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Inventory of the Gary Snyder Papers
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Box VI 9:1

Brandi, John. Smudge pots : for Jack Kerouac / [John Brandi]. Guadalupita, N.M. : Tooth of Time [197-]

Box VI 9:2

Brandi, John. A partial exploration of Palo Flechado Canyon / by John Brandi. [Monterey, Calif.] : Nail Press 1973

Box VI 9:3

Brandi, John. The Phoenix gas slam / by J. Brandi. Guadalupita, N.M. : Nail Press c1974

Box VI 9:4

Brandi, John. Poem afternoon in a square of Guadalajara / John Brandi. [San Francisco : Maya 1970]

Box VI 9:5

Brandi, John. Poems from four corners / John Brandi. Fort Kent, Me. : Great Raven Press 1978

Box VI 9:6

Brandi, John. Poems at the edge of day / John Brandi. Buffalo, N.Y. : White Pine Press c1984

Box VI 9:7

Brandi, John. San Francisco lastday homebound hangover highway blues / by John Brandi ; cover and neostyle etchings by Fred Marchman. Monterey, Calif. : Nail Press 1973

Box VI 9:8

Brandi, John. Shadow play : poems 1987-1991. Kenosha, WI : Light and Dust/Tooth of Time 1992

Box VI 9:9

Brandi, John. Sky hourse/pink cottonwood / John Brandi. Guadalupita, N.M. : Tooth of Time c1980

Box VI 9:10

Brandi, John. These notes I write are twilit papayrus soaked in stream ooze. [Guadalupita, N.M.? : Nail Press 1973]

Box VI 9:11

Brandi, John. Three poems for spring / John Brandi. Guadalupita, N.M. : Nail Press 1975

Box VI 9:12

Brandi, John. Towards a happy solstice : mine, yours, everybody / John Brandi. [Santa Barbara? Calif.] : Christopher's/Tree Books 1971

Box VI 9:13

Brandi, John. Weeding the cosmos : selected haiku / John Brandi. Albuquerque, N.M. : La Alameda Press c1994

Box VI 9:14

Brautigan, Richard. June 30th, June 30th / by Richard Brautigan. New York : Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence [1978]

Box VI 9:15

Brecht, Bertolt. Poems, 1913-1956 / Bertolt Brecht ; edited by John Willett and Ralph Manheim, with the co-operation of Erich Fried. New York : Methuen [1979],c1976

Box VI 10:1

Breit, Luke. Messages : new and selected poems, 1969-1989 / Luke Breit ; introduction by Norman Mailer. Fort Bragg, Calif. : Q.E.D. Press c1989

Box VI 10:2

Breit, Luke. Words the air speaks : poems / by Luke Breit. Little River, Calif. : Wilderness Poetry Press c1978

Box VI 10:3

Brett, Peter. Borrowing the sky : [poems] / Peter Brett. New York : Kastle Press c1978


Includes letter, n.d.
Box VI 10:4

Brewer, Gay. Devilfish : poems / by Gaylord Brewer. Los Angeles : Red Hen Press 1999

Box VI 10:5

Bringhurst, Robert. The shipwright's log : poems / Robert Bringhurst. Bloomington, Ind. : Kanchenjunga Press c1972

Box VI 10:6

Bronson, Robert Stevens. Couplet / R.S. Bronson. Greenfield, Mass. : R.S. Bronson [196-?]

Box VI 10:7

Bronson, Robert Stevens. Hard road nowhere; poems, / by R. S. Bronson. Ann Arbor : Generation [1965,c1964]

Box VI 10:8

Bronson, Robert Stevens. In memoriam: George Browning Bronson / by R. S. Bronson. [S.l. : s.n. 1965?]

Box VI 10:9

Brooks, Dennis. Some poems. Boulder, Colo. : Toyabe Pub. Co. 1985

Box VI 10:10

Brossard, Nicole. From Notebook on roses and civilization / Nicole Brossard ; tr. Sylvester Pollet. Ellsworth, ME : Backwoods Broadsides 2002

Box VI 10:11

Broughton, James Richard. The androgyne journal / James Broughton ; foreword by Edward Field. Seattle, WA : Broken Moon Press c1991

Box VI 10:12

Broughton, James Richard. Godspeed for a devilish sage : on the death of Alan Watts ; from Odes for odd occasions / by James Broughton. South San Francisco : ManRoot 1977

Box VI 10:13

Broughton, James Richard. Look in, look out / James Broughton. Eugene, Ore. : Toad Press c1968

Box VI 10:14

Broughton, James Richard. Special deliveries : new and selected poems / James Broughton ; edited by Mark Thompson ; introduction by Jack Foley. Seattle, Wash. : Broken Moon Press 1990

Box VI 10:15

Brown, Harvey E. Jazz playing / Harvey Brown. [Canton, N.Y.] : Institute of Further Studies 1977

Box VI 10:16

Brown, Jared W. Just off the road / Jared W. Brown, Michael J. Hunt, Gary W. Ostwald. [S.l. : s.n.] c1997

Box VI 10:17

Brown, Rebecca. 3-way split / Rebecca Brown. New York : Telephone Books c1978

Box VI 11:1

Buckley, Vincent. Golden builders and other poems / Vincent Buckley. Sydney : Angus & Robertson 1976

Box VI 11:2

Bukowski, Charles. Art / by Charles Bukowski. Santa Barbara, Ca. : Black Sparrow Press 1977

Box VI 11:3

Bunting, Basil. Two poems / Basil Bunting. [Santa Barbara, Calif.] : Unicorn Press 1967

Box VI 11:4

Burke, Clifford. Home / Clifford Burke & family. [S.l. : s.n. 19--]

