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Guide to the Adrien Joseph Falk Papers, [ca. 1973-1971]
BANC MSS 72/39 c  
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Key to Arrangement

Boxes 1-2

Letters written to Mr. Falk


Arranged alphabetically with a miscellany of single letters at the beginning of the file. Major correspondents are listed, following the Key to Arrangement.
Box 2

Letters written by Mr. Falk, 1945-1968

Additional Note

One folder of carbon copies of outgoing letters; obviously incomplete. Arranged chronologically.
Boxes 3-4

Miscellaneous letters

Additional Note

Letters addressed to Mr. Falk, grouped according to the following categories [Cross references to pertinent letters in Boxes 1 and 2 have been noted on folders]:

Letters commenting on his speeches


Congratulatory letters: election to presidency, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 1943 (2 folders)


Congratulatory letters: appointment to San Francisco Board of Education, 1944


Letters of appreciation: retirement from presidency of San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 1944


Congratulatory letters: American Legion's Americanism award, 1949


Letters of appreciation: retirement from San Francisco Board of Education, 1949


Congratulatory letters: election to presidency of California State Chamber of Commerce, 1950


Congratulatory letters: Adrien J. Falk testimonial luncheon, San Francisco, Feb. 28, 1950


Letters of appreciation: support of Proposition 3, 1952 (tax exemption for private non-profit schools)


Congratulatory letters: honorary Doctor of Laws degree awarded by the University of San Francisco, June 7, 1953


Letters of appreciation: retirement from presidency of S & W Fine Foods, Inc. 1956


Congratulatory letters: Proposition A campaign, 1956. Mr. Falk served as chairman of the Citizens' Committee for the Passage of Proposition A, the San Francisco school bond issue. Congratulatory letters: defeat of Proposition 16, 1958. Mr. Falk served as Northern California Chairman, Citizens United against Taxing Schools.


Congratulatory letters: defeat of Proposition 16, 1958. Mr. Falk served as Northern California Chairman, Citizens United against Taxing Schools.


Congratulatory letters: San Francisco Examiner article, 1964


Congratulatory letters: Robert C. Kirkwood award for significant contribution to community life of northern California, 1965


Congratulatory letters: Urban transportation award, 1967


Letters re Bay Area Rapid Transportation, 1959-1968

Box 5

Biographical sketches


Personalia - passport, affidavit of birth, voter registration certificate, etc. Membership cards, certificates, etc.


Awards, testimonials, etc. (2 folders)

See also carton and oversize portfolio


Material re honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, awarded by the University of San Francisco, June 7, 1953. Included: copy of citation, commencement program, invitation, clippings, photographs.


Material re American Legion Americanism award, 1949: clippings. news releases, etc.


Material re Robert C. Kirkwood award, 1965, for significant contribution to the community life of Northern California; clippings, information re nominations, etc.


Programs for events in which Mr. Falk participated.


Copies of Christmas cards sent by the Falks.

Box 6


Additional Note

Many have been removed and cataloged separately: Portraits 15187-15298

Clippings (2 folders)



Boxes 7-8


Additional Note

Notes for speeches and/or completed typescript copies with emendations. Occasionally printed or mimeographed copies. Grouped according to Mr. Falk's designations.

Additional Note

Included also is a folder containing some of his printed articles and statements. printed excerpts from talks, etc.
Box 7



Chamber of Commerce


Charitable organizations







Box 8







Rapid Transit


Religious groups


Social security



Boxes 9-10

Subject files

Box 9

California. Proceedings of the Governor's Conference on Employment. Dec. 5-6, 1949. Mr. Falk's copy.


California. Proceedings of the Governor's Conference on the Problems of the Aging. Oct. 15-16, 1951. Mr. Falk's copy. He served as conference chairman and the proceedings include a foreword written by him.


California. Proposition 3, 1952. It proposed to exempt from taxation, property used exclusively for non-profit school purposes of less than collegiate grade, owned and operated by religious, hospital or charitable foundations or corporations. Included are copies of Mr. Falk's statement supporting the proposition and clippings.


California. University. Outline of Mr. Falk's seminar; notes for his lectures.


S & W Fine Foods, Inc. Achievement "A" award, War Food Administration. 1944; material re Mr. Falk's 50th anniversary with the firm; material re his retirement from the presidency.


St. Mary's College. Publications re symposia by and for business and industrial executives in which Mr. Falk participated.


San Francisco. Board of Education. Primarily clippings.


San Francisco. Chamber of Commerce. Clippings and certificate of appreciation.


