Guide to the William Frederic Badè papers, 1871-1936

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Guide to the William Frederic Badè Papers, 1871-1936

Collection number: BANC MSS 72/174 c

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: William Frederic Badè papers,
Date (inclusive): 1871-1936
Collection Number: BANC MSS 72/174 c
Creator: Badè, William Frederic, 1871-1936
Extent: Number of containers: 2 boxes
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Abstract: Correspondence relating mainly to conservation activities in the Sierra Club and to the publication of his works on John Muir; manuscripts and reprints of some of his writings; clippings of reviews of his work; subject files on Hetch-Hetchy, John Muir, national parks, the proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park (California), the Water and Power Act of 1922, and Yosemite National Park.
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[Identification of item] William Frederic Badè papers, BANC MSS 72/174 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

This collection of papers, a gift of Mrs. Badè in April 1972, reflects primarily Professor Badè's conservation activities in the Sierra Club, and his work as editor of the writings of John Muir.

Biographical Note

William Frederic Badè, born in Carver, Minnesota on January 22, 1871, attended the Moravian College in Pennsylvania where he obtained his doctorate in 1898, teaching Greek, German, Hebrew and Old Testament literature there until 1902. He then became professor of Old Testament literature and of Semitic languages at the Pacific School of Religion, remaining in Berkeley until his death on March 4, 1936.
Professor Badè, one of the early members of the Sierra Club, was a close friend of John Muir, and as his literary executor, edited many of Muir's works.

Key to Arrangement

Box 1

Letters written by Badè, 1909-1928.


Carbon copies, relating to his activities in the Sierra Club, particularly to the campaign for the proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park, and also to his publication of The Life and Letters of John Muir. Arranged chronologically.

Boxes 1-2

Letters written to Badè.


Relating primarily to conservation matters, national parks, and particularly to legislation concerning the proposed Roosevelt Sequoia National Park in California. Also included are letters relating to the publication of Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir.Many are letters of acknowledgment for the two volume work. Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization and chronologically thereunder. A partial list of correspondents follows the Key to Arrangement. Unlisted letters are in a Miscellany at the beginning of the file.

Box 2

Manuscripts and/or reprints of writings by Badè:


Forests of the Tuolumne.


Further Comment on the Proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


John Muir - An Appreciation.


John Muir in Yosemite.


Muir, John (article for the DAB).


The Sierra Club.


Clippings of reviews of Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir.


Subject files


Hetch Hetchy — clippings, copies of legislation, map.


Muir, John — notes, clippings.


National parks — clippings, brochures, etc.


National Park Association — bulletins, etc. 1921-1931.


Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park — miscellaneous articles and clippings.


Sierra Club — miscellaneous material including list of members of the 1912 outing, undated early minutes, songs, clippings re the Club, etc.


State parks — miscellaneous material.


Water and Power Act, 1922 — campaign materials.


Yosemite Museum Association — miscellaneous material including report to the trustees, Mar. 5, 1925.


Yosemite National Park — Programs for the LeConte memorial lectures, clippings, etc.


Yosemite Natural History Association — articles of incorporation, financial statements, agreements, etc., 1925-1931.


Miscellaneous — Mainly clippings.

Partial List of Correspondents


Abbott, Clinton Gilbert, 1881-


Albright, Horace Marden, 1890-


2 letters, 1919-1921. Also included: mimeographed copy of a talk given by Albright, as director of the U. S. National Park Service, Mar. 13, 1936.


Allen, Francis Henry, 1866-


American Civic Association.


9 letters, 1908-1922, by J. Horace McFarland and Harlean James. Some re Hetch Hetchy. Some are copies.


American Geographical Society.


Letter, Nov. 1, 1921, by Isaiah Bowm.


Anderson, Melville Best, 1851-1933.


Letter, [1924?], commenting on Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir..


Appalachian Mountain Club.


Letter, Dec. 15, 1921, by Harlan P. Kelsey, re the Barbour bill and Roosevelt Sequoia National Park.


Associated Mountaineering Clubs of North America.


12 letters, 1919-1925, by LeRoy Jeffers. Some are copies. Some re redwoods of California and re Hetch Hetchy. Copy of his published article, Little Journeys Off the Beaten Path, included.


Barbour, Henry Ellsworth, 1877-1945.


2 letters, 1921. Dec. 16 letter is a copy. Re proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.

See also: Maddox, Benjamin Moyer.


Barrows, David Prescott, 1873-1954.


Letter, Dec. 1, 1921.


Belshaw, Charles Mortimer, 1861-


Bernays, Philip S.


2 letters, 1923, re activities of the Southern Branch of the Sierra Club.


