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Register of the Violette Costabel Theatre Programs Collection, 1926-1945
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SCRAPBOOK #1: THEATER PROGRAMS & CLIPPINGS N.B.--This inventory reflects the original order of materials in the scrapbook in that numbers on the left margin record the page numbers on which items appeared in the scrapbook; because the scrapbook was made of very high-acid paper, it has been taken apart to preserve its contents and to make these available for research. For ease of access, the COP programs have been transferred to the UOP Archives and the other materials have been arranged geographically. Pages 6, 10, 53-54, 59-60, 72 and 80 of the scrapbook were empty.


San Jose:


pg.1---Senior Orpheum: June, 1915.


pg.2---Hiawatha program-San Jose HS: March, 1916.


pg.3---Senior Shop-cast list: 1916.`


pg.4---"Dust in the Eyes" - San Jose HS: 1917.


pg.5---San Jose Pageant and Program: June 1 & 2, 1917.


pg.7---Knights of Columbus-Town Theatre: September, 1919.


pg.11--Loew's Hippodrome: Nov., 1921.


pg.12--"Seven Keys to Baldpate"- San Jose HS: Dec., 1922.


pg.25--Fashion Revue- Business & Professional Womans' Club, High School Auditorium, Apr. 1925 & "Love 'em & leave 'em"-California: Oct., 1926. & "The Game of Chess"- San Jose State College: May, 1927. & "Tommy"-California: Oct. 1928.


pg.48--"The Girl From California"- San Jose: June, 1932.


pg.49--"Smilin' Through"- San Jose State College: Dec., 1932.


pg.71--"First Lady"- Municipal Auditorium, San Jose: March, ? & "Ces Dames Aux Chapeaux Verts"- San Jose State College.


pg.76--Graduation exercises- San Jose HS: 1939. & Pasquier Trio- Civic Auditorium: March, 1939.


pg.77--Yehudi Menuhin- Civic Auditorium: Oct., 1939.


pg.78--"Christmas Musical & Tea"- S. J. Women's Club: Dec., 1939. & "Christmas Celebration"- San Jose HS: Dec., 1939.


pg.79--Lily Pons- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1939. & Lily Pons- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1939.


pg.81--Carmen Amaya- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1942. & "A Christmas Carol"- San Jose Players: Dec., 1942.


pg.82--Adult Education- San Jose Public HS: 1942-43.


pg.83--Adult Education- San Jose Public HS: 1940-41. & Christmas banquet- San Jose HS: Dec., 1940.


pg.84--"La Traviata"- Roosevelt Auditorium, San Jose: June, 1940. & San Carlos Opera Company- San Jose Civic Auditorium: March, 1940.


pg.85--Bidu Sayao- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1940. & Marian Anderson- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Feb., 1940.


pg.87--Paul Draper and Larry Adler- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1943. & Marian Anderson- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Feb., 1944.


pg.88--Baccaloni Opera Company- San Jose Civic Auditorium: March, 1944. & Lawrence Tibbett- San Jose Civic Auditorium: April, 1944.


pg.89--Artur Rubinstein- San Jose Civic Auditorium: April, 1944. & "Porgy and Bess"- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Oct., 1944.


pg.90--Grace Moore- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Oct., 1944. & Don Cossack Chorus- San Jose Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1944.


pg.91--Robert Casadesus- S.J. Civic Auditorium: Dec., 1944. & New York City Opera Company- S.J. Civic Auditorium: Dec., 1944.


pg.92--Ballet theatre- S.J. Civic Auditorium: Feb., 1945. & "Othello"- S.J. Civic Auditorium: April, 1945.


pg.93--Katherine Dunham- S.J. Civic Auditorium: April, 1945. & Yehudi Menuhin- S.J. Civic Auditorium: April, 1945.


pg.94--Rise Stevens- S.J. Civic Auditorium: May, 1945.




