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Guide to the Robert Pruzan Papers, 1950-1992 (bulk dates 1966-1991)
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Container List


Biographical Files

Carton 1

Biographical Information


Passports, Drivers License


Writings by Robert Pruzan

Carton 1

High School Writings (1960-1964)






Professional Correspondence, 1977-1991


Opera Reviews Under Pseudonyms


Notes on Opera (includes reviews by others)


Acceptance Speech, Cable Car Award


Letters Regarding Buena Vista Park


Butchers or Gardeners? Bush Bashing in Buena Vista Park


Other Writings on Buena Vista Park


Buena Vista Park Notes Folders 1-5


Notes on Recovery


Notes to & from Roommate, Jerry Smith, 1990s


Notes from I Ching Consultations




Undated Writing


Undated Notes



Carton 1



























Notes from 1965-1970 Journal


Notes from 1967-1976 Journals


Notes from 1977-1985 Journal


Stray Artwork from Journals


Engagement Book, 1982


Handmade Calendar Pages (Scattered)




Correspondence from Family

Carton 1

Marion & Carl Pruzan, 1967-1985


Lynn Pruzan, 1967-1988


Nicole Rudé, 1968


Phillip Pruzan, 1984


Correspondence from Friends

Carton 2

Nadine Skopic Alemian, 1971-1979


Gary Aylesworth, 1991


Mark Belote, 1992


James Broughton, 1991


Sally Bryan, 1965-1984


Etienne Decroux, 1967-1970


Gloria Delson, 1970


June Driscoll, 1968


Glenna Durney, 1971


Steve Good, early 1970s


Scott Hampton, 1984


Marcus Hernandez (Mr Marcus), 1981-1983


Irvine Andrew Huck, 1970-1971


Carl Hunt, ca 1968


John Angelo Isabella, 1983


John James, 1984


Sterling Jensen, 1965-1971


Kosmick Ladye, 1977 +?


Ron Lazard, 1977-1983


Yves Lebreton, 1968-1973


Margaret Levi, 1965


Nancy McNally, 1981-1992


Totti Masson, 1967-1968


Tom Meyer, 1966-1972


Tom Meyer (continued), 1973-1992


George Moore, 1986


Terence Nordyke, ca 1969


Mary Ortega, 1984


K. Sabme, 1985


José Sarria, 1982-1983


Robert Shea, 1968


Diedre Sklar, 1974


Lem & Rene Solomon, ca 1971


Daryl Stipek, ca 1968


Scott Taylor-Hampton, 1991


Tony Watson, 1969


Cindy Bossart Weiss, ca 1969


Christian _____, 1968-1969


Danny _____, 1968-1969


Larry _____, ca 1982


Maria _____, 1969


Norman _____, 1968-1985


Reggie _____, 1979-1987


Reimy _____, 1970-1972


Steven _____, 1979-1982


Timothy _____, 1973


Sex Letters & Photos From "Brian", 1983


Various Corespondents, 1966-1969


Various Corespondents, 1970-1979


Various Corespondents, 1980-1989


Various Corespondents, 1990-1992


Collage Packet From Unidentified Person in NYC; 4/67


Assorted Cuttings From Unidentified Person in SF, 8/69


Unidentified or Undated Correspondence


Unattributed Poetry


Mime Related Records

Carton 2

Etienne Decroux Speaks With You - Draft Translations


Etienne Decroux Speaks With You - Translated by Robert Pruzan, 1968


Paroles sur le Mime, Etienne Decroux, 1963 (Annotated by Robert Pruzan)


Theorie de la Demarche, H. de Balzac, (includes partial translation by Robert Pruzan)


Robert Pruzan - Notes from Decroux Mime Classes


Bert Houle Mime Theater - Ephemera


Ecolé de Mime in New York (Sterling Jensen & Robert Pruzan)


Professional Photography Records


Exhibits & Other Photographers

Carton 2

Robert Pruzan's Photography Exhibits


Group Photography Exhibits


Group Art Exhibits


Exhibits of Other Photographers Work


Correspondence from Crawford Barton, 1982


Correspondence from Rink, 1983-1992


Correspondence from Jan Uribe, 1980-1988


Correspondence from Other Local Photographers


Sales of Prints by Well-Known Photographers


Copies of Published Photos

Carton 3

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains, 1984 (Limited Hardback Edition)


Logan's Run - Printout of Robert Pruzan Photos from Drummer


Interaction (guidebook), 1986 - Robert Pruzan Photos


S F Eagle's Bare Chest Calendars, 1987 & 1988


Sports Illustrated, 7/27/87 - Robert Pruzan Photos


Mercury Image, 6/4/89 - Robert Pruzan Cover Photo


Manifest Reader, 1991 - Robert Pruzan Photos


Mail Order Catalogs with Robert Pruzan Photos


Mad Dog Enterprises Pamphlet with Robert Pruzan Photos


Ephemera with Robert Pruzan Photos


Robert Pruzan Photos Photocopied from Newspapers & Magazines


Professional Correspondence & Legal Records

Carton 3

Bill Graham Productions, 1978


Alyson Press: Leatherfolk by Mark Thompson


Alyson Press: Matlovich by Mike Hippler


S.A.N. Publications, Paris (Jens Reimer)


West Graphics


Geoff Harris Graphics


Other Editors/Publishers, 1981-1992


Durk Dehner, ca 1985


John Giorno, 1980-1981


Paula Lane, 1982-1983


Olaf Odegaard, 1985


Gay Games II, 1986


Scott Taylor Publications, Ephemera, & Correspondence


Spirit of America Suit, 1986-1987


Guidelines for Photo Submissions to Playguy, Honcho & Mandate


Satyr Studios Formation


Fan Mail, 1983-1991


Other Correspondence Related to Photography, 1979-1985


Photo Orders from Individuals, 1981-1988


Rebecca M. Bounced Check


Model Contact Information


Model Releases


Publishing Permission and Contracts


Buena Vista Park

Carton 3

Articles Related to Buena Vista Park


List of Residents of Buena Vista Ave in 1940


Buena Vista Neighborhood Association


SF Park & Rec Dept: Recreation & Open Space; Proposal for Citizen Review, 6/85


SF Park & Rec Dept: Buena Vista Park Master Plan, 1/87


SF Park & Rec Dept: Buena Vista Park Erosion Control Plan (prelim), 3/89


SF Park & Rec Dept: Meeting Notices & Minutes


SF Park & Rec Dept: Other Documents Related to Buena Vista Park


Letters to Robert Pruzan Related to Buena Vista Park


Golden Gate Park Reforestation


Articles on SF Parks


General Reforestation


Subject & Event Files

Carton 3

Ephemera, Seattle 1965-1970


Roosevelt High School: Annotated Yearbook Pages, 20 Year Reunion Ephemera


Ephemera, Europe 1967-1970


Ephemera; NYC 1967-1972


Articles of Interest; NYC 1967-1972


Little Synagogue Press Materials, NYC-1960s


Other Metaphysical Ephemera, NYC-1960s


Script of Wedding on the Eiffel Tower, Atlanta 1967


Sophia Loren Fan Photos


Erotic Photographs, 1960s


Erotic Photographs, 1970s


Other Erotic Ephemera


Leather Ephemera


Theatrical and Performance Ephemera


Crackpot Diatribes


Ephemera, San Francisco


Articles on Mime


Margo St James and 1979 Hooker's Ball


Yoga Retreat Facility, Location Unknown


Kenneth Anger Films


Jane Dornacker


Photocopied Program for International Mr Leather, 1982


Judging the Mr Russian River Contest, 1984


Program for Fleet Week, 1985


Programs for Men Behind Bars II-IV, 1985, 1986, 1988


Autographed Opera Diva Fan Photos


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence vs Gilbert Baker & Gil Block


Transcript of Interview on Natural Healing with Robert Pruzan, Dirk Pearson, & Sandy Shaw, 1988


From the Heart: National Gay Rights Advocates Awards Reception & Dance


AIDS-Related Deaths (selected obituaries), AIDS Memorial Grove Announcement & Invitation


Jack Fritscher Interview in Torso, 1990


Gavin Dillard Article in Frontiers, 1992


Miscellaneous Articles and Ephemera


Robert Pruzan's Medical Records (partial)



Box A

Tarot Deck, Hungarian Style


Partial Tarot Deck, Hand-Colored


Rubber Stamps for Marking Prints


Robert Pruzan, 1990; Robert Pruzan, 1988

Box B

Robert Pruzan's Rolodex Cards


Robert Pruzan Business Cards


Rubber Stamps for Marking Prints


Robert Pruzan, 1986; Return Print to Photographer

Box C

Mime Movement Notes on 3 x 5 Index Cards

Box D

Business Cards, A-K

Box E

Business Cards, L-Z

Photographic Images

Prints and Slides


8 x 10 Prints

Box I (Formerly Box 1)

John Brown


Eric Jazmen


Robert Genet


Ron Beauchemin


Brian Casey


Rob Runyon


Joe Nucatola


Michael Chase


Bill Barker


Leonard (Chip) James


David Duran


Ron Mikelson


Ron Caspi


Jim Ashley


Joe Nickerson


Scott Shelton


Unidentified Model, Front Cover of '87 Calendar

Box I (Formerly Box 2)



Widow Norton (Jose Sarria)


Nancy McNally






Reggie Jones


Shinobo & Reggie at Japanese Tea Garden


Tullio's Party for Georgio, 12/81


Unidentified Classical Musicians


Miscellaneous & Unidentified People


Miscellaneous Events

Box I (Formerly Box 4)

Prints by Jan Uribe


Prints by Crawford Barton


Prints by Other Photographers


Photographs of Other Photographers


R. Mapplethorpe at Crawford Barton's Ambush Opening

Box II (Formerly Box 3 )

Queen Ida & Bon Temps Zydeco Band


Opera Singers


Noh Oratorio Society


Issac Singer, Gary Synder, James Baldwin, Eartha Kit, Issac Stern, Milton Katims


Unidentified Band Members


Miscellaneous & Unidentified Writers & Musicians

Box II (Formerly Box 5)

Mime (Decroux, Houle, Wibaux)




Shirley MacLaine's Famous Kiss


George and Mary Oppen


Various Artists, Writers & Entertainers

Box II (Formerly Box 8)



Japan Town Event



Box II (Formerly Box 14)



Harvey Milk




Noh Oratorio Society




Commercial Work

Box III (Formerly Box 6)

Haight People - A


Haight People - B


Haight People - C


Haight People - D


Leila & the Stonettes


Places & Scenery in the Haight


Musicians on Haight


Belly Dancers on Haight


Motorcyclists on Haight


Haight People - Unidentified

Box IV (Formerly Box 7)



Don Monroe


George Moore


Scott Taylor

Box IV (Formerly Box 9)



Mike Jackson

Box IV (Formerly Box 10)



Jim Fox


Tom Brown

Box IV (Formerly Box 13)



Jan Uribe





Box IV (Formerly Box 16)

Hutch on Mount Tam

Box V (Formerly Box 11)

French Cops


Eros and Sex


French Sailors at the I Beam

Box V (Formerly Box 12)

Castro Street Fair




Up Your Alley

Box V (Formerly Box 15)

Memorial for Robert Hillsborough


Gay Freedom Day Parade


Gay Freedom Day in the Park

Box V (Formerly Box 16)

Body Building

Box V (Formerly Box 18)


Box VI (Formerly Box 20)

Leather Forever Model


Ken & Craig


Keith Abbott


Mark Alexander


Phillip Blum


Paul Gillespie


Steven Good


Victor Houston




Paul Manetti


Mike Merriot


David Moskowitz


Keith Nickles


Jim Tuttle












Unidentified Man #1


Unidentified Man #2


Unidentified Man #3


Unidentified Man #4


Unidentified Man #5


Unidentified Man #6


Miscellaneous and Unidentified Men


Miscellaneous and Unidentified Men


Miscellaneous and Unidentified People

Box V (Formerly Box 22)

Bee Levine


Phyllis Good


Sister Missionary Condition


Sister Florence Nightmare (Bobby Campbell)


Jane Dornacker


Dirk Peterson and Sandy Shaw


Lou Rudolph (and family?) at Dinner


Unidentified Woman

Box VII (Formerly Box 17)







Pan-American Exposition of 1915



Box V (Formerly Box 19 )

Miscellaneous Events






Flower Arrangements

Box V (Formerly Box 20)


Box V (Formerly Box 23)



Mud Play


Hare Krishna Festival


Quadruple Photographic Images


Miscellaneous Prints


Color Prints


Mounted Promotional Prints


5 x 7 Prints

Box VIII (Formerly Box A)


Box VIII (Formerly Box B)

Castro Street, Early 1980s

Box VIII (Formerly Box C)

Jose Sarria


Empresses & Drag Queens


Artists & Photographers


Various Individuals

Box VIII (Formerly Box D)

Castro Dog Show


Up Your Alley (Fair)


Haight Street Fair


Unidentified Events


Seattle Gay Day Parade


Golden Gate Park Gay Day Celebration(s)


Gay Day Parades

Box IX (Formerly Box E)

Haight Friends & Scenes


Motorcycles on Haight

Box IX (Formerly Box F)

SM Toys



Box IX (Formerly Box G)



Early AIDS-Related




Costume Events

Box IX (Formerly Box H)

Poets & Writers

Box IX (Formerly Box I)



Couples ( 2 folders)

Box X (Formerly Box J)

Hot Men


Hot Men - Dick


Hot Men - Bodies, Sex

Box X (Formerly Box K)

Men Behind Bars I (1984)


Men Behind Bars II (1985)


Men Behind Bars III (1986)


Men Behind Bars, Year Unidentified


Eva Peckerhead and Fetisha Nippleova

Box X (Formerly Box L)

