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Finding Aid for the Joseph Crawhall Papers, 1864-1890
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Box 1, Folder 1

Crawhall, Joseph. Olde Ffrendes Wyth Newe Faces. London: Field and Tuer, 1883.

Physical Description: In paper cover.
Box 1, Folder 2


Scope and Content Note

Includes bookplates for Caroli Keene; Alexander Moncrieff; William, Birkett, Henry, and Fanny Foster; Frederick Montagu; Joseph Crawhall; and Gilbert I. Ellis. Also, bookplate by W.M. Thackeray for E. Fitz-Gerald.


Bookplates, many by Frederick Conway Montagu (given to Crawhall by Charles Keene?), dated March 1882.
Box 1, Folder 3


Physical Description: Some hand coloured. Covered with vellum (earlier holograph legal manuscript on verso)

Scope and Content Note

Containing bookplates, block-prints, and heraldic designs pasted in. Also, 1 loose sketch for tea advertisement, and holograph letter signed from William Morgan, dated January 19, 1885, concerning a suggestion from Crawhall.
Box 1, Folder 4

Crawhall, Joseph, ed. A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country Anglers. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: George Rutland, 1864.

Scope and Content Note

Crawhall's personal copy, noted as the only small copy with the plates. Holograph signature on p.310. Numerous clippings pasted on ca. 25 blank pages bound in at back of book, many concerning prices of Crawhall books. Also, holograph notations of re-sale prices.
Box 6, Folder 5

Corporation annual; or recollections (not random) of the first reformed town council of the borough of Newcastle-upon-Tyne by a late councillor. Newcaste-upon-Tyne, W. Boag, 1836.

Scope and Content Note

Bound with: A supplement to the corporation annual...by a late councillor. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Fordyce, 1837. Extensive holograph notes bound in, giving names and biographical information about the anonymous councillors.
Box 4, Folder 6

Scrapbook containing 37 woodcuts, 1509-10, by Albert (sic) Durer, headed The passion of our lord Jesus Christ...

Box 6, Folder 7

Crawhall, Joseph. A Jubilee Thought. (Newcastle-on-Tyne, Mawson, Swan, & Morgan, 1887).

Scope and Content Note

Crawhall's dummy of this volume, containing holograph manuscript of text, impressions of block-prints, and holograph notes to printer.
Box 4, Folder 8

Crawhall, Joseph. A Jubilee Thought.

Physical Description: Proof copy, with holograph corrections.
Box 6, Folder 9


Physical Description: Vellum cover (earlier holograph manuscript on verso).

Scope and Content Note

Heraldic block-prints, studies for advertisements for Crawhall's books, etc.
Box 6, Folder 10

Scrapbook of sketches for and prints of heraldic designs, dated 1879.

Scope and Content Note

Few holograph notes. Wax impression of the signets of Charles Keene's family. Envelope of loose clippings.
Box 4, Folder 11


Scope and Content Note

Containing holograph notes and newspaper clippings related to Northumberland and the northern counties, I. Walton, cartoons, etc. Also, article from Scribner's Magazine, March 1890, by Benjamin Ellis Martin, called In the footprints of Charles Lamb. Holograph manuscript written by George H. Haydon, noted as used by Crawhall in A jubilee thought. Robert Robinson's notes on Bewick's Chillingham bull.
Box 2, Folder 12


Scope and Content Note

Containing block-prints, including unusal animal subjects (designed by Joseph Crawhall, Jr.,?). Also, photograph of Crawhall, given to his wife, Margaret, November 30, 1882, on the 28th anniversary of their wedding day.
Box 2, Folder 13


Physical Description: Holograph notations throughout.

Scope and Content Note

Containing sketches for cuts, and of finished prints by Crawhall. Letter to Crawhall, dated August 21, 1884, from Tuer, publisher, concerning Christmas card sketches. Also, block-print of Crawhall, himself. Sketch by J. Crawhall, Jr., dated 1883.
Box 6, Folder 14

Crawhall, Joseph. A Jubilee Thought. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Mawson, Swan, & Morgan, 1887. Crawhall's personal copy. Two holograph poems written in on p.[77]: Avenged, and On a sheep's jawbone.

Box 1, Folder 15

William, lord bp. of Carlisfe. Leges Marchiarum: or, border-laws. London, Tim. Goodwin, 1705.