pg.27--Moulin-Rouge Music Hall, Paris- Program, 1927 & Four various ticket stubs.


pg.28--Tivoli Journal, Lyons (Nov., 1927). & "Le Demi-Monde"- Cintra, Lyons: Nov., 1927.


pg.29--"Autour d'un Berceau"- Select-Palace, Tours: 1927 & ticket stub.


pg.30--"L'Aiglon," Theatre des Celestins, Lyons: Feb., 1928. ticket stub.


pg.31--Tivoli Journal, Lyons (Fev., 1928) & "L'Aventuriere"- Theatre de Celestins, Lyons, 1927 & ticket stubs.


pg.32--"Grande Soiree de Gala"- Theatre de Celestins, Lyons, 1928 & ticket stubs.


pg.33--Photos of Two French actors w/ pencilled comments & "Cyrano de Bergerac"- Cintra, Lyons, 1928 & "La Revue le Luxe de Paris"- Palace, Paris, 1928 & ticket stubs.


pg.34--"Bardelys le Magnifique" unident. Movie Theater, Lyons, 1928 & "Le Celebre Theatre Liegeois des Marionnettes"- Palais du Conservatoire, Lyons, 1928. Ticket stubs.


pg.35--"Vient de Paraitre"-Theatre de la Michodiere, Paris, 1928 & "Fleures d'Avril," "Zaire," "Les Precieuses Ridicules," Comedie Francaise, Paris, 1928 & Ticket stubs.


pg.37--"La Grande Folie"- Folies-Bergere, Paris, 1928; "Paris Qui Tourne"- Moulin-Rouge Music Hall, Paris, 1928


College of the Pacific:


pg.8---"She Shops to Conquer"- C.O.P.: May, 1920.


pg.11--"Four One Act Plays"- C.O.P.: March, 1921.


pg.12--"Seventeen" - C.O.P.: March, 1922. & " You Naver Can Tell"- C.O.P.: April, 1922. & Clipping "You Never Can Tell."


pg.13--"Beyond the Horizon"- Pacific Players: Nov., 1922.


pg.14--"Original Plays"- C.O.P.: Jan., 1923; Reviews of four C.O.P. plays: Jan., 1923.


pg.15--"The Mollusc"- C.O.P.: March, 1923. & "Five One Act Plays"- C.O.P.: Oct., 1923. & Review of "The Mollusc": March, 1923.


pg.16--"Five One Act Plays"(cast list): April, 1924.


pg.17--"Dear Brutus"- C.O.P. : May, 1924. & "The Servant In The House"- C.O.P.: April, 1924. & Misc. play review.


pg.18--Sixth Annual Gym Circus- C.O.P.: May, 1925. & "Candida"- C.O.P.: Oct., 1924. & "Pageant of the Pacific"- C.O.P.: June, 1924.


pg.19--"A Three-Act Comedy": 1924. & "The Humbug"- C.O.P.: Nov., 1924. & Review of "The Humbug" & "A Doll's House"-C.O.P.: Dec., 1924.


pg.20--"The Servant in the House"- C.O.P.: April, 1925. & "Grauch"- C.O.P.: May, 1925. & "Old Lady 31"- C.O.P.: Oct., 1925.


pg.21--"Merton of the Movies"- C.O.P.: Nov., 1925. & "Dear Me"- C.O.P.: Dec., 1925. & Review of "Dear Me".


pg.22--"The Servant in the House"- C.O.P.: March, 1926; "Hamlet"- C.O.P.: April, 1926.


pg.24--"Seventh Heaven"- C.O.P.: Feb., 1927. & "The Upper Room"- C.O.P.: April, 1927. & "Expressing Willie"- C.O.P.: May, 1927. & Review of "Expressing Willie".


pg.38--"Singing Fool"- 1928. & "The Poor Nut"- Pacific Little Theatre: 1928. & "Tommy": Oct., 1928.


