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Finding Aid to the Jesse Washington Carter papers, circa 1912-1948
BANC MSS C-B 842  
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Incoming correspondence. circa 1914-1939


Letters from family, friends, other lawyers, judges, political figures, etc. Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization, with special folders for the more important correspondents. (These are listed in the front matter to this finding aid). Other letters are in alphabetical miscellanies, preceding each group of special folders, arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically thereunder.
box 1

A miscellany - Af.

box 2

Ag - B miscellany. 1914-1924

box 3

B miscellany. 1925-1936

box 4

B miscellany 1937-1939 - C miscellany 1914-1917.

box 5

C miscellany. 1918-1926

box 6

C miscellany. 1927-1939

box 7

Caa - Carter, G.

box 8

Carter, H. - Cz

box 9

D miscellany.

box 10

Da - F miscellany. 1914-1922

box 11

F miscellany 1923-1939 - G miscellany 1914-1922.

box 12

G miscellany 1923-1939 - Gz.

box 13

H miscellany. 1914-1930

box 14

H miscellany 1931-1939 - J miscellany 1914-1930.

box 15

J miscellany 1931-1939 - K miscellany.

box 16

Ka - L miscellany.

box 17

La - M miscellany. 1914-1926

box 18

M miscellany. 1923-1939

box 19

Ma - N miscellany.

box 20

Na - P miscellany 1914-1926.

box 21

P miscellany 1927-1939 - R miscellany 1914-1923.

box 22

R miscellany 1924-1939 - S miscellany 1914-1918.

box 23

S miscellany. 1919-1929

box 24

S miscellany. 1930-1939

box 25

Sa - T miscellany. 1914-1927

box 26

T miscellany 1928-1939 - U.

box 27

V - W miscellany 1914-1925.

box 28

W miscellany 1926-1939 - Wh.

box 29

Wi - Z.


Outgoing correspondence. 1912-1939


Copies of letters written by Carter and his legal associates -Arthur M. Dean, Lester C. Smith, Glenn D. Newton, Dallas L. Barrett, Daniel S. Carlton and Samuel F. Finley. Arranged chronologically. The files lack letters for June through December 1918 and for the year 1938.
box 30

1912-May 1915

box 31

Jun-Dec 1915

box 32

Jan-Aug 1916

box 33

Sept 1916-May 1917

box 34

Jun 1917-May 1918

box 35

1919-Apr 1922

box 36

May 1922-May 1923

box 37

Jun 1923-Jun 1924

box 38

Jul 1924-Aug 1925

box 39

Sept 1925-Jul 1926

box 40

Aug 1926-Aug 1927

box 41

Sept 1927-Feb 1929

box 42

Mar 1929-May 1930

box 43

Jun 1930-Apr 1932

box 44

May 1932-Dec 1933

box 45

Jan 1934-Dec 1936

box 46

Letters dated Jan 1937-Sept 1939, and letters to Corinne Gilb dated 1955 Jan 1937-Sept 1939, 1955


Papers of Lester C. Smith. circa 1917-1924

Physical Description: Box 47


Personal and business correspondence.

Legal files.


Primarily correspondence, notes, and copies of legal documents relating to the various cases which Carter handled. Arranged alphabetically according to the name of Carter's client. A select list of significant cases is included in the front matter to this finding aid.
carton 1

Abelar vs. McCloud River RR - Anderson vs. Redding Savings Bank.

carton 2

Anderson, Twila – misc. - Bank vs. Henriques.

carton 3

Banning vs. Hoffman - Baumann vs. Pickthorn.

carton 4

Bazet - Big Cow Creek Ditch Company.

carton 5

Bissell vs. Wyatt - Sullivan-Bosworth vs. Bosworth.

carton 6

Bosworth vs. PG&E - Brown vs. Anderson.

carton 7

Brown vs. Brown Foreclosure - Butte Valley Bank vs. Bratton.

carton 8

Cain vs. St. Comp. Ins. Fund - Carter vs. Hickok.

carton 9

Carter vs. Kays - Conners vs. Walker et al.

carton 10

Cooley vs. Kouts - Curtis vs. Bacciocco

carton 11

Daily et al vs. Gordon - DeBerry vs. DeBerry.

