Inventory of the March K. Fong Papers

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Inventory of the March K. Fong Papers

Inventory: LP159; LP161

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Descriptive Summary

Title: March K. Fong Papers
Inventory: LP159; LP161
Creator: Fong, March K.
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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March K. Fong, a Democrat, was first elected in 1966 to represent the 15th Assembly District, a portion of Alameda County, and was successfully reelected for three additional terms. Mrs. Fong's primary legislative interests have included education, including more state aid for schools, tax incentives to encourage broader participation in the economic development of human and material resources, training programs for the employment needs of modern society, programs to encourage constructive use of leisure time, homeowner's tax relief, conservation and environmental quality, and consumer protection and safety. In 1974 Mrs. Fong ran for and was elected to the Office of the Secretary of State.

Arrangement and Description

Folder LP159:393-498

1. Legislative Files

Scope and Content Note

Restricted Records
Bills and measures introduced and/or co-authored; amendments; bill analyses; correspondence, telegrams, statements and testimony in support or opposition; Legislative Counsel opinions and conflict statements; author's and floor statements; press releases; newspaper clippings; reports; roll calls; and background information and data.
Folder LP159:393-401

AB 69-AB 2542, ACA's, AJR 32, HR's, RCR's. 1967

Physical Description: (9 ff).
Folder LP159:402-414

AB 70-AB 1995, ACA's, ACR's, HR's, RCR's. 1968

Physical Description: (13 ff).
Folder LP159:415-429

AB 260-AB 2339, ACA's, ACR's HR's, RCR's. 1969

Physical Description: (15 ff).
Folder LP159:430-448

AB 162-AB 2493, ACA's, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's. 1970

Physical Description: (19 ff).
Folder LP159:449-472

AB 8-AB 2942, ACA's, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's, MR's, co-authored bills, and misc. legislative measures. 1971

Physical Description: (24 ff).
Folder LP159:473-487

AB 71-AB 2283, ACA 63, AJR 8, HR 17, RCR's, MR's, and co-authored bills. 1972

Physical Description: (15 ff).
Folder LP159:488-498

AB 597-AB 4525, ACA's, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's, and MR's. 1973-74

Physical Description: (11 ff).

2. Committee Records

Folder LP159:499-550

A. Assembly Committee on Environmental Quality.


A1. Assembly and Senate measures heard before committee: committee and author's amendments; committee and staff analyses; correspondence, statements and testimony, and Department position statements in support or opposition; Legislative Counsel conflict statements; roll calls; and background information and data.

Folder LP159:499-502

AB 163-AB 3041, ACR's, AJR's. 1971

Physical Description: (4 ff).
Folder LP159:503

SB 79-SB 1269, SCR's, SJR's. 1971

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:504-507

AB 26-AB 2341, ACR 20, AJR 9. 1972

Physical Description: (4 ff).
Folder LP159:508

SB 21-SB 1249, SCR's. 1972

Physical Description: (1 ff).

A2 Committee Hearings: agendas; transcripts of hearings; statements and testimony presented before committee; committee correspondence; meeting notices; press releases; registrants; background information; and general committee working papers.

Folder LP159:509

Investigation of causes of San Francisco Bay oil spill of Jan. 18, 1971, San Francisco. Feb. 11-12, 1971

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:510-511

Integrated Control of Agricultural Pests, Sacramento. Nov. 10, 1971

Physical Description: (2 ff).
Folder LP159:512

Organic Foods, San Diego. Sept. 11-12, 1972

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:513

The State's Role in Population Growth and Distribution, Demographic and Family Life Education, and Family Planning, San Francisco. Sept. 18-19, 1972

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:514-515

Urban and Suburban Use of Pesticides in California, Los Angeles. Oct. 4-5, 1972

Physical Description: (2 ff).
Folder LP159:516

Underground Pipelines in California, Oakland. Oct. 18, 1972

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:517-518

Environmental Quality: air quality problems in the Bay Area and operations of the Bay Area Air Pollution Control District, San Francisco. Dec. 11, 1972

Physical Description: (2 ff).

A3. Committee and Staff Reports:

Folder LP159:519

1. Collision in the Bay. A Report on the San Francisco Bay Spill of January 18, 1971, and oil spillage in California March, 1971


2. A Further Examination of the 1970 Statistics of the Department of Public Health on Work Injury Diseases Attributed to Pesticides and Other Agricultural Chemicals April 3, 1971


3. Environmental Education in California. May 3, 1971


4. Pesticides in the Urban Environment. Aug., 1971

Physical Description: (1 ff).
Folder LP159:520

5. What Has Happened in the Paper Recycling Field in the Past 25 Years. Aug., 1971


6. Final Summary of 1971 Legislation. 1972


7. Environmental Quality: The Governmental Response During 1971. Feb., 1972


8. Proposed Interim Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines (also staff draft dated Nov. 4, 1971). June 5, 1972


9. Environmental Legislation in California, 1972. Aug., 1972


10. The Integrated Control of Agricultural Pests in California. Aug., 1972


11. The Environmental Impact of Building Codes. n.d.

Physical Description: (1 ff).