pg.39--"A Kiss For Cinderella"- Pacific Little Theatre: Nov., 1928. & "Mr. Faust"- Pacific Little Theatre: Dec., 1928. & "The Climax": 1928. & "The Big Pond": 1928.


pg.41--"The Lilies of the Field"- Pacific Little Theatre: 1929. & "The Taming of the Shrew" " " " " & "Peg O' My Heart" " " " " "


pg.45--"The Queen's Husband"-Pacific Little Theatre: 1929. & "You and I"- Pacific Little Theatre: 1929. & "Twelve Thousand"- Pacific Little Theatre: 1929.


pg.47--"The White Headed Boy"- Pacific Little Theatre: Feb., 1932. & "The Cradle Song"- Pacific Little Theatre: March, 1932.


pg.51--"Escape"- Pacific Players Presents: Jan., 1930. & "Aurora Floyd"- Pacific Little Theatre: March, 1930. & Review of "Escape".


pg.52--"Anthony and Anna"- Pacific Little Theatre: April, 1930. & "White Wings"- Pacific Little Theatre: May, 1930. & Review of "White Wings".


pg.55--"Loot- My Dear"- Pacific Little Theatre: Oct., 1930.


pg.56--"Vergil"- C.O.P.; Oct., 1930


pg.61--"The Trojan Women of Euripides"- Pacific Little Theatre: Oct., 1930. & "Arms and the Man"-Pacific Little Theatre: Nov., 1930. & "The Ship"- Pacific Little Theatre: Dec., 1930.


pg.63--"The Youngest"- Pacific Little Theatre: Jan., 1931.


pg.64--"Cyrano de Bergerac"- Pacific Little Theatre: April, 1931.


pg.66--"Two Modern Comedies"- Pacific Little Theatre: July, 1931.


pg.67--"Beggar on Horseback"- Pacific Little Theatre: Oct., 1931.


pg.68--"The Inspector General"- Pacific Little Theatre: Oct., 1931. & "Death Takes a Holiday"- Pacific Little Theatre: Dec., 1931.


pg.69--"Ghosts"- Pacific Little Theatre: Jan., 1933.


pg.74--"Commencment Concert"- C.O.P.: June, 1933.


San Francisco:


pg.9---Alcazar Theatre [cover of program only]: August, 1920.


pg.13--"Pour Avoir Adrienne"- La Gaite Francais, S.F.: 1922.


pg.14--"Le Malade Imaginaire"- Le Theatre francais, S.F.: May, 1923.


pg.16--Fitz Leiber in "Hamlet & Macbeth"- Columbia Theatre: Feb., 1924. & Orpheum Circuit weekly program- S.F.: Apr. 1924


pg.17--"East is West"- Victory, S.F., n.d.


pg.26--"The Miracle"- S.F. Civic Auditorium: Dec. and Jan., 1926- 1927. & "The Climax"- Columbia, Dec., 1928. & "The Big Pond"- Alcazar: 1928.


pg.36--"Skin Deep"- Garrick Theatre: July, 1928. & "Singing Fool"- Embassy: Oct., 1928. & "Palace": 1928. & ticket stub.


pg.40--"Brothers" -President Theatre: 1929. & "Mother's Millions"-President Theatre: 1929. & "My Son"- Alcazar:1929.


pg.42--"Strange Interlude"- Columbia Theatre: 1929. & "The Love Duel"- Columbia Theatre: 1929.


pg.43--"Cooking Her Goose"-Alcazar, S.F.: Aug., 1929. & "The Door Between"-Geary, S.F.: Aug., 1929.


pg.44--"The Birth of a Nation"-Geary, S.F.: Sept., 1929. & "The Queen was in the Parlour"- Curran: 1929. & "Journey's End"- Geary, S.F.: Dec., 1929.


pg.46--Columbia theatre: January, 1931. & "The Dover Road"- Columbia Theatre: May, 1930; "A Winter's Tale, King Lear, As You Like It" Stratford-Upon-Avon Festival Co.- Columbia Theatre: January, 1932


pg.48--"The Green Pastures"- Columbia Theatre: May, 1932.


