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Descriptive Summary

Title: Marvin Liebman papers
Date (inclusive): 1953-1992
Collection number: 69013
Creator: Liebman, Marvin
Collection Size: 151 manuscript boxes, 4 oversize boxes, 1 album box, 7 envelopes, 5 phonotape reels. (65.4 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, printed matter, press releases, campaign literature, reports, and photographs, relating to activities of American conservative and anti-communist organizations, including many involved with Asian and African affairs. Includes records of the firm Marvin Liebman Associates.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Committee of One Million.
Anti-communist movements--United States.
United States--Politics and government.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Foreign relations--1945-1989.
United States--Politics and government--1945-1989.
Marvin Liebman Associates.

Historical Note

Marvin Liebman Associates, Inc., founded in 1958 by Marvin Liebman, was a New York Public relations firm engaged in lobbying for conservative and/or anti-communist organizations in the United States and abroad. Its services for clients included promoting public meetings, organizing sponsoring committees of distinguished citizens, compiling mailing lists, administering mail campaigns, publishing press releases, and effecting publicity. Its offices also served as headquarters for some organizations. The firm discontinued operations in 1969.
Clients of particular importance were the American African Affairs Association, American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, American Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters, American Conservative Union, American Emergency Committee on the Panama Canal, Assembly of Captive European Nations, William F. Buckley, Jr. for Mayor, Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, Committee of one million, Draft Goldwater Movement, National Committee Against the Treaty of Moscow, National Committee for Justice for Dodd, Tshombe Emergency Committee, World Congress for Freedom, and Young Americans for Freedom.

Series Description

Boxes 1-37


Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent
Boxes 38-108

SUBJECT FILE, 1953-1969

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, minutes of meetings, notes, endorsements, cards, press releases, campaign material, financial records, printed and other matter, arranged alphabetically by title or subject
Boxes 109-153


Scope and Content Note

(received in 1981 and 1993)

