Chrissoveloni Bank (Bucharest), 1935-1936


Chrissoveloni, Z. M., 1936


Consolidated Aircraft Corporation (New York), 1935


Corbin, A. O., 1936


Corfescu, Nicu, n.d.


Costinescu, Emil E., n.d.


Czapskyu, A. O., 1934


Danciulescu, Simion, 1935


Davenport, William S., 1932


Delavrancea, Cella, 1935


Denain, General, 1934


Detroyat, Michel, 1934-1935


Diaconescu, Nicolae, n.d.


Dombrowski, Colonel, 1936


Duca, Doanna, 1936


Finkelstein, Filippe, n.d.


Fischer, Leon, 1936


Fleischacker, R., 1936




Legation in Bucharest, n.d.


Minister of Aviation, 1933


Frye, Jack, 1936


Fulga, Fred, 1936


Ghitescu, Amedeu, 1933


Ghyka, M. C., 1973


Gudju, Captain, 1934


Hughes, John, 1935


Iliescu, Paul P., 1937


Industrieller Klub (Wein), 1935


International Standard Electric Corporation (London), 1933


Ionasiu, Titu, 1936


Irimescu, Henrietta, n.d.


King, Patrick, 1934


Lapedatu, I., 1933


MacDonald, A., 1934


Manolescu, A., 1935


Marcu, V., 1935


Mironescu, George, 1934


Molnar, Inginer L., 1936


Mosing, Ernest, 1935


Mounce, Gordon, 1936


Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, 1932


Nicolaides, E. M., 1934


Niculescu, Gh., 1936


Niculescu, Lungu N., 1936


Odlum, Floyd, 1932-1935, 1952


Orezeanu, Tudor, 1935


Page, F. Handley, 1933


Park Lane Hotel (London), 1935


Pherichide, Irina, 1936


Popescu, Stefan, 1933


Popoviciu, Stefan, 1933


Popp, Mr., 1936-1937


Prefect, Mr., 1936


Radulescu, Savel, 1934


Rascanu, Iosif, 1937


Rayski, Ludomi, 1933, 1935


"Redeventa" (Bucharest), 1936


Revue Arcos (Brussels), 1936


Riaea, Niculescu, 1937


Romania, Legation in Washignton, D.C., 1936


Romanian Air Industry (Industria Aeronautic Romana), 1935


Romanian Commercial Bank, (Bucharest), 1935


"Romano Americana" (Bucharest), 1935


Rosenthal, L. C., 1936


Rumanian Naval League, 1937


Russian Legation in Bucharest, 1935-1936


Samsonovic, Nicolae, 1936


Schenker and Company (Bucharest), 1935-1936


Serban, Mihai, 1936


Smith, Wesley, 1934


Stefanescu-Radu, I., 1931


Stern, Otto, 1936


Tabacovici, Nicolae, 1936


Tanasoca, Nicolae A. & Brothers, 1936


Tarcauanu, Madame, 1936


Tatos, Vargolici, 1934, 1936


Teodoreanu, V., 1936-1937


Teodorescu, T., 1933


Thenen, S. L., 1934


Tillman, Lloyd, 1935


Titulescu, Nicolae, 1936


U.S. Ordnance Engineers, Incorporated, Chemical Warfare Munition (Cleveland, Ohio), 1936


Von Wiegand, Karl H., 1932-1933


"Vulcan" (Bucharest), 1937


Vulcanescu, Mr., 1936


Wadsworth, Mr., 1935

box 2

Warner, C. P., 1935


Works Development Company, Limited, The (Bucharest), 1934


Zakaria, Ion, 1936-1937




SUBJECT FILE 1918-1940

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, notes, memoranda, minutes of meetings, charts, lists, clippings, and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 2

Airlines (general)




Bills, financial statements, receipts, etc.


Blank, Aristide, "Conversion of the Agricultural and Urban Debts" (in Rumanian), February 1933


Butculescu, N.


Certificates, introductory letters, etc.


Chrissoveloni Bank (Bucharest), 1933-1937




Cot, Pierre


Donescu, Mr., transcript of the conference held on April 27, 1936, between Mr. Donescu and Mr. Deeus (in French)


Draft of a project to create a coffee monopoly (in Rumanina), undated


Electric Bond and Share Company (New York), Report to Stockholders, June 30, 1936


International Aeronautical Exposition (Paris), November 1932


Irving Trust Company (New York), 1932-1935


Italy, trip to, December 1937


Marie, Queen of Rumania, luncheon at Bankers Club (New York,) October 22, 1926

box 3

Marriage contract between Major M. Irimescu and Lucretia R. Popescu, 1889 (typewritten copy)


Metropolitan Club (Bucharest)


Powell, Alice M., estate of 1950


Report on electrical energy used in Bucharest, 1932 (in French)


Royal maneuvres in 1934






General, 1931-1937


Clippings, 1932-1934


Correspondence, 1932-1934


Commissary of Wheat


Correspondence, 1932-1935


Correspondence, 1933-1935


"Report of the Commissar for the Development of Wheat" (in Rumanian), October 9, 1933


Legation in London, 1937

box 4

Ministry of Air and Navy


"Achievements of the Ministry of Air and Navy Since Its Inception until the Present" (in Rumanian), July 20, 1939


Rumanian Naval Service, 1936-1938


Ministry of National Defense, 1936-1938


Ministry of Public Works and Communications


"Personal Status of the P.C.A." (In Rumanian), October 29, 1936


"Rulings on the Status of the Personnel of the P.C.A." (in Rumanian), December 19, 1936


Navy, 1927, 1932, 1934, 1937-1938

box 5

Rumanian Air Industry (I.A.R. - Industria Aeronatica Romana), 1937-1938


Rumanian Royal Aeronautical Federation (Federatia Aeronautica Regala a Romaniei), 1933-1934, 1937


Society of British Aircraft Constructors (London), 1933


Yacht Club (Bucharest)



Scope and Contents note

Clippings, calling cards, memorabilia, and miscellaneous printed matter, arranged as listed.
box 5



Miscellaneous notes, printed matter, memorabilia, etc.



General Physical Description note: (837 prints / 5 albums / 1 envelopes)
envelope fA

113 photos depicting R. Irimescu's visit to Italy. 1937

envelope fB

SAME as fA. 69 photos

envelope fC

12 photos depicting R. Irimescu's visit to an Italian aircraft manufacturing plant. 1937

envelope fD

23 photos of R. Irimescu inspecting German aircraft. 1937

envelope fE

50 photos depicting R. Irrimescu's visit to Italy. 1937

envelope F

31 photos depicting R. Irimescu in various stages of his life.

envelope G

17 photos depicting R. Irimescu and his wife.

envelope H

10 photos of R. Irimescu with Queen Marie in New York. undated

envelope I

17 photos of the interior of the Rumanian Embassy quarters in Washington, D.C.

envelope J

102 photos depicting R. Irimescu, King Carol and others inspecting aircraft and manufacturing plants.

envelope K

47 photos depicting aircraft and including many aerial scenes

envelope L

99 photos depicting R. Irimescu, King Carol, and various statesmen, military officers, and domestic and foreign dignitaries at state, military and social functions.

envelope M

47 photos. SAME as L.

envelope N

89 photos depicting R. Irimescu, King Carol, and various statesmen, military officers, and domestic and foreign dignitaries at state, military and social functions.

envelope O

71 photos depicting King Carol with R. Irimescu and other various military, state and social functions.

envelope P

40 unidentified photos collected by R. Irimescu.