Finding Aid to the Federal Writers' Project Source Material on Migratory Labor, District no. 8, circa 1936-1939

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Finding Aid to the Federal Writers' Project Source Material on Migratory Labor, District no. 8, circa 1936-1939

Collection number: BANC MSS C-R 2

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Federal Writers' Project source material on Migratory Labor, District no. 8,
Date (inclusive): circa 1936-1939
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-R 2
Collector: Federal Writers' Project (Oakland, Calif.)
Extent: Number of containers: 40 cartons and 1 box
Repository: The Bancroft Library.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Chiefly abstracts, clippings, etc., from various publications concerning agricultural labor, including migratory workers, in Calif., 1849-1939. Correspondence & papers pertaining to the project, included.
Languages Represented: Collection materials are in English

Information for Researchers


Collection is open for research, with the exception of Group II (Cartons 19-25; Box 1), which is unarranged and unavailable for use. Inquiries concerning these materials should be directed, in writing, to the head of the Manuscripts Division.

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[Identification of item], Federal Writers' Project Source Material on Migratory Labor, District no. 8, BANC MSS C-R 2, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Container List

carton Cartons 1-18

Group I. Files

Scope and Content Note

Files, abstracts and extracts of printed sources on various subjects relating to migratory labor and California agriculture. Typed on standard 8 1/2 x 11” paper and filed in manila folders.

Newspaper Clippings.

carton 1, folder 1:1-3

Agricultural Unions 1936-1938

folder 2

Agricultural Associations

folder 3:1-3

Canneries - Unions 1936-1939

folder 3:4

Picketing and Strikes 1936-1939

folder 3:5-6

Picketing and Strikes, Teamsters Marine Warehousemen, Waterfront 1937

folder 3:7

Stockton Cannery Strike 1937

carton  2, folder 3:8-9

Alaska Unions, Fish, General 1937

folder 3:10

Sheep Shearer's Strike 1938

folder 3:11

Milk Strike 1937

folder 3:12

Apricot Strike 1939

folder 4

CIO & AF of L

folder 5:1-4

Migratory Labor 1937-1939

folder 6:1-6

Housing and Living Conditions, including camps and health 1935-1939

Additional Note

(File 6:1 is missing.)
carton 3, folder 6A:1-3

Social Security and Unemployment 1936-1939

folder 7:1-3

Wages 1936-1939

folder 7B:1-3

Law and Legislation 1936-1939

folder 8:1-3

Racial: Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Negro 1936-1939

folder 9:1-2

National Labor Relations Board Hearings 1938-1939

folder 11

La Follette Committee

folder 12

Criminal Syndicalism 1939

folder 12A

Supply and Demand

folder 13:1-3

Relief - Farm Resettlement Adm. and Farm Security Adm. 1936-1939

folder 13A:1- 2

Employment Agencies 1936-1937

folder 16B

Employer Attitudes

folder 19:1-3

Children 1936-1939

carton 4, folder 22


folder 23

Pears, Peaches, Nectarines

folder 23A


folder 24

Nuts: Almonds and Walnuts

folder 25

Plums and Prunes

folder 26

Vegetables: Mixed Crops

folder 26A


folder 27


folder 28


carton 5, folder 101

Agriculture - General

folder 102

Crops 1920-1938

folder 103


folder 104

Mixed Crops 1875-1937

folder 105


folder 106


folder 110


folder 111


folder 112


folder 116

Cotton 1871-1938

folder 117

Rice 1900-1938

carton 6, folder 118

Sugar Beets 1889-1937

folder 120


folder 121

Apples 1927-1935

folder 122


folder 124

Cherries 1900-1936

folder 126

Grapes 1858-1933

folder 128


folder 129


folder 131


folder 135


folder 138


folder 139


folder 145


folder 146


folder 150


folder 155

Mixed Green Vegetables

folder 156


folder 157


folder 158


folder 161


folder 163


carton 7, folder 165

Lettuce 1917-1938

folder 167


folder 168


folder 171


folder 180

Ownership and miscellaneous folders 1864-1937

folder 201

Employer Attitudes 1881-1938

folder 250

Employment Agencies 1879-1938

folder 301

History (Agricultural)

