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Register of the Lou Henry Hoover Miscellaneous Papers
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Box 1


Scope and Contents note

Certificates, diplomas, and proclamations; clipping; invitation; nomination form; year book; and war zone passes, all arranged alphabetically by physical form.

Certificates, diplomas, and proclamations.

General note

Box/Folder 1 : 1

Embossed cover of Lou Henry Hoover's Stanford diploma, undated

Box/Folder 1 : 2

Certificate given to Lou Henry Hoover on the occasion of her being awarded the Médaille de la Reine Elisabeth, Belgium, 1919 June 19

Box/Folder 1 : 3

Proclamation given to Lou Henry Hoover upon her being awarded the Croix de Chevalier de l'Ordre de Léopold, Belgium, . 1919 September

Scope and Contents note

Includes letter regarding this award, 1919
Box/Folder 1 : 4

Diploma issued upon award of honorary doctorate, Whittier College, Whittier, California, 1928 August 17

Box/Folder 1 : 5

Diploma given in award of honorary doctorate, Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland, 1931 April 24

Box/Folder 1 : 6

Clipping, 1928 July 22

Box/Folder 1 : 7

Invitation for Stanford commencement exercises, 1898

Box/Folder 1 : 8

Nomination form, . 1984

Scope and Contents note

Photocopy of form submitted by James P. Delgado in nomination of the Lou Henry Hoover House for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Includes a floor plan of the house
Box/Folder 1 : 9

Year Book. Printed copy of Stanford Quad, 1898

Box/Folder 1 : 10

War zone passes, 1918

Scope and Contents note

Documents issued to Lou Henry Hoover by the U.S. government for entry into port areas in New York and New Jersey
Box 1


Scope and Contents note

Letters, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent
Box/Folder 1 : 11

Russell, Mary, 1915

Box/Folder 1 : 12

Rutt, Anna H., 1933-1934

Box 2-7


Scope and Contents note

Art works, ceremonial award case, clothing and handicrafts, diplomas, passport, photographs, printed matter, and silverware, arranged alphabetically by physical form.

Art works.

General note

See also MISCELLANY, below
Box/Folder 2 : 1

"The Ascent to the Capitol, Washington," engraving by Bartlett, London, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 2

"Capitol - Washington," tinted engraving published by Hermann J. Meyer, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 3

"Capitol of the U.S., Washington," engraving by W. Goodacre, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 4

Lithograph by C. Allen Sherman depicting the Washington Monument, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 5

"President's House," tinted print depicting lithograph by August Köllnac(?), undated

Box/Folder 2 : 6

"The President's House (1799)," reproduction of sketch, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 7

"President's House, North Front," lithograph, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 8

"The President's House, Washington," engraving, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 9

"Presidentens i de Fórente Staterna Residence i Washington," lithograph by C. Müller, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 10

"St. John's Church in the City of Washington, with the President's House as It Appeared in 1816, When the Church Was Built," copy of a water color by Benjamin Latrobe, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 11

"A Front View of the President's House, Washington," engraving, 1820 April

Box/Folder 2 : 12

"East Front of the Capitol," engraving of a drawing by C. Bullfinch, 1821

Box/Folder 2 : 13

"West Front of the Capitol," engraving of a drawing by C. Bullfinch, 1821

Box/Folder 2 : 14

"A Back View of the Capitol, Washington," engraving, 1827

Box/Folder 2 : 15

"United States Capitol," engraving of a drawing by C. Bullfinch," 1827

Box/Folder 2 : 16

"The President's House, Washington," print from copper plate, 1830

Box/Folder 2 : 17

"The Capitol, Washington, D.C.," lithograph by T. Doughty, 1832

Box/Folder 2 : 18

"The President's House, Washington," lithograph of a sketch by A. A. Hoftag, 1834

Box/Folder 2 : 19

"The Capitol," engraving, 1840

Box/Folder 2 : 20

"The Capitol," engraving, 1845

Box/Folder 2 : 21

"Das Capitol von Washington," engraving by Kraus, 1850

Box/Folder 2 : 22

"The New Capitol (Washington)," tinted engraving published by Hermann J. Meyer, 1851

Box/Folder 2 : 23

"View of Washington City," lithograph, 1860

Box/Folder 2 : 24

"The White House, Washington, D.C.," print, . ca. 1930

Scope and Contents note

Signed by Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover
Box/Folder 2 : 25