Container List


Correspondence, 1953-1969

Box 1-4

American African Affairs Association, 1965-1968

Box 5-6

American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Inc., 1962-1968

Box 7

American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Inc., 1962-1968


American Conservative Academy, 1962


American Conservative Union, 1962-1967


American Constitutional Action, 1965


American Economic Foundation, 1964-1968

Box 8

American Emergency Committee on the Panama Canal, 1967-1968


American Friends of Vietnam, 1967


American Jewish League Against Communism, Inc., 1961-1963

Box 9

American Jewish League Against Communism, Inc., 1961-1963


American-Philippine Science Foundation, 1958-1959


American Public Affairs Educational Fund, Inc., 1965


Ash, Beatrice, 1963-1964


Asian Peoples anti-Communist League, 1959, 1965-1966


Assembly of Captive European Nations, 1960-1962


Blaine Amendment, 1967


Buckley, William F., Jr., 1964

Box 9

Buckley, William F., Jr., 1964


Bundy, Edgar C., 1964-1969


Christian anti-Communist Crusade, 1962-1963


Clergymen's Emergency Committee on China, 1966-1968

Box 155

Committee for Freedom for all Peoples, 1960


Committee for Religious Liberty, 1963


Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, 1962-1964

Box 10

Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, 1962-1964

Box 11

Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, 1962-1964


Committee of one million


Alsop, Joseph H., 1963


Ashbrook, John M., 1966


Asian People anti-Communist League, 1959, 1965-1966


Assembly of Captive European Nations, 1960-1962


Austin, Warren R., 1962

Box 12

Bouscaren, Anthony, 1966


Buchanon, John Jr., 1967


Businessmen's Committee on Trade with Red China, 1966-1968

Box 13

Businessmen's Committee on Trade with Red China, 1966-1968

Box 14

Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, 1962-1963

Box 15

Clark, Harrison, 1965


Committee for End Aid to the Soviet Enemy (CEASE), 1966-1968


Committee of one million 1964 Olympics Game


Committee of one million, miscellany, 1959-1968

Box 16-19

Committee of one million, miscellany, 1959-1968

Box 20

Committee of one million Miscellany


Cronin, Walter F., 1961


Davis, Clifford, 1962


Day, Henry L., 1961


Deininger, James V., 1962


Deininger, W. T., 1962


Democratic National Convention Platforms Committee


Dens, A. J., 1962


Dillman, H. A., 1962


Dobriansky, Lev E., 1961


Dodd, Thomas J., 1964-1968


Dominick, Peter H., 1964-1968


Dorn, William Jennings Bryan, 1961


Dos Passos, John, 1964

Box 21

Douglas, Paul, 1960-1966


Douglas, William O., 1961


Doyle, Clyde, 1961


Drew, Austin R., 1962


Dubil, W. J., 1962


Dull, Margaret, 1962


Eastland, James O., 1961


Edison, Charles, 1960-1962


Edwards, Lee, 1966-1968


Ellsworth, Robert E., 1961


Emmet, Christopher, 1963


Erasik, Louis, 1961


Evans, W. H., Jr., 1961


Field, R. Harrison, 1962


Fisher, John M., 1962


Fitzsimmons, Vernon, 1961


Foley, Anne D., (Mrs.), 1961


Forrestal, Laurence, 1961


Fournier, Laurence J., 1961


Fox, Charles, 1961


Frick, Helen C., 1961


Fritz, Edward C., 1961


Fulcher, Thomas, K., 1961


Garside, B. A., Dr., 1961-1967


Gibbon, C. F., undated


The Indianapolis News, undated


Javits, Jacob K., 1965-1966

Box 22

Judd, Walter H., 1966-1967


Keating, Kenneth B., 1961


King, Harold, 1960


Labin, Suzanne, undated


League of Women Voters, 1966-1967

Box 23

Liberalism Towards Red China, 1966


Liebman, Marvin, 1953-1969


Lin, Fu-shun, 1966


Lindsay, Albert J., 1960


MacCallum, E. J., Jr., 1961


Mandel, Ben, undated


New York Herald Tribune, 1961-1962


New York Times, 1963-1968


Red China lobby, 1960-1961

Box 24

Rickenbacker, Eddie, 1960


Roper Research Associates and Gallup Organization, Inc. 1967


Shu-Kai, Chow, 1967


Smith, Alexander, 1961-1967


Sockman, Ralph W., 1958


Steering Committee, 1961-1968


Student Committee for a Free China, 1963-1968


Tung, Shin-Tsin, 1964


United States Departments of State and Treasury, 1960


Van Malsen, Bent, 1960


Weil, Carl E., 1960


Zabloske, Clement J., 1966

Box 25

Committee on Pan American Policy, 1965


Communications Distribution, 1961-1965

Box 26

Communications Distribution, 1961-1965

Box 27

Communications Distribution, 1961-1965


Council for an American Foreign Policy, 1963-1964


Council on Communist Anti-Semitic Policy and Practices, 1967-1968

Box 28

Eaton, Cyrus, 1960


Edison, Charles, 1962-1963


Edwards, Lee and Associates, 1968


El A(o Espa(ol, 1964


Emergency Committee for Chinese, 1962-1963

Box 29

Fitch, Geraldine, 1958-1961


Free Asia Association, 1961


Friends of Rhodesian Independence, 1966-1967


Goldwater, Barry, 1964


Group Research, Inc., 1967


Historical Research Foundation, 1962


International Research on Communist Techniques, Inc., 1958


Kohlberg, Alfred, 1959-1962

Box 30

Kohlberg, Alfred, 1959-1962


Kultura Group (anti-Communist exiles), 1968


Lasky, (Victor) Project, 1963



Box 31



National Committee Against the Treaty of Moscow, 1963

Box 32

National Committee Against the Treaty of Moscow, 1963

Box 33

National Committee for Justice for Dodd, 1967