folder 302

History (Agricultural) Bibliography

folder 350


carton 8, folder 401

Immigration 1911-1938

folder 504

Migratory Labor 1914-1936

carton 9, folder 504

Migratory Labor and miscellaneous 1937

folder 506

Unrest and Mixed Data 1924

folder 508

Contract Labor 1924-1938

carton 10, folder 509

Child Labor 1870-1939

folder 510


folder 511

Accidents and Health 1859-1939

folder 512

Working Conditions

carton 11, folder 513

Labor Camps 1903-1938

folder 514

Foreign Labor

folder 551

Laws 1874-1922

carton 12, folder 551

Laws 1923-Jan. to June 1935

carton 13, folder 551

Laws July to Dec. 1935-1939

folder 552

Criminal Syndicalism 1918-1937

folder 555

Strikes (unlabeled folders) 1

carton 14, folder 555

Strikes (unlabeled folders) 2

folder 556


folder 557

Social Insurances

folder 601

Labor Organizations — General

folder 602

Agricultural Workers Union 1930-1938

folder 603

Cannery Workers Union 1901-1938

folder 604

Cannery and Agricultural Workers Industrial Union 1931-1938

carton 15, folder 605

Oriental Organizations

folder 606

Political Organizations

folder 607

Communism 1919-1938

folder 608

I.W.W. 1912-1938

folder 609

Knights of Labor

folder 610

A.F. of L. 1889-1938

folder 611

American Legion, K.K.K., C of C as Vigilantes 1934-1936

folder 612

Growers Organizations 1911-1934

carton 16, folder 613

Labor Defense

folder 616

Unemployed Organizations

folder 618

C.I.O. 1937-1938

folder 619

Toilers of the World

folder 620


folder 621


folder 622

U.C.A.P. & A.W. of A.

folder 703

Farm Labor General

folder 703A


folder 703B


folder 704

Mexicans 1926-1938

folder 705


carton 17, folder 709

Natives Whites 1920-1939

folder 801

Statistics 1849-1938

folder 851

Unemployment 1884-1938

folder 852 & 854

Relief and Refugees 1934-1939

carton 18, folder 900

Wages - Wages for Farm Hands, Railroadmen, Lumbermen and by County for General Farm Labor 1848-1938

folder 900

Wages for foreign groups in California Agriculture

folder 925

Migrations and Cycles

folder 950


carton Cartons 19-25; Box 1

Group II. (Access restricted)


Group II (Cartons 19-25; Box 1) is unarranged and unavailable for use. Inquiries concerning these materials should be directed, in writing, to the head of the Manuscripts Division.

Scope and Content Note

Notes, abstracts and extracts of printed sources on various subjects relating to migratory labor. Typed on half sheets of onion skin paper and filed in envelopes by subject.
This Group is unarranged and unavailable for use. Inquiries concerning these materials should be directed, in writing, to the head of the Manuscripts Division.
carton 19, folder N-Misc.



Bibliographical information on California Agriculture


Labor Displacement


Resettlement and Colonization


Material re Farm Programs (Federal and State) and Activities of California Farmers


Use of Highway Patrolmen in Strikes


Civil Liberties Union


California Agricultural Colonies




California Bureau of Labor Statistics










Criminal Syndicalism






Numbered items (See numbered files in Group I for corresponding subject headings)

carton 20-25, box 1, folder N6, N6B, N12A, N100-703B, N704-925

Unarranged. Unavailable for use.

carton Cartons 26-31

Group III. Extracts from Newspapers and Periodicals, etc.

