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Register of the William La Varre Papers

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April 1981
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Descriptive Summary

Title: William La Varre Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1922-1978
Collection number: 77033
Creator: La Varre, William, 1898-1991.
Collection Size: 12 manuscript boxes (5 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Memoirs, letters, memoranda, clippings, periodical issues, lists, notes, and financial records, relating to political development in Latin America, especially in the 1930's; United States relations with Latin America, 1933- 1945; the American Mercury; international communist subversion; and international affairs.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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United States. Dept. of State.
American Mercury.
Anti-communist movements--United States.
Latin America.
Latin America--Foreign relations--United States.
Latin America--Politics and government.
United States--Politics and government.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Foreign relations--Latin America.

Biographical Note

1898, August 4 Born, Richmond, Virginia.
1914-1920 Educated, Townsend Harris Hall, New York, Columbia University Extension, Harvard College (special student).
1919 Author, Up the Mazaruni.
1920-1927 Explorer, South America.
1928-1930 President, Piedmont Press Association.
1933-1938 Foreign correspondent, South America.
1934 Author, Johnny Round the World.
1935 Author, Gold, Diamonds, and Orchids.
1939 Author, Southward, Ho!
1941 Author, "The 114 Markets of South America."
1941-1943 Chief, American Republics Units, U.S. State Department.
1944 Director, Foreign Service Council.
1950 Consultant, Economic Cooperation Administration.
1957-1958 Editor-in-Chief, American Mercury Magazine.

Series Description

Box: 1


Scope and Content Note

Biographical data relating to the career of William LaVarre, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box: 1-5


Scope and Content Note

Printed copies of newspaper and magazine articles by William LaVarre as well as typescripts of his autobiographical writings, arranged chronologically.
Box: 6

SUBJECT FILE ,1957-1977

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, pamphlets, and printed material by others, including records of the American Mercury, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box: 7-12


Scope and Content Note

A file of the American Mercury Magazine and address lists of subscribers, filed chronologically.

Container List



Box 1

Appointment, Chief of the American Republics Unit, Department of Commerce, 1941. Newspaper clippings.


Interview with William LaVarre, Boston Transcript, February 18, 1922. Photocopies.


Press notices, 1937-1941. Printed copies.


Publicity for lectures and articles by William LaVarre. Printed copies, 1937-1940.



Box 1

General, n.d.


"Hidden Wealth in British Guiana," The American Museum Journal, October 1918. Printed copy.


"Making the Staff of Life in British Guiana," Travel Magazine, May 1919. Printed copy.


"The Shree-Mat-Bhag-What Ceremony," Travel Magazine, August 1919. Printed copy.


"Pedro: A Rubber Boy of the Brazilian Jungle," The American Boy, October 1920. Printed copy.


"Brazil's White Gold," Pan American Union, November 1920. Printed copy.


"A Metropolis of the Jungle," Travel Magazine, November 1920. Printed copy.


"He Wanted To Be a Professor," The Harvard Magazine, November 1920. Printed copy.


"A Thousand Miles Up the Amazon," Travel Magazine, February 1921. Printed copy.


"Among the Caboclos of the Rio Negro," Natural History, 1922. Reprints.


"Explorer Finds New World's Largest Diamond," Popular Science, May 1922. Printed copy.


"Rubber in Brazil," February 1924. Galley proofs.


"Under the Roof of the Jungle," Field and Stream, November 1924. Printed copy.


General photograph features, 1934. Printed copies.


"In the Jungle, War Never Ends," New York Times Magazine, August 19, 1934. Printed copy.


"Treasure-Hunter and his Lovely Wife Pierce the Jungles to the Lost World," Cleveland Plain Dealer, series of three articles, September 1934. Printed copies.


"Fortunes in the Jungle," The American Magazine, December 1934. Reprint.


General, photograph features, 1935.


"Jungle Hunter," Outdoor Life, January 1935. Printed copy.


"Jungle Merchant," The American, February 1935. Printed copy.


"Me for the Jungle Life," American boy, April 1935. Printed copy.


"Treasure Hunting High and Low," The Elks, May 1935. Printed copy.


Untitled, Sphere, June 1, 1935. Printed copy.


"Change in the Jungle," Sphere, June 8, 1935. Printed copy.


"Shrimps Preferred," Sphere, July 6, 1935. Printed copy.


"Diamond Hunting in British Guiana," Young America, July 12, 1935. Printed copy.


"Wild Life in the Jungles of British Guiana," Young America, September 13, 1935. Printed copy.


"Ruins of Lost Colony Show Jungle White Man's Master," The Providance Sunday Journal, January 26, 1936. Printed copy.


"Into the Forbidden Country of Darien," November 1, 1936. Printed copy.


"The Yucatan Jungle's Chewing Gum King," Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 17, 1937. Printed copy.