National Committee for the Reelection of Walter H. Judd, 1960-1963


National Schools Committee for Economic Education, 1967


Next of Kin Statement (Viet Nam), 1964


New York Republican Education and Action Program, 1964-1965

Box 34

People's Emergency Committee Against Communist Aggression, 1965


Portugal's Public Relations in the U.S., 1964-1965

Box 35

Tshombe (Moise) Emergency Committee, 1967-1968


United States Press Association, 1962-1964


Vigurie, Richard A., 1968


World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1966-1967

Box 36

World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1966-1967

Box 37

World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1966-1967


Young Americans for Freedom, 1964-1968


Subject File, 1953-1969

Box 38-42

American African Affairs, 1965-1968

Box 43

American African Affairs, 1965-1968


American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Inc., 1962-1968

Box 44-50

American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Inc., 1962-1968

Box 51-55

American-Asian Educational Exchange, 1960-1969

Box 56

American-Asian Educational Exchange, 1960-1969


American Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters, 1961-1963

Box 57

American Committee for Aid to Katanga Freedom Fighters, 1961-1963


American Conservative Union, 1962-1966

Box 58

American Conservative Union, 1962-1966

Box 59

American Conservative Union, 1962-1966


Americans for Conservative Action, 1961


American Council for Responsible Free Trade Policies, 1962


American Emergency Committee for Tibetan Refugees, 1964-1967

Box 60-61

American Emergency Committee on the Panama Canal, 1967-1968

Box 62

American Jewish Association, 1968


American Security Council, 1963-1968


Association for Asian Studies, 1968


Blaine Amendment, 1967


Buckley, William F., Jr., 1965-1968

Box 63

Buckley, William F., Jr., 1965-1968

Box 64

Buckley, William F., Jr., 1965-1968


Clergymen's Emergency Committee on China, 1966-1968

Box 65-66

Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, 1962-1964

Box 67

Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, 1962-1964


Committee of One Million


Advertisement for Committee, 1966


Appeasement--Ally of Red China, 1966


"Appeasement to Red China," a script of C.O.M. film, 1965 Audit, 1966

Box 68

Businessmen's Committee on Trade with Red China, 1966-1968


Candidate's Kit, 1966-1968

Box 69-76

Chronological listing, April 6, 1960 - April 11, 1961

Box 77

Citizen Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam, 1967


Clergyman's poll, 1958


Committee of One Million and Committee on Foreign Relations, 1963


Committee of One Million against the Admission of Communist China to the United Nations, history, 1965


Committee for Freedom for All Peoples, 1960


Committee for a Review of our China Policy, 1963


Congressional acceptances, 1964


Congressional declaration, 1962


Congressional endorsers, 1964-1968


Congressional endorsements to Committee for Million's 1963 Statement, 1964-1968


Congressional signers removed from Committee of One Million's list, 1966


Conventions, 1964-1968

Box 78

Council against Communist Aggression 1966-1968


Dominick, Peter H., "Red China and the United Nations," 1961-1966, an unpublished typewritten article.


Election, mailing, 1964


Endorsers opposed to trade with Red China, undated

Box 79

Endorsers to 1955 acceptance cards


Endorsers, 1962


Folksongs for Conservatives, 1963A published article by Noel Parmentel, Jr.

Box 80

Fund-raising letter, 1965


Free Pacific Association, 1965-1966


Friends for a Free China, 1960-1963


Gibbon, C. F., "When the Kissing had Stopped," undatedAn unpublished typewritten article


Grew, Joseph, 1965


Hornbeck, Stanley K., 1964


Judd, Walter, "Keep Red China Out," 1967An unpublished article


Kubek, A., China material, 1963


Liebman, Marvin, memoranda regarding Committee of One Million


Memoranda regarding Committee of One Million on 1961


"DeGaulle and Red China," undated

Box 81

Martin, David, "Shall We Change Our Policy?" 1968An unpublished typescript


Memoranda, 1954-1958


Mid-Atlantic and New England Conference on China and the U.S., April 21-23, 1967


National Committee on United States-China Relations, 1966-1969


Newsletters, 1958

Box 82

Newspaper articles on China and Foreign policy, 1966-1968


Nielson Associates Inc., "Red China and its unacceptability for a seat in the U.N.," undatedAn unpublished draft


1962 "Declaration" on Communist China


1963 "Declaration" on Communist China


Non-endorsers to 1964 Statement


Old Files, 1957


"Red China and the American Negro," 1968, printed copy


Petition campaign, 1961-1965

Box 83

Petition campaign, 1961-1965


Press Releases, 1964-1965


Program mailings, 1964


Radford, Arthur, "U.S. Policy Toward Red China," undated


An unpublished typewritten article


"The Recognitionists and Admiral A. Radford," 1963


An unpublished article


"Red China Outlaw" (a film), 1961


"Red China Speaks," a printed copy of an unpublished article, 1965


Report of the Committee to Explore Trade Possibilities with the People's Republic of China, 1964