San Francisco. Citizens Post-War Planning Committee. Primarily clippings.


San Francisco. Community Chest. Primarily clippings.


San Francisco. Mary's Help Hospital. Material relating primarily to the hospital building fund.


San Francisco. Old St. Mary's Centennial, 1954. Programs and commemorative booklet.


San Francisco. St. Anthony Dining Room. Clipping and an article.

Box 10

San Francisco. University of San Francisco. Reports, newsletters, etc.


San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District. Clippings, new releases, reports, informational digests, programs, photographs, etc. (4 folders)



Carton 1

Awards, citations, testimonials, etc. - plaques

volume v. 1

Album containing proceedings of the Adrien J. Falk testimonial luncheon. February 28, 1950, sponsored by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Commercial Club.

Additional Note

Included: copy of the invitation, announcements, clippings, copies of post luncheon remarks, etc.
volume v. 2

Scrapbook re Bay Area Rapid Transit District, compiled for Mr. Falk by a friend.

Additional Note

Included: photographs, announcement of election to presidency, clippings, etc.
portfolio Portfolio

Primarily awards, citations, resolutions and testimonials (oversize)

List of Correspondents


Correspondence Miscellany (single letters)


Bekins, Milo W., 1891-


Letter, Feb. 6, 1950


Biggs, Reginald Harcourt, 1900-


Letter, July 28, 1958


Bissinger, Paul Adolph, 1905-


Telegram, Jan. 13, 1950


Bufano, Beniamino


Letter, Aug. 14, 1944


California. Dept. of Education


Letter, Nov. 30, 1956

From Roy E. Simpson, Superintendent of Public Instruction. Expressing appreciation of Mr. Falk's willingness to serve as a member of the State Citizens Committee in behalf of Proposition Three.


California. University. College of Agriculture, Davis


Letter, Mar. 14, 1958

Re Mr. Falk's lectures for Dept. of Agricultural Economics.


Call, Asa Vickrey, 1892-


Letter, Dec. 14, 1954


Crocker, William Willard, 1893-


Letter, Feb. 20, 1950


Desmond, Earl D.


Letter, Jan. 6, 1955


DiGiorgio, Robert


Letter, Aug. 21, 1950


Dobbs, Harold S.


Letter, Aug. 14, 1957


Ehrlich, Philip S.


Letter, Feb. 6, n.y.


Funsten, Benjamin Reed


Letter, Feb. 8, 1950


Giannini, Amadeo Peter, 1870-1949


Letter, May 17, 1945


Gibson, Phil Sheridan


Letter, Aug. 20, 1964


Hale, Prentis Cobb, 1910-


Letter, Feb. 6, 1950


Hegland, Sheridan N.


Letter, Feb. 14, 1955


Hoover, Paul Edward, 1898-


Letter, Nov. 20, 1959


Hurley, Patrick Jay, 1883-


Letter, Jan. 31, 1945


Johns, George W.


Letter, Feb. 23, 1950


Johnson, Lyndon Baines, 1908-


Letter, July 31, 1964

Thanking Mr. Falk and other BART members for the gift presented him as a reminder of his visit to the Bay Area.


Kaiser, Edgar Fosburgh, 1908-


Letter, Dec. 4, 1962


Kefauver, Estes, 1903-


Letter, June 14, 1952

Expressing pleasure on having appeared with Mr. Falk on a television program.


Knowland, William Fife, 1908-


Letter, Sept. 11, 1951

Enclosure: portion of Congressional Record, Sept. 10, 1951, containing Falk's address, "Inharmonious Harmony."


Koshland, Daniel Edward, 1892-


Letter, Feb. 8, 1950


Lochead, James Kenneth, 1891-


Letter, Feb. 10, 1950


McKinnon, Harold Richert, 1894-


Letter, Jan. 27, 1950


Mailliard, John Ward, 1891-


Letter, Feb. 7, 1950


Mayer, Charles, 1903-


Letter, June 8, 1953


Mercier, Armand Theodore, 1881-


Letter, Feb. 10, 1950


Miller, George Paul, 1891-


Letter, Dec. 15, 1964


Moyers, Bill D., 1934-


Letter, July 10, 1964

Writing as special assistant to President Johnson, expressing appreciation for the work done in connection with the President's visit to BART.


Newhall, Scott, 1914-


Letter, Aug. 17, 1964

Writing as executive editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, re BART.


Reagan, Ronald, 1911-


Letter, Nov. 20, 1968

Writing as governor of California, thanking him for serving on the Task Force on Transportation.