pg.49--"G-2"- Alcazar Theatre: Aug., 1932. & "Grand Hotel"- Geary: Mar 1932.


pg.56--"Strictly Dishonorable"- Columbia: June, 1930. & "Dishonored Lady"- Curran Theatre: Aug., 1930.


pg.57--"Michael & Mary"- Alcazar Theatre: Oct., 1930. & "Death Takes a Holiday"- Erlanger's Columbia Theatre: Oct. 27, 1930.


pg.58--"The Apple Cart"- Geary Theatre, S.F.: Dec., 1930. & "Stepping Sisters"- Alcazar Theatre, S.F.: 1930.


pg.62--"It's a Boy"- President Theatre: Dec., 1930.


pg.63--"Love in a Mist"- Curran theatre: 1931. & "The First Year"- Alcazar Theatre: Feb., 1931.


pg.64--"Up Pops the Devil"- Curran Theatre: Feb., 1931. & "Typhoon"- Erlanger's Columbia Theatre: May, 1931.


pg.65--"Three Men and A Woman"- Columbia Theatre: June, 1931. & "Elizabeth the Queen"- Curran Theatre: May, 1931.


pg.66--"The Silver Cord"- Columbia Theatre: Sept., 1931. & "Camille"- Curran Theatre: Sept., 1931. & "As Husbands Go"- Columbia Theatre: Sept., 1931.


pg.67--"On the Spot"- Curran Theatre, S.F.: Oct., 1931.


pg.68--"The Last of Mrs. Cheyney"- Alcazar Theatre: Dec., 1931.


pg.70--"The Greeks had a Word For It"- Geary theatre, S.F.: Aug., 1931. & "20th Century"- Curran Theatre: Aug., 1933.


pg.75--"Victoria Regina"- Alcazar Theatre: May, 1938. & "High Tor"- The New Little Theatre: July, 1937.


Stanford University:


pg.77--Devi Dja- Stanford Auditorium: Oct., 1940.


pg.86--Stanford University Convocation- Memorial Church: June, 1941. & Stanford University Symposium: June, 1941.


Other California Cities (chiefly Stockton):


pg.22--"The Big Parade"-Graumann's Egyptian, Hollywood: April, 1926.


pg.23--"The Electra of Sophocles"- Greek Theatre, U.C.: July, 1926; Bulletin- Direction of West Coast Theatres, Stockton: May, 1927. & "Richards: World's Greatest Magician": June, 1927.


pg.25--"Saint Joan"- Stockton HS: March, 1925.


pg.43--"Fray Juniper Serra"- Pageant grounds, Monterey: Aug., 1929.


pg.47--"Washington Bicentennial Ball and Pageant"- Stockton Civic: April, 1932.


pg.52--"She Couldn't Say No"- Stockton HS: March, 1930.


pg.55--"The Amazons"- Carmel Playhouse: May, 1930. & "The Affairs of Anatol"- Carmel Playhouse: June, 1930.


pg.65--"The Perfect Alibi"- Stockton HS: June, 1931.


East Coast:


pg.27--"The Road to Rome"- The Playhouse (NYC): Oct., 1927.


pg.73--"The Three Spinners"- The Childrens Theatre of Stoneham (MA): April, 1933. & "Over the Hills and Far Away"- The Childrens Theatre of Stoneham: March, 1933.


pg.74--"Cinderella"- the Childrens Theatre of Stoneham: May, 1933


SCRAPBOOK #2: MUSIC PROGRAMS & CLIPPINGS N.B.--Numbers in left margin correspondence to page numbers in original scrapbook as w/ Scrapbook #1. College of the Pacific programs have been moved to University Archives for easier access. Empty pages: 22-27, 38-39, 44, 55, 72-73, 76-77, 81.