Reorganization of the Steering Committee, 1964


Republican Platforms, 1956, 1960, and 1964


Sample mailings for Congressional endeavors, 1965


Signatures-endorsers of Committee of One Million's statement of position of U.S. policy toward Communist China, undated

Box 84

Statement in rebuttal of Roger Hilsman's speech, 1963


Statement on China, 1968


Statement on China for Nixon, 1968


Statement on Trade with Red China, 1963


Steering Committee minutes, 1961-1968


Tsing, T. F. (Ambassador to the U.N.), 1965


United Nations speeches for Committee of One Million pamphlet, 1968


United States policy toward Red China by various U.S. Senators, 1966-1968


"Who is Isolating Red China," a study by the Committee of One Million, 1968

Box 85

Communications Distribution Inc., 1961-1965


Conscience of a Conservative (an outline for a film), 1962


Conservative Party of New York State, 1961-1968


Council for an American Foreign Policy, 1963-1964

Box 86

Council on Communist Anti-Semitic Policy and Practice, 1967-1968


Douglas, Paul H., statement, 1966


Edison, (Charles) Dinner Committee, 1963

Box 87

Edison, (Charles) Dinner Committee

Box 88

Emergency Committee for Chinese Refugee members, 1964-1967


Finances of the Right Wing, 1964Special Report #16


52 Association Inc., 1966


Goldwater, Barry, 1964

Box 89-92

Goldwater, Barry, 1964

Box 93

Hamilton Wright Organization, Inc., 1958-1959


Jewish Council Against Communism, 1963


Judd, Walter H., 1960

Box 94

Kohlberg, Alfred, 1959-1962


Leiss, Amelia C., ed., "Apartheid and United Nations, Collective Measures." A pamphlet prepared under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


McGraw-Edison Co., 1959-1963

Box 95-96

McGraw-Edison Co., 1959-1963

Box 97

Miscellany, 1966-1968


National Committee Against the Treaty of Moscow, 1963

Box 98

National Committee for Justice for Dodd (Senator Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn.), 1967


National Family Councilor Drug Addiction, undated

Box 99-100

National Review, 1961-1966

Box 101

Newspaper clippings, 1959


New York Committee on Public Safety, 1966


New York Republican Education and Cation Program, 1964-1965


New York State Republican Associations, 1964-1965


Next of Kin statement (Viet Nam), 1964

Box 102

Overseas Press Club, 1962


Pamphlets on miscellaneous world communism and anti-American activities, 1958-1968


People's Emergency Committee, 1965

Box 103

Polling operations, 1958


Promotion, 1968


Republicans for Buckley (James L. Buckley for Senator), 1968

Box 104

Republicans for Buckley (James L. Buckley for Senator), 1968


Tshombe (Moise) Emergency Committee, 1967

Box 105

Tshombe (Moise) Emergency Committee, 1967

Box 106

Tshombe (Moise) Emergency Committee, 1967


"U.S. Soviet agreement to Neutralize Seattle, Washington, 1962." A published article by Margaret Greenfield.


Van Den Haag, "The War in Katanga," 1962A published report World Anti-Communist Congress, 1958

Box 107

World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1967

Box 108

World Youth Crusade for Freedom, 1967


Young Americans for Freedom, 1964-1968



Additional Note

(received in 1981)
Box 109

American-Chilean Council






American Security Council


Amnesty International


Amunategui, J.


Articles of association




Bauman, Robert E.


Berenson, Mark


Black, Charles


Blaustein, Albert P.


Braden, Spruille

Box 110

British-Chilean Council


Buckley, William F., Jr.


Bunster, Max and Ignacio


Butler, Ed (Information Council of the Americas)


Burnham, James




Castellanos, Sylvia


Chachis, George


Chamberlain, John


Chamudes, Marcos


Columnists, Miscellaneous

Box 111

Columnists, Mailgram to, Jan. 9, 1979


Contributions and potential contributors


Consejo Chileno Norteamericano


Correspondence, Miscellaneous






De Toledano, Ralph


Devine, C. Robert


Dunn, Paxton




Edwards, Lee, and Associates, and Lynn


Francis Bouchey


Experience, Inc.




Finkelstein, Arthur J., and Gallup poll


Fetterman, Dan G. (The Rising Tide; Freedom Leadership Foundation)


Foreign companies and foreign addresses


Freedom Studies Center of the Institute for American Strategy (John M. Fisher)


"Frei Unleashes Public Criticism on His Own Government" (Translation)


Freivalds, John (Experience, Inc.)



