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Preliminary Inventory to the William Yandell Elliott papers
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Table of contents What's This?

Box 1

Conference on The Marriage of Political Philosophy and Practice in Public Affairs - in honor of Professor Elliott, Harvard Summer School, July 22-24, 1963


Harvard University graduation


Committee on Prizes




Harvard Summer School Conference for WYE 1963


Papers, notes (old)


WYE's retirement letters

Box 2

Harvard University


International Affairs Center


Associated Harvard clubs


Harvard Club of NY City


Faculty Club


Defense Studies Program


British Defense Policy Seminar, 1954


Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Bundy)


International Seminar, 1951-1959


Governmental Affairs Institute (Foreign Visitors)


GSPA curriculum


Graduate School of Public Administration

Box 3

Harvard activities


Correspondence, 1950-1956


Harvard University


Committee on International and Regional Studies


Middle East Studies, 1952


Committee on Educational Policy


Barry Bingham's Committee on Private Organizations and Public Speeches (LaGuardia's Off.), 1941


Russia - American Committee for Liberation on Russia, H. Sargeant


The Harvard Crimson


Memoranda of Conferences With Representative of Office of Price Administration Relating to Review of O.P.A. Survey Data and Field Notes Made During This Review Underwear Institute, New York, New York, October 23, 1946


Maps - foreign trade route areas

Box 4

Great Britain - Central Executive Government and War Cabinet


Economic Warfare - Memos, 1959


Constitutional Reform


Balfour and Wilson, 1931


Introduction - The Nature of American Government


Cultural Heritage of the US


The President's Role in Administrative Management, 1942


Principia College Conference, - Government and General Welfare 1950

Box 5

Education, Bricks and Mortar - Harvard Buildings and Their Contribution to the Advancement of Learning, 1949


National Security, 1950


Conference of National Organizations, 1967-1969


American University


Farm outings for students


Dissertation Committees


Courses and texts




Task Force on Principles and Objectives


Writings by WYE

Box 6

American University


Faculty, Memos to and from


Correspondence, 1951-1959


ETV Conference (Harvard), 1956


Foundation for Religious Action in the Social and Civil Order


Herter, Christian

Box 7


Box 8

Committee on Foreign Aid


Letters and dispatches, 1947






U.S. House of Representatives. First Foreign Aid Res., 173


Displaced Persons, Fulton Sub-Committee


American University


Faculty meetings




Reading lists






Harvard University exams


Foreign Relief Bill - $350,000,000 (C.A.N.)


Frances Bolton Sub-Committee of Foreign Affairs


Kiwanis International


Manske, Robert F., Ph.D. candidate


Committee on Public Administration Cases


Harvard University, Center for International Affairs


Foreign Affairs Hearing material

Box 9


Box 10

Woodrow Wilson study group


Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1955


Seminar papers


American University


Advisory Council


I-R Sub-Faculty

Box 11

Millikan, Max, "The Political Case for Economic Development Aid," n.d.


International Educational and Cultural Activities for the Books I, III, IV, V 1960s,


Government Seminar 285, 1956-1961

Box 12-13


Box 14

American University








AAUP Committee Z












Philosophy and Religion






Books loaned to students




B, 1963-1969


Barnett, Frank, 1965-1968


American Bar Association, Liebman




Carnegie Endowment

Box 15-17


Box 18

Canadian trip, Carleton University, December 1968


Negro Taxi Drivers Association


Summer School 1953


Faculty Effort Report


Project Vision


"The False Dilemma of Bertrand Russell," by WYE, June 2, 1960


Institute for American Strategy (Fisher)


Conference of National Organizations meeting, May 7-8, 1969






"Executive - Congressional Relations in the Formulation and Control of United States Foreign Policy As They Concern the Department of State," by WYE, November 1, 1950


Technical Assistance Subcommittee


Notes on New British Empire

Box 19-20


Box 21

Atlantic Institute papers (various authors)


Business Council, 1962-1966


National Home Library Association


Valley Forge Freedom Foundation


FTC in camera treatment


Dart Drug Corporation

Box 22

Principia College Conferences, 1964-1966


National Home Library Foundation, accountant reports, 1965-1966


Rockefeller Foundation materials


Correspondence, "C" names

Box 23

Principia College Conferences, 1961, 1965, 1968


Department of State memos, 1958-1959


Underdeveloped countries, African studies by John Montgomery


Underdeveloped countries, leadership, Kenneth Young, 1957


Books ordered through 1965


Eastern Baptist College lectures, 1964

Box 24

Schools, Colleges, etc.