Sports, Fans, Rodeos


Body Building


Gay Games 1982, 1986


Interesting Individuals & Events



Box X (Formerly Box M)

Mark Alexander




Tom Brown


George Moore






Mike Jackson


Mr Red



Box XI (Formerly Box N)







Charles Pierce


Bette Midler


Singers & Musicians


Comedians & Entertainers


181 Club Reopening, 1985

Box XI (Formerly Box O)

Unidentified Leather Event


Arena's Bare Chest Contest, 1984


CMC Carnival, 1984


Eagle's Bare Chest Calendar Contest, 1985


Russian River Leather Events




Landscape, Skies, Nature, Art, & Abstracts

Box XI (Formerly Box P)

Mr Marcus




Bob Ross and BAR Staff


Michael Merriott


Patrick Toner


Gilbert Baker


Patrick Batt


Individuals & Groups of People

Box XII (Formerly Box Q)

Rainbow Motorcycle Club


Hot Men




Watersports & Related


Genital Closeups


Unidentified Artwork

Box XII (Formerly Box R)

Leather Daddy and Daddy's Son Contests


Events at the Arena


Events at the Eagle


Mr Drummer (at the Woods), 1983


Mr Drummer Other Years


Mr Drummer Party


Working Men


Greasy Jock Strap Contest


Piercings & Whippings


Identified Leather Events


Unidentified Leather Events


Groups of Leather People


Identified Individuals


Unidentified Individuals


International Mr Leather, Chicago, 1982


International Mr Leather Identified Individuals


International Mr Leather Unidentified Individuals


4 x 6 Prints


Robert's Selected Prints

Box XIII (Select Box 1)

Buena Vista Park


Political Cartoons






Title Holders




















Men Behind Bars III (1987)


Men Behind Bars IV (1988)


Men Behind Bars VI (1990)




Folsom Street Fair


Castro Street Fair


Haight Street Fair


[Unidentified Street Fairs]






Sports [Mostly Gay Games II]




































Robert's Selected & Signed Prints


Selected Prints

Box XV













Drag [and Halloween]


Me [Robert Pruzan]










Signed Prints


Signed 8 x 10 Prints


Signed 5 x 7 Prints


Signed 4 x 6 Prints


Signed 4 x 6 Prints from RP's Selected Prints


Signed Color Prints


Duplicate Signed Prints


Men Behind Bars


I (1984)


II (1985)


III (1986)


IV (1988)




Razzle Dazzle


Cream Sisters


Lady of Spain


A Magic Forest


Mr Center of the Universe Contest


Connie Francis Story


Drag Queen Heaven




Steam Heat


Backstage Panic


Wit of Margo Gomez


A Nonsense Medley


Ah Yes, I Remember It Well


Le Sylph-Feed


All Shook Up


Club Fagdad


Irene and Ron




Backstage and Cast Parties


V (1990)


Act I


Act II


Follies Men


Unidentified Year(s)


Events & Topics


Gay Day Parades, 1980s


Gay Day Parade, 1990


Gay Day Parade, 1991


Haight Street Fair, 1978


Haight Street Fairs, 1980s


Gays Protest Miami Repeal (includes Harvey Milk), D.S. School, Star Store


Flower Show at Shady Grove


Rolling Stones Concert, 1981


Patrick Toner Testimonial Dinner


Issac Stern in Concert at Stern Grove


Lesbians & Gays Support for Nicaragua (Tede Mathews & ?)


AIDS Fund Benefit Dinner at Welcome Home, 2/87


Gail Wilson's Birthday Party at Bimbo's, 1988


USS Missouri Welcome at City Hall, 1988


USS Missouri Welcome at City Hall, Year Unknown


Man Cleaning or Painting Lamp Post in Garden


Closet Ball, 1985


Closet Ball, Year Unknown


Coronation 1986


Coronation (Tina)


Drag Queens at Unidentified Event, 1986


Veera Wibaux & Bert Houle, Mimetic Theater 1988


Speakers at Unidentified AIDS Panel (Misha Cohen, Dana Ullman, Robert Cathcart)


Three Unidentified Women Singers in Performance


Unidentified Softball Game


Unidentified People in Private Home


Unidentified House Party, 1980


Folsom & Dore Alley Fairs


Leather & Feathers Halloween Party at the Eagle


Halloween Costume Party at Oasis, Herb Cain Present


Mr Powerhouse, 1989


Mr Drummer Contest, 1991/92


Unidentified Party in Private Home


Unidentified Leather Contest, Marcus Officiating


Unidentified Master/Slave Performance


Various Leather Events & Personalities


George Moore under Trees in Sonoma County


Bare-Chested Man in Window


James Broughton, Joel Singer, & Harry Hay


Mamie Van Doren


Russ and his Floor


Michael Chase


Joe Fiorentino


Gilbert Baker


Unidentified Model on Ice Plants


Jeff ___? at Unidentified Bar


Doris Fish in Performance


Individuals & Groups of People


Double Exposures


Cityscapes & Street Scenes


Still Lifes








Photos From Other Photographers


Small Prints


Black & White


2½ x 3½


3½ x 5


4 x 5


3½ x 5 on Postcard Stock




2½ x 3½


3½ x 5 up to 5 x 7


Polaroid Prints


Hand Decorated






Plants & Still Lifes


Early Photographs (ca 1965-1975) Various Sizes

Box XX

Gerald Smith, Robert's Seattle Friend


Hike with Friends on Mount Ranier


Etienne Decroux,


Students, Decroux School of Mime


Joined Sequences of Photos of Decroux and Pruzan


Bert Houle, Fellow Mime Student


Unidentified Young Man (Boyfriend?)




New York


Unidentified People and Places


Prints of Pruzan Family (Various Sizes)


Robert Pruzan


Robert Pruzan by Malcolm E. Barker


Robert Pruzan & George Moore by Jim Wigler (contact sheet)


Marion & Carl Pruzan (Robert's Parents)


Lynn Pruzan (Robert's Sister)


Robert's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin (Nicole Rudé)


Altered Prints (Various Sizes)


Prints Torn by Robert


Damaged Prints Trimmed by Willie Walker


Color Photocopies of Prints


Oversize 11 x 14 Prints


Oversize 11 x 14 Prints


Moving Images


67 Three Minute Reels of Super Eight Film


1 VHS Viewing Videotape of Selected Reels of Film


Oversize Folders


Prints Larger Than 11 x 14


Photo Boards of Mounted Snapshots


Photo Paste-Ups






Oversize Rolled Prints


Very Large Prints


Very Large Posters



Box S-1

1960s NYC, Europe


1968 NYC: Makeup for King Lear, Roundabout Theater


Undated Late 1960s & Early 1970s NYC: Street Scenes, Dolls, Boy in Purple


4/70 NYC: Apartment, Window Views, Bill & Robert


7/70 NYC: Coney Island, Village, Street Scenes


8/70 Seattle


8/70 Pruzan Family Goes Hiking


8/70 Hike on Mount Ranier with Friends


9/70 Seattle: People


9/70 Seattle: Scenics & Still Lifes


9/70 Seattle: Jack at Nancy's


9/70 Los Angeles, Venice


9/70 Gay in Griffith Park


2/71 Pruzan Family


2/71 Scenics


2/71 Nude Beach


4/72 Robert's Paintings


9/75 Gay at Marx Meadows (Golden Gate Park)


8/77 Castro Street Fair


8/77-11/77 Pearl, Flower Show, Misc.

Box S-2

8/78 Pearl's 82nd Birthday Party


10/78 Queen Ida & Her Beaux Temps Zydeco Band


10/78 Hooker's Ball


00/00 Paintings of Flowers (11/78)


12/78 Lauren's Models


12/78 Diane & Kent


1/79 Last New Years Eve at Shady Grove


2/79-3/79 Aaron Shurin Poetry Reading


2/79 Miscellaneous


3/79 Diane Pfaff Fashion Show


3/79 Robert in His Apartment at 545 Ashbury


3/79 Claude's Wake Party


3/79 Unidentified Man in Blossoming Cherry Grove


3/79 Peter McCann in Room with Tulips


4/79 Howard's Goodbye Party in Golden Gate Park


5/79 Haight Street Fair


5/79 Starship in Concert in Golden Gate Park


7/79 Craig and Hisako at Shady Grove


8/79 Sylvester at Castro Street Fair


8/79 Rose's Birthday and Garden Party


8/79 Unidentified Long-haired Man


8/79 Miscellaneous


9/79 Opera


10/79 Hooker's Ball/ Beaux Art's Ball


10/79 Queen Ida & Her Beaux Temps Zydeco Band


11/79 Halloween on Castro & Christmas on Twin Peaks (12/79)


1/80 Pearl's New Years Party

Box S-3

3/80 Beach at Lands End


3/80 - 4/80 Miscellaneous


4/80 Charles Pierce


5/80 Sonia Gallery Opening


5/80 Veera Wibaux in Colorful Clothes


5/80 Bay to Breakers Run


5/80 Haight Street Fair


6/80 Mr Drummer Contest


6/80 Parade


6/80 - 7/80 Miscellaneous


7/80 Bette Midler


7/80 Kevin's Birthday


7/80 Roberto's Opening


8/80 Sylvester


8/80 Unidentified Female Model


8/80 Marion & Carl Pruzan & Peter Soloman


8/80 (and 5/79) Carl Pruzan in Garden


9/80 Placido Domingo


9/80 Pearl's 84th Birthday Party


10/80 Giuletta Massina


10/80 Jane Dornacker


11/80 Fashion Show Performance


5/80 Harvey Milk Memorial March


12/80 Rick Stoors Art Opening

Box S-4

1/81 John Wicker's House


2/81 Unidentified Model


3/81 Raven, Bill Somerlade at Drummer Club


3/81 Veera Wibaux & Bert Houle


3/81 Unidentified Patriotic Parade


4/81 Carnival?


5/81 Pruzan Family, NYC


6/81 Sylvester at Alfie's


6/81 Haight Street Fair


6/81 Unidentified Male Couple


6/81 Female Model, 2 Male Models


6/81 Europe


6/81 Parade


7/81 Rocks & People at Beach


7/81 Opera (Pavarotti)

Box S-5

8/81 Castro Street Fair (Includes Sylvester)


8/81 Unidentified Performer


9/81 Flowers at Van Wyck Event


9/81 Hotel SF Follies


9/81 Opera


9/81 Logan for Logan's Run


9/81 French Sailors on Roof


9/81 Pharris


9/81 Miscellaneous


10/81 Rolling Stones Concert


11/81 Lou Rudolph Art Show


2/82 Sisters Basketball Game


3/82 Unidentified Dignitary Visits SF


3/82 Slides of Pruzan Photos


3/82 Cityscape, Nancy McNalley


3/82 Dieter & Mark


3/82 Emanuella at Trocadero


3/82 Unidentified Men


3/82 Unidentified Event


4/82 James Broughton with Sisters


4/82 Mr Drummer, I Beam


4/82 Dieter in Sailor Suit


4/82 Pucket and Motorcycle at Garage


5/82 Gore Vidal


5/82 International Mr Leather


5/82 Haight Street Fair


6/82 Castro Dog Show


6/82 Seattle Gay Day


6/82 Parade


6/82 Miscellaneous

Box S-6

7/82 Stripper at Kenny's Party, Watching 7/4 Fireworks at Marina, Misc.


8/82 Castro Street Fair


8/82 Divine


8/82 Women's Fashion Show - Nancy McNally & Others


8/82 Unidentified Group on Cable Car


8/82 Relics of Russian River Lodge Fire


9/82 Gay Games I


9/82 East Indians in Folk Costume


9/82 Opera in the Park


10/82 Dieter & John in Train Yard


10/82 Manifest Man


10/82 Mr Russian River Contest, Cityscapes


11/82 Marilyn (Paula Lane)


11/82 Divine


11/82 Halloween Sunrise at the Oasis


12/82 Bette Midler


1/83 Chris Winkle


3/83 Hutch on Mount Tam


3/83 Perry


3/83 William Burroughs


4/83 Mike Anderson


4/83 Placido Domingo and Others at Bar in Opera House


4/83 Hot Crotches in a Kitchen


4/83 Two Men on Sofa


4/83 Miscellaneous


5/83 Larry Feitz on Rooftop


5/83 Haight Street Fair


6/83 Mr Northern California Drummer Contest at the Woods


6/83 George Moore


6/83 Mr Drummer, Trocadero


6/83 Parade

Box S-7

8/83 Doris Fish and Miss X


8/83 Leather Week at the Woods


8/83 Photos of Photos in an Exhibit


8/83 Folsom Street Fair


9/83 Opera


9/83 Opera in the Park


9/83 Nancy & Reggie at Crocker Galleria


9/83 California Horticultural Society's 50th Anniversary


9/83 Pucket & Others in Marin


9/83 Jack Schoelke


10/83 Jack Schoelke


11/83 Mike Merriott


11/83 Bette Midler Book/Program Signing


11/83 Miscellaneous


1/84 New Years Party at Moscone Center


1/84 City Hall at Night, Victorians


2/84 Scott Taylor


5/84 Mr Russian River


5/84 Mr Northern California at the Woods


5/84 Reception at City Hall for Cast of La Cage Aux Follies (Sylvester, Jose, Michele, Gay Band, etc)


6/84 David Lee Earl


6/84 Haight Street Fair


6/84 Group of Bare Chested Men


6/84 Unidentified Black Man at Beach


6/84 Castro Dog Show


6/84 Ken Bergquist


6/84 Unidentified Model


6/84 Mr Drummer


6/84 Parade

Box S-8

7/84 Sylvester


7/84 Olympic Torch Run Through SF


7/84 Democratic National Convention Protest


8/84 Phillip Blum


8/84 Bobbi Campbell Wake on Castro


8/84 Tony S.