Box VI 11:5

Burke, Clifford. Practice / Clifford Burke. [S.l. : s.n.] 1988

Box VI 75:13

Burke, Clifford. Solstice yet. [Galisteo, N.M.?] : Desert Rose Press 1992

Box VI 11:6

Burnham, Linda Frye. Heartland drive in coke : stories and poems / Linda Frye Burnham. [S.l.] : L.F. Burnham c1981

Box VI 11:7

Burns, John. The Nearing notebooks / John Burns, Kerry Shawn Keys. Landisburg, PA : Pine Press 1996

Box VI 11:8

Burns, John. The sand between Aphrodite's toes / John Burns. Landisburg, PA : Pine Press c1996

Box VI 11:9

Bush, Barney. My horse and a jukebox / by Barney Bush. Los Angeles : University of California, American Indian Studies Center c1979

Box VI 11:10

Butson, Denver. Triptych / Denver Butson. New York : Commoner Press 1999

Box VI 11:11

Butts, Anthony. Fifth season / Anthony Butts ; foreword by Sherod Santos. [Kalamazoo, Mich.] : New Issues Press, Western Michigan University 1997

Box VI 11:12

Byrd, Bobby. Here / Bobby Byrd. Berkeley, Calif. : principal distributor, Book People c1975

Box VI 11:13

Byrd, Don. Aesop's garden / Don Bryd. Plainfield, Vt. : North Atlantic Books 1976

Box VI 11:14

Cabral de Melo Neto, João . A knife all blade, or, Usefulness of fixed ideas / João Cabral de Melo Neto ; translated from the Portuguese by Kerry Shawn Keys . Camp Hill, Pa. : Pine Press 1980

Box VI 11:15

Cairns, Scott. Philokalia : new & selected poems / by Scott Cairns. Lincoln, Neb. : Distributed to the trade by The University of Nebraska Press c2002

Box VI 11:16

Calvello, Michael. Triangular man / Michael Calvello ; [pref. by James Cody]. Austin, Tex. : Place of Herons Press 1977

Box VI 11:17

Campion, John. Where three roads meet / John Campion, Paul Christensen, John Herndon. Bryan, Tex. : Cedarshouse Press c1995

Box VI 12:1

Canalos, David. Mad national geogery / David Canalos. Stout, Ohio : Bloody Twin Press 1990

Box VI 12:2

Canan, Janine. The hunger / Janine Canan. [Berkeley, Calif.] : Oyez 1979

Box VI 75:14

Canción de la región. [Argentina? : s.n. 19--]

Box VI 12:3

Cann, John Allen. Solitude the shape of a woman / John Allen Cann. Sacramento, [Calif.] : Wooden Angel Press 1987


Includes letter, July 5, 1997.
Box VI 12:4

Capels, Kathryn. Important round things / by Kathryn Capels. Golden, Colo. : Longhand Press c1989

Box VI 12:5

Carlsen, Robin Woodsworth. The final heresy / by Robin Woodsworth Carlsen. Victoria, B.C. : Snow Man Press c1979

Box VI 12:6

Cardenal, Ernesto. With Walker in Nicaragua and other early poems,1949-1954 / Ernesto Cardenal ; selected and translated by Jonathan Cohen. Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press 1984

Box VI 12:7

Cardona-Hine, Alvaro. Words on paper / Alvaro Cardona-Hine. [Berkeley, Calif. : distributed by Serendipity Books] 1974


Includes letter, April 16, 1977.
Box VI 12:8

Carey, Michael A. Nishnabotna : poems, prose, and dramatic scences from the natural and oral history of southwest Iowa / Michael Carey. Parkersburg, Iowa : Mid-Prairie Books 1995

Box VI 12:9

Carruth, Hayden. Tell me again how the white heron rises and flies across the nacreous river at twilight toward the distant islands / Hayden Carruth . New York : New Directions Pub. Corp. 1989

Box VI 12:10

Carruth, Hayden. Scrambled eggs & whiskey : poems, 1991-1995 / Hayden Carruth. Port Townsend, Wash. : Copper Canyon Press c1996

Box VI 12:11

Carter, Jared. Les barricades mystérieuses : thirty-two villanelles / Jared Carter. [Cleveland, Ohio] : Cleveland State University Poetry Center c1999

Box VI 12:12

Castlebury, John. 2 legs in the afternoon : poems / by John Castlebury. Hantsport, N.S. : Lancelot Press 1993

Box VI 12:13

Catunda, Márcio. London gardens and other journeys / Márcio Catunda. Sofia [Bulgaria] : Pet Plus 2000

Box VI 12:14

Cazden, David. Lunar probe / David Cazden. [S.l. : s.n. 19--?]

Box VI 12:15

Cebulski, F. J. Mediterranean sonnets / Frank Cebulski. Berkeley : Oyez [1975?]

Box VI 12:16

Cebulski, F. J. Mediterranean sonnets / by Frank Cebulski. Berkeley, Calif. : North Atlantic Books c1988

Box VI 13:1

Chandonnet, Ann. On a human scale / Ann Fox Chandonnet ; graphics by Julio Granda. [Richmond, Mass.] : Mad River Press 1991

Box VI 13:2

Charters, Samuel Barclay. How smoothly the gulls turn / Samuel Charters. [Berkeley, Calif.] : Oyez 1977

Box VI 13:3

Chaet, Eric. Poems for uprising Ypsilanti Marlon Gilespie / by Eric Chaet. DePere, WI : The Author c1997

Box VI 13:4

Charters, Samuel Barclay. After the rain / by Samuel Charters. Berkeley : Oyez 1983

Box VI 13:5

Kain, John. Checklists of separate publications of poets at the First Berkeley Poetry Conference, 1965 / [compiled for Cody's by the editors of Oyez] . Berkeley, Calif. : Cody's Books [1965]

