Guide to the Philip Peatman Collection, 1926-1980

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Guide to the Philip Peatman Collection, 1926-1980

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Title: Philip Peatman Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1926-1980
Collection number: Mss 29
Creator: Peatman, Philip D.

Peatman, Sylvia
Extent: 2 linear feet (2 boxes).
Repository: University of California, Santa Barbara. Library. Dept. of Special Collections
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
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Donated by Philip D. and Sylvia Peatman, 1991.



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Henry Valentine Miller was born Dec. 26, 1891 in New York City and grew up in Brooklyn. He went to Europe in 1930 and lived in Paris until 1939. He later settled in the Big Sur central coast area of California, and then Pacific Palisades, a coastal community west of Los Angeles. He died June 7, 1980, in Pacific Palisades.
The following sources contain further biographical/autobiographical information:
Dearborn, Mary V. The Happiest Man Alive: A Biography of Henry Miller (1991) .
Ferguson, Robert. Henry Miller: A Life (1991).
Martin, Jay. Always Merry and Bright: The Life of Henry Miller: An Unauthorized Biography (1978) .
Miller, Henry. Big Sur and the Oranges of Heronymus Bosch (1957). Black Spring (1936). The Colossus of Maroussi (1941). The Intimate Henry Miller (1959. My Life and Times (1971) .
Perles, Alfred. My Friend Henry Miller, an Intimate Biography (1955).
Winslow, Kathryn. Henry Miller: Full of Life (1986).

Scope and Content

This collection contains material by and about Henry Miller, collected by Philip D. and Sylvia Peatman.
The bulk of the Peatman Collection consists of books and other printed items, which have been cataloged individually and which are not included in this guide. They can be searched in Pegasus, the UCSB online catalog. The remainder, represented in this guide, is arranged in eight series: Correspondence - Outgoing, Advertising Brochures, Magazine Articles, Newspaper Articles, Photographs, Miscellany, Oversize Materials, and Sound Recordings.
Numbers in the guide, e.g. [Peatman #240], correspond to numbers assigned by the Peatmans in their collection list. Folders in the collection are arranged by the Peatman numbers.

Related Materials

Henry Miller correspondence and other manuscript materials are located in a number of repositories. The most extensive and significant collection is at UCLA, University Research Library, Special Collections - Henry Miller Papers, ca. 1920-1980 (Collection 110). The collection contains 131 boxes of correspondence, literary manuscripts, documents, clippings, artwork, and related material, as well as printed material in many languages by Miller, his critics, and colleagues.
Jay Martin's "Acknowledgments and Notes on Sources," in his Always Merry and Bright, cites several other repositories with significant Miller holdings, including:
Library of Congress, Manuscript Division. 13 boxes of legal materials relating to the litigation over the Tropics in the Elmer Gertz Papers, and 6 boxes of letters and manuscripts in the Huntington Cairns Collection.
Southern Illinois University, Special Collections. 1300 pieces, including correspondence with Durrell, Nin and Bunuel, and literary manuscripts.
University of Texas at Austin, Humanities Research Center Library. 62 manuscripts, 500 letters from Miller to other correspondents, and 500 other items.
University of Virginia, Clifton Waller Barrett Library and Manuscripts Department, Alderman Library. A very large collection, with manuscripts, correspondence, notes, paintings, photographs, and contracts.


Correspondence - Outgoing [from Miller, to]


Ackroyd, Graham

Box 1

29 Dec. 1949. 1 ALS. Discusses completion of Plexus and Ackroyd's resemblance to the Irish [Peatman #230]


1 Mar. 1951. 1 postcard signed, Big Sur, California. Says that he approves of Ackroyd's idea for a new book [Peatman #234]


11 Mar. 1951. 1 TLS, Big Sur, California. Discusses photos and photographers [Peatman #224]


8 June 1951. 1 ALS. Talks about photos, a new book, authors, and friends [Peatman #229]


2 July 1952. 1 ALS Big Sur, California. Mentions the return of photos and his busy life [Peatman #233]


Davenport, John

Box 1

13 Nov. 1943. 1 postcard signed. Says that friend Varda came to see him, with Knud Merrild, the painter [Peatman #240].


14 Dec. 1943. 1 ALS. Discusses Christmas and his desire to live in Mexico until the war is over [Peatman #225]


20 June 1949. 1 postcard signed, Big Sur, California. Discusses publication of Rosy, Vol. I, and work on Vol. II [Peatman 223]


25 Sept. 19[??]. 1 postcard signed, Corfu. Talks about staying at Durrell's home since July [Peatman #241]


Kirsch, Robert F.

