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San Joaquin Delta Land Reclamation Photographs, ca. 1904-1907
BANC PIC 1993.019--PIC  
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Series 1: Waterway, Canal and Boat Scenes.


"A Trip to Holland." [Article on Stockton and San Joaquin Valley land reclamation. Photographic reproduction from unidentified magazine.] BANC PIC 1993.019:01--PIC


"A Trip to Holland." [Article on Stockton and San Joaquin Valley land reclamation. Photographic reproduction from unidentified magazine.] BANC PIC 1993.019:02--PIC


[Unidentified waterway.] BANC PIC 1993.019:03--PIC


[Men with boats. Unidentified canal.] BANC PIC 1993.019:04--PIC


[Unidentified canal.] BANC PIC 1993.019:05--PIC


[Unidentified waterway.] BANC PIC 1993.019:06--PIC


[Unidentified marshland and waterway.] BANC PIC 1993.019:07--PIC


[Irrigation scene.] BANC PIC 1993.019:08--PIC


[Unidentified marshland and waterway.] BANC PIC 1993.019:09--PIC


Lotus. [Men on boat.] BANC PIC 1993.019:10--PIC


[Unidentified steam boat.] BANC PIC 1993.019:11--PIC


Series 2: Dredging Operations.


[Pump station. Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:12--PIC


[Scene at pump station? Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:13--PIC


Logan Foto. [Pump station. Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:14--PIC


[Pump station. Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:15--PIC


[Unidentified people at pump station. Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:16--PIC


[Dredges in dock.] BANC PIC 1993.019:17--PIC


[Dredges.] BANC PIC 1993.019:18--PIC


1393. [Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:19--PIC


[Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:20--PIC


[Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:21--PIC


[Dredges.] BANC PIC 1993.019:22--PIC


[Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:23--PIC


[Dredge. Middle River Navigation and Canal Co.] BANC PIC 1993.019:24--PIC


[Dredge. Middle River Navigation and Canal Co.] BANC PIC 1993.019:25--PIC


[Unidentified men on scoop of dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:26--PIC


[Unidentified men beside scoop of dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:27--PIC


[Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:28--PIC


[Dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:29--PIC


[Pump facility.] BANC PIC 1993.019:30--PIC


[Pump facility.] BANC PIC 1993.019:31--PIC


[Pump facility and dredge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:32--PIC


[Pump facility.] BANC PIC 1993.019:33--PIC


Series 3: Barge, Railway and Depot Scenes.


Logan Foto. 786. [Barges along bank. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:34--PIC


[Field machinery on barge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:35--PIC


[Field machinery on barge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:36--PIC


[Sections of pipe on barge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:37--PIC


[Railway tracks approaching Middle River depot.] BANC PIC 1993.019:38--PIC


[Railway depot. Middle River.] BANC PIC 1993.019:39--PIC


[Railway tracks approaching Middle River depot.] BANC PIC 1993.019:40--PIC


[Buildings at Middle River railway depot.] BANC PIC 1993.019:41--PIC


[Buildings at Middle River railway depot.] BANC PIC 1993.019:42--PIC


[Buildings at Middle River railway depot.] BANC PIC 1993.019:43--PIC


Series 4: Miscellaneous Buildings.


[Buildings along waterway. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:44--PIC


[Homes along waterway. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:45--PIC


[Unidentified residence. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:46--PIC


[Homes along waterway. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:47--PIC


[Unidentified residence and windmill. Middle River?] BANC PIC 1993.019:48--PIC


[Unidentified building.] BANC PIC 1993.019:49--PIC


[A-frame house with grass roof.] BANC PIC 1993.019:50--PIC


Logan Foto. 780. [Men and boy sitting on sandbags.] BANC PIC 1993.019:51--PIC


Series 5: Field Scenes.


[Unidentified men with horses, at O.M. Woodworth Horse Shoeing & General Blacksmithing.] BANC PIC 1993.019:52--PIC


[Horse teams hauling produce.] BANC PIC 1993.019:53--PIC


[Unidentified men with horse and plow.] BANC PIC 1993.019:54--PIC


[Group portrait of field laborers.] BANC PIC 1993.019:55--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:56--PIC


[Field machinery. Middle River Farming Co. Duplicate of 58.] BANC PIC 1993.019:57--PIC


[Field machinery. Middle River Farming Co. Duplicate of 57.] BANC PIC 1993.019:58--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:59--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:60--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:61--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:62--PIC


[Field machinery along waterway. Duplicate of 64.] BANC PIC 1993.019:63--PIC


[Field machinery along waterway. Duplicate of 63.] BANC PIC 1993.019:64--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:65--PIC


[Unloading field machinery from barge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:66--PIC


[Unloading field machinery from barge.] BANC PIC 1993.019:67--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:68--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:69--PIC


854. [Field machinery. Middle River Farming Co.] BANC PIC 1993.019:70--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:71--PIC


[Field machinery in operation.] BANC PIC 1993.019:72--PIC


[Laborers with field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:73--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:74--PIC


[Horse team and machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:75--PIC


[Plowing machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:76--PIC


[Harvester?] BANC PIC 1993.019:77--PIC


[Field machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:78--PIC


[Irrigation ditch and water regulator.] BANC PIC 1993.019:79--PIC


[Irrigation ditch and water regulator.] BANC PIC 1993.019:80--PIC


Charles A. Bishop ca. 1904-07. BANC PIC 1993.019:81--PIC


[Charles A. Bishop.] BANC PIC 1993.019:82--PIC


[Clods in field.] BANC PIC 1993.019:83--PIC


[Clods in field.] BANC PIC 1993.019:84--PIC


[Plowing machinery.] BANC PIC 1993.019:85--PIC


[Farm laborers with horse and wagon.] BANC PIC 1993.019:86--PIC


[Field scene with farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1993.019:87--PIC


[Field scene with farm laborers and produce.] BANC PIC 1993.019:88--PIC


[Field scene with farm laborers and produce.] BANC PIC 1993.019:89--PIC


[Field scene with produce sacks.] BANC PIC 1993.019:90--PIC


[Field scene with mud bricks?] BANC PIC 1993.019:91--PIC


[Bushels with measuring stick.] BANC PIC 1993.019:92--PIC


[Asparagus head.] BANC PIC 1993.019:93--PIC


[Asparagus head.] BANC PIC 1993.019:94--PIC


[Field scene with crops.] BANC PIC 1993.019:95--PIC


[Field scene with crops.] BANC PIC 1993.019:96--PIC


[Field scene.] BANC PIC 1993.019:97--PIC