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Guide to the Philip Peatman Collection, 1926-1980
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Correspondence - Outgoing [from Miller, to]


Ackroyd, Graham

Box 1

29 Dec. 1949. 1 ALS. Discusses completion of Plexus and Ackroyd's resemblance to the Irish [Peatman #230]


1 Mar. 1951. 1 postcard signed, Big Sur, California. Says that he approves of Ackroyd's idea for a new book [Peatman #234]


11 Mar. 1951. 1 TLS, Big Sur, California. Discusses photos and photographers [Peatman #224]


8 June 1951. 1 ALS. Talks about photos, a new book, authors, and friends [Peatman #229]


2 July 1952. 1 ALS Big Sur, California. Mentions the return of photos and his busy life [Peatman #233]


Davenport, John

Box 1

13 Nov. 1943. 1 postcard signed. Says that friend Varda came to see him, with Knud Merrild, the painter [Peatman #240].


14 Dec. 1943. 1 ALS. Discusses Christmas and his desire to live in Mexico until the war is over [Peatman #225]


20 June 1949. 1 postcard signed, Big Sur, California. Discusses publication of Rosy, Vol. I, and work on Vol. II [Peatman 223]


25 Sept. 19[??]. 1 postcard signed, Corfu. Talks about staying at Durrell's home since July [Peatman #241]


Kirsch, Robert F.

Box 1

10 Oct. 1962. 1 TLS, Berlin. Thanks Kirsch for review of Capricorn and discusses his reaction to critics and European sales of his books [Peatman #226]


22 Oct. 1962. 1 ALS, Berlin. Thanks Kirsch for information received about the trials [Peatman #227]


ca. 1962. 1 envelope only, Berlin [Peatman #217]


20 Aug. 1964. 1 envelope only, Pacific Palisades, California [Peatman #220]


11 Aug. 1978. 1 envelope only, Pacific Palisades, California [Peatman #218]


Swasey [?]

Box 1

n.d. [Sunday]. 1 ALS. Talks about an appointment and a book that Swasey did not enjoy [Peatman #228]


Targ, William

Box 1

3 July 1973. 1 envelope only [Peatman #179]


Tom [?]

Box 1

29 May 1970. 1 ALS, Pacific Palisades. Discusses the films "Cancer" and "Quiet Days," and mentions magazine articles [Peatman #231].


29 Apr. 1971. 1 ALS, Pacific Palisades. Mentions the film "Quiet Days," the failure to publish Letters to Emil," and his bout of flu [Peatman #232]


Advertising Brochures

Box 1

The Colossus of Maroussi, by Henry Miller. Notice of publication by The Colt Press, in The Colt, Vol. 1, August 1941 [Peatman #215]


"Exhibition of Water Colors: Henry Miller." Israel Artists & Sculptors Association, Jerusalem Artists House, November 1958 [Peatman #189]


"Henry Miller: Artist." Pacific Palisades, California: sur valentine productions, n.d. [Peatman #219]


"Henry Miller Titles." New York: Gotham Book Mart, Inc., n.d. [Peatman #221]


Insomnia, by Henry Miller. New York: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1974 [Peatman #213]


"Into the Night Life, with Henry Miller and Bezalel Schatz" [Peatman #178]


Lowenfels, Walter. Land of Roseberries. N.p.: El Corno Emplumado, n.d. Includes review by Henry Miller [Peatman #187]


"Titles Available and Unavailable." Big Sur, Spring 1957 [Peatman #188]


"Titles Available and Unavailable." Big Sur, Spring 1957. Includes two inserts with Henry Miller's holographic corrections re additional titles [Peatman #190]


"Titles Still Available from Henry Miller." Big Sur, Winter 1955 [Peatman #177


"Water Paintings of Henry Miller." Translation by Shigeo Kitano of Japanese text by Ichiro Fukuzawa, from the art and literature review Geijutsu-Shincho. Tokyo, 1955 [Peatman #193].


Magazine Articles (usually contained in whole issues of the magazine)

Box 1

Arkush, Art.


"Henry Miller's Erotica in Abstract." Art & Photography Magazine, Jan. 1957 [Peatman #1]


Brown, Lionel.


"King of the Four-Letter Words." Modern Man, Aug. 1956 [Peatman #2]


Bufano, Beniamino.


"Genesis of the Night Life." Night Life, n.d. [Peatman #194].


Courtney, Robert.


"The Four Letter World of Henry Miller. Rogue Magazine, July 1959 [Peatman #5]


DeMott, Benjamin.


"Henry Miller: Rebel Clown at Eighty ." Saturday Review Magazine, Dec. 11, 1971 [Peatman #6]


Gelre, Henk van (ed.).


The International Henry Miller Letter, Nos. 1-7, June 1961 - Mar. 1966. Writings by and about the author [Peatman #205-211]


Miller, Henry.


"L'Affaire Maurizius." L'Age du Cinema Magazine (Paris), No. 3, Juin 1953 [Peatman #48]


"The Firecracker vs. The Bomb." Playboy Magazine, March 1977 [Peatman #164]


"One Night in the Tropic of Cancer." Bachelor Magazine, No. 3, March 1962 [Peatman #61]


"An Untitled Note to the Editor." New Republic, Vol. XLVI, 28 Apr. 1926 [Peatman #173]


Miller, Henry, and Anais Nin.


