Register of the American subject collection, 1899-2004

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Title: American Subject collection
Date (inclusive): 1899-2004
Collection Number: XX742
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 20 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize box, 1 oversize folder, 9 phonorecords, 7 phonotape cassettes (9.4 linear feet)
Abstract: Pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, memoranda, reports, letters, writings, and miscellany, relating to political and social conditions in the United States, and especially to socialist, libertarian and radical movements.
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Scope and Content of Collection

Pamphlets, leaflets, serial issues, clippings, other printed matter, memoranda, reports, letters, writings, and miscellany, relating to political, social and economic conditions in the United States, and especially to socialist, libertarian and radical movements.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Free enterprise.
Libertarianism--United States.
Radicalism--United States.
Socialism--United States.
United States--History--20th century.
United States--Politics and government--20th century.
Video tapes.

Box 1-12

SUBJECT FILE, 1901-1994

Scope and Contents note

Addresses, appointment books, articles, brochures, bulletins, campaign material, circulars, correspondence, directories, essays, invitations, financial records, flyers, leaflets, legislation, log-books, manuals, memoirs, memoranda, minutes of meetings, newsletters, newspaper issues, notes, pamphlets, proclamations, programs, reports, statements, studies, transcripts of testimony, tributes, clippings and other printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject
Box 1, 12

General. Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins newsletters, reports, directories, manuals, appointment books, memoranda, and copies of New Deal legislation, relating to political, social, economic, and military conditions in the United States 1901-1989,

Box 8

American Friends Service Committee. Pamphlet relating to German refugees, and a button, n.d., that belonged to one Elizabeth Everett 1939;


American Youth Congress. Clippings, relating mainly to activities of the American Youth Congress in the 1930s 1935-1970,

Box 9

Anti-Semitism. Leaflets issued by the Edmondson (Economic Service), 1934


Armed Forces


Instructional guide, entitled "AirLand Battle," relating to the theory of coordination of air and ground military operations n.d.,


Pamphlets, one relating to defense production, and one relating to the threat of disease and non-battle injury to U.S. military personnel in the Gulf War of 1991, 1991 February 15 1952,

Box 8

Miscellany. Two mimeographed technical training bulletins, European Theater, ; one serial issue, 1949, issued by the Bureau of Naval Personnel; and one study, n.d., relating to motor vehicle operation in desert country and cold climates 1945 June-July

Box 2

Bicentennial. Addresses, illustrations, proclamations, and other material, l976, issued in commemoration of the Bicentenary of the United States

Box 9

Business. Reprint of a speech by Susanna W. Purnell, relating to U.S. business abroad and the threat of terrorism 1986,

Box 8

Christians for Socialism. Tract, entitled "Commies for Christ," relating to similarities between Christianity and communism, and to guidelines for U.S. foreign policy ca. 1983,

Box 12

Civil rights movement. Pamphlets and leaflets, relating in particular to Martin Luther King, Jr. 1946-1967,

Box 8

Communism. See also socialism


General. Correspondence, speeches, statements, testimonies, reports, studies, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, and clippings, relating to international communism and to communism in the United States 1946-1977,

Box 9

Issue of Left Review, organ of the John Reed Club of Philadelphia n.d.,

Box 12

Cooperative movement. Pamphlets, 1943-1944

Box 9



General. Includes a brochure, describing the Earth Island Institute n.d.,


Green parties. Flyer issued by the Green Party of California, 1991

Box 8

Hoover, Herbert C.


Issue of The Illustrated Review, featuring Herbert Hoover 1920 February,


Printed articles, relating to Herbert Hoover's mining career in Australia at the turn of the century 1987-1992,


Tributes, presented to Herbert Hoover by the Bohemian Club 1953-1954,

Box 11

LaRouche, Lyndon. Pamphlets, issued by Lyndon LaRouche groups, relating to world population policy and the electoral candidacies of LaRouche supporters 1994,

Box 2-3,



General. Correspondence, reports, essays, financial records, notes, leaflets, pamphlets, bulletins, newsletters, newspaper and serial issues, and other printed matter, relating to libertarianism in the United States, the organization and activities of the Libertarian Party in California and other libertarian organizations and conservative youth groups, and the First National Convention of the Libertarian Party

Box 8

First issue of the newsletter North Texas Libertarian, relating to the beginning of the 1986 Libertarian Party campaign in Texas 1986 March,

Box 2

Merchant marine. Log-book (handwritten), for a voyage of the steam-ship Lottie Bennet from San Francisco to Valparaiso, Chile, 1914; and log-book (blank), for a voyage of the schooner W.F. Jewett from San Francisco to Callao, Peru, 1913

Box 9

Migrant labor - California. reprint of John Steinbeck's essay "Their Blood Is Strong," originally published in 1936 and relating to the migratory agricultural workers in California 1938


Minorities. Reprint of an article by Wendell L. Willkie entitled "The Case for the Minorities," 1942


