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Register of the Felton (Frederick) Nuremberg Trials Collection, 1945-1946
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Box 1: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.1-732; Nov. 20- Dec. 1)


1.1: Opening Statements


1.2: Reading of indicments


1.3: Cross examination of defendants


Box 2: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.733 -1552; Dec. 3- Dec. 14)


2.1: Acts of Agression by Germans toward foreign countries


2.2: Collaboration with Japan


2.3: Slave Labor


2.4: Concentration Camps


2.5: Persecution of the Jews


2.6: Germanization and spoilation


Box 3: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.1553-2447; Dec. 17- Jan. 9)


3.1: Leadership Corps of Nazi Party


3.2: Plunders of Art treasures


3.3: Witnesses


3.4: Persecution of the churches


Box 4: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.2448-3584; Jan. 10- Jan. 29)


4.1: Ritual murder


4.2: Aryanisation of shops


4.3: Witnesses


4.4: Forced labor/ Economic looting


4.5: Postponement of case against Hess


4.6: Violations of laws of war


4.7: German justice in the West


4.8: Concentration camps and deportation


4.9: Witnesses


Box 5: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.3585-4347; Jan. 30- Feb. 12)


5.1: Prisoners of war


5.2: Terrorists activities against patriots


5.3: Extermination of innocent population


5.4: Germanization: Alsace-Lorraine


5.5: Witnesses


5.6: Germanization of foreign countries


5.7: German propaganda


5.8: Presentation of individual cases


5.9: Presentation of Soviet case


5.10: Crimes against peace


Box 6: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.4348-5210; Feb. 13- Feb. 28)


6.1: Crimes against prisoners of war


6.2: Crimes against civilian population


6.3: Plunder of property public, private, and national


6.4: Destruction of cultural and cultural and scientific treasures


6.5: Slave labor


6.6: "Interrogatories"


6.7: "SS" membership


6.8: Organizations


Box 7: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.5211-6091; Mar. 1- Mar. 18)


7.1: Organizations


7.2: Reichregierung


7.3: "SS"


7.4: Leadership Corps


7.5: Conclusion of the case for the prosecution


7.6: March 4


7.7: "Interrogatories"


7.8: Separate trial denied


7.9: Bormann's case heard last


7.10: Procedure announcements


7.11: Witnesses


7.12: Goering - defendant


Box 8: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.6092-7072; Mar. 19- Apr. 3)


8.1: Witnesses


8.2: Documents- Treaty of Versailles


8.3: Ribbentrop - defendant


8.4: Keitel - defendant


Box 9: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.7073-7872; Apr.4- Apr. 15)


9.1: Keitel- defendant


9.2: Witnesses


9.3: Kaltenbrunner- defendant


9.4: Witnesses


9.5: Rosenberg- defendant


Box 10: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.7873-8786; Apr. 16- May 1)


10.1: Rosenberg- defendant


10.2: Frank- defendant


10.3: Witnesses


10.4: Streicher- defendant


10.5: Witnesses


10.6: Schacht- defendant


Box 11: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.8787-9725; May 2- May 15)


11.1: Schacht- defendant


11.2: Funk- defendant


11.3: Doenitz- defendant


11.4: Witnesses


11.5: Raeder- defendant


Box 12: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.9726-10718; May 16- May 30)


12.1: Raeder-defendant


12.2: Witnesses


12.3: Von Schirach- defendant


12.4: Witnesses


12.5: Sauckel- defendant


Box 13: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.10719-11672; June 1- June 13)


13.1: Witnesses


13.2: Jodl- defendant


13.3: Witnesses


13.4: Seyss- Inquart- defendant


13.5: Witnesses


Box 14: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.11673-12620; June 14- June 28)


14.1: Von Papen- defendant


14.2: Witnesses


14.3: Speer- defendant


14.4: Witnesses


14.5: Von Neurath- defendant


14.6: Fritzsche- defendant


Box 15: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.12621-13478; June 29- July 12)


15.1: Von Neurath- defendant


15.2: Nimitz, L.W.- witnesses


15.3: Bormann death- witnesses


15.4: Beginning of closing arguments by the defense (p.12903)