Three lithographs by J. C. Claghorn, . ca. 1931

Scope and Contents note

One depicting the Washington monument; one, Mt. Vernon; and one, the White House
Box/Folder 2 : 26

"From the South Portico of the White House," lithograph by J. C. Claghorn, . 1931

Scope and Contents note

Three prints, of which two are signed by Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover
Box/Folder 2 : 27

Pencil sketch of Lou Henry Hoover, 1931

Box/Folder 2 : 28

Painting depicting the Lou Henry Hoover Memorial YMCA, Palo Alto, California, 1960

Box/Folder 3 : 1

Ceremonial award case for the Croix de Chevalier de l'Ordre de Léopold, 1919


Clothing and handicrafts

Box/Folder 3 : 2

Beaded gown worn by Lou Henry Hoover

Box/Folder 3 : 3

String of beads worn by Lou Henry Hoover

Box 4-5

Eight pieces of Belgian needlepoint lace presented to Lou Henry Hoover, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains lace tablecloths and shawls given to the Hoovers in appreciation of the support the Commission for Relief in Belgium gave to the lace workers during World War I and lace items made during and/or shortly after World War I to commemorate the aid given to the Belgium lace makers by the Commission for Relief in Belgium (C.R.B). Also includes ornate presentation cover for lace.

Citations on lace descriptions from: Kellogg, Charlotte, Bobbins of Belgium, Funk & Wagnalls Co., New York. 1920; Merritt, Elaine. “War Lace: Commemorating Victory and Determination,” Piecework Magazine, July/August, 1999, pg. 24-29' Wardle, Patricia. “War and Peace: lace designs by the Belgian sculptor Isidore de Rudder,” Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum, Jaarg. 37, Nr. 2. 1989. pg. 73-90.
Box 4

Black triangular shawl of handmade Chantilly bobbin lace

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 9’ x 5’. The central motif is of an arched garden arbor (or trellis) surrounded by large tropical leaves and flowers. [See Kellogg, page 127, for discussion of Chantilly lace production during the war.]
Box 4

Cream colored triangular shawl of handmade bobbin lace motifs appliqued to a machine-made netting

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 9’ x 4.5’. Floral motifs with scroll designs throughout. The centers of the flowers and the scrolls contain needle lace fillings.
Box 4

A small item of mixed Brussels Duchess lace,

Scope and Contents note

Measured at 11” x 7”, in which the bobbin-made lace with floral motifs has been applied to a machine-made ground and embellished with needle lace dots and rings. Perhaps it was intended to decorate the end of a scarf or some other article of clothing.
Box 4

A piece of heavy, woven fabric

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 48” x 14”, with a printed pattern, woven with beige and light tan colored threads of varying thicknesses and overprinted (perhaps block printed) with a slightly darker shade of tan. It seems to be a remnant, perhaps of a length of upholstery fabric and perhaps done by a noted Belgian artist. [Several Belgium artists created designs for the Lace Committee of the C. R. B. See discussion of the work of one of these artist, M. de Rudder, in Kellogg, pg. 195 and in article by Wardle]
Box 5

Round doily in filet lace,

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 10” with the Seal of the United States of America darned into the handmade netting.
Box 5

Fan-leaf of Point de Gaze needle lace, designed by artist Lucie Rothschild-Lambert for the Lace Committee of the C. R. B.

Scope and Contents note

The center of the fan-leaf depicts eight human figures, with the lead figure holding the crown of victory and an olive branch as the figures soar over the burning cities of Belgium. Many of the “animals of the allies” are worked into the swirling design on each side of the fan-leaf, below the figures. To the right are the Belgian lion, the Portuguese wyvern, the Great Britain unicorn, the Russian bear, and a small dove holding an olive branch in its beak. On the left can be found the Portuguese wyvern again, the Italian lion, the American eagle, the French rooster, and a lamb. Below these can be found narrow borders with implements of war depicted: rifles, swords, packs, and what are perhaps grenades and gas masks. Below these, on the left, is worked the name of the artist who designed the lace, Rothschild-Lambert, the year 1914 and the initials C.R.B. The entire fan-leaf is edged in a narrow needle lace border.
Box 5

