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Finding Aid to Photographs of Agricultural Laborers in California circa 1906-1911
BANC PIC 1905.02634-.02731--PIC  
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"Blanket Stiff". [Man carrying bedroll on his back.] BANC PIC 1905.02634--PIC


"Blanket Stiffs". [Two men carrying bedrolls on their backs.] BANC PIC 1905.02635--PIC


Interior of bunk house. BANC PIC 1905.02636--PIC


[Housing for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02637--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap ranch laborer's shack. "

[Japanese laborers tilling a beet field near Woodland, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02638--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap beet workers near Woodland."

"Blanket Stiff". [Men carrying bedrolls and belongings in front of unidentified building.] BANC PIC 1905.02639--PIC


Japanese, San Jose. [Children in street.] BANC PIC 1905.02640--PIC


[Japanese laborers and white foremen(?) in a field.] BANC PIC 1905.02641--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap laborers and white foremen."

[Japanese laborers cultivating a beet field.] BANC PIC 1905.02642--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap beet workers."

[Housing for Japanese laborers on a ranch.] BANC PIC 1905.02643--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap laborer's house on ranch."

[Interior view of a bunkhouse for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02644--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Interior Jap bunk house."

[Housing for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02645--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farm laborer's shack."

[Unidentified farm building. Bunk house?.] BANC PIC 1905.02646--PIC


[Makeshift shelter for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02647--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farm labor bed."

[Makeshift shelter for laborers on a ranch.] Visalia 1908. BANC PIC 1905.02648--PIC


[Makeshift shelters for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02649--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap beds farm laborers."

[Beds for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02650--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap beds, farm laborers."

[Makeshift shelter for Japanese farm laborers.] BANC PIC 1905.02651--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap bed."

Bunk house. [Jarfey?], Fresno. BANC PIC 1905.02652--PIC


Club house. [Jarfey?], Fresno. BANC PIC 1905.02653--PIC


Jarfey[?] ranch bath house, [Fresno. Shower stalls.] BANC PIC 1905.02654--PIC


[Japanese Information Bureau: Frank H. Aikawa, Ben K. Kaneko. Unidentified location.] BANC PIC 1905.02655--PIC


[Street and sidewalk, unidentified location. Businesses include B.A. Soberanes, Real Estate Agent and Togo the Machine Shoemaker.] BANC PIC 1905.02656--PIC


Bunk house, Palm Tract, Island ...[illegible], near Stockton. BANC PIC 1905.02657--PIC


Island ranch house, Palm Tract, near Stockton. BANC PIC 1905.02658--PIC


George Shima's launch. BANC PIC 1905.02659--PIC


San Joaquin River Island Ranch. 1909. BANC PIC 1905.02660--PIC


[Japanese laborers with horses, on George Shima's ranch near Stockton, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02661--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap laborers on Shima's ranch near Stockton."

George Shima's ranch house near Stockton. BANC PIC 1905.02662--PIC


[Japanese mother and son working in a field.] BANC PIC 1905.02663--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farm laborers. Wife and son."

[Japanese laborers riding in horse-drawn wagon, Ryde, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02664--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Ryde. Jap farm hands."

[Bedrolls and belongings of Japanese laborers stacked outside unidentified building in Ryde, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02665--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap packs. Ryde, Cal. Sac[ramento] River."

[Hay stack with farm laborers (including Japanese?).] BANC PIC 1905.02666--PIC


[Alley in Japanese commercial district, Fresno, California, 1910.] BANC PIC 1905.02667--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap alley. Fresno, Cal. 1910."

[Unidentified farm building, possibly in the Sacramento or Stockton area.] BANC PIC 1905.02668--PIC


[Japanese laborers cultivating a field.] BANC PIC 1905.02669--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap laborers."

[Housing for Japanese farm laborers near Sacramento, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02670--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farm house, near Sacramento."

[Housing for Japanese farm laborers near Sacramento, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02671--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farm house, near Sacramento, Cal."

[Children in alley in Japanese commercial district, Fresno, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02672--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap alley. Fresno, Cal. Italian and Mexicans, boot black boys."

[J. Nishita Co. building in the Japanese commercial district, Fresno, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02673--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap town. Fresno, Cal. 1910."

[Japanese commercial district, Sacramento, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02674--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Sacramento Jap town."

Sacramento. [Alley or side street, with Chinese sign visible.] BANC PIC 1905.02675--PIC


Sacramento. [Bon Ton Meat Market. Commercial street scene in Japanese or Chinese district.] BANC PIC 1905.02676--PIC


[Japanese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02677--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap town, Sacramento."

[Japanese laborers working a potato field. Islands in the Sacramento River Delta?] BANC PIC 1905.02678--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap potato diggers. Sacramento Islands."

[Japanese laborers stacking hay.] BANC PIC 1905.02679--PIC

Additional Note

Original captions: "Jap laborers."

[Alley of Japanese shops within a Chinese commercial district?, Fresno, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02680--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap alley, Chinatown. Fresno, Cal."

[Kamikawa's Hotel and Kamikawa Bros. Co. General Store, Fresno, California. Duplicate of :02682.] BANC PIC 1905.02681--PIC


[Kamikawa's Hotel and Kamikawa Bros. Co. General Store, Japanese commercial district, Fresno, California. Duplicate of :02681.] BANC PIC 1905.02682--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap town, Fresno, Cal. Jap bank and P.O. in this building."

[Japanese commercial district, San Francisco, California, with signs for Yabuno Bros. and K.F. Jan & Co.] BANC PIC 1905.02682A--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "San Francisco Jap town."