Box 16: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.13479-14241; July 15- July 24) (in order of appearance)


16.1: Specific arguments for Funk by the defense


16.2: Specific arguments for Schacht by the defense


16.3: Specific arguments for Doenitz by the defense


16.4: Specific arguments for Raeder by the defense


16.5: Specific arguments for Von Schirach by the defense


16.6: Specific arguments for Sauckel by the defense


16.7: Specific arguments for Jodl by the defense


16.8: Specific arguments for Seyss- Inquart by the defense


16.9: Specific arguments for Bormann by the defense


16.10: Specific arguments for Von Papen by the defense


16.11: Specific arguments for Speer by the defense


16.12: Specific arguments for Von Neurath by the defense


16.13: Specific arguments for Fritzsche by the defense


Box 17: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.14242-15015; July 2- Aug. 2)


17.1: Specific arguments for Fritzsche by the defense


17.2: Specific arguments for Hess by the defense


17.3: Beginning of closing arguments by United States of America


a- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Germany to police state


b- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Preparation/Waging a war of aggression


c- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Warfare in disregard of international laws


d- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Enslavement/Plunder of occupied countries


e- "Crimes of the Nazi Regime": Persecution/Extermination of Jews/Christians


f- "The Common Defenses": The charge of common responsibility


17.4: Beginning of closing arguments by United Kingdom


17.5: Beginning of closing arguments by Great Britain


17.6: Beginning of closing arguments by Northern Ireland


17.7: Beginning of closing arguments by France


17.8: Beginning of closing arguments by Soviet Union


17.9: Witnesses


Box 18: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.15016-15983; Aug. 3- Aug. 21)


18.1: Herman Goering - Testimony/ witnesses


Box 19: TRANSCRIPTS - (p.15984-16793; Aug. 21- Aug. 31)


19.1: Final pleas of the defense


19.2: Gestapo defense


19.3: Witness


19.4: Final pleas by the Prosecution- August 28


19.5: Final statements by Goering


19.6: Final statements by Hess


19.7: Final statements by Von Ribbentrop


19.8: Final statements by Keitel


19.9: Final statements by Kaltenbrunner


19.10: Final statements by Rosenberg


19.11: Final statements by Frank


19.12: Final statements by Frick


19.13: Final statements by Streicher


19.14: Final statements by Funk


19.15: Final statements by Schacht


19.16: Final statements by Doenitz


19.17: Final statements by Raeder


19.18: Final statements by Von Schirach


19.19: Final statements by Sauckel


19.20: Final statements by Jodl


19.21: Final statements by Von Papen


19.22: Final statements by Seyss-Inquart


19.23: Final statements by Speer


19.24: Final statements by Von Neurath


19.25: Final statements by Fritzsche


19.26: Adjournment till September 23, 1946 to announce judgement (subject to change)


Box 20: INDEX


20.1: Chronological Index of transcript November 20, 1945 - June 14, 1946


20.2: Rulings of Tribunal - official procedure


20.3: Trial Brief - Persecution of the Jews


20.4: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part I- Waging of ruthless war


20.5: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part II- Plunder of art treasures


20.6: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part III- Common plan and conspiracy in establishment of concentration camps


20.7: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part IV- Crimes committed in concentration camps


20.8: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part V- Persecution of the Jews


20.9: War crimes and crimes against humanity: Part VI- Germanization of occupied territories


20.10: Leadership corps- Composition, functions, add powers Nazi Party




21.1: Die Teichsregierang (Reich Cabinet)


21.2: defendant Karl Doenitz, Books-/through 4


21.3: defendant Earl Raeder, Books-/through 6




22.1: Misc. documents for E. Raeder and K. Doenitz: Sections C-5 to C-195 [full listing is for Raeder, documents also used for Doenitz are marked *]


C-5* Bases in Norway


C-10 Employment of the 7th Fliegen division


C-12* Conduct of U-boat Warfare Re: Merchant shipping-Eng.