Bioletti, Frederic Theodore, 1865-


Letter, Nov. 28, 1923, enclosing a circular re the Sequoia National Park.


Bowman, Isaiah, 1878-1950.


Braverman, Alfred.


3 letters, 1921, re water power in national parks.


Breed, Arthur Hastings, 1865-1953.


Letter, June 11, 1921, re state legislation affecting the John Muir Trail and the University of California.


Bryce, James, 1838-1922.


Letter, Feb. 16, 1915, re death of John Muir and Hetch Hetchy. Copies of speeches by Bryce and clippings about him included.


Burnham, John Bird, 1869-


California. University, Berkeley. Library.


Letter, Jan. 26, 1921, by Harold L. Leupp. Addressed to A. H. Allen.


California State Automobile Association.


Letter, June 15, 1915, by Charles Mortimer Belshaw. Form letter, re the Tioga Road in Yosemite National Park.


California State Irrigation Association.


2 letters, 1920, by L. C. Davidson, with related material concerning the proposed Marshall Water Plan.


California Wild Flower Conservation League.


Letter, Dec. 5, 1919, by Bertha M. Rice. Clipping and brochure included.


Cammerer, Arno Berthold, 1883-1941.


Chamberlain, Allen, 1867-


Letter, Nov. 26, 1921, re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Chamberlain, Edwin.


Letter, May 11, 1921. Copy of his letter to Governor W. B. Stevens, concerning the John Muir Trail and the purchase of redwoods.


Chandler, Wilbur F, 1855-


Letter, Dec. 6, 1921, re proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Church, James Edward, 1869-


Letter, May 31, 1921, concerning Sierra snow surveys.


Clarke, John Mason, 1857-1925.


Colby, William Edward, 1875-1964.


10 letters, 1912-1924. Many are copies. Mainly re and for the Sierra Club.


Conard, Henry Shoemaker, 1874.


Letter, Jan. 11, 1925.


Contra Costa Hills Club.


Letter, Jan. 27, 1922, by Harold French.


Cowles, Henry Chandler, 1869.


Letter, Jan. 27, 1921.


Davidson, L. C.


Dictionary of American Biography.


Letter, Apr. 15, 1930, by Allen Johnson.




Evans, Herbert McLean, 1882-1971.


Letter, Mar. 5, 1924, re Badè's work on Muir.


Farquhar, Francis Peloubet, 1887-1974.


18 letters, 1921-1924. Some are copies. Many re the Sierra Club campaign for the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park. His confidential memorandum on the subject, July 23, 1923, also included. .


Fenton, Benjamin W.


Finley, William Lovell, 1876.


Letter, Apr. 27, 1925, re Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir..


Fowler, Frederick Hall, 1879.


Francis, Jessie H (Davies), 1895.


Letter, May 20, 1924.


Friends of Our National Parks.


Letter, Apr. 5, 1923, by Benjamin W. Fenton. Carbon copy of letter addressed to Barrington Moore, re the Barbour bill and Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Funk, Helen (Muir), 1806.


Letter, Feb. 11, 1924, re Badè's work on her father, John Muir.


Garfield, James Rudolph, 1865-1950.


Gleason, Herbert Wendell, 1855.


Letter, Dec. 15, 1924, re Badè's Muir.


Goethe, Charles Matthias, 1875-1966.


Letter, Apr. 15, 1921.


Great Britain. Consulate, San Francisco.


Letter, Aug. 21, 1915, by A. Carnegie Ross, re arrival of James Bryce in San Francisco.


Greeley, William Buckhout, 1879.


Grinnell, George Bird, 1849-1938.


Grinnell, Joseph, 1877-1939.


3 letters, 1922-1925. Letter of July 21, 1925 is a copy. Some re the Yosemite Natural History Association.


Grosvenor, Gilbert Hovey, 1875.


Hall, Ansel Franklin, 1894.


12 letters, 1923-1934. Mainly re the Yosemite Natural History Association. Articles of incorporation and some reports for the Association also included.

See also: subject file in Box 2.


Hamlin, Chauncey J., 1881.


Letter, Dec. 8, 1921.


Harding, Warren Gamaliel, 1865-1923.


Letter, Jan. 26, 1921, written for him by his secretary, Charles E. Hard.


Harding, William Lloyd, l877.


Letter, Dec. 10, 1920, re the National Conference on Parks.


Harlan, Edgar Rubey, 1869.


Telegram, Jan. 5, 1921, re National Conference on Parks.


Harwell, Charles Albert.


Letter, Apr. 7, 1934, re proposed birthday celebration for John Muir in Yosemite National Park.


Hazlitt, Henry, 1894.


Hornaday, William Temple, 1854-1937.


Houghton Mifflin Company.