Denver University


Duke University


Radcliffe University


University of Florida


University of South Carolina


Vanderbilt University


Waterloo University


Webb School


NATO - Atlantic Community documents


American Assembly, 1959-1960

Box 25

Papers by students

Box 26


Box 27

Smithies' Report On Visit to Europe, 1950


Kissinger, Henry, memos re: U.S. strategy, 1951


Far Eastern policy, 1950-1951


U.S. labor relations




Review: Baruch, 1951


The Progressive, Rubin


Roundtable for Freedom, 1950


"Congress and Foreign Policy," by WYE, April 1949


American Political Science Association, December 1949


MacLeish, Archibald, "The Conquest of America," reprint, Atlantic Monthly, August 1949


"Our Stake in Arming Europe," by WYE, May 18, 1949


"Private, Secondary, College Education and Free Institutions in the U.S.," by WYE, May 1949


"Treason to Freedom," April 28, 1949


Debate on Far East Policy, Chicago, 1951


McMahon and Tydings' proposals, February 1950


"Prospects For Personal Freedom...," Hoskins, Annals, 1949


Interstate Trade Papers




"A Time For Peace," Virginia Quarterly Review


WYE on Russia

Box 28

Memorandum on the British Cabinet Office


National Foreign Trade Council, 1944


"Political Determinants of Economic Policies"


Imperial Conference, proceedings, London, 1921


"Howard Case," letters


American Political Science Association - Need for Constitutional reform, December 1946


Atlantic Pact, 1949


Russia, memoranda


U.S. government and business, memos, 1947




British Ministry of Supply


Trade, memos 1946,


Business attitude on full employment and labor policy, 1947

Box 29

Naval War College speeches, 1952-1960


Richmond speech, November 8, 1951


Speeches and writings by WYE


Aptitude Associates, 1955

Box 30

Town Meeting of the Air, November 28, 1946


Mobilization Planning for National Security, 1950-1960


Korean War, letter to Nitze, 1950


"Objectives and Vital Interests of the U.S.," speech, War College, July 12, 1960


Epstein, Julius, "The Case Against Vera Micheles Dean of the Foreign Policy Association," 1947


American Association of University Women, 1953-1955


Annapolis speeches


Industrial College of Armed Forces speeches, 1951, 1954


Woodrow Wilson Foundation, May 22, 1951


Speeches by WYE


Buffalo speech, August 27, 1952


Correspondence, "S-W" names, 1950

Box 31


Box 32

Harvard University




Memorial Church


Minutes on life of Norris B. Lambie


Pakistan report


Publication funds




Russian Research Center


Social activities


University Press

Box 33



American Academy of Arts and Sciences


American Academy of Political and Social Science


American Association for Advancement of Science


American Political Science Association


American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy


Brookings Institution


Buck, Solon, correspondence, 1947


Business Advisory Council


Papers, notes, speeches

Box 34

Students' papers


A Report on National Labor Policy


Harvard University


Student clubs


United Nations Council


Summer School


Japanese trade


Motion Picture Bill





Box 35

Correspondence - Western Political Heritage


Poetry mss.