Rolph, Thomas, 1885-


Letter, July 27, 1944


Romney, George, 1907-


Letter, Oct. 23, 1967

Thanking him for the tour of BART facilities.


San Francisco. City Planning Commission.


Letter, Aug. 24, 1945

Enclosure; copy of letter, Aug. 24, 1945, from the Commission to Mayor Roger D. Lapham. Re the report of the Post-War Committee, of which Mr. Falk was a member.


San Francisco. Recreation Commission


Letter, Nov. 14, 1947

Thanking Mr. Falk for his aid in the bond campaign.


San Francisco Bay Area Council, Inc.


Letter, July 16, 1953

From Frank E. Marsh, executive vice president and general manager, reviewing projects approved by the Citizens Post War Planning Committee.


San Francisco Employers Council


Letter, July 14, 1947

From George O. Bahra, president,thanking him for work done in connection with passage of legislation outlawing jurisdictional strikes and boycotts.


Sevier, Randolph, 1897-


Letter, Feb. 3, 1955


Shelley, John Francis, 1905-


Letter, Dec. 4, 1962

Crediting him for success of passage of Proposition "A", the transit bond issue.


Spellman, Francis Joseph, 1889-


Letter, Dec. 15, 1954


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-


Letter, Feb. 23, 1950


Stettinius, Edward Reilly, 1900-1949


Letter, Jan. 7, 1949

Thanking him for serving on the Advisory Council on Social Security.


Sullivan, Mark R.


Letter, Feb. 13, 1950


Waste, William Ewing, 1897-


Letter, May 7, 1965


Watson, John S.


Letter, Feb. 6, 1950


Weill, Michel David, 1887-


Letter, Feb. 28, 1950


Worthington, Leslie Berry, 1902-


Letter, Dec. 1, 1959


Younger, Jesse Arthur, 1893-


Letter, Sept. 1, 1953


Zellerbach, James David, 1892-


Letter, Feb. 13, 1950


Alioto, Joseph Lawrence


2 letters, 1949-1968. One written while member of the San Francisco Board of Education; one while mayor of San Francisco.


Bay Area Rapid Transit District


2 letters, 1968, From B. R. Stokes, general manager, and from Stanley D. Forsythe, transit advisor to the general manager.


Bechtel, Stephen Davison, 1900-


5 letters, 1945-1968. Most of them refer to Mr. Falk's work with BART.


Brown, Edmund Gerald, 1905-


8 letters, 1950-1966. Writing as district attorney, San Francisco; attorney general; and governor of California. any thank Mr. Falk for his support.


Browne, Alan K.


2 letters, 1959-1967.


California. State College, San Francisco


6 letters, 1955-1962. Include letters from presidents J. Paul Leonard and Glenn S. Dumke.


California. University


3 letters, 1947-1958. From Monroe E. Deutsch, Vice-President, and Robert G. Sproul. President; and letter notifying him of appointment as Regents Professor of Agricultural Economics.


California. University. Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics


5 letters, 1957-1958. Include letters from George L. Mehren, director. Some refer to Mr. Falk's appointment as Regents Professor of Agricultural Economics.


California. University, Berkeley. Institute of Industrial Relations


2 letters, 1958. Re Mr. Falk's participation in the 10th annual summer management conference.


California. University, Berkeley. School of Business Administration


6 letters, 1957-1958. Include letters from Roy W. Jastram and E. T. Grether, Re Mr. Falk's participation in seminars and conferences.


Calkins, Allard A.


5 letters, 1950-1953


Christopher, George, 1907-


5 letters, 1955-1959. Writing as mayor of San Francisco.


Cutler, Leland Whitman, 1885-


2 letters, 1950-1953


Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel


See California. University.


Doherty, Frank P.


2 letters, 1950-1952


Dumke, Glenn S.


See California. State College, San Francisco.


Ettelson, Lee, 1898-


2 letters, 1951-1960


Goodman, Louis Earl, 1892-


2 letters, 1950


Grether, Ewald T., 1899-


See California. University, Berkeley. School of Business Administration.


Haas, Walter A., 1889-


5 letters, 1944-1958


Harris, George Bernard, 1901-


4 letters, 1964-1967


Heller, Walter S.


2 letters, 1943-1950


Hellman, Isaias Warren, 1899-


2 letters, 1945-1950


Johnston, Eric A., 1896-


2 letters, 1945


Killion, George Leonard, 1901-


2 letters, 1945-1950


Knight, Goodwin Jess, 1896-


6 letters, 1951-1958. Most of them written while governor of California.