Scope and Content Note

Extracts of articles on migratory labor and California agriculture from various newspapers and periodicals. Filed chronologically and by publication.
carton 26, folder X-100

Agricultural Engineering

folder X-101

American Citizen

folder X-102

American Child

folder X-103

American Civil Liberties Union, vol. 1 1934

folder X-104

American Civil Liberties Union, vol. 2 1934

folder X-105

American Economic Review

folder X-106

American Federationist

folder X-107

American Journal of Sociology

folder X-108

American Review of Reviews

folder X-109

Annals of the American Academy of Social and Political Science

folder X-110

Atlantic Monthly

folder X-110A

American Mercury

folder X-111

Brawley News 1930-1935

folder X-112

Bureau of Labor Statistics 1884-1910

folder X-113

Bureau of Labor Statistics 1910-1928

folder X-114

Business Week

folder X-116A

California Citrograph

folder X-117

California Cultivator

folder X-118

Century Magazine

folder X-120

Christian Century

folder X-122

Collier's National Weekly

folder X-123

Congressional Digest

folder X-124

Contemporary Review

folder X-125

Country Gentleman

carton 27, folder X-126

Current History

folder X-127

Daily Worker 1929-1931 & 1937

folder X-131

Farm Labor News 1937

folder X-138

Industrial Pioneer

folder X-140

Journal of Applied Sociology

folder X-142

Labor Clarion 1933-1934


New Unionist


Oakland Daily Transcript 1869-1870

folder X-143

Labor Fact Books 2 & 3

folder X-144

Labor Herald 1938

folder X-146

Los Angeles Papers 1917-1937

folder X-147

Miscellaneous California Newspapers 1906-1937

folder X-147A (A-M)

Magazine Articles re Migratory Labor

carton 28, folder X-147A (N-Z)

Magazine Articles re Migratory Labor

folder X-148

Missionary Review of the World

folder X-149

Monthly Bull, State of California Dept. of Agriculture 1912

folder X-150

Monthly Labor Review

folder X-151

Nation 1882-1933

folder X -152

Nation 1934-1938

folder X-153

National Conference of Social Work 1919

folder X-154

New Republic

folder X-155

New York Times 1917-1938

folder X-156

North American Review

folder X-156A

Oakland Tribune 1900-1934

folder X-156B

Oakland Tribune 1935-1937

carton 29, folder X-157

Open Forum re Imperial Valley Situation

folder X-158


folder X-159

Overland Monthly 1868-1870

folder X-160

Overland Monthly 1882-1899

folder X-161

Overland Monthly 1900-1919

folder X-162

Overland Monthly 1920-

folder X-163

Pacific Rural Press 1871-1899

folder X-164

Pacific Rural Press 1900-1929

folder X-165-167

Pacific Rural Press 1930-1937

folder X-168

Pacific Weekly

folder X-168A


folder X-170

Published Books

folder X-172

Reviews of Reviews

folder X-173

Rural Worked 1935-1936

folder X-174

Rural Sociology

carton 30, folder X-175-185

San Francisco Examiner 1919-1937

folder X-186

Saturday Evening Post

folder X-187

Sacramento Papers 1913-1935

folder X-188

Scientific American

folder X-189

San Diego Papers 1934

folder X-190

San Jose Mercury Herald and San Jose News 1917, 1919 & 1933

carton 31, folder X-191

School and Society

folder X-192

Social Forces

folder X-192A

Social Sciences Research Council

folder X-193

Sociology and Social Research

folder X-194


folder X-195

Survey 1911-1919

folder X-196

Survey 1920-1937

folder X-197

Survey Graphic

folder X-198

Transactions of the Commonwealth Club of California

folder X-199

Transactions of the California State Agricultural Society

folder X-202-205

Western Worker

folder X-206

Worlds Work

folder X-207

The Worker

folder X-208

Miscellaneous Newspapers

carton Cartons 32-35

Group IV. Pamphlets and Extracts of Pamphlets, etc.

