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See the Sierras from a Saddle: Robinson Pack Train, Allie W. Robinson, Prop., ca. 1930
BANC PIC 1992.014--ALB  
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See the Sierras from a Saddle. Back Country from Independence, Calif. [California]. Robinson Pack Train, Allie W. Robinson, Prop. [proprietor], Independence, Calif. Photos by Frashers, Pomona, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:01--ALB


Mt. Whitney Trout Hatchery, Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:02--ALB


Onion Valley, Independence and Owens Valley from Kearsarge Pass Trail BANC PIC 1992.014:03--ALB


Gilbert Lake and University Peak. Independence, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1992.014:04--ALB


Gilbert Lake, Kearsarge Pass Trail. Independence, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1992.014:05--ALB


Through the Pines. Back Country from Independence, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1992.014:06--ALB


Kearsarge Pinnacles and Lakes. Independence, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1992.014:07--ALB


Center Basin BANC PIC 1992.014:08--ALB


East Vidette, Mt. Stanford, Deer Horn Mt., and West Vidette. Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:09--ALB


Bull Frog Lake, via Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:10--ALB


Bull Frog Lake, East Vidette, Deer Horn and West Vidette Mountains BANC PIC 1992.014:11--ALB


Charlotte Lake and University Peak BANC PIC 1992.014:12--ALB


"Rainbows" from Charlotte Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:13--ALB


Mt. Brewer and Bubbs Creek Canyon BANC PIC 1992.014:14--ALB


Bubbs Creek Falls BANC PIC 1992.014:15--ALB


Kings River Bridge. Bubbs Canyon Trail BANC PIC 1992.014:16--ALB


Robinson Will Show You Where to Catch Them BANC PIC 1992.014:17--ALB


Where Golden Trout Abound BANC PIC 1992.014:18--ALB


Golden Trout BANC PIC 1992.014:19--ALB


Mist Falls, South Fork Kings River BANC PIC 1992.014:20--ALB


Summit of Glenn Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:21--ALB


On Glenn Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:22--ALB


Mt. Brewer, East and West Guard Peaks, from Glenn Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:23--ALB


Rae Lake and Dragon Peak BANC PIC 1992.014:24--ALB


Fin Dome and Rae Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:25--ALB


Upper Rae Lake and Fin Dome BANC PIC 1992.014:26--ALB


Rae Lake and Fin Dome BANC PIC 1992.014:27--ALB


Robinson Pack Train at Rae Lake, via Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:28--ALB


One of the Upper Lakes in "Sixty Lake Basin" BANC PIC 1992.014:29--ALB


South Fork Woods Creek and Pyramid Peak BANC PIC 1992.014:30--ALB


Robinson Pack Train, Established 1910 BANC PIC 1992.014:31--ALB


Woods Creek BANC PIC 1992.014:32--ALB


Woods Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:33--ALB


Woods Creek BANC PIC 1992.014:34--ALB


For Good Fishing See Robinson's Pack Train BANC PIC 1992.014:35--ALB


Woods Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:36--ALB


Twin Lakes. Headwater of Woods Creek BANC PIC 1992.014:37--ALB


Independence Calif. Owend Valley and Oak Creek from Baxter Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:38--ALB


"See the Sierras from a Saddle" BANC PIC 1992.014:39--ALB


Pinchot Pass from Lake Majorie BANC PIC 1992.014:40--ALB


Mt. Pinchot and Pinchot Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:41--ALB


Limit Catches from Baxter Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:42--ALB


Bench Lake Upper Basin South Fork Kings River BANC PIC 1992.014:43--ALB


Bench Lake and Taboose Pass BANC PIC 1992.014:44--ALB


Bench Lake and Taboose Pass. South Fork Kings River BANC PIC 1992.014:45--ALB


Tulainyo Lake. Elevation 12865 Ft. [feet] BANC PIC 1992.014:46--ALB


Looking Down Kern Canyon from Moraine Lake Trail BANC PIC 1992.014:47--ALB


Scene in South American Lake Basin, Headwater of the Kern River BANC PIC 1992.014:48--ALB


Cotton Wood Lake BANC PIC 1992.014:49--ALB


Mt. Whitney, Elevation 14502 Ft. [feet] BANC PIC 1992.014:50--ALB


Crabtree Meadows on Mt. Whitney Trail BANC PIC 1992.014:51--ALB


Whitney Creek. Mt. Whitney in Distance BANC PIC 1992.014:52--ALB


Cabin on Summit of Mt. Whitney BANC PIC 1992.014:53--ALB


Mt. Whitney Pinnacles BANC PIC 1992.014:54--ALB


Owens Valley as Seen from Crest of Sierras BANC PIC 1992.014:55--ALB


View from Summit of Mt. Whitney BANC PIC 1992.014:56--ALB


Mt. Williamson from Summit of Mt. Whitney BANC PIC 1992.014:57--ALB


See the Sierra from a Saddle. Back Country from Independence, Calif. Scenery, Fishing and Hunting. Robinson Pack Train, Allie W. Robinson, Prop. [proprietor], Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:58--ALB


One Day's Kill in the Independence Back Country BANC PIC 1992.014:59--ALB


"We Packed in with Robinson's Pack Train!" BANC PIC 1992.014:60--ALB


Killed at Junction of Woods Creek, via Independence, Cal. [California] BANC PIC 1992.014:61--ALB


Snow Field BANC PIC 1992.014:62--ALB


Grouse Meadows BANC PIC 1992.014:63--ALB


Tehipite Dome. Middle Fork of the Kings River BANC PIC 1992.014:64--ALB


Bubb's Creek Falls BANC PIC 1992.014:65--ALB


Rae Lake Reached by Robinson's Pack Train, Independence, Calif. BANC PIC 1992.014:66--ALB


Woods Lake, Where Trout Abound BANC PIC 1992.014:67--ALB


[Lake] BANC PIC 1992.014:68--ALB