Book - Teacher training


Book - Praeger, Harvard Conference 1960


Harvard Summer School, 1964-1966

Box 36

National Security Policy, 1958


Tutorial - General information

Box 37

A Report on National Labor Policy


Seminar 204


Harvard Summer School

Box 38


Box 39

Harvard Conference, Near-Middle Eastern Affairs, 1946


National Security Policy, 1958


Harvard Summer School, 1959-1962

Box 40

"President's Role in Administrative Management," by W. Y. Elliott


National Security Policy, 1958


International Educational and Cultural Activities for the at Harvard University 1960s


Harvard Summer School, 1948-1950

Box 41-43


Box 44

"The Strategy of American Foreign Policy," lecture-discussion series conducted by W. Y. Elliott 1947,


Students' papers


International Education and Cultural Activities for the 1960s

Box 45

Harvard Defense Policy Seminar, 1956-1957



Box 46


Box 47

Harvard Defense Policy Seminar, 1956-1957


Harvard University Center for International Affairs, 1961-1962

Box 48

Harvard Defense Policy Seminar, 1955-1957

Box 49-53


Box 54



Foreign Affairs Committee and ECA


Foreign Service Educational Foundation


Foreign Service Institute, Department of State, lectures


Freedom Commission Act


Galant, Henry


A.U. - Dean Griffith, S.I.S.


European Recovery Program


Foreign Affairs Committee and ERP


European reconstruction, 1947




Fainsod, Merle, "The Komsomols"


Committee on Foreign Affairs


Committee on International Relations, Notre Dame



Box 55

Occupied Areas: Politico-Military Organization


Oxonian and Oxford






Hans Kohn, 7 March 1955


William Y. Elliott, 28 March 1955


Henry Kissinger, 21 March 1955


William Y. Elliott, 7 February 1955

Scope and Contents note

A talk by Elliott at a seminar, "Contemporary Political Theory," recorded as both sound recordings and a transcript. The transcript starts approximately 4 minutes into the speech.


Sound recordings use copy reference number: 77091_a_0012740



Frank Nash


William Y. Elliott, 28 March 1955


W. Y. Elliott and H. Kissinger, 9 March 1953


Jacob Taubes, 16 February 1953


W. Y. Elliott, 9 February 1953

Box 56

Muhar, P. S.


Murray, John C., Rev.




Nuclear industrial uses


Niemeyer, 1956


Council on Foreign Relations


Defense and National Security


Council on Religion and International Affairs






D.C. Political Science Association, speech


Draper Committee


De Grozia, Sebastian


Disarmament - Survival, statements by B. Russell and J. C. Murray


Dorrill, Wm.


Dewey, Thomas E., personal record


Economic Club of Chicago


Canadian-American relations

Box 57

Catlin's paper - "Politics and Values"


Catlin, George


Civil Defense




CED Labor Study Group


Cold War


Committee for Economic Development


Coleman, James S.


National Security Council


Nanes, Allen


National Academy of Economic and Political Science, 1955-1956


The New Leader


Mountain, Maurice J. (Committee on Government Operations)


Peace Corps




Pauker, Guy


Principia, 1948-1950



Box 58

Publications, general




PLO 480


Park, Sei Young


Parker, Oriana Joy


Patterson, Robert P., Mrs.


Princeton University Conference, March 1959


Postwar economic policy and planning


Presidential inability


Presses and publishers


Praeger Publishing Co.



Box 59



United Fund


Exhibits to report on U.S. Commercial Co.


World Brotherhood




Zack, Arnold



Box 60

Von Weizsaecker, Carl F.


Wilson, Charles E.






Voegelin, Eric


Taft Institute


Taylor, David


Triska, Jan



Box 61

Trainor, William


Scott, Andrew


Sihler, William


Somers, H. M.


Smith, William Y., Major


Spanier, John


Spiro, Herbert


Stanley, Timothy


Stark, Richard


S, 1950-1963


Rothman, Stanley


Ripley, Randall


Rozek, Edward J.