College of the Pacific:


pg.1---"The Messiah"- C.O.P.: Dec., 1919. & Lambert Murphy- C.O.P.: Oct., 1919. & Allan Baron- C.O.P.: May, 1922. & Percy Grainger- C.O.P.: April, 1920.


pg.2---Marcel Dupre- C.O.P.:Nov., 1922. & "The Messiah"- C.O.P.: Dec., 1922.


pg.3---Kathleen Parlow- C.O.P.: Feb., 1922. & Review of Kathleen Parlow.


pg.4---Mima Belle Montgomery- C.O.P.: Jan., 1923. & Conservatory Orchestra- C.O.P.: Feb., 1923. & Herbert Gould- C.O.P.: Jan., 1923. & Frieda Peycke- C.O.P.: March, 1923.


pg.5---Undergraduate Recital- C.O.P.: April, 1923. & Jessie Isabel Christian- C.O.P.: May, 1923. & "An Evening of American Music"- C.O.P.: June, 1923. & "The Frog Prince"- C.O.P.: 1923.


pg.6---Allan Bacon- C.O.P.: OCt., 1923. & Helen Fletcher Riddell- C.O.P.: Oct., 1923. & Agnes Ward, Jean Madsen, and Jules F. Moullet- C.O.P.: Nov., 1923. & Nella Rogers- C.O.P.: Dec., 1923.


pg.8---Miriam Burton, Miles Dresskell, and Jessie Moore- C.O.P.: Jan., 1924. & Miles Dresskell, Joseph Halamicek, and Jan Kalas- C.O.P.: Jan., 1924.


pg.10--"The Only Girl"- C.O.P.. & Annual Orchestral recital- C.O.P.: March, 1924. & Senior Recital- C.O.P.: April, 1924.


pg.11--Annual Concert- C.O.P.: May, 1924.


pg.12--"The Messiah"- C.O.P.: Dec., 1924.


pg.15--Dedication Program, Conservatory of music- C.O.P.: March, 1925. & Second Vesper Organ Recital- C.O.P.: April, 1926.


pg.16--Second Senior recital- C.O.P.: May, 1926. & Annual Concert- C.O.P.: June, 1925. & Fifth Student Recital- C.O.P.: April, 1925.


pg.18--Third Senior Recital- C.O.P.: May, 1926. & Fourth Senior recital- C.O.P.: May, 1926.


pg.21--First Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Sept., 1926.


pg.28--First Student Recital- C.O.P.: Nov., 1926. & Fourth Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Dec., 1926.


pg.30--Fifth Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Jan., 1927.


pg.31--Monsieur Louis Vierne- C.O.P.: March, 1927.


pg.48--Third Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Oct., 1928.


pg.49--Dedicatory Organ Recital- C.O.P.: Nov., 1928.


pg.51--"Rosamunde"- C.O.P.: March, 1929. & Recital: June, 1929. & First Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Sept., 1929.


pg.52--Second Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Oct., 1929. & Third Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Oct., 1929.


pg.54--"The Messiah"- C.O.P.: Dec., 1929.


pg.57--Seventh Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Jan., 1930.


pg.58--Fourth Vesper recital- C.O.P.: April, 1930. & Spring Oratorio Concert- C.O.P.: May, 1930. & Seventh Faculty recital- C.O.P.: Jan., 1931.


pg.59--Dance Drama- Pacific Auditorium: May, 1930.


pg.62--Sixth Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Jan., 1931. & Seventh Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Jan., 1931.


pg.64--Verdi's Requiem- C.O.P.: May 1931. & First Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: June, 1931. & Annual Artist Recital- C.O.P.: Dec., 1931.


pg.66--Sixth Faculty Recital- C.O.P.: Feb., 1932.


pg.67--Hora Novissma- C.O.P.: May, 1932. & Annual Home Concert- C.O.P.: May, 1932. & "The Dance"- C.O.P.: May, 1932.