Box 112





Hart, Jeffrey


Heritage Foundation


Holden, David


Holzer, Philip


Hopping, Bruce S. (Kalos Kagathos Foundation)


Human Events




Ibanez, Pedro


Inter-American Conference (American Council for World Freedom)


Interspec, Inc.

Box 113

Intercollegiate Studies Institute (James B. Taylor)




Journalist trips, Apr. 1976


Jacobs, Walter Darnell


Jordan, David C. (University of Virginia)


Judd, Walter H.


Korry, Edward






Kilpatrick, James Jackson


Kirk, Grayson


Lasky, Victor


Lefever, Ernest W.




Lists - Newsletter requests - "The Right Report"


Livingston, Goodhue


Lofton, John, Jr.


Lodge, John Davis


London trip, June 1978


Lopez, Carlos (Menlo College)


Lobbying reports

Box 114

Lopez, Carlos - Pamphlet


Luce Press Clippings


Lynch, Kevin ( National Review)


Lyons, Eugene


Members and potential members






McMillin, Dan S. (Greater Kansas City Foreign-Trade Zone)


Mindszenty, Cardinal, Foundation (Ad Sell Company)


Moss, Robert



Box 115

National Strategy Information Center


Newspaper clippings




O'Lessker, Karl - Trip to Chile


Orchard, Carlos A.


Organization of American States - Booklet


Ossa, Nena

Box 116



Padev, Michael




Pearson, Ronald W.




Phillips, Ruby Hart


Possony, Stefan T.


Postal Receipts, etc.

Box 117

Private Practice (Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.)


PR Newswire


Prospective writers


Prospective trips to Chile


PSA mailing list


Purcell, Robert W.






Replies to newspaper articles and editorials


Reports and memoranda


Richardson, Elliot L. - Trip to Chile


Rickenbacker, William F.


Rockwell, Llewellyn H., Jr. - Trip to Chile


Rowe, David N.


Rusher, William A. - Trip to Chile


Ryan, Patrick J., and Clayton R. Barrow, Jr.




Schneider, William


Senese, Donald J. - Trip to Chile


Steibel, Warren


Stone, Roger


Syndicated columns



Box 118

Taylor, Carl Joe


Theberge, James D.


Times of the Americas




Trips to Chile - Members


Trucco, Manuel




Ultra Arts - Chile




Varney, Harold Lord (Committee on Pan American Policy)




Waldheim, Kurt


Wallace, DeWitt


Whelan, James R.


World Youth Crusade for Freedom


Wells, Samuel I., Jr.




Young Americans for Freedom


Mailings, 1975-1978


Report, Nov. 1978


Report, Oct. 1978


Report, Sept. 1978, and New Guard reprint


Report, July 1978, "Towards a New Order in Chile," and "A Chile Wind of Change"


Report, June 1978, and International Finance reprint


Report, May 1978, and John Davis Lodge letter


Report, March 1978, and William A. Rusher letter


Report, Feb. 1978, and "Chilean Spring?"


Report, Jan. 1978, and letter


John Davis Lodge fundraising letter, May 1979


Report, May 1979

Box 119

Report, Mar. - Apr. 1979


John Davis Lodge fundraising letter, Feb. 1979


Washington Weekly, Mar. 1979


Report, Jan. - Feb. 1979


Memorandum to members re U.S. Department of Justice complaint, Dec. 1978


Report, Dec. 1978


Report, Dec. 1977


Report, Oct. 1977, and John Davis Lodge fundraising appeal


Memorandum to members and friends re charter trip to Chile, Oct. 1977


Report, Sept. 1977, Private Practice reprint, and Spruille Braden fundraising appeal


Report, Aug. 1977, and memorandum to members and friends re recent developments

Box 120

Report, June 1977, and Firing Line transcript


Report, Apr. 1977, and New York Times reprint


Report, May 1977, and fundraising letter


Letter to Chilean companies, Apr. 1977


Report, Mar. 1977, Spruille Braden speech, and overseas letter


Report, Feb. 1977, and memorandum


Report, Jan. 1977, memorandum, and Spruille Braden fundraising letter


Report, Nov. 1976, fundraising letter, and Michael Padev pamphlet


John Chamberlain columns, July 1976


Report, Sept. 1976


Report, June 1976, and "Soviet Penetration of Latin America"