8/84 Scott Smith & Chuck Frutchey


8/84 Castro Street Fair


9/84 Jurgen on Mount Tam


9/84 Edith Massey Signs Photos


9/84 Unidentified Wedding


9/84 Folsom Street Fair


10/84 Allen Ginsberg


10/84 Daddy's Boy Contest


10/84 Reggie With Banana, Jane Dornacker


10/84 Unidentified Black Man, People on Ridge (Red Color)


11/84 Gary Grimm


12/84 Two Girls Modeling on Ridge


1/85 New Years Party


2/85 Quentin Crisp's High Tea at Palace of Fine Arts


3/85 Men Behind Bars II


4/85 Keith Abbott


4/85 Man in Front of Tapestry/Rug of China Basin Building


4/85 Unidentified Model in Long Johns


4/85 Under the Docks


4/85 Mz Peckerhead at 'Leader of the Pack' Party at Chaps


5/85 Robert Pruzan's Garden at Pat's House


6/85 Haight Street Fair


6/85 Parade


7/85 Diane Feinstein with Husband and Others


7/85 Mr Drummer Contest

Box S-9

8/85 Folsom Street Fair


10/85 Halloween Party at Gift Center


11/85 CMC Carnival


1/86 New Years Party


1/86 Bob Kaufman Reads from Steps


1/86 Robert Pruzan's Apartment


4/86 Joan Collins


4/86 Unidentified Blonde Model


5/86 International Mr Leather


6/86 Parade


7/86 George Moore


8/86 Gay Games II ( 2 Folders)

Box S-10

8/86 Unidentified Model (in Seattle?)


9/86 Folsom Fair


10/86 Scott Tucker


7/86-10/86 Miscellaneous


11/86 Paul Gillespie


1/87 Stephan Livano


3/87 International Ms Leather


6/87 Mr Drummer


6/87 Parade


8/87 Dore Alley Fair


10/87 Castro Street Fair


11/87 Unidentified Blonde Model


11/87 Mike Leiber


1/88 New Years Party


1/88 Art Agnos' Inauguration


2/88 Don Morris


3/88 Robin Lewis in Costumes


3/88 Larry Carabello


4/88 Dieter


5/88 Unidentified Model


6/88 Parade


7/88 Leather Weekend at Russian River

Box S-11

8/88 Larry Carabello in Dark Sailor's Suit


8/88 Folsom Street Fair


10/88 Castro Street Fair


1/89 Russ G. in Green Fatigues


5/89 Gilbert Baker with Flags


6/89 Haight Street Fair


6/89 Parade


7/89 Leather Weekend at Russian River


7/89 Miscellaneous


3/90 Joe Fiorentino


6/91 Female Vocalists at Unknown Event


7/91 Bob Alvarez

Box S-12

Date Unknown James Broughton


Date Unknown Parade


Date Unknown Richard Krikorian


Date Unknown Doris Fish


Date Unknown Mark Alexander


Date Unknown Oliver Murphy in Police Uniform


Date Unknown Miscellaneous


Various Dates Still Life


Various Dates Plants & Flowers


Various Dates Scenic


Various Dates Fireworks

Negatives and Contact Prints


Contact Sheets

Box A

M-1 Harvey Milk's Birthday, 1982


M-2 Coronation, 1986


M-3 Laurence's Party with Robin Williamson


M-4 Out/Write 1991 reception - Edward Albee, Broughton, Curtis, Tom Meyer, Jonathan Williams; Buena Vista Park; Crystals


M-5 Antique Show Keeba, Shades of the Palace (Rodin), Hare Krishna


M-6 Punk Rock at City Hall, Angel on Mark's Roof; Pearl Diver (a play)


M-7 Larry on Roof


M-8 Charles Pierce Backstage 10/85; Edmund White


M-9 Bare Chest Contest 2/85


M-10 Reggie & Robert at Nancy's Party; (Paul Lorch, Brian Jones, Groffman's Cousin); Jim Gilmore's Songfest, 6/87; Keeba


M-11 Peter Scarlet Film Festival; Keeba's Burial, 4/85


M-12 Opening Sunday; Motorcyclists at Corner Garage; Ramrod Re-opening 10/81


M-13 Manuel Ro


M-14 Dianne Feinstein's Wedding Reception


M-15 Haight Street Fire; Democrats (Ella Hill Hutch, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden)


M-16 Freeman's Theatre


M-17 Jerry Leady; Rose Garden


M-18 Seattle Symphony


M-19 May Lexus House, c 1977


M-20 Garden Kurtz(?); Garden Sale


M-21 Manuel Ro; Steven Good '80


M-22 Sophia Loren; Museum Magnolia; Partial Solar Eclipse


M-23 Unidentified Photo Exhibit Opening (across from Mission Dolores?)


M-24 Judy Datur (sp?) & Rink, Mrs. Wamsley, Jack Robson (sp?), Mick Hicks, Harry Britt Elected, Mike Hennessy, Pablo, Scott Smith, Cleve Jones, Larry's Friend (signing), Carol Ruth Silver, Terrence Hallinan


M-25 Kenny Sleeping; Buildings Downtown


M-26 Conrad Amarkar (sp?) Reading


M-27 Sailors from Fleet at I Beam; Arts & Crafts Fair at Civic Center '78


M-28 Gay Rights Demonstration Night of Dade County (Anita Bryant) Repeal; Haight Store with Stars & Planets; Neighbors on Stairs; Pruzan Photos in a Class at Dudley Stone School, Peter at San Gregorio Beach


M-29 Bonsai at Cherry Blossom Festival '78; Polo Under a Tree


M-30 A Jane Dornacker at Eagle, 7/85


M-30 B Powerhouse Opening, 7/85


M-30 C Crissy Field with Rainbow Flag (before fireworks display), 7/4/85


M-31 Brig Leatherman '86; Pool Table at Eagle


M-32 Yma Sumac, Theatre on the Square, 8/87


M-33 City Landscape with First Telescopic Lens


M-34 A Robert Duncan with Peter Hartman, Gore Vidal, Larry Hultberg, 1981


M-34 B Halloween, 1981


M-35 Opera in the Park, 10/79 (Dianne Feinstein, Luciano Pavarotti)


M-36 Gary Weimer & Others on Haight '82; Red Party Music; Reggie Reading; Norma Jean


M-37 Golden Gate Bridge with Pharris 8/87


M-38 Linde (Linda?) Hoy


M-39 Perry's Brother at Lands End


M-40 Mark Alexander ("Bedtime Stories") & Peter Morris, 8/87


M-41 Mr Russian River Contest at the Woods '84 ( Dykes Kissing, Peter Hartman, Jonathon, Ron Dykstra, Hugo & Ron, Randy Shilts, Gil); Bonzai,


M-42 Models Posing (for Fitzgerald Poster?) 8/84


M-43 Party at Steve Abbott's Apartment after Poetry Reading


M-44 Frank Hatfield, The Feast (Noh Society?) 1982


M-45 Seattle Gay Day 1982


M-46 Noh Society - Art in Park 10/83


M-47 Colt Leather Non-event at the Brig, Tommy Molested, Band Auction


M-48 End of Dog Show '82, John Ponyman's Delivery '82


M-49 Blue Angels Fleet Week '88; Bare Chest Winners Auction at Eagle; Ken Smith, Irene, Ron Brewer at Trax Halloween


M-50 Bob Kaufman Memorial 1986, End of Liz Taylor at the Mark Hopkins


M-51 1983 Eagle & Pendulum Leather, Keith Nickles Modeling


M-52 Bike Christening at Eagle; Dog Show with Shirley MacLaine '82


M-53 Ends of Kens Party; Manifest Man Contest Feb '83; End of Mary Wells at OASIS


M-54 New Years Party '88 at Gift Center


M-55 Nancy's Halloween Party; Unidentified Halloween Party; Trocadero Party for Drummer


M-56 Eagle Opening, 4/?


M-57 Event '88, 8/88 (Rene Hicks); Peter's Girls and Cousin


M-58 A Coronation 1987


M-58 B Jose's Farewell '87 (Supervisors Silver & Hongisto); Bare Chest Contest Eagle, 1/87


M-59 Coronation 1988 (Lily Street, Steve Rasher)


M-60 Coronation 1989


M-61 Unidentified People in an Apartment, 1970s


M-62 Lysistrata at Palace of Fine Arts, Bill & Denny


M-63 Sandy Graham, 8/80


M-64 End of Walk in Berkeley, Bert H___?, Plant Studies, Don Sagranuo (sp?) on Castro, Jack & Lonne & Kids at Lands End, Robert & Ken


M-65 Crossman (Woman Mime? Dancer?)


M-66 Dennis Person Leads Smoke-In,11/6/79; H___? Opening with Belly Dancer


M-67 545 Ashbury, #4 (Robert Pruzan's Apartment), 1984


M-68 Patty Duke Austin, Richard Crenna, Nancy Desault, Ted Knight; Hills Near Jenner; David Wills Sketching


M-69 Lindey Hoy & Yeats - Play


M-70 Hang Gliders


M-71 Steven, Phyllis & Lynda Good; Cindy Lou


M-72 Mr Universe (on T.V.); Schwartzenegger Pumping Iron (on T.V.)


M-73 Haircut for Kent, Ken Davis of NBC at Corner of Haight & Ashbury


M-74 Plants for Postcards, Unidentified People


M-75 People & Costumed Dancers in Japantown


M-76 Bea; Ian; Rocks at Lands End


M-77 Keva Smith, Thumper, John on Castro Street, French Kid, Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver on Haight Street with Pablo, 10/79


M-78 Jeff on Rocks Above Cole Valley; Conservatory Walk with Eileen, Sophie and Bert: Clouds


M-79 Mardi Gras Ball 2/83: Village People, Gordon, Gary Poole


M-80 Mr San Francisco Leather Contest '87; Bare Chest Contest to Become Mr May '88

Box B

M-81 Richard Hongisto & Gail Wilson, AEF Co-chairs, 3/89


M-82 Edith Massy at Chaps, 9/84


M-83 David Meyer, Jerry Lee Fink, Woods Bartenders Best, Armstrong Woods, Still Lifes, Shirley & Peckerhead, others


M-84 Haight Street, 1977 (Howard, Sam Paler, Businesses)


M-85 Alysia in White Confirmation Clothes; Charlie Chan Movie Shooting; Ken & Gang Remodeling Home Interior


M-86 Unknown (negatives only)


M-87 Party for Father Harris


M-88 Ricardo


M-89 Symphony at City Hall


M-90 Pat's Party for Kenny (Marcus, Beverley, Flash the Stripper) Summer 1982


M-91 Harvey Milk's Birthday


M-92 Stoots Opening, 12/80


M-93 David, Harry Reasoner on Haight Street, Heaven Can Wait on TV


M-94 Starship Concert, 5/79


M-95 Eclipse Day


M-96 Ricardo, Summer & Carol Inside Apartment, Flowers, Buster, 12/77


M-97 Mapplethorpe Opening at Frankel Gallery (Sam Wagstaff, Barney, Reggie, Steve Abbott)


M-98 Ken Daniels, Mormon Temple, Iris Garden, Bridge


M-99 Drummer Erotic Photo Opening, James Van E's Birthday Party, Pearl Hart & Freeman 1980


M-100 Phyllis & Don, End of Isadora, Mrs & Mrs Ken Russell


M-101 49'er fans at Civic Center 1/82; David Moskowitz as Real Estate Salesman, 1981


M-102 Bob Ross Xmas Party 1984; Drummer Xmas Party 1984; Car Crash, 1984


M-103 Unidentified Negatives, 12/81


M-104 Night Shots, Rain Shots; Richard Glidden's Party (Chuck and __?), Rink's Party


M-105 1980 Inaugurations of San Francisco Mayor and Supervisors


M-106 Charles Pierce at the Castro Theater with Protesting Dykes; Michael Greer; Ken's Friends Place; Mario& Rick


M-107 Queen Ida & Band 7/84


M-108 Dean Gibson


M-109 Etienne Decroux Performing


M-110 Train from Palo Alto with Polo


M-111 Giuletta Massina, 10/80


M-112 SF Arts Fair (Freeman) 10/79


M-113 Joseph, Still Lifes with Peppers, Steven & Phyllis


M-114 S F Mime Troupe 10/79


M-115 Clouds from Twin Peaks with Mark


M-116 Opening of Kiss My Sweet (Dessert Shop on Haight Street)


M-117 Ron Ogg (Select Exec)


M-118 Joshua Daniel Goldstein Working on Art


M-119 Unidentified Men at Swimming Pool, Clouds


M-120 Bette Midler Press Conference, 12/82


M-121 Cosmic Lady (Janis ___?), 1979


M-122 March (Supporting Legalized Marihuana?) Haight to GG Park; Bart at Portals of the Past


M-123 Jonathan & Nicki, Belly Dancers at Shady Grove, Reggie, Angelo, 6/77


M-124 Leather Dahlia at Beach, David the Thief, 9/77


M-125 Mario Pirami, Golden Gate Bridge, Notes


M-126 Still Lifes


M-127 Flower Arrangement Show


M-128 Garden, Japantown, Jim Fox & Friend at Bromiliad Show, Flower Class


M-129 Bare Chest Contest Arena 10/83, Stallion Tape Party, End of Sailors from Fleet '83, Bette Midler Book signing at Waldenbooks '83


N-1 John Brown; Bare Buns (Lacovino, Russ, Lisa)


N-2 Golden Dildeaux Awards, 2/87 (Ms Peckerhead); End -Up Jock Strap Contest (Balloon Girls); Golden Gate from Buena Vista