Box VI 13:6

Chilcote, Sandy. Earththings / Sandy Chilcote. Corner Brook, Nfld. : Ashuanipi Press c1996

Box VI 13:7

Chinmoy, Sri. Seven poems / by Sri Chinmoy. [New York? : s.n.] c1977

Box VI 13:8

Chohan, N. Anubhava. Suprasonic sonnets / N. Anubhava Chohan. Crawley, W.A., Australia : N.A. Chohan c1978

Box VI 13:9

Cirillo, Todd. Early morning jukebox poems : poems / by Todd Cirillo. San Diego, CA : Totem Press 1999

Box VI 13:10

Clare, Josephine. Deutschland & other places / Josephine Clare. [Plainfield, Vt. : North Atlantic Books 1974]

Box VI 13:11

Clark, Naomi. Burglaries and celebrations. Berkeley, Oyez : University of Washington Press 1977

Box VI 13:12

Clark, Tom. Fan poems / Tom Clark ; [illustrations by author]. Berkeley, Calif. : Distributor, Book People c1976

Box VI 13:13

Clark, Tom. Stooges anonymous / Tom Clark. Grindstone City, [Mich.] : Alternative Press [197-?]

Box VI 13:14

Clark, Walter Van. Christmas comes to Hjalsen / by Wilter Van Tilburg Clark ; illustrations by John Balkwill. Reno, NV : Black Rock Press 1998

Box VI 13:15

Sengcan. Hsin hsin ming : verses on the faith mind / by Sengtsan, third Zen Patriarch ; translated from the Chinese. [Boulder, Colo.? : s.n. 1974]

Box VI 13:16

Sengcan. Verses on the faith-mind / by Sengtsan, third Zen Patriarch ; translated from the Chinese by Richard B. Clarke. [S.l. : s.n. [197-?]

Box VI 13:17

Clausen, Andy. Austin, Texas, Austin, Texas : [poems] / Andy Clausen ; [introduction by James Cody]. Austin, Tex. : Place of Herons Place c1981

Box VI 13:18

Clausen, Andy. Shoe be do be ee-op / Andy Clausen. Oakland, Calif. : Madness Inc. c1975


2 copies.
Box VI 13:19

Clifford, Sigerson. Ballads of a bogman / Sigerson Clifford. Cork : Mercier 1986

Box VI 13:20

Cloutier, David. Spirit, spirit : shaman songs, incantations / versions by David Cloutier. Providence, R.I. : Copper Beech Press 1973

Box VI 13:21

Cochran, Michael. Sticks : poems / by Michael Cochran and Micheal Hiler ; illustrated by I. Jones. [S.l. : s.n.] c1977

Box VI 13:22

Cody, Jim. Return / by James Cody. Austin, Tex. : Place of Herons 1976

Box VI 13:23

Coffin, Raymond. Poetry for crazy cowboys and Zen monks / by Raymond Coffin. [S.l. : Raymond Coffin 197-]

Box VI 13:24

Coffin, Raymond. Poetry for crazy cowboys and Zen monks / Raymond Coffin ; Sumi-e paintings by Michael Hofmann. Santa Barbara, CA : Ross-Erikson 1980

Legal 7:5

Cohen, Doug. It is cold behind my eyelids... / Doug Cohen. Olympia, Wash. : Lightfoot Press [1977]

Folio 7:3

Clucas, Lowell. Cliff dwellings / Lowell Clucas. Sacramento, Calif. : Ellen's Old Alchemical Press 1979

Box VI 13:25

Clucas, Lowell. An Indian triptych and other poems / by Lowell Clucas. [S.l. : Lowell Clucas] c1979

Folio 7:4

Clucas, Lowell. Winter passage / Lowell Clucas. Sacramento, Calif. : Ellen's Old Alchemical Press 1980


2 copies.
Box VI 14:1

Cofrancesco, Joan. Cat bones in the tree / Joan Cofrancesco. Syracuse, N.Y. : Hale Mary Press c1998

Box VI 14:2

Cohn, Jim. The dance of yellow lightning over the ridge / Jim Cohn. Rochester, N.Y. : Writers & Books Publications c1998

Box VI 14:3

Cohn, Jim. Grasslands / Jim Cohn. [Rochester, N.Y.] : Writers & Books Publications [c1994]


Includes letter, August 8, 1994.
Box VI 14:4

Cohn, Jim. Prairie falcon / Jim Cohn. Berkeley, Calif. : North Atlantic Books c1989

Box VI 14:5

Collom, Jack. Dog sonnets / Jack Collom. [S.l. : Jack Collom 1995]


Includes letter, February 5, 1995.
Box VI 14:6

Collom, Jack. Dog sonnets / by Jack Collom ; with an introduction by Lyn Hejinian. Jersey City, N.J. : Jensen/Daniels c1998

Box VI 14:7

Collom, Jack. Eco-acrostics / by Jack Collom. [Boulder, CO] : Time Press [199-?]

Box VI 14:8

Collom, Jack. 8-ball / words by Jack Collom ; monoprints by Donald Guravich. Boulder, Colo. : Dead Metaphor Press 1992

Box VI 14:9

Collom, Jack. An evolution of writing ideas, and vice versa : a personal essay / by Jack Collom. [S.l. : Jack Collom between 2000 and 2003]

Box VI 14:10

Collom, Jack. The mouse poems / Jack Collom. [S.l.] : Light Press [199-?]

Box VI 14:11

Collom, Jack. Prozess : poems / by Jack Collom. [S.l. : Jack Collom 1991?]

