Register of the Felton (Frederick) Nuremberg Trials Collection, 1945-1946

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Register of the Felton (Frederick) Nuremberg Trials Collection, 1945-1946

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Title: Felton (Frederick) Nuremberg Trials Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1945-1946
Collection number: Mss142
Creator: Frederick Felton
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personal name

Hess, Rudolph (1894-1987)
Jodl, Alfred (1890-1946)
Keitel, Wilhelm (1882-1946)
Rosenberg, Alfred (1893-1946)
Goering, Hermann (1893-1946)
Von Ribbentrop, Joachim (1893-1946)


National socialism -History
World War, 1939-1945
Nuremberg Trial of Major German War Criminals, Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946
Germany -History -Sources


At the conclusion of World War II, trials of the major German war criminals, at Nuremberg, Germany, commenced November 20, 1945 and ended October 1, 1946. These trials were convened by an International Tribunal of Justices representing Great Britain, France, Russia and the United States. Much controversy resulted over the issues of "ex post facto" liabilities and the responsibilities of subordinates for acts ordered by superiors. Captain Frederick Felton, an American staff officer for the court, collected documents delineating the proceedings.

Scope and Content

The Felton Nuremberg Collection contains copies of court transcripts, November 20, 1945 through August 31, 1946; an index; document books and individual responsibility reports.


Box 1: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.1-732; Nov. 20- Dec. 1)


1.1: Opening Statements


1.2: Reading of indicments


1.3: Cross examination of defendants


Box 2: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.733 -1552; Dec. 3- Dec. 14)


2.1: Acts of Agression by Germans toward foreign countries


2.2: Collaboration with Japan


2.3: Slave Labor


2.4: Concentration Camps


2.5: Persecution of the Jews


2.6: Germanization and spoilation


Box 3: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.1553-2447; Dec. 17- Jan. 9)


3.1: Leadership Corps of Nazi Party


3.2: Plunders of Art treasures


3.3: Witnesses


3.4: Persecution of the churches


Box 4: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.2448-3584; Jan. 10- Jan. 29)


4.1: Ritual murder


4.2: Aryanisation of shops


4.3: Witnesses


4.4: Forced labor/ Economic looting


4.5: Postponement of case against Hess


4.6: Violations of laws of war


4.7: German justice in the West


4.8: Concentration camps and deportation


4.9: Witnesses


Box 5: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.3585-4347; Jan. 30- Feb. 12)


5.1: Prisoners of war


5.2: Terrorists activities against patriots


5.3: Extermination of innocent population


5.4: Germanization: Alsace-Lorraine


5.5: Witnesses


5.6: Germanization of foreign countries


5.7: German propaganda


5.8: Presentation of individual cases


5.9: Presentation of Soviet case


5.10: Crimes against peace


Box 6: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.4348-5210; Feb. 13- Feb. 28)


6.1: Crimes against prisoners of war


6.2: Crimes against civilian population


6.3: Plunder of property public, private, and national


6.4: Destruction of cultural and cultural and scientific treasures


6.5: Slave labor


6.6: "Interrogatories"


6.7: "SS" membership


6.8: Organizations


Box 7: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.5211-6091; Mar. 1- Mar. 18)


7.1: Organizations


7.2: Reichregierung


7.3: "SS"


7.4: Leadership Corps


7.5: Conclusion of the case for the prosecution


7.6: March 4


7.7: "Interrogatories"


7.8: Separate trial denied


7.9: Bormann's case heard last


7.10: Procedure announcements


7.11: Witnesses


7.12: Goering - defendant


Box 8: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.6092-7072; Mar. 19- Apr. 3)


8.1: Witnesses


8.2: Documents- Treaty of Versailles


8.3: Ribbentrop - defendant


8.4: Keitel - defendant


Box 9: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.7073-7872; Apr.4- Apr. 15)


9.1: Keitel- defendant


9.2: Witnesses


9.3: Kaltenbrunner- defendant


9.4: Witnesses


9.5: Rosenberg- defendant


Box 10: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.7873-8786; Apr. 16- May 1)


10.1: Rosenberg- defendant


10.2: Frank- defendant


10.3: Witnesses


10.4: Streicher- defendant


10.5: Witnesses


10.6: Schacht- defendant


Box 11: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.8787-9725; May 2- May 15)


