Inventory of the Daniel O'Hanlon - Vatican II Collection, 1962-1969

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Inventory of the Daniel O'Hanlon - Vatican II Collection, 1962-1969

Accession number: GTU 89-5-02

Shelf location: 2/C/1-4

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Daniel O'Hanlon - Vatican II Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1962-1969
Accession number: GTU 89-5-02
Shelf location: 2/C/1-4
Creator: O'Hanlon, Daniel S.J., 1919-1992
Size: Number of containers: 11 boxes

Linear ft.: 8 1/2
Type of material: Papers, correspondence, newspapers, books, photographs
Repository: The Graduate Theological Union
Berkeley, California
Language: English.

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Source and Date

Daniel O'Hanlon, March 1992


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Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-65)
Vatican Council (2nd: 1962-65) --History --Sources

Names as Subjects

O'Hanlon, Daniel, 1919-1992

Biographical/Historical Description

Daniel O'Hanlon, S.J. (1919-1992) entered the Jesuit Order in 1939, and was ordained in 1952. He studied in Rome and Tubingen, receiving his S.T.D. in Fundamental Theology from the Gregorian University, Rome, 1958. Post Doctoral work included a semester with Rudolph Bultman at Syracuse, and a semester with Paul Tillich at Harvard. He began teaching at Alma College in 1958. He came to Berkeley when Alma College moved to join the GTU and became the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley in 1966. He was Professor Emeritus at JSTB at the time of his death in a car accident in 1992.
In 1963, he worked as a journalist, writing a weekly column for America Magazine, a Jesuit publication. In 1964-65, while working for the Secretariat for Christian Unity, he was assigned to be the interpreter/guide, the "ciceroni", for the Protestant and Orthodox English speaking observers at the Vatican Council, living with them and attending daily proceedings. He did simultaneous translations for them from the Latin proceedings. At first he did this by just listening over the regular sound system and speaking into a microphone for the observers wearing headphones. Later, he had special headphones himself to hear the proceedings. He tells that is was a particularly arduous job. They had, however, the "best seats in the house", high up looking directly down on the chair of the Council. (interview with Fr. Daniel O'Hanlon, March 23, 1992)
Fr. O'Hanlon wrote an article in the September 28, 1963 issue of Americaentitled "Vatican II: A Look Ahead." In that article he stated: "it is of supreme importance that the Council address itself to concrete realities and structures in the life of the Church. Could not this be what Pope John meant when he insisted that the purpose of the Council was not the definition of dogmas but a pastoral adaptation to the needs of our time? The Church, especially when she acts through her bishops assembled in Council, responds to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in a living and concrete situation. She does something. To conceive the Church as above all a compiler of abstract theological propositions, as no more than the author and protector of a system of doctirne, leads to a false concept of the Council and its work. Only if it has the courage to actually do something can the Council produce lasting results. ...(a) wall-building mentality is at cross purposes with the direction and spirit of the Vatican Council. The tearing down of some of these walls may be the Council's most fruitful task."
Hans Kung wrote an article for the January 21, 1966 issue of Commonwealentitled "What has the Council Done?' He gives this summary: "The Council has certainly not done everything which it could have done from the point of view of the present situation. But is has done a great deal more than we expected at the time. At that time (1960) I wrote: 'The Council will either be the fulfillment of a great hope or its disappointment. Mediocre results in the face of the seriousness of the world situation and the needs of Christianity would be a great disappointment.' Today I can say: despite the real disillusionments, the Council has been the fulfillment of a great hope."