National Popular Government League. Bulletins, relating to various aspects of the political process 1929-1940,

Box 4

Presidential inaugurations. Reception and concert invitations, programs, and campaign badges, relating to the inaugurations of Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon 1953-1973,

Box 9

Prisons. Essay, by U.S. Bureau of Prisons director James V. Bennett, entitled "Of Prisons and Justice," relating to the penal system in general and to vocational training in prisons in particular ca. 1960,

Box 4

Protestant Episcopal Church. Clippings and other printed matter, relating to alleged Marxist influence in the Protestant Episcopal Church and in the World Council of Churches. Includes an Episcopalian study guide entitled "Struggling with the System: Probing Alternatives" 1974-1978,


Radicalism. Reports, relating to activities of the Workers' (Communist) Party, the Industrial Workers of the World, and other leftist organizations in Los Angeles during this period 1924,

Box 12

Reform movements. Pamphlets, bulletins, and leaflets issued by various reform movements, 1943-1971

Box 3

Republican Party. Typescript memoir relating to the Republican National Convention of July 1952, and Earl Warren, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Richard M. Nixon. Written by a convention messenger. May be used only by persons agreeing not to disclose the identity of the author

Box 4

Smith Act. Circular, relating to appeals for the defense of Oleta O'Connor Yates, under indictment on charges of violating the Smith Act 1952,

Box 5-7,12



General. Pamphlets, leaflets, booklets, newspaper and serial issues, bulletins, clippings, reports, and minutes, relating to the Socialist and Communist parties, as well as to other radical movements in the U.S., and to Leon Trotsky and the onset of World War II, as viewed by the communist and Trotskyist press in the U.S. Includes a legal brief and a legal decision, as well as notes, l937-l94l, relating to legal proceedings against Harry Bridges 1911-l967,

Box 9

Issue of The N.Y. Socialist, put out by the left wing of the Socialist Party and parodying The Socialist, the official organ of the party; and genuine issue of The Socialist, 1919 May 27 1919 May 17,

Box 12

Pamphlets, relating to Eugene V. Debs 1920-1942?

Box 9

Scrapbook of clippings, relating to Socialist candidates in the Presidential campaign of 1928 and Congressional and state elections of 1930 1928-1930,

Box 12

Roosevelt, Theodore. Program of memorial service, 1919 February 9

Box 7

Trade unions


General. Program of the Needle Trade Union, published by the Trade Union Education League, Needle Trade Section (in Yiddish), 1926


Handbills, 1931-1932, advocating unionization and unemployment relief in the U.S., and expressing pro-Soviet sympathies (some issued by the Communist Party of the United States of America)




Bryant, M. C. Newspaper clippings, relating to the suicide of M. C. Bryant, an American businessman in France and a member of the American Relief Administration during World War I 1928,


Karling, F. Biographical sketch of F. Karling, Commander-in-Chief, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, 1918-1920

Box 9

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Brochure, relating to the work of the council and to the official groundbreaking of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1986,

Box 8

Wilson, Woodrow. Mimeographed copy of a letter, from President Woodrow Wilson to Jacob H. Schiff, head of the Jewish War Relief, relating to that organization's fund-raising campaign 1917 November 22,


Miscellany. Two identical leaflets in Cambodian (possibly Thai or Laotian), dropped from an airplane over Stockton, California n.d.,



Scope and Contents note

Broadside issued by the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights
Mixed Materials Map case

Broadside issued by the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights and entitled "High Holiday Boycott Proclamation," calling for a boycott of German goods and services as a way of fighting Nazi Germany and of helping to save the Jewish people from destruction. In English and Hebrew


AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIAL, n.d. and ca. 1929-1947

Scope and Contents note

Phonorecords and phonotape cassettes of speeches and statements by American presidents and others relating to American politics
Mixed Materials Record cabinet



Inaugural addresses and other speeches by various presidents

Mixed Materials 1

Coolidge, Calvin

Mixed Materials 2-3

Hoover, Herbert (on agriculture and Prohibition)

Mixed Materials 4

Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Mixed Materials 5

Truman, Harry S

Mixed Materials 6

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Mixed Materials 7

Kennedy, John F.

Mixed Materials 8

Johnson, Lyndon B.

Mixed Materials 9

"Army Week Prayer" (delivered by Major General Luther D. Miller, Chief of Chaplains), produced by the Radio Section of the War Department Public Relations Division, with the cooperation of the Military Order of the World Wars, for Army Week, Includes a statement by General Dwight D. Eisenhower 1947 April.

Mixed Materials Cassette cabinet

Phonotape cassettes. 7 phonotape cassettes of speeches on American politics and political parties by Frank Chodorov, John Hospers, Murray Rothbard, and Ludwig Von Mises

Box: 13-22

Incremental Materials

Box 21

Americans for Democratic Action file

Box 21

Anti-Defamation League materials


Rest of collection not yet described