"Shark Island," Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 7, 1937. Printed copy.


"Gold from Alligators," Courier Express, February 21, 1937. Printed copy.


"Meet the King of Nuthin," Courier Express, February 28, 1937. Printed copy.


"LaVarre Almost Finds All Hidden Gold of Yucatan," Morning Globe, February 28, 1937. Printed copy.


"The Golden Skeletons of Darien," Courier Express, March 21, 1937. Printed copy.


"Banana Surprise," Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 21, 1937. Printed copy.


"A Night in a Cocaine Eaters' Village, Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 2, 1937. Printed copy.


"Andes One Eye Connolly Crashes Gates of Gold," May 9, 1937. Printed copy.


"The Ghosts of Mysterious Machu Picchu," Courier Express, May 16, 1937. Printed copy.


"Titicaca, the Disappearing Mountain Sea," Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 23, 1937. Printed copy.


"Trailing the Panama Hat," Chicago Daily News, June 19, 1937. Printed copy.


"Golden Skeletons in Ancient Tombs," Sunday Mirror Magazine, June 20, 1937. Printed copy.


"Auf der Suche nach dem Weissen Gott," (In search of the white god), Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung, August 26, 1937. Printed copy.


"He Escaped Five Times from Devil's Island," The Family Circle, August 27, 1937. Printed copy.


"Featherless Chicken of the Andes," Young America, September 17, 1937. Printed copy.


"They'll Pay for their Husbands," The Family Circle, October 15, 1937. Printed copy.


"Camel of the Andes," November 17, 1937. Printed copy.


General, photograph features, 1938.


"The World I Live In," syndicated column, 1938. Printed copies.


"Probing the Mysteries and Marvels," Sunday Mirror, January 30, 1938. Printed copy.


"The Painted Indians of Darien," Blue Peter, January 1938. Printed copy.


"You Can Travel If You Want to," The Rotarian, February 1938. Printed copy.


"Peru Peaks Linked to Amazon," The New York Times, September 18, 1938. Printed copy.


"Jungle Scout," Sunday Mirror, November 13, 1938. Printed copy.


"Our Real War Peril," Sunday Mirror, November 27, 1938. Printed copy.


"The Secret Invasion of South America, Sunday Mirror, November 27, 1938. Printed copy.


"Invade America," Grit, December 4, 1938. Printed copy.


"Mussolini's Agents Threaten South American Continent," The Bangor Daily News, December 12, 1938. Printed copy.


"Communist Aim Latin American Control," Grit, December 25, 1938. Printed copy.

Box 2

"The World I Live In," syndicated column, 1939. Printed copies.


General, photograph features, 1939. Printed copies.


"Latin America's New Ism," 1939. Printed copies.


"Good Neighbor Feeling Growing in South America," The Bangor Daily News, January 2, 1939. Printed copy.


"Trade War Near," Grit, February 12, 1939. Printed copy.


"Africa, India, Java, and Holland Meet in Strange City of South America," Chicago Daily News, March 4, 1939. Printed copy.


"The Blood Oath of Chichicastenago," The Family Circle, April 21, 1939. Printed copy.


"Buried in Gold," The Family Circle, May 19, 1939. Printed copy.


General, photograph features, 1940. Printed copies.


"The World I Live In," syndicated column, 1940. Printed copies.


"The Gold in Yucatan," January 1940. Printed copy.


"Latin America New Mecca for Tourists," Minneapolis Morning Tribune, January 15, 1940. Printed copies.


"Fifth Century Mayan City Within 4 Days of U.S.," Louisville Times, January 15, 1940. Printed copy.


"Guatemala Tribe, Bound by Blood Oath to Shun Whites, Plies Ancient Craft," Minneapolis Morning Tribune, January 16, 1940. Printed copy.


"East and West Do Meet in South America," Minneapolis Morning Tribune, January 18, 1940. Printed copy.


"No Woman Leaves Paradise Islands," The Boston Daily Globe, January 18, 1940. Printed copy.


"New Route Uses Andes and Amazon," The Boston Daily Globe, January 20, 1940. Printed copy.


"Guatamala's Volcano Country is Rich in Travel Interest," The Sunday Star, January 28, 1940. Printed copy.


"Airplanes and Motor Cars Now Take Tourists to Ancient Mayan Cities," The Kansas City Star, February 4, 1940. Printed copy.


"South Sea Isle but an Hour Away From Cristobal," The Sunday Star, March 1940. Printed copy.


"The 114 Markets of South America," Printers' Ink Monthly, March 1940. Printed copies and related research materials.

Box 3

"South American Abe Lincoln," Sunday Mirror, April 7, 1940. Printed copy.


"The Life of Riley," Sunday Mirror, May 1940. Printed copy.


"Orphan Colonies of the Caribbean," Sunday Mirror, June 9, 1940. Printed copy.