Box 62

Rhodes scholars


Pugwash (Rostow), 1961


Raven Society


Republican Committee on Program and Progress


Resiky-Dubnic article


Richmond, University of


Rieff, Philip


Rielly, John


Roach, James


Rock, Vincent


Rosecrance, Richard


American Strategy and Strength (Task Force report)


Army Ordnance School, Aberdeen, MD, May 5, 1961


Judge Advocate General, Charlottesville, VA October 27


McGill Conference, November 21, 1961


General Electric, December 1961


Marquette University, March 8, 1961


National Association of Mutual Savings Banks

Box 63

Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Elliott speech, 1961


Hollins College Southern Humanities Conference, March 19, 1960


Gunnery School speech, October 17, 1959


Navy speeches, 1958


World Affairs Council, 1960


Ottawa speech for President, 1958


Army War College (Carlisle Barracks) speeches, 1957-1960


Speeches and writings, 1955-1957

Box 64

"The Strategy of American Foreign Economic Policy," School of Advanced International Studies, 1946


Vanderbilt University lectures, 1964


Notre Dame University lectures, 1964


National Association of Manufac. Clergy - Industrial



Box 65

Vanderbilt University reunion, June 6, 1964


Principia College Conference, April 7-10, 1965


Principia College Conference, April 1964


Vanderbilt lectures, June 15, 1964


Vanderbilt lectures, pre- 1964


Conference of National Organizations, Miami Beach, November 5, 1964


Vanderbilt, July 29, 1965


Vanderbilt Teacher Training Inst., July 29, 1964


Speeches and writings

Box 66

Speeches, 1964-1965


Book reviews by WYE


Speeches, 1959-1963


Worcester Industrial Council and YMCA, 1962


West Point speeches, 1962-


Eastern Baptist College, 1964


Grove City College, November 1963


Speeches and lectures, 1963


Desert Sun School commencement, 1964


American Management Association, Industrial Preparedness Conference, NYC, 1962


National War College speech, 1963



Box 67

National War College lectures, 1957-1962


Webb School, Bell Buckle, Tenn., address, 1961


Air War College, Alabama, 1961


Grove City College lectures, November 1963


Eastern Baptist College lectures, February 1964


Air Force Academy speeches, 1962-


Trinity College, April 8, 1962


"Cultural Heritage of the U.S."


Gov. Seminar 204, Summer 1959


Gov. Seminar 204, Spring 1959


W. Y. Elliott, 26 September and 3 October 1955

Box 68

Amory, Robert, 4 October 1954


Carroll, Jacob and Westerfield, 7 November 1955


Gov. Seminar 204, Spring 1960


Coolidge, Charles, 1 December 1952


Finletter, Secretary






Ingram, George


Kuhn, Ferdinand


Neaverson - shipping papers


Eckstein, Harry, 29 March 1954


Kissinger, Henry - March 8, 1954


Elliott, W. Y., March 1, 1954

Box 69

Elliott, W. Y., 15 February 1954


Elliott, W. Y., 8 February 1954


Lin, Paul T.K.


Malkin, Peter Lawrence


Sallager, Frederick


Gov. Seminar 284, Spring 1963


Gov. Seminar 284, 1962


Gov. Seminar 284, Feb. 12, 1962


Gov. Seminar 284, April 23, 1962


Gov. Seminar 284, Coombs memo


Schumpeter, Elizabeth, Japan and Manchuria


Research topics

Box 70

Cutler, Robert, 31 October 1955


McMahon, 5 October 1953


Bissell, Richard, October 26, 1953


Healey, Denis, 19 October 1953


Marshall, C. B., 2 November 1953


Bowie, Robert, 9 November 1953


Nash, Frank and Charles Coolidge, 16 November 1953


Boonesteel, General, 25 October 1954


Heeney, Arnold D. P., 17 October 1955


Bonesteel, General, 14 November 1955


Tutorial papers


Tutorial student lists


Gov. Seminar 204, 1957-1963

Box 71

Marshall, C. B., 11 October 1954


Reid, Ralph, 1 November 1954


RUSK, 8 November 1954


Campbell, John, 10 October 1955


Government Seminar 285, 1949, 1951


Government Seminar 204, 1957-1958

Box 72

University of Nigeria Smuckler report


Gov. Seminar 284


Hale, Robert


Harvey, Bart


Herrenschmidt, Jean Roger


Hough, Jerry Fincher


References, F-P, 1946-1952


Harvard recommendations, 1962-1963


Harvard Center for International Affairs, 1962-1963

Box 73

Scott, Andrew M.