carton 12

Deetz vs. Central Pacific RR - Dental Board.

carton 13

Dental Board letters - Dental Board vs. Jensen.

carton 14

Dental Board vs. Painless Parker - Diestelhorst vs. Paige.

carton 15

Dodge vs. Dozier - Driscoll vs. Hoppe.

carton 16

Droege et al vs. Black - English, Clara Louise.

carton 17

Engram, Maude Misc.-Fiske vs. Gray.

carton 18

Fitzgerald, McCoy - Frick vs. White.

carton 19

Frisbie, Caroline Elizabeth Estate - Gallatin (Eagle Lake Matter).

carton 20

Galletti vs. Galletti - Girdner vs. Meyers.

carton 21

Girdner vs. Union Oil Co. - Greenhalgh vs. Greenhalgh.

carton 22

Greenwood vs. Greenwood - Hampton, Harley G.

carton 23

Hanson vs. State Fund - Hat Creek Water Service.

carton 24

Haug, Albert E. - Bank of America vs. Hill, Carter.

carton 25

Hilton vs. Wilkinson - Hoverman Estate.

carton 26

Howard vs. Howard - Hyde & Co.

carton 27

Independent vs. Schepers - Jackson vs. State Garage.

carton 28

Jacobson vs. Greene - Jones vs. Calvin.

carton 29

Joerger vs. Bank of America - Joerger vs. Superior Court.

carton 30

Joerger vs. Capitol Dredge - Joerger, Louis Miscellany.

carton 31

Jones vs. Moody - Kerr vs. Bush.

carton 32

Keser, Rose Marie Adoption - Klenzendorf vs. High School.

carton 33

Klingler vs. Klingler - Laird et al vs. Supt. of Banks, California.

carton 34

Lake vs. I. A. C. - Lewis vs. Howard.

carton 35

Lewis vs. Winetrout - Lockstone, George W. vs. Southern Pacific Company.

carton 36

Lofton vs. Castle Creek - McDemos vs. Wyse Bros.

carton 37-39

McArthur, Luther vs. Mt. Shasta Power Corporation.

carton 40

McDonald, Edward R. - McReynolds vs. U. S.

carton 41

McWilliams, William K. Estate - Martin, Mary (mine ownership).

carton 42

Martin, Henry Alan.

carton 43

Martin, Henry Alan - Meyer vs. Meyer.

carton 44

Midgley, Mabel - Moody, H. L.

carton 45

Morgan vs. Fields - Myers et al vs. Ass’td Oil Co.

carton 46

Nathan, Fine et al vs. Butterway - Nielsen vs. Long.

carton 47

Nielsen, John vs. Lund - Nutson vs. McQueen.

carton 48

Oaks vs. Shasta Rice Co. - Overhulser, E. L.

carton 49

Pacific Coast Motor Ins. vs. Stevens - Packwood, C. A. et al.

carton 50

Paige vs. Covington - Paulson vs. Mt. Copper Co.

carton 51

Pawley vs. Fite - Phillips vs. Mead & Wilson.

carton 52

Pickett vs. Shasta May Blossom Copper Mining & Smelting Co. - Pratt vs. Pratt.

carton 53

Pythian Castle Hall Association of Cottonwood - Ryan, John W.

carton 54

Sabourin vs. Sabourin - Scott vs. Reed.

carton 55

Scovel, Simeon W. Estate - Smith vs. Basler.

carton 56

Smith vs. Castella - Stevenson vs. Thornberry.

carton 57

Stevenson, Charles A. - Swanson vs. Smith et al.

carton 58

Tallerico vs. Carson et al - Vaughan vs. Black.

carton 59

Vestal vs. Shackett - Warren, Henry B. Estate.

carton 60

Warren, Henry B. Estate - Wetzel vs. Wetzel.

carton 61

Wetzel vs. Yreka - Wilcox Estate.

carton 62

Wilcox, Harry M. Estate - Woods vs. Bland.

carton 63

Wescott vs. Woodward - Zukermon, Louis Estate; Legal Files Miscellaneous.

carton 64

Legal Files Miscellaneous: Basham, Nancy J. Estate- Dawson Estate.

carton 65

Legal Files Miscellaneous:Jackson, Walter Estate - Walker, Fred M. Estate.

carton 66

Legal Files Miscellaneous: Notten, Carrie M. Estate - Smith, M. Estate.

carton 73

Ackley-Blodgett, Eads-Fleming.