Chinatown, Gilroy. 1911. [Chinese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02683--PIC


Chinese store, Gilroy. BANC PIC 1905.02685--PIC


Part Chinatown, Fresno, California. BANC PIC 1905.02686--PIC


[Chinatown. Fresno, California. Duplicate of :02688.] BANC PIC 1905.02687--PIC


Part Chinatown, Fresno, Cal. [Duplicate of :02687.] BANC PIC 1905.02688--PIC


Chinese, San Jose. [Children on a sidewalk in Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1905.02689-PIC


Chinatown. Merced, Cal. BANC PIC 1905.02690--PIC


Main Street, Chinatown. Fresno. [Duplicate of :02714.] BANC PIC 1905.02691--PIC


Chinese Children, San Francisco. J293. [Post card.] BANC PIC 1905.02692--PIC


Chinese Market, San Francisco. J57. [Post card.] BANC PIC 1905.02693--PIC


Chinese. San Francisco. BANC PIC 1905.02694--PIC


Palo Alto. Chinese laborer. BANC PIC 1905.02694A--PIC


Palo Alto. Chinese laborer. [Carrying baskets balanced on pole.] BANC PIC 1905.02694B--PIC


Chinese, San Francisco. [People gathered on street corner.] BANC PIC 1905.02695--PIC


Chinese. San Francisco. [Chinese boys and men on sidewalk, Chinatown.] BANC PIC 1905.02696--PIC


[Ranch house of a Japanese farmer, near Sacramento River, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02697--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap farmer. Sacramento River."

Chinatown. Fresno, Cal. [Children sitting on front stoop.] BANC PIC 1905.02698--PIC


Chinatown, Sacramento. [Makeshift dwellings.] BANC PIC 1905.02699--PIC


Chinatown, Los Angeles. 1911. [Child in front of unidentified building.] BANC PIC 1905.02700--PIC


China alley. Fresno, Cal. 1910. [Alley in Chinese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02701--PIC


Part Chinatown. Fresno, Cal. 1910. [Chinese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02702--PIC


Merced Chinatown, Cal. BANC PIC 1905.02703--PIC


Chinatown. Fresno, Cal. 1910. BANC PIC 1905.02704--PIC


Sacramento Chinatown. [People resting on sidewalk in Chinese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02705--PIC


Chinatown, Los Angeles. 1911. BANC PIC 1905.02706--PIC


Chinatown, Los Angeles, 1911. [View down street.] BANC PIC 1905.02707--PIC


[Chinese commercial district?, Fresno, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02708--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Jap town, Fresno." (Signs with Chinese names.)

Chinatown, Los Angeles. 1911. BANC PIC 1905.02709--PIC


Chinatown, Los Angeles. 1911. [Men in front of unidentified building.] BANC PIC 1905.02710--PIC


[Same?] China alley. Fresno, Cal. 1910. [People in front of building in Chinese commercial district.] BANC PIC 1905.02711--PIC


Main Street (part of) Chinatown. Fresno, Cal. Showing Mexican employment office. BANC PIC 1905.02712--PIC


Part of Chinatown. Merced, Cal. BANC PIC 1905.02713--PIC


[Main Street, Chinatown. Fresno, California. Duplicate of :02691.] BANC PIC 1905.02714--PIC


[Japanese and Chinese commercial districts, Fresno, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02715--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Partly Jap and China town. Fresno, Cal."

[Makeshift shelter for Indian or other South Asian farm laborer.] BANC PIC 1905.02716--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Hindu bed."

San Francisco. 1910. [Men sitting on wooden sidewalk, one Indian or South Asian man in turban.] BANC PIC 1905.02717--PIC


[Group of men, including Indians[?] or South Asians with turbans, outside building. San Francisco, 1910. Cf. :02717.] BANC PIC 1905.02718--PIC


[South Asian farm laborers tending field], San Joaquin Valley Island, 1909 BANC PIC 1905.02719--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "San Joaquin Valley Island. 1909. Hindu laborers."

[South Asian farm laborers tending field.] BANC PIC 1905.02720--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: H"indu laborers."

San Joaquin Valley Island. 1910. Italians. [Italian farm laborers in front of unidentified building.] BANC PIC 1905.02721--PIC


Italian district. San Francisco. BANC PIC 1905.02722--PIC


W.C. Owen. San Francisco. Anarchist in '80s. Taken about 1906-7. Highly educated -- fine, friendly personality, but an advocate of anarchy. BANC PIC 1905.02723--PIC


George Shima [(the potato king)?] -- plowing -- on ...[illegible]... lands near Stockton. BANC PIC 1905.02724--PIC


[Japanese laborers and ranch owners H.A. Miller and George Shima near Stockton, California.] BANC PIC 1905.02725--PIC

Additional Note

Original caption: "Dr. H.A. Miller & Shima and Jap laborers near Stockton."

Dr. H.A. Miller and [George] Shima on Shima's ranch near Stockton. BANC PIC 1905.02726--PIC


Mexicans -- Plaza -- Los Angeles. 1911. BANC PIC 1905.02727--PIC


Mexicans -- Plaza -- Los Angeles. [People gathered at unidentified plaza in Los Angeles. 1911? Cf. :02727 and :02729.] BANC PIC 1905.02728--PIC


Shoe Blacks. Mexicans -- Plaza. Los Angeles. 1911. [Shoeshine boys waiting to shine shoes in unidentified plaza.] BANC PIC 1905.02729--PIC


Visalia. [Mex?] fruit. [Laborer picking fruit.] BANC PIC 1905.02730--PIC


Sailors' Union of the Pacific Headquarters. 1911. On Embarcadero, between Market and Mission. BANC PIC 1905.02730A--PIC


Ranch house. Stanford farm, Calif. BANC PIC 1905.02731--PIC