Scope and Content Note

Pamphlets and copies of pamphlets, etc., concerning migratory labor and California agriculture. Numbered and contents listed in container list.
carton 32, folder P-1

Associated Farmers of California 1934-1937

folder P-2

United States Department of Agriculture, Resettlement Administration, Radio Releases 1937-1939

folder P-3

Bulletin of the Dept. of Agriculture, State of Calif.

folder P-3A

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Census 1935

folder P-4

Trials following the troubles in Imperial Valley 1934

folder P-4

Trials following the Santa Rosa Outrage 1935-1937

folder P-5

Reports of the Immigration Commission

folder P-5A

Pamphlets re U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

folder P-6

Report of the Sugar Beet Industry in the U.S.

folder P-6A

Pamphlets issued by the U.S. Dept. of Labor

folder P-7

Pamphlets issued by the U.S. Dept. of Labor

folder P-8

Pamphlets issued by the U.S. Dept. of Labor

folder P-8A

Radio Talk by Mrs. Robert McWilliams April 1, 1938

folder P-9

Miscellaneous Pamphlets re labor

folder P-9A

Committee on Care of Transient and Homeless

folder P-9B

California Transient Service - Progress and Methods

folder P-10

Pamphlets of Unions and Trade Organizations

folder P-10B

Committee on Immigration and Naturalization - Mexican 1930

folder P-10C

Labor Organization Pamphlets

folder P-11

Miscellaneous Pamphlets re unemployment, etc.

folder P-11A

Prorate Law to Conserve Agricultural Wealth of Calif.

carton 33, folder P-12

Pamphlets issued by Commonwealth Club of Calif.

folder P-12A

Proceedings of the 48th Annual Convention of the Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities Held at Washington, D. C.

folder P-13

Our Land and Land Policy

folder P-14

Pamphlets issued by U.S. Social Security Board

folder P-14A

One Hundred Votes: An Analysis of the 1937 Session of the California Legislature

folder P-15

Mexican Immigration to the U.S.

folder P-15A

State Wide Report All Counties, Wages Paid in Agricultural Occupations, California 1937

folder P-15B

Labor in the Field and Orchard, Building Trades, Santa Clara Co., Calif.

folder P-16

American Civil Liberties Union 1934

folder P-17

Los Angeles County Farm Bureau Releases 1937-1938

folder P-18

Los Angeles County Farm Bureau Releases 1937-1938

folder P-19

Labor Crusader

folder P-20

Governor's Message and Report of the Sec. of State of Calif. on Census of 1852

folder P-20A

Chronicle Biographies - the personalities behind your job 1938

folder P-21

Study of Health of 1000 Children of Migratory Agricultural Workers in California

folder P-23

Migratory Labor in California

folder P-24

Report of the National Labor Board

folder P-24A

Madame Perkins - Migration of Workers

folder P-26

Oregon Planning Board - Migration into Oregon

folder P-27

National Resources Committee - The Problems of a Changing Population

folder P-28

National Resources Committee - Population Statistics

folder P-29

Land Tenancy in California

folder P-31

American Federation of Labor membership book

folder P-32

Department of Agriculture Pamphlets on Farm Marketing

folder P-32A

Hearing on the Cotton Strike in San Joaquin Valley 1933

folder P-32B

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

folder P-32C

U.S. Farm Placement Service Reports of Drought Migrants

folder P-36

Walter Cowan, Outline of Program for Organization of Agricultural Workers in California 1936

folder P-37

Fruit Growers Convention

folder P-44

The Migratory Casual Worker

folder P-55

Changing Aspects of Rural Life

carton 34, folder P-55

Part-Time Farming in the Southeast

folder P-56

Farmers on Relief and Rehabilitation

folder P-57

Chronology of the Federal Relief Administration

folder P-58

The Transient Unemployed

folder P-59

Trends in Relief Expenditures 1910-1935

folder P-60

Rural Youth on Relief

folder P-61

State Public Welfare Legislation

folder P-66

Seasonal Employment in Agriculture

folder P-68

Transients and Migrants

folder P-69

Publications of University of California College of Agriculture, Agricultural Experiment Station, Berkeley, Calif. Progress Reports nos. 4-59 (some missing)

folder P-78

Publications of Rural Research Section, W.P.A. in Co-operation with California State Relief Adm. Bulletins 1-11