N-3 Stephan Livano (Billy & Russ) 2/87


N-4 Bare Chest Calendar Signing at Eagle (Red's Teddy Bears); Bare Chested Men Repairing Roof


N-5 BAR Xmas Party, 12/86; End-up Jockstrap Contest, Ginger St. John; Mushrooms at Fungus Fair


N-6 A Muscle System T Party; Bare Chest Winners Contest; Fog Around USF


N-6 B Golds Gym Body Building Contest, 9/86 (Paul Mendez)


N-7 Chris Winkel, Sailors from Ship Jeanne D'Arc


N-8 Museum Opening, 1981


N-9 Leontyne Price as Aida (On TV)


N-10 Tom Klohn (sp?) at Haight Street Fair; Nancy & Spanky at Palace of Fine Arts (Abstract Columns)


N-11 Castro '78; Sylvester Performing on Castro


N-12 Butt and Fist Shot for Geoff Mains' Book


N-13 Dianne's Fashion Show in Burlingame


N-14 Unidentified Woman Performing at QT Talent Night; Dick Hamilton on Panel at Safe Sex: South of Market Style Forum


N-15 George & Mary Oppen


N-16 End of Stones Concert; Mary's Party; All Species Demonstration on Haight & GG Park; Joan Sutherland & Richard Bonynge


N-17 Castro Dog Show '81 (Sisters, Tom Gunn, Jeff, Allen, Buster, Sylvester)


N-18 Rog Thornton; Marcus 47th at Pat B's Bare Chest at Arena; Bare Chest at Eagle


N-19 Bare Chest Contest for Mr June 88; Sandy & Dirk Pearson; Japanese Flower Arrangement


N-20 Quentin Crisp on Stage, Men Behind Bars II (1985)


N-21 Pilsner Anniversary 10/83; Jurgen


N-22 David Baker's Birthday '86; Mario Piramis 40th Rainbow (?); Interior of 545 #2 Prior to Move


N-23 Show Behind Gus' Pub, 1977 (Reggie, Peter McCann))


N-24 Edmund Teske at Vision Gallery, 11/30/85


N-25 Arena Bare Chest Contest (Diane); Red's Teddy Bears


N-26 Party After Men Behind Bars I (1984)


N-27 Gordon's Opening (Ursala & Brick); Bob Ross' Christmas Party '83; Xmas on Castro


N-28 Leonard Matlovich Being Interviewed by Mike Hippler, 4/88


N-29 New Years Eve '89 at1 Market Plaza; Heros Party at Trocadero; Cityscape in Day & Night


N-30 Mayor Art Agnos & National Gay Rights Advocates (Actress Andrea Marcovicci)


N-31 Tullio's Party for Georgio & Fanny's Party, 12/6/81


N-32 49rs Fans Celebrating on Castro '81; 544 Natoma (Lou Rudolph, Ruth Ezenberg (sp?)); Tullio on Bald Mountain (above Castro)


N-33 Italian Cultural Center June '86 (Fiorenza Cossotto, Buanisoli, Maesti Guardagno, Cielea, Tullio)


N-34 Tullio at Portals of the Past


N-35 A Castro Street Fair, 1985


N-35 B Richard Mishwash (sp?) Opening at Frankel Gallery, 9/85

Box C

N-36 Marin Party for David Packett; 50th Anniversary California Horticultural Society


N-37 Cirby's Fantasy Portraits Opening at the Eagle, 11/88; Charles Whaley's Sketch


N-38 Ambush Baseball Team


N-39 Richard Garion & Lynn Portraits for Brochure, 10/87


N-40 Strippers at Ramrod, 9/83


N-41 SF Film Festival at Opera House, 1983 (Carol Burnett, Placido Domingo, Zefirelli, Paul Bridges)


N-42 Bernal Heights Street Fair, 1982; 2 Guys Outside Ambush; Sailors During Fleet Week


N-43 Tobias Sneebaum with Steve Abbott (for Advocate), 2/84


N-44 Leather Poetry; Ube & Albert; Alberta on TV


N-45 Gary Grimm, 1984


N-46 Dieter & Mark, Sandor Portini


N-47 Mike Leiber


N-48 Dieter In Sailor Suit; Steve Abbott in Garden 4/82


N-49 June '89 Bare Chest Calendar with Shadow Morton; Marcus' 50th Birthday Party; Roller Skaters; International Ms Leather '88; Broughton Film Tribute


N-50 Dieter & John, 10/82


N-51 Starlight Room Changes Hands (Randy Johnson); End of CMC '84; Ringold Alley Closed; Chaps Thanksgiving Weekend '84 (Val Diamond, Tom Ammiano, Jane Dornacker, Michael Greer, Marga Gomez, Danny Williams)


N-52 Gore Vidal, 1982; Feast (NOH Society?)


N-53 Bare Chest Contest (Mark); USS Missouri Welcome, City Hall (Gilbert Baker); Closet Ball '86


N-54 End of Bare Chest Contest '85


N-55 NOH Society Production7/85


N-56 Peter C. in Marin; End of Peters Party


N-57 Fleet Week '87 with Blue Angels; Calendar Signing for Bare Chest Calendar at the Eagle, '87


N-58 A Bart & Sylvia perform Joan of Arc, Cain & Abel, Fear; Joseph Taylor Dance


N-58 B Mr Northern California, 1981


N-58 C Ira Cohen at City Lights; 3/81


N-59 Claude Duval & Barnett, 2 Lives (?)


N-60 Facade(?) Rehearsal


N-61 Richard, Danny, Jan Uribe & Cris, Hoodoo North Beach, Flowers


N-62 A Body Building Contest; Witkin Opening


N-62 B Beer Bust Eagle (Louise & John Molinari); Opera in the Park '87 (Gwyneth Jones)


N-62 C Summer of Love '87 ; Opera Opening '87


N-63 A Eagle Wet Shorts; American Booksellers Association (Lennon Sisters, Herb Caen, Carolyn ___?, Bert Bacharach, Don Weisner, Rosan (sp? - cooking), Hamron (Atlas man), Shirley Maclaine)


N-63 A Unidentified Leather Event (ABA-Related?) with Tom Brown, V K McCarty, John Preston, Geoff Mains, Alan Selby


N-64 Harvey Milk & George Moscone Memorial, 1978


N-65 Larry Neal, Alan Ginsberg, Hawaiian Disco Boy, Jan Uribe & Still Lifes, Tosh, Girl at Tree Roots, Steven & Bernard, Elephant Burial, Clouds, Fruits, Bonzai Show-1977


N-66 Haight Street Scenes, Steven & Phyllis, Jan in Garden, Thumper, Sutro Tower with Pele, Cole Street Fair


N-67 Mr Northern California Drummer at Woods, 1984


N-68 Mr SF Eagle, 1986


N-69 France (mostly Paris), 1981


N-70 Jurgen at Water Tower, 7/87; Nancy McNally's Artwork


N-71 Stanley's Improve Negs (?) [head shots]


N-72 Jaffees in SF; David Puckett with Motorcycle; Tullio's 4th Songfest (Reggie); International Mr Leather Regional Contest at Eagle, 1982


N-73 End Widow Norton's Visit to Grave; ACLU Event; Robert Pruzan, His Apartment & Garden


N-74 Eagle's Feather & Leather Contest, Halloween '87


N-75 New Years, 1985 at the I Beam and the Giftcenter; Castro Station: Closing of Boot Camp; LA Baritone; Dieter's; Clouds & Trees; Ronettes Party (Reggie, John Karr, Tullio & Chin)


N-76 Bare Chest Contest, 6/86; Poppies in Robert's Garden; End of Dog Show '84; Mona Mandrake


N-77 Arena's Bare Chest Contest, 5/84 ; Concerned Republicans with Ed Davis (Former Fag-bashing Chief of LAPD); After Fire at Piers (SF? NY?)


N-78 Chaps Military Ball 3/85 (Ms Peckerhead); Nature in Arboretum, Sp/85 (Tom, Russ)


N-79 Come to the Cabaret (at Mame's), 9/84 Arena's Bare Chest Contest, 9/84 (Ms Peckerhead aka Joe Jeremy)


N-80 Willy Brown's Party During the Democratic National Convention, 1984 (Sylvester, Jimmie Carter, Jullian Bond)


N-81 Bette Midler Booksigning


N-82 Lands End; Beach with Sal; House with Sal; Buena Vista Park


N-83 Crawford Barton's Moby Dick Photo Exhibit Opening (Larry Lara, Armistead Maupin); Freeman at Fort Cronkite


N-84 Gary & Gloria Poole, Julie & Child, 3/79; Sophia Loren on TV


N-85 Going Away Party for Howard & Julie, with Richard Pine


N-86 Howard's Cookout; Carole Woodrose & Robert Pruzan at Photo Shop (Blatant Image?); Eartha Kitt on TV


N-87 Ken and Craig in Oakland, Robert Baker, Paul Chaplin Acting, 9/80


N-88 Group at the Balcony; Daffodil Tour; Michael Malletta ("The Monk")


N-89 Firemen on Ladder; Camille O'Grady's Stig Mata Hari


N-90 Jansen Pruning Trees; Street Scenes (Curtis Post, Old Cars); Succulents & Other Nature Shots


N-91 End-Up Wet Jockey Shorts Contest, 2/88; Stanley Boyd & Tina


N-92 Nobody at Wolfgang's Wavy Gravy as Clown, 10/84; Bare Chest 10/84 (Christian, Marty)


N-93 Jose's Farewell,12/81


N-94 Widow Visits the Emperor's Grave at the Cemetery in Colma, 9/80


N-95 San Francisco Jacks; Tim from LA with Ball Stretcher; End of Halloween '84


N-96 Micky at the Palace of the Legion of Honor and Land's End; Maria Muldar at Grove


N-97 Angelo Painting, 5/79


N-98 Huck, Haight People, Truck, Sandra 11/78


N-99 Jake? With Motorcycle, Neighborhood Kids, Jerry, Plants


N-100 Tim (Jim?) at Night, Bobby, the Solomons


N-101 Hakim; SF Arts Fair '79; Punks on Haight, (Jarma), Japanese Men on Twin Peaks, Stairs, Dennis Peron


N-102 Camille O'Grady, Larry On, The Hangout; Dane Rhudyer 10/79


N-103 Queen Ida; Arnold Schwartzeneger; Gary Polle, Norman, Steve Perkins, Bobby, Sunshine, Pablo, Union Square, Harry Britt, Alan Finocchio, Normano Miranae, 12/79


N-104 Pitman; Japanese Flower Show


N-105 Olympic Torch in the Haight, 1984


N-106 Pearl's 83rd Birthday, Whole Earth Jamboree


N-107 End Hare Krishna, Tom S and John at Peter's Apartment


N-108 Rainbow the Mime; Raffi's, Victor, Freeman, Gary Thompson, 9/79


N-109 Mayla's Daughter Modeling At Sutro Hill, Beach


N-110 Chuck & Jerry, Still Lives, Happy Valley & Friends


N-111 Shady Grove Sign, Reggie in Roses


N-112 Craig & Hisako Wedding, Dennis Peron


N-113 Bikers on Haight, Protesting Helmut Law, Curtis Getting Run Over and Arrested


N-114 Angelo in Sonoma; Jim on Mt Tam; Pillow Fights in the Mud; Ken Wood Party at Ted's


N-115 Cosmic Lady, 7/78


N-116 Mayla's Daughter and a Friend, about age 8


N-117 End of Group at Balcony; Frank & Skip; Dodge; Bobby & Friend in Garden; Reggie & Shinobo at Japanese Tea Garden


N-118 Golds Open Body Building Competition, '81


N-119 Polo Gardening and Watering; Parrot & Babies; David


N-120 Nancy McNally's Party at Rami Hirshfield's for Ruth Brinker of Project Open Hand, 12/87


N-121 Angels of Light Hotel Follies 9/87


N-122 Robert Baker at Lands End, Jane Dornacker, Nobody Rally, 10/80


N-123 Haight Street: Steven, Aaron, Tom, Hagen


N-124 City Scenes, Karl K. and George Mundy


N-125 Divine at I Beam - Halloween '82 ; Halloween at Oasis (John Ponyman, Ponyman's Prince Albert); Chuck Grandi on Polk Street


N-126 Mary Grung at Fort Mason, Ernie at Fort Funston, Albino Man at Fort Funston

Box D

O-1 Ecolé de Mime, Paris


O-2 Europe, late 1960s and/or early 1970s (half frame shots)


O-3 New York City


O-4 Provincetown


O-5 Seattle and Western Washington


O-6 San Francisco and Bay Area


O-7 Unidentified Blond Boy with Cap (developed in Seattle)


O-8 Studies of Unknown Individuals


O-9 Place and/or Subject Unknown


O-10 Barney Wan's Friend, California Historical Society Opening, Ann Margaret at SF Film Festival, David Hockney, Mr Financial District at Sutter's Mill '85, Tosca - Dianna


O-11 End of Bread & Roses Concert (Maria Muldar, Mimi Farini, Joan Baez), Mr San Francisco 1980 (Mike Jacobsen, Jon Lloyd)


O-12 Rene & Gloria at Buena Vista Pub, Barney Wan at Ansel Adams Exhibit, Self Portraits


O-13 Sal at Fort Cronkite, 3/78; Greg Kurtz Buena Vista Park, Valentino at Lands End


O-14 Unidentified Model, Street Repairmen on Market Street, Unidentified Yard


O-15 Divine on TV, Crawford Barton's Exhibit Opening, Soup (Poetry Magazine) Party '82, SF Skyline with Birds, Tress, Wily Wong 3/82


O-16 Bare Chest Contest at Eagle 3/88 (Brian Boyer, April Winner)


O-17 Bob's Genitals


O-18 Jim at Night


O-19 Sal at Lands End, 10/77


O-20 Michael Parks, Freeman & Kenny, Castro Street 3/80


O-21 Stan, Last Kronenberg Protest March (1978?)