Scope and Content

The collection was given to the GTU Library in the late 1970's by Daniel O'Hanlon. It was not officially deeded to the GTU Archives until 1992. Originally in cardboard cartons, the collection was reboxed and moved at least twice by different library staff persons when the library was moved, and again during a later construction phase of the library. Because of the moves, the original order of the collection was destroyed.
The archvist began discussions about the papers and his organization of and intention for them with Father O'Hanlon, but his sudden death left me to reconstruct an organization as close to his as possible. He had labeled several file folders, but also had great amounts of loose material without any headings. Wherever possible I have retained his file folder headings. The loose unheaded materials are organized as closely as I could to the common subject any given stack presented. The daily proceedings begin with Session II, 1963. I have made the overall organization of the collection chronologically: beginning with 1) 1962, 2) moving through the sessions II-IV, 1963-1965, 3) then the collected material about each "document" for discussion and action at the Council, and 4) finally, all the material having to do with post-conciliar issues and follow-up.
In the container listing is included with each file folder description various letters which indicate the language of the items in that folder. The code is as follows:
  • E -English
  • L -Latin
  • v.l. -various languages
  • I -Italian
  • G -German
  • F -French
  • S -Spanish

Container List

Box Box 1 , Folder ff 1

L'Osservatore Romano, 10/11/62 (on the opening of the Council). L

Folder ff 2

Addresses (postal), n.d.

Folder ff 3

America on Council (Jesuit journal), 1963

Folder ff 4

Blessed Virgin Mary, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 5

Chronolog Notes, 1963. L & E

Folder ff 6

Correspondence, 5-9/63. E

Folder ff 7

Lay Apostolate, 1963. F & E

Folder ff 8

Liturgy, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 9

Opening Talk, Paul VI, 9/29/63 (Session 2). v.1.

Folder ff 10

Italian Press Releases, 7-11/63. E & I

Folder ff 11

De Regimine Dioces (on Episcopal matters), 1963. F & E

Folder ff 12

S.J. Meeting, Bellarmino, 10/63. L

Folder ff 13

Summaries and Clippings, Pre-Council, Council, 1963. E

Folder ff 14

Typed MSS. c. 1963. E

Folder ff 15

Various, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 16

August 10-16, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 17

August 18-Sept. 17, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 18

Sept. 18-28, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 19

Sept. 29-Oct. 6, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 20

Oct. 6-13, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 21

Oct. 14-20, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 22

Oct. 21-27, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 23

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 24

Nov. 4-11, 1963. F

Folder ff 25

Nov. 11-17, 1963. F

Folder ff 26

Nov. 18-28, 1963. F

Folder ff 27

U.S. Bishops Press Panel, c. 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 28-29

Documents Miscellaneous, 11-12/63. v.1.

Box Box 2 , Folder ff 1

Documents Miscellaneous, 1963. v.1.

Folder ff 2

Stampa Italiana Sul Concilio, 10/63. I

Folder ff 3

Stampa Italiana Sul Concilio, 11/63. I

Folder ff 4-10

Unnamed File Folders, 10-12/63. v.1. (ecumencial questions, communiques, news bulletins)

Folder ff 11-12

DO-C (Documentatie Centrum Concilie) Series III, 1964. v.1.

Folder ff 13-14

DO-C, 1964. E

Folder ff 15-17

Printed Drafts of Proposals and Decrees, 1964

Box Box 3 , Folder ff 1-4

Printed Drafts of Proposals and Decrees, 1964

Folder ff 5

September 14-30, 1964, Council Digest for Council Fathers, USA. E

Folder ff 6

Oct. 1-14, 1964

Folder ff 7

Oct. 15-30, 1964

Folder ff 8

Nov. 4-19, 1964

Folder ff 9-13

Various daily news documents, 1964, v.1.

Folder ff 14

Sept. 14, 1965, Opening Day. v.1.

Folder ff 15

Sept. 15-30, 1965, Council digest. E

Folder ff 16

Oct. 1-16, 1965

Folder ff 17

Oct. 17-Nov. 18, 1965

Folder ff 18

1st week. Sept. 12-18, 1965. v.1. (this series of file folders contains various documents collected during the week as well as hand-written notes and calendars)

Folder ff 19

2nd week. Sept. 19-25, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 20

3rd week. Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 21

4th week. Oct. 3-9, 1965. v.1.