Box 1

10 Oct. 1962. 1 TLS, Berlin. Thanks Kirsch for review of Capricorn and discusses his reaction to critics and European sales of his books [Peatman #226]


22 Oct. 1962. 1 ALS, Berlin. Thanks Kirsch for information received about the trials [Peatman #227]


ca. 1962. 1 envelope only, Berlin [Peatman #217]


20 Aug. 1964. 1 envelope only, Pacific Palisades, California [Peatman #220]


11 Aug. 1978. 1 envelope only, Pacific Palisades, California [Peatman #218]


Swasey [?]

Box 1

n.d. [Sunday]. 1 ALS. Talks about an appointment and a book that Swasey did not enjoy [Peatman #228]


Targ, William

Box 1

3 July 1973. 1 envelope only [Peatman #179]


Tom [?]

Box 1

29 May 1970. 1 ALS, Pacific Palisades. Discusses the films "Cancer" and "Quiet Days," and mentions magazine articles [Peatman #231].


29 Apr. 1971. 1 ALS, Pacific Palisades. Mentions the film "Quiet Days," the failure to publish Letters to Emil," and his bout of flu [Peatman #232]


Advertising Brochures

Box 1

The Colossus of Maroussi, by Henry Miller. Notice of publication by The Colt Press, in The Colt, Vol. 1, August 1941 [Peatman #215]


"Exhibition of Water Colors: Henry Miller." Israel Artists & Sculptors Association, Jerusalem Artists House, November 1958 [Peatman #189]


"Henry Miller: Artist." Pacific Palisades, California: sur valentine productions, n.d. [Peatman #219]


"Henry Miller Titles." New York: Gotham Book Mart, Inc., n.d. [Peatman #221]


Insomnia, by Henry Miller. New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1974 [Peatman #213]


"Into the Night Life, with Henry Miller and Bezalel Schatz" [Peatman #178]


Lowenfels, Walter. Land of Roseberries. N.p.: El Corno Emplumado, n.d. Includes review by Henry Miller [Peatman #187]


"Titles Available and Unavailable." Big Sur, Spring 1957 [Peatman #188]


"Titles Available and Unavailable." Big Sur, Spring 1957. Includes two inserts with Henry Miller's holographic corrections re additional titles [Peatman #190]


"Titles Still Available from Henry Miller." Big Sur, Winter 1955 [Peatman #177


"Water Paintings of Henry Miller." Translation by Shigeo Kitano of Japanese text by Ichiro Fukuzawa, from the art and literature review Geijutsu-Shincho. Tokyo, 1955 [Peatman #193].


Magazine Articles (usually contained in whole issues of the magazine)

Box 1

Arkush, Art.


"Henry Miller's Erotica in Abstract." Art & Photography Magazine, Jan. 1957 [Peatman #1]


Brown, Lionel.


"King of the Four-Letter Words." Modern Man, Aug. 1956 [Peatman #2]


Bufano, Beniamino.


"Genesis of the Night Life." Night Life, n.d. [Peatman #194].


Courtney, Robert.


"The Four Letter World of Henry Miller. Rogue Magazine, July 1959 [Peatman #5]


DeMott, Benjamin.


"Henry Miller: Rebel Clown at Eighty ." Saturday Review Magazine, Dec. 11, 1971 [Peatman #6]


Gelre, Henk van (ed.).


The International Henry Miller Letter, Nos. 1-7, June 1961 - Mar. 1966. Writings by and about the author [Peatman #205-211]


Miller, Henry.


"L'Affaire Maurizius." L'Age du Cinema Magazine (Paris), No. 3, Juin 1953 [Peatman #48]


"The Firecracker vs. The Bomb." Playboy Magazine, March 1977 [Peatman #164]


"One Night in the Tropic of Cancer." Bachelor Magazine, No. 3, March 1962 [Peatman #61]


"An Untitled Note to the Editor." New Republic, Vol. XLVI, 28 Apr. 1926 [Peatman #173]


Miller, Henry, and Anais Nin.


"Epilogue to Black Spring. How to Lead the Podiatric Life. A Boost for Black Spring." The Booster (Paris), 1937 [Peatman #32]


Olay, Lionel.


"Meeting with Henry and Interview." Cavalier Magazine, July 1963 [Peatman 146]


Revise, Mike.