folder P-79

Migrant Families - W.P.A. Research Bulletin

folder P-80

Steinbeck, Harvest Gypsies

folder P-81

Report of Migratory Demonstration June 1937

folder P-82

U.S. Industrial Commission - abstracts

folder P-84

Department of Industrial Welfare Pamphlets

folder P-85

A. L. Wirin Letters, etc. 1934

folder P-86

Campbell McCullough's Report 1934

folder P-87

Hearings of U.S. House of Representatives on Labor Disputes Act March and April 1935

folder P-88

Research and Important official Reports re Agricultural labor on the Pacific Coast

folder P-89

Santa Rosa Outrage 1935

folder P-90

Seasonal Agricultural Workers, U.S. House Hearing, 69th Congress 1st Session

folder P-91

Glassford's Reports, Letters, etc. 1934

folder P-92

Imperial Valley Farm Labor Situation April 16, 1934

folder P-93

Imperial Valley Lettuce Strike 1934

folder P-95

California State Chamber of Commerce Committee on Farm Labor, Bulletin, no. 4 August 27, 1936

folder P-96

The California Agricultural Prorate Act

folder P-97

Minutes of Cannery and Agricultural Worker's Industrial Union, San Jose Aug. 5, 1933

folder P-98

California Farm Tenancy and Methods of Leasing Nov. 1923

carton 35, folder P-99

Recent Migration into the Northwest

folder P-100

Unemployment Compensation and Migratory Labor

folder P-101

U.S. House Hearings on Agricultural Strikes 1926

folder P-102

Biennial Reports of the California State Department of Industrial Relations (abstracts) 1927-1932

folder P-103

U.S. Bureau of Labor, Bulletin 23 Hours, Earnings and Duration of Employment of Women in Selected Industries in California

folder P-104

Indices to Biennial Reports of the California Bureau of Labor Statistics 1883-1928

folder P-105

President's Report on Farm Tenancy Jan. 16, 1937

folder P-106

Abstracts from University of California Press, U.C. Chronicle, U.C. Radio Service

folder P-107

Reports of the Resettlement Administration to Federal Writers' Project re Migratory Labor

folder P-108

Farm Security Administration - Radio Talks

folder P-109

The Seasonal Labor Problem in Agriculture - Commission of Industrial Relations, 64th Congress 1st Session Aug. 27, 1914

folder P-110

Report of the California Agricultural Experiment Station, Farm Bureau Situation in California 1917

folder P-111

California Agricultural Prorate Act

folder P-112

California Annual, Calif. Packing Corp July 1924 & Oct. 1933

folder P-113

U.S. Before the N.L.R.B.

folder P-114

National Labor Income by Months 1929-1935

folder P-115

California Compensation Insurance Handbook

folder P-116

Rural Observer Dec. 15, 1937

folder P-117

Facts of Farmers Nov. 1938

folder P-118

Maritime Unions

folder P-119

California Cultivator Jan. 2-June 5, 1937

carton Carton 35

Group V. Papers relating to the Federal Writers' Project on Migratory Labor, District no. 8

Scope and Content Note

Papers relating to the Federal Writers' Project on Migratory Labor, District no. 8, including correspondence, inventory of material collected, assignments made to workers with a few notes, rough drafts of monographs prepared by members of the project. Filed in numbered manila folders and contents listed in container list.

Additional Note

For completed monographs, see also MS catalogue under mF 862.6 F.
carton 35, folder folder 1

Correspondence concerning project

folder folder 2

Inventory of Material Collected by the Project

folder folder 3

Assignments and work notes of members of the Project

folder folder 4

Draft of Monograph on Child Labor

folder folder 5 (1-3)

Drafts of Monographs on Proposed Remedies for Migratory Labor

folder folder 6

Draft of Monograph on Contract Labor

folder folder 7

Miscellaneous Scraps of various monographs

carton Cartons 36-39

Group VI. Non-filed Material

Scope and Content Note

Non-filed material which was never included in the filing system adopted by the project, but was listed in their inventory. Filed in numbered folders and contents listed in container list.
carton 36, folder NF 1