Koster, Frederick Jacob, 1868-


2 letters, 1950-1954


Kuchel, Thomas Henry, 1910-


6 letters, 1950-1962


Lapham, Roger Dearborn, 1883-1966


6 letters, 1945-1965. Some written while mayor of San Francisco.


Leonard, John Paul, 1901-


See California. State College, San Francisco.


Levit, Bert W.


4 letters, 1947-1951


Lurie, Louis R.


10 letters, 1948-1970. Some are Copies of letters~addressed to Rev. Father Alfred Boeddeker. Enclosure to letter, June 22, 1963; photocopy of letter, June 19, 1963, written by Edmund G. Brown.


McAteer, J. Eugene


3 letters, 1958-1966


McCaffrey, Stanley E.


2 letters, 1967-1968


McGucken, Joseph Thomas, 1902-


7 letters, 1952-1966. Four of them written while archbishop of San Francisco.


McIntyre, James Francis Aloysius, 1886-


4 letters, 1952-1954. Writing as archbishop of Los Angeles.


Magnin, Cyril


2 letters, 1945-1968


Mailliard, William Somers, 1917-


2 letters, 1954-1959. Writing as a member of U. S. House of Representatives.


Maloney, Thomas A.


3 letters, 1950-1954. Writing as a member of the California Legislature.


Marks, Milton


2 letters, 1952-1967


Marsh, Frank Edward, 1901-


2 letters, 1945-1953


Mehren, George L.


See California. University. Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.


Millikin, Eugene Donald, 1891-


2 letters, 1949-1950. Writing as a member of the U. S. Senate.


Mitty, John Joseph, 1884-


3 letters, 1952-1958. Writing as archbishop of San Francisco.


Petersen, Theodore Scarborough


2 letters, 1950-1951


Reilly, George R.


5 letters, 1948-1954


Robinson, Elmer Eugene, 1887-


4 letters, 1947-1955. Writing as mayor of San Francisco.


Rossi, Angelo Joseph, 1878-1948


2 letters, 1942-1943, Writing as mayor of San Francisco, re Mr. Falk's appointment as Deputy Chief of the Air Raid Warden Service, San Francisco Civilian Defense Council.


Roth, AImon E.


2 letters, 1947-1948, Letter, Dec. 14, 1948, refers to waterfront strike.


Salvation Army


10 letters, 1949-1959. Written from Territorial and Divisional Headquarters offices, San Francisco.


San Francisco. Board of Supervisors


2 letters, 1970-1971. Letter, Jan. 13, 1970, from Robert H. Mendelsohn, forwards copy of a resolution proclaiming Jan. 17"Adrien J. Falk Day." Letter, Apr. 26, 1971, addressed to Mrs. Falk is a letter of condolence from the clerk of the Board.


San Francisco. Mary's Help Hospital


13 letters, 1956-1968. Re Mr. Falk's help in fund raising activities for construction of a clinic and new hospital.


San Francisco. St. Anthony Dining Room


20 letters, 1955-1969. Re Mr. Falk's help and financial support.


San Francisco. University of San Francisco


9 letters, 1951-1968. Re Mr. Falk's speaking engagements, participation in institutes, etc., and the award of an honorary degree.


Sproul, Robert Gordon


See California. University.


Stanford University


5 letters, 1947-1962. Include letters from presidents Donald B. Tresidder and J. E. Wallace Sterling.


Sterling, John Ewart Wallace, 1906-


See Stanford University.


Sullivan, Jerd F., Jr.


4 letters, 1947-1963


Sweigert, William Thomas


2 letters, 1950-1959


Swig, Benjamin Harrison


7 letters, 1950-1967


Towne, Arthur W.


2 letters, 1950-1956


Tresidder, Don Bertrand, 1894-1948


See Stanford University.


U. S. Social Security Administration. Region IX


2 letters, 1959-1964. Commenting on his talk delivered before a regional conference of social security field representatives, and on his help in securing the 1950 amendments to the Social Security Act. Included; comprehensive analysis of 1950 amendments prepared by SSA, with covering letter from Mr. Falk, Aug. 28, 1950, addressed to members of the California State Chamber of Commerce.


Warren, Earl, 1891-


13 letters, 1944-1955. Most of them written while he was governor of California. Two of the letters relate to Mr. Falk's appointment to the State Advisory Council, Employment Stabilization Commission.


Wente, Carl Frederick, 1889-


4 letters, 1947-1956


Wilbur, Brayton, 1896-


3 letters, 1948-1950


Zellerbach, Harold Lionel, 1894-


3 letters, 1950-1956