Subject files.


Mainly correspondence, reports, clippings, reference materials, etc. Folder titles are as follows (the subject designations are Carter's):
carton 67

Abatement - re abatement of nuisances under the prohibition act. 1922-1926

Physical Description: (2 folders)
carton 67

Building, New Office - re construction of the Carter building in Redding. 1931

carton 67

Liquor - re prohibition enforcement activities, ca. 1921-1923

carton 67

Red Light Reports - re investigation of houses of prostitution and bars. 1920-1923

carton 67

State Water Plan Data - re State Water Plan Association and Central Valley Water Project. circa 1933-1934


Political subject files.


Correspondence, speeches, press releases, campaign materials, etc. Folder titles are as follows (the subject designations are Carter's):
carton 68

Campaign - re Carter's contemplated candidacy for Congress. 1926

carton 68

Senatorial Campaign - re Carter's campaign for state senator. 1926

carton 68

Judge Pullen Campaign - for office of presiding, Judge of third district court of appeal. 1932

carton 68

Garner Campaign - re Democratic Party national convention. to which Carter was a California delegate 1932

carton 68

Olson for Governor - California gubernatorial campaign 1938

carton 68

Democratic Volunteers - requests for help in securing appointments in Olson's administration. 1938

carton 69

Office memoranda, financial statements and clients time records.


Include interoffice memoranda, 1935-1938; financial statements, 1931-1937; record of time spent in consultation with clients, 1933-1934; book statements, ca. 1918-1937.
carton 70

Records re State Bar of California. ca. 1927-1933


Include minutes of meetings of Board of Governors and of various committees, executive orders and rules, committee reports and miscellaneous publications.
carton 71-72

Papers re Knights of Pythias. ca. 1922-1936


Correspondence with other members concerning appointments to lodge positions, business matters, social functions, etc.; programs for meetings; rosters of committees; reports of the grand chancellor, etc.

Senate subject files. 1939


Files kept by Carter during the period he was state senator. Folder titles are as follows:
carton 74

Applications - requests for appointments

carton 74

Aviation Legislation - letters from state departments of aeronautics re Carter's request for copies of laws governing aviation

carton 74

Carter Bills - copies of bills introduced by Carter

carton 74

California Real Estate Association - copies of its legislative bulletin

carton 74

Central Valley Project - inspection trip for California legislators. May 1939

carton 74


carton 74

Governor's Office - press releases, reports of legislation, etc.

carton 74

League of California Municipalities - copies of its legislative bulletin

carton 74

Legislative Matters - bills, resolutions, reports on legislation, notes, clippings, miscellaneous reference materials

Physical Description: (3 folders)
carton 74

Railroad Commission and Public Utilities Act - reports and copy of bill to amend act

carton 74

Senate and Assembly Bills - with related reports

carton 74

Shasta County Schools - reports and memoranda

carton 74

Shasta Dam - re resolution of Board of Supervisors, Siskiyou County. February 7, 1939

carton 74

Shasta Tunnel - Arbitration Agreement

carton 74

State and County Central Committee Bulletin

carton 74

State Personnel Board - miscellaneous information


Miscellaneous files of Carlton and Shadwell, the law firm which succeeded Carter, Barrett, Finley and Carlton. 1943-1946


Primarily correspondence and copies of legal documents relating to various actions-at-law. Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization.
carton 75

A miscellany-B miscellany.

carton 76

A-C miscellany.

carton 77


carton 78


carton 79

H-I miscellany.

carton 80


carton 81

L-M miscellany.

carton 82

M miscellany-Q.

carton 83


carton 84

S-T miscellany.

carton 85


carton 86-89

Records re legal business of the city of Reddlng. circa 1947-1952


Daniel S. Carlton, partner in the law firm of Carlton and Shadwell, served as city attorney. These papers include copies of leases entered into between the city and various individuals ; deeds for rights of way; copies of complaints on violation of city ordinances; notices calling for bids, etc.
carton 90-91