O-22 Jane Fonda Dinner for Harry Britt, 1980


O-23 Quentin Crisp Book Signing, 10/79


O-24 Ciana Dressing (Ciana, Kent, Jeff, Ginger)


O-25 High Noon Chile Party, 11/78


O-26 Men Sunbathing, Shapes in Sky (National Enquirer Material!)


O-27 Jose at Valencia Rose, 1983


O-28 Curtis Spangler, Carol Woodrose, Lynn Pruzan, Moby Grape (mid 1970s)


O-29 Shady Grove ( Wavy Gravy, Weiner, Mark Belote)


O-30 Still Lifes, Carol Woodrose, Big Richard, Red-hand Bobby, Joan Baez


O-31 Unity Fair


O-32 Golden Gate Park with Freeman, Clouds & Sun, Mariliza & David


O-33 Bobby, Curtis & Carol, In Back of Shady Grove 4/78


O-34 Opening of Vicki Leidner's Involution Gallery, 8/79 (Vicki, Gary Graham, Laurence Hultberg, Mark Belote, Ann Hackett, Curtis Spangler, Sunshine & his Boyfriend, Ellen, Ricardo)


O-35 Molly Belly Dancing, Cityscapes, Shady Grove


O-36 Restaurant (Shady Grove?) With Musicians, Buena Vista Park, 1970s


O-37 Marliss' Housewarming Party (House in the Country), 1978


O-38 Lelila Matir, Still Lifes, Polo on train (begins?) Dennis Hale, Bobby Kent at Gus' Pub


O-39 Jim, Curtis, Ojetta


O-40 Haight Street During 1976 Parade, Japanese Flower Arrangement Event


O-41 Pablo & Ellen; Jim


O-42 Stoneground (band); Laurence's Shop, Tessy, Jim


O-43 Shady Grove, Steven Good, Lands End; Curtis, 1st Unity Fair, Robert Pruzan (with long hair)


O-44 Mark T; Howard's Hand, Zoltan's Paintings


O-45 Ann, Curtis, Peach Blossoms; Space Needle, Landscapes, Peter on Twin Peaks


O-46 Brad Davis & Gov Brown on TV, Haight Café with Rick Mercer and Vicki Lightner; Mrs Bancroft, Garden Tour, Betty Rollins


O-47 Flowers, Shady Grove; Easter Services on Buena Vista, With Tosh on Beach; People in Park, Mini Cala Lilys, Bonzai,


O-48 Summer & Kids, Neighbor, Posters of Old Books, Wisteria


O-49 Warm Weather on Castro 2/85, Ken Alexander, Hartford House Zen Center


O-50 Starship Concert, 197_?

Box E

O-51 Haight Street Fair,1988


O-52 Bare Chest Mr 2/88 Calendar, Cable Car Awards '87, Wadell at Fashion Show, Ron Bluestein, Reading, Hongisito & Family, Harry Britt for Congress at Eagle - Hseigh, Molinari


O-53 John Howard


O-54 Trip to Berkeley Gardens with Jan & Richard; Marcus Gets Governor's Commendation at Eagle


O-55 Fireworks, Copy of Photograph of Blooma & Relatives 7/88


O-56 Lady Bird Johnson Visits Arboretum Society 6/88


O-57 Robert Ferro


O-58 Band Foundation Reception at Dianne Feinstein's 11/85


O-59 Ponyman's Sawdust 8/83


O-60 Courtney's, Garden


O-61 Peter Baily, Claude Duval, Ruth Weiss Reading 7/86, Robert Labadie


O-62 Football Game with Barney, Gordon & Paul, Arts Festival 10/80, Sandy Graham, Pete M-?


O-63 Divine 2/85, Interview Ken Copland, I Beam Performance, VIP Party - Quentin Crisp, Sylvester, Lust in the Dust Opening at Clay Theatre, Tab Hunter, Lani Kazan, Cezare Romero


O-64 After Game Victory Party, David __?


O-65 Mr Nov (88) Eagle Bare Chest Contest July 87, Chad,, NGLTF Kick off at Nancy Pelosi's House with Jeff Levi, Robin Tyler, Art Agnos, Leo McCarthy, Pat Norman, Cleve Jones; Jan, Private Wake of Tom Waddell


O-66 David Moskowitz at his Mother's Party, Clouds, Buildings


O-67 Bare Chest with Eric Jazmen, City Swing on Eagle Patio with Steven Good, Dan Denney 5-6/87, Francis Ford Coppola Movie at Opera House, Cityscapes, Carnival


O-68 Victor Houston on Mount Tam


O-69 Fol de Rol 85, Golden Dildeaux Awards with Mz. Peckerhead


O-70 Various Subjects (Golden Gate Park?) 1972-73


O-71 Science Center (Seattle), Space Needle; Kaplans, Market Street 2/78, Chinatown scene[?] S Francisco, Jan & Chris at Laundry, Flight to Seattle


O-72 Michael Deleise, Haight Street, Curtis, Panhandle Be-In


O-73 Unidentified Man with Beard & Goatee, Interior and Rooftop Shots


O-74 Gay Day Parade, 1979


O-75 Sheriffs vs Trojans Football Game, 12/85


O-76 Art Agnos Inauguration as Mayor, 1/88


O-77 Safe Sex Video 1986 for Sentinel


O-78 Sisters vs Chorus Basketball Game 2/82, Uniform Night at Theater Rhinoceros, Ricardo & Pharris, Reggie in Tuxedo, Eileen's Family


O-79 Coral Sea Sailors '83; Plaster& Glass Washer on Folsom


O-80 Jack Soelkhe


O-81 Randy Baettmen (sp?), William Burroughs '83, Two Tons of Fun at Kabuki


O-82 Hookers Ball '78, George Carlin, Margo St James


O-83 Tom Wilcox


O-84 Rinks Opening 12/85; Doris Fish Happy Hour


O-85 End of Jane Fonda at Harry Britt's (Milk Club?) Dinner '80; Harvey Milk's Birthday (Jose Sarria, Bob Crane, Freemen, Mike, Jim, Harry Brit, Sophie & Eileen, Mark B___?, Dennis Peron, Gary Baily); End of Poetry at 777 Valencia


O-86 Hare Krishna Festival in GG Park


O-87 T. Thompson, Dana Ullman '85


O-88 Imogene Cunningham's Birthday at Ruth Osawa's; Mary's Opening at Folsom Hotel; Rick, Ken's Roommate


O-89 Mr Northern California Drummer at Chaps'85; Black & White Ball '85


O-90 Halloween in Castro '84; End Beaux Arts Ball


O-91 New years Party at I Beam '83, Perry


O-92 Sepalis (Todd D), Gordon & Paul with Marjorie, Easter 1980; Buildings, Flowers, Reflected in a Shattered Window Glass


O-93 New York City, early 1980s


O-94 Cris Burns' Self Defense Class; Bare Chest 5/89 (K Starr, Lily Street); Lovers in Buena Vista Park


O-95 Bancroft Gardens; Toby in Buena Vista Park


O-96 Mr Russian River '82; End "Sunsets" Shoot (Blaine)


O-97 Mr Northern California Drummer '87; Golden Gate, Bridge & Blimp


O-98 Cabaret Gold 1989


O-99 Angelo Solo Opening, Jean D___? and Peter M___?


O-100 Drummer Contest, 1984


O-101 David Earl Lee '84; Unidentified Man in Chair


O-102 End of Gay Games '82; Tullio at Plush Room; Opera in the Park '82 ; Limos at Opera Opening


O-103 Mr Drummer '83 (with George Moore); George Moore on Mount Tam


O-104 Wet Boxer Shorts 1986 Eagle, Rags to Riches at Rags - Gail Wilson, Martin Bleckman & Pal, Doris Fish at Home for Sentinel, Buena Vista Park Master Plan Meeting


O-105 Broughton Book Introduction, Anthony Bruno & Folks


O-106 Louis Carabello, 88; Scott Taylor's Wet Shorts Contest at End-Up, with Sean Anderson


O-107 Castro Street Fair,1977


O-107 Castro Street Fair, 1978 (Larry Lara, Jarn Sereaux, Jean Carlyle)


O-109 Castro Street Fair, 1979 (Sylvester Performing)


O-110 Castro Street Fair,1980 (Jane Dornacker, Mz X, Doris Fish, Gilbert, Joe & Joe, Yves)


O-111 Castro Street Fair,1981


O-112 Castro Street Fair,1982


O-113 Castro Street Fair, 1983 (Russ Field, Jane & Rose, Claude, Rainbow Motorcycle Club Members, Jerry Smith)


O-114 Castro Street Fair,1984


O-115 Castro Street Fair,1985


O-116 Castro Street Fair,1986


O-117 Castro Street Fair,1987


O-118 Castro Street Fair,1988


O-119 Castro Street Fair,1990


O-120 Castro Street Fair, 1991 (Elvis Herselvis & Patty, Gil, Marilyn Head, Miss X and Gang, Margo Gomez, Cosmic Lady)

Box F

P-1 Danny Morris


P-2 Electric Re-union Bash at Shady Grove/U. S. Café (10 Year Reunion)


P-3 Mapplethorpe Opening '90


P-4 Kiri Te Kanawa at Tower Records; Pier Pressure '85; Ms Peckerhead at Pilsner Anniversary '85; CMC '85


P-5 Gold Coast Opening '81; Ernie at Home


P-6 Mr South of Market 1987 Chad Seibold, Trocadero., CMC Carnival - James Buelher, Dennis Hale, Jamie Romer, Buena Vista Park cutting, Could, moon shot


P-7 Yerba Buena Nursery, 10/84; Daddy's Boy at Eagle; George Malerzach's (sp?) Party; Beaux Arts Ball; Balarina Party on Castro


P-8 Sandy and Dirk at Whole Life Expo '86; Powerhouse Ms SF Leather Contest with Scott Taylor & Jim & Ed Thompson


P-9 Dieter in Train Yard


P-10 Powerhouse Greasy Jockstrap Contest (Scott O'Hara); Bare Chest Contest winner Rich Krekorian (sp?); Miss Nude America with Male Strippers; Mr Leather Daddy '85; Fran Leibowitz; Reggie's Friend Nude; Bike Christening, Drummer 2/81


P-11 Casualty Capers '84 (Marcella); Ginger Rogers at the Castro; Tommy's Birthday; Arena Bare Chest (Winner Danny Lord)


P-12 Bare Chest (Danny Lord) '84; Dick Gregory; Dirk Pearson & Sandy Shaw '84


P-13 Fleet Week with Blue Angels; Pies Against LaRouche; Marty


P-14 End of Body Building Contest; Cake for Maestro Bonynge; Libertarian Bookstore Damage; Land's End Parking Lot; Bulldog Bathhouse Contest,10/81; Tullio's 2nd Songfest;


P-15 Bay Area Reporter Banquet, Opera Opening '86 (McEwen, Feinstein); Opera in the Park (Lovengar, Toscayska, Titus); End-Up Buns Contest, No on 64 Campaign Dinner at Hyatt Regency (Robin Williams, Cecil Williams, Herb Caen); Leather Daddy & Mr Marcus


P-16 Daddy's Boy Contest at Eagle'86; Jane Dornacker at the Powerhouse (Greg Day)


P-17 Mr Northern California Drummer at the Woods, 1983


P-18 Leather Weekend at the Woods, 7/83; 544 Natoma; Flowers


P-21 Geoff Mains Book Signing at Ambush; Reception for Gay Democrats at Sutter's Mill (Alan Cranston); All Species March; Victor Reiter; Garage Sale


P-22 A Cable Car Awards '85 (Sylvester, Jose, Quentin Crisp); Bare Chest 2/86; End Steve Abbott's Party (Harold Norse, Thom Gunn, Armistead Maupin, Gerald Fabian)


P-22 B Virgil Thompson (Robert Chesley, Pharris)


P-22 C Rubber Kiss Party


P-23 Fol De Rol, 1986; Larry and David's Xmas Shot; Sandmutopia Store Opening


P-24 Pruzan Photo Exhibit Opening at Ambush '85; Bare Chest with Ruggiero; Rene Kollo; Spaulding's Party with David Hockney


P-25 Mr Powerhouse 1988 (Joe Batiste)


P-26 Peter Vafiades Initiation into Rainbow Motorcycle Club; Colt Thomas Reception; Russ & Gary at Demonstration


P-27 Leather Daddy Contest at the Eagle, 1988


P-28 Mr Drummer, 1981 (With Slaves Boot Shining)


P-29 Margaret Frost at Monthly Meeting; Joe Artman (sp?) Opening; Firemen; After the Night Sweat Party (Reggie, Scott Taylor)


P-30 A Barney at Lon's Sykes with Young Friends & Peter M; Spring Outing with Jurgen


P-30 B Eagle Finals (Roy Rodriguez, Mike Merriott, Sonny, Patrick Batt)


P-30 C Richard Gac


P-31 Bare Chest (Paul Gillespie); Lisa Kanemoto's SOMA Party; Russian River, 11/85


P-32 A Sunday Afternoon, 6/84 (Larry Lara, Wes Gray, Tommy, Brent, Dykstra)


P-33 Marcus' Birthday at Patrick Batt's, 3/84; end Tommy Shooting


P-34 Mike Jackson Shoot; Pearls 85th, Bert's Birthday, Logan ( Logan's Run) Shooting, 1982


P-35 A Castro Dog Show '84


P-35 B Phoenix Uniform Club at Eagle '84


P-36 Mr Marcus to Chicago Party 1984, End Mr Russian River 84


P-37 Beard Contest at Pilsner 4/11/88 (Roberta Achtenberg)


P-38 Nancy's 40th Birthday at John Braulick's with Jack Robson (sp?)