11.1: Schacht- defendant


11.2: Funk- defendant


11.3: Doenitz- defendant


11.4: Witnesses


11.5: Raeder- defendant


Box 12: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.9726-10718; May 16- May 30)


12.1: Raeder-defendant


12.2: Witnesses


12.3: Von Schirach- defendant


12.4: Witnesses


12.5: Sauckel- defendant


Box 13: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.10719-11672; June 1- June 13)


13.1: Witnesses


13.2: Jodl- defendant


13.3: Witnesses


13.4: Seyss- Inquart- defendant


13.5: Witnesses


Box 14: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.11673-12620; June 14- June 28)


14.1: Von Papen- defendant


14.2: Witnesses


14.3: Speer- defendant


14.4: Witnesses


14.5: Von Neurath- defendant


14.6: Fritzsche- defendant


Box 15: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.12621-13478; June 29- July 12)


15.1: Von Neurath- defendant


15.2: Nimitz, L.W.- witnesses


15.3: Bormann death- witnesses


15.4: Beginning of closing arguments by the defense (p.12903)


Box 16: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.13479-14241; July 15- July 24) (in order of appearance)


16.1: Specific arguments for Funk by the defense


16.2: Specific arguments for Schacht by the defense


16.3: Specific arguments for Doenitz by the defense


16.4: Specific arguments for Raeder by the defense


16.5: Specific arguments for Von Schirach by the defense


16.6: Specific arguments for Sauckel by the defense


16.7: Specific arguments for Jodl by the defense


16.8: Specific arguments for Seyss- Inquart by the defense


16.9: Specific arguments for Bormann by the defense


16.10: Specific arguments for Von Papen by the defense


16.11: Specific arguments for Speer by the defense


16.12: Specific arguments for Von Neurath by the defense


16.13: Specific arguments for Fritzsche by the defense


Box 17: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.14242-15015; July 2- Aug. 2)


17.1: Specific arguments for Fritzsche by the defense


17.2: Specific arguments for Hess by the defense


17.3: Beginning of closing arguments by United States of America


a- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Germany to police state


b- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Preparation/Waging a war of aggression


c- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Warfare in disregard of international laws


d- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Enslavement/Plunder of occupied countries


e- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Persecution/Extermination of Jews/Christians


f- "The Common Defenses": The charge of common responsibility


17.4: Beginning of closing arguments by United Kingdom


17.5: Beginning of closing arguments by Great Britain


17.6: Beginning of closing arguments by Northern Ireland


17.7: Beginning of closing arguments by France


17.8: Beginning of closing arguments by Soviet Union


17.9: Witnesses


Box 18: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.15016-15983; Aug. 3- Aug. 21)


18.1: Herman Goering - Testimony/ witnesses


Box 19: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.15984-16793; Aug. 21- Aug. 31)


19.1: Final pleas of the defense


19.2: Gestapo defense


19.3: Witness


19.4: Final pleas by the Prosecution- August 28


19.5: Final statements by Goering


19.6: Final statements by Hess


19.7: Final statements by Von Ribbentrop


19.8: Final statements by Keitel


19.9: Final statements by Kaltenbrunner


19.10: Final statements by Rosenberg


19.11: Final statements by Frank


19.12: Final statements by Frick


19.13: Final statements by Streicher


19.14: Final statements by Funk


19.15: Final statements by Schacht


19.16: Final statements by Doenitz


19.17: Final statements by Raeder


19.18: Final statements by Von Schirach


19.19: Final statements by Sauckel


19.20: Final statements by Jodl


19.21: Final statements by Von Papen


19.22: Final statements by Seyss-Inquart


19.23: Final statements by Speer


19.24: Final statements by Von Neurath


19.25: Final statements by Fritzsche


19.26: Adjournment till September 23, 1946 to announce judgement (subject to change)


Box 20: INDEX


20.1: Chronological Index of transcript November 20, 1945 - June 14, 1946


20.2: Rulings of Tribunal - official procedure


20.3: Trial Brief - Persecution of the Jews


20.4: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part I- Waging of ruthless war


20.5: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part II- Plunder of art treasures


20.6: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part III- Common plan and conspiracy in establishment of concentration camps


20.7: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part IV- Crimes committed in concentration camps


20.8: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part V- Persecution of the Jews


20.9: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part VI- Germanization of occupied territories


20.10: Leadership corps- Composition, functions, add powers Nazi Party




21.1: Die Teichsregierang (Reich Cabinet)


21.2: defendant Karl Doenitz, Books-/through 4


21.3: defendant Earl Raeder, Books-/through 6




22.1: Misc. documents for E. Raeder and K. Doenitz: Sections C-5 to C-195 [full listing is for Raeder, documents also used for Doenitz are marked *]


C-5* Bases in Norway


C-10 Employment of the 7th Fliegen division


C-12* Conduct of U-boat Warfare Re: Merchant shipping-Eng.