Report - Farm Tenancy Com. by Lubin Society (3 copies)

folder NF 2

Farm Population & Rural Life Activities

folder NF 3

Report of Conf. of Educating Children of Seasonal Workers, Fresno Dec. 9-10, 1938

folder NF 4

Employment Service News- 2 copies Aug.-Sept. 1938

folder NF 5

Union for Farm Wage Workers

folder NF 6

Industrial Pioneer

folder NF 7

State Admin. Social Service Division

folder NF 8

Survey of Agricultural Labor Requirements in California 1935

folder NF 9

Migratory Labor in California (2 books)

folder NF 10

Transients in California

folder NF 11

Economic Notes - Vol. 5, no. 3 March 1937

folder NF 12

Simon J. Lubin Society - folders 1-2

folder NF 13

Harpers Magazine Feb. 1935, no. 3

folder NF 14

Folder A

folder NF 15

Simon J. Lubin - Dr. 232 - 3 folders

folder NF 16

Oakland Tribune 1935

folder NF 17

Farm Management by R. L. Adams

folder NF 18

Chapter 22 - 2 folders

folder NF 19

California Dept. of Industrial Relations - Bulletin no. 3, Filipino Immigration

folder NF 20

Education - Miscellaneous

folder NF 21

Emergency Farm Labor Agencies by R. L. Adams 7/1918

folder NF 22

Child Labor "B"

folder NF 23

Labor "C"

folder NF 24

Imperial Valley Labor Situation - Sacramento, Calif. April 15, 1934

folder NF 25

Migratory Labor in California - News Clippings

folder NF 26

Index of Farm Labor in California

folder NF 27

Farm Labor June 24, 1937

folder NF 28

The National Labor Board - Report 1934

folder NF 29

Hearing of the National Relation Board, 20 districts - E. Vandelear

folder NF 30

Cannery & Agricultural Workers. Industrial Workers 1932-1933-1934

folder NF 31

American Civil Liberty Union March 21-27, 1934

folder NF 32

Labor Notes, Vol. 5, no. 3

folder NF 33

Labor Notes, Vol. 5, no.4 April 1937

folder NF 34

Labor in the Citrus Fruit of Calif. Corrected monograph

folder NF 35

Strike Data Book 1937

carton 37, folder NF 38

Wages - Folder "E" (Calif. fruit) 1935

folder NF 39

Charts Used

folder NF 40

Data Regarding - Hours - Wages - Employed E 1

folder NF 41


folder NF 42

Charts "F" (Historical Statistical Analysis of Wages of Agricultural workers arranged by counties)

folder NF 43

Wages - Trombly (MS monograph)

folder NF 44

Displacement of Farm Labor

folder NF 45

Apricots no.13

folder NF 46

Chester Williams 1934

folder NF 47

Oakland Tribune 1904-19

folder NF 48

Report of Special Com. San Diego

folder NF 49

Hearing on Cotton Strike, San Joaquin Valley

folder NF 50

Cannery & Agricultural Workers Indus. Union (rough draft of a monograph) by Porter M. Chaffee.

For cataloged copy, see xF862.6.C647

folder NF 51

Appendix California Agricultural Strikes

folder NF 52

Political Prisoners Bulletin - Vol. 2, no. 1 1934 (1933)

folder NF 53

Anti-Picketing Laws & its Use Against Farm Labor in Calif.