Report, May 1976, and press release re Cuban demonstration


Spruille Braden letter, Apr. 1976, and Senate colloquium on Chile


Washington Report, Jan. 1976


Report, Feb. 1976

Box 121

Larry P. McDonald reprint, and "Chile's Defense Needs," Feb. 1976


Report, Jan. 1976, and Robert E. Bauman fundraising appeal


Report, Dec. 1975


Robert Moss reprint, Oct. 1975


"Chile" (pamphlet), Aug. 1975


Victor Lasky pamphlet, Sept. 1975


"Chile and Peru" (pamphlet), July 1975




Invitational letter


Nena Ossa correspondence


Oct. 1974 - Dec. 1976

Box 122

Sept. 1976 - Dec. 1978

Box 123

Additional correspondence


Replies of members to memorandum of Dec. 1978


U.S. Department of Justice

Box 124

Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI


Reports 1-4, June - Oct. 1977


Publicity photos




Minutes, May 1978


Reports to sponsors


Minutes, Feb. 1978


Minutes, Dec. 1977


Minutes, May 1977


Thank you letters, Sept. 1980




Advertising information



Box 125



Better Business Bureau




Contributions - Procedures










Friends of the FBI




Great letters




Helms, Richard







Box 126



LaSalle Letter Company - Orders




Mail - Express services


Mailings, lists, etc., Proposed




McNamara, Frank J.




News clippings and photos










Reports by Marvin Liebman, Miscellaneous

Box 127



Security and Intelligence Fund






Thank you post cards (John J. Kearney, Aug. 1977 Jan. 1978)


Thank you post cards (PSA instructions for handling)




Tax exemptions








Washington Legal Foundation







Box 128

Mailings, 1977-1979


Solicitation of VIPs, May 1977


Letter to John Kearney's friends


William E. Simon fundraising test, June 1977


Mailing to 10,000 policemen, June 1977


Follow-up sponsors letter to Congressmen, Senators and Governors, June 1977

Box 129

William E. Simon mailing, July 1977


13-code mailing, July 1977


Memorandum to VIPs, Aug. 1977


Clare Boothe Luce letter to contributors, Sept. 1977


William E. Simon letter, Sept. 1977


Clare Boothe Luce letter to contributors, Oct. 1977


Clare Boothe Luce letter, Nov. 1977


William E. Simon letter to VIPs, Jan. 1978


James L. Buckley letter to contributors, Jan. 1978


James L. Buckley telepost to contributors, Jan. 1978

Box 130

William E. Simon letter, Jan. 1978


Sponsors appeal to members of Congress, Feb. 1978


Buckley-Luce-Simon letter, June 1978


Lee Weil letter to contributors, Mar. 1978


Buckley-Luce-Simon mailgram to contributors, Apr. 1978


John J. Kearney letter to contributors, May 1978


Action notes, June 1978


U. A. special mailing, June 1978


Buckley-Luce-Simon letter, July 1978

Box 131

Code 6A letter (Buckley-Luce-Simon), Aug. 1978


Code 3A letter (Buckley-Luce-Simon), Aug. 1978


Code 4A letter (Buckley-Luce-Simon), Aug. 1978


Code 8 letter (Buckley-Luce-Simon), Aug. 1978


Code 9 letter (Buckley-Luce-Simon), Aug. 1978


Directors' final report to all contributors, Oct. 1978


Buckley-Luce-Simon letter to contributors, Feb. 1979


Letter to contributors, Mar. 1979


Letter, May 1979


Lee Weil letter to VIPs, May 1979

Box 132

National Review dinner, 1975 (20th anniversary)




John M. Olin letter, list, and replies


Sample fundraising mailing


Invitations, tickets, guests, and lists


Committee of sponsors


Kilpatrick, James Jackson


Hunter College


Oakeshott, Michael


Olin, John M.