C-17* Hist. of the German Navy: 1919-1939


C-21* Intensification of U-boat Warfare


C-23 Re:Reconstruction of Germen Navy: 1927-1940


C-27 Meeting: C-in-C of Navy and Hitler


C-29 Directions of German Navy to German Armament Industry


C-32 Re: Armaments- September 9, 1933


C-35 Diary: January 30, 1941, Re: "Barbarossa"


C-38* German offense action, Re: Enemy subs and "Barbarossa"


C-41 Territorial expansion and bases


C-50 Hitler's orders, Re: Marital law and "Barbarossa"


C-51 Ordered destruction of orders issued (copies)


C-52* Supplimental: Order #33, Re: Maintaining peace in the East


C-59 "Marita" operation


C-62a Directive #6- conduct of the war


C-62b "Fall Gelb"


C-63 Re: Study "N" - "Weserubung"


C-64* Meeting: Naval staff and Hitler, Re: Norwegian Question


C-65 Re: Visit of privy councillor Quisling of Norway


C-66* Memo: to Admiral Assman, Re: "Barbarossa"


C-71 "Weserubung"


C-72 "A-Day" and contingency "Yellow"


C-75 Re: Collaboration with Japan


C-78 Conference on "Barbarossa"-personnel


C-100 "Sink on sight policy"


C-102 Operation "Otto"- occupation of Austria


C-103*Re: Policy toward Czech and Italian troops


C-105*Report: U-37


C-115 Naval deception and camouflage in the invasion of Norway


C-118*Authorization of attacks on U.S. merchantmen


C-120 "Weiss Case"


C-122*Possible naval bases in Norway


C-124*Future of St. Petersburg


C-126*Orders: Captal ship "Schleswig-Holstein"


C-127 Directive #25, Re: Yugoslavian question


C-134 Results of conference, January 29, 1941, Re: strategic foreign areas


C-135 War mobilization/organization


C-136 German preparations on the frontiers


C-137 Hitler's orders, Re:additional military operations--October 21, 1938


C-138 Continuing "Liquidation of Czech"


C-139 "Schulung" - joint plan of military services


C-140 Basis for preparations by military


C-141 Torpedo armament of U-boats


C-150 Letter: Hitler to Gencrist Antonescu- Russia


C-151*Operation "Hartmut"- occupation of Denmark and Norway; general operation "Weserubung"


C-152 "Marita" operation


C-153 Armament -plan, Re: 3rd armament phase


C-155 U-boat armament


C-156*Report: "Fight of the navy against Versailles 1919-1935"


C-157 Report: C-in-C of Navy to Hitler, October 16, 1939


C-158*Conferences (2) with Hitler


C-159 German decisions, Re: Versailles Treaty


C-161 German surface forces, Re: Three Power Pact


C-166 Preparation of auxiliary cruisers


C-167 Confirmation on occupation of Greece


C-170 Chronological listing of major German decisions


C-171*Re: Strike on Copenhagen


C-172* "Fall Weiss" Order #1


C-174 Directive: "Fall Weserubung"


C-175 Directive 1937-1938, unification in preparation for war by armed forces


C-176*Extracts: Diary- Admiral Bachmann


C-178*Treatment of Saboteurs


C-179*Annihilation of Terrot/Sabotage Units


C-182 Operation "Otto," Directive #2- Austria


C-189 U-boats


C-190 U-boats and labor force


C-191 U-boats sinking unlite vessels (photo of original document)


C-194 Re: Measures "Ludolf" and "Urian"


C-195*Re: Additional supplies at disposal of Navy and Merchant Marine




D-423*Memo: Conversation between Hitler and Ambassador Oshima--January 3, 1942


D-436*Promotion of Doenitz to vice-admiral


D-443*Address: Admiral of the fleet-Doenitz December 17, 1943


D-444*Radio Announcement: Hitler's death December 19, 1945


D-446* U-156, Re: Rescue Operations


D-448 Statement: V.Beobachter on Raeder


D-481 Re: law of "Swearing-in" of officials and soldiers of the armed forces


D-566* Statement: Walter H. Rapp- Murdering of shipwrecked allied seamen


D-630* Re: Rescue of enemy survivors


D-638* U-30, Re: sinking of the "Athenia"