folder NF 54

Folder “G” (wages)

folder NF 55

A Call to Action to All Agricultural Workers

folder NF 56

Nomads of the California Farms - L. Smith

folder NF 57

The Farm Problem by R. L. Jones 1938

folder NF 58

Envelope "H" (Associated Farmers)

folder NF 59

Migrant Farm Labor - C. McWilliams

folder NF 60

Migratory Labor Invade State to Stay - R. L. Jones 1938

folder NF 61

Migrants - L. A. Examiner - Fred Snider 1939

folder NF 62

Dust Bowl Transients - John Dunlap 1937

folder NF 63

Transient Problems - John M. Kennedy 1937

folder NF 64

Transient from Dust Bowl - Ray Zeman 1937

folder NF 65

Migrant Workers - R. E. Girwin

folder NF 66

News Week

folder NF 67

Folder "I" - Clippings

folder NF 68

Folder "J" - Clippings (re Anti-Picketing Laws)

folder NF 69

Folder "K" - Strikes

folder NF 70

Section Two - Preamble to I.W.W. Constitution

folder NF 71

Charts for League of Women Voters

folder NF 72

A Study of Labor in California - R. A. Adams & T. R. Kelly

folder NF 73

Unions and Strikes - no. 3 Oriental

folder NF 74

Strikes in 1936

folder NF 75

Unions and Strikes no. 3, Toilers of the World

folder NF 76

Strike Data Sheet 1938

folder NF 77

Strike Data Book 1937

folder NF 78

Watermelons and Cantaloupes 1684-1936

folder NF 79

A Nation Big Enough to Protect Its Children

folder NF 80

U.S. Senate - Labor - Race - Agriculture Nov. 29

folder NF 81

U.S. Senate - 75 Congress - Social Insurance

folder NF 82

Monthly Labor Review - (3 copies) (missing) 1937-1938

folder NF 83

U.S. Congress - Exclusion from Philippines (missing)

folder NF 84

Sacramento Depression - Survey (missing) 1935

folder NF 85

Farm Tenancy (2 copies) 1937

folder NF 86

Dept. of Industrial Welfare (Pamphlets) (missing)

folder NF 87

Presidents Committee - Farm Tenancy (missing)

folder NF 88

Folder "R" (Steinbeck )

folder NF 89

Folder "S"

folder NF 90

Oakland Tribune

folder NF 91

Citizens Welfare - League of Salinas

folder NF 92

Survey of the Workings of the Criminal Syndicalism of California

folder NF 93

Mem. for an Agricultural Conference - W. E. Creed — Fresno March 1926

folder NF 94

Agricultural and Cannery Unions 1937

carton 38, folder NF 95

State of California Department of Industrial Relations

folder NF 96

America's Own Refugees

folder NF 97

American Civil Liberties Union 1935

folder NF 98

American Civil Liberties Union 1933-1939

folder NF 99

Packing Corporations (2 folders)

folder NF 100

Resettlement Adm. - Conrad Taeuber Dec. 1, 1935

folder NF 101

Survey of Agricultural Labor Conditions in Placer Co., Calif.

folder NF 102

California Embattled Farmer - Ralph H. Taylor June 8, 1934

folder NF 103

Farmers Without Land

folder NF 104

Depression Pioneers (missing)

folder NF 105

California State Labor Camps July 1932

folder NF 106

Farm Labor in California - Edward J. Rowell (missing)

folder NF 107

510 Women (missing)

folder NF 108-1

Labor Disputes

folder NF 108-2

folder NF 110

Miscellaneous "P"

folder NF 111

Statues of California 1905-1935

folder NF 112

Farm Tenancy

See no. 85
Feb. 1937

folder NF 113

Agricultural Dept. Chamber of Commerce - Los Angeles

folder NF 114

The Agricultural Migratory Worker in California

folder NF 115

Agriculture and its Employment Problems in Calif. Pamphlet 7

folder NF 116

Brief - Henry A. Wallace Feb. 23, 1938

folder NF 117

Conference on Housing of Migratory and Agricultural Workers, Marysville Oct. 12, 1936

folder NF 118

Summary of Report on Background and Problems of Farm Labor in Calif.

folder NF 119

Division of Immigration and Housing 1939

folder NF 120

Some Problems of Agricultural Labor in Calif. - Paul Taylor

folder NF 121

Farm Labor Chapter XIV - The Labor Market - Don S. Lescohier 1919

folder NF 122

Disaster Rides - Stuart Chase

folder NF 123

Migratory Labor Camps — W. F. Baxton (missing)

folder NF 124

Summary Report on the Background and Problems Affecting Farm Labor in California

folder NF 125

California Children. State Dept. of Social Welfare

folder NF 126

U.S. Children's Bureau - Findings

folder NF 127

Children and Schools (Misc.)