Box VI 14:12

Collom, Jack. Second nature, or, Why I was late for work / Jack Collom. [S.l. : Light Press 1993]

Box VI 14:13

Collom, Jack. What a strange way of being dead / Jack Collom. Boulder, CO : Rodent Press 1995

Box VI 14:14

Collom, Jack. The task / Jack Collom. Boulder, CO : Baksun Books 1996

Box VI 14:15

Kirby Congdon : a bibliography of separate publications 1947-1980. New York, N.Y. : Interim Books 1980

Box VI 14:16

Connor, Julia. A canto for the birds / Julia Connor. [Sacramento, CA] : Tule Press, The Sacramento Poetry Center 1995

Box VI 14:17

Connor, Julia. Corresponding flowers / Julia Connor. Sacramento, Calif. : Wooden Angel Press 1985

Box VI 15:1

Connor, Julia. DELTA : the delta poem / Julia Connor. Sacramento : Vernacular Editions 1987

Box VI 15:2

Connor, Julia. Making the good / Julia Connor. Berkeley, CA : Order from Bookpeople 1988

Box VI 15:3

Connor, Julia. Turkey buzzard in Arcadia / Julia [Connor]. Evanston, IL : Deep North Press 1981

Legal 7:6

Connor, Julia. Who brings down water / Julia Connor. S.l. : Wood Angel Press 1985

Box VI 15:4

Contoski, Victor. South wind / Victor Contoski. Shorewood/Milwaukee, Wis. : Membrane Press c1977

Box VI 15:5

Cooper, John. You are any way. J. Cooper: words. P. A. Milton: everything else. Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. : J. Cooper 1970]

Box VI 15:6

Cope, David. On the bridge : poems / by David Cope. Clifton, N.J. : Humana Press c1986

Box VI 15:7

Cope, David. Silences for love : poems, 1993-1997 / by David Cope. Totowa, N.J. : Humana Press c1998


Includes letter, July 28, 1998.
Box VI 16:1

Corman, Cid. Be quest / [Cid Corman]. New Rochelle, N.Y. : Elizabeth Press 1972

Box VI 16:2

Corman, Cid. Cool gong / [Cid Corman]. Ashland, Mass. : Origin Press 1959

Box VI 16:3

Matsuo, Bashō. Cool melon. Ashland, Mass. : Origin Press 1959

Box VI 16:4

Corman, Cid. The descent from Daimonji / Cid Corman. Ashland, Mass. : Origin Press 1959

Box VI 16:5

Corman, Cid. The faith of poetry / by Cid Corman. Green River, [Brattleboro], Vermont : Longhouse 1989

Box VI 16:6

Corman, Cid. For now / [Cid Corman]. Kyoto : Origin Press 1971

Box VI 16:7

Corman, Cid. For sure : [poems] / [Cid Corman]. Ashland, Mass. : Origin Press 1960

Box VI 16:8

Corman, Cid. In no time. [Kyoto : Printed by Will Petersen 1963]

Box VI 16:9

Corman, Cid. Livingdying, poems. [New York : New Directions Pub. Corp. 1970]

Box VI 16:11

Corman, Cid. Nothing doing / Cid Corman. New York : New Directions 1999

Box VI 16:12

Corman, Cid. Of the breath of / by Cid Corman ; [edited and published by David Meltzer and Jack Shoemaker]. [San Francisco : Cranium Press 1970]

Box VI 16:13

Corman, Cid. No less / [Cid Corman]. New Rochelle, N.Y. : Elizabeth Press 1968

Box VI 16:14

Corman, Cid. The revolt of the poet / Cid Corman. Jamaica, VT : Bull Thistle Press 1995

Box VI 16:15

Corman, Cid. Sun rock man / [Cid Corman]. Kyoto, Japan : Origin Press c1962

Box VI 16:16

Cornish, Sam. Grandmother's pictures. Illustrated by Jeanne Johns. Lenox, Mass. : Bookstore Press [1974]

Box VI 16:17

Corr, Michael William. Rain-- rain-- and deer. [S.l. : s.n. 1973?]

Box VI 16:18

Corso, Gregory. Bomb / Gregory Corso. San Francisco : City Lights Books c1958

Box VI 16:19

Cosem, Michel. Lois et raisons de la pierre : poèmes / Michel Cosem ; dessins de l'auteur. [Saint-Girons (Ariège, France) : Chaman 1977]

Box VI 16:20

Cota, Raúl Antonio. De origen feroz / Raúl Antonio Cota ; translations by John Oliver Simon. La Paz, B.C.S. (Mexico) : La Cachora [1990]

Box VI 16:21

Cotter, Craig. Chopstix numbers / by Craig Cotter. Boise, Idaho : Ahsahta Press, Boise State University c2000

Box VI 17:1

Coyote, O. D. Chained dogs and song birds : an Appalachian chronicle : from the land of the mushroom people to the hall of the mountain king / by O.D. Coyote . [Portland, Or.? : O.D. Coyote 1981?]

Box VI 17:2

Crawford, Steve. Steve Crawford's cyclades. [S.l. : s.n. 1975?]