D-640* Training/Discipline of officers


D-641* Foreign Report: Attacks on shipping by Germans


D-644* Sinking of "Shef Mead"- May 27, 1940 and German rescue operations


D-645* War Diary: U-247, statement by James McAlister on "Noreen Mary"


D-646* News Story: windjammer sunk by U-boat


D-648* Listings of meetings with Hitler and Doenitz present


D-649* Affidavit: Richard A.L. Hillard, Barristen-at-law--previous trial


D-650* Secret Doenitz decree- April 11, 1945


D-653 Raeder's Speech, March 12, 1939 -- "Hero Commemoration Day"


D-654* Statement: Officer of U-30, Re: "Athenia"


D-655 Interview:C-in-C of navy and Hitler January 6, 1943


D-658* Report: naval commander- West France- 2 soldiers sabotage


D-659 Ships sunk by U-30


D-662* War Diary: U-30


D-663* Order #56 - "Atlantic," Re: U-boat rescue operations


D-722 Walter Giese- Life story- (Raeder Aid)


D-804 Re: Sinking of "Athenia"


D-806 U-boat construction program


D-807*Memo: Re: Sinking of S/S "Deptford," "Thomas Walton," and "Garoufalia"


D-841 Deposition of Walter Kurt Dietmann, Re: Jewish population


D-843 Re: Internment of U-21


D-844 Action in Sweden


D-845 Scandinavian Opinion, Re: Western Powers


D-846*U-boat sinking effects- politically


D-847*Re: meeting with king of Denmark over sinking of Danish vessels


D-849 Navy operations, Re: action in Atlantic and Treatment of U.S. merchantmen


D-850 Navy operations


D-851 U-boat warfare against England


D-852 Semi-detailed order, Re: navy engagements with foreign ships


D-853 Navy orders, Re: Attacks/Warfare


D-854 U-boat construction 1920-1935


D-855 Ship construction plan


D-857 Re; U-boat warfare


D-858 Navy operations, Re: foreign shipping


D-863*Listieg: Conversations by Raeder on August 28-29, 1943


D-864*Affidavit: Gerhard Flesch, Re: Evans Interrogation


D-865*Extract of testimony: Karl Doenitz, at Nuremburg on October 6, 1945


D-866*Extract of testimony: Karl Doenitz, at Nuremburg on October 22, 1945


D-867 Raeder's comments on fellow defendants


D-872 War Diary: German Naval Attache in Tokyo- 1941


D-873 War Diary: U-71


D-876 Prosecution comparision of documents 1014PS and Raeder 27


D-877 Prosecution comparision of documents 798PS and Raeder 27


D-879a Re: 1) Value of acquiring Norwegian bases


D-879b Re: 2) The danger of the USA entering the war


D-880 Extracts of testimony: raeder, Re: questioning Doc. C75-Japan


D-912*Statement: Charles Eric Wakeham, Dir. of Monitoring Service of BBC, Re: Athenia sinking


EC177 Re: Reich Defense Council


EC194 Uses of POWs in war industry


EC404 Reich Defense Council (financial)


L 3 Attitudes of pre-war Germany


L 43 Organization of German air force


L 52* Directives for conduct of war in the West


L 79 Conference: future aims of Germany


L 172 The strategic position of Germany beginning 5th year of the war


4 PS Organization of German Air Force


7 PS Report: Foreign Affairs Bureau


375 PS"Extended case Gruen"- Czech and possible enemy reaction


382*PS Navy Rescue Operation


386*PS Conference of Reich Defense Council, November 5, 1937




388 PS "Fall Gruen" -- Czech


440 PS Directive #8, "A-Day" - conduct of the war


444 PS Future relations with foreign countries


446 PS Directives for special areas - order #21, "Barbarossa"


447 PS Directive #21, "Barbarossa"


448 PS Directive #22, preparation for Mediterranean operations


498*PS Hitler's orders, Re: prisoners captured from commando raids


503 PS Additional orders, Re: destructionof enemy sabotage troops


512*PS Commando operations


526*PS Saboteuns, Toftefjord


537*PS Re: Treatment of members of foreign "Military Missions" captured together with partisans