Papers of Oliver J. Carter. circa 1941-1948


Correspondence, reports of various state governmental bodies and private organizations, speeches, minutes of meetings, reference materials, etc., relating to Carter's work as state senator. The following folders are included:

Board of Equalization - re work of the Senate Interim Committee on the State Board of Equalization and the question of taking from the Board the control of liquor traffic

Physical Description: (2 folders)

California State Firemen's Association minutes of its meetings and copies of news letters


Carter, Oliver J. - mainly political correspondence

Physical Description: (3 folders)

Campaign for Clair Engle - 1943 special election for member of Congress


Fish and Game Commission - re legislation affecting work of the Commission

Physical Description: (2 folders)

Forestry Commission - re forest conservation legislation and work of California Forestry Study Committee


National Rivers and Harbors Congress - re request from Clair Engle asking him to serve on advisory committee


Senate Correspondence - from constituents, other senators, judges, etc., re work of the Senate, reactions to legislation, etc.


Senate for Shasta and Trinity Counties - re post-war projects


Special Sessions - re prison reorganization, the subject of a special session of the legislature in 1944




Oversize material.

oversize-box 1

Map of City of Mount Shasta, Proposed Water Service Extension. August 15, 1938

oversize-box 1

Location Survey of The Crum Ranch in Township 37N R5E M.D.M. 1927


Crum vs. Mount Shasta Power.
oversize-box 1

Map Showing Property of J.F. McReynolds et.al. Department of Public Works, Division of Highways (California)

oversize-box 1

Sketch Showing Proposed Route Through Southerly Entrance to Redding, Shasta County, California

oversize-box 1

Graph drawing; Profile of Pit River from Dam Below Fall River Mills to Pitville, Shasta County, California December 3-11, 1925


Carl F. Mau, Licensed Surveyor
oversize-box 1

Fractional maps of Townships 39 North, Ranges 5 and 6 East M.D.M. (2 sheets). Showing the Howard Wendt Ranch, It's Water Supply. October 22-26, 1934, March 7, 1938


W.J. Archer, County Surveyor.
oversize-box 1

Map Showing Area Affected by Proposed Table Mountain Dam (4 sheets). Shasta County, California. May 1944

oversize-box 1

Contour map of City of Redding Municipal Airport (California) December 1930


C.F. Mau, City Engineer
oversize-box 2

Drawing of State Highway between Redding and Fall River Mills, Burney Creek

oversize-box 2

Map Showing State Highway Location Sta.158+ to Sta.168+. Buildings and Improvements of Anna Frick. April 1928


C.F. Mau, City Engineer
oversize-box 2

Map of the Lines of the Herbert Bass Telephone System, Shasta County. July 1915

oversize-box 2

Sketch map of the Fall River valley in Shasta County, California. 1927


Carl F. Mau.
oversize-box 2

Blue line drawings; Residence to be Erected for Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Carlton, Redding (3 sheets). February 11, 1940


Albert H. Larsen, Architect
oversize-box 2

Blue line drawing; Survey of Portion of H.B. Manning to Hat Creek Bridge Near Carton, over Louis Jerger, G.J. Gooch, Jesse Grant, and John Smith.


C.R. Wiegel, County Surveyor
oversize-box 2

Map of City of Mt. Shasta Sewer Survey in the Brownshasta Ranch. September 24, 1938

oversize-box 2

Blue line drawing; Sub Aqueous Contours of Pit River Channel (2 sheets). Near Fall River Mills, California. November 14, 1928


Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco, California.
oversize-box 3

Maps of R.R. Smith Subdivision, Mount Shasta (2 sheets). Siskiyou County, California. 1937

oversize-box 3

Blue line drawings: Reinforced Concrete Girder Bridge over Bear Creek (4 sheets). Anderson-Shingletown Road; Shasta County, California. July 1921


C.R. Wiegel, County Surveyor
oversize-box 3

Maps of properties (2 sheets). April 23, 1908


Head vs. Hunceker
oversize-box 3

Graph drawings: Diagram showing location and portion of fence of E.J. Wood. S.W. 1/4 of Section 26 T33NR4W M.D.M (3 sheets). February 5, 1927


