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Finding Aid to the Samuel G. Vázquez Papers, 1910-1947
BANC MSS 72/219 m  
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Calendar of Documents

Box 1, folder 1

Mexico. Presidente: Invitation to a ball addressed to Samuel G. Vázquez. Two dance cards for the ball, Sept. 23, 1910, also included.

folder 2

Ribbon for the Club Antirreeleccionista Francisco I. Madero.

folder 3

Madero, Francisco Ignacio, 1873-1913: Communication to Pascual Orozco, May 8, 1911, re military orders.

folder 4

Orozco, Pascual, 1882-1915: Order concerning Pueblita, [May 1911]

folder 5

Orozco, Pascual, 1882-1915: Order to give S. G. Vázquez weapons, May 12, 1911

folder 6

Orozco, Pascual, 1882-1915: Note stating that the bearer is permitted to go on the train, [May 1911?]

folder 7

Sánchez Azcona, Juan, 1876-1938: Permit for Vázquez, May 20, 1911

folder 8

Pages from autograph book, May 18-23, 1911, containing signatures of Francisco Villa, Francisco I. Madero, R. Estrada, Manuel Bonilla, José C. Blanco, Juan Sánchez Azcona, Manuel Urquidi, J. G. González, V. Carranza, Raúl Madero, P. Orozco, José Garibaldi, Abraham González, Edward F. Hay and Federico González Garza. Photocopy only.

folder 9

Pass for Vázquez for the train from Piedras Negras, May 31, 1911.

folder 10

Sánchez Azcona, Juan, 1876-1938: Statement re Madero, [May 1911?]

folder 11

Hay, Edward F., 1872-1941: Order of the day, aboard the special Madero train, June 2, 1911. Also signed by José Garibaldi.

folder 12

Viesca, Mexico. Comité Ejecutivo Electoral: Printed invitation to a meeting, Sept. 1911

folder 13

Agreement settling a question of honor between S. G. Vázquez and José Alessio Robles, Nov. 3, 1911, signed by Ildefonso V. Vázquez, Juan Zuazua Zertuche, Francisco Fernández del Castello, José Galevés and Manuel Argüelles.

folder 14

Gómez, Miguel: Letter, Mar. 23, 1912, from Mexico to Vázquez, at that time in New York, advising him not to return to Mexico, and giving him the latest news.

folder 15

Garza, José Angel: Telegram from Allende, 1913?, stating he has given funds to the municipal president and to deputy Barrera.

folder 16

[Mexico. Director General de Aduanas]: Telegram, Feb. 24, 1913, requesting information on the location of federal troops.

folder 17

Montaño, Juan: Telegram, Feb. 24, 1913, stating that Col. Garza has been ordered to leave for Monterrey.

folder 18

Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Cámara de Comercio: Request to General Gerónimo Treviño, Feb. 24, 1913, expressing concern for the inhabitants of the city since there are no troops to protect them.

folder 19

Account of an episode of March 7, 1913, entitled "Mi pantalón por un caballo".

folder 20

Carranza, Venustiano, 1859-1920: Letter, Mar. 9, 1913, to his brother, Jesús Carranza Garza, re S. G. Vázquez.

folder 21

Parte detallado del combate... librado... en la Hacienda de San Felipe. Description of battle of Apr. 21, 1913 in the vicinity of the Hacienda de San Felipe. Revised typescript, Apr. 23, 1913.

folder 22

Salinas, Emilio, d. 1927: Order to S. G. Vázquez, May 3, 1913, requesting soldiers not to take horses needed to round up and ship the cattle of a Mr. Keller.

folder 23

Salinas, Emilio, d. 1927: Order of the day for Monclova, May 31, 1913.

folder 24

Payroll for "Escuadrón Vázquez" for week of June 6-10, 1913.

folder 25

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: 2 passes for Vázquez, July 13 and 18, 1913 from the Hacienda de Hermanas.

folder 26

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: Letter to Samuel G. Vázquez, July 18, 1913, granting him permission to leave the camp at the Hacienda de Hermanas.

folder 27

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: Military service record for S. G. Vázquez, July? 1913.

folder 28

González Salinas, J.: Receipt to S. G. Vázquez from Matamoros, Nov. 6, 1913.

folder 29

Peña Martínez, J.: Report, Nov. 16, 1913, to S. G. Vázquez that all was quiet in Matamoros the previous day and night.

folder 30

Minutes of a meeting at the home of Jesús Dávila Sánchez and Ernesto Santoscoy, Nov. 20, 1913, in Matamoros. Typescript.

folder 31

Orders of the day for Matamoros from Oct. 31 to Nov. 24, 1913.