30 letters, 1916-1925, by Roger L. Scaife, C. S. Olcott, Francis H. Allen, R. N. Linscott. Mainly re publication of Badè's work on John Muir.


Huber, Walter Leroy, 1883.


16 letters, 1920-1926. Many are copies. Mainly water use and reservoirs in national parks, and re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park. Some as president of the Sierra Club.


James, Harlean, 1877.


Jeffers, LeRoy, 1878-1926.


Johnson, Allen, 1870-1931.


Johnson, Robert Underwood, 1853-1937.


3 letters, 1924. Note of Jan. 23, written on a brochure re Yosemite National Park.


Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931.


Letter, Feb. 11, 1925. With this, his review of Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir..


Kahn, Julius, 1861-1924.


Kelsey, Harlan Page.


Kent, William, 1864-1928.


2 letters, 1921.


Kneipp, Leon F., d. 1966.


Leupp, Harold Lewis, 1877-1952.


Lewis, Washington Bartlett.


2 letters, 1925.


Little, Brown & Company.


Letter, Nov. 28, 1923.


McFarland, John Horace, 1859-1948.


Maddox, Benjamin Moyer, 1859-1933.


Letter, Dec. 7, 1921, enclosing a copy of a letter from Senator H. E. Barbour, re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park Bill.


Magee, William A.


Letter, Sept. 19, 1925, enclosing copies of verses.


Mallinckrodt, Edward.


Letter, Feb. 16, 1921.


Massachusetts Forestry Association.


Mather, Stephen Tyng, 1867-1930.


13 letters, 1919-1925. Some as director, U. S. National Park Service. Some re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park. Clippings re Mather, and a copy of the list of the personnel of Mather's party to Tahoe and Yosemite in 1919 also included.


Matthes, Francois Emile, 1874-1948.


Letter, Nov. 27, 1913, re Yosemite.




Letter, Dec. 14, 1921, by Jamieson Parker re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Merriam, Clinton Hart, 1855-1942.


Extract of letter, Jan. 13, 1925, addressed to W. E. Colby re Badè's Life and Letters of John Muir.


Merrill, Oscar Charles, 1874.


Miller, Adolph Caspar, 1866.


Mills College, Oakland, Calif.


Letter, Apr. 31, 1925, by Elizabeth Gray Potter.


Moore, Barrington, 1883.


8 letters, 1922-1925. Some on behalf of the National Park Committee; some as editor, Ecology. Re Barbour bill and the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Moores, Charles Washington, 1862-1923.


Letter, Jan. 18, 1917.


Moores, Merrill, 1856-1929.


2 letters, 1924. March 30 letter encloses letter from Katherine Merrill Graydon.


Muir, John, 1838-1914.


Munns, Edward Norfolk, 1889.


National Conference on State Parks.


National Geographic Society.


Letter, Mar. 24, 1921, by Gilbert Grosvenor, re the Giant Sequoia trees. Addressed to C. A. Mead, and forwarded by Mead to W. E. Colby.


National Parks Association.


National Parks Committee.


4 letters, 1921-1922, by George Bird Grinnell and John B. Burnham, re the proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.

See also: Moore, Barrington.


Nelson, Edward William, 1855-1934.


2 letters, 1918-1921. 1921 letter written for the U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey.


New York. Zoological Park.


Letter, Dec. 12, 1921, by William Temple Hornaday. Copy of letter to S. T. Mather.


New York Sun.


Letter, Sept. 27, 1926, by Henry Hazlitt.


Nolan, John Ignatius, 1874-1922.


Olcott, Charles Sumner, 1864.


Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1870.


2 letters, 1921-1928. 1928 letter written for the California State Park Commission. His report for the Committee on National Parks and Forests of the American Society of Landscape Architects for Dec. 1929 also included.


Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 1857.


3 letters, 1920-1925. Enclosures to letter of July 16, 1920: photocopies of John Muir inscriptions. Clippings re O sborn also included.


Pardee, George Cooper, 1857-1941.


3 letters, 1921-1925. 1925 letter is carbon copy of letter to A. H. Breed. 1921 letters re California State Division of Forestry.


Parsons, Edward Taylor, 1861-1914.


Letter, Feb. 5, 1909. Copy of his letter to James R. Garfield re Hetch Hetchy.


Parsons, Herbert, 1869-1925.


Letter, Jan. 20, 1909.


Payne, John Barton, 1855.


2 letters, 1920-1924. 1920 letter written as Secretary of the Interior. 1924 letter written for the National Conference on State Parks.


Perkins, Richard R.


Letter, Feb. 16, 1925.


Pinchot, Gifford, 1865.


2 letters, 1906. Copies of letters to Marsden Mansonre Hetch Hetchy.


Potter, Elizabeth Grey.