Carl F. Mau, Licensed Surveyor
oversize-box 3

Blue line drawings: Plan and profile of State Highways (3 sheets). State of California Department of Public Works, Div. of Highways. Trinity County between Burnt Ranch and McDonald Creek. October 5, 1933


Gastineau vs. Hemstreet and Bell
oversize-box 3

Graph drawing: Profile of Pit River with Beaver Creek.

oversize-box 3

Graph drawings: Profile on Line "X-Y" Adjacent to Pit River Bridge at McArthur. October 2, 1929


C.R. Mau, C.E.(2 sheets)
oversize-box 3

Map of City of Redding, California.

oversize-box 3

A.E. Woods, City Engineer (2 sheets, undated).

oversize-box 4

Howard X-rays.

oversize-box 4

Map of Location of Water System; California Pythian Home 1926


S. Gonzalez, Licensed Surveyor.
oversize-box 4

Blue line drawing and graph drawing: Location of Dry Creek Bridge. August 19, 1920


Surveyed by J.C. Knight, Deputy County Surveyor.
oversize-box 4

Graph drawing: Pit River Temperatures above Bridge at Fall River Mills. August-September 1927


E.A. Garland and W.R. Schneider.
oversize-box 4

Blue line drawings: Frame and stucco dwelling (4 sheets). Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Gray (Redding, California). March 26, 1938

oversize-box 4

Light and Power Distribution for the City of Alturas (2 sheets).

oversize-box 4

Certificate of Circuit Court of the United States of America, Ninth Judicial Circuit, San Francisco, California. August 11, 1898

oversize-box 4

Blue line drawings: Fall River Hydrographs (sheet 16-24). September 16, 1926-May 24, 1927

oversize-box 4

Graph drawing: Average Hourly Consumption of Water in Cubic Feet per Second. Pit No. 1 Power Plant (2 sheets). April-September 1925

oversize-box 4

Blue line graph: Mammoth Copper Mining Company Operating Cost Records (10 sheets). 1909-1910

oversize-box 4

Graph drawing: Gage Height of Fall River at Horr's Mill (Glenburn, California). anuary 1-August 23, 1924

oversize-box 4

Graph drawing: Gage Height at Pit No. 1 Weir. July 1-December 31, 1923

oversize-box 4

Graph drawing: Comparative Gage Heights of Fall River at Glenburn. 1926

oversize-box 4

Hydrographs for Calison case (6 sheets).

oversize-box 5

Graph drawings: Section of Ditch, T37NR5E, Sections 10 and 20 (2 sheets).

oversize-box 5

Graph drawing: Cross Section of Pit River opposite Crum's Pump. December 14, 1925


C.R. Mau, Surveyor.
oversize-box 5

Graph drawings: Pit River Temperatures and Cross Sections (3 sheets). July 6-7, 1927, September 1-2, 1927


E.A. Garland and W.R. Schneider
oversize-box 5

Graph drawing: Discharge of Pit River, South of Bieber, 1871-1927. October 1927


C.E. Grunsky, Consulting Engineer
oversize-box 5

Graph drawing: Profile of Pit River from Dam below Fall River Mills to Pitville, Shasta County, California.


Carl F. Mau, Licensed Surveyor.
oversize-box 5

Map of Anderson Mosquito Abatement District, drains and ditches. July 20, 1920

oversize-box 5

Graph drawing and blue line drawing. Profile of Section of Pit River, Roderick McArthur land January 1929

oversize-box 5

Maps and graph drawings; Stadia Survey for C.W. Clarke Co. (4 sheets). Upper Meadow, Little Valley Ranch. October 1938


Thos. W. Ogilvie, Civil Engineer.
oversize-box 5

Blue line drawings: City of Mount Shasta, California (7 sheets). Municipal Sewage Disposal Project. September 15, 1938


Harry N. Jenks, Consulting Sanitary Engineer.
oversize-box 5

Map of Loueza Lemm estate and adjacent properties.

oversize-box 5

Maps of Proposed Outfall Sewer in the Brown Ranch (4 sheets). Mount Shasta, California; Siskiyou County.