A4 Committee Subject Files: correspondence received and copies of letters sent; memoranda; minutes; reports and studies; notes; press releases; newspaper clippings; and background materials and data collected and/or produced by the committee staff with respect to committee activities, hearings, and areas of investigation. Subject data in this series includes:

Folder LP159:522-550

Abandoned Cars; Air Pollution; Airport Land Use Commissions; Assembly Science and Technology Advisory Council (ASTAC); California Agricultural Aircraft Association; Coastal Protection; Fred F. Cooper, Alameda County Board of Supervisors; Composting-Waste Recycling Conference, Denver (May 20-21, 1971); Dow Chemical Company; Ecology; Environment and Environmental Quality; Environmental Management, Local (San Diego); Folsom South Canal; Forest Practices Act; Gagan, Michael-Committee Consultant; Geothermal Resources; Honeybees; Phosphates in Detergents; Recycling; Select Committee on the Governor's Environmental Goals and Policy Report; Solid Waste Management; Speaker's Office; Squaw Valley Development and State Disposal of Interest thereto; State Agencies; Water Pollution. 1965-74

Physical Description: (29 ff).

Scope and Content Note

Note: see also Committee Consultant Files as described under Assembly Select Committee on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition.
Folder LP159:551-556; LP161:1-25

B. Assembly Select Committee on Agriculture, Food and Nutrition


B1 Committee Hearings:

Folder LP159:551-553

Use of Monitor-4 (pesticide) on California lettuce; transcript of hearings; agenda; statements and testimony; committee correspondence; background materials; press releases; and miscellaneous committee working papers, Los Angeles. March 9-10, 1973

Physical Description: (3 ff).

B2 Consultant's Subject Files: correspondence received and copies of letters sent; memoranda; minutes; reports and studies; Legislative Counsel Opinions; notes; speech materials; press releases; newspaper clippings; and background materials and data collected and/or produced by the Committee Consultant, Michael Gagan, and his staff with respect to committee activities, hearings, and areas of investigation. Subject data in this series includes:

Folder LP159:554-556 LP161:1-25

Agricultural Pest Control Advisory Committee; Assembly Advisory Committee on Apiary and Pesticide Problems; California Agricultural Commissioners Association; Farmworker Safety Legislative Proposals; Occupational Safety and Health Act (U.S.)-California regulations to implement; Organic Foods; Pesticide Advisory Committee; Pesticide Container Disposal, including Interagency Task Force on Pesticide Container Disposal, and Proceedings of the National Conference on Pesticide Containers, New Orleans (Nov. 28-30, 1972); Pesticides, General-including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hearings on DDT cancellation proceedings (March-April, 1972) and E.P.A. standards and regulations governing pesticide use, pesticide legislation, and pesticide regulation in other states; Phosphates in Detergents; and Pollution of water by Zinc-based Toilet Chemicals. 1970-74

Physical Description: (28 ff).

C. Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation, Pesticides Subcommittee

Folder LP161:26-27

Pesticide measures heard before subcommittee, AB 2382-AB 4217; bill analyses; amendments; correspondence in support or opposition; author's floor statements; Legislative Counsel opinions and conflict statements; agency position statements; and miscellaneous background materials. 1973-74

Physical Description: (2 ff).
Folder LP161:28-113

3. Office Subject Files

Scope and Content Note

Subject Files; correspondence received and sent from constituents, legislators, legislative advocates, special interest groups, state and local government agencies, and private citizens, regarding proposed and pending legislation, operations of state and local government, and local conditions. Files also include minutes, reports and studies, press releases and statements, invitations, newspaper clippings, speeches and speech materials, and general background and information materials. Files arranged alphabetically by subject. (In most cases only samples of a given file or subject were retained and some file entries were eliminated altogether where research and/or historical values determined to be nonexistent.) Subject data in this series includes:
Folder LP161:28-113

Abortion; Acupuncture; Alameda County, including Board of Supervisor's Legislative programs and Democratic Central Committee; Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG); Ballot Propositions (1970); Bay Area Regional (Government) Organization; Bay Conservation and Development Commission; B.A.R.T., Biographical Information; Castro Valley; Daily Diaries (1968, 70, 71); East Bay Regional Park District; East Oakland Fruitvale Planning Council; Fluoridation; Highways-MacArthur Freeway ban on truck traffic, Plaza Drive and Skyline Parkway; Invitations accepted and declined; Memberships, Misc., including Advisory Commission on the Status of Women, California Arts Commission, California Commission on Economic Development, Interagency Council on Family Planning, YMCA Youth and Government Commission, Commonwealth Club, etc.; Oakland, City of; Oakland Office of Economic Opportunity; Oakland Public Schools; Photographs; Press Releases and Sacramento Reporter; Rule Committee, misc.; Speeches and Speech Materials (1966-74); Women in Prisons; and Women's Clubs 1966-74

Physical Description: (86 ff).