Price, Robert Martin, 1867-1940.


2 letters, 1921, re the Federal Water Power Act.


Putnam, Harrington, 1851.


2 letters, 1923-1924. 1923 letter is copy. Re Badè's work on Muir.


Redington, Paul Goodwin, 1878-1942.


Reinhardt, Aurelia (Henry), 1877-1948.


Letter, Feb. 18, 1925.


Reynolds, G. E.


Reynolds, Harris A.


2 letters, 1921. Letter, May 23, written on behalf of the Massachusetts Forestry Association.


Rice, Bertha Marguerite (Davison), 1872.


Ross, A. Carnegie.


Rowell, Chester Harvey, 1867-1948.


Letter, Dec. 20, 1921.


Russell, Carl Parcher, 1894.


Letter, Nov. 6, 1925, re Muir and Yosemite.


Sampson, Alden, 1853-1925.


6 letters, [1923?]-1925, re Badè's work on Muir.


Sampson, Edward, 1891.


Letter, Feb. 15, 1925, re the death of his father, Alden Sampson.


San Diego Society of Natural History.


2 letters, 1922-1923, by Clinton G. Abbott and J. W. Sefton, re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park. Memorandum on the same subject also included.


Saunders, Charles Francis, 1859-1941.


Letter, Mr. 27, 1925, re Badè's work on Muir.


Scaife, Roger Livingston, 1875.


Scott, Winfield, 1879.


Letter, Aug. 30, 1922.


Shinn, Charles Howard, 1852-1924.


2 letters, 1924. Clipping re Shinn also included.


Shortridge, Samuel Morgan, 1861-1952.


Letter, Jan. 4, 1923.


Sierra Club.


6 letters, 1921-1923, by Charles J. Fox, W. J. Aschenbrenner and William T. Boldsborough.

See also: Colby, William Edward; Huber, Walter Leroy; Farquhar, Francis Peloubet.


Simmons, R. W.


2 letters, 1920-1921. Enclosures: Letters from Julius Kahn and John I. Nolan, re legislation on national parks.


Smith, Edward Lincoln, 1865-1940.


Letter, Feb. 15, [1925].


Snyder, Homer Peter, 1863-1937.


Letter, Aug. 16, 1922.


Stephens, William Dennison, 1859-1944.


Letter, Jan. 7, 1921. Written for the Governor of California by his secretary, Martin C. Madsen. Enclosing certificate of appointment for Badè as delegate to the National Conference on Parks.


Stockton Record.


Letter, Dec. 13, 1924, by G. E. Reynolds.


Sumner, Francis Bertody, 1874-1945.


4 letters, 1922. Note of Apr. 5, written on copy of letter from Willard G. Van Name. Re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park Bill.


Taylor, Walter Penn, 1888.


Letter, Apr. 13, 1922, re Willard G. Van Nameand the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park bill.


Tower, 0lin Freeman, 1872-.


Letter, Feb. 11, 1925.


U. S. Bureau of Biological Survey.


U. S. Federal Power Commission.


Letter, Apr. 14, 1922, by 0. C. Merrill, re proposed power project in Palm Canyon.


U. S. Forest Service.


8 letters, 1921-1923, by W. B. Greeley, Paul G. Redington, F. H. Fowler, Edward N. Munns, and Leon F. Kneipp. Some letters are copies.


U. S. National Park Service.


3 letters, 1921-1923, by Arno B. Cammerer. 1923 letter is a copy. 1921 letter includes copy of letter from James C. Madigan. Re Roosevelt Sequoia National Park and re Yosemite.

See also: Mather, Stephen Tyng, 1867-1930; and Albright, Horace Marden, 1890-


U. S. Secretary of the Interior.


3 letters, 1908-1921, by James Rudolph Garfield, Adolph C. Miller and C. V. Safford.

See also: Payne, John Barton, 1855-


Van Name, Willard Gibbs, 1872.


2 letters, 1923. Letter of Apr. 18 is a copy. Also included: flyer and a copy of his article re the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Wallace, John H.


2 letters, 1921, re congressional legislation to create a Department of Conservation.


White, James Asa, 1886-


Letter, Apr. 12, 1934.


Whitney, Alvin G.


Letter, June 10, 1923, re Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park.


Wish, Albert Graves, 1850-1936.


Letter, Dec. 8, 1921.


Yard, Robert Sterling, 1861-1945.


29 letters, 1920-1922. Mainly written on behalf of the National Parks Association. Many are copies. Relate mainly to legislation affecting national parks, especially the Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park. Enclosure to letter of Nov. 15, 1921 is a copy of a letter from Arno B. Cammerer;enclosure to letter of June 30 is a copy of a letter from John Mason Clarke.


Yosemite Natural History Association.