oversize-box 6

Blue line drawings: Resurvey of a portion of NW 1/4 Section 22 T 38 NR 4 W. Estate of C.C. Huffacre. June 6, 1917


H.J. Fink, Licensed Land Surveyor
oversize-box 6

Map of Shadwell's Subdivision of Block "F" of Dakyn's Addition. Redding, California. April 1936

oversize-box 6

Blue line drawings: Corrected surveys of plots in Shasta County, California. January-March, 1936 August 31, 1936

Content Description

January-March, 1936; C.R. Wiegel, Licensed Surveyor (1 sheet).
August 31, 1936; W.K. Adams, Registered Engineer (6 sheets).


Eitemiller vs. McReynolds
oversize-box 6

Blue line drawings: Residence of Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Northcutt (3 sheets). Redding, California. April 3, 1940

oversize-box 6

Blue line drawing: T.31 N.R., 4W. MDM (1 copy) June 1919


Surveyed by C.R. Wiegal, County Surveyor
oversize-box 6

Blue line drawings: Residence of Mr. Ross W. Shanahan (4 sheets). Redding, California. February 5, 1936

oversize-box 6

Map of Holland Mine, Trinity County.

oversize-box 6

Map drawings of Redding, California; Shasta County (2 sheets). Proposed right of way and construction of Central Pacifc Railway Co. June 15, 1938

oversize-box 6

Lot drawing: Henyford(?) vs. Dozier

oversize-box 6

Maps of Spelzini Subdivision; Mt. Shasta City, California (2 sheets). August 30, 1935, June 26, 1938


Albert F. Parrot, County Surveyor.
Mount Shasta Community Hospital
oversize-box 6

Map of Klamath River Highway from Deadman Gulch to Swiss Bar. September 26, 1938


Nelson vs. Appel.
oversize-box 6

Layout plan of laundry by Troy Laundry Machinery Co., Ltd. November 22, 1916

oversize-box 7

Blue line graph drawing: Gage height of Fall River at Horr's Mill; Glenburn, California. By E.A. Garland. January 4, 1922-June 30, 1922, July 1, 1922-December 31, 1922

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Water Surface Elevations in Fall River. Pit No. 1 P.H. Weir. August 18-December 31, 1924

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Gage Height of Fall River at Horr's Mill. January 1-June 30, 1923

oversize-box 7

Hydrograph of Fall River. January 1-July 1, 1925

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Hydrograph of Fall River at Horr's Mill. P. Reynold's Ranch; Intake and Power House Mill. June 29, 1925-January 2, 1926

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Daily K.W. Output of Pit No. 1 Power House (2 sheets). 1923

oversize-box 7

Blue line drawings: T.31 N.R., 4W. County Road (2 copies). June 1919


Surveyed by C.R. Wiegal, County Surveyor
oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Daily K.W. Output of Pit No. 1 Power House (2 sheets). July-October 1926

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Comparative Gage Heights on Fall River at Horr's Mill. P. Reynold's Ranch; Intake at Pit No. 1 Weir. January 1-June 30, 1926

oversize-box 7

Description of Right of Way in the City of Redding (2 typewritten pages). S.P. Railroad Relocation, City Park.

oversize-box 7

Key Map of Second Diestel Horst Addition to City of Redding. September 15, 1938

oversize-box 7

Graph drawing: Comparative Gage Heights on Fall River at Horr's Mill. P. Reynold's Ranch; Intake and Pit No. 1 Weir. January 1-June 30, 1927

oversize-box 7

Sketch Showing Right of Way Required in the City of Redding. February 1940

oversize-box 7

Hydrographs of Fall River at Calison Ranch (Shasta County, California) (14 sheets). 1925-1927

oversize-box 8

Sketches Showing Proposed State Highway (34 sheets). Crossing various properties in Shasta County. March-August 1921

oversize-box 8

Sketches Showing Proposed State Highway (25 sheets). Crossing various properties in Shasta County. 1919, 1921

oversize-box 8

Map of Roderick McArthur Lands in Sections 9, 10, and 16. T37NR5E M.D.B.M. August 27-September 2, 1929


Carl F. Mau, Licensed Surveyor.