551*PS Treatment of commando partisans


789 PS Hitler's speech to supreme commanders "His Thoughts," November 23, 1939


798 PS Hitler's speech to commanders in chief August 22, 1939- emmerce of war


1014*PS 2nd speech by Hitler, August 22, 1939, Re: England and France


1463*PS Diary of the navy 1944- (Brief history of Doenitz's military career)


??41 PS Directive #20 - "Marita"


1809 PS Translation of General Jodl's diary from Feb 1- May 26 1940


1877 PS Re: Conversation Reich minister (RAM) and Japanese minister, March 29, 1941


1915*PS Decree concerning leadership of the armed forces, February 4, 1938


2031 PS Decree, Re: Setting-up a secret cabinet council - February 4, 1938


2098*PS Decree, Re: Status of supreme commanders of Army/Navy


2261 PS Re: Reich's defense law


2360 PS Re: Sudeten- German question


2878*PS Extracts from "Das Archiv" speeches by Doenitz to various organizations


2887*PS Offices/Positions held by Doenitz


2888*PS Offices/Positions held by Raeder


3037 PS Affidavit: F. Wiedemann, Re: Hitler-Czech, May 28, 1938


3260*PS "Churchill sank the Athenia" (prop.)


3569*PS "My private will/testament," Adolf Hitler


3572 PS Mobilization in foreign countries by Germany


TC 25 German- Soviet Non-Agression Treaty, September 25, 1939


TC 26* German assurance to Austria, May 21, 1935


TC 27 German assurance to Czech, March 11, 1938


TC 31 Assurance to Norwegian state, September 2, 1939


TC 33* Assurance to Netherlands/Belgium, January 30, 1937


TC 73 Anglo-Polish agreement of mutual assistance, August 25, 1939


UK 57* Re: "Kharkov show trial"


UK 65* Report: C-in-C of navy to Hitler, October 16, 1939


NR 19 Supplemental Documents: Re: "strategic plans" evidence


NR 126 Supplemental Documents: Affidavit: Friedrich Ronneberger, Raeder Attitudes


NR 127 Supplemental Documents: Affidavit: Vice-admiral Walter Lohmann, correction of previous statement






23.1: Individual Responsibility Reports for Frick, Wilhelm


23.2: Individual Responsibility Reports for Fritzche, Hans


23.3: Individual Responsibility Reports for Funk, Walter


23.4: Individual Responsibility Reports for Hess, Rudolf


23.5: Individual Responsibility Reports for Kaltenbrunner, Ernst


23.6: Individual Responsibility Reports for Keitel, Wilhelm


23.7: Individual Responsibility Reports for Jodl, Alfred


23.8: Individual Responsibility Reports for Sauckel, Fritz


23.9: Individual Responsibility Reports for Schacht, Hjalmar


23.10: Individual Responsibility Reports for Streicher, Julius


23.11: Individual Responsibility Reports for Von Ribbentrop, Joachim


23.12: Individual Responsibility Reports for Von Schirach, Baldur




24.1: Bormann, Martin


24.2: Doenitz, Karl


24.3: Fritzsche, Hans


24.4: Goering, Herman


24.5: Hess, Rudolf


24.6: Raeder, Erich


24.7: Rosenberg, Alfred


24.8: Schacht, Hjalmar


24.9: Seyss- Inquart, Arthur


24.10: Speer, Albert


24.11: Streicher, Julius


24.12: Von Neurath, Constantin


24.13: Von Papen, Franz


24.14: Von Ribbentrop, Joachim


24.15: Von Schirach, Baldur




25.1: Transcript Analysis: Doenitz


25.2: Transcript Analysis: Raeder


25.3: Closing arguments for the defense of Doenitz and Raeder


25.4: Final Pleas Frank, Hans


25.5: Final Pleas Frick, Wilhelm


25.6: Trial Brief of Rudolf Hess




26.1: Trial brief for the prosecution written in French


26.2: Photo copies of untranslated orders - Doenitz


26.3: Exhibit J: Photo copies of original documents


26.4: Exhibit J: Translated documents of German orders


26.5: Exhibit J: Jewish prisoner affidavits


26.6: Exhibit J: Newspaper clippings


26.7: Exhibit J: Maps


26.8: Exhibit J: pictures related to the proceedings