Shoesmith, Thomas P.


Sindler, Allan P.


Steinberg, David J.


Wahlke, John C.


Westerfield, Holt Bradford


Wheeler, Jean H.


Harvard Government Department


Government Seminar 285, 1949-1958

Box 74

Carroll, Holbert N.


Government Seminar 285


Harvard recommendations, A-L, 1954-1962


References, R-Z, 1940-1952

Box 75

Government Seminar 285

Box 76

Government Department


Government lists


Government Department graduate student lists


Government la



Box 77

Government la


Montgomery reply to ICA Task Force


Government 110


Government 154 and 156


Buckley, Wm. F.




Correspondence, A-Z


Conant, James


Cook, Thomas


Crank letters and jokes


Crick, Bernard




Cuthbertson, Gilbert



Box 78

Government Department


Gov. 1a


Gov. 1b

Box 79

Government Sla


Gov. 184


Government 190


Government 300


Government 301



Box 80

Gov. 1b


Government Department


Old Gov. bibliographies, courses




Elder Doctrine

Box 81

Elliott's Final Government Lecture at Harvard, Spring 1963

Box 82-85


Box 86



APSA, St. Louis, September 8-9, 1961


Reid, Ralph, paper delivered at A.P.S.A., Chicago, September 10, 1954


Marshall, C.B., paper developed at A.P.S.A., Chicago, September 10, 1954


American Political Science Association, Chicago, 1954


American Political Science Association, 1951-1955


Communism - Strategy for Peace Conference, New York 1960-1963,


Institute for American Strategy, Chicago, 1957-

Box 87

American Strategy and Strength, Republican Task Force Report, 1960


National Military-Industrial Conference, Chicago, April 1961


Institute for American Strategy


American Security Council


American Bar Association

Box 88

Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 1956-1959


"Moral Ingredient of Power," by WYE, March 1957



Box 89

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Box 90

Rockefeller Brothers Fund



Box 91

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Box 92

Rockefeller Foundation


Woodrow Wilson Centennial


Writings by WYE

Box 93

Cape Giradeaux lectures


Addresses by WYE


Huntington, Sam


Hardin, Chas. H.


Conferences, Councils


Department of State Conference on Cultural Relations at Harvard, 1960


United States Chamber of Commerce, May 1962



Box 94



Fenno, Richard


Ford, Joseph P.


Friedrich, Carl J.




Glaser, William


Hadwiger, Don


Hammond, Paul Young


Hanson and Herter


Harvard University Zemurray Professorship


Heineman, Mel


Herter, Christian


Holcombe's speech at Board of Overseers dinner, April 11, 1955


Huff, Lee


Hungarian revolt


Hunt, Herold, Professor


Department of State


Administrative matters




Dean Rusk

Box 95



United Nations


Principia College conferences, 1951-1967

Box 96

Foreign Policy Research Institute




Writings by WYE

Box 97

Foreign Policy Research Institute


Old Dominion Foundation


League of Nations World Peace Foundation


Fund for International Freedom


Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


Ford Foundation (Jos. Slater)




Fund for the Republic

Box 98

Foreign Policy Research Institute


Agenda for meetings


Staff conference reports


Staff papers



Box 99



Staff papers


UN book

Box 100



Correspondence, 1960-1964


Institute for Defense Analyses Study


Draper Committee


Expenses, vouchers, etc.


Membership operations reports


Propaganda activities, Fullbright memo and comments


Proposal to Rockefeller, 1958-1959


Special Projects Outlines, 1955-1959

Box 101





American University Inst.


East Carolina College


Education in Indiana


Education in miscellaneous states


Florida Department of Education


Teaching the nature of, in American schools

Box 102

National Education Association, Project on Instruction


St. Louis University


University of Southern California


Vanderbilt Institute, 1962-1963

Box 103



Convocation for University Pastors, July 18, 1963


Principia Conference, April 3-5, 1963




Re: President Kennedy


Special Colonel Posvar


Muhas (India)


Conant, James B.