"I Remember Henry Miller." Fling Magazine Vol. 9, 1962 [Peatman #154]


Newspaper Articles

Box 1

Film Review.


Charles Champlin. "From 'Curious' to 'Clichy'," Los Angeles Times, 14 Oct. 1970 [Peatman #183]




Broyard, Anatole, and Alden Whitman. "Miller - The Comedy of Sex, the Joy of Words [and] Author Henry Miller Dies," Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #184]


Broyard, Anatole, and Alden Whitman. "Miller: An Observer with Infallible Ear [and] Henry Miller, 88, Dies in California, New York Times, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #181]


Emmons, Steve. "'Tropic' Author Henry Miller Dies ," Los Angeles Times, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #185]


Kirsch, Robert. "'Every Stroke Counts for an Eternity' - Henry Miller," Los Angeles Times, 15 June 1980 [Peatman #182]


Martin, Jay. "For Henry Miller, Life Was a Miracle of Love and Faith," Los Angeles Times, 15 June 1980 [Peatman #186]



Box 1

"File of 50 Photographs," ca. 1974. Mostly b/w, ranging in size from 3x5 to 8x10. These photos apparently were considered for but not used in Robert Snyder's This Is Henry. [Peatman #212]


"Snapshot of Henry Miller." B/w, 4x3. Signed: "At the door of my studio - Sun in my eyes. Sun powerful here. HM." [Peatman #236]


"Snapshot of Henry Miller with Wife and Very Young Children." B/w, 4x5 [Peatman #237]


"Two Portraits as Used in Always Merry & Bright... B/w, 8x10. Photo of a caricature by Brassai, 1931, and portrait of Miller taken in 1942 [Peatman #238]


"Photograph of One of the 12 Insomnia Watercolors by Henry Miller." Printed on pastel yellow paper, 7x10 [Peatman #239]



Box 1

"Fragment from Nexus." Binder only [fragment not found in binder] [Peatman #202]


"The Henry Miller Odyssey." The Performing Arts at UCLA, 1969


Announcement [Peatman #199]


Ticket order form and brochure [Peatman #200]


Program, [Peatman #201]


Miller, Henry


"Books contracted for but not yet published." 1 TSS, 2 pages, with holograph corrections in Miller's hand [Peatman #242]


"Deux Jeunes Filles." Postcard (watercolor and ink) [Peatman #180]


"Holiday in Paint." Essay, with accompanying essay by Knud Merrild (copy) [Peatman #203]


'3 Saturday Afternoons with Henry Miller (Questions and Answers.)." Beverly Hills, Actors & Directors Lab. Ticket [Peatman #197]


Oversize Materials

Box 2

Articles by Henry Miller


"Big Sur of Tomorrow." Third Annual Big Sur Guide to the Circle of Enchantment. Emil White, ed. 1957 [Peatman #172]


"The Staff of Life." Portfolio: An Intercontinental Quarterly (Paris), Vol. 1, 1945. Signed: Henry Miller, Erica Jong, Thomas Sanchez, and Kay Boyle. [Peatman #142]


"The Wisdom of the Heart." Modern Mystic Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 3 (April 1939) [Peatman #171]


Brattinga, Pieter (ed.).


Portfolio of three Henry Miller water colors. Inscribed by Henry Miller. Hilversum, The Netherlands, ca. 1969 [Peatman #196]




Advertisement for Order and Chaos chez Hans Reichel. Tucson, Loujon Press, ca. 1966. Signed: Henry Miller [Peatman #195 and #198]


"In Honor of Henry Miller's 80th Anniversary." Los Angeles: UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections, 1972. Keepsake Folder [Peatman #222]


"Into the Night Life." Berkeley, 1947. Serigraph [Peatman #235]


Photograph. B/w, framed and matted. Signed: "Henry Miller" No. 3 of 5 "Wm. 1969" [Peatman #246]


Sound Recordings


A0315-16/D12  LP. "Just Wild about Harry." Henry Miller reads the complete text of his play. Paris: La Voix de L'Auteur, 1962. LVA 202-203 [Peatman #165]


AA0317/D12 LP. "Quiet Days in Clichy." Original film score, with music by Country Joe McDonald. The Danish film was directed by Jorgen Thorsen. New York: Vanguard, 1970. VSD 79303 [Peatman #166]


AA0318-19/D12 LP. "Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects." Autobiographical. New York: Riverside Records, 1956. RLP 7002/3 [Peatman #167]