Includes letter, June 4, 1977.
Box VI 17:3

Creeley, Robert. Have a heart / Robert Creeley. Boise : Limberlost Press 1990

Box VI 17:4

Creeley, Robert. Life & death / Robert Creeley. The black paintings / Francesco Clemente. New York : Gagosian Gallery 1993

Box VI 17:5

Crider, Dale. To be wild / by Dale and Linda Crider. Gainsville, Fla : Anhinga Roost Music Co. 1985

Box VI 17:6

Crowe, Thomas Rain. The Laugharne poems / Thomas Rain Crowe ; [with a preface by Menna Elfyn]. Conwy, Wales : Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 1997

Box VI 17:7

Crowe, Thomas Rain. The perfect work / by Thomas Rain Crowe. John's Creek, N.C. : New Native Press 1990

Box VI 17:8

Crowe, Thomas Rain. Night sun : an initiation trilogy. Cullowhee, N.C. : New Native Press c1993

Box VI 17:9

Crowe, Thomas Rain. You must go home again. Saluda, N.C. : New Native Press 1979

Box VI 17:10

Crowe, Thomas Rain. You must go home again. Cullowhee, N.C. : New Native Press 1990

Box VI 17:11

Cruz, Victor Hernandez. Cohoba / Victor Hernandez Cruz. [Buffalo, N.Y.] : Just Buffalo Literary Center 1995

Box VI 17:12

Cruz, Victor Hernández. Red beans : poems / by Victor Hernández Cruz. Minneapolis : Coffee House Press 1991

Box VI 17:13

Cumpián, Carlos. Armadillo charm / by Carlos Cumpián. Chicago : Distributed by Northwestern University Press c1996

Box VI 17:14

Curl, John. Cosmic athletics : poems / John Curl. San Francisco : Poetry for the People 1980


Includes letter, May 5, 1980.
Box VI 17:15

Curl, John. Ride the wind : [poem] / by John Curl. San Francisco : Poetry for the People 1979

Legal 7:7

Curtis, Walt. Meditation at High Rocks on the Clackamas River / Walt Curtis. Olympia, Wash. : Lightfoot Press [1977]

Box VI 18:1

Dachtler, Doc. The blue loblolly : being old and new in northern Sierra Nevada places : poetry and prose (1967-1987) / by Doc Dachtler. [S.l. : Doc Dachtler 1987]

Box VI 18:2

Dachtler, Doc. I saw Satchel Paige pitch / Don Dachtler. [S.l. : s.n. 1994]

Box VI 18:3

Dachtler, Doc. I want to be at North Columbia / Doc Dachtler. [S.l. : s.n. 1987]

Box VI 18:4

Dachtler, Doc. The Ring of Bone and the bullet / [Doc Dachtler]. [S.l. : s.n. 1987]

Box VI 18:5

Dachtler, Doc. Sod house ; Boy, dough and temptation / Doc Dachtler. [S.l. : s.n. 2000]

Box VI 18:6

Dachtler, Doc. Tick removal cocktail / Doc Dachtler. Jamaica, Vt. : Bull Thistle Press [1996]

Box VI 18:7

Dachtler, Doc. To maps and men. [S.l. : s.n. 1987?]

Box VI 18:8

Daley, Michael. The corn maiden / Michael Daley. Berkeley : Tangram 2000

Box VI 18:9

Horace. Eleven odes / Horace ; translations by Michael Daley. Waldron Island, WA : Brooding Heron Press 2000

Box VI 18:10

Daley, Michael. Original sin / Michael Daley. Port Angeles, WA : Pleasure Boat Studio c2000


Includes letter, June 30, 2000.
Box VI 18:11

Dalty, Noah. The marriage manual for highway heroes : a paradoxical peace of classical pop / by Noah Dalty. Trinidad, Cal. : N. Dalty c1979

Box VI 18:12

Dana, Robert. What I think I know : new & selected poems / Robert Dana. Oak Park, IL : Distributed exclusively by Independent Literary Publishers Association c1991

Box VI 18:13

Dana, Robert. Yes, everything : new poems / by Robert Dana. Chicago, IL : Another Chicago Press c1994

Box VI 18:14

Dauenhauer, Richard. Phenologies : poems / by Richard Dauenhauer. Austin : Thorp Springs Press c1986

Box VI 18:15

Dauenhauer, Richard. Glacier Bay concerto : a long poem in three movements / by Richard Dauenhauer. Anchorage, Alaska : Alaska Pacific University 1980

Box VI 18:16

Dauenhauer, Richard. Frames of reference : poems / by Richard Dauenhauer. Haines, Alaska : Black Current Press 1987

Box VI 18:17

Daughtry, Philip. Celtic blood : selected poems, 1968-1994 / Philip Daughtry. Cullowhee, N.C. : New Native Press 1995

Box VI 18:18

Daughtry, Philip. Celtic blood : selected poems, 1968-1994 / Philip Daughtry. Cullowhee, N.C. : New Native Press 1995

Box VI 19:1

Davenport, Guy. The medusa / Guy Davenport. [United States] : Weng & Associates 1984

Box VI 19:2

David, Gary. A log of deadwood / Gary David. Berkeley, Calif. : North Atlantic Books c1993


Includes letter, June 10, 1993.
Box VI 19:3

Davidson, Michael. Post hoc / Michael Davidson. Berkeley, CA : Distributed by Small Press Distribution c1990

Box VI 19:4

Davison, Alan R. El corno emplumado = The plumed horn : a voice of the sixties / by Alan R. Davison. Toledo, Ohio : Textos toledanos c1994

Box VI 19:5

Davie, Bill. Raiding the clutter : poems and improvisations / by Bill Davie. Seattle, WA : Moonstruck Press c1994


Includes letter, n.d.
Box VI 19:6

Davis, Matthew. The silver divide, 13-17 VIII 1972. [S.l. : s.n. 197-?]