Scope and Content Note

Holograph notes and heraldic sketches by Crawhall. Contains material about Hugh Crawhall.
Box 2, Folder 16

Scrapbook headed Memoranda relating to Newscaste-on-Tyne during the mayoralty of Joseph Crawhall Esquire, 1849-50.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of newspaper clippings concerning Crawhall's term as mayor, and related happenings in the town during this time.
Box 2, Folder 17

Crawhall, Joseph. Old Aunt Elspa's Spelling... London: Field & Tuer, (1884-5).

Box 2, Folder 18

Crawhall, Joseph. Old Aunt Elspa's ABC. London: Field & Tuer, 1884. Bound with: Crawhall, Joseph, Old aunt Elspa's spelling... London: Field & Tuer, 1884.

Box 2, Folder 19

Crawhall, Joseph. Several sovereigns for a shilling; 1886.

Physical Description: 10 loose prints in envelope.

Scope and Content Note

Preliminary sketch for printer, with some completed block-prints pasted in. Later, published by Mawson, Swan, & Morgan.
Box 3, Folder 20

vol.1: Letters from various persons, including Bewick's daughter. Sketches by Jos. Crawhall, Jr. Stationers Hall and British Museum receipts for copies of Chaplets from coquet-side.

Box 7

vol.2: Photograph of Crawhall, dated 1876. Letters from various persons, many concerning an art exhibition and sale of drawings. Sketches by Crawhall, Jr. and Sr., and other artists of the time.

Box oversize

vol.3: Letter from Laura Alma Tadema, and others, concerning sale of pictures. Receipts for annual dues paid by Crawhall to The Royal Historical Society, the Surtees Society, the Society for Protection of Ancient Buildings, and the Grampion Club.

Box 3, Folder 21

Scrapbook of block-prints, 1882, primarily for Crawhall's Olde Ffrendes Wyth Newe Faces. Includes sketch by Crawhall, Jr., 1882.

Box 7, Folder 22

Crawhall, Joseph. The Barkeshire Lady's Garland. London: Field & Tuer, 1883. Bound with: The Babes in the Wood. London: Field & Tuer, 1883. (Chapbook chaplets, 1 and 2).

Box 2, Folder 23

Crawhall, Joseph. Completest Angling Book. Newcaste-on-Tyne, n.p., August 4, 1881.

Physical Description: Original copy of the printer's copy, 2nd ed. Holograph notation.
Box 5, Folder 24

Crawhall, Joseph. Impresses Quaint; 1889.

Physical Description: Crawhall's dummy with cuts pasted in, for printer, with holograph directions by Crawhall on flyleaf.
Box 5, Folder 25

Crawhall, Joseph. Impresses Quaint (1889) used as a scrapbook. Extra block-prints pasted in. Also, numerous clippings concerning Charles Keene, Punch artist, then recently deceased; holograph letters from Keene tipped in. Sotheby catalog of sale of drawings by John Tenniel, Charles Keene, and others. Photograph of the Crawhall and family.

Box 7, Folder 26

Crawhall, Joseph. Poesies, 1890.

Physical Description: Crawhall's dummy copy with holograph notes to the printer.
Box 6, Folder 27

Crawhall, Joseph. Impresses Quaint(1889). Inscribed The only coloured copy/for my beloved wife/ Margaret Boyd Crawhall/Copy no.1 April 17th, 1889/ Joseph Crawhall.

Physical Description: Note adds that this is the printer's copy, but the position of many blocks was slightly altered.
Box 6, Folder 28

Crawhall, Joseph. Collection of right merrie garlands for North Country anglers. Newcastle-on-tyne, Geo. Rutland, 1864.

Physical Description: 1 vol., pagination irregular. Proof sheets of book at various stages of printing, with numerous holograph corrections by Crawhall.
Box 6, Folder 29

Crawhall, Joseph. Heraldic drawings by... Newcastle on Tyne, 1880.

Physical Description: 8 leaves. 21 cm. 8 original watercolor drawings of coats of arms of various families in a scrapbook bound in half maroon morocco.
Box 5, Folder 30

Crawhall, Joseph. Impressions from wooden blocks cut by... Newcastle on Tyne, 1882.

Physical Description: 36 leaves. 25 cm. 111 woodcuts and 1 original ink and watercolor drawing all mounted in a scrapbook bound in green morocco.