San Jose:


pg.3---Article on Mischa Elman.


pg.7---Efrem Zimbalist- San Jose Musical Association: Nov., 1923.


pg.9---"Idol Dreams"- San Jose Women's Club: 1924. & Chamber Music Society- S.J. Memorial Auditorium: Feb., 1924.


pg.10--Harold Bauer- San Jose Music Association: March, 1924.


pg.11--Mr. Reinald Werrenrath, Bariton- San Jose Musical Association: March, 1924. &"Twilight Alley"- College Park School: June, 1924.


pg.12--Louis Graveure, Bariton- San Jose Musical Association: Oct., 1924.


pg.15--Miss Mabel Garrison, Soprano- S.J. Musical Association: March, 1925.


pg.17--"Cinderella"- College Park School.


pg.63--"El Casamiento de Josefa"- S.J. Public Schools: May, 1931.


pg.69--Program of Christmas Service- Trinity Church; Dec., 1932.


pg.70--Symphony Orchestra- S.J. State College: March, 1933. & "Elijah"- S.J. State College: March, 1933.


pg.71--"The Merchant Gentleman"- The Children's Theatre: Aug., 1933.


pg.74--Jose Iturbi- S.J. State College: Jan., 1936. Nelson Eddy- S.J. State College: May, 1936.


pg.80--"Ballet Caravan"- SJ Civic Auditorium: Nov., 1938.


pg.82--"Heifetz"- S.J. Concert Series: Jan., 1939. & Marian Anderson- S.J. Concert Series: Feb., 1939. & The Pasquier Trio- SJ Civic Auditorium: March, 1939.


San Francisco:


pg.8---San Francisco Symphony Orchestra- S.J. Memorial Auditorium: Jan., 1924.


pg.59--"The Student Prince"- the Curran Theatre: June, 1930.


pg.66--San Carlo Grand Opera Company- Curran Theatre: Jan., 1932.


pg.78--Advertisement for Robert Wallace, House of Furs, SF.


pg.79--"Ballet Russe"- S.F. Symphony Orchestra: Jan., 1937.




pg.2---Article on Margaret Matzenauer.


pg.12--Louis Graveure, Baritone- High School Auditorium: Oct., 1924.


pg.13--"Blossom Time"- California theatre:Dec. & Ruth St. Denis- High School Auditorium: Dec., 1924. & "Blossom Time"- flyer.


pg.14--Alfred Cortot- High School Auditorium: Feb., 1925. & Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink- High School Auditorium: Jan., 1925. & Words to songs sung by Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink.


pg.15--Fritz Kreisler, Violinist- High School Auditorium: March, 1925.


pg.16--Mr. Reinald Werrenrath- High School Auditorium: April, 1925.


pg.17--Mme. Margaret Matzenauer- Stockton Music Club: Feb., 1926. & "No, No, Nanette"- California Theatre: Jan., 1926. & Cecilia Hansen- High School Auditorium: Feb., 1926.


pg.18--Mr. John Powell, Pianist- Stockton Musical Club: March, 1926.


pg.19--"The Student Prince"- California Theatre: May, 1926.


pg.29--Concert by, Alexander Koshetz- High school Auditorium: Dec., 1926.


pg.30--Review of Jesef Hofmann, Pianist.


pg.31--Roland Hayes- High School Auditorium: March, 1927.


pg.47--Lawrence Tibbett- Stockton Musical Club: Oct., 1928. & clippings pertaining to Lawrence Tibbett.


pg.50--Doris Niles and Her Ballet- Stockton Musical Club: Feb., 1929. & Tito Schipa- Stockton Musical Club: March, 1929. & Picture of Tito Schips & Review of Doris Niles and Her Ballet.


pg.53--John Charles Thomas- High School Auditorium: Nov., 1929. & Various pictures and reviews.


pg.56--Efrem Zimbalist, Violinist: Jan., 1930. & Zimbalist- High School Auditoium: Jan., 1930. & Review Efrem Zimbalist.