Box VI 19:7

Dawson, Fielding. Delayed, not postponed / Fielding Dawson. New York : Telephone Books c1978

Box VI 19:8

Dawson, Thomas. Giselle : [poem] / Thomas Dawson. San Francisco : Beatitude Press 1977

Box VI 19:9

De, Bibhas. On Grunion shore / Bibhas De. Francestown, N.H. : Golden Quill 1987

Legal 7:8

De Angelo, Michael. Olympia, how the west was won / Michael De Angelo. Olympia, Wash. : Lightfoot Press [1977]

Box VI 19:10

De la O, Marsha. Black hope / Marsha de la O ; foreword by Chase Twichell. [Kalamazoo, Mich.] : New Issues Press, Western Michigan University 1997

Box VI 19:11

Dean, Richard. The spirit of Elvis Presley diffuses into the universe. Denver, CO : [Richard Dean?] c1977

Box VI 19:12

Deemer, Bill. All wet / Bill Deemer. [Brunswick, Me. : Blackberry 1975]

Box VI 19:13

Deemer, Bill. Subjects : poems / by Bill Deemer. [Eugene, Or.? : s.n.] c1984

Box VI 19:14

Deemer, Bill. Two of Issa's ; Innovator ; Three of Bill's. [S.l. : s.n. 19--?]


Includes letter, n.d.
Box VI 19:15

Deemer, Bill. Variations / Bill Deemer. Guilford, Vt. : Longhouse c1999

Box VI 19:16

DeFrees, Madeline. Imaginary ancestors : poems / by Madeline DeFrees. Seattle : Broken Moon Press, c1990.


2 copies.
Box VI 20:1

Lacerda, Alberto de. Selected poems. Austin : [Published by the Humanities Research Center, University of Texas; distributed by University of Texas 1969]

Box VI 20:2

Denner, Richard. The scorpion / by Richard Denner. Berkeley : The D Press 1975

Box VI 20:3

Desnos, Robert. Songfables and songflowers : sixteen poems / Robert Desnos, [translated by] Carl Little. E. Holden, ME : Backwoods Broadsides c1995

Box VI 20:4

Detro, Gene. Moon horns/razor door / Gene Detro. Whitethorn, CA : Holmgangers Press 1981

Box VI 20:5

De Vos, Minke. Encouragement clouds : poems / by Minke de Vos. [S.l. : s.n. 1983]

Box VI 75:30

Dharma Bread. S.l. : s.n. n.d.

Box VI 20:6

Diamond, Stanley. Going west / Stanley Diamond. Bridgeport, CT : Distributed by Associated Booksellers 1986

Box VI 20:7

Diamond, Stanley. Totems : [poems] / Stanley Diamond. [S.l.] : Open Book Publications c1982

Box VI 20:8

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Includes letter, January 21, 1999.
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Includes letter, January 10, 1996.
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Includes letter, May 29, 1977.
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2 copies.
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Includes letter, May 20, 1996.
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2 copies.
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2 copies.
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Includes letter from Turkey Press, March 3, 1977.
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Includes letter, April 13, 1996.
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2 copies.
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Includes letter, December 27, 1982.
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Includes letter from The Purdue Poets Cooperative, July 23, 1977.
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Legal 7:10

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Folio 7:6

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Includes letter, May 29, 1984.
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Legal 7:11

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Includes letter, August 1986 and 1 photograph.
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Includes letter, March 15, 1972.
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Includes letter, June 20, 1983.
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Legal 7:14

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2 copies.
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Includes letter from National Poetry Foundation, May 13, 1998.
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Broadside announcing the publication of the book.
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Includes letter, n.d.
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Includes letter from Doubleday, December 9, 1977.
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Includes letter, October 3, 1977.
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Includes letter, n.d.
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Includes letter, n.d.
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Includes letter, May 11, 1978.
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Includes letter, September 15, 1976.
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2 copies.
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Includes letter from William Bright, January 9, 1984.
2 copies.
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Includes letter from Margaret Butterfield, June 2, 1999.
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Includes letter from Jack Collom, May 1999.
Box VI 79:1

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Box VI 80:5

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Box VI 80:7

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2 copies.
Box VI 82:4

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Box VI 81:8

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Subseries 6.1.2 General, 1958-1999

Physical Description: 2.8 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box VI 82:5

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Box VI 82:6

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Legal 7:23

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Subseries 6.1.3 Native American, 1910-1999

Physical Description: 2.8 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box VI 89:1

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Box VI 89:2

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Includes letter, n.d.
Box VI 92:2

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Box VI 94:6

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Box VI 94:7

[Thanksgiving Address]: Agradecimientos: Saludos al Mundo Natural. Corrales, N.M. : Native Self-Sufficiency Center 1993

Box VI 94:8

[Thanksgiving Address]: Ohen: ton Karihwatehkwen. Corrales, N.M. : Native Self-Sufficiency Center 1993

Box VI 94:9

[Thanksgiving Address]: Tacksagelsen: En Halsning Till Yardursprung Naturan. Corrales, N.M. : Native Self-Sufficiency Center 1993

Box VI 94:10

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Subseries 6.1.4 East Asia, 1927-2000

Physical Description: 2.4 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

East Asia contains material predominately written in Chinese or Japanese and it is arranged in two subseries: Chinese language and culture and Japanese language and culture.

Subseries Chinese language and culture, 1974-1989

Physical Description: 1.2 linear feet
Box VI 96:1

Binyan, Liu. People or Monsters? : And Other Stories and Reportage from China after Mao. Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press 1983

Box VI 96:2

China After Mao: A collection of 80 topical essays. Beijing, China : The Review, Distributed by China International Trading Corp. 1984

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Translated by Gladys Yang.
Box VI 96:5

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Box VI 96:6

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Box VI 96:7

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Box VI 96:8

Li, Ying. Nan hai. Shanghai : 1982

Box VI 96:9

Li, Zhun. Bi an ji. [Peking] : 1984

Box VI 96:10

Li, Zhun. Huang He dong liu qu. Beijing : 1979


Vol. 1.
Box VI 97:1

Ma, Chun. Ma jia qi gong: qiang shen, zhi bing. Taiyuan : 1983

Box VI 97:2

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Box VI 97:3

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Box VI 97:4

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Box VI 97:5

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Edited by Ginny Mackenzie.
Box VI 97:6