C-17* Hist. of the German Navy: 1919-1939


C-21* Intensification of U-boat Warfare


C-23 Re:Reconstruction of Germen Navy: 1927-1940


C-27 Meeting: C-in-C of Navy and Hitler


C-29 Directions of German Navy to German Armament Industry


C-32 Re: Armaments- September 9, 1933


C-35 Diary: January 30, 1941, Re: "Barbarossa"


C-38* German offense action, Re: Enemy subs and "Barbarossa"


C-41 Territorial expansion and bases


C-50 Hitler's orders, Re: Marital law and "Barbarossa"


C-51 Ordered destruction of orders issued (copies)


C-52* Supplimental: Order #33, Re: Maintaining peace in the East


C-59 "Marita" operation


C-62a Directive #6- conduct of the war


C-62b "Fall Gelb"


C-63 Re: Study "N" - "Weserubung"


C-64* Meeting: Naval staff and Hitler, Re: Norwegian Question


C-65 Re: Visit of privy councillor Quisling of Norway


C-66* Memo: to Admiral Assman, Re: "Barbarossa"


C-71 "Weserubung"


C-72 "A-Day" and contingency "Yellow"


C-75 Re: Collaboration with Japan


C-78 Conference on "Barbarossa"-personnel


C-100 "Sink on sight policy"


C-102 Operation "Otto"- occupation of Austria


C-103*Re: Policy toward Czech and Italian troops


C-105*Report: U-37


C-115 Naval deception and camouflage in the invasion of Norway


C-118*Authorization of attacks on U.S. merchantmen


C-120 "Weiss Case"


C-122*Possible naval bases in Norway


C-124*Future of St. Petersburg


C-126*Orders: Captal ship "Schleswig-Holstein"


C-127 Directive #25, Re: Yugoslavian question


C-134 Results of conference, January 29, 1941, Re: strategic foreign areas


C-135 War mobilization/organization


C-136 German preparations on the frontiers


C-137 Hitler's orders, Re:additional military operations--October 21, 1938


C-138 Continuing "Liquidation of Czech"


C-139 "Schulung" - joint plan of military services


C-140 Basis for preparations by military


C-141 Torpedo armament of U-boats


C-150 Letter: Hitler to Gencrist Antonescu- Russia


C-151*Operation "Hartmut"- occupation of Denmark and Norway; general operation "Weserubung"


C-152 "Marita" operation


C-153 Armament -plan, Re: 3rd armament phase


C-155 U-boat armament


C-156*Report: "Fight of the navy against Versailles 1919-1935"


C-157 Report: C-in-C of Navy to Hitler, October 16, 1939


C-158*Conferences (2) with Hitler


C-159 German decisions, Re: Versailles Treaty


C-161 German surface forces, Re: Three Power Pact


C-166 Preparation of auxiliary cruisers


C-167 Confirmation on occupation of Greece


C-170 Chronological listing of major German decisions


C-171*Re: Strike on Copenhagen


C-172* "Fall Weiss" Order #1


C-174 Directive: "Fall Weserubung"


C-175 Directive 1937-1938, unification in preparation for war by armed forces


C-176*Extracts: Diary- Admiral Bachmann


C-178*Treatment of Saboteurs


C-179*Annihilation of Terrot/Sabotage Units


C-182 Operation "Otto," Directive #2- Austria


C-189 U-boats


C-190 U-boats and labor force


C-191 U-boats sinking unlite vessels (photo of original document)


C-194 Re: Measures "Ludolf" and "Urian"


C-195*Re: Additional supplies at disposal of Navy and Merchant Marine




D-423*Memo: Conversation between Hitler and Ambassador Oshima--January 3, 1942


D-436*Promotion of Doenitz to vice-admiral


D-443*Address: Admiral of the fleet-Doenitz December 17, 1943


D-444*Radio Announcement: Hitler's death December 19, 1945


D-446* U-156, Re: Rescue Operations


D-448 Statement: V.Beobachter on Raeder


D-481 Re: law of "Swearing-in" of officials and soldiers of the armed forces


D-566* Statement: Walter H. Rapp- Murdering of shipwrecked allied seamen


D-630* Re: Rescue of enemy survivors


D-638* U-30, Re: sinking of the "Athenia"