Florida Governors Conference, 1963


Parel, Anthony J., Rev.


Steinberg, David J.


Teacher Training




Vanderbilt University summer, 1963


Vanderbilt University Institute on Nature of Communism, summer 1962

Box 104



Bronxville, NY School (Richard Perdew)


Institute at South Carolina (Dr. Richard L. Walker)


Lilly Endowment, 1961-1963




Education and World Affairs


Vanderbilt University

Box 105-107


Box 108

Television clippings, articles, etc.


Educational TV, 1956


Monroe Bush, Project Vision


Guy Pauker


Departmental negotiations - general education


Harvard Law Forum



Box 109

Film and television correspondence


Project Vision


TV study - Old Dominion Foundation


Old Dominion Foundation


FCC Hearings

Box 110

Educational television




Darden, Hutchinson, Newman - V.P.I. and Univ. of Va.




Quillian, William


Television info sheets, articles, etc.


National Association of Educational Broadcasters


American Research Center in Egypt


Air Force, 1951-1955




Central Intelligence Agency, 1949-1951


WYE's TV book material

Box 111

Educational television


AD HOC Committee re: Departmental Appointments, 1943-1959


Beer, Samuel


Business Advisory Council


Civil Service applications for WYE recommendation


Clayton, Will, 1945-1953


Commission on Foreign Economic Policy


McNeil Lowry and Ford Foundation

Box 112

Outside organizations - Atlantic Union, etc., 1949-1952


President's Committee on Administrative Management


Department of State and other government memos


National Security Council



Box 113


Box 114

Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Box 115

Woodrow Wilson Foundation


Foreign Policy text


Old papers


Civilian control over the military in the formation of foreign policy

Box 116

Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Box 117-122


Box 123

American Institute of Public Opinion, gallup surveys, 1937-1938



Box 124

American Automobile Association


American Bar Association


American Birth Control League


American Civil Liberties Union


American Farm Bureau Federation


American Federation of Labor


American Institute on Weights and Measures


American Legislators Association


American Manganese Producers Association


American Medical Association


American Political Science Association


American Public Welfare Association


American Red Cross


Anti-Saloon League


Association Against the Prohibition Amendment


Farm Federation Bureau



Box 125-126


Box 127

Colmer Report, 1946-1947


Senate Foreign Relations Committee


Better Management in Wartime Government




Foreign Affairs Committee



Box 128-133


Box 134

Interstate trade barriers, 1939-1940


Defense Council, / Communist Tactics and Strategy 1941


Correspondence, 1942


Crank file, / Miscellany 1940-1941

Box 135

To Professor Elliott from Wheeler


Old drafts Rousseau

Box 136

Correspondence, 1939-1940

Box 137

Correspondence, 1940-1943

Box 138

Office of Civilian Requirements, Task Committee and Advisory Council, 1944-1945


The World Trade Foundation Public Opinion Poll, 1946

Box 139

Office of Civilian Requirements, Task Committees and Advisory Council, 1944-1945



Box 140-145


Box 146

Office of Civilian Requirements, Advisory Council meetings, 1944-1945



Box 147

Office of Civilian Requirements, Advisory Council meeting, January 1945


Daily Progress Report, 1944


Council for Democracy







Box 148

Chronological file, 1941, 1942, 1944

Box 149

Chronological file, 1944-1945


Industrial Mobilization for War - History of the War Production


Board and Predecessor Agencies, 1940-1945

Box 150


Box 151



Chronological file, 1944-1945

Box 152

Office of Civilian Requirements, 1944


Chronological file, August 1945


War Production Board, 1945


ODM business


Motion pictures - propaganda value


Select Relief Committees, 1948


Herter correspondence


Marshall Plan


HR 4579





Box 153

Daily Progress Report, 1945



Box 154

Draft report on Latin America


Hoover memorandum


Staff memoranda


Dulles and draft "The Mechanism"