"Eyes on Franco," Washington Post, June 30, 1940. Printed copy.


"War Invades America," Look, July 1940. Printed copy.


"Hitler's Way Appeals South of the Border," Boston Post, July 7, 1940. Printed copy.


"Yankees of the South," Sunday Mirror, July 14, 1940. Printed copy.


"Hitler Sure He'll Boss South America by 1941," Boston Sunday Post, July 21, 1940. Printed copy.


"Press, Radio, Movies Set for German Propaganda Attack in Latin America," The Hartford Daily Courant, July 21, 1940. Printed copy.


"The Andinos," Sunday Mirror, July 21, 1940. Printed copy.


"Spontaneous Combustion, Hitler's Plan to Gain Control of Latin America," The Hartford Daily Courant, July 26, 1940. Printed copy.


"Where the Monroe Doctrine Really Works," Sunday Mirror, July 28, 1940. Printed copy.


"Hitler's Plan for Latin America," The Family Circle, August/September 1940. Printed copies.


"Nazis Use Threats to Gain Indirect Control Over French, Dutch Indies," The Houston Chronicle, August 4, 1940. Printed copies.


"Pilfered Products," Sunday Mirror, August 18, 1940. Printed copy.


"U.S. entering War Under Roosevelt Fait Acompli," The Tribune Sun, September 11, 1940. Printed copy.


"Living Standards Found Low in British Indies Colonies," San Diego Union, September 15, 1940. Printed copy.


"Golden Skeletons," Junior Scholastic, September 16, 1940. Printed copy.


"Uncle Sam's Secret Weapon Best Defense Against Enemy," San Diego Union, September 22, 1940. Printed copy.


"U.S. to Ease Heavy Burden of British in West Indies by Expenditures on Bases," St. Louis Post Dispatch, September 23, 1940. Printed copy.


"Most Dangerous Man in South America Awaits U.S. Election," San Diego Union, September 29, 1940. Printed copy.


"Chile First Specialist in Security," San Diego Union, October 20, 1940. Printed copy.


"A Tahiti in America," New York Times, November 1940. Printed copy.


"Our Caribbean Defense System is Still on Order. It Has Been For Over Two Years," November 2, 1940. Mimeographed copy.


"Voice of America or Dulcet Tones of Sycophant Choice for Voters," The Tribune Sun, November 4, 1940. Printed copy.


"Addenda to Mein Kampf," Sunday Mirror, November 17, 1940. Printed copy.


"Fateful Manana," New York Mirror, November 24, 1940. Printed copy.


"While We Have Been Fortifying Our Back Door Our Front Door Remains Wide Open," Sunday Mirror, December 22, 1940. Printed copy.


General, photograph features, 1941.


"The Fight for Control of South American Skies," Sunday Mirror, April 6, 1941. Printed copy.


"South for Treasure," True, August 1949. Printed copy.


"Moscow's Red Letter Day in American History," The American Legion Magazine, August 1951. Printed copy.


"Memoirs of William LaVarre as Editor-in-Chief of the American Mercury Magazine 1957-1958," 1977. Typescript.


Draft I.


Part I.


Part II.


Exhibits for Part II.


Part III.

Box 4

Draft II.


Part I.


Part II.


Part III.


Section I.


Section II.


"Fighting World War II in Washington: A Personal Memoir," 1978. Typescript.


Draft I.


Part I.


Part II.


Part III.



Box 5

Draft II.


Part I.


Part II.


Part III.


SUBJECT FILE, 1957-1977.

Box 6

American Mercury.




Letters to the editor.


Letters from corporations.


"Mercury Forum."








American Legion subscriptions.


Newspaper publishers' subscriptions.


Rural subscriptions.


Anti-Defamation League.


Balfour Declaration.


Church League of America.


Jews in Russia.


Jews in the United States.


Jordan, George Racey, testimony re atomic materials.


United States government personnel, 1977.





Box 7



January (1).


February (1).


March (1).


April (1).


May (1).


June (1).


July (1).


August (1).


September (1).


October (1).


November (1).


December (1).




May (1).


June (1).


July (1).


August (1).


September (1).


October (1).


November (1).


December (1).




January (3).


February (3).


March (2).

Box 8

April (3).


May (3).


June (3).


July (3).


August (3).


September (1).


October (3).


November (3).


December (3).




January (4).


February (3).

Box 9

March (3).


April (15).


May (11).

Box 10

June (5).


July (1).


August (1).


September (1).


November (1).


December (1).




January (2).


February (2).


March (2).


April (2).


May (2).


June (2).


July (2).


August (2).


September (1).


October (1).


November (2).

Box 11

December (2).




January (1).


February (1).


March (1).


April (1).


June (1).


August (1).




Spring (1).


Summer (1).


Fall (2).


Winter (1).


Address lists of subscribers.

Box 12

Address lists of subscribers.