Box Box 4 , Folder ff 1

5th week. Oct. 10-16, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 2

6th week. Oct. 17-23, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 3

7th week. Oct. 24-30, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 4

28 October 1965. 5 documents

Folder ff 5

8th week. Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 1965. E

Folder ff 6

9th week. Nov. 7-13, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 7

10th week. Nov. 14-20, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 8

11th week. Nov. 21-27, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 9

12th week. Nov. 28-Dec. 5, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 10

Last 3 days, Dec. 6-8, 1965. L

Folder ff 11-15

English 1965 (this series of file folders contains daily published news documents in the language listed)

Folder ff 16-19

Italian 1965

Folder ff 20-22

German 1965

Box Box 5 , Folder ff 1-5

French 1965

Folder ff 6-10

Spanish 1965

Folder ff 11

Observers (3 photographs) c. 1965

Folder ff 12-16

Observers (includes some corresp.) c. 1965-66

Folder ff 17

Study Days for Observers c. 1965

Folder ff 18-20

Misc. Documents 1965. v.1.

Box Box 6 , Folder ff 1

Misc. Documents 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 2-3

Bishops, 1965. G & L (this series of file folders contains materials surrounding the church documents decided at Vatican II)

Folder ff 4-5

Christian Education/Catholic Schools, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 6-13

Church and the Modern World, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 14-17

The Church/De Ecclesia, 1963-64. E & L

Box Box 7 , Folder ff 1

The Church/De Ecclesia, 1964 (con't.)

Folder ff 2

The Church's Relation to Non-Christian Religions, 1964-65. v.1.

Folder ff 3

Divine Revelation, 1964. E & L

Folder ff 4

Divine Revelation (Notes for an English translation).

Folder ff 5

Eastern Churches, 1965. E

Folder ff 6-8

Decree on Ecumenism, 1965. E & L

Folder ff 9-10

Indulgences, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 11-12

Apostolate of the Laity, 1965. L & E

Folder ff 13

Liturgy, 1963. E & I

Folder ff 14

Marriage, 1964. L

Folder ff 15-17

Missions, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 18-19

Priests (On the Ministry and Life of Priests), 1964-65. v.1.

Box Box 8 , Folder ff 1

Religious, 1964-66. v.1.

Folder ff 2

Religious Freedom, 1965. v.1.

Folder ff 3-4

Seminaries, 1964-65. L

Folder ff 5-6

Roundtable on Counciliar Issues, "How to Implement the Vatican Council, Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 1965.

Folder ff 7

IDO-C/WCC Consultation of Journalists and Broadcasters, Geneva, 7/27-28/66.

Folder ff 8

Encyclical, "Mysterium Fidei", 9/11/65

Folder ff 9

Synod of Bishops, 1967

Folder ff 10

Hugh Donohue, Bishop of Stockton, CA, 1964

Folder ff 11

CCCC (Centrum Coordinationis Communicationum de Concilio), 1965 (on the closing of the Council). v.1.

Folder ff 12-13

Articles, Pre and Post Council, c. 1962-66. E

Folder ff 14

Press Clippings, c. 1965. E & I

Folder ff 15

IDO-C (Information Documentation on the Conciliar Church), Correspondence, 1966-67

Folder ff 16-23

IDO-C, 1966-69. E

Box Box 9 , Folder ff 1-2

Newspapers, 1964. I & E


3 books: Council Daybook, ed. Floyd Anderson (National Catholic Welfare Conference, Washington D.C.)


Session I, 1962 - Session IV, 1965.

Box Box 10 , Folder ff 1-3

Newspapers, 1964 (con't.). I & E

Folio Box 11 - folio

Book: The Book of the Gospels at the Oecumenical Councils, Romeo de Maio (Biblioteca Apostolica, Vaticana, 1963).


Periodical: l'Osservatore della domenica, "Il Concilio Ecumenico Vaticano II. 1966.