Box 155

Foreign Aid, 1947


Letters from Europe


Select Committee Foreign Aid


W.Y. Elliott, personal, 1948


War Production Board

Box 156

Office of Defense Mobilization, 1951-1958


Memoranda from W. Y. Elliott to superior officers


Supper and Final Report


Correspondence with Departments and Embassies


Republican leadership letters


Documents for Study Reports


Senate Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments


Foreign Aid Bill



Box 157


Box 158

WYE tutorial




WIXAL, 1938-1940



Box 159

Correspondence, 1928-1932

Box 160

Correspondence, 1937-1938

Box 161

Correspondence, 1937-1938

Box 162

Correspondence, 1935-1938

Box 163

Correspondence, 1935-1936

Box 164



Education Exchange Program


University contracts abroad, 1959

Box 165

Estes memoranda, 1960-1961


Department of State


Public Law 480





Box 166

Nixon, Richard M.

Box 167

Business Advisory Council, 1938-1952, 1961-1962

Box 168

"American-New Countries Cooperation in Educational Training," edited by W.Y. Elliott, 1960


Philippine Islands


Joint Committee on Educational Television, "Two Years of Progress in Educational Television," September 1954



Box 169


Box 170

Calendar File, May 5, 1942 to August 5, 1942


Russell, Bertrand, and WYE's "The False Dilemma of Bertrand Russell"


Woodrow Wilson Study Group



Box 171-173


Box 174-195

1988 Increment, 1925-1974

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence, speeches and writings, memoranda, and reports relating to William Y. Elliott's government service and career at Harvard University, U.S. domestic and foreign policy, and inter-war and post-war Europe.
Box 174

Unsorted material

Box 174

Sound recordings


Use copies of all sound recordings in this collection are available for immediate access.
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Professor Nelson and Henry Kissinger July 4

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002622

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. Side 1 is a letter to Professor Nelson, Waterloo University, for Roger Swauson. He gives his opinions on students/scholars. Side 2 is a letter to Henry Kissinger regarding foreign affairs. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to Rosemary Woods 1968 October 8

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002623

Scope and Contents note

This is a letter to Nixon's secretary, Rosemary Woods. Elliott offers his insights into important elements of the presidential campaign. Included are the possibility of the House deciding the election, the impact of Wallace, Southeast Asia, and past campaigns. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to President Nixon April 22

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002626

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. On side 1, Elliot dictates a letter to President Nixon regarding the Black Power movement. He is critical of actions on academic campuses, describing them as armed invasions. He says they want to live on the backs of other, calling it a reversal of slavery. On side 2, Elliot talks about communism and detente. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a recommendation letter for Professor Cromwell to the Executive Secretary of NATO and letter to Winifred Lewis 1968 November 18

General note

Recorded on a Soundwriter disc

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002632
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Samuel Huntington and Mr. H. Edward English 1968 December 3

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002633

Scope and Contents note

The letter to Samuel Huntington concerns a summer job; that to Mr. H. Edward English, Carleton University, regards a conference on December 13-16. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters 1968 December 4

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002634

Scope and Contents note

Letters to Captain Havan B. Page regarding the conference at Little Boston; Dr. Julian K. Knipp, Dean at Tufts, regarding faculty for political science; Mr. and Mrs. James Dickey regarding poetry and round table; Gloria Barion regarding apt. with Moley and Lindly; and the Gulf Oil Corporation regarding returned radio. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Marguerite Bouvard and Cecil Crobb December 4

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002635

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. The letter to Mrs. Marguerite Bouvard concerns a recommendation for her work; the letter to Cecil Crobb, Louisiana State University, concerns Col. Gleb. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to Clayton D. Ford 1968 December 9

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002636

Scope and Contents note

The letter concerns his schedule with the Nixon administration and not being able to meet with Mr. Ford. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Sound recording of William Elliott explaining the moral basis for American foreign policy 1968 November