P-39 Mr Western Drummer Contest 10/80; Rainbow Motorcycle Club's First Fetish Festival 11/80; CMC Carnival '80


P-40 National Gay Rights March on Democratic Convention, SF 1984


P-41 Raven at Drummaster 3/81


P-42 Cable Car Awards 8/88, Eagle Bare Chest Winner and his Friend


P-43 CMC Carnival 1986 (Fort Mason); Buns contest at the End-Up (Tony, Blair, Al Parker, Darlene, Duke Armstrong, Gilbert]


P-44 Kent Wells 4/81; Mr SF Leather at Brig , 4/81


P-45 Sunsets- Lou Rudolph at 544 Natoma (with Constantine); End of Colt Thomas Reception; Eric


P-46 Beginning of Rudolph's Sunsets; Marcus' Initiation into Rainbow MC at Eagle, Taylor Mead in SF


P-47 AIDS Emergency Fund: Fundraising (Ron Brewer, Mike Merriott, Miles Mitchell)


P-48 Leather Daddy 8/87; Bare Chest Contest for 1988 Calendar (James Beulher, Bud Palmer, Greg Day, Andy & Tony)


P-49 Men Behind Bars IV (1988); Buena Vista Park


P-50 Daddy's Boy Contest 1988, Grand Central Antiques


P-51 Powerhouse Go Navy 10/85 (Rita Racket, Alan Lazilo); Francesco Scavullo at Vision Gallery


P-52 Bare Chest 1/85; 49rs Victory Celebration, 1/85 David Awards '85 (Kerry Bowman, Rink, Rita Rocket, Tom Ammiano)


P-53 First Drummer Contest


P-54 BAR Xmas Party '85; Ambush Beer Belly Contest, 12/85


P-55 David Moskowitz at Fort Cronkite; Rendezvous at Baker Beach; Thom Gunn, Ron Johnson & James Broughton at Table


P-56 Manifest Man '82, David Wills Opening, Entertainers at Night on Castro, Nina Glasser Opening


P-57 Booksigning (John Preston?) 11/84 (Mason Powell, Sam Steward, Steven Saylor, Frederick); Mr & Mrs Ed Galaghers; AIDS Funding Sculpture


P-58 End Willy Brown Party; Satyrs Beer Bust at Eagle

Box G

P-59 Haight Street Fair, 1978 (First)


P-60 Haight Street Fair, 1979 and Afterwards at Gus' Pub


P-61 Haight Street Fair, 1980 (Jessie & Earl & Eduardo, Jane Dornacker, Toy Shop Dude, Cecil)


P-62 Haight Street Fair, 1981


P-63 Haight Street Fair, 1982


P-64 Haight Street Fair, 1983; Scott Taylor, Still Lifes & Daffodils


P-65 Haight Street Fair, 1984


P-66 Haight Street Fair, 1985, Paolo's Brother & Mom, Int Mr Leather Patrick Toner Return Party, Bare Chest Eagle, Sailor Boy, James Bugler


P-67 Haight Street Fair, 1986


P-68 Haight Street Fair, 1987


P-69 Haight Street Fair, 1988


P-70 Haight Street Fair, 1989


P-71 Haight Street Fair, 1990; Buena Vista Park Tour (Hooper, McClintock ); Jack Sharpless Memorial; Gibby in Seattle; Erosion Control Sign


P-72 Haight Street Fair, 1991 (David Wills, Will Dodger, Yoyos)


R-1  Gilbert Baker with Flags, Nancy & Spanky, Photos of 1960s Body Builders & Nudes


R-2 A Buena Vista Park, 1986 reforestation? for Sentinel, Shulenberg family for Advocate, 1st Bare Chest for 1987


R-2 B Mr Drummer, 1985


R-2 C Danny Lord, Lenny, etc 1985


R-3 A Black & White Ball 1989 w/ Gilbert & Sadi; Park Changes: Lands End, Sutro


R-3 B Contestants for Mr Drummer, 1986


R-3 C Powerhouse Fetish & Fantasy, 1986


R-4 A Ethnic Dancers


R-4 B Mr Drummer 1989, Alan Cantwell & Others, 1989


R-4 C Fetish & Fantasy Festival 1989


R-5 Win Ng Gallery Opening, Tom, Reggie, Etc


R-6 A BVNA & Park dept planting Nov 21, 1987, remaining AREAS in Buena Vista Park, Nancy McNally & Rami for Open Hand, Ned Rorem


R-6 B Mr Drummer, 1987


R-6 C Fetish & Fantasy '87; Eagle Bare Chest Contest '87


R-6 D Unidentified Leather Events & People


R-7 A Mr Leather San Francisco, 1988 (Stephen Mistler, Margo Gomez, Mr San Diego '88)


R-7 B Mr Powerhouse, 5/88; Rooftop Telephoto Shots; Scott Leo Hansen


R-8 Gail Wilson and City Swing in Concert at Bimbo's, 10/23/88 (Ms Peckerhead & Friends)


R-9 Men Behind Bars V,2/90; Coronation 1990


R-10 CMC '84; Pier Pressure '84; John Karr's Baubles; Cityscapes


R-11  Daddy's Boy Contest '83


R-12 Paul Manetti, 12/82


R-13 Issac Stern at Stern Grove '90 (Jean-Pierre Rampal; Gregory Peck; Alexander Schneider; Rostropovich)


R-14 Construction Worker, 7/90; Clouds; Bella (male model)


R-15 Jim Fox, 7/5/77


R-16 Hutch on Mt Tam '83; End of Mardi Gras Ball '83 (Village People, Bump)


R-17 Sheriff Michael Hennessy at Chaps, Tommy; Drag Queens at Eagle Benefit


R-18 Buddy on Mt Tam; Body Building Contest at Paramount Theatre; Sky (Stars, Moon, Sunset)


R-19 Oliver Murphy


R-20 Marian & Lynn Pruzan, 1985


R-21 Leather Daddies Contest at Chaps, 9/83


R-22 Mr SF. Leather at Eagle '89; Katy & Max Raditz


R-23 Mr Powerhouse 1989


R-24 Christmas Clouds 1979


R-25 A End of Halloween at Gift Center; Tom Brown at 545 Ashbury; Eagle Halloween (Claude as Carmen Miranda)


R-25 B Ann Rice Interview (with Ron Bluestein)


R-26 A Mike Jackson, 1987


R-26 B Tullio's Recital, 1987

Box H

R-27 Jack Robinson in Tiburon, 12/79


R-28 Pat's Birthday; Moscone Party


R-29 Opera Opening, 1989


R-30 Pilsner Sock Hop, 1989


R-31 Gail Wilson and City Swing at Dancing Cheek to Cheek (Trocadero), 2/ 87; Gail Wilson and City Swing at Art Deco Society Dance; Ron Beauchenin at Eagle's Bare Chest


R-32 Russ Shots for Business Card, Erotic Impressionism (Russ)


R-33 Shanti Dinner at Flood Mansion, 8/89; Sisters on the Hill; Private Drummer Party Aug /89 (Westerfield House)


R-34 Phillip Blum


R-35 Bar Banquet, 5/85; Opening of 181 Eddy Club; Demo Supporting Gays in Nicaragua (Tede &?); Closet Ball '85; Ron Brewer; Tom Brown at Hot Tub; Cloud Over SF from Tiburon


R-36 Logan 1/13/82 (at Gold Coast & at Drummer Compound)


R-37 Gary Grohoski; Murals at Liberty Baths; Red 's Memorial at Columbarium


R-38 Pilsner Sock Hop, Buena Vista Park Master Plan Meeting, 1/87


R-39 Shane (in hat), Bob Murray & D. Earl Lee


R-40 Bert Houle & Veera Wibaux - Mimetic Theatre


R-41 Dirk & Sandy at URP '90; Mr South of Market Contest at Eagle (Ray, Marcus)


R-42 Leather Daddy '86; George Moore in Sonoma


R-43 Leather Forever Modeling Shots


R-44 International Ms Leather III-1989; Fetish & Fantasy 1989


R-45 1st International Ms Leather-3/87; Clouds


R-46 Louie Caraballo, 7/88


R-47 More Select Executives (publicity head shots); Weekend at River with Gary & Russ-10/83; Clouds


R-48 End of New Years Eve '87; Buns Contest at the End-Up (Augie, Stephano); Carl Stewart's Wake; Guys & Dog in Park Destroying Plants; Russ in His Room


R-49 Mr Northern California Drummer at Eagle '86


R-50 Ethyl Eickelburger at ACT Rehearsal Hall, 10/87


R-51 Marx Meadows; Haight Street; U.S. Café; U.C. Extension; Palace of Fine Arts, 197?


R-52 CMC Carnival '81; Ron Johnson at 544 Buena Vista East (Robert's Apt); Chuck Solomon & Friend


R-53 Sharon Redd & Sylvester at Valentines Party at Gift Center, 1984; Ponyman Wake, (Kim & Miles, Danny Lord, George Malanzek)


R-54 James Broughton 1987 October


R-55 Dieter at Waterfall & at 555


R-56 Daddy's Boy Contest '87; City Swing with Gail Wilson; Strippers for PWAs to the March on Washington Fundraiser, 9/87


R-57 Photo Exhibit Opening at Moby Dick (Crawford Barton, Peter Berlin, Edward DeCelle); Prejudging Drummer Contest 1987


R-58 Mr Northern California Drummer, 1989


R-59 Mime Show "Pilgrimage" at Victoria Theater (Veera Wibaux & Bert Houle), 5/87


R-60 Russ in the Shower; Eagle Bare Chest Contest (circa 5/87)


R-61 Buena Vista Park Destruction; Danny, Spring '86


R-62 Various Comedians on Stage, circa 1986


R-63 William Burroughs Book Signing (Harold Norse, James Broughton, Steve Abbott, Etc).


R-64 Gay Day Parade, 1977 (Includes Robert Hillsborough Memorial); Angelo Walking Dog


R-65 Gay Day Parade, 1978


R-66 Gay Day Parade, 1979


R-67 Gay Day Parade, 1980


R-68 Gay Day Parade, 1981


R-69 Gay Day Parade, 1982


R-70 Gay Day Parade, 1983


R-71 Gay Day Parade, 1984


R-72 Gay Day Parade, 1985


R-73 Gay Day Parade, 1986


R-74 Gay Day Parade, 1987


R-75 Gay Day Parade, 1989


R-76 Gay Day Parade, 1990


R-77 Gay Day Parade, 1991

Box I

S-1 International Mr Leather (Chicago), 1986


S-2 Jack Robson Nude; Michel & Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman); Sailors in SF During Fleet Week


S-3 Sandy & Dirk at 555 Buena Vista, 1990


S-4 A Marilyn (Paula Lane), 11/82


S-4 B James Broughton's 69th birthday,11/82; CMC Carnival, 1982


S-5 CMC Carnival, 1983 (Dieter, Mike Merriott); James Broughton's 70th Birthday, 10/83


S-6 Steve Abbott for Sentinel 8/86; Man Lifting Skirt to Scratch Butt; Leatherman at Night with Cigarette Girls; Party at Walter Rowen's with Murillo & Debbie; High Tea with Gail Wilson [At Urinals]; Bare Chest - Leonard James; Bare Chest - Bill Barker, 5/86


S-7 Viva Las Vegas; Crawford Barton's Opening & Paul Winfield's Party at Moby Dick


S-8 Trip to LA, 1/87: Huntington Gardens; Getty Museum; Hollywood Rebel Royalty; Gauntlet Shorts Contest; Anthony Bruno at His Play Soul Survivor


S-9 Buena Vista Park "Erosion Control"; End of Kezar Stadium (54346-16 & 17); Leather Weekend at the Woods 7/89; Russ at Tubs


S-10 Leather Weekend at the Woods, 1988


S-11 Russ Godwin (sp?), 1/89


S-12 Tony Spur (sp?) on Mt. Tam, 8/84


S-13 Joe Fiorentino 3/90


S-14 Jerry Smith 5/88


S-15 2nd Buns Contest at End-Up


S-16 Anthony Bruno in Buena Vista Park,1986


S-17 Jurgen on Mount Tam, 1984


S-18 Chicago Bivouac, 1982


S-19 A 1950s Rock Group, ShaNaNa; Dirk & Sandy Pearson, 5/85


S-19 B Tom of Finland, 5/85


S-20 Buena Vista Park "Erosion Control"; End of Kezar Stadium (54346-16 & 17); Leather Weekend at the Woods 7/89; Russ at Tubs


S-21 Dore Alley Block Party, 1990


S-22 Ken Bergquist, 6/84


S-23 End-up Buns Contest, Sala Burton Funeral, 1987


S-24 Connie Francis at the Eagle, 6/89


S-25 Don Macone, 1991


S-26 Russ; Oliver Murphy in Cop Uniform; Bare Chest Contest 3/87; T-Room Series for Coming Up!