"Epilogue to Black Spring. How to Lead the Podiatric Life. A Boost for Black Spring." The Booster (Paris), 1937 [Peatman #32]


Olay, Lionel.


"Meeting with Henry and Interview." Cavalier Magazine, July 1963 [Peatman 146]


Revise, Mike.


"I Remember Henry Miller." Fling Magazine Vol. 9, 1962 [Peatman #154]


Newspaper Articles

Box 1

Film Review.


Charles Champlin. "From 'Curious' to 'Clichy'," Los Angeles Times, 14 Oct. 1970 [Peatman #183]




Broyard, Anatole, and Alden Whitman. "Miller - The Comedy of Sex, the Joy of Words [and] Author Henry Miller Dies," Los Angeles Herald Examiner, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #184]


Broyard, Anatole, and Alden Whitman. "Miller: An Observer with Infallible Ear [and] Henry Miller, 88, Dies in California, New York Times, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #181]


Emmons, Steve. "'Tropic' Author Henry Miller Dies ," Los Angeles Times, 9 June 1980 [Peatman #185]


Kirsch, Robert. "'Every Stroke Counts for an Eternity' - Henry Miller," Los Angeles Times, 15 June 1980 [Peatman #182]


Martin, Jay. "For Henry Miller, Life Was a Miracle of Love and Faith," Los Angeles Times, 15 June 1980 [Peatman #186]



Box 1

"File of 50 Photographs," ca. 1974. Mostly b/w, ranging in size from 3x5 to 8x10. These photos apparently were considered for but not used in Robert Snyder's This Is Henry. [Peatman #212]


"Snapshot of Henry Miller." B/w, 4x3. Signed: "At the door of my studio - Sun in my eyes. Sun powerful here. HM." [Peatman #236]


"Snapshot of Henry Miller with Wife and Very Young Children." B/w, 4x5 [Peatman #237]


"Two Portraits as Used in Always Merry & Bright... B/w, 8x10. Photo of a caricature by Brassai, 1931, and portrait of Miller taken in 1942 [Peatman #238]


"Photograph of One of the 12 Insomnia Watercolors by Henry Miller." Printed on pastel yellow paper, 7x10 [Peatman #239]



Box 1

"Fragment from Nexus." Binder only [fragment not found in binder] [Peatman #202]


"The Henry Miller Odyssey." The Performing Arts at UCLA, 1969


Announcement [Peatman #199]


Ticket order form and brochure [Peatman #200]


Program, [Peatman #201]


Miller, Henry


"Books contracted for but not yet published." 1 TSS, 2 pages, with holograph corrections in Miller's hand [Peatman #242]


"Deux Jeunes Filles." Postcard (watercolor and ink) [Peatman #180]


"Holiday in Paint." Essay, with accompanying essay by Knud Merrild (copy) [Peatman #203]


'3 Saturday Afternoons with Henry Miller (Questions and Answers.)." Beverly Hills, Actors & Directors Lab. Ticket [Peatman #197]


Oversize Materials

Box 2

Articles by Henry Miller


"Big Sur of Tomorrow." Third Annual Big Sur Guide to the Circle of Enchantment. Emil White, ed. 1957 [Peatman #172]


"The Staff of Life." Portfolio: An Intercontinental Quarterly (Paris), Vol. 1, 1945. Signed: Henry Miller, Erica Jong, Thomas Sanchez, and Kay Boyle. [Peatman #142]


"The Wisdom of the Heart." Modern Mystic Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 3 (April 1939) [Peatman #171]


Brattinga, Pieter (ed.).


Portfolio of three Henry Miller water colors. Inscribed by Henry Miller. Hilversum, The Netherlands, ca. 1969 [Peatman #196]




Advertisement for Order and Chaos chez Hans Reichel. Tucson, Loujon Press, ca. 1966. Signed: Henry Miller [Peatman #195 and #198]


"In Honor of Henry Miller's 80th Anniversary." Los Angeles: UCLA Library, Department of Special Collections, 1972. Keepsake Folder [Peatman #222]


"Into the Night Life." Berkeley, 1947. Serigraph [Peatman #235]


Photograph. B/w, framed and matted. Signed: "Henry Miller" No. 3 of 5 "Wm. 1969" [Peatman #246]


Sound Recordings


A0315-16/D12  LP. "Just Wild about Harry." Henry Miller reads the complete text of his play. Paris: La Voix de L'Auteur, 1962. LVA 202-203 [Peatman #165]


AA0317/D12 LP. "Quiet Days in Clichy." Original film score, with music by Country Joe McDonald. The Danish film was directed by Jorgen Thorsen. New York: Vanguard, 1970. VSD 79303 [Peatman #166]


AA0318-19/D12 LP. "Henry Miller Recalls and Reflects." Autobiographical. New York: Riverside Records, 1956. RLP 7002/3 [Peatman #167]