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002637

Scope and Contents note

Elliott discusses the intersection of morals and politics. Included in this are discussions of force, Marx, communism, domestic policies (slavery, busing, etc.), and detente with the Soviet Union. Recorded on two Soundwriter discs
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to Francis Wilcox 1968 December 16

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002639

Scope and Contents note

Dictation of a letter to Francis Wilcox, Dean of SAIS at John Hopkins, regarding Canadian studies and a conference at Carlton. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters May 5

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002640

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. Letter to Ward Elliot regarding family and professional issues, letter to Barry Farrell regarding US-Canadian Center at SAIS. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to Mrs. Norman Robertson June 23

General note

Year of recording is unknown. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002641
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Professor Khadum and Richard Fenno May 2

General note

Year of recording is unknown. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002642
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Marguerite Hildebrand, Mrs. Robertson, Randall Ridley, Jesse Wills, Charles Ragland, and Mrs. Alex Stevenson June 25

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002643

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Year of recording is unknown. The letter to Hildebrand concerns her job; the one to Mrs. Robertson is an addendum to a previous letter clarifying a comment about Rome; the letter to Ridley concerns Ridley's work, Elliot's retirement and finances, and son Ward's wedding; the letter to Wills concerns the SDS and campus community opinions, ROTC, a donation to the archives, and videotapes; the letter to Ragland concerns a wedding, a death, and a visit to Elliott's farm; the letter to Stevenson concerns Mr. Stevenson's death. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters to David Packard, Don K. Price, James T. Murray June 23

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002644

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Year of recording is unknown. The letter to Packard concerns the farm and California; that to Price is one of "joy and cheer;" the letter to Murray concerns essays. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of a letter to Miss Schurr of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association October 14

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002645

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. Letter concerning documents of his wife's qualifications to receive insurance annuity upon Elliott's death. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Miss Yudae and Miss Newcomb 1968 October 14

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002646

Scope and Contents note

Letter to Yudae concerns income tax and the TIAA annuity. For part 2 of Newcomb letter, see Dictation of letters to Lincoln Gordon and Miss Newcomb. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Dictation of letters to Lincoln Gordon and Miss Newcomb 1968 October 14

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002647

Scope and Contents note

The letter to Gordon concerns possible presidential administrations following the 1968 election; that to Newcomb is a continuation of his thoughts on totalitarianism (for part 1, see Dictation of letters to Miss Yudae and Miss Newcomb. Recorded on a Soundwriter disc
Box 174

Elliott dictating his memoirs, disc 23 undated

General note

Recorded on a Soundwriter disc

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002648
Box 174

Dictation of letter and memo concerning the Business Council October 23-24

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002649

Scope and Contents note

Year of recording is unknown. The letter contains W.Y. Elliott's suggestions to the Business Council on the future handling of the takeover of the forces of anarchy and rebellion in the United States, the control of the media of mass communications, the influencing of opinion, and the intimidation of the electorate. Recorded on four Soudwriter discs
Box 174

Sound recording of Elliott describing his objectives in regard to the Principia Public Affairs Conference 1966 April

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Use copy reference number: 77091_a_0002651

Scope and Contents note

Elliott discusses the fight against communism, describing the differences between he Soviet Union and communist China. While he believes their objectives are the same, he says they differ in various areas. In the process, topics he covers are Vietnam, Cuba, nuclear weapons, economics, trade with mutual partners, currencies, commodities, culture/the arts, and the Peace Corps. Recorded on five Soundwriter discs
Box 175-195

Rest of increment not yet described

Box 196-197

1997 Increment

Scope and Contents note

Includes one folder (in box 196) of undated writings related to American foreign policy.

Declassified U.S. government records, 1950

Scope and Contents note

Formerly security-classified records of the U.S. government, released in full or in part. Arranged chronologically by date of release by Hoover.
Box 197

2015 July release of records, 1950

Scope and Contents note

Declassified copy of a 15 November 1950 report from Nitze to Marshall with a subject of "Legislative Prospect."