folder NF 128

Children in Agriculture - N. P. McGill 1929

folder NF 129

Health Problems Among Migratory Workers - Omer Mills

folder NF 130

Council of Women for Home Missions. Bulletins

folder NF 131

California Cotton Camps - B. S. Underhill

folder NF 132

Conference on Housing and Migratory Laborers - Sacramento Dec. 15, 1934

folder NF 133

Hearing on Unemployment April-May 1932

folder NF 134

Folder "L" - Strikes

folder NF 135

Folder "M" Miscellaneous

folder NF 136

Migratory Children

folder NF 137

Migratory Labor "N"

folder NF 138

State Dept. of Public Health

folder NF 139

Miss Caroline Deakes - Folder "C"

folder NF 140

What Shall We Do With Them - Paul Taylor (2 copies)

folder NF 141

Migratory Labor Problems in California - Paul Taylor (5 copies) (missing)

folder NF 142

Indoor Minds & Outdoor Miseries - Eric H. Lomsen (2 copies)

folder NF 143

Why Plan Security for the Migratory Labor - (2 copies U.S.D.A. ) May 12, 1937

folder NF 144

One Year of Resettlement - R. T. Tugwell April 30, 1936

folder NF 145

They Might Have Vitality - Eric H. Lomsen

folder NF 146

Synopsis of Survey of Migratory Labor Problems in Calif. — P. S. Taylor

folder NF 147

Migratory Labor Camps - W. F. Baxter

folder NF 148

Farm Labor - R. L. Adams

folder NF 149

The Farm Family and the Social Security Act - A. J. Altmeyer

folder NF 150

Investigate Unemployment Relief March 14, 1938

folder NF 151

The Migrants and California Future - Paul Taylor

folder NF 152

Conference on Housing of Migratory Agricultural Laborers Jan. 18, 1935

folder NF 153

Conference on Housing of Migratory Agricultural Laborers Nov. 18, 1935

carton 39, folder NF 154

Agricultural Labor in the Pacific Coast States August 1938

folder NF 155

Folder "V" - Migratory Labor

folder NF 156

Folder "W" - Migratory Labor

folder NF 157

Folder "Y" - Migratory Labor

folder NF 158

Folder "Z" - Migratory Labor

folder NF 159

United States and California - Labor and Agriculture 1933

folder NF 160

Copies of Rabbi F. Reichert Letter File 1933

folder NF 161

United States Department of Agriculture. Abstracts from Bulletins nos. 17, 1886-1926; 94, 1912; 99, 1912; and 1447, 1925. Abstracts from U.S.D.A. Circulars Nos. 2, 1917; and 112, 1918.

folder NF 162

Abstracts from the Yearbook of Agriculture 1901-1936

folder NF 163

U.S. Congress. Senate. Report of the Joint Special Committee, 44th Congress - Chinese Immigration Feb. 27, 1877

folder NF 164

Copies of Articles by Carey McWilliams concerning farm labor in California

folder NF 165

Indexes to Migratory Farm Labor Material

folder NF 166

Strike data sheets 1888-1929, 1933

folder NF 167

News releases, Farm Security Administration (and Resettlement Administration)

folder NF 168

Research Bulletin. Rural relief population

folder NF 169

Unionization of Agricultural Labor

folder NF 170

Study of health of one thousand children of migratory workers

carton Carton 40

Group VII. Bibliography (three filing boxes)

Scope and Content Note

Bibliography card index (in 3 card file boxes) of articles on migratory labor and California agriculture used by the project. Filed alphabetically by title. Shelved at end of collection.
carton 40

An alphabetical file of articles, newspapers, extracts, etc., collected by the project (there are frequently notes in the upper left corner of card giving location in collection).