S-27 Ten Speed Press Party for White Trash Cooking, 2/87 ( Joel Singer & James Broughton, Tom Meyer, Jon Williams, Gene Ramey)


S-28 Tribute to Doris Fish at the Victorian Theatre 11/3/90 (Miss X, Pearly Gates, Doris, Aaron Shurin)


S-29 Anti-War Protests, City Hall 1/91; New Year's Party at the River (Gilbert Baker & Gilbert Garcia)


S-30 Michael Merriott; Halloween '83


S-31 Bob Alvarez, 7/91


S-32 Leather Weekend at the Woods, 8/84; Billy Preston; End of Satyr Beer Bust '84, Allen Selby & Peter


S-33 A Black & White Ball, 5/87


S-33 B Rex Opening, circa 5/87; Gilbert Baker at Davies Symphony Hall; Demolition of Unidentified Building; Clouds & Sunset


S-34 A End of Opera in Park; Haight Street Fire; Powerhouse Fetish & Fantasy Festival '88


S-34 B Stoneground plays in North Beach (Jody); Page Street Fire; Polo Sleeping (underexposed)


S-34 C Mr Drummer Party & Press Conference; 1983


S-35 Scott Taylor on Twin Peaks and in Marin 2/10/84; Gary & Russ


S-36 Steven & Jeffery Nude; Tom Paints; End of Mandate Party; Bill Ward, Jim Wigler, David Markem, Jon Embry & Mario


S-37 Roast for Mr Marcus at Powerhouse 7/86


S-38 Crystals, Black & White Ball, 1991


S-39 Dirk & Sandy Pearson at Omnitration, 1991


S-40 Male Entertainment Network (Chuck Cybersky & Richard Wright)


S-41 Dave Ford Video; Dave Ford, Crawford at Ricardo's, Dutch Friend of Danny & Ricardo's, Crawford, Raphael, Reggie


S-42 Eagle Bare Chest Contest


S-43 James Broughton


S-44 Crawford's Opening @ the Ambush (Thom Gunn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Edward DeCelle, Larry Lara, Paul Winfield)


S-45 Don Price, 10/87


S-46 Esmeralda at I Beam 7/82; Gadis Party; McClure Booksigning; Mike S.


S-47 Bare Chest Contest 11/86, Esmeralda @ 181 Club; Esmeralda at Lou Rudolph Opening


S-48 Don Morris ("Donny")


S-49 Esmeralda at Unidentified Event


S-50 Buena Vista Park Cutting & Kids


S-51 Folsom Street Fair, 1984


S-52 Folsom Street Fair, 1985; Charles Roberts Funeral & Wake


S-53 Folsom Street Fair, 1986 (Compagno, Ricardo & Danny, Carla, Joseph Bean, Christian Herron & Rita Rocket, Doris Fish, Reggie, Donny Morris


S-54 Folsom Street Fair, 1987


S-55 Folsom Street Fair, 1988


S-56 Folsom Street Fair, 1989


S-57 Folsom Street Fair, 1982


S-58 Folsom Street Fair, 1991

Box J

T-1 Gay Games Volunteer Awards at Trocadero 12/86; Buns Contest End - Up


T-2 Larry Feitz & David; Mr October Bare Chest '86 (George, Lee Hartgrave)


T-3 Opera in the Park '83 (Rink & Reggie), Opera Opening, Pearl's Birthday Party at Ricardo's, Going Away Party for Chuck & Jerry


T-4 Alan Ginsberg Book Signing at City Lights 10/82 (Bob Kaufman, Lyn Wildly); Ginsberg with Steve Abbott in Golden Gate Park


T-5 Angelo & Robert Pruzan with Car


T-6 Joe I.


T-7 Scott Tucker on Robert's Roof 10/86 (shot for Body Politic)


T-8 Haight Scenes, Cops at Haight & Ashbury, 11/77


T-9 Men Behind Bars, 1986


T-10 Queen Ida and Band, 1980


T-11 Widow Norton's Visit to Grave '81 (Pharris); Cyril Magnin, Marilyn Horne, Sailors on Roof with Veera and at Kiss My Sweet, Mike Shell & Marcus, Clinque (?), Giorno and Burroughs


T-12 Event '87; Eagle Bare Chest Winners Runoff 8/87


T-13 Mr Drummer Contest, 1990


T-14 A Massage Shots with Patrick Toner, John Marino & Other Masseur, 2/87


T-14 B Richard Locke & Artie Bressen, Fishbone '84


T-15 Joan Collins, 1986


T-16 End of Halloween '88, James Broughton's 75th Birthday (with Joel Singer)


T-17 Drummer Key Club Opening, 10/11/80


T-18 Mr Drummer, 1982 at I Beam


T-19 Porn Star Lee Ryder at Studstore, Gary Grimm, Phillip Blum


T-20 Drummer Pool party, Gregory Ghent Opening


T-21 Spring trees, Natoma Drags, Doris Fish, Shilts Book Signing for Mayor of Castro Street, Drummers Last Pool Party


T-22 Mr Drummer at Drummaster (1984?)


T-23 Night at Blue Moon at the Drummer Club Opening (Ray Smith, Freemen)


T-24 Russ puts Glass Bricks in at Stud; Gail Wilson & Tom Ammiano at Coming Home Hospice Benefit '87, Rising Moon Shot, Anniversary of Summer of Love '87


T-25 Auctioning Mr Drummer at Eagle, 1990


T-26 Mr Drummer, 1991


T-27 Sleaze on Page Street, Lenny's Kids, Howard on Haight


T-28 Laurence Hultberg's Shop Girls; Maria Callas in Tosca; Milk Kaddish 12/5/(78?)


T-29 Kelley Stuart at Robert Pruzan's Apt on Ashbury


T-30 Beginning of Mike Anderson, Logan, Veera & Others with Birthday Cake


T-31 Laurence Hultberg and Laurence's Masks


T-32 2nd Oliver Murphy Shoot 3/87; Paul Gillespie 11/86


T-33 Howard's Cookout in Golden Gate Park


T-34 Fleet Week 1988 reception at City Hall w/ Sadie, Gilbert, Alazor & Toony Sailors, Fireworks over Bay Bridge (pic of Jerry), Sharon McNight!


T-34 Joan Baez on TV 12/78; Closing of Shady Grove 1/179


T-35 Darrel Haosn, Male Dancers, Veera & Bert Rehearsing on Stage


T-36 In Memory of Friends (Show), Galleon, Personnel, Pre-party at Angela Alioto's, after Party at the Galleon


T-37 Closet Ball, 1987


T-38 Sculpture Garden at Civic Center with Jan Uribe 9/86;


T-39 Gay Games Bodybuilders with Christian Herron; Bare Chest Contest '81 (Wilkes Bashford, Mark); Post Gay Day Dance with I Beam Family; Joe McCatola Wine (?),


T-40 End of Tony & John Roberry at Drummer '80; Inauguration of SF Board of Supervisors '80


T-41 Closet Ball '88, In Memory of Friends


T-42 Twin Peeks with Pharris, David Bakers Party, Castro Dude w/ Bike at Twin Peak, Sisters Game at Kezar '83


T-43 Moscone Center, New Years Eve 1984


T-44 James Broughton at Tom Waddell's; Everett at River; Hal G. headshot


T-45 Karr's Friend's Furniture 2/85; Karr's Kerns Celebration; Morning Metro Party at Dan Turner's Apt, Quentin Crisp High Tea at the Palace Hotel


T-46 AIDS Emergency Fund Ad,12/88


T-47 Liz Taylor AIDS Benefit at the Mark Hopkins '86 (see also M-50)


T-48 Karr's Party 2/84, David Bakers Party


T-49 Soviet American Rock Summit 7/88 (Robert Blake, Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia, Gilbert Baker, Sadie); Jerry in Bath, Lilies, Aaron Shurin in BVP


T-50 Ciana Models Dresses in the Woods


T-51 Dieter with Manifest, Watering Glass


T-52 Pilsner Day in the Country Wanted


T-53 Old Man at End of '82 Parade, Dane' Erotic Modeling


T-54 Freni and Italians Reception with Tullio, 10/85


T-55 Christopher Isherwood and Don Bacardy, 2/80; D___? & Dad to London


T-56 Toys from Mad Dog's Catalog


T-57 Castro Dog Show, 1983


T-58 Opera in the Park, 1988


T-59 Opera Opening, 1988


T-60 AIDS Emergency Fund Kickoff Dinner3/89; Eagle Bare Chest Contest


T-61 Ruth Weiss; Opening Party at Cave, 10/80


T-62 Select Execs


T-63 Rolling Stones Concert, 1981


T-64 Bread & Roses Concert, 1980 (Robin Williams, BB King, Joni Mitchell)


T-65 Tom's Friend, Ken Russell's Isadora

Box K

T-66 Select Information Please, Select Brochure, 1983 (Commercial Shoot?)


T-67 Francis Smith Party, 24th Street Fair, Hannah Burkowitz (sp?), Peter, Paul


T-68 Hanging Gay Day for Gay Bay Photography Exhibit (Crawford Barton)


T-69 Parachute Fashions, 12/80 (shot w/sound spirals[?])


T-70 Phyllis & Lynda Good


T-71 Curtis Spangler & Friends at Galleria Eros, Plants, Golden Gate Park, Still Lifes, Ikebana Show, White Swans


T-72 Flower Arrangements (Ikebana Show)


T-73 Still Lifes, Shaun, Party at Bernard's, Hare Krishna, 1977


T-74 Fitzgerald Opening, 6/83


T-75 Mary Grung & Pal, 1/82


T-76 Hans' Party, 1981


T-77 Russ, Reggie's Xmas Dinner '84, Emil, Bob Ross, Glover & Folks, Rita Rocket at Castro Street Station


T-78 Denevi Opening, Jornoh Opening, 1/83


T-79 Cabaret Gold 3-5-84


T-80 Cabaret Gold Awards '85, (Pat Paulson, Liola Gritey, Wetia Whitfield)


T-81 Opera 1981 in the Park, 1981 (Horne, Caballe, Adler)


T-82 Polo at Lands End


T-83 Moscone's Wake (Carmen McCrae, Anne Kronenberg, Joan Baez), Seattle


T-84 Jock Strap Contest at End-Up


T-85 Issac Stern


T-86 Paul P, Still Lifes, Wood Dealer


T-87 Cat Show, Academy of Science, "Celestial Revelation" (Clouds)


T-88 Clouds, Buena Vista Park (Dog, People)


T-89 Freeman's Theater Party at Fort Mason


T-90 For Calix, Michelle Lewis Test Shots ( negs only)


T-91 Hare Krishna Parade, 1979


T-92 Peter Unveiled


T-93 Elizabeth's Jewels (Jewel Box Sketches)


T-94 Russ in Robert Pruzan's Room; Jack Spicer Conference (Robin Blazer, Paul Mariah, Robert Gluck, Sharpless); Bare Chest Contests 6/86 & 8/86 with Joe Nucatola as Contestant (Michael Chase, John Hehn as Marilyn)


T-95 Howard Hart


T-96 Rolling Stones 1989, Albert, Buena Vista Park, Chest Calendar Debut


T-97 Studstore Opens (Other Self Portraits), the Hun [10-25-_]


T-98 Stoots Opening at City Hall 12/83; Isadora Dancer


T-99 Peter Bohn, Clouds


T-100 Eagle Bare Chest Contest for 1/89 Calendar


T-101 Allen Reed; Zubin Mehta & Jackie Onassis on TV


T-102 Lee Hartgrave


T-103 Nancy McNally's Party


T-104 Ginsberg Signs Books 1988, Chinese Flower Arrangements, Alan Greenspan & His Mother at the De Young Museum


T-105 John W___?, Marc & David, 1/80; Mary & Lou at Karl Stewart's Party


T-106 Chuck Modeling in Leathers


T-107 Willie Brown, Ella Hill Hutch, Harry Britt, Rosebud, Charlie Brown, Cosmic Layde & J.C. Satan, Tasey, Edwardo, Lynn, Red, Aurel, Kathy's Beau, circa 1979


T-108 Hookers Ball, 1979 (Stripper, Sweet Inspirations, Ida, Mark & Laurence)


T-109 Steven Good's Apt Before Photo Shoot, Francis Smith at Steven Good's Apt, Dennis Hale in the Backyard of Gus' Pub


T-110 A Pickle Family Circus, 1979


T-110 B Pharris & George Moore at Palace of Legion; Crawford at Civic Center; Golden Gate Ave; Police; Cityscapes


T-111 Bare Chest Calendar, 1988 (Robert Genet)


T-112 Bare Chest Calendar, 1988 (Eric Jazmen & Joe Nickerson)


T-113 Bare Chest Calendar, 1988 (Chad Seibold & Scott Shelton)


T-114 Ringold Alley Fair, 1985


T-115 Ringold Alley Fair, 1986 (Scott Taylor as Hanging Mummy)


T-116 Dore Alley Fair, 1987


T-117 Dore Alley Fair, 1988


T-118 Dore Alley Fair, 1989


T-119 Dore Alley Fair, 1990


T-120 Dore Alley Fair, 1991


U-1 Abee (sp?) Party; Ken's Party in Montclair


U-2 Brad Davis (Star of film Querelle), 1983; Cars for Insurance


U-3 Opening of San Francisco Film Festival, 1985 (Vincent Price)


U-4 International Mr Leather Contest in Chicago, 1982


U-5 Victor Davis Party 9/79, Self Portraits & Freeman in the House, Jim on Mark's Roof '79


U-6 Ann K. in Protest March (Green Roots Alliance?), McLauglin in Park


U-7 Romano Photographer, Ships & Boats on Bay, Clouds, Cityscapes


U-8 Ricardo, Tosh, Curly, Performance of Princess Zoboroff


U-9 Castro Street After the Fair, Clouds on Mt. Tam, Cityscapes


U-10 Fire Destruction at SF Piers, 1984; Alan Selby, Patrick Batt & ? in Formal Clothes


U-11 Roosevelt High School's 20th Reunion, 8/84; Arena's Bare Chest Contest, 9/84


U-12 Russian River with Angelo, on Memorial Day 1979


U-13 Pharris in Tunnels, Line of Birds, Gliders, Test Shoot of Ambush Show


U-14 Jim Tuttle for Drummer


U-15 Pavarotti at Sheraton Palace7/87; Renata Scotto & Alfredo Kraus at Tower Records, Unidentified Opening at Fraenkel Gallery