pg.57--Dance recital- High School Auditorium; Feb., 1930.


pg.58--Sigrid Oneegin, Contralto- Stockton musical Club: March, 1930.


pg.59--Recital by pupils of McAdam Yerbury- Philomathean Club House: June, 1930.


pg.60--May Muckle and Ratan \devi- Stockton Musical Club: Oct., 1930. & Stockton Symphony Orchestra- High School Auditorium: Oct., 1930.


pg.61--"An Evening of Opera"- Stockton Musical Club: Nov., 1930. & Heifetz in recital- Stockton Musical Club: Dec., 1930. & Review of Heitetz: Dec., 1930. and Picture.


pg.62--Picture of Margaret Hamilton.


pg.63--Florence Austral, Soprano- Stockton Musical Club: Feb., 1931.


pg.65--Lawernce Tibbett- Stckton Musical Club: Oct., 1931. & "Carmen"- California Theatre: Nov., 1931.


pg.68--"A Rhapsody of American Music"- Stockton High School: May, 1932.


Other California Cities:


pg.19--Nikolia Sokoloff- Hillsborough School Grounds: Aug., 1926. & Ossip Gabrilowitsch- Hillsborough School Grounds: July, 1926.


pg.20--San Francisco Symphony Orchestra- Hillsborough School Grounds: July, 1926. & Same Program as above: Aug., 1926.


pg.21--Concert Series- Stanford Univ.: Oct.-April, 1926-27. & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra- Hillsborough High School Grounds: June., 1926.


pg.75--"Montezuma"- Los Gatos


pg.80--The Roth Quartet- Stanford Univ.: Summer, 1938.


pg.83--Dolores Van Patten- Palo Alto community Theatre: March, 1939.


France & Italy:


pg.32--Richard Wagner's "Tristan et Yseult"- Grand Opera Theatre, Lyons: Dec., 1927. & Centenaire du Romantisme [lectures] "Les Fetes du Peuple"- Conferences au Grand-theatre, Lyons: Nov.-Dec. 1927. & Handwritten program of concert at Conservatoire [Lyons?], Nov. 1927.


pg.33--Academie National De Musique Et De Danse, Lyons: 1927. & Quatuor Criniere "Les Fetes du Peuple"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: Nov., 1927. & "Le Grand Destructeur" & "Tom, Champion du Stade"- Cinema Splendor, Lyons: Nov., 1927.


pg.34--Gustave Charpentier's "Louise"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: Jan., 1928.


pg.35--Richard Wagner's "Lohengrin"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: Jan., 1928. & pictures of various actors and actresses.


pg.36--Christophe W. Gluck's "Iphigenie en Tauride"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: Jan., 1928. & Arthur de Greef, piano- Salle Rameau, Lyons: Jan., 1928.


pg.37--Concert Spirituel- Chapelle Evangelique, Lyons: Feb., 1928. & Faure's "Shylock" & Debussy's "Pelleas"- Grands Concerts de Lyons: Feb., 1928.


pg.40--Written notes for Alexandre Mosjoukine, baritone "Les Heures"- Salle du Conservatoire, Lyons?, Mar. 1928. & Picture of M. Mestrallet.


pg.41--Richard Wagner's "Le Crepuscule des Dieux"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: Feb., 1928. & Pictures of performers.


pg.42--Cristophe W. Gluck's "Orphee"-Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: March 17, 1928 & Pictures of performers.


pg.43--Camille Saint-Saens' "Samson et Dalila"- Grand Opera Theatre de Lyons: March 29, 1928 & Pictures of performers.


pg.45--Gabriel Faure's "Promethee"- Grande Opera Theatre De Lyon: June, 1928.


pg.46--Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" & Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci" "Spettacoli D'Opera"-Piazza San Marco, Venezia: July, 1928.


pg.47--Do. "Exceptionnel Spectacle Lyrique"- Venise: 1928.