D-640* Training/Discipline of officers


D-641* Foreign Report: Attacks on shipping by Germans


D-644* Sinking of "Shef Mead"- May 27, 1940 and German rescue operations


D-645* War Diary: U-247, statement by James McAlister on "Noreen Mary"


D-646* News Story: windjammer sunk by U-boat


D-648* Listings of meetings with Hitler and Doenitz present


D-649* Affidavit: Richard A.L. Hillard, Barristen-at-law--previous trial


D-650* Secret Doenitz decree- April 11, 1945


D-653 Raeder's Speech, March 12, 1939 -- "Hero Commemoration Day"


D-654* Statement: Officer of U-30, Re: "Athenia"


D-655 Interview:C-in-C of navy and Hitler January 6, 1943


D-658* Report: naval commander- West France- 2 soldiers sabotage


D-659 Ships sunk by U-30


D-662* War Diary: U-30


D-663* Order #56 - "Atlantic," Re: U-boat rescue operations


D-722 Walter Giese- Life story- (Raeder Aid)


D-804 Re: Sinking of "Athenia"


D-806 U-boat construction program


D-807*Memo: Re: Sinking of S/S "Deptford," "Thomas Walton," and "Garoufalia"


D-841 Deposition of Walter Kurt Dietmann, Re: Jewish population


D-843 Re: Internment of U-21


D-844 Action in Sweden


D-845 Scandinavian Opinion, Re: Western Powers


D-846*U-boat sinking effects- politically


D-847*Re: meeting with king of Denmark over sinking of Danish vessels


D-849 Navy operations, Re: action in Atlantic and Treatment of U.S. merchantmen


D-850 Navy operations


D-851 U-boat warfare against England


D-852 Semi-detailed order, Re: navy engagements with foreign ships


D-853 Navy orders, Re: Attacks/Warfare


D-854 U-boat construction 1920-1935


D-855 Ship construction plan


D-857 Re; U-boat warfare


D-858 Navy operations, Re: foreign shipping


D-863*Listieg: Conversations by Raeder on August 28-29, 1943


D-864*Affidavit: Gerhard Flesch, Re: Evans Interrogation


D-865*Extract of testimony: Karl Doenitz, at Nuremburg on October 6, 1945


D-866*Extract of testimony: Karl Doenitz, at Nuremburg on October 22, 1945


D-867 Raeder's comments on fellow defendants


D-872 War Diary: German Naval Attache in Tokyo- 1941


D-873 War Diary: U-71


D-876 Prosecution comparision of documents 1014PS and Raeder 27


D-877 Prosecution comparision of documents 798PS and Raeder 27


D-879a Re: 1) Value of acquiring Norwegian bases


D-879b Re: 2) The danger of the USA entering the war


D-880 Extracts of testimony: raeder, Re: questioning Doc. C75-Japan


D-912*Statement: Charles Eric Wakeham, Dir. of Monitoring Service of BBC, Re: Athenia sinking


EC177 Re: Reich Defense Council


EC194 Uses of POWs in war industry


EC404 Reich Defense Council (financial)


L 3 Attitudes of pre-war Germany


L 43 Organization of German air force


L 52* Directives for conduct of war in the West


L 79 Conference: future aims of Germany


L 172 The strategic position of Germany beginning 5th year of the war


4 PS Organization of German Air Force


7 PS Report: Foreign Affairs Bureau


375 PS"Extended case Gruen"- Czech and possible enemy reaction


382*PS Navy Rescue Operation


386*PS Conference of Reich Defense Council, November 5, 1937




388 PS "Fall Gruen" -- Czech


440 PS Directive #8, "A-Day" - conduct of the war


444 PS Future relations with foreign countries


446 PS Directives for special areas - order #21, "Barbarossa"


447 PS Directive #21, "Barbarossa"


448 PS Directive #22, preparation for Mediterranean operations


498*PS Hitler's orders, Re: prisoners captured from commando raids


503 PS Additional orders, Re: destructionof enemy sabotage troops


512*PS Commando operations


526*PS Saboteuns, Toftefjord


537*PS Re: Treatment of members of foreign "Military Missions" captured together with partisans