U-16 Buttons on Bluxome, John & Everett on Folsom, Everett & Tony at Lands End, Debbie at Russian River


U-17 Ken's Party, 1/83


U-18 Seattle Monolithic Buildings (on UW Campus, Redsquare)


U-19 Jim Stewart's 544 Natoma Opening


U-20 Paris 1981: Sandy, Adrian, Eddie Wood, Mdm et Mssr Decroux, Statues, Piaff's Grave, Street Scenes


U-21 Paris 1981: Mime Rehearsal at


U-22 Hookers Ball, 1978


U-23 Reggie Reading at Shady Grove, Hide & Seek Man, Nathan, Opening of On the Wall, Paolo on Mt. Tam, Buena Vista Park, Haight Street, Paolo, Jessie, Antheniums


U-24 Wavy at Band Shell, Polo & Reggie at Plant Fellows, James Baldwin, Ricardo, Japantown, Martial Arts Demo, Bill & Denny


U-25 James Baldwin in Golden Gate Park

Box L

U-26 Jonathon Williams & Tom Meyer Weekend, Duncan & Gunn, Tress & Sister, Marco's Birthday '82


U-27 Dieter & Friend


U-28 Backyard of Gus' Pub at Halloween, Edwardo in Nightgown, Pete McCann, Verne


U-29 Bare Chest Contest 2/84, Fungus Fair Woman, Protesting Dan White's Release (Sr Boom Boom, Sadie, Carol Ruth Silver), Preview of Men Behind Bars


U-30 Issac Bashivas Singer at 4th International Poetry Festival (Thom Gunn, Gary Snyder, Carolyn Keiser, Barbara Mandel)


U-31 Isherwood & Bacardy at Clauds


U-32 Gordon's Thanksgiving, Rose De Castro's Opening, BAR Xmas Party, Sister & Santa on Castro, Drummer Xmas Party, Red's Teddy Bears 12/83


U-33 New Years Party at Giftcenter, 1987


U-34 Castro Street Fair, 1979 (Sylvester Performing)


U-35 Jenner & Ernesto, Folsom Fire Aftermath, Ricardo & Danny & Friend From France 7/81


U-36 Leader of the Pack Party at Chaps '85 (Deseree & Ms Peckerhead), Friend of Barney


U-37 Maria at Balcony (Charlie Hufford, Freeman, C D Arnold)


U-38 San Francisco Arts Festival at Civic Center, Japantown, & Stern Grove (Ricardo, Danny); Older Man in Front of 545 Ashbury


U-39 New Years Party at Giftcenter, & I Beam, 1986


U-40 Cabaret Gold '85; End of Unidentified Arena Bare Chest Contest (Mack Lyon)


U-41 Rocks at Lands End, Peter Maccan, White Horse, Paul Winfield, & Chuck


U-42 Haight Street Artist, Destruction of Straight Theatre, Leyla, Pickle Family Circus, 7/79


U-43 Joe & Kevin Sunning at Land's End; After Avedon at Paul Gordon's with Barney & Mae, 1/78


U-44 Halloween at Gift Center & I Beam, (Divine, Joanzie Blackfish), 1985


U-45 Chuck Solomon's 40th Birthday Party, Straight Couple at Lia Belli's


U-46 Mandate Party & End of Trip to Carmel (Dede?) & Big Sur


U-47 Powerhouse Fetish & Fantasy, 1991


U-48 Pharris on Mt Tam, 7/87


U-49 Mr Financial District 1986 at Sutter's Mill, with John & Louise Molinari


U-50 Bert Houle Mime Theatre 2/84, Arena's Bare Chest Contest (Miles), 2/84


U-51 Barney's Party at Win Ng's Home (Reggie, Keith Abbott, Tom Boxer, Diana Fuller)


U-52 Claude & AJ, Construction at Jerry Liddy's; Seagulls & Gliders


U-53 Michael Staroy's Party; Walk Through Palace of Fine Arts with Tom, Russ, Claude, Jazz the Dog, 7/85


U-54 Bert Houle, Veera Wibaux & Unidentified Person at Fort Barry, Tony at Drummer


U-55 Mr Northern California


U-56 Pruning of GG Park's Rose Garden '78; L. Pilt, "Yosemite Sun", "Trunk Shots"


U-57 Pruzans (Irv, Edith, Kathy, Matt & Phil, Marian & Carl) in Seattle 6/82; Mount St Helens; Kenneth Anger, Claire, Susan, at Roxy; Chuck Wade's Party with Nude Man Driving Road Grader (L. H. F.?)


U-58 End of Pete Pettine at Eagle Bare Chest Contest; John Karr's Kennel'85


U-59 Mayor Feinstein Interviewed by Sentinel,7/85; Leaving Pat Tura's Garden 7/85


U-60 La Cage Aux Folles Opening


U-61 End of 544 Natoma, 10/83


U-62 Gay Spirit Booksigning at Walt Whitman Bookstore 8/87 (Mark Thompson, Malcolm Boyd, Harold Norse, Ron Bluestein, Armistead Maupin, John Karr, James Broughton, Joel Singer, Kristian Bjorn); Pilsner's A Day for the Country Show with Gail Wilson & Ron Brewer


U-63 Tom of Finland Booksigning with Geoff Mains at Different Light Bookstore, 12/17/88; Joel Singer's & James Broughton's Farewell Party at Al Baum's Home; Quilt at Moscone Center


U-64 Rodeo in Park; Sailors During Fleet Week '83


U-65 Fleet Week '85; Ernie at Fort Cronkite


U-66 A Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Jim Ashley & Bill Barker)


U-66 B Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Ron Beauchemin & John Brown)


U-66 C Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Brian Casey & Ron Caspi)


U-67 A Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Michael Chase & David Duran)


U-67 B Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Leonard James & Ron Mikkelson)


U-67 C Bare Chest Calendar, 1987 (Joe Nucatola & Bob Runyon)


U-67 D Unidentified Model from Front Cover of 1987 Calendar


U-68 Twin Peaks Bar


U-69 Motorcycle Swap; Flower Show '79


U-70 Sylvester at Alfie's '6/81


U-71 Cable Car Awards 2/83; Mary Wells at Oasis


U-72 Eagle Bare Chest Contest 7/86; Wilkes Bashford, Sylvester; Thermal Barics; Art Fair at Civic Center (Nancy & Elfin, Marga Gomez, Johnathon, Ballet Dancers Waiting)


U-73 Artifacts of 1982 Russian River Resort Fire; Larry Feitz at the Russian River, 82


U-74 Gold's Gym Opening '85; SF Arts for Life at Opera House 10/85 (McEwen, Feinstein, Molinari, Pelosi, Wadell & Silverman)


U-75 Mr Northern California, 1981


U-76 13th Witch' 83; 4th of July with Everett, Russ, & Gary at Manuel's; Reggie on Poster & at Post Office '84; Reggie in Sweater '86


U-77 End of Romano Shooting; Nancy's Fashions; Jim Stewart Opening


U-78 Cable Car Awards, 1986


U-79 Dance Along Nutcracker with I Love LucySpecial,12/88; "Dead Marylin"


U-80 Jerry's Girls, Halloween 1988


U-81 In Memory of Friends Benefit, 1988


U-82 Gay Olympic Games, 1982


U-83 Gay Olympic Games, 1982


U-84 Gay Olympic Games, 1982


U-85 Gay Games II, 1986


U-86 Gay Games II, 1986


U-87 Gay Games II, 1986


U-88 Color Negs: Bert and Sophie in Colorful Clothes, 4/1/81; Pharris on Mt Tam, 7/81 (Vericolor)


U-89 Unmatched Negatives & Contact Prints


U-90 Larger Negatives (from 3x5 to 8x10)



Additional Note

These are Pruzan's master negatives; they match the proof sheets that are described above and refer to their arrangement. Since the negative pages are marked to indicate what precise contact print they match, they have been grouped here in larger lots. Most of the following folders contain negatives matching 2-5 folders of contact sheets.
The last box (M) contains negatives for sets of 3½ x 5 and 4 x 6 color snapshots developed and printed by commercial photo labs. These prints are arranged by topic; proof sheets were not made.
Box A

M-1 to M-5


M-6 to M-10


M-11 to M-15


M-16 to M-20


M-21 to M-25


M-26 to M-29


M-30 to M-34


M-35 to M-39


M-40 to M-41


M-42 to M-45


M-46 to M-50


M-51 to M-54


M-55 to M-57


M-58 to M-60


M-61 to M-67


M-68 to M-75


M-76 to M-80

Box B

M-81 to M-90


M-91 to M-99


M-100 to M-105


M-106 to M-110


M-111 to M-120


M-121 to M-129


N-1 to N-3


N-4 to N-9


N-10 to N-15


N-16 to N-19




N-21 to N-26


N-27 to N-30


N-31 to N-35

Box C

N-36 to N-43


N-44 to N-47


N-48 to N-50


N-51 to N-53


N-54 to N-58


N-59 to N-61


N-62 to N-63


N-64 to N-66


N-67 to N-68


N-69 to N-71


N-71 to N-75


N-76 to N-80


N-81 to N-85


N-86 to N-90


N-91 to N-95


N-96 to N-100

Box D

N-101 to N-105


N-106 to N-110


N-111 to N-115


N-116 to N-121


N-122 to N-126


O-1 to O-2








O-6 to O-7


O-8 to O-9


O-10 to O-12




O-14 to O-20


O-21 to O-29


O-30 to O-36


O-37 to O-42


O-43 to O-50

Box E

O-51 to O-55


O-56 to O-60


O-61 to O-65


O-66 to O-70


O-71 to O-75


O-76 to O-80


O-81 to O-85


O-86 to O-90


O-91 to O-95


O-96 to O-99




O-101 to O-102




O-104 to O-106


O-107 to O-109






O-112 to O-113


O-114 to O-116


O-117 to O-118


O-119 to O-120

Box F

P-1 to P-6


P-7 to P-9




P-11 to P-13


P-14 to P-16


P-17 to P-20


P-21 to P-22


P-23 to P-26


P-28 to P-29


P-30 to P-34


P-35 to P-36


P-37 to P-39


P-40 to P-44


P-45 to P-48


P-49 to P-50


P-51 to P-54


P-55 to P-58

Box G



P-60 to P-61


P-62 to P-63


P-64 to P-65


P-66 to P-67


P-68 to P-69


P-70 to P-72


R-1 to R-2A




R-2C to R-3B


R-3C to R-4A




R-4C to R-6A


R-6B to R-6C




R-7 to R-8


R-9 to R-10


R-11 to R-12


R-13 to R-15


R-16 to R-20


R-21 to R-24


R-25A to R-26B

Box H

R-27 to R-32


R-33 to R-35


R-36 to R-37


R-38 to R-40


R-41 to R-42


R-43 to R-44


R-45 to R-47


R-48 to R-51


R-52 to R-55


R-56 to R-58


R-59 to R-63





























Box I



S-2 to S-4


S-5 to S-8


S-9 to S-11


S-12 to S-15


S-16 to S-19


S-20 to S-25


S-26 to S-30


S-31 to S-33




S-35 to S-39


S-40 to S-45


S-46 to S-50

















Box J

T-1 to T-5


T-6 to T-8


T-9 to T-12


T-13 to T-15


T-16 to T-20


T-21 to T-25


T-26 to T-30


T-31 to T-35


T-36 to T-37


T-38 to T-41


T-42 to T-45


T-46 to T-50


T-51 to T-55


T-56 to T-59


T-60 to T-62


T-63 to T-65

Box K

T-66 to T-71


T-72 to T-79


T-80 to T-86


T-87 to T-94


T-95 to T-100


T-101 to T-105


T-106 to T-110


















T-119 to T-120


U-1 to U-3




U-5 to U-10


U-11 to U-14


U-15 to U-20


U-21 to U-25

Box L

U-26 to U-30


U-31 to U-35


U-36 to U-40


U-41 to U-45


U-46 to U-50


U-51 to U-55


U-56 to U-60


U-61 to U-65






U-68 to U-75


U-76 to U-81



















Box M

Snapshot Negatives

Additional Note

These are the negatives for sets of 3½ x 5 and 4 x 6 snapshotsheld in Print Boxes XIII and XIV. Prints are arranged by topic. No proof sheets were ever made.

Men Behind Bars I (1984)


Men Behind Bars II (1985)


Men Behind Bars III (1986)


Men Behind Bars IV (1988)


Men Behind Bars V (1990)


Men Behind Bars Unidentified Year(s)


Gay Day Parades, 1980s


Gay Day Parade, 1990


Gay Day Parade, 1991


Haight Street Fairs


Rolling Stones Concert, 1981; Patrick Toner Testimonial Dinner; Issac Stern; L/G Support for Nicaragua; AIDS Fund Benefit Dinner


Gail Wilson's Birthday Party; USS Missouri Welcome at City Hall; Man Cleaning Lamp Post; 1985 Closet Ball


Coronation; Speakers at Unidentified AIDS Panel; Three Unidentified Women Singers; Unidentified Softball Game


Folsom & Dore Alley Fairs


Leather & Feathers Halloween Party


Halloween Costume Party at Oasis


Mr Powerhouse, 1989; Mr Drummer Contest, 1991/92


Unidentified Party in Home; Unidentified Leather Contest; Unidentified Master/Slave Performance


George Moore under Trees; James Broughton et al; Mamie Van Doren; Michael Chase


Gilbert Baker


Individuals & Groups of People


Cityscapes & Street Scenes


Still Lifes & Fireworks


Nature & Sunsets


Unidentified Events


Negatives Snips from Various Rolls