Rentals (Plants and cards)


Ultra Arts

Box 133

James L. Buckley Connecticut Senatorial campaign, 1980


Friends of Jim Buckley, and Friends of Free China


Sample mailings


Citizens for Buckley - National Citizens Committee


Learsy, Raymond, reception, Oct. 1980

Box 134

Federal Election Commission


Friends of the Conservative Party - Victory Fund, 1980


Paul Atanasio New York Congressional campaign, 1980

Box 135

Correspondence, 1974-1978


Jan. 1975


Dec. 1974


Nov. 1974


Oct. 1974






Mar. 1975




Addison Road, London


Association of Former Intelligence Officers




Apartment leases (Crystal and Crystal)


Atlantic Group



Box 136

British Academy of Film and Television Arts


Buckley, William F., Jr.




Caputo, Bruce


Center for the Study of Psychiatry

Box 137

Church League of America


Citizens for Reagan, and College Students for Reagan


Committee of One Million (Stanley D. Bachrack book)


Conservative Party (New York)


Consumer Alert


Coutts and Company


Credit applications


Crime Victim's Rights Organization



Box 138

Daly, Peter


Duryea, Perry




Edison, Charles, Memorial Youth Fund


Egypt, Trip to


Endicott Overseas Express Company




Farber, Barry


Finkelstein, Arthur


Friends of Jim Buckley Finance Committee


Freedom of information




Gale, John

Box 139

Goldstein, Gale (Apartment for Mario Arnello)


Holzer, Philip




Harbottle and Lewis, Solicitors




Innocence Company


Institute for the Care of the Critically Ill




Jones, T. Harding (Baptismal reception)


Jones, T. Harding (Union League Club)




Kemp, Jack (New York gubernatorial campaign)




LaSalle Letter Company


Learsy, Raymond


Liebman, Marvin - Biographical sketches


Las Vegas


List rentals


London theater investment scheme

Box 140



Mailing lists


McLarty, Nancy


PSA - Contributor lists


PSA - VIP lists




Medical insurance




Nassau, Bahamas, Trip to


National Review conference

Box 141

National Tax Limitation Committee (Lewis K. Uhler)


Newspaper clippings




New York State Political Action Committee


Noblemen Company




O'Neil, George


Oram, Harold




Postal rates


PR Newswire






Rank Film Distributors


Refugees (Southeast Asia) (Randy Richardson)


Rigg, Diana


Roche, George

Box 142

Royal Shakespeare Theatre


Rockford College Institute




Sedgemoor Productions


Scandinavian trip


Schute, Martin C.


Sherman, Alvin

Box 143

Shimberg, Mandell and Elaine


Shockley, William


Siff, Raymond S.


Simon, William E.


South Africa


Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr

Box 144

Spath, Ronald E. (New York Congressional campaign, 1978)


Stone, Roger (Union League Club)




Taxes - Great Britain


Testimonial dinner for Marvin Liebman, Apr. 1978


Theatrical investment fund (London)


Time sheets




Union League Club






Waller, Peter


Washington Observer


Weil, Leon J. (New York Republican Congressional Campaign Committee)





Box 145

Olympic operation














Hart, Jeffrey




Kemp, Jack, and Randy Teague




Mahoney, J. Daniel


Memoranda and reports


National Broadcasting Company


News and informational material




Olympic International Committee


Olympics - Winners, etc.


Peretz, Martin


Robinson, Peter M.






Soviet Jewry


Statement and letter of transmittal

Box 146

Correspondence, 1978-1980






American Conservative Union


American Council on Science and Health


Association of Former Intelligence Officers


Americares Foundation


Amnesty International


Arnello, Mario


Arria, Diego


British-Chilean Council


Buckley, William F., Jr.


Bush, George




Chilean Information Office


Clark, Eugene V.


Cottage Club (James L. Crawford)


Crime Victim's Rights Organization

Box 147

Firing Line


Friends of the Conservative Party


Friends of Jim Buckley


500 largest corporations


Harold and Maude

Box 148

Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy




Kennedy, Caroline




Macauley, Robert C.

Box 149

Loeb, John L., Jr.


McFadden, James P. - Testimonial dinner, May 1979




National Review dinner, Dec. 1980




Reagan Delegate Committee for New York State


Political mailings - Samples


Sedgemoor Productions



Box 150-151

Committee of One Million - Scrapbooks

Box 152

Miscellany - Mounted full-page newspaper advertisements for a variety of conservative and anti-communist organizations



Additional Note

(received in 1993).
Box 153

Press releases and typewritten excerpts from Marvin Liebman's book Coming Out Conservative: An Autobiography, 1990-1992

Box 154