Square tablecloth inset with needle lace emblems for the United States and Belgium,

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 46” x 46”. There are also twelve needle lace stars and embroidered wheat sheaves that contain cutwork. The American eagle lace insets are in the center of the cloth as well as the four corners. Inset along the four sides of the cloth is the Belgium lion motif, also done in needle lace with the date of 1915/6 and Belgique worked in the lace. There is a 4” wide, floral border of Point de Paris bobbin lace on the outer edge of the cloth. [See Kellogg, plate fp, 89 for an example of smaller cloth with the same American eagle inset and the same embroidered wheat sheaves.]
Box 5

Round tablecloth with bobbin lace inserts representing the emblems of the allied nations

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 40.5” in diameter. The bobbin lace inserts that depict the emblems of the allies include: the Japanese chrysanthemum at the center of the cloth, surrounded by the two narrow bobbin lace inserts with the date of 1914-1915, beyond that are the bobbin lace insets depicting the coats of arms for France, Great Britain, Imperial Russia, Italy, Rumania, Montenegro, Portugal, Belgium and Serbia. Throughout the cloth there are elongated stars and triangles done with hemstitching. The outside border is a wide border of Point de Paris bobbin lace showing “the animals of the allies:” the Russian bear, Belgian lion, French cock, and the British unicorn. [See Kellogg, plate fp 161 for an example of this same border.]
Box 5

Square tablecloth with eight squares of Point de Venise needle lace depicting emblems of the allies

Scope and Contents note

Approximately 50” x 50.” These needle lace squares are set into the cloth with alternating squares of Flemish mixed lace (bobbin lace motifs set into needle lace grounds), and squares of cutwork with embroidery. The allied nations represented in the needle lace squares are (from the top of the cloth and right to left) Serbia, France, Great Britain, Montenegro, Belgium, Italy, Imperial Russia, and Japan. The outer edge of the cloth is finished with a wide Point de Venise needle lace border.

Diplomas issued in award of honorary degrees to Lou Henry Hoover

Box/Folder 6 : 1

Honorary doctorate, Swarthmore College, 1929

Box/Folder 6 : 2

Honorary doctorate, Elmira College, 1930 June 9

Box/Folder 6 : 3

Honorary doctorate, Wooster College, 1932 May 14

Box/Folder 6 : 4

Honorary master of art degree, Tufts University, 1932 June 15

Box/Folder 7 : 1

Passport, . 1913

Scope and Contents note

Diplomatic passport issued in London to Lou Henry Hoover for her trip to Russia, 1913 October 10

Photographs, 1928-1955

Box/Folder 7 : 2

One print depicting the exterior of the White House, undated

Box/Folder 7 : 3

One print depicting Lou Henry Hoover, undated

Box/Folder 7 : 4

Six prints depicting the exterior and interior of the Lou Henry Hoover House, undated

Box/Folder 7 : 5

One print depicting the White House, undated

Box/Folder 7 : 6

One print depicting Lou Henry Hoover, 1928

Box/Folder 7 : 7

One print depicting the exterior of Lou Henry Hoover School, Whittier, California, 1955


Printed matter, 1933-1963

Box/Folder 7 : 8

The Romance of El Camino Real, . 1933

Scope and Contents note

Book of illustrations of California missions, encased in a leather book cover embossed with the title and Lou Henry Hoover's name. Includes presentation certificate
Box/Folder 7 : 9

Journal of the American Institute of Architects, . 1963 January

Scope and Contents note

Printed copy of serial issue containing illustrations of Washington, D.C.
Box/Folder 7 : 10

Silverware. Twelve souvenir spoons collected by Lou Henry Hoover during her travels abroad, . 1900-1910

Scope and Contents note

Includes invitation, note, and postcard, all relating to Jessie S. Jones, aunt of Lou Henry Hoover, establishing the provenance of the spoons
Art racks and map case


Scope and Contents note

Three framed prints and one presentation folder for Belgian lace
Art racks

One framed Chinese print on fabric, undated


One framed print, "Plan of the City of Washington," 1792


One framed photograph depicting Lou Henry Hoover, undated

Map case

One ornate presentation folder for Belgian lace, undated

Box: 8


Scope and Contents note

This addition to the collection has not yet been described. Please let the Hoover Institution Archives know if you would like to see this material described.