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Box VI 97:7

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Box VI 97:8

Seven Contemporary Chinese Women Writers. Beijing, China : Chinese Literature 1983

Box VI 97:9

Shen, Zufen. Song ci shang xi. Shanghai : 1980

Box VI 97:10

Tang, Guizhang. Tang Song ci jian shi. Shanghai : 1981

Box VI 98:1

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Box VI 98:2

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Box VI 98:3

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Box VI 98:4

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Box VI 98:5

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Box VI 98:6

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Box VI 98:7

Zhu, Ziqi. Chun cao ji. Beijing, China : 1984

Box VI 98:8

Zilong, Jiang. All the Colours of the Rainbow. Beijing, China : Chinese Literature 1983

Box VI 98:9

Zuo jia de tong nian. Tianjin : 1981


Subseries Japanese language and culture, 1927-2000

Physical Description: 1.2 linear feet
Legal 7:24

Fude sumi shu. n.d.

Box VI 99:1

Goldberg, Natalie. Creative Writing: "jiko hakken" no bunshojutsu. Tokyo, Japan : Shunjusha 1995


Translated by Keiko Odani.
Box VI 99:2

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Box VI 99:3

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Box VI 99:4

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Box VI 100:1

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Translated by Kenenao Watanabe.
Box VI 100:2

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vol. 2.
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vol. 4.
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vol. 5.
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vol. 6.
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vol. 7.
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vol. 8.
Box VI 101:3

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vol. 9.
Box VI 101:4

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Box VI 101:5

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Subseries 6.1.5 Buddhist, 1939-1995

Physical Description: 1.2 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box VI 101:7

Aoshima, Shozui. Fukan zazengi. S.l. : s.n. 1939

Box VI 101:8

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Box VI 102:4

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Box VI 102:5

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Box VI 102:6

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Box VI 102:7

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Photocopy from Turning Wheel (Spring 1993): 38-39.
Box VI 102:8

King, Bob. Personal Mystical Unconditional Loving: Zen Taoist Meditative Poetry & Short Stories. S.l. : Bob King 1993


Includes letter, December 1993.
Legal 7:25

Kinnara booklet series #2. . S.l. : s.n. n.d.

Box VI 102:9

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Box VI 102:11

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Box VI 102:12

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Box VI 102:13

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Box VI 102:14

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Box VI 102:20

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2 copies.
Box VI 102:21

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Offprint from Studies in Humanities (January 1985): 25-54.
2 copies.
Box VI 103:1

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Includes letter, n.d.
Box VI 103:2

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Box VI 103:3

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Box VI 103:4

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Box VI 103:5

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Includes letter on inside cover, December 10, 1992.
Box VI 103:6

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Box VI 103:7

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Box VI 103:8

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3 copies.
Box VI 103:9

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Box VI 103:10

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Box VI 103:11

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Box VI 103:12

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Subseries 6.1.6 G.S. Connections, 1928-2001

Physical Description: 4.4 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This subseries, designated G.S. Connections by Gary Snyder, consists of monographs and serials that are of special significance to him. Divided into two subseries: General and Buddhist.

Subseries General, 1928-2000

Physical Description: 2.8 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Included in this subseries are: a copy of Snyder's sister, Thea Snyder Lowry's book, Empty shells, Lloyd Reynolds' copy of Snyder's Earth House Hold, Reynolds' own book Weathergrams, and a complete set of Thompson's Motif-Index. Arranged alphabetically.
Box VI 104:1

Abbey, Edward. Slumgullion Stew: an Edward Abbey reader. New York: Dutton, 1984

Box VI 104:2

The Builders of Timberline Lodge. Portland: Works Progress Administration, 1937

Box VI 104:3

Chen, Shih-Hsiang. Offprints, 1956-1958; n.d.

Box VI 104:4

The Complete San Juan Ridge Telephone Directory. Nevada City, Calif.: Small Print Books, 1982; 1984


Includes 2 editions.
Box VI 104:5

Coyote, Peter. The Convention Diary: Chicago 1996. San Francisco: 1996

Box VI 104:6

Dao, Bei. Blue House = Lan fang zi. Brookline, MA: Zephyr Press, 2000

Box VI 105:1

de Angulo, Jaime. Indian Tales. New York: A. A. Wyn, 1953

Box VI 105:2

Eliot, T. S. Four Quartets. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1943


Includes letter from Riva Nelson to Burr Snider, September 18, 1989; letter from Riva Nelson to GS, December 4, 1989.
Box VI 105:3

Greenberg, David F. and Stender, Fay. "The Prison As A Lawless Agency." Buffalo Law Review 21 (3) (1972): 799-838.


Includes letter on inside cover from Fay Stender, September 1972.
Box VI 105:4

Kaleidoscope Kyoto. 1985


No. 12; 15.
Box VI 105:5

Kyoto Review. 1987-1989


No. 20-22.
Box VI 105:6

La Farge, Oliver. Laughing Boy. [New York]: Literary Guild of America, 1929

Box VI 106:1

Lincoln, Charles Frederick. Migration of birds. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, 1950

Box VI 106:2

Lowry, Thea Snyder. Empty shells: the story of Petaluma, America's chicken city. Novato, Calif.: Manifold Press, 2000

Box VI 106:3

Matthiessen, Peter. In the spirit of Crazy Horse. New York: Viking Press, 1983


Includes letter from GS, n.d.
Box VI 107:1

The New American poetry 1945-1960 / edited by Donald M. Allen. New York: Grove Press, 1960

Box VI 107:2

Paramore, Edward E. The ballad of Yukon Jake. New York: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1928