Physical Description: 16 items.
folder 32

Urquidi, Manuel: Telegram, Jan. 6, 1914, stating that José Vázquez has arrived safely in Tampico.

folder 33

Vázquez, Samuel G., 1886- : Letter to Mr. Dodd, 1914?, concerning payments to be made to various individuals.

folder 34

Vázquez, Samuel G., 1886- : Receipt for horses purchased in Valverde Co., Texas, Feb. 12, 1914, certified by José Martínez Garza, with endorsement by Pablo González, Mar. 5, 1914

folder 35

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: Letter to Vázquez, Mar. 6, 1914, acknowledging receipt of Vázquez' report, and giving instructions for future activity.

folder 36

González Sánchez: Communication to S. G. Vázquez, July 10, 1914, re latest news from Monterrey.

folder 37

Orders of the day for Monterrey, July 10 to August 8, 1914.

Physical Description: 5 items.
folder 38

Vázquez, Ildefonso V., 1890-1915: Order to S. G. Vázquez to join the forces of Pablo González immediately. Aug. 15, 1914.

folder 39

Order directed to S. G. Vázquez to attend a meeting relating to revolutionary business, Sept. 23, 1914.

folder 40

Treviño, Jacinto B., 1883- : Receipt, June 12, 1915, for money received from D. L. Bretzfelden.

folder 41

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: Letter to S. G. Vázquez, June 22, 1915, stating that he will call upon Vázquez' services when he arrives in Mexico, but in the meanwhile Vázquez should continue in his present occupation.

folder 42

González, Pablo, 1879-1950: Telegram to S. G. Vázquez, June 29, 1915.

folder 43

Pesqueira, Ignacio L., 1867-1940: Letter to S. G. Vázquez, Aug. 21, 1915, concerning Vázquez' trial.

folder 44

Monges, Elías: Certificate for S. G. Vázquez, Aug. 31, 1915, clearing Vázquez and stating he is free from prison.

folder 45

Monges, Elías: Pass for S. G. Vázquez, Aug. 31, 1915.

folder 46

Treviño, Jacinto B., 1883- : Letter, Sept. 1, 1915, stating he is pleased to hear that Vázquez has been cleared.

folder 47

Zirión y Saravía, Antonio: Letter, Apr. 10, 1916, from Veracruz, sending a memorandum and justifying his conduct.

folder 48

Gutiérrez, E : Letter, Oct. 9, 1917, stating services rendered him by Vázquez.

folder 49

Heard, L. E.: Letter to Francisco González, June 17, 1919, from El Paso, Texas, congratulating González on his defense of Juárez. Written as vice president of the Compañía del Ferrocarril Nor-Oeste de México. Typed copy.

folder 50

Mexico. Presidente: Appointment of Vázquez as Visitador General, Nov. 16, 1930, signed by Manuel Pérez Treviño. Photocopy only.

folder 51

Mexico. Secretaría de Guerra y Marina: Order for train ticket, June 6, 1936. Printed form, filled in, signed by Leopoldo Treviño.

folder 52

Vázquez, Samuel G., 1886- : Value of Mexican National Labor to the Agricultural Industry. Printed, published in Crystal-ized Facts, Sept. 1947.

folder 53

Vázquez, Samuel G., 1886- : Veinte Años Después. Fragment only. Typescript.

folder 54


folder 55

Photographs. [Transferred to the Portrait Files 9/80]

folder 56

Clippings - Pictorial

folder 57

Clippings by or concerning Lucio Blanco, Francisco I. Madero, Manuel G. Pueblita, Manuel N. Robles, Samuel G. Vázquez, etc.