551*PS Treatment of commando partisans


789 PS Hitler's speech to supreme commanders "His Thoughts," November 23, 1939


798 PS Hitler's speech to commanders in chief August 22, 1939- emmerce of war


1014*PS 2nd speech by Hitler, August 22, 1939, Re: England and France


1463*PS Diary of the navy 1944- (Brief history of Doenitz's military career)


??41 PS Directive #20 - "Marita"


1809 PS Translation of General Jodl's diary from Feb 1- May 26 1940


1877 PS Re: Conversation Reich minister (RAM) and Japanese minister, March 29, 1941


1915*PS Decree concerning leadership of the armed forces, February 4, 1938


2031 PS Decree, Re: Setting-up a secret cabinet council - February 4, 1938


2098*PS Decree, Re: Status of supreme commanders of Army/Navy


2261 PS Re: Reich's defense law


2360 PS Re: Sudeten- German question


2878*PS Extracts from "Das Archiv" speeches by Doenitz to various organizations


2887*PS Offices/Positions held by Doenitz


2888*PS Offices/Positions held by Raeder


3037 PS Affidavit: F. Wiedemann, Re: Hitler-Czech, May 28, 1938


3260*PS "Churchill sank the Athenia" (prop.)


3569*PS "My private will/testament," Adolf Hitler


3572 PS Mobilization in foreign countries by Germany


TC 25 German- Soviet Non-Agression Treaty, September 25, 1939


TC 26* German assurance to Austria, May 21, 1935


TC 27 German assurance to Czech, March 11, 1938


TC 31 Assurance to Norwegian state, September 2, 1939


TC 33* Assurance to Netherlands/Belgium, January 30, 1937


TC 73 Anglo-Polish agreement of mutual assistance, August 25, 1939


UK 57* Re: "Kharkov show trial"


UK 65* Report: C-in-C of navy to Hitler, October 16, 1939


NR 19 Supplemental Documents: Re: "strategic plans" evidence


NR 126 Supplemental Documents: Affidavit: Friedrich Ronneberger, Raeder Attitudes


NR 127 Supplemental Documents: Affidavit: Vice-admiral Walter Lohmann, correction of previous statement






23.1: Individual Responsibility Reports for Frick, Wilhelm


23.2: Individual Responsibility Reports for Fritzche, Hans


23.3: Individual Responsibility Reports for Funk, Walter


23.4: Individual Responsibility Reports for Hess, Rudolf


23.5: Individual Responsibility Reports for Kaltenbrunner, Ernst


23.6: Individual Responsibility Reports for Keitel, Wilhelm


23.7: Individual Responsibility Reports for Jodl, Alfred


23.8: Individual Responsibility Reports for Sauckel, Fritz


23.9: Individual Responsibility Reports for Schacht, Hjalmar


23.10: Individual Responsibility Reports for Streicher, Julius


23.11: Individual Responsibility Reports for Von Ribbentrop, Joachim


23.12: Individual Responsibility Reports for Von Schirach, Baldur




24.1: Bormann, Martin


24.2: Doenitz, Karl


24.3: Fritzsche, Hans


24.4: Goering, Herman


24.5: Hess, Rudolf


24.6: Raeder, Erich


24.7: Rosenberg, Alfred


24.8: Schacht, Hjalmar


24.9: Seyss- Inquart, Arthur


24.10: Speer, Albert


24.11: Streicher, Julius


24.12: Von Neurath, Constantin


24.13: Von Papen, Franz


24.14: Von Ribbentrop, Joachim


24.15: Von Schirach, Baldur




25.1: Transcript Analysis: Doenitz


25.2: Transcript Analysis: Raeder


25.3: Closing arguments for the defense of Doenitz and Raeder


25.4: Final Pleas Frank, Hans


25.5: Final Pleas Frick, Wilhelm


25.6: Trial Brief of Rudolf Hess




26.1: Trial brief for the prosecution written in French


26.2: Photo copies of untranslated orders - Doenitz


26.3: Exhibit J: Photo copies of original documents


26.4: Exhibit J: Translated documents of German orders


26.5: Exhibit J: Jewish prisoner affidavits


26.6: Exhibit J: Newspaper clippings


26.7: Exhibit J: Maps


26.8: Exhibit J: pictures related to the proceedings