Box VI 107:3

People's songs: bulletin of People's Songs Inc., organized to create, promote, and distribute songs of labor and the American people . New York: People's Songs Inc., 1948-1949


v. 3 no. 1-3; no. 6-8; no. 10-12.
Legal 7:26

Poetry flash. No. 282, August/September 1999

Box VI 107:4

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 2nd ser., no. 47, 1996

Box VI 107:5

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 2nd ser., no. 48, 1997

Box VI 107:6

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 2nd ser., no. 49, 1998

Box VI 107:7

Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 2nd ser., no. 50, 1999

Box VI 108:1

Publication (American Academy of Arts and Letters). No. 425, 1996-1997

Box VI 108:2

Publication (American Academy of Arts and Letters. No. 438, 1999-2000

Box VI 108:3

Reports of the president and the treasurer - John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 1997

Box VI 108:4

Reynolds, Lloyd J. Weathergrams. Portland: Society for Italic Handwriting, 1972

Box VI 108:5

Saijo, Albert. Open Letter to Russell Boham: An Anecdotal Diatribe. n.d.

Box VI 108:6

Schafer, Edward H. Offprints, 1948-1981

Box VI 108:7

Selected works of Peter A. Boodberg. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979

Box VI 108:8

Sex in Public. v.1 no.6. Sacramento: Sex in Public, September 1999


2 copies.
Box VI 109:1

Snyder, Gary. Earth house hold: technical notes & queries to fellow dharma revolutionaries. New York: New Directions Pub. Corp., 1969


Lloyd J. Reynolds' copy.
Box VI 109:2

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 1. Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 1932


Also issued as Indiana University Studies, No. 96, 97.
Box VI 109:3

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 2. Bloomington, 1933


Also issued as FF communication no. 107, Helsinki, 1933.
Box VI 109:4

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 3. Bloomington, 1934


Also issued as FF communication no. 108, Helsinki, 1934.
Box VI 109:5

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 4. Bloomington, 1934


Also issued as FF communication no. 109, Helsinki, 1934.
Box VI 110:1

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 5. Bloomington, 1935


Also issued as FF communication no. 116, Helsinki, 1935.
Box VI 110:2

Thompson, Stith. Motif-index of folk-literature: a classification of narrative elements in folk-tales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends . Vol. 6. Bloomington, 1936


Also issued as FF communication no. 117, Helsinki, 1936.
Box VI 110:3

Thompson, Stith. The types of the folk-tale: a classification and bibliography. Helsinki, Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, Academia Scientarum Fennica, 1928

Box VI 110:4

Towards a new American poetics: essays & interviews : Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Gary Snyder, Robert Creeley, Robert Bly, Allen Ginsberg / edited by Ekbert Faas . Santa Barbara, CA: Black Sparrow Press, 1978

Box VI 111:1

Whole earth review. No. 87. Sausalito, CA: Point, Fall 1995

Box VI 111:2

The Writer's notebook. San Francisco, CA: Harper Collins West, 1995


Subseries Buddhist, 1960-2001

Physical Description: 1.6 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes, among other items, several issues of the serial Ningen kazoku or Human family, a Buddhist/Native American counter-culture oriented periodical. Arranged alphabetically.
Box VI 111:3

Aitken, Robert. The ground we share: everyday practice, Buddhist and Christian. Liquori, Mo.: Triumph Books, 1994

Box VI 111:4

Attie, Michael. Duck Dharma!n.d.

Box VI 111:5

The Bridgeless Bridge. Asheville, NC: Sanshin Zen Community, Winter 2001 edition

Box VI 111:6

Bukkyo dendo bunka sho. 4 issues. n.d.

Box VI 111:7

Burns, John. A celebration of the light: Zen in the novels of Neil Gunn. Edinburgh: Canongate, 1988

Box VI 111:8

Chang, Chen-Chi. The practice of Zen. London: Rider and Co., 1960

Box VI 112:1

Hanazono. (Publication of Jingu-ji temple) No. 54. 1991

Box VI 112:2

Jimmy & Lucy's house of K. No. 9. January 1989

Box VI 112:3

Leggett, Trevor. A first Zen reader. Rutland, Vt., Tokyo: C. E. Tuttle Co. 1960

Box VI 112:4

Lu, Kuan Yu. Ch'an and Zen Teaching. Series One. London: Rider, 1960

Box VI 112:5

Lu, Kuan Yu. Ch'an and Zen Teaching. Series Two. London: Rider, 1961

Box VI 112:6

Lu, Kuan Yu. Ch'an and Zen Teaching. Series Three. London: Rider, 1962

Box VI 113:1

Masters, Jarvis Jay. Finding freedom: writings from death row. Junction City, CA: Padma Pub., 1997

Box VI 113:2

Morinaga, Soko. "Look, Look!" (Unpublished). n.d.


Includes GS's note, February 19, 2000.
Box VI 113:3

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1991


3 issues.
Box VI 113:4

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1992


10 issues.
Box VI 113:5

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1993


10 issues.
Box VI 114:1

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1994


9 issues.
Box VI 114:2

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1995


6 issues.
Box VI 114:3

Ningen Kazoku = Human Family. 1996


2 issues.
Box VI 114:4

Scott, Maylie. "Metta Prayer," n.d.

Box VI 114:5

Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery. Publication, Summer 2000

Box VI 114:6

Urthona. Issue 14. Cambridge, UK: Urthona, Autumn 2000


Subseries 6.2 Manuscripts, 1956-2002

Physical Description: 14 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts and original works of art from friends, colleagues, publishers, students, and fans. Box 149 contains one addendum of manuscripts and artwork and the unidentified items follow in Box 150. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box VI 115:1

Abram, David. 1985


Includes 2 letters, 1985; n.d.
